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tv   Hissene Habre Trial Of A Dictator  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate. july on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera the syrian government is backing control of southern terror province after it reached a cease fire deal with rebels there says more than two weeks of fighting that are displaced three hundred thirty thousand people bernard spent the ports in the jordan syria border for the first time in three years the syrian regime is back in control of its from two with jule this military convoy flying russian and syrian flags rumbled towards the nazi border crossing minutes after opposition fighters agreed to surrender terms they had little choice in the face of overwhelming russian firepower the fighters will hand over heavy weapons and thousands of them
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and their families will be given safe passage to opposition held areas in the north of syria. syrian government forces swept through data province backed up by russian as strikes but as part of the surrender terms they'll leave for villages they captured earlier these and the rest of the border area will be supervised by the russian military for bashar al assad it was a small price to pay for taking back the border this is a vital trade route that the regime would eventually want to reopen with jordanian agreement. covers most of the area held by the opposition in southwest syria one of the last remaining strongholds they still hold connecter province at the front two with the israeli occupied golan heights recovering control of this area next goal. nearly three weeks of fighting but data has displaced more than three hundred thirty thousand syrians according to the u.n. tens of thousands of them headed to the jordanian border where they've been stuck
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with little or no access to food water and sanitation. the jordanian government says the return of syrians massed along its border is now a priority and those displaced people will need to feel confident that it's safe to return home so the jordanians say they've discussed guarantees with concerned parties fots the russians who will be expected to protect the syrians from any fear regime reprisals burnitz with al-jazeera on the jordan syria border the world's chemical weapons watchdog has found evidence coring gas was used in an attack on the syrian city of touma and april a pulmonary report by the o.p.c. says various coronated chemicals were found at the site dozens of people were killed in that attack on to my which was under rebel control at the time syria's government has denied any involvement in this federal court has ordered the trump administration to produce
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a list of all migrant children under the age of five who were separated from their parents at the mexico border the order also requires the government to explain how each of the one hundred one children will be reunited with their families by tuesday john hendren has more from washington d.c. . there are three thousand children in total were separated from their parents or the administration still is trying to meet the goal of reuniting those children with their parents the judge said the troubled ministration might be able to get a deal way if he could produce a list of these one hundred one children and their parents by five pm on saturday so that is what you'd ministration is looking at china has filed another complaint against the u.s. to the world trade organization after the truck administration imposed tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing's accused washington of starting the largest trade largest trade war in economic history former pakistani
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prime minister nawaz sharif has been sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison for corruption and his daughter received a seven year prison term there are convicted of buying luxurious properties in london with undeclared income sixty seven year old sharif who is in london denies wrongdoing colombians are holding candlelight vigils across the country to demand action on recent killings of community leaders rights groups blame the violence on fark dissidents who didn't back the two thousand and sixteen agreement with the government and the semifinals so the football world cup will be an all european affair for only the fifth time in history south america are maining hopes your boy in brazil both lost their quarterfinals and france but you're required to nil belgium knocked out five time champions for sil with a two to one victory paris are the headlines and continues keep it here on al-jazeera.
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this is the first time an african head of state is to be tried by a special african tribe you know. it's an aberration the president of chad from nine hundred eighty two to nine hundred ninety is on trial for crimes against humanity war crimes and acts of torture. she said listen to and put africa to them she says. in last week but i say this must have been brought up for us a pope will just keep it must suck no to put pressure on them or lose your vote or you got to be set up i'm sure on the shit you're not openly defied that vince think
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i'm going to. just see. the poor. to my end of. a muddy to. say there's donaghy and then the manhunt is on by doing so. there was a group of us who said no we are never going to give up we were going to fight this until his and heartbreak died or went to court. you'll lose a son. roxie. made them the least you. did that make you nimo see most young kids from eleven
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said they saw or known the me. sink a victim. the people you can. set the most struck human you systolic a party. right since your. death a lemon that they're making for this immunity their victim who can do some t.v. that's really a part of what they some of what they despise. they more this c.p.c. did to seche a cause they couldn't dishonorably. the way the wolf.
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is an aberrated not speak a single word during the eight months of his trial. not looking one of the hundreds of victims that gave their testimonies day to day. the stubborn silence of a dictator denying the legitimacy of the court. when the police arrested him in his villa in the capital city of senegal it's an upgrade had been living as a free man for twenty three years despite having had an international arrest warrant. in exile in senegal since the fall of his regime in one nine hundred ninety few believe that he would ever be arrested. on it they didn't know he had.
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that scope will move on i will abuzz legality finally sit in. the syllable was ordered to click when he said the me who who simply said i bring some id you give says yes' then next a shift in the africa it could lead us again may we end up against indy car this if the african. count on this in the isa. all the necessary evidence to indict is in our brain had been painstakingly gathered over fifteen years ago by a few survivors and with the support of activist reed brody. nicknamed the dictator hunter he investigated is an aberration dreaded political police force the d.t.s. . that task to stamp out those who allegedly opposed regime. within these buildings abandoned by the d.d.s. reed brody made a major discovery. we go into the building and there you know in room after room
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ankle deep tens of thousands of documents. documents had not been touched you know for seven or eight years and they were just strewn across the floor. and we started to bend down and pick up these documents. and we realized that this was these were the files of his and hob ray's political police. sent out he said system very tough it was awful. there were spying reports and daily lists of people who died in prison i mean this was everything you know that we needed you know to to build a solid legal case you know. i'm going to give you a minute because we've overlooked until you came up with. the money the victims
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association actually spent six months putting these documents together and we put them in a database. we were able to count the names of one thousand two hundred eight people who died in detention or you know or killed twelve thousand three hundred forty one victims of arbitrary arrests and of torture. now did this. seem to goad you to action. i think didn't mean he doesn't make it. she put his ged she did actually but had been.
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a cream will meet him and have a new some plot infix you know. sample a show on. their desk say lafever to have them piss on such shows that you eat that pretty well you know that political markings of all history i like that if. only. i steam it norm or depress. what. i don't need. then team can fix your date up a miss usa and she for me my and me what. she did show as proof of the foresight. to monaco and swim in the midst of the force like you. blew in the motor city did you.
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make when they came up assumes it's the same of your auntie did do you did you do know when it's. a shock for the having. to live oman move in your common was ontario nov. great i'm wondering you know going in with your. measurement there is a proxy on desire at school or ordered up when there more than my claim is obvious from the shop here if. she does need the new doozies she minister at the vent the sink and jam it. there's one key vienna didn't meet susan of but to the brewery he's a bit did kissed your own good you to sing that he knew. she was soo grannie's it
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disturbs me on your record. deja sounds you can consider him a key so until recently this be they more this will combine a standard to be sitting on that they have been if you supply billing soon mick. and i see nothing. but if. you see no. or no affair it tore at least one. but how did is an aberration become such a cruel dictator. the story begins in one nine hundred seventy five in chad. a former french colony twice the size of france located in northern central africa
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chad is landlocked and bordered by six other countries. silkwood reading the quran is a skill but if i look at rest of it. it was you know it was what will go your way yes it will but it will fall says it will not lead to believe but mill a community a little middle mutual a place to reach if you have a normal guys this you know is an ab great former student at the elite french school of political science seals popat he led a rebellion against a government he considered to be overly influenced by fronts from the desert region of to besting he relit support with his nationalistic rhetoric is a number they consume do all of the muscle requests in a casket to cuban on capitol cam and i will be shown justice to you like i'm there
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had been. an informant x. come on and there you. the concorde. and the launch of the gear. had no. trouble i got off or i. caught it blair yeah here we. go mark. this one is on the measures of when it took. us on the revolution they are. also good i guess again you see. the pool see the amount of money the office closed. see. this at all of my. ex called you know nor does all that we do not local but he.
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did. this with. a lot of it going to be. all me pretty it was. going to did it in new york not local but. the first french hostage was archaeologist françoise closed who was kept prisoner in the to best the desert for thirty three months and i'm going to give us it this informal. moment the. immediate is a strong second that being. after years of chaos and infighting between rebel factions in chad it's an end to the capital victorious in june one thousand nine hundred two. the revolutionary declared himself president. from the moment he assumed power the young head of state had to face the threat of neighboring libya. colonel moammar gadhafi
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wanted to an exchange. he was an equally ambitious revolutionary but all the more powerful thanks to the money he made from oil. in the name of his pan african dream he okie pie district of land in knows who the neighboring territory of libya and launched a rebellion against is an apple. but then. he just. has flown in to get it into the us that. gadhafi threatened western interests. not only in chad good locally. he supported revolutionary movements and financed international terrorism. the west extended support to send out way it's absolutely coast.
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ethan a result that he predicted was the you. around reagan do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. we can and will raise out of the problems which now confront us ackland the president reagan came into power we were instructed to do everything possible to stop libyan activities america was like going against gadhafi he was just doing everything to foment revolution so in that context chad became an important area for us the americans have the sort of they were going to support dissing the united states didn't care in chad per se but they
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did have a very strong interest in reigning in the ambitions of of colonel gadhafi. what we did was we assessed were. needed. charlie and soldiers more point and shoot it had to be pretty simple. it was part of my function to coordinate all that. we were to deliver them to the airport in the middle of the day. be delivered rather than over their own who were reporting to the congress that the press there were engaged to clear this program. the united states is an abberation regime but fronts was hesitant to do so. also meet at home a socialist wanted a new african policy with less intervention and more progression. he opens dialogue
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with gadhafi gadhafi news up of new evil if you don't want to show best so they say . it by the dummy tell all digital. biting buddy less edited usfsa cook at spots ok but he still g.p.s. search me so give me do you think just because the west. you get action. did you get up was a lot i'll tell you who in ma this she did in fourth year of their lives deal just villa in new. scalloped or a child. that you call partition and she was a little glass it again. gadhafi agreed not to cross the sixteenth parallel a symbolic boundary that separated the pro libyan troops from the regime of essent outgoing over be a part of a gloomy a no call to show if the son must be
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a loss is not a fault among. my colleagues and i in washington were aware of the fact that some elements of the french government were tempted to try to work with. khadafi in our message to the french would have been when you sup with the devil use along. within two years is an ab gray had taken his place on the international stage. within the country his regime carried out their first massacres in the south. for the requirements of the trial lawyer jacqueline mu dana returned to this region where the armed rebels known as the code those opposed isn't operating who tried to secede from the regime.
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that it was. not administered. in this isolated location gray's army plan to ambush the rebel kodos. apollinaire forgive me please on then me exactly manfredi you do get a kid to timor ok they're my faithful many. when i viewed as a smile. i deserve i don't think envy to meet their segment so long if we with their minds on the. sunday. it was aunty could have fed me on the let me get over.
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baku the head of my the f.p.c. the cat that is the only thing there and to see. some m.q. wood is good too glad i'm sick could take that. she got most. part of that he took c. on there the loss the loss it just it was a loss and i mean those if put on a show not going to turn don't know who got this done this is. us in a second thought to say. don't buy. it is not doing. all the last a bit of. the never has your idea. set fair i'm still in the same boat they must factor just should be if you had
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a pretty september. september one it if you just don't take it they barely let me do they don't want to with visual done this kind to put he is a christian bruce is on the road please i'm going to play you sit a very couple of my fuckin cups rank up. thirty years later the south of chad has not forgotten the bloody violence of the army against the civilian population people were killed on the slightest suspicion of supporting the rebels blame you. if you could to. show your real self on be more. debate where men done for political discourse. write it when you know you
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not. remember what. was on fire. then we said we want to. while it. was killing and wiping out dissent in the south the world's attention was turned to the north gadhafi had violated the pact he made with france and the pro libyan troops across the sixteenth parallel and were advancing on chad's capital city. a secular regime that it fully and fair. as i want to monday in. the syllabus you experience. i think was anxious to
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avoid. commitment in chad but he couldn't escape it. he and his government could not escape it in reality. you know. this you didn't all suitable. for you know who it. is and i'm great i've got what he wanted the support of the french. gadaffi gives in and signs an agreement with me to whom he promises to pull his troops out of china. about how they will moan. if such issues sells up be get this. on their.
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face push the show that i had soviet that then multiple orders false it. already to set out the brush and yelling help us he should also be about him alone he. did to the on a beach fish with well how do you know that. volcano erupted explosively boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill the way it has been spilling continually for more than thirty
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years. native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. isis native hawaiians barely is always nice to us whether she thinks our home or not we accept this type of event. getting to the heart of the matter if. people calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing the realities what do you think reunification would look like with a lot of people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan some were. much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible for the whole acting a different school supplies clothing from around the world several focal is still very new hebrides players are very confident they won't be able fully made people
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want to buy on the international stage. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera the syrian government is back in control of southern province after reached a cease fire deal with rebels and this ends more than two weeks of fighting that it displaced three hundred thirty thousand people the deal was brokered by russia which backs the government the world's chemical weapons watchdog has found evidence chlorine gas was used in an attack on the syrian city of duma in april. a report by the o p c w says various chlorinated chemicals were found at the site dozens of people were killed in the attack on two men which was under rebel control at the
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time syria's government has denied any involvement i guess federal court has ordered the trumpet ministration to produce a list of all of my current children under the age of five who were separated from their parents at the mexico border who are also requires the government to explain how each of the one hundred one children will be reunited with their families by tuesday john hendren has more from washington d.c. there are three thousand children in total were separated from their parents or the administration still is trying to meet the goal of reuniting those children with their parents the judge said the troubled ministration might be able to get away if he could produce a list of these one hundred one children and their parents by five pm on saturday so that is what the administration is looking at china has filed another complaint against the u.s. to the world trade organization after the chump administration impose tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods china retaliated with levies on
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american products beijing is accused washington of starting the largest trade war and economic history. the secretary of state might comp a.o.s. in north korea for talks on dismantling its nuclear program this is third visit to pyongyang this year and his first since the historic summit between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un last month payout is also discussing the return of the remains of u.s. troops who died in their korean war the same a fight also the football world cup will be an all european affair for only the fifth time in history south americas are made and hopes the ball lost both of their quarterfinals france but you're quite to neil neil that is belgium knocked out five times champions personal with a two to one victory those are the headlines keep it here now to syria and much more news to come. you see she. is an upgrade was known as the lion of
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un iowa his political party. thousands of child deals with victim to the cruelty of his regime. who knows i get news of on dick said something digital still being kind to me. was a lovely. piece won't be seen. but he's only got to get special b.c. you know please don't. assume that maybe the country must choose. whom does it seem to change. into me that it can come. and live motif must you need. to create an image. city. and. michelle are pretty
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down said. dave metric. media dot com impaired some. poor so. don't put. in a. court order. a better memo. in one i suppose. j. prophesies young would drop shooter. gauche so the bush should morning paula what it pete said repent me defend. it down because you me if i take. you to promise to show it to memory.
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didn't. mention a pipe. having made down sequence he said to list how to keep them in issue from. you live. with us you don't sit cause i didn't know my life. i didn't didn't. have member parting shot to live my life as she did in mourning. silica morat comedian made slim on the sink sank at a cat to nearest me raped me. at two or three priests jennifer
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witness from the. book but it was my feet. in cement dissonant praise that up and. said better than i have done it be i thought of the yeti is it a dot so i live in one me put at an executive. authority undercounted snobbery appeared one hundred and gentlemen i did this on the some a couple hundred. was i really didn't know make up for. the celebrity is exact we come to was a policy of is that a side show the wolf is here government it is an issue we come tonight it is own is a magic tamale for them to resist don't listen to them tried it initially no collision prevailed. if she wanted.
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just as for the knob. in the men too. because of a love opportunity the deal a very difficult upper city every muslim make that she does some. division disunity don't mention it but of today's. top three. hundred be creating some top three inch abunimah ship. it up to some means on problem because i got my pack up. their victim. you so look to yell oh i feel mean i wanted it talk to a partnership but you can buy. a lot of traders only because you're physically a sissy government. services also that it's an honor to suss this
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slogan was it because if it would be a microsoft. mistake at the shows go with any of you that you know he said i might . disappear you want to see the public. is going to check that is going to suck. because i want people to see repulsive. he tore it up i should. ask a buddhist ideals for a school that had any what she looks decision should yes it would love it for me you are too certain she said it by my primary where it was you know i don't want. so but i'm going to pass real she said we want to be true because of the money. ok. anybody knows your dualism of
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a can of fancy new proof but good to be in the zone one hundred did they look at it it all sort of a lot is done. to lump us i did enough. did this was a vinous fuck you say did he and it's very nice to to this american either you move away or nick or that i'm goes on to go on is by the core long to me that if our sake of it have a disease. the media could both go to the clinic and it's all good. one of the fairy first documents we picked up was the report of a training course in the united states for a number of d.d.'s agents. including some who were listed later as the most feared torturers in chad we see from the entry logs of the d.d.'s the liaison from the us to the d.d.'s was coming in and out of the
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d.d.'s it would be really hard to say that the us did not know what was going on. yet we've got some shots like the wind does all up. and answer can i find out from the fisherman. of course we knew about human rights violations. in chad. it was not an issue for us as i said before our main focus was libya. of course we frequently have to help people we who are not very nice to to do our things but we do not regret anything there it is real politic yes.
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sevilla pretty good at the show that's it i'm sure vol of sausage up and see nice people so i guess the bar. by the mid one nine hundred eighty s. gadhafi had still not withdrawn his troops from northern chad he did not fulfill the agreements that he made with force one eternal tensions were rising between france and libya by the forces it order which are always be to see the girl ilar your door you are to elevate the force don't ya don't go she is bitter the girl below is showing respect to build a bar. near the city of windy doom the libyans built
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a two mile long runway to channel weapons and initiate a fresh attack on the country alone met gadhafi once again to try to persuade him to see reason. get their feet or sua sucked off the saucer and then up that this is . so you were there and then. and it is. all of you know. what you should you charge and she. did she i. think it's something. you really thought whoa. beasts. what do you do when you.
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love yourself or says a bull about this image and they hold all. sit on it up to smoke it and then get it france reiterated their support for it. with operation apell being. the french and the americans were now in the same position they had to clamp down on the libyan advance to threaten stability in the region. libyan army was very well outfitted because libya had a lot of oil wealth and the soviet union the top happily provide them with a lot of equipment. so at the same harbor was going to go after that you know he had a good case to make we provided ten stinger missiles under very strict controls . and they were he wanted. a new reality.
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this modern equipment allow the scent of prey to launch an assault on the pros libyan forces a battle known as the toyota war took place in the vast desert of chant. b. to you that one formed on the thumbnail had to get that money. on home plus if. they do you only see and for the. set of your own but i. get it i felt at the new level of yourself a little bit. is a big deal for the men. the toyota war ended with the taking of what he doom gadhafi stronghold in chant. his son had brain in the end destroyed the libyan armored corps. and killed thousands of libyan troops that would not have happened
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if there had not been effective french american cooperation. is very happy he came we had lunch with president reagan and we had a long talk president outbreak and i are convinced. that the relationship between our countries will continue to be strong and productive it was an honor and a great pleasure to have had him here as our guest. think. this is a president. look at. liz it does you need. sherry or glue or plant the little bit of the largest dish. brought extended throughout the lawn at a pub. this in harbor a is the fourth
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dictator charged with crimes against humanity who was supported by the reagan administration you have a gusto pinochet in chile you have his brain chad you have duvalier in haiti and you have rios montt in guatemala. after seven years in power he became obsessed with those he considered internal enemies in chad in one nine hundred eighty nine is an obvious former chief of state interest they'd be led a rebellion against him and his paranoia knew no limits. dns from the same ethnic background as a treat there's a gala became targets in gym ina they were held in a prison called the peace ina swimming pool it became a symbol of oppression as the country was plunged into fear. or left the p.c. prosecutor in a to be seen sank as m s is
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a fish here. on the left is just your. last. brit if you need left the scene i did because for me when i was three in shop i would just. say come into they are buying. the cd with. the. we're. with. the. long girth from it that thread is trauma through the. cut madness auntie's i've accepted you and that. need don't buy you for some wonder that you didn't. see em or what. we are live book and i did i'm going to be a song about enough. i thought as i
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listened was what it was called just read i was a. city almost went down we don't. really saw. the going to cut duty of course i think only it is the event like this one. only the. list really fit only to show one of them or ask. your mom would have done. it all in one. more was a bit. he's on the isn't. exactly what i'm. going to have come up with on the reasons. you don't see i'm one of the sons and am ability to understand. during the same period two terror attacks find
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their targets a pan am flight explodes mid flight over lockerbie in scotland the second a french u.t.a. plane explodes in the middle of the sahara desert both attacks bore the hallmarks of colonel gadhafi the united states decided that the libyan leader needed to be eliminated. it's an opened his country to u.s. forces allowing them to pursue their objectives just a few kilometers from an jim ina the cia had secret camps where they trained former libyan prisoners. an issue that i forgot that will judge it on that with real don't watch the media. does. it. all wormy. deep sea salt or call pocket or say. i mean i don't know no no no no no.
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i'm sure please along the journey and we did it on a ball player it's on t. shirt be on the us. at is any idea. any images we. have it is and i would only be permitted. to this. was a cia operation. a covert operation. the purpose was to infiltrate libya with libyan people who could attack libyan facilities she got access to her city this trial again about a.f.e. the prison year and i guess get us sit it. on either me. because you do news america it fit in a fox e.p.a.
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hard for me to walk highly food or a hotly i get a few is american an example but come over. our separate going to demand command. france did not appreciate united states inviting themselves into their african domain the head of the french foreign intelligence went to chad to meet if santa bring the she said i but him of the twelve in the rear of the. it costs just on disha. sucked but eleven. when do you present a false that you're making every not a good day some delicious midi. fizzy he precipitated.
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a moment laziness on the. seal release he sent a fair sympathy shoot to serve no sane get. food and i think also for too short to choke to death quick. france had already selected the man to replacing. the former chief of state under it's an upgrade. he had taken refuge in sudan. when his troops entered and janina the french military did not intervene. michel compatible. lizzie a must go to a combatant if asked but it did not work on three year i live close to god only. sick i don't. sell a leader. said to put images somewhere in the socket of n.g.'s. need to for the guy
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in up be v.p. though politics. who often live south of the show say look i'm a pretty lefty to have bring me something here at the bottom it can get a skeptic you grew up in must be your best. on it it is clip of you vote up then up in omagh share a common city like you that i show. them by do come and go is us live it to live my ship it it will happily are what she was said more considerate i believe . it to less or to the people. who didn't look. inside it but look at the
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each just to see if the said just said she didn't like that if it isn't. here at the ship but they're here. cecille issue please get. it to be stead be appointed magistrate mamata has signed a card as the head of a commission to investigate crimes committed by the regime of the sent up thing. the commission collected statements from victims and discovered a number of mass graves. by me that a woman does who goes out of it for. says out of the city go after a pause he she. only just talking on pleasure.
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did you do in this you. eaters debbie's relationship this case has always been very complex on the one hand he was his and harbor his military chief during one of the bloodiest periods of the government on the other hand after he broke from his and harbor a many of his best friends and many family members were killed by his and heartbreaking. when you're the authoritarian president of a country. and simple citizens have brought to justice the previous president it's very it's an uncomfortable situation it's a democratic victory that you don't. necessarily want to be encouraging. to did noticed when somebody. says what a false this is one is it doesn't. end soon month and is
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a pretty easy. to jimmy indeed. this is you the news off that i suppose it's a scoop isn't going to be a financier human must. be tied to a kid is a freaky. little point in their lives that. even more on his selection.
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welcome back we'll start in north america the stime and the heat wave which has been affecting eastern parts of canada resulting in more than thirty fate is i'm pleased to say on its way out that's a cold front which introduced slightly fresher conditions across much of eastern canada and also down through into houston parts of the united states so cool weather for new york still pleasant twenty six degrees some heavy rain from that frontal system across southeastern recently all the way into parts of texas you see it gradually fragments as we head on through into sunday another weather system moving across northern plains into the prairie's and also affecting the great lakes other states we're looking at to find conditions out across many western areas so
4:58 am
we have got some showers developing across the desert southwest heading down into central america looking fairly wet across parts of mexico some heavy showers are likely here and all the way through the isthmus the risk of showers coming off the caribbean side and the risk will increase of thing is we head on through into sunday but for most of the islands weather conditions are looking pretty good i think for western parts of cuba and the bahamas likely to be some heavier more prolonged showers at times northern parts of south america see more showers southern areas jerry fine but this is quite a nasty area of low pressure giving some pretty heavy rain and it could be a very wet day and one as aries. on counting the cost car warms the world's biggest exporters attempt to steer away from a damaging trade war with the u.s. plus how online streaming services are taking on hollywood bollywood and beyond. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
4:59 am
i know. about you. know some of it i like. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of el salvador's dati board sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest in the annex about in counterinsurgency and while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave searching for studio on al-jazeera. running six continents across the. year is corresponding sleeping during the story state. of the us was no good news in the book not only let's just you know.
5:00 am
we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian. slewed in world news. this is al-jazeera. carried this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes rebels in syria reach a ceasefire agreement with government forces after two weeks of intense fighting and there are a province. taking its case to the world trade organization beijing files another complaint after washington imposes billions of dollars with the tariffs on chinese imports. a u.s. court orders the trump administration to release the names of dung micro children
5:01 am
separated from their parents at the mexico border. and the sport it will be an all european semi final at the world cup after france beats york way and.


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