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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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driving them to their body. it was fun for me it was again you know it was one thousand you know ok let's go and play. this is bit support or as a truce to be doing but connecting it to something. this is my town councils are my people. ten thousand people who gave is at the. was. i i was. did you feel. like still shock it was.
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like haiti because the israeli army would take its young son. there with. the truck came and there was a slope object headed to the bottom but he couldn't walk off because it was raining again and it was much. what's going on through what we're looking to come to church even at least. get ready we don't do anything. in a minute immediately. shout it out as if there is yeah yeah and. now he.
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was. yeah look. when the cam three. zero. zero of the cars jumped from the truck scattered all over the place. here and there and here. we go and i remember with a very nice shoes very nice soft smoking pants he was running kinda months does like chill his knees and he was running behind the cows and everybody was running behind the car. remind you. we didn't know what to do. or astonished to see any.
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sky should we look at. a joke if it were only shown it before there. was any kind of a get all the. time because i. couldn't. make and what i've been a mood busy people going to. listen to me is over. now follow me. as never before and when i started it. was worth it for. the longest.
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just. if we saw. a movie. called and i are not so it seems like the issue wolf and see me but are my thoughts your konami to ask elected governor till what they call the rich oh my ex such a thermos with it. it's a whole aside less committed a law in. a minute then you see him for quite honestly militias except concealed only moderately quickly. after years of prolonged occupation there is a use took it for granted you know the palestinians are happy you know we are providing them with jobs they are enjoying
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a better standard of living they forgot one thing that food money is nothing we want to do the nation. palestinians are not allowed to develop themselves they are not allowed to build an economy they're not allowed to have in agricultural development. we couldn't even produce simplest things that people needed for their daily life such like milk or milk products etc our food is coming from israel our fruits are coming from israel our water is coming from israeli dug. or water companies so they are not imposing in fact the only thing they don't control is the air we breathe. one of the major. of the occupation is to try to put it into your head
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that you are some human you are not worth seeing you are simply not equal. but we are palestinians we deserve to have a home we deserve to have our land we deserve to have our freedom and we deserve to have cows. is the first time i come back. twenty one years. there. is a. well something like america for
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us. you can do what. they want. when they have and i'm sure. there was a lot of joy as if it is one of their families and their sorrow or having a new born baby. mag and i get that i'll. be at. that i hear i like a lot yeah i. tell him no and he's not going to get that like that.
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just flip. my shit. in the budget kid or such. which you know very well given that the now dead end so what when didn't you know that but like i said they could look at. that some might get a little million. but don't michelle out of. the moment they just drove down to my town but we live just in the entrance of the tunnel but support we started to make sounds so i sued to make like this.
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for me as a teenager at that time it was about the fun and about you know proving that we can stop israeli cars and vans and products coming into our city. should be. one of them but on the shuttle she's a got to be. a good.
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stories i because both candidates throw stones and i remember i was almost a trip but i was like three meters away from the soldiers because they like when. they almost got to me so it was a. great excitement. it was the second or third day when all were brought and friend of mine who was wanted by the israeli army. i think people suggested to him why don't you go and sleep in the front since you are you know you're wanted there is no place you can go.
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i heard. uk. and. i saw like how last night he left just before. what's he. thought oh no while our model cars now when been out. why. the sign for second car so we had to go so we'd go to feed the fish. oh no good they're fine now that you could lay down
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a few duff fish should they have a good shot now. he called up sudden death hips i know you said are we. unfunny he was very active during the fourth uprising and he came and slept on the farm and we knew without but far secured at these shows we didn't speak to him we know him and with lost. and also he was also on cost us. money is my cousin. and that's the hold everybody is somebody's. got father. that it's only five or six families. the whole town it's more like one big family.
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she. should have bought a special ed. or do an official in michigan as issued by hordes of a few our neighbors use the border cities you see on the ship that way in city little love in the air force if it was a couple of a lot of us alert only. it wasn't only at a college in the middle of it was. you know that the victory gardens and planting tomatoes and potatoes and raising chicken and rabbits and etc so i know where it was also part of a back age in the community that was working. through the storm in the form that it's.
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the power. plant they can jump from a building to another. i never thought of and stand as the really physical place that exists. for me it was more like smurfs wins. heaven. the occupation was taught by surprise they never thought of palestinians as having a kid by believe this level of community organization that they will be able to do a massive civil resistance like the one in conduct there and therefore this started i just think to it.
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well as good as all support for love and share market love. of a gun. at the local nimish a car love. another but the local.
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is that i was very worried that the example fits a whole it could spread out and then there will be facing a you know a massive civil p.d.'s out on the country where you know can lose their ability to control the life of palestinians and the occupation without control doesn't work. any terrorists. with over forty thousand people killed under his roof it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law but why for so long was such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who heard our reporting to the
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congress that the press there were engaged to. al jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president he's saying had three dictator on trial on al-jazeera. and the reported world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl named. giving whom it into a refugee families being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between
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the lebanese and the refugees. my syrian friends laugh by savvy it up on al-jazeera. a lot has. the headlines on a visit to north korea has accused the u.s. of making what it calls gangster like demands during talks to denuclearize the peninsula where u.s. secretary of state mike pompei are said the meetings in pyongyang were productive is now in tokyo for talks with japanese and south korean leaders. the sudanese foreign minister says south sudan's warring parties have agreed a power sharing deal reinstating rick mashallah as vice president regional leaders
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had been mediating talks in uganda to end the civil war a similar deal was signed in two thousand and fifteen but fell apart a year later the wars killed tens of thousands and displaced millions says twenty thirteen. it's agreed in principle. of the. who will work. together with his brother the thirty which are of all the circle peace and stability of so sudan it's agreed to will be a hardening of the vice presidential bid because the incumbent president will continue. to agility doctrine which are assumed the position of his vice president the funerals have been held for three protesters killed one security forces in indian administered kashmir opened fire on demonstrators five others have been critically wounded the rally was in response to an army search operation for suspected rebels region is preparing to mark two years since the death of
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a rebel leader haiti suspended a proposal nearly to nearly double fuel prices of the violent protests at least three demonstrators died in the capital port au prince on friday people say they carter for the price increases. thousands of people displaced by the fighting in syria's there are province are returning home government forces and rebels agreed a cease fire deal on friday. hosts russia have been knocked out of the world cup by croatia who won after a dramatic penalty shoot out russia leveled two or late in extra time in the quarter final cautious called the decisive penalty to send their team to their first semifinal since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight play england after they beat sweden two nil harry maguire heading the ball home to make it one nil in the twenty ninth minute then in the second half sealed the win with another header those are the headlines now back to the wanted eighteen.
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that i was very worried that the example fits a whole could spread out and then there will be facing a you know a massive civil pedia and so on the country where you know can lose their ability to control the life of palestinians and you know without control doesn't work. was tiny terror. the military governor came one day really his. true. saying they did is to take you for two for each with its number on
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its body. and he told us. that we have to remove the cars and get rid of them. and i asked him why he said and i quote the exact words. these scholars are dangerous for the security of the state of as. i told him i stomped on those times how can it. be dangerous for the security of the state of missouri. that's very strange.
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you are not allowed to speak or to question this is a military order you have to do it and for you you are forbidden to go to that place and if i know that you have been there just once you will be jailed. it happened and ask. for help that. are lower. left and that's why. you have a five to ten. what are they talking about. to me.
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and them it has no. kate kate been. a big deal made do a live. look at lord could. end this summer couldn't meet up if it's not the lack of it. the next day their military go or not when. when he ages there he found that they had no collars.
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i. think going to. be.
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crazy that month. so he issued a military order to start a cherokee campaign because. hundreds of soldiers took part in this campaign. event two helicopters. all of a sudden we start seeing this out of me moving north with a list of names and numbers of one but a senior but one thing. you know it became. you know to see that i'm looking for the intifada.
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and they have the photos of the cows in their hands and asking have you seen this you've seen this. thing. when. he can locate the place. and now. the eighteen karat. i mean because. that's more dangerous for the security of the sake of was there right. oh i i. i. i i think at that time at least the first two years of the intifada almost
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every single person and that's horse felt that we were winning. and that we have said step and they are active we have the determination and they feel hasty and not knowing what to do. with. their. blasted for eight days and here. finally they. discover where their cows are and they want to place which belongs to the party. she had you guys again. you must have not been. and that.
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bad history should be. i mean when i'm in the hammock and the game. was. stella. stella mona. that would cause i was arrested or so he stayed in prison for a few days we felt sorry relief for his situation. and. i guess we have decided. it's better to find another place for debate because. they don't understand what was happening but i think they
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have been moving to look maybe they have felt something that the car was. like where political activists or whatsoever. i can't i can't go on. you have to risk. it's not an option. you know there's a list of the chase you they want don't want you to be tranquil and this is the same story with the cold you know it goes with palestinians meant for israel some troubles you know and i think the trials have been experiencing a bit of our lives you know been moving skating from one place to another. and bobby knew nothing to land. a one hundred. fifteen and
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i said you can doubt if that if it were if it. can be spent in a honey in half a half hour when the knowledge was your id. card and now we're at home jani would do with the fact that you know how but she was funny we see. that one had. a feeling who i am very tired. you really think chris turned out differently. you know here we kind of learn to live side by side. could disappear. and. when sad for her leave a climate and i thought potentially can feel. that. could ensue funny. that that felt sad that when you can act i mean you are had.
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so we. need to make. it would just be weird to him and asked me out but is that a meaningful move on he that he who. facade mash of a. little league history so. that he's got the house on the top of the high of seventy five. we had. times i've got a few i was riding with i didn't think. it was somewhere between freaking to get fuel and i want us to go to the patients.


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