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improbable. thousands of people lined the streets of the capital to greet motorcade they stood among flags of the two nations once a poor. nearly one hundred thousand people were killed during that conflict over a disputed border between one thousand nine hundred eighty and two thousand but over the past few weeks they have been signs of improving relations last month if you'll be as new reformist prime minister ahmed agreed to accept the terms of a peace deal that ended the two year conflict it was his biggest and most controversial decision yet since coming to power earlier this year there are a number of disputed territories along the border and tera troops will move both directions. and there are going to be communities like resist being. transferred to another national jurisdiction or divided by the new order so the implementation is something that's going to have to be handled very carefully.
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the dispute has taken a toll on both sides of the border atreus isolated regime and its focus on the border conflict with has forced thousands of people to flee the country to skip its mandatory military conscription abby meanwhile wants to put if you'll be back on track as one of africa's fosters growing economies with access to editor just posts but for many it's a symbolic coming together of the better for was that a raised hopes for peace in the horn of africa priyanka gupta al-jazeera still ahead for you on the news hour we'll take you inside the overcrowded venezuelan jails where food beds and basic hygiene becoming more scarce locked down in india domestic kashmir is the only prepares for a surge in protests. and exit for the world cup hosts in the tournament widely
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regarded as a triumph for the russians. at least eighty five people have been killed and dozens more are missing in japan after three straight days of torrential rain evacuation orders are in place for nearly two million people and multiple landslide warnings also been issued a large scale rescue operation has been launched prime minister has described it as a race against the clock max bania reports large parts of japan haven't seen flooding like this in generations the country inundated by high water and rivers of mud dozens already did swept away and swollen rivers were buried by landslides and its hole is expected to rise even though even though we haven't been able to confirm the safety of a lot of people and there are many who are stranded facing the terror of impending inundation and waiting for rescue the launch saving operation is now
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a race against the clock. nearly two million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes another two point three million asked to leave voluntarily the south and western regions have been particularly hard hit. encouraged hundreds of patients were risk youth from this hospital elsewhere in the city more than a thousand people remain trapped some of used social media to plead for help others are taking the risk used upon themselves just a little from what i went to my father's family home but it's hopeless. study we were hoping to find to pay for it but we found only one japan is used to natural disasters earthquakes volcanic eruptions and flooding a common but seldom on the scale more than fifty thousand rescue workers police and military personnel have been deployed this rainfall is hitting basically everywhere at once so there's no it's difficult for the emergency services to prioritize where
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they should go first because there are so many things happening all at once and obviously if a road is washed out or bridges destroyed even if you have a nice fire engine or ambulance you can't get to some of the places that you need to go to in coachy prefix twenty six centimeters of rain fell in three hours the heaviest downpours since records began more than forty years ago and monday's forecast office little comfort and. heavy rain will continue in the area from western to eastern japan and it will be historic torrential rainfall which could be the heaviest rain ever recorded. in some places flood waters have receded leaving grim saw it's like dead fish and crushed cars the search for survivors could take days to clean up possibly much longer next banya al-jazeera. well at least ten people have died in tukey after a train crash near the quake order seventy three others were injured when five
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carriages came off the rails close to the city of quarter to around a hundred kilometers west of the trains destination istanbul trying was carrying more than three hundred sixty people. state media is reporting that nine members of the security forces have been killed in an ambush in gen duba province close to the border with algeria the interior ministry says a police patrol was attacked with a grenade and then shot at it confirm that death toll will be the highest in an attack in tunisia since two thousand and fifteen and there's confusion in brazil as to whether or not for president always a nasty tone in a disservice to be released from prison early a brazilian court of appeals judge overruled an order to free but it seems the original order does now stand has been serving a sentence of twelve years and one month in prison for corruption and money laundering that's going out to daniel who joins us via skype a confusing situation daniel with multiple rulings that contradict each other from
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two different judges. afraid that confusion still reigns the initial judge. put it all he's now as you say saying that ruling still stands he gave a deadline for about forty five minutes ago to be released from prison in the city of could achieve the last i looked at how thirty seconds ago he was still in prison but the police or the federal police in a very difficult situation now they've got the judge saying release the former president they have another senior judge saying keep him in prison what are the what are they supposed to do they're in a very difficult situation the final word will be with the supreme court who sentenced in the first place back in april to those twelve years on one month in prison for four corruption charges and charges but they're in recess at the moment so they're not going to rule anytime soon so it does seem as though the rules they imprison at least for the time being monday morning when everybody is back at work
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it could be a whole different situation with two sides on the legal argument saying that he thought he should either continue in prison or he should be released to carry on with the appeals process very difficult situation how much concern is there about what could happen about instability that might ensue if he isn't allowed to compete in upcoming elections. well a great deal and he's still a very very popular politician the opinion polls his supporters are absolutely convinced that he's allowed to stand in those elections in october he would be a clear winner he was an extremely popular president while in power between two thousand and three and two thousand and so to say still enjoys a great deal of support but these very many legal obstacles in the way even if he's allowed out now or the peel and he puts his name forward by august stand in those elections electoral court still has to decide whether he is eligible given his very complicated legal situation here all along of course it's said that he is innocent
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of all the charges and this is simply a political campaign to stop his political opponents believe that opposed trying to stop him from standing on possibly when he knows elections all right will thank you very much for now daniel shaima with all the latest on that story. a syrian military in a rebel group of accused each other of breaching a cease fire deal in the region agreed only two days ago a russian brokered deal so rebels agreed to hand over heavy weapons in exchange for security guarantees and safe passage to other areas government troops took control of the main border crossing between syria and jordan was president bashar assad consolidate his control in syria some of those who have fled the country since two thousand and eleven and now returning home a million syrian refugees are registered in lebanon and the government there is keen for them to leave but many are worried about what will happen when they cross the border there is a to honduras and this report from our cell. their years in exile are now
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over the are on their way home. they're the latest batch of refugees living in the lebanese border town of voluntarily return. there haven't been mass returns yet but these people are among those who can make the journey back to syria now mostly under the control of president bashar assad. she was. safe many homes are destroyed but ours is fine the circumstances are different for every person who. can't happen before syrian authorities screened the names of the refugees and approved the applicants request to return lebanon's general security in the process so far the returns have not been in significant numbers the united nations says that thirteen thousand refugees have gone home in recent years there are only one million syrian refugees registered with the u.n. here but government says hundreds of thousands more are not registered lebanese
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politicians are pushing for speedy returns because of the economic burden on the country but the united nations says we turn our premature it refuses to organize them because it believes conditions are not right syria is still not safe and assurances need to be put in place many refugees fled persecution and continued to be considered a security risk by the syrian government. there are refugees who don't want to return because they don't feel safe there waiting for circumstances to change they want international guarantees among them refugees from the syrian town of qusayr at least forty thousand of them are in lebanon and tens of thousands of others are displaced across syria has not just been totally destroyed there was mass displacement among the muslims who make up the bulk of the opposition. is from that town he says he joined the calls for democracy but now. took up arms that
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however is enough to be called a terrorist by the syrian government. as. we fled our homes because of the regime and now they want us to return home to the regime how can we if our towns are destroyed and we face security risks is just one of the many areas where the regime is making demographic changes. those who come from areas like qusayr which formed the backbone of the uprising cannot make this journey back they say they are unwelcome and their safety and security are at risk there is still little reconciliation and peace in the new syria that there are still northeastern lebanon. shops have been burned and looted in haiti's capital as anger rises over the government's attempt to raise fuel prices. riot police fired warning shots at protesters to strip supermarkets that had been left charred by two days of violent protests at least three people have died since
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demonstrations began against the government's plan to hike fuel prices by around forty percent eighty's police chief has ordered officers to crack down on what he called bandits who disturb the security of the country. now football fans in russia have been celebrating despite their national team being knocked out of the world cup russia exited the tournaments after musing there was a final match against croatia on saturday but tens of thousands of fans still gave the players a fantastic reception at a special event that was held in the russian capital moscow the players are more popular than they've ever been after massively exceeding expectations in a tournament where they started as the lowest ranked of the thirty two teams. she produced and we came to support our team as we don't think they did win it most importantly they won for us to whole country and they won a place in our hearts and. yesterday we were all like one big family here in the.
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all happy for them despite the fact we did not go further we will always support them. my main emotion is pride and i am proud of our country and our team i need the. join now in the studio by will it give again russia analyst at the global information provider i. much for speaking to us so if you're hearing that russia's world cup hopes might be over but they managed to really defy expectations by coming as far as they did to reach the quarter finals how does something like this impact sentiment inside the country that sense of national pride well obviously i think as as you mentioned or is it what was mentioned in the report the russian team came as an underdog and managed to kick out spain that was a big deal was talking to my friends and colleagues in russia who were absolutely ecstatic about this so it's a very special feeling and i think these sports events are designed especially for these feel good factor and i think it's only natural to expect.
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as the lady mentioned it's just the feeling that everyone came together at the same time but i have to say that at the same time interesting. ever almost cheering and sharing this this positive sentiment in russia in forty five cities the beginning of the tournament protests have been held and this these are this is the news that escaped the headlines that it was about to domestic economic changes and reforms that the government unveiled as the world cup started literally. some would argue that the timing was quite curious that somewhere arguing that especially the protesters were arguing that things like raising pension age racing the very unpopular moves they were buried probably by the good news of the world
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cup launch right so there's that what about internationally on the global stage how has russia benefited from hosting this tournament. it's a one month long event. for the sport that is loved across the world and i think in terms of p.r. yes there will be her periods of so positive news coming from russia but i have to emphasize that i don't not expect any lasting positive. p.r. for the country for a month russia wasn't featuring in the headlines in negative light but will i'm not sure that this will continue for the rest of the year but then president putin does have a meeting coming up with with his u.s. counterpart donald trump so it'll be interesting to see how that unfolds. all eyes
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are on the event on the meeting from the russian perspective be very critical to understand how the u.s. president views furder. relationship between six countries because at the moment one of the most difficult issues that russia is facing and russian economy is facing the issue of the sanctions but there will be any material impact on this axis from downside i have to say that whatever has been. turned into law by the u.s. congress is unlikely to be removed however from the russian perspective it is important to show that there is a movement of force because of at the moment western russia relationship and especially u.s. russia relationship is pretty much at the bottom. and. since the collapse of the soviet union so from the russian perspective. on the back of the championship
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one hundred back of this positive feeling perhaps there will be an attempt and hope that the meeting with trauma will go well and there will be some positive signals coming out from this meeting a great deal to watch for thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with this will it give all again. watch was to have for you on the program now is donald trump has to announce his latest u.s. supreme court nominee we look at who's in the running and what it could mean for the country. also we meet the people who travel from thousands of kilometers away to run with the bulls in pamplona. and the tour de france has its second leader in as many days we'll have the details a bit later in sport. the a. hello there the hot weather is easing for many of us in western europe it's been dry and hot for many of us here
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over the last month really and now things are finally beginning to change for some of us at least we've got a bit more cloud is just drifting its way southwards and as it does so there's a little area of low pressure that's developing within that and that's what's dragging down our temperatures so that whole thing is working its way southwards and the temperatures are dropping look at berlin only twenty degrees of the maximum there on choose day and force in london in paris will be no higher than around twenty four they'll still be a good deal of sunshine around here though plenty of thunderstorms across the eastern half of europe stretching all the way down towards the southeast corner and still a fair amount of cloud in a few outbreaks of rain there around moscow across the other side of the mediterranean very very hot now in cairo all the way up at thirty eight degrees no change for us as we head through monday or tuesday for the west a little bit of change force in our jails where our temperatures will be rising from around twenty eight to probably around thirty two as we head through the next day of say a bit further towards the south and there's plenty of showers here as you'd expect at this time of year and they will rumbling their way towards the west they are
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pushing a bit further northwards now into some parts of tap chad and in tunisia we're also seeing quite a cluster of them around the south coast here are some of them very heavy indeed. the in. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to know well what we did. may. be so. all all of. us on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of bats you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media
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platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're all metabo they're on the news and. that's the way al-jazeera is of all the true media network. welcome back just a quick look at the top stories now four boys have been rescued in the first phase of an operation to get a football team out of a cave in thailand phase two is due to start on monday u.k. police say that a woman who was exposed to the nerve agent norma chalk in the town of amesbury last
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week has died and the suspect forty four year old dawn stud just came into contact with the same batch of novacek used in an attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in nearby stalls brae in march. and ethiopia eritrea have agreed to reopen embassies in each other's capitals octet leaders held a historic summit to end decades of conflict. and i was stories of watching the united states is reassuring its asian allies that progress is well on track to rid north korea of nuclear weapons u.s. secretary of state might have been in japan after another round of talks in north korea jiang has accused of making its words gangster like dumond's sarah clarke reports from south korea's capital. the u.s. secretary of state was among friends when he arrived in tokyo by japanese prime minister shinzo a mike palm pilot briefed the u.s. ally playing down accusations he engaged a gangster like demands of the talks in pyongyang so if those requests were
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gangster like there the world is a gangster because there was a unanimous decision of the un security council about what needs to be achieved instead he described the meeting as productive making good progress he said north korea agreed to destroy test sites in the next round of talks to sit down for later this month. north korea reaffirmed its commitment to complete denuclearization we had detailed and subs and discussions about the next steps towards a fully verified and complete denuclearization. but north korea painted a very different picture describing the talks as regrettable and relations were entering a dangerous phase in a statement released by the foreign ministry it said the fastest shortcut to denuclearization is to leave deep rooted distrust in the past and prioritize building trust via new solutions and phase by phase actions criticism aside north
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korea did declare we still cherish a good faith in president trump on the second leg of his asian two of my compo reassured the japanese and south korean foreign ministers the talks was still on track despite the best the u.s. allies presented a united front declaring once again the commitment to complete denuclearization in the korean peninsula we have reaffirmed that international community will continue to fully implement relevant un security council resolutions in order to materialise cv id despite describing these talks as making progress my palm pilot says progress the line is not enough to justify lifting the un sanctions on north korea that were made in place and to pyongyang abandons its nuclear program that sentiment to shit by the japanese and the south korean foreign minister as for a timeframe on how to achieve that neither side is set
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a date sarah clock al-jazeera so. donald trump is due to announce his latest u.s. supreme court nominee on monday it will be the second time he's been able to choose a justice in just eighteen months and it's significant because his decision will probably swing the court firmly towards the right as now a general consensus about who's in the top three first up is brett kavanaugh he began his career as a clerk to retired justice kennedy fifty three year old recently voiced disagreement with a court decision that allowed a teenage and also ised immigrant to get an abortion and then raymond keith ledger fifty one year old six appeals court judge he is seen as supporting originalism that's interpret seeing the constitution along the lines of its meaning at the time of the next mint amy coney barrett is viewed as the outsider she is a former professor of law and member of the people of praise religion and a favorite among social conservatives. so let's speak to john hendren who's
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following this story for us from washington john who's the likely favorite. well mary and this is the reality t.v. presidency donald trump has put these names out there on purpose so we can all speculate on them and then he's going to pluck one of them from those that list of names on national television on international television during prime time here in the u.s. and you're right kavanagh is widely viewed as the favorite people are actually betting on him on the internet and it was vegas but there were a few mitigating factors he worked as chief he worked for president george w. bush as staff secretary when he was president and he also worked for kenneth starr who prosecuted president bill clinton both of those things are going to create a long paper trail and an opportunity for the democrats to really question him a great length what they would love to do is to delay and block this nomination until the november midterm elections when they would hope to be in control of
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congress that something the republicans don't want to that will be one of the things they'll consider when looking at kavanagh catholic who is considered safe and likable but according to people who have talked to the president dole and personality matters so much with this president you mentioned that barrett was was a favorite among social conservatives that's absolutely true she has written extensively on abortion in academic writing that's also going to give democrats a lot to talk about that's a very major issue for them she also went to notre dame that makes her the only non ivy league graduate of the group and even though trump himself is an ivy leaguer he apparently likes that but he's also been apparently expressing interest in a fourth candidate and that is a guy named thomas hart a man who was the runner up last time around when neil gorsuch was eventually chosen trump likes his personal story was the first member of his family to graduate from college he drove a taxi for a while and he was also recommended by trump's sister who just happens to be
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a federal judge in philadelphia he has very little record on abortion and affirmative action and that is what republicans will seize on when they look at him and john how difficult is it going to be for president trying to push through his nominee. marian there is no margin for error the u.s. senate has a fifty one to forty nine split between republicans and democrats democrats would love to pull over one or two republicans and they like to block this nomination hold it until november so that they would be in control of that decision they haven't had a very good record of doing that in the past there are a couple of conservative democrats who are in what are essentially republican states who are going to be in a really tough position when it comes to this vote but democrats remember that president obama nominated a guy named merrick garland almost a year before his term was over and the republicans who control the senator said no we're not even to consider him and they waited until trump became president and
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then they got neil gorsuch. this is going to be key to trump's evangelical support that's why many of them held their noses and voted for a guy who wasn't a lot like them but all of these judges are profoundly conservative they're young they are likely to dominate the court for years and it is likely to tilt to the right in that the one big ruling that is very likely to be overturned under all of these judges is abortion all right thank you very much john hendren and washington when our conditions inside venezuela's jails on atory asleep bad with serious of a crowding and frequent violence but for some prisoners the lack of space means they kept locked up for years in police stations which all modahl people for more than forty eight hours john heilemann has mall. five men to a police station holding cell but smaller than a car. with no excited yard no beds they stuck in here twenty people
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seven snatching sleepin blankets slung up his makeshift hammocks the bottles waged in the bars a few urine ating. but at least it's for a maximum of forty eight hours that's what venezuela north says anyway reality some of actually been here for years one and a half in this man's case he's desperate to get to a real jail. there are moments when there are lots of prisoners they bring them and bring them but there aren't transfers to anywhere else and that's really difficult because the holding cells sometimes are a little and you collapse venezuela's jails are completely overcrowded that means the prisoners across the country are stuck in police station lock ups while they wait for space to be freed up for many family visits are their only hope of food and your investigators claim that several detainees have died of hunger. venezuelan enzio window to freedom monitored almost two hundred temporary detention centers
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last year they found that nearly two thirds were cleaned so rubbish and human waste holed up and this is was right more than sixty percent didn't have separate cells for women and that lock ups were two hundred fifty percent of their maximum capacity the crush of people has led to many police forces resorting to a radical and illegal solution keeping prisoners simply struck some patrol cars when they run out of cells. meanwhile the wheels of the venezuelan justice system turn slowly to speed them up or at least make conditions will bearable you have to pay. the joseba to sue and the whole penitentiary system is the big mafia that produces a lot of money out of them through and taking you to the tribunal to continue judicial process or getting the transport to get you anywhere. they can charge you to eat for the officer to take the food you drill it brings from the door of the
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local. especially for those who don't have the cash this is the reality of what can be years on and john home. venezuela. nicaraguan president daniel ortega has rejected calls for an early election demanded by opposition protest as if follows three months of on rest in which two hundred twenty people died in a rally of supporters in the capital managua the seventy two year old leader ruled out going to the polls the influential catholic hierarchy has called for the elections scheduled for two thousand and twenty one to people forward to march of next year. indian administers kashmir is under lockdown as the army prepares for a surge in protests separatists are marking two years since the death of a charismatic young rebel leader sarraf i wrote has mall. two years after his death the influence of four hundred one e lives separatists in indian administrate kashmir are marking the anniversary with
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protests and calls to shut down the regional businesses to close said tools in place oh yes on the young people here say when he has influenced them to continue their fight after the martyrdom was offered money had no to probation other to should struggle in a newbie in a new directions and know what we do they use are not making any kind of compromise with india and we have sucky forgot precious life was fought just god is a special day for us indeed this is not a black day for us this is it dale for this is a deal for resilience and this is a day of resistance for us and good hard most awful vonnie is the face of resistance he's the face of hope. rouhani one who is twenty two years old when he was killed in a shootout with the indian army followed was one of the worst stages of violence in the region's recent history. months of street protests and
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a military crackdown killed more than one hundred people. two years on and indian security forces are taking no chances the region is under lockdown and people aren't able to use mobile internet when his hometown has been sealed off and there's a curfew in place was three stone throwing protesters were killed on saturday including a sixteen year old girl. but the army's conduct is now coming under growing international scrutiny only your little world i'm a united nations report last month criticize its use of excessive force against protesters and called for a strained those calls have been echoed by rights groups and separatist leaders is walking the bottom of the cover here we condemn the atrocities which are happening here we want to say to the world community please interfere so that the bloodshed of innocent kashmiris are stopped and we are set free of the suppression.


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