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more than thirty billion dollars in u.s. tariffs on china. to raise it to five hundred billion. also coming up a former navy seal dies trying to rescue a football team and their coach in the flooded. series of scandals forces scott pruett to resign as head of the u.s. environmental agency. and we have to send it to find out why hundreds of people are being killed.
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china has responded with its own terrorists after the trumpet ministration impose duties with thirty four billion dollars on chinese imports beijing is accuse washington of launching what it calls the largest trade war in economic history china says the u.s. is that trade towers have set the stage for a long showdown between two of the world's biggest economies the bride joins us live now from beijing rob so not surprisingly china has already responded. that's absolutely right daryn the confirmation came at the ministry of foreign affairs daily briefing the spokes person confirming that china is now issuing its own list of tariffs in response to the american tariffs that have already been slapped on it was expected it was also promised by china that they would meet these terrorist from the u.s. head on imposing exactly the same level of tariffs on exactly the same dollar amount of goods it also follows earlier strong condemnation from china of the
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u.s. move the confirmation that these u.s. tariffs are being put in place came noon beijing friday here in beijing and within a couple of minutes the ministry of commerce issued a statement roundly condemning the move saying that the united states is guilty of the worst trade war possible and also promising to fight back. china has always promised it will match exactly u.s. tariffs with its own list thirty four billion dollars worth of goods will be affected from farm products to automobiles chemicals and medical equipment as those u.s. products become more expensive china has been looking for other countries to supply them china has been trying their hardest to diversify suppliers of energy of agricultural products especially when all the heat focused on saudi being on china
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has been boosted its investment in a lot of other unconventional countries for soybean exports such as russia in so doing say critics of the u.s. policy beijing has been forging deeper trade links with u.s. competitors there will be no winners the question is will there be something lose more than anybody else right now though it looks like the united states is doing the opposite of what it intended it is in essence rallied the entire world against it and u.s. tariffs could ultimately hurt u.s. firms as well as chinese that's because far from being a straightforward take for tatts an easily winnable trade war it's complicated for example some of the chinese semiconductors the u.s. is putting terrorists on use microchips that are designed and made in the u.s. so those companies will also be hits what's more some of the chinese firms targeted
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are actually foreign owned including by some u.s. companies who bore me the u.s. measures are attacking global supply in the value chains to put it simply opening fire on the entire world including itself china suspects this is about far more than trade and that the u.s. is trying to thwart its ambitions of becoming a high tech manufacturer to challenge one day the dominance of the united states. now tower of song thirty four billion dollars worth of goods on each side is actually pretty small stuff compared with the sizes of the world's two biggest economies but daryn it is the fear that we are getting into a more deepening entrenched trade war that is of concern and concerns many people here in business in this part of the world in actual fact the shanghai stock market actually ended up and did up slightly on the day but this is
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a stock market that over the past couple of weeks has been seeing steady downward pressure in part because of the fears of a trade war and you can expect business nerves to be jangling further and also you can expect markets to tumble much more should we get into a second much bigger round of track tariffs or it's a rubberized then beijing rob thank you well and decades head of research on international trade at china policy he says there's still uncertainty in beijing of a trump's motivation for starting the trade war. a few weeks ago they thought it was about tariffs but this is not really affecting china it's not punishing them then they thought it was about china's industrial policy but the tactic for that is all saw not making sense and then they thought it was about a power game of influence with new trade rules in the future and that's also a lot of make sense because then the u.s. will team up with their allies and now they worry if this is even more serious if
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this is an attack on china's institutions the communist party china's culture their way of life also on the chinese side they're not really worried about the effects on their overall economy but they are concerned about certain interest groups certain cities who might be exposed to these export industries now their answer is to increase domestic consumption diversify say to other countries and restructure their economy which has been their plan for many years already anyway so this trade war doesn't change their. national strategy in thailand one of the divers helping with the rescue of a boy's football team trapped in a cave has died the former navy seal lost consciousness and a lack of oxygen on his way out of the cave he'd been delivering oxygen tanks to the troubled boys and their coach rescuers in a race against time to get the team out with monsoon rains forecast for the weekend
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if it is to be put is so dangerous that a former seal died in that. does that not mean it is too dangerous to bring children three years yeah yeah so it might. be. everything for the. best the big three. it's got high blood has more from china right. one of the dozens of divers involved in this rescue operation died at one am friday morning we're hearing now from the seal commander here on site commanding their operations in this rescue said that he died from lack of oxygen and it happened at one am on friday morning his diving buddy brought him to one of these chambers tried to resuscitate him but was not able to he was still alive when they brought him out of the cave then he was taken by helicopter to a military hospital here in chiang right province where he died now but they're
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also telling us because of the dangerous situation that they know there could be something like we saw overnight but they're continuing with the operation the operation hasn't stopped because of this death overnight they continue and they're dedicated to getting those boys in their coach out now you know we look at the options that are on the table right now that dangerous operation of getting the boys in their coats out this system where this diver died that is still obviously the main one that they're looking at right now we know that this doctor was actually bringing in more oxygen tanks because throughout the process there are different risks and there are different conditions there some they're completely submerged some partially submerged and some that are dry they deposit supplies and oxygen tanks through out that's what this diver who died was doing and now also another option that's being explored that has been kind of for the last several days but now there's focus on it because rains are coming because obviously it's a very dangerous situation to come out the way they came in and that is looking from the top down into the cave trying to drill in that's why we're here this is
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the football field with the boys were practicing before they went into the cave on the twenty third of june these helicopters what they're doing is they're serving from a top but also they're going to bring in geological instruments up there to see what the geology is below the surface to see if it's possible to drill in so the clock is ticking they're going through these two options as best they can but right now you know even with this death overnight they say the commanders here say it's continuing. and in southern thailand the bodies of fifteen chinese tourists have been recovered off the resort island of pickett they were in a boat that capsized in rough seas on thursday with one hundred five people on board navy seals are continuing their search for forty people who are missing. u.s. president donald trump has accepted the resignation of the head of the environmental protection agency scott pruitt had been accused of misusing his office and public money john hendren has more from washington. scott pruitt was the
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environmental regulator industry always want it it's the e.p.a.'s objective my objective is the minister of the e.p.a. to come in and make sure that people's health is protected the former oklahoma attorney general went from being one of the agency's most aggressive opponents suing it fourteen times to running it to file two lawsuits challenging the e.p.a. mercury in air toxics standards you filed a lawsuit challenging the e.p.a.'s two hundred two thousand and fifteen national ambient air quality standards for ozone never since president richard nixon created the agency in one nine hundred seventy has corporate america had a stronger or more controversial ally in it scott proteins done an amazing job that it was a very short period of time and most people left couple. pruitt has declared war on regulation dismantling dozens of obama era protections on clean air chemicals in cars i think the focus in the past has been on making
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manufacturers in detroit making manufacturers in various parts of the country make cars that people are going to buy these gold global warming hoax infuriating progressives in congress if that's the kind of. e.p.a. administrator you will be. you're not going to get my vote he's drawn the fire of environmentalists scott pruitt playing taxpayers and president trump and dangerous to your family's health his alleged ethical lapses pricey first class flights hiring a small army of security agents and running a cut rate condo from the wife of a lobbyist have drawn the barbs of late night comics got through it being the head of the e.p.a. is the same as new york's food inspector being a rat with a clipboard he's there to take a good piece a landing get the most money out of it about time the environment got a pen and we got one now he used aides to try to get his wife a job in a chick fil a franchise he was recently confronted by this mother. holding her son
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in a video that went viral i would urge him to resign but he had the support of the deregulator in chief then he got what white house watchers call the kiss of death a statement of lukewarm support from the president scott probes are you support i hope he's going to be great pruitt leaves a legacy of unraveled regulations an unprecedented support among the regulated john hendren al-jazeera washington. break here now to say when we come back more than twenty years after sarin gas attack in japan killed thirteen people a cult leader and some of his fellow has been executed. on a fatal police shooting in france raises questions about the treatment of minorities on the stay with us. hello again we'll start our forecast in southeastern parts of asia where you see
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lots of cloud around parts of the philippines we've got a lot of showers pushing in here so loose on particularly wet nearly a pretty wet day i would have thought but if you come southward to southern part of the philippines looks better and then once here to borneo for a change is looking relatively dry here and that dry weather extends as you would expect at this time of year cross much of java barly lombok towards east timor through the night clincher we've also got fine weather for much of singapore kuala lumpur through sumatra much the late clincher generally looking fine showers around the gulf of thailand the risk of a few showers for bangkok let's head down into a straight here where we've had some very warm weather for sydney the warmest two consecutive july days in one hundred fifty nine years according to the bureau of meteorology further south we've got some pretty chilly weather sweeping on through on bruce wind so tasmania still looking very wet and windy and that windy weather extending into parts of victoria melbourne there just twelve degrees across western
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australia weather conditions not too bad mel perth there at nineteen degrees and they move the forecast through see the cooler weather then pushing in for city temperatures of just sixteen degrees and again melbourne struggling with highs here of thirteen degrees. seen but rarely heard india's two million street children live the desperate existence when he meets the child reporters from the slumdog press giving a voice to invisible children on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera china has responded with retaliatory tariffs of the trump ministration imposed duties on thirty four billion dollars of chinese imports beijing's accused washington of launching the largest trade war in economic history china holds a call the u.s. trade. in thailand one of the divers helping with the rescue of a boy's football team trapped in a cave has died the former navy seal lost consciousness and a lack of oxygen on his way out of the cave had been delivering oxygen tanks to the top boys on the coach. and u.s. president donald trump has accepted the resignation of the head of the environmental protection agency scott provided been accused of misusing his office and public funds. now a new round of talks are set to begin in southern syria between opposition rebels
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and russia which is allied to the government of president bashar al assad comes after assad's forces backed by russian air support gained more ground in the contest of province of that are their offensive launched two weeks ago has forced more than three hundred twenty thousand people to flee their homes many have headed for nearby borders but have been refused entry by israel and jordan so in a. has more from beirut. a new round of talks following jordanian mediation which they exceeded in getting the warring sides back to the negotiating table and it seems that there is more common ground we've been speaking to opposition negotiators and what they're telling us is that in principle the rebels they were ready to hand over their heavy weapons and this is going to be the focus of the talks the handover of heavy weapons but what the opposition is asking the russian military is to hand over these weapons in phases as government control is restored in opposition held towns and villages in one way or another it is a it is a security guarantee that the rebels have been requesting now at the end of the day
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this amounts to a surrender the government is going to regain control of opposition held areas and turn off province but of course russian military police are going to be supervising the whole the whole process but we also understand from the opposition is that at least six thousand fighters rebel fighters along with their family members they're requesting safe passage to rebel controlled areas in the north of the country according to the opposition the russian military in principle is agreeing to this the number of course may change but those six thousand fighters and their families they do not want to remain. under and live under president bashar assad's rule they do not want to reconcile with the state and they're too scared to stay behind in fear of retribution so it seems the two sides are their views really are getting there is more common ground in the past negotiations there failed but like we
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mentioned jordan intervening the opposition really in a very difficult position abandoned by its allies surrounded and the government now in control of almost seventy percent of the southern province of the. the former leader of a japanese doomsday cult that carried out a sarin gas attack in one thousand nine hundred five has been executed shoko sorrow was the first to be hung for the tokyo subway attack japanese media says six of his followers have also been executed thirteen people were killed and more than six thousand injured when cult members released the gas and five coordinated attacks on the city's metro with family members of those killed said justice came too late. well i understand the reasons why it took so long for the executions to happen but thinking for those who passed away in my case they are the parents of my husband my parents and others who are already gone and that they could not hear of this news of the execution that is my regret fadi salim a has more now from tokyo. there were mixed reactions. to many people they were shocked to hear this news because this
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sentence against. so far side. followers also another seven adults awaiting this sentence so all that's good to me which sentence since two thousand and four and many people who are waiting when the sentence will be executed so people when they have this new and data member studying gods which happened in ninety eight ninety five and remember that the moment that the left in this society was the fairest that is that that's open faced since the end of the second world war this is very important issue maybe if you could see on this side you can see some police guards there and stationed there now because on my right side actually is the headquarters of the japanese measurement police agency and this unit you know is very much i like the lights in tokyo after the execution of.
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the dude on his way towards because japan is still a little shocked by it but it's not back in one thousand nine hundred five on they don't want to leave any space and you don't want johnson any more the french prime minister has called for calm after a second night of violence in the western city of known cause shops and a library was set on fire following the fatal shooting of a drive a lot of police during a traffic stop he also has been taken into custody for questioning and reports. young people set fire to cars buildings and shoot with riot police while dozens of firefighters battle blazes the second night of violence unarmed was sparked by the killing of a twenty two year old man by police on tuesday france's prime minister condemned the unrest and said an investigation has started it is to see the cases in the hands of the justice system and it will do its work thorley and with full transparency because everyone wants to know exactly what happened and i will make
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sure this is the case the man killed was driving in this neighborhood when police stopped his car for a check police said he gave a fake identity than a properly reversed as if fleeing prompting another officer to open fire ridiculous said the fact that this individual has been judge jackson's june two thousand and seventeen off and the restaurant issued by the credit court for organized. criminals that maybe this would explain the logic behind the driver's attempt to flee. the. people here say tensions often run high between police and young people but the fatal shooting has shocked many. for a so-called routine traffic stop because it can happen to anyone to be pulled over and asked for his papers in the car it should be simple maybe a search of something but i don't think there's a need for weapons the victim was from a paris suburb where nearly two hundred people have marched in protest against what they call police violence the concern for french authorities now is whether the
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arrest in norm's will spread to the capital and to other cities it's actually butler al jazeera. britain's ruling conservative party will meet on friday to discuss differences of a briggs it and the u.k.'s future trading relationship with the e.u. one of those disagreements is over the fate of the land border between northern ireland and the irish republic of ireland opposes the return of checkpoints and close roads which would be disastrous for its economy lowenstein reports in the town of dundalk who could imagine that the future of the economy of the british isles could rest on what to do with road junctions but the places like this where trucks with u.k. northern irish and southern irish markings all rumble by it is was everything has come down to. for the european union sorting out what to do with the irish border is now b. single most important issue in trying to break the deadlock with the u.k. over breakfast and yet for so-called hard brick sitters the border transport
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economics are almost dismissed as an irritating thing fail another powerfully weapons british attitude is in century people living on the irish side of the border. from the very beginning our business has always been focused on our customers this expensive video was produced by a company which turned fifty this year to use its position on the border to turn a family company in swan which stores and ships goods all over the world the fact that the british government seems to have no rational plan for the border fills them with here i have major concerns for what the future is going to bring. us its customers and the implications going to be a politician a staff to me but the cost implications i mean there is going to be a cost to absorb such as if the manufacturer is a transport company or is it a consumer. the irish economy has rebounded after years of trouble caused by the banking crisis now every projection says bracks it will set it back again putting
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a hard border back to allow the u.k. a clean break from europe is the worst of all scenarios businesses are really concerned because they're putting in place plans and some are acting now you know if you're a financial services company facing potential cliff next year the regulators are going to insist that you have those plans in place that companies are already making decisions making investment decisions and it's having a bearing i suppose already on the economy. you need a long memory to understand the fury on the border when it was close people marched in protest of the social and economic damage nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's the border town of dundalk was not only economically depressed but harbored enormous anti british political sentiments now the open border has vastly improved things but here the perception of british attitude. islands persists you don't trust the british government not much i mean you can go to palestine you can look at what was promised under the balfour declaration of one thousand eight hundred both sides were promised the same day. you can look here and see what was promised here you can look at the sectarianism that was allowed to be tolerated for
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over fifty years until they were forced to address the issue of. some of the most fervent breck's it has even suggested the way around all this is for ireland to leave the european union as well as the u.k. not only is that viewed as enormously patronize ing it's clear that island sees a chance for once to stand up to the british seen from here opposition to the hard border has much to do with writing historical wrongs as well as protecting the economy. of his era dundalk venezuela's president nicolas maduro has put his armed forces on god after reports of a potential invasion by the us last august donald trump asked his foreign policy advisers why he couldn't send forces into venezuela he's branded material as government a corrupt leftwing dictatorship during an independence day sermon on wednesday madeira urges troops to remain vigilant. according to a city official donald trump insisted various times during
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a private meeting with the president of colombia we know the allied right wing imperialist presidents one by one the canvas so they would accept his idea of military intervening in venezuela we rejected this we repudiated this at the time and to our national armed forces admirals generals you cannot let your guard down not for one second at least twenty four people including emergency workers have been killed and fireworks stored in four warehouses exploded in mexico city the red cross says fighters police and paramedics are among the dead it happened in the town of total pick up which is known as mexico's fireworks capital at least thirty one others were injured. the spanish city of pamplona has launched an app to help prevent sexual assault at its annual running of the bulls festival it's a bid to push back against calls to boycott the event which begins on friday users will be able to report crimes to police by pressing a button that sends their location and plan to police say they've been cracking
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down on sexual abuse over the past few years. at least two hundred people have been killed in an escalating conflict in central nigeria a fertile land hundreds have been forced to flee their homes as indigenous farmers battle cattle herders address as more than just in nigeria's plateau state. orphaned by a conflict she knows nothing about this toddler fighting for life was brought to hospital broken limbs in standpoint our parents didn't survive. the the old villages in troublous were all affected by a conflict that many here feel it was over after three year break. by the very rude shock to me that these same community will visit. attacks again and was will lead to these number of killings in blood is that there must be total investigation on us the root cause of these guys it may be beyond what. the
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government responded by deploying more troops but that hasn't stopped the flow of refugees. the only kid areas has been was a casualty he didn't leave when others fled she's in causal level. i feel powerless without him. newman i don't know what happened to me or the kids who are in school i don't know but people do this is a grave of the only victim of the attack on cockroach fish witnesses say when the religious sense then they moved to us and from the question protected by the security forces but many vulnerable villages once or lucky only say eighty four people were killed in the attacks that lasted days but community leaders insist the total is more than two hundred. curiously the crisis in the central state of play two is between two ethnic groups the bureau who are mostly farmers and the floody
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had spent blame each other for the night in the conflict the full unease jihadist came behind the church with a number more than one hundred people in blood over block and they came. from last august to today we lost over two hundred fifty persons seclude legal is some on the wrote some in the reordering field and so most of us we continue receiving these killings and killings and killing is the government just blamed for its failure to protect the weak either for political expediency or the failure of the security apparatus to deal with the violence like in most nigerian states affected by killings this year the conflict center mainly on land resources the population has grown so has the demand for food and with the effects of climate change becoming more real the fight over land and water has intensified. i mean you
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also say that with nigeria's campaign season. politicians are exposed to the situation to their advantage. al-jazeera central area. are tough a quick check of the headlines here china has responded with a retaliatory terrorists out of the trump of ministration impose duties on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports beijing is accuse washington of launching the largest trade war in economic history china also called the u.s. a trade bully in thailand one of the divers helping with the rescue of a boy's football team trapped in a cave has died the former navy seal lost consciousness from a lack of oxygen on his way out of the cave he'd been delivering oxygen tanks to the twelve boys and their coach in southern thailand the bodies of twenty one
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chinese tourists have been recovered off the resort island of paquette they were in a boat that capsized in rough seas on thursday with one hundred five people on board. navy seals are continuing their search for thirty five people who are missing. u.s. president donald trump has accepted the resignation of the head of the environmental protection agency scott pruitt had been accused of misusing his office and public funds for. a new round of talks is set to begin in southern syria between opposition rebels and russia which is allied to the government of president bashar al assad comes after our son's forces backed by russian air support gain more ground in the contested province of that are there offensive launched two weeks ago it was forced more than three hundred twenty thousand people to flee their homes many have headed for nearby borders but have been refused entry by israel and jordan. the former leader of a japanese doomsday cult carried out. in one thousand nine hundred five has been executed. was the first to be hanged for the tokyo subway attack japanese media say
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six of his followers have also been executed thirteen people were killed and more than six thousand injured when cult members released the gas and five coordinates on the city's metro lines at least twenty four people including emergency workers have been killed when fireworks stored in four warehouses exploded near mexico city the red cross says firefighters police and paramedics are among the dead it happened in the town which is known as mexico's fireworks capital of these thirty one others were injured in the explosion well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one. part of the world very very well. and we're trying to take to the rest.
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anti-riot. companies. going. it was. close. to.
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two million children live rough on india's streets. it's a brutal morning their suffering usually and ignore.


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