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tv   Hissene Habre Trial Of A Dictator  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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and it goes to show how fragile a lot of these hard practices thinks reason may's leadership now is that they might be able to try and start the process of forcing her out and presenting a new leadership with a conservative party that would actually extract the u.k. entirely from the european union and have that as a negotiating position with the you and lawrence just take us back again to what we can perhaps describe as the straw that broke the camel's back and that is the so-called agreement reached on friday at checkers in the at the prime minister's country residence which was supposed to show the unity of the cabinet but clearly revelled almost as soon as it was presented with the resignation of david davis what is it about that agreement that is upsetting david davis obviously and quite possibly in this well. well you see the central issue that the u.k. has not managed to find a solution to is how to extricate itself completely from the european union in all
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its forms not just the ability of immigrants some to move into the country but to to to leave any trade deal with the european union and to launch new trade deals that they say they want to do with other countries as well. they need to do that while not putting a border up with the european union which would be the border between northern ireland inside the u.k. and the republic of ireland which would still be inside the european union though the two solutions that they've come to. were totally unacceptable to the european union because what the eat the u.k. was trying to do was to keep the border open while shutting down trade at the border and it's impossible you can't do both of those things at once and so the fudge the tourism a came up with to try to satisfy everybody was to say we're going to leave the european union on almost every way except for the movement of goods which would be the movement of goods across this one border but that's no good in
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its own terms for the hardline of the conservative party because they say if you allow goods to move in and out of the u.k. from the european union it will prevent the u.k. from doing trade deals with other countries and also they would say that the u.k. would still have to a baby rule set by the european union without actually being a member of the club anymore these particular being a vessel stakes so you know for all sorts of reasons sarees amaze attempt to keep everybody happy at once on the all these different views of the your opinion from inside her own party would bounce or fail because it was always going to upset her with somebody too much and the loudest mouths and the biggest complainant in all of this are the harbor exeter's who i think now if not immediately but in the fullness of time as i've been saying all day will see an opportunity to try to unseat him i think she's got her favor i would say is that we think a vote inside parliament they would lose and she would win because or more employees inside parliament who want to maintain some sort of economic relationship
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with the european union those then those who want to leave it but this is the moment when. for the decades a resentment that the conservative party such was the european union is now finally coming out it was a boil if you like all of the resentment and bitterness and fury is now coming out and this could actually break the conservative party and of because all of these people like boris johnson and david davis and all that if they lose is very typical in the conservative party stays in the european union to some degree or another i can't see what their future would be inside the conservative party at all all right lawrence thank you very much indeed and just before we move away from this topic one the line from donald tusk the president of the european parliament saying that britain's departure from the european union is an issue that is far from being solved the situation is not changed as a result of the resignation of david davis that was donald to speaking and not
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really making reference to the resignation of boris johnson we're going to keep your across this issue of course here. so stay tuned with us but in the meantime we're going to move away and look what mr trump donald trump the u.s. president has been up to because he's publicly shaming nato just days before he's due to attend the summit in brussels on wednesday just around ninety minutes ago mr trump took to twitter to complain about the financial obligations of members in a tweet he wrote the united states is spending far more on native than any other country this is not fair nor is it at sceptical they must do much more let's go live to kimberly how can our white house correspondent she's in washington d.c. and kimberly we know this this line of argument from donald trump the way he's continually referred to the fact that other nato members are not paying as much as the united states. yeah and to be fair donald trump isn't the first u.s.
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president to make this claim and point the finger he's just the most assertive the most aggressive about it but certainly for decades u.s. presidents have long lamented the fact that in the words of donald trump in that tweet that the united states is paying ninety percent of the nato budget well all of the other member countries are paying far less in terms of the percentage of their g.d.p. but enjoying the fruits of that relationship why is donald trump tweeting all of this right now marty well as you said he's set to have a bit of a showdown with the members of nato when he meets in brussels later on as in the coming days and certainly will be following that up also with the meeting next week with the russian president vladimir putin but certainly what is the donald trump trying to do with this is a tactic he often does he points the fingers blames and shames in order to try and coerced members into spending their fair share and certainly he has said from the
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oval office repeatedly that he's starting to see more evidence of that but apparently not happening fast enough and so in advance of this meeting taking to twitter as he often does but what this is doing is it's making many of the u.s. partners and allies start to reevaluating the relationship somewhat concerned about perhaps a fraction within the alliance and also whether or not the united states can still be trusted to be the preeminent player now with donald trump kimberly we are learning to think. he's pulled out of the paris climate agreement he has walked away from after he's certainly upset the g. seven didn't he not not long ago is it conceivable that he will threaten to walk out of nature. it's absolutely conceivable because let's look at what happened just a few weeks ago in canada that g. seven summit there was that picture that was released that went around the world of donald trump sitting at the table. the german chancellor leaning over it was
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a very hostile looks almost confrontational donald trump says that's not what happened at all that they were just working on the language of that final communique to come out of there but you have to remember what donald trump did right after he left as he was up in air force one he refused to sign it and that is what is making members nervous as they approached the nato summit in brussels that the same thing could happen again but this time with far more serious security implications we expect too that there could perhaps even be a bit of a showdown with the german chancellor because repeatedly donald trump in his tweets has been singling out germany not just today in terms of the spending but also he has pointed the finger saying there is a high crime rate problems with immigration will at the same time sort of calling out what he says is hypocrisy that germany has been eager to buy russian gas but is also pointing the finger at the united states urging it to do more to to hold russia to account so
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a lot of the members feeling very apprehensive as this meeting approaches donnelly because of the security implications the broader implications for the future of nato but also whether or not there could be some direct confrontation between some of the heads of states of those key members all right thanks for that kimberly how kit white house correspondent never putting knives from washington d.c. we got a lot more to come here it is here including of course having more on that breaking news within the past fifteen minutes or so we had the boris johnson the british foreign secretary had quit we'll have more on that plus a cool to me i'm on charges two journalists with violating state secrets to reporting on the range of refugee crisis. we got some very stormy weather on the way for taiwan and the southeast of china at
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the moment it is generally fine in try to southeastern areas of china a few showers down towards the gulf of tonkin towards high now and as we go on into the next couple of days that rain will push for still a few showers day notice for choose day fondant rather for hong kong and also for taiwan but take a look at wednesday this system slides its way in damaging winds this is going to be a very nasty one this some very heavy rain big seas as well and that will push its way towards fizzy on province as we go on into wednesday society want to watch out for there will be widespread flooding meanwhile the flooding rains continue across a good part of south asia push across into the northeast of india into me and and certainly up the western ghats as well this is the same in mumbai typical were very very heavy right here the widespread flooding the monsoon rains continue across much of western india and a good parts of southern pakistan also seeing some of those showers at present
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a lot of wet weather actually across much of india at the moment even into central pa say nice the way further north was to go through wednesday as well up towards a fine north west generally try and still pretty hot. getting to the heart of the matter if most of the supreme leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing new realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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go with al-jazeera let's go to thailand now because it's been another successful day in the dangerous mission to rescue school boys and their football coach from a flooded cave system for more boys have been brought to the surface they've been airlifted to a nearby hospital where they joined four who were rescued earlier on sunday and all of them so far away and said to be kept away from their parents because they're still being monitored for infections well the other four boys the boys who remain in the cave system and the coach will have to wait in the cave for the next and final hopefully the final rescue effort to begin let's go live to our correspondent scott haile he is in chiang rai outside of the hospital the there's
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a city called chang rises there as well as the province you're in the city where the main hospital is and where now we know eight boys who've been rescued are. absolutely mark and we know that you know there's a special floor that has been created for the strand in thirteen eight of those beds on that special floor and now occupied and that's a very good thing as you mentioned there are five four boys and their football coach still in the cave system we know that there will be an ongoing rescue efforts you know we know that know that that today it's over with you know since we spoke last within the last hour ten fifteen minutes the last boy came in by ambulance in this road right behind me just after the helicopter they brought him in on took off we saw another helicopter that was the prime minister prayed to know john and he went into the hospital talked to some of the doctors and then we know also now that he has helicopters up to the cave site he has met with some of the parents the
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eager parents waiting there for more news trying to get a glimpse if it was their boy their son who came out of the cave today he also met with some of the seal team some of the rescue teams there and also we know that at some stage i think this might have already happened he's going to speak to the media we don't know exactly what he said obviously we'll keep you across that so that the prime minister coming up here and kind of taking a look at things meeting as many people as he can right now obviously particularly for the five other families of the five people still trapped in the cave anxious to see what's going to happen tomorrow what the schedule is going to be like tomorrow and how quickly the next operation to get those remaining five takes place and go so i can i just clarify one thing said that the boys who have been rescued has not been reunited with their parents yet the do the parents have the parents been informed that whether the boys are among the lucky ones.
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yes so far like the four that were where. they came here to the hospital for yesterday they are here and their families are here but they're not together we know on this floor there's a special area for the parents but it's not as though they were able to go into bedside and see their boys what i was referring to are the family members at the mouth of the cave as the the boys on the next rescue mission today on monday's rescue mission those the family members there waiting to see if it was their boys they came through yet so it's very you know because they don't really give too much information i think rightfully so because you don't really know what's going to happen inside the cave when they launch out for a rescue mission i'm sure that the rescuers the divers know most likely who they're going to be picking up but you don't know if something can happen along on long the way in other words maybe a boy as something happened to the boy and he's not going to be going that day so if you tell a parent before your son's going to be coming up today and he doesn't you can imagine the psychological impact that's going to have so when they do come out
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that's when the parents are notified but we're talking about right at the mouth of the cave right where those boys are coming out and be put into the into the ambulances and again they're keep kept at a distance because they say the officials here they're worried about infection the word about some something happening to the boys right after they come out and they're going to be in a delicate state they are in a delicate state and they will be for some time so right now they're being extra cautious medical officials here until they have some assurances some some confidence that they can be reunited with their parents we are hearing and nationally it'll probably be through a window or something like that but again no details of that just yet all right just thank you for that scott heidi resulting live from outside the hospital lezzie eight lucky rescued boys being treated. now germany's chancellor is meeting the chinese premier in berlin talks between anglo-american and leakage chan will focus on trade and it follows president trump's imposition of new terrorists on goods from both china and the european union of which germany of
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course is the largest member both leaders have criticised mr trump's move with china accusing him of starting a global trade war we can go live to our correspondent who is in berlin germany cain they seem very much as if they're they're singing from the same hymn street they're both she they're both on the same pain job there. yes very much so that meeting has just finished there's been a news conference and before that news conference martin we were treated to a procession of different dignitaries and ministers of both governments signing agreements understanding's concordance involving trade and other sorts of things and of course all in front of the world's media a calculated sign you might say you might think to those looking on perhaps from the white house and from the united states about how these two countries believe that such deals such negotiations need to stay within what they say the w.t.
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rules are those are very important rules for germany and for china let's be clear that germany's trade with china is very considerable two hundred thirty billion dollars in twenty seventeen a ten percent growth that year on twenty six thousand so these two countries really believe trade inside the w.t. is the way to go the other thing to say here is that as you were saying in your introduction they now agree on a great many things and they also agree on their opposition to the sorts of things that that president trump has himself opposed on environmental policy on the goshi asians with iran and in terms of trade they agree with each other they don't agree with donald trump and germany has long been the biggest trading partner for china within the e.u. hasn't it. yes very much so it's been in some ways for the chinese government a gateway into the e.u. that's something they clearly want to preserve and to expand upon if possible hence
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coming to this country hence signing deals and seeing courage in the growth in deals and that sort of thing and so you have the sense very clearly that from the chinese perspective and from the german perspective it's very much about growing their mutual relationship it's a warm relationship here and the important thing to remember is that it's a relationship that they think is a sign of how things can be done specifically when they compare that with the way that they believe the white house has been behaving doesn't it came alive in their lane thank you. still to come here at al-jazeera warnings of extreme danger after at least a hundred people are killed interventional rains and flooding in western japan. on counting the cost call warns the world's biggest exporters attempt to steer away
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from a damaging trade war with the us how online streaming services are taking on hollywood bollywood and beyond. counting the cost almost zero. accused of opinion and wits that take the viewer is no point to make an argument that i have no basis in fact or knowledge and esteemed chamber of debate i live in every important thing an examination of the ideas the thinkers the theorists and the leaders a lot of people see them as victories for me to infer from they haven't seen victories for anybody six oil itself infinity or a new series of head to head coming soon on al-jazeera with over forty thousand people killed under his roof it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law but why for so long was such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who heard reporting to the congress that they were engaged to. their program al-jazeera unravels the
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history of trads notorious former president is saying had three dictator on trial on al-jazeera. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museum spot forming a new life is part of life it's culture. all
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right let's remind you then all of the news that is break a move in the past thirty minutes or so from the u.k. and boris johnson the british foreign secretary has resigned lawrence lee has been following developments he is outside the houses of parliament in westminster central london with their live for now do we know anything more lawrence. no well i mean i can tell you that is an absolutely flat crisis now for the british government david davis the british secretary resigning is one thing they could replace him easily and boris johnson whether you like or don't like him is a very very big figure in british politics and he's a man around whom hard right wing and see european union breakfasters could
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easily coalesce and it is generally assumed even though he hasn't said anything yet but there is a very large chance that he's now going to try to force a leadership contest against terrorism a which in part depends on the views of backbench conserve and peace who are going to meet tonight we're just waiting by the way boris johnson's timing was extraordinary resigning half an hour before to resume a is about to address the houses of parliament ok she's about to speak let's go listen to her before we come back for some a lot more analysis. this week. mr speaker i'm sure the house will join me in sending our deepest condolences to the family and friends of dawn sturgis who passed away last night the police and security services are working urgently to establish the full facts in what is now a murder investigation i want to pay tribute to the dedication of staff at district
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hospital for their tireless work in responding to this appalling crime our thoughts are also with the people of souls free and james free and my right honorable friend the home secretary will make a statement shortly including on the support we will continue to provide to the local community throughout this difficult time turning to mr speaker i want to pay tribute to my right on board friends. the members. the members the members for whole surprise and how to and oxbridge and south chrysler. i. mean to. we do not agree about the best way to differing our shared commitment to one of the result of the referendum but i want to recognize the work of the former secretary of state for exit in the european union for the work he did to establish a new department and steer and steer through parliament some of the most important
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legislation for generations and similarly if you recognize the passion that the former foreign secretary demonstrated in iowa showing i in promoting. in promoting order to live in a young seemly atmosphere. i want to hear about these important matters and i do i think. the prime minister thank you in the form of foreign sector demonstrated in promoting a global britain to the world as we leave the european union and i'm also pleased to welcome my honorable friend the member for each year in fulton as the new secretary stacie here. mr speaker on friday at checkers the cabinet agreed a comprehensive and ambitious proposal provides a responsible and credible basis for regressing negotiations with the e.u. towards a new relationship after we leave on the twenty ninth of march next year it is
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a proposal that will take control of our borders our money and our oil. but do so do so in a way that protects jobs allows us to strike new trade deals through an independent trade policy and keeps our people safe and our union together. before i set out the details of this proposal i want to start by explaining why we are pushing it forward the negotiations so far have settled virtually all of the withdrawal agreement and weaving create an implementation period which will provide businesses and governments the time to prepare for our future relationship with the e.u. but on the nature of the future relationship the two models that are on offer from the e.u. are simply not acceptable. first there is what is provided for in the european council's guidelines for march this year this amounts to a standard free trade agreement for great britain with northern ireland cast off in the e.u. as customs union and parts of the single market separated through a border in the r.f.c.
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from the u.k.'s own internal market no prime minister of our united kingdom could ever accept this it would be a profound betrayal of our precious to him and while i know some might propose instead of free trade agreement for the u.k. as a whole this is not on the table because it would not allow us to meet our commitments under the belfast agreement that there should be no hard border between northern ireland and arland secondly there is what some people say is on offer from the e.u. a model that is effectively membership of the european economic area but going further in some places and remaining in the customs union for the whole of the u.k. . this would mean continued free movement continued payment of vast sums every year to the e.u. for market access a continued obligation to follow the vast bulk of e.u. law no independent trade policy with no ability to strike our own trade deals around the world i firmly believe this would not honor the referendum result so if
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the e.u. continues on this course there is a serious risk it could lead to no deal and this would most likely be a disorderly no deal without an agreement on our future relationship i cannot see that this parliament would approve the withdrawal agreement with the northern ireland protocol and financial commitments and without these commitments the e.u. wouldn't sign a withdrawal agreement mr speaker responsible government must prepare for a range of potential outcomes including the possibility of no deal i. think including the possibility of no deal and given a short period remaining before the conclusion of negotiations the cabinet agreed on friday that these. preparation should be stepped up. but at the same time we should recognize that such a disorderly no deal which has been found consequences for both the u.k. and the e.u. and i believe that the u.k. deserves better so the combination created the cabinet agrees that we need to
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present the e.u. with a new model evolving the position that i had set out in my mansion house speech so that we can accelerate negotiations over the summer secure that new relationship in the autumn pass the withdrawal that information bill and leave the european union on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen mr speaker the friction free movement of goods is the only way to afford a void a hardcore water to northern ireland and learned and between northern ireland and great britain and it is the only way to protect the uniquely integrated supply chains and just in time processes on which millions of jobs and livelihoods depend . so at the heart of our proposal is a u.k. e.u. free trade area which will avoid the need for customs and regulator rechecks at the border and protect those supply chains to achieve this requires four steps first a commitment to maintaining a common rule book for industrial goods in dhaka cultural products to deliver this
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the u.k. would make an upfront sovereign choice to commit to ongoing harmonization with the e.u. rules on goods covering only those necessary to provide for frictionless trade at the border this would not cover services because this is not necessary to ensure free flow at the border and it would not include the common agricultural policy agricultural and fisheries policies which the u.k. will leave when we leave the e.u. the regulations that are covered are relatively stable and are supported by a large share of our manufacturing businesses and we would continue to play a strong role in shaping the european didn't and international standards that underpin them and that would be a parliamentary knock on all new rules and regulation. yes because when we leave the e.u. we will end the direct effect of e.u. law in the u.k. where gave. away now from its tories in may she makes a statement to the house of commons or rather around the house of commons it must be said lawrence leigh is our correspondent he's outside the palace of westminster
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and he's been listening to they said so far so far and she's she's been. she's had to deal with the issue of david davis but she certainly hasn't mentioned bar-s. . state. no no no she won't mention dollars johnson because that's not the point of her statement what she's doing is explaining why she came to a conclusion that she did about these so-called third way this kind of a quarter in and three quarters out of the european union arrangement is going to form the basis of this government paper that will be really released on thursday and will then form the basis of any future negotiation with your opinion emotion explaining is the reasons why the european union or the or the u.k. government had to reject any other ideas it's all about where the border is is it is no good it is in the irish sea because that means the islands of ireland including northern ireland with them effectively be united they would break the united kingdom up having the whole of the u.k.
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in the customs union would effectively keep the whole of the u.k. inside the european union too much for their liking and so she is actually trying to explain why she had no choice but to come to this other arrangements which has now led to the resignation still of david davis and boris johnson but the crunch moment today is going to be this evening when she tries to explain all this to all the conservative rank and file politicians because at that point it will become clear how many of them are prepared now to have a vote of no confidence in her so this is all to do with a list of the think tank british influence about where to start with what what's what the mechanism tonight. that if forty eight conservative members of parliament writes a letter of no confidence in the then there's a leadership contest that's right isn't it what happens after that well that overseas she'll have to stand if she wants a standard and see if she can win either way she's profoundly weakened whatever
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she's done it's been a disaster if she wanted to flush out the great cities that was incredibly foolish because johnson and davis would take a lot of tories with them and if she wants to keep them on side that's fight spectacularly because now they've turned against her and this is a product you think of her inability to come down one way or the other either the u.k. is completely out of the european union or we maintain a full functioning trading relationship this sort of tightrope she's trying to waltz and it doesn't really work for anybody much as it doesn't work for anybody doesn't believe it doesn't work for main has been putin he doesn't work for the e.u. we often forget that these negotiations don't really happening in london just to country to the evidence is happening in brussels and the e.u. could not be clear either we have a full single market in full customs union which kind of keeps the u.k. together as you say or we have a border in the irish sea which splits the case single market the alternative to that is we have a no deal brakes which grounds planes and stops radiotherapy or we have no brakes
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to tool that position just became a lot like here because if your government is in freefall which now appears to be that means that a lot of people start questioning if this really is the right course for us to take as a country if boris johnson does decide to stand against a reason made you think he can take enough concerns and he's with them to bring her down i think he's been incredibly weakened in the last few weeks sixty two of our business would have alienated a lot of tory rank and file got about benches i think that michael gave. someone who seems a little bit more moderate is likely research will appeal to a lot of the people that would have originally gone for johnson so i think this is inevitably boris johnson has done something about boris johnson he's only haven't cared about himself he's only ever done at any minute what is what he thinks that he's interested. like you just said he's resigned half an hour to go on dialysis is going to take maximum damage he's now in it for himself and i don't think the tories will fall for it so you think there's going to be a leadership conference now is that your reading of it i think you know what i think you talk too fast boy this is happening all the ones why john says decided to
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go now the originally decided not to not to go for say the weekend so i mean he's all maneuvers it was always going to lead to charges against may eventually a lot of people thought it was happening rather than sooner but as i say the crunch moment is not what's happening now is what happens in october when the e.u. finally has a summit which is the post the song of the great city and it may still trying to say we want the single market because it's not free moving to people they'll say you know you can't have that and then we have the real crisis in which we either. the edge without any parachute always say maybe we can revisit this maybe we can extend article fifty maybe even we can have people straight. thank you very much for all that's analysis of the strength of the fire as it is of the u.k. which is still the sixth largest economy in the world and thinks of itself as a major player still can't come to a source of overall conclusion about about its place inside europe or its place in the rest of the world it in many ways it seems to portray a sort of crisis of confidence that if this this division right down the middle of
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wish to rection the u.k. is going to sit in for quite a profound moment in some ways it's all right for now lawrence lawrence lee i leave you with that profound name and to ponder for a bit because we're going to move on to some other news but thank you very much indeed for at least one hundred people are now flooding and landslides in western japan forcing the prime minister shinzo up a to cancel an overseas trip as his country grapples with the disaster evacuation orders are in place for almost two million people and landslide warnings are in place in several areas relatives of missing people are bracing themselves for more bad news as fifty thousand emergency workers dig through the mud. there is friday is in tokyo with the latest. it shows very tragedy i've been in there and the problem with the rescue efforts is that most of the years there in the countryside with mary not always three it's
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always one tenants. and this means the. japanese self-defense forces who are dispatched there more than forty thousand troops have been dispatched to go to those areas it means that it's difficult for them to do those locations to help that's done the people and also even with the with the using helicopters it would be difficult to learn in such places and taking into consideration that most of the areas that i think. that i feel so. even the least the people there many of the rescue efforts are depending on the local people themselves. you know that they are standard or they are they know they are missing and to know that it is about ninety eight people and it could raise could be increased more within the coming hours or days and there are more than fifty eight people still missing until now well since the fall that pope the death toll sadly has risen to hundred.
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now t.j. and this of being told that to stand trial in me a mob accused of banking the country's colonial era secrecy law. and while a new well for the russians use agency where arrested in december was investigating the killing of range of muslims they've pleaded not guilty and say police planted evidence on them forcing the results. to be. defiant and determined while known and emerged from a cotton yang going after pleading not guilty to illegally obtaining secret state documents. let's go back to westminster now because the leader of the main opposition party the labor party jeremy colvin has taken to his feet. thanks mr speaker this government is not capable of securing a deal to protect the economy job thanh living standards. in. this
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government cannot secure a good deal for britain. on friday night on friday mr speaker the prime minister was so proud of her breaks it deal she wrote turin piece of it clare collective cabinet responsibility is now fully restored well well. thank you thank you thank you ali our environment secretary at it is our own words and said one of the things about this compromise is that it unites the cabinet and head the chicas compromise. the checkers compromise took two years to reach and just two days to unravel this is fake how can anyone
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have faith in the prime minister getting a good deal with twenty seven european union governments when she can't even broker a deal within her own cabin a air head to me first and i want to be fair to the former pricks and secretary and the former foreign secretary i think they would have resigned on the spot on friday but they were faced with a very long walk no phone line to take government cuts no bus service i am of a very thankful so far i think i think they were probably wise to hang on for a couple of days so they can get a lift home in a government car. i also miss this because i want to congratulate the honorable man who for a sure and walton on his appointment as this as the secretary of state he now
11:40 pm
becomes our chief negotiator on an issue that could not be more important. but this new secretary of state is on record as wanting to tear up people's rights yeah hey said and i quote i don't support the human rights act leaving the european union would present a normas opportunities to ease the regulator a burden on employers. and he is the one negotiating apparently on behalf of this government in europe mrs baker this mess is all of the prime minister's own my shape. for too long she spent more time negotiating with divisions in her party than she is putting any focus on the needs of our economy. and the prime minister postured with red line after red line and now as reality bites she's backsliding on every one of them and we
11:41 pm
were also given commitments that this government would achieve the exact same benefits and free and frictionless trade with the now those red lines of fighting and the team the prime minister appointed secure this deal for our country have jumped the sinking ship far from strong and stable there are ministers overboard and the ship is listing all of the worst possible time this is for a cure if we look at the prime minister's proposals for the long delayed white paper this is not a comprehensive plan but jobs in britain and the economy the people of this country to. thank these. powers those stop well short of a comprehensive customs union something trade unions and manufacturers have been demanding instead they form
11:42 pm
a complex and there's already been derided by your own cabinet members as bureaucratic and unwieldy. the agreement contains no plan to protect our service industry no plan to prevent job order in northern ireland and also put forward the odd take over regular a tree thanks ability which we all know mr speaker regulatory flexibility is a code for deregulation of our economy are what the government's the government's proposals would leave to british workplace rights consumer rights food safety standards and environmental protections for lng behind a huge standards over time thank you and none of this and none of this has even been tested in negotiations the checkers agreement now stands as a shattered truce a spanking
11:43 pm
a sticking plaster over the cavernous cracks in this government the future of jobs and investment are now at stake they those jobs and that investment are not a subplot in the tory party civil war have and at such a crucial time for our country the in these vital negotiations we need a government that is capable of governing and negotiating for britain thanks for the good of this country and its people the government needs to get exacting and do it quickly and if we can't mike why for those who can thank you. all right jeremy called. and there giving a withering account of the recent developments largely our correspondent outside listening to that and the main opposition leader fast and vigorous and his attack
11:44 pm
on the prime minister. well yes at this point she's a pretty soft target really isn't she because not only does her plan not work for the conservative party because it's now seen two very major resignations swashing three resignations today see very major ones and a great deal of unease about the direction that her leadership is taking is that it doesn't work for the european union only there and when she comes to take it to the european union next week they might say they'll consider race for the time being in the interest of trying to maintain her position because that rather deal with her than with some of the like boris johnson but in the fullness of time the european union can't accept a deal in which the u.k. says it wants to stay in with the e.u. on some of its rules but we draw from some of the other rules because the e.u. says that's not negotiable it's always said so and so she's she's really in
11:45 pm
a complete mess now and it's very very difficult to see how in the fullness of time she can actually pursue this in any sense of confidence or belief as she says she's doing the right thing for the u.k. and jobs and so on and so that's leading everybody to think not perhaps over the summer but into the also when push comes to shove. the eat the u.k. will come tradition where it decides to leave the european union entirely fallouts which would be bad news for both sides in terms of business or actually guess was issue where it's in a much closer relationship than brics it had considered and move in that way so it sees everything to play for and in the meantime most unclear with only a few months to go before bret's it's supposed to be happening all right lawrence thanks for that. a very profound moment is how the. describe this particular move for the british government to serious seriously high profile resignations within twenty four hours in the foreign secretary david davis the e.u.
11:46 pm
. secretary of state to don't go away fully will be here in this chair. to. the full treasury. into. your mind on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head match the house and tackle the big issues with hard
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hitting questions pakistanis going to the polls to elect a new government want harm will the country take people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world a generation of voters in zimbabwe grew up knowing only the leadership of robert mugabe now they're electing a new president and the first time since independence his name's not on the ballot on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. on al-jazeera. when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists reproving the barriers are built to impose division and it's not to seek to use instead of being an obstacle to east it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on all just zero
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. zero. zero. zero i'm fully back to go this is the news hour live from headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a government in crisis british foreign secretary boris johnson resigns just hours after another senior official stepped down over the u.k. strategy to exit the european union. choking off gaza as economy israel says it
11:49 pm
will close the main crossing for goods into the strip also this hour another successful day in thailand for more boys have been rescued from the flooded cave and ethiopia and eritrea agreed to establish diplomatic relations and resume commercial flights after more than twenty is. the british foreign secretary says boris johnson has resigned as divisions within prime minister to resign may's cabinet over the approach. negotiations continue to widen earlier the minister in charge of leaving the european union david davis also stepped down and this comes a spite all members of cabinet signing up to an agreed negotiating position just two days ago johnson a longtime euro skeptic had argued against the u.k. remaining closely aligned to the european union after breaks it while moments ago the british prime minister address parliament and she defended her cabinets
11:50 pm
proposal take a listen this is the brics it is in our national interest it is the brics it will do little on the democratic decision of the british people it is the right deal for britain and i commend this statement. lawrence lee has been following developments for us and joins us now live from the houses of parliament in westminster central london he's outside of the house of parliament. lawrence it's been quite a rowdy session in parliament today and what a day in british politics just remind our viewers who are just joining us of what's been unfolding in the past few hours. well i think it's not just in the last few hours you have to understand that this you know we've been waiting for this moment for months and months and months because the there is such a weight of contradictions inside the votes to leave the european union and what it's actually supposed to mean because it meant so many different things to different people for some people like boris johnson who's who's just resigned it
11:51 pm
meant severing every single time with europe and that's partly to do with things like immigration as well as to be trade deals and solvency in the european courts and all sorts of things like this for other people for other people it meant trying to maintain a sort of economic relationship with the european union but softening its to allow the u.k. to have more freedom to do other things and and and for other people if it was a horrible thing because they make plenty many people in one leave it all now for all these months to reason may has been trying to square the circle and balance off the concerns of the two opposing wings of our own policy with each other and in the present previous few weeks things have totally got out of control and with good government as lobbying against each other and stabbing each other in the back and and it's only at this point this reason may has finally said ok look this is the deal i wants we leave the european union but we have to maintain a sort of trade relationship but that is it proved to be far too much for the hard
11:52 pm
line and it now looks very likely with with boris johnson as their leader will try to undermine her and potentially bring her down boris johnson himself is an enormously divisive figure shoots from the hip to speak speaks very very loose language a lot of the time has a record of being extremely offensive towards all sorts of different people and many people frankly think the most interesting thing for boris johnson is boris johnson's own career because he appears to have no protect particularly fixed opinions on things and changes at the point in which it suits his own political career but he still. a very big figure in westminster politics and he looks like the man most likely now to take on tourism a here's a look at the career of boris johnson. even his enemies and these days there are many would concede that boris as everyone knows him is unique for years he defied the laws of political gravity playing the clown didn't hurt him it helped him to
11:53 pm
win election then reelection his mare of london a conservative in a labor city many said a future prime minister was. but then this would be advocating a vote leave boris johnson surprise many colleagues by campaigning to leave the e.u. arguably did more than anyone to ensure a victory for. the battle for bricks it was ugly it left scars many cannot forgive boris johnson for using a full statistics and his enemies say for exploiting divisions in british society what do they know the impact of the immigration places hospital waiting lists. when david cameron resigned after the break boris hoped to become prime minister but his colleagues deserted him and he had to settle for foreign secretary he struggled against the perception that he was a diminished man representing a debate this country one type people would love but not when these foreign
11:54 pm
secretary not when he has a serious job to do and that's where i think been the clown playing the joke always . it just doesn't. he's been written off many many times before not least due to his personal scandals member by michael howard for lying over an affair and everyone forgets that the amazing thing about boris is the sort of. ambitious clever boris will still dream of making it to the very top piece now a divisive figure both loved and loathed within his party and the country as a whole to be phillip's al-jazeera london. boris johnson of course was not an ordinary cabinet minister he was a face of the leave campaign during the twenty sixteen referendum and as you've said there's been a lot of speculation that there's going to be a leadership challenge perhaps johnson decide to stand against him does he have that support today. well no i think i think he may
11:55 pm
not he's currency it is widely held has gone down in recent weeks for a couple of reasons a lot to do with a lot to do with british politics for example he was a long term. opponents of the campaigns we expand heathrow airport which is london's biggest airport at one point said he lied down in front of the bulldozer as if if the government said he wanted to create a new runway at heathrow airport and then the other day the government says we want to expand heathrow airport never and said ok boris you gotta lie down for the bulldozers he took himself off afghanistan in order to in order to hide from the votes and so it's that sort of thing that least people to think you know he says all this stuff but it's not really a man of principle and it makes him a blissful bit toxic inside the conservative polity the place where he's actually popular is in the rank and file of the conservative movements around the country because these sorts of bumbling slightly churchill esque affected areas that he
11:56 pm
carries out where where he says all these things and thinks it's funny you know to talk about with with the chinese which up to a lot of other people find him probably insulting they think that's quite amusing but it makes him a very very very toxic sort of brand and you know even though he might be able to coalesce a number of very hard line conservatives around him who want to reason make gold because they think she's betrayed the whole idea of sick it doesn't necessarily mean that you can actually win a leadership contest so a lot of people think you know it's like going over the trenches in world war one it looks great but actually it's really quite stupid just looking at these live pictures from the parliamentary lorne's and this session during which prime minister theresa may has had to defend her strategy she's been mocked we heard that the labor leader saying that she was unfit to hold the job anymore she clearly have you know diminished her power is really i mean. authority seemed to be in question
11:57 pm
today how much longer term theresa may hold on to to this position. i think i think the thing she's got on her side is that as i was just saying before even though she has been very greatly diminished there's no doubt about it you have to ask yourself who who's going to take over instead because the you know if if it's a choice between her and a hard. you know i mean but when the when the referendum happens only about one hundred twenty conservative members of parliament voted to leave in the rest of them to some degree or another wanted to stay in the european union and you very often see these m.p.'s turn up on television trying to defend their position to leave the e.u. are not looking very convincing about it because actually all they're trying to do is support a government that says it wants to leave when actually in their heart of hearts they really want to stay inside the e.u. and if it came to that sort of vote probably a position that said we have to leave because it was the will of the people in the
11:58 pm
referendum but we need to maintain some sort of relationship that doesn't stop a very big multinational companies like nick san for example or air bus in wales or jack you're landrover of these sorts of companies from saying well actually sorry we're off we're going to rebase in poland and suddenly the hundred thousand people have lost their jobs if you if you put it in those terms who are you going to vote for going to vote for boris johnson who says of course we can do this we can do a deal with the americans and everything's going to be jolly splendid without explaining why or you support a position that says ok we've got to leave and we understand you don't want immigration got to allow companies to function because otherwise all the people the white working class who voted leave will lose their jobs then it's quite difficult for concert m.p.'s to put their party above their country and that's the conversation that keeps happening over and over here what are you going to do when you talk about betraying the leave voters what's the bigger betrayal is that. that's was voting for something that's going to lose
11:59 pm
a leg jobs and collapse the economies of cities up and down the country where things are pretty bleak anyway and so those are the terms in which people supporting to reason may are going to try to frame it and they will also say to the european union look you might not like this deal that we put on the table very much but if you don't like this you might have to deal with boris johnson instead so which is it going to be and that's quite a powerful argument i think that they can put some people like michel barnier in the europe in the go stages next week because even though the european union might have to bend some of its own rules to accommodate what the u.k. side is now trying to do if they're faced with a choice between that and leaving and breaking the economic ties between the u.k. and european union completely that could be quite damaging to the european union ok as well so in those terms well the may side will say you might not like what we're doing but just think about what the alternatives are at nordstrom leave it there for now no honestly keeping up to date keeping us up to date with what has been
12:00 am
a dramatic day in british politics all of course coming as a result of britain's decision to leave the european union the strategy to leave the european union at the heart of this crisis let's get the view from europe now on this and we're joined by the former swedish prime minister cabell taste via skype from stockholm thank you very much for speaking to us so how is your perceiving this crisis in britain right now. amazement. for you because the u.k.'s in the turmoil that we now see in london which was to some extent unavoidable because of the inability of the big government to come up with vision and you need those who are not those that need to have an agreement on the terms what the united kingdom within one hundred.


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