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well i think in terms of being realistic the realistic starting point is to listen to the children themselves about what they need to rebuild their lives i've been struck by the sheer heroism and the human spirit of these children who have been through as you've already described absolutely appalling levels of violence they're dealing with grief every child you speak to is lost a brother or sister or mother or a father now we as the international community turn our back on these children or we step up to the plate and find ways faulting them and enabling them to rebuild in save the children we're running centers that is linking these children to trained community care workers people who can help them deal with the trauma that they've been through who can speak to them who can help them flame and rebuild their lives and come to terms with their experiences through reading through play and through communicating with other children but it is
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a very big carrot in the international response here there's a lot of focus on rebuilding the physical infrastructure of the city and that needs to happen and not enough is being done you've already said but the the really hard work is starting to support at least children to rebuild their futures has yet to begin all right kevin what tens of save the children u.k. thank you very much indeed. but we're going to turkey now where better type adeline is being sworn in as president for a second time with greatly increased powers the ceremonies currently taking place in the capital ankara. from where we are joined by seeing them cause and. so this is now the start isn't it officially of the new executive presidency in turkey which gives. a sweeping new powers and abolishes the purpose of prime minister. exactly martin now prisons
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are done is at the turkish assembly turkish parliament he just finished taking his oath and. in the last one minute turkey is shifted to the new presidential executive government system from now on presenters are so proud john will run as the president of turkey for five more years with very huge powers in his head and today after the national anthem he is expected to come to the presidential complex where he will have a large ceremony and he will be and now seeing the new cabinet today and the new cabinet is is not going to be among the ruling party outpoint the deputies who are in the parliament right now but m.-o. technocrats and among some former ministers he has said so the cabinet and element is going to be
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a highly surprise for turkey everybody is waiting for that one everybody is waiting for our john to announce this also he's going to be and i'll sing some new agencies and offices that are established under the new system for instance like turkish intelligence agency and the office of general staff in the parliamentarian system they were under secretaries but beginning from now they are going to be agencies directly directly linked to the president so today is an important day for the turkish politics because obviously turkey has entered in a new iraq but according to many quit. takes the shortcomings of the new system are uncertain because it hasn't been tested yet because it is not similar to what is in the united states as a presidential system or in russia as a presidential system so turkey is going to be facing lots of surprises lots of new
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offices and lots of new political faces in the coming days even cause you have corresponded to that thank you. now we can speak to it kasim houghton who is associate professor of international relations at cardia haas university speaking to us from istanbul thank you very much indeed for joining us so this is the start of a new era for your country. thanks for having me that is. definitely the start of the new year as has been said this is the day that executive presidency really takes off and. has been remarked we will be seeing new faces around the presidential office who will be assuming ministerial posts in like four hours from now and then we will be starting to experience what this new system is all about and president
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said that he needs these new powers in order to to tackle. a staggering economy at the moment and also to deal with the security national security and just yesterday what eighteen thousand state workers were sat there are many in the country who who are fearful and say that now turkey is entering a period of one man rule. well definitely the whole mark of the new system is called sold ation and predicated upon. the total of efficiency in the decision making process that is why i'm not surprised of this new scheme that has been announced which is sort of an organizational scheme that rotates around the president but this was what the system was all about when it was voted in by the
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public on the sixteenth of april. of two thousand and seventeen. that was the primary argument or they should it was needed for decision efficiency in the face of all the challenges that was the lying ahead not only comic ones but also security and foreign policy challenges including the residues of the coup attempt of the. into two thousand and sixteen. and that is why the system is organized such and water than by the public as such and of course what we should be expecting is more consolidation. of the on taller g five may off the system all right i met kasim hahn thank you very much indeed for telling just live from istanbul. now india's supreme court has rejected an appeal by three men who were convicted of gang raping a woman on
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a bus in new delhi in twenty twelve the men had hoped to have their death penalty sentences commuted their plea they dismissed the case sparked protests across india against sex crimes the victim died from her injuries. right bit of a game changer now time for the sports he is his peter martin thank you so much we started wimbledon where world number two roger federer continues his quest for a ninth title at the all england club standing in his way in the fourth round everyone mannering of france the swiss stormed through the first winning it in just sixteen minutes six love the second was a little bit tougher seven five and it's currently four four in the third set there now and next up on court off the federal will be twenty three time grand slam champion serena williams the american twenty fourth seed who will be on center court where she faces fellow mother evgenia leader this is just her fourth tournament since having her daughter last year but she's now being tipped as the
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favorite to win each of the top ten women singing out of the catalina push that was last only around monday to kiki but it's. i. we're counting down to the first of the world cup semifinals on tuesday france will take on belgium as they look to reach the final for the first time in twelve years back in two thousand and six they lost to italy in the cup decider but it was only twenty years ago that they became world champions on home soil some of france's top players like killin him weren't even born then benjamin who scored against argentina was himself a toddler he says the team are relaxed going into the game. in the course. we've been competent since the very beginning of the tournament we don't wander too
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much we're very sure about ourselves it's true that everyone is getting better in the team we're taking it game by game we played well against argentina and then europe why every game is different now we will prepare ourselves well and be very focused for belgium. but this french team is also going up against one of its own greatest players theory on re who helped win that world cup in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. now an assistant coach for belgium while only has been criticized by some of the french players for picking the wrong side the belgians say he's been giving them some useful inside knowledge. and he brings a lot of experience. to the team especially in tournament as well he won the euros he's won the world cup so for us it's very important. a lot of players look up to him because he's a legend in football and you can see that and you can give us especially to the strikers a lot of the inside information one day when i helped them so just
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to experience you know to us it's very important and twenty ten world champions spain have moved quickly to appoint their new head coach of the finance cut ties with the spanish federation luis enrique is the new man in charge of the national team he was most recently involved with barcelona winning mind trophies in three seasons there he replaces was in the job for less than a month after replacing julien lapa take the who were sect on the eve of the tournament. formula one world champion lewis hamilton says he was dumb to hint at cheating on the part of rivals ferrari after their victory at sunday's british grand prix he says he and kimmie right in and have now moved on from the incident during the race in which hamilton started from pole but after a poor start the mercedes drivers hopes of a record sixth win were all but ended by an opening left collision with ferrari is reichen in finn's teammate and champion of leader sebastian vettel went on to win the race with hamilton managing to claw his way back to second. in the race
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fantastic what a great crowd. yeah i think really a race that i enjoyed a lot that the people enjoyed a lot so yeah what a what an amazing day. it's the greatest crowd in and i'm sorry i was unable to bring peace to david thank you so much for your support as you guys help me get through today so i take it on the chin you keep pushing hard to believe me i will not give up i will not give up it's still as close as ever in the title race between vettel and hamilton with eleven of the twenty one races remaining beta leads by eight points after four wins the season to hamilton's three f one now has a weekend off before the german grand prix on july the twenty second is less than two weeks to go until golds open championship at carnoustie five time major winner full mickelson may want to brush up on the rules before then for a second time in a month the american fell foul of the officials this time mickelson stamped down on some grass improving he's
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a line of play at greenbrier when he realised what he had done he called a two stroke penalty on himself mickelson eventually finished in a tie for eight instead it was kevin nar who ended a seven year drought to win by five strokes any previous p.g.a. tour win came in las vegas in twenty eleven. and there was more korean success on the ladies to say young kim smashed the school record when she finished thirty one under par at the creek l.p.g. classic in both the previous record of twenty seven and the past which she had shared with ten time major winner anika sort of stand since twenty sixteen and afterwards she revealed the secret to success. i just trust myself searching the you tube the how to make them my mentors are stronger than i really wanted to like peaks as something big this way yeah and then i learn from the
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videos how to make them myself and how to trust myself that helps a lot and. this week now most eighty six year olds are probably relaxing and just trying to enjoy retirement but jimmy jones has gone ahead and done something that would make many a younger man jealous jones was on the golf course with his friends having a little hit about if he had shot around the hole to ease age many would have considered better around well played but jones had other ideas as he dominated the course and shot a sixty eight to the astonishment of his mates. play golf you're not to go to die i don't regard. you leaving it all the grains the road it was a very few things better than barracks and i don't know what. you would like to do in your group. and therefore before for no another up it again least one more thing they say age is just
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a number but then you wouldn't know. but one of the world's largest smartphone makers his debuted on the hong kong stock exchange estimates had valued shalmi at one hundred billion dollars with hopes of drawing ten billion dollars from many investors but so far it's before badly during its initial public offering that's it for now stay with me i'll be back in just a minute to see. where were you when this idea. that when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief call of over to an inequality in our society today or if you join us sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change joining us hello bill the conversation on our jazeera.
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a new series of rewind can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues. to. distance continues with the superfriends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood and tradition come together in an annual competition for the people. we want on al-jazeera. israel threatens to shut down an important economic lifeline to the gaza strip we'll have a live report from west jerusalem. also
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coming up in the program another successful day in thailand for more boys are brought out of the flooded caves. a new crisis for the british government is the man in charge of it spreads it quits. a hundred people killed in floods and landslides that have devastated large parts of japan and. israel says it will shut down a key economic lifeline into the gaza strip the carom crossing is a vital access point for supplies to the besieged territory israeli authorities are also suffering fishing boats from operating more than six miles off the coast let's go live now to our correspondent forsett he's in west jerusalem and harry what's brought this about. well it's
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a very clear response and in that statement the israeli military has said that this is all about what we've seen in the last few weeks the flying of kites and of balloons carrying some kind of incendiary device or burning material beneath them being flown from the gaza strip across the fence dividing it from israeli territory and falling in and burning thousands of hectares of israeli farmland this is become a major political issue for the israeli prime minister for the israeli government there's been a lot of pressure coming from especially his right wing coalition members to take firm action and it's already been pretty firm i mean they've been targeting with strikes very close to the sites where people have been launching these kites the policy up until this point has been to strike hamas linked targets from the air within gaza and territory now they're taking this economic measure the israeli army
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says that the government was responding to the recommendation of the head of the israeli military but the israeli military itself has been arguing in recent months for improving the humanitarian situation inside gaza because of the potential security impacts of its continuing to worsen we've seen all sorts of his national initiative even the american delegation gerrard and jason game greencard who are here a couple of weeks ago there was talk of them trying to engineer some sort of a deal involving investment into gaza reconstruction efforts inside gaza so this comes as something of a surprise but i think it signifies that the israeli prime minister wants to make some kind of firmer act against this what the israelis a core a calling arson terror on the gazan borders and just to be clear harry ad gulzar has been under israeli things for many years now and has been suffering all sorts
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of things like met a few hours electricity per day and all sorts of shortages this is obviously anything to make it worth. well that's the thing that starts the thing which everybody is concerned about the fact that two million human beings live inside gaza that this measure as much as the israelis say that they aspire to improve the humanitarian situation and that this is this is directed against hamas which is in control of gaza the impact of this will be felt hugely by those who live inside the territory they the humanitarian goods are being exempted for this so from this so food livestock animal feed and medicine won't be included but half of the trucks that come to gaza every day about four hundred trucks contain industrial interiors new construction material cement and the like only about thirty trucks the most of them carrying those sorts of goods come from egypt every day so we were speaking to the head of the gaza chamber of commerce
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a little while ago he said this was a catastrophe that not only would businesses there not receive the goods that they need they would probably have to pay for their storage on the israeli side of the crossing that prices would almost certainly spike as these goods new clothing food and not foods are but shoes clothing other essentials of daily life as these prices spiked further all exports from gaza as paltry as they were things like agricultural goods and fish again just a handful of trucks of those coming out each day to serve the the west bank market predominantly some coming into israel as well that's been entirely shut down as well gaza suffers from more than forty percent unemployment the economy everybody has been warning is heading off the cliff with as you say these shortages some of them imposed from ramallah by the palestinian authority they're still only paying fifty percent of the wages of their employees inside gaza so this really could push
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gaza even further into economic collapse thank you harry for that there live in leicester islam now we have the breaking news coming out of london it is big. in reporting it now that boris johnson the foreign secretary has resigned this coming of course just al was not even twenty four hours after the resignation of the man in charge of the nation's david davis and this is apparently confirmed in a statement coming from downing street itself earlier donald tusk the president of the european parliament talking about the resignation of david davis talked about the mess being created by breck's it and said that is still very far from being resolved so two very high profile resignations within the space of twenty four hours all over the issue of bracks it just on friday the prime minister the embattled figure to say the least just on friday announce what she considered
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to be a victory the cabinet had agreed on some sort of formula they do agreed which is which was quite a. an achievement and they agreed on a certain kind of formula by which britain would leave the european union that however that agreement was lasted for no more than twenty four hours because david davis as i say the secretary he resigned in a letter to downing street and then of course we're now talking about boris johnson boris johnson and david davis being the hardbacks it is those that want to complete carte between the united kingdom and the european union what had been agreed on friday at the now famous meeting at checkers the prime minister's country residence that was. considered to be rather too soft levels there was talk of can
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continuing to have associations with the european union with the single market and that was that was what pushed david davis over the edge. and boris johnson it would appear we haven't heard from boris johnson just yet but let's talk to our correspondent who's outside the house is of parliament lawrence lee lawrence what a thunderbolt then we were earlier talking about chaos what does this do to the main government. well coming clearly it's a whole new level not least because boris johnson would be seen to be the most likely opponent to to reason and the man around whom all the arch breakfasters the very hard right wing would coalesce the timings absolutely extraordinary i must say boris johnson was supposed to be in the hosts summit meeting just up the road from here this afternoon that called the western balkan summit which of all things was supposed to be
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a way of explaining to countries like montenegro in albania how to how to join the european union and though he didn't turn up at that meeting went off he's officially residence instead held some talks advisors and now has announced twenty minutes before to resume a supposed to address the houses of parliament on her plan for what she's going to do with this new government proposals going forward the european union has now that he's resigning too and so i think you can only take this as a signal that he is preparing himself to launch a leadership contest at some points against the reason may after her statements in the house of commons itself and she's supposed to be meeting all the conservative party backbenchers these rank and file parliamentarians many of whom are hard directors many of whom aunts at six o'clock local time this evening to explain to all them what's her plan is and how she proposes to do a deal with the european union that would sort of keep the conservative party and
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the country together but him johnson that resigning is preempted that and created all sorts of questions about that because it it now appears that that meeting might be a point in which a number of those backbench m.p.'s will say to reason may we simply don't support you anymore and we want to have and should contest because if indeed it does get to that point lawrence just take us through what the procedure is because there is a well established procedure and it would start with a number of conservative writing this it's difficult to explain is it this group of senior tory grandee that form the one hundred twenty two committee. yeah sorry there's a line grow quite badly if you're talking about the mechanism by which a leadership contest actually takes place what there has to be to start with is. the that there would be a vote of no confidence into resume and if they got
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a certain number of votes saying that then that then it was hard to trigger it and then you'd have a process by which people said i want to stand against and how many people in the wards and then a series of votes would start inside the conservative party then inside the wire the conservative party movement as well which could take some time but that the if you just take a couple steps back to where you are at the moment the timing of this is particularly extraordinary because not only is to resume a trying to form a government paper to publish on thursday and put to the european union on thursday they can look at is eventually the point in which the u.k. has a position that can be discussed in the go shaded by the european union side that's supposed happen on thursday but on friday donald trump's coming to london for talks with series in may about the potential for a trade deal and other things as well the trade deal between the u.s. and u.k. after leave the european union and yet at this point is no increase in the sun to look like the reason may's entire leadership of the u.k.
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may be a risk for days before donald trump turns up so so the timing of the entire thing is absolutely amazing and it goes to show how fragile a lot of these hard practices think the reason mase leadership now is that they might be able to try and start the process of forcing her out and presenting a new leadership of the conservative party that would actually extract the u.k. entirely from the european union and have that as a negotiating position with the e.u. and lawrence just take us back to what we can perhaps describe as the straw that broke the camel's back and that is the so-called agreement reached on friday at checkers in the prime minister's country residence which was supposed to show the unity of the cabinet but clearly revelled almost as soon as it was presented with the resignation of david davis what is it about that agreement that is upsetting david davis obviously quite past.


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