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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 188  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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military governor went to the farm. when here he found that there were no cows. going to.
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be. crazy. so he issued a military order to. king. of the. hazards of soldiers to box in this campaign. to hell you got. all of a sudden we start seeing the out of me moving. list of names and numbers of one but
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a senior but. you know what it became. you need to see that i'm looking for. and they have the photos of the cows in their hands and asking have you seen this you've seen this. when their cars were in their farm he can locate the place. which now. the eighteen in care rests i mean the cars are not so that's the more danger narced for the security of the sake of with the right. oh i
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i. i i think at that time at least the first two years of the intifada almost every single person and that's horse felt that we were winning and that we have the first step and they are the active we have the determination and they feel hasty and not knowing what to do. they say. lasted for eight days and t.v. . finally they. discovered where their cows are and they went to the place which belongs to the pike. you guys
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again. have not been. bad this should be. i mean when i'm in the hammock and the game. stella. stella mona. the butcher was arrested or so he stayed in prison for a few days we felt sorry for his.
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and we have decided that. it's better to find another place for. they don't understand what was happening but i think they have been moving to look maybe they have felt something that. like we're political activist or whatsoever. i can't i can't go on. you have to ruth. it's not an option. you know there's a list of the chase you they want don't want you to be tranquil and this is the same story with the codes you know it goes with palestinians meant for israel some troubles you know and i think the trials have been experiencing a bit of our lives you know been moving skating from one place to another.
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and bobby knew nothing to land. a one hundred. fifteen and i said you can doubt if that if it were if it. can be spent in a honey in half a half hour when the knowledge was. cut and now we're at home jani would do with the fact that you know how but she was funny we see. that one had. a feeling who i am very tired. you really think chris turned out differently. you know we could have learned to live side by side.
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could disappear. and. when sad for her leave a climate and i thought potentially can. feel. that i couldn't sue for any i did felt sad that they felt sad that then you can ask that knew i had. lived in mexico. where. he would be with him in a. meaningful move. who. well a little league. game meant to have me. do the talking but the horse and i don't.
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get a few i was right in the early years i didn't think. it was somewhere between braking to give fuel and the i want us to go to the patients . and in those days i was confronted with a problem with that accumulated during their longer days of care for you which is who is going to. distribute the milk. they grabbed us out of a lot of households and they at rest did many of us they taught charge they
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made life hell. i think normally people after forty years. of their life is totally paralyzed. but others are. there's a lot of dollars month. and only got only months of because minutes in chicago show the only muslim. bus though it's a lot more member goosing a muslim a muslim is go home go than a muslim a holy man. more so in ways we really like. well before the bonus of see some of them about.
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just. in. the new key if can it. can it. it was. one affair and i thought the key of any issue for any. young star to occur in the insanity insanity could. push all the. old.
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ones. one of them. give bad. we don't make her look. it's really promised to. her her side of.
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things started to change in the sense that we were no longer taking our own decisions in our own hands but the interference was coming from abroad. the decision to back away from the intifada activities in favor of negotiations people here were abandoned by their leadership and i both me leadership insight it was there that supports that who has the best. interest not to have been the father to continue and grow but to be quilted so that at some point there will be no leadership coming from inside from the strength of itself that it will influence their positions after all agreements you know where people start to put roses on the guns of the israelis here and get the horde and i remember. people's driving in the car celebrating and all over the west bank and
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i thought for us it was kind of you know it's it's too soon it's. we are being. and we are celebrating. i remember. many many days we just drive to the desert off east of. and we stayed for hours and hours in that desert because we didn't want to hear their cars noise making. celebrating. me. now had them you know not how could i shatter the west they are. going to have any. i thought realistically. we were so close
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or at least this is what we thought that we were so close to the nationhood there was no need for the brits a hundred cows anymore and no need for the backyard farming and. no need for the intifada any more out of five had made his decision. don't do anything stupid and the intifada is over. me and my friends we decided let's go and have a last demonstration was everything is almost
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a stabbing so lots of pride to go on and have been established. they managed to go through that order bloke says so we started to run. and saw another guy were coming our direction so i called them to come and hide with us but they felt it could be too dangerous. and just like a minute later we had three shots. people
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started to shout they shouted and they shot i thought. surely issue a. well yes i'm a scalper. your patient is evil. and we have to pay a price.


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