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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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i believe and in the process of dissatisfied everyone who voted to remain and probably half of the early voters as well she needs to reposition herself on to the senator brown already trying to do that there was some attempt i think to do that but unfortunately that check the checkers solution of the checkers agreement which of course has proved to be the checkers disagreement given that many come come a number of cabinet ministers have walked out on it did at least try to ensure that for instance from the point of view of goods from the point of view of agriculture that there was common ground with the european union that we were going to maintain similar standards but i think the big look you know the big thing that was missing from it was anything to do with services now the u.k. economy is twenty percent goods eighty percent services to so to have a deal or to have a proposal to put to the european union which had nothing to say about services eighty percent of the u.k. economy that is a problem for governments but we do see to resume
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a making efforts to try and preserve the u.k.'s economic relationship with its most important trading partner it is a crucial time for the for the country right now time is running out is this you willing to your m.p.'s willing to rally behind this plan now in the absence of credible alternatives but as i said we are willing as we were two years ago to sit down with her and discuss what she might be willing to offer what her position is to see whether we can provide some support i think that the that is there is a requirement on opposition parties to do that when the government of the day are in such chaos i thank you very much for sharing your thoughts of this member of parliament tom break liberal democrat party. it with the news hour live from london much more still ahead a desperate search for survivors goes on in japan where floods and landslides of killed at least one hundred fourteen people.
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friendship type i don't want to swan in again as turkey's president is time with sweeping new powers. and in sport peter will have the details of korean success on the ladies' golf told the. now formal school boys have been brought to safety from inside a flooded cave in thailand bringing the total number rescued to eight and now recovering in hospital for more boys and their football coach are still in the cave and it could take days to get them out that fast and has the latest finally they saw daylight after spending weeks deep underground in a flooded gave the second batch of boys emerged much sooner than expected after a dangerous for kilometer journey to level flooded passages within their lives fully into the hands of cave divers let flown in from all over the world to guide
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them out the eight boys are being kept in isolation to make sure they didn't get any infectious diseases inside the cave an agonizing wait for their parents who were allowed to see them but not get me it to them yet. last night once we successfully completed our mission there was another team ready to place the equipment for us immediately we were able to complete our mission earlier than expected by around four or five hours if the weather stays like this and we're able to prepare ourselves foster we can conduct our operation faster baron's free of the worst when their boys disappeared more than two weeks ago after entering the caves just before it got flooded only to be found nine days later and relative good health. it was a tough call to make to rescue the boys who console him nor die for this flooded and that will gateway it could only work if the boys wouldn't panic and fully rely on their rescue us for guidance although details of the rescue operation have yet
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to emerge it's safe to say that this tricky plan has so far been successful authorities say the boys are doing fine despite day ordeal by details about their medical conditions have not been released dramatic disappearance of the football team and their equally dramatic rescue has not only captivated thailand but many worldwide how this brought in from around the globe something the palin's of the boys say they will never forget as long as they live step fastened al-jazeera at that time long cave and not in thailand scott heiler is at the hospital where the rescue boys are being treated and sent us this update second day a second rescue mission is successful for more boys pulled from deep inside that cave here in northern thailand and now eight boys are in this hospital over my shoulder they have a special floor that dedicated just to them we know that they're being protected they're isolated that's because there's concern about infectious diseases there's
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concern about bacteria their immune systems most likely are compromised they're worried about something passed to them from outsiders but also possibly something they picked up in the caves so right now they're up there they're being cared for but again it's kind of a nice place we know the family members are up there on that same floor but there's no direct contact communication just yet now the third mission is planned for thirty first tuesday and they're hoping that those five other beds on that very special floor will be filled on tuesday night. the japanese prime minister has cancelled an upcoming foreign trip as the number of people have now died from flooding and landslides increases to one hundred twenty six sixty one of those a still missing after record to rancho rains inundated many parts in the southwest ok yama region from there all the bride reports. this was the first day so you cold water it is father could return to see what's left of his house and possessions he abandoned it with his wife and young children in the middle of the night
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a stall waters inundated his neighborhood. got into gaza. we were told to move to safety to leave so that's what we did we took nothing with us except what we had on the news day he showed us how the waters quickly rose to the upper floor of his house his father can't remember rains like it. was because you have never experienced anything like it. is not a city that disasters. this part of the city was one of the worst affected areas here as elsewhere the river simply couldn't handle the incredible surge of water and it broke its banks in three places inundating thousands of homes and sadly claiming lives with the break in the weather and waters receding emergency teams have stepped up their efforts to look for the
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missing the rising death toll has already made this one of the most lethal storms japan has experienced in decades at its height a broad swathe of western and southern japan were affected stretching emergency teams to the limit many people couldn't escape the unprecedented rainfall in time and had to be rescued thousands of people remain displaced wondering when they can go home along the banks of the river in karate pumps work around the clock to bring down water levels in the coming days for the cold water family rebuilding their lives will take a lot longer. so it's hard to express my feelings in words tatsuya tells us that he hopes he'll never have to again rob mcbride al-jazeera prefecture japan. israel's prime minister has ordered the immediate closure of a key economic lifeline into gaza. crossing is a vital access point for supplies in the besieged territory humanitarian aid
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medical supplies and food will still be allowed in but israeli authorities are also stopping fishing boats from operating more than six miles off the coast it's in response to palestinians on kites into israel. bit of damage is going to hamas we will immediately use a heavy hand against hamas in the gaza strip in a significant step we will today close it getting so long crossing there will be more steps but i will not elaborate. on how much has called israel's decision to close the crossing a crime against the palestinian people and vowed to continue the protests. blocking. the israeli government's decision to close the only terminal leading to the gaza strip is a war crime against our people they will deepen the humanitarian crisis that the people of gaza live shows how the israeli occupation fails in dealing with peaceful marches it also shows how when you may netanyahu is only able to understand the
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palestinians you may try to crush the palestinian people but we will continue the marjorie's until we achieve a target of breaking the seeds of the gaza strip as your type i do one has been sworn in for a second term as takis president at a ceremony in ankara also seems sweeping new powers after a controversial referendum on the role of the president in april last year critics say the changes undermine the strength of the country and not proceed and centralized decision making in the office of the president while taking economy struggling with the current sea falling significantly in recent months and his inauguration address said turkey was entering a new era. today we promise to propel our people and our country forward under a new system of understanding of the ninety five year republic we are embarking on this road using this opportunity as best we can for a strong parliament strong government and strong turkey. we will strengthen turkey
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in every field including defense industry and security we will make very big investments you know every area from investments to matter economic balance issues in order to become one of the ten largest economies. this is a visiting fellow ear pain council on foreign relations joins me in the studio thank you very much for coming in so present one has been sworn in he's also been naming his cabinet which is stacked with loyalist chief among them his son in law he's named to lead the finance ministry what does all this reveal about the direction the country might now well this is not just the new cabinet but it's a new cabinet under a completely different system and this new system as you said boosts president's power and cuts those of the parliament's power and many of turkey's allies rivals and investors were on the lookout for the names of the new cabinet members to see whether they would they would provide any clues to for the future policies in on
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the different issues what we've seen as you mention many of these figures in these in the new cabinet are from the inner circle and but three names are very important first of them is the advanced son in law mr barrett our barak who stepped down from energy ministry and the now heading the treasury and. finance ministry about the energy ministry is being run by an undersecretary who worked under mr al by iraq so both ministries will be under his influence but more importantly the appointment of former chief of general stuff as defense minister and also retainment or for the interior ministry post by the previous interior minister so that suggests that turkey's military aggression outside and inside will continue to turkey will continue to crack down on kurdish groups the militants of the kurdistan workers party inside and outside. outside turkey so this. i think
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it has provided some clues to investors as well people were in prison out on what was pledging that he will exercise more power on. central bank in fiscal policies and now his son in law is firm with him and so how how important is that because we know that the economy is the biggest challenge facing present day one we've seen that the turkish currency has been weakening a great deal he needs to be able to boost economic growth and provide more jobs for people for that also he needs to attract more investors but does the shape of this cabinet actually make investors more nervous i've listened to prison the one in london when he made comments about you that he will take firm control of the fiscal policy which rattled in investors and the this by appointing his son in law as the finance minister i don't is kind of staying true to his pledge this would probably have some negative reactions from the investors and turkish economy as you
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said is doing very very bad in terms of current account deficit and also corporate in the sector is very much indebted and with foreign currency liabilities so investment is really important for turkey foreign investment is really important but also there will be local elections in the next several months and for that to prison and all will need to invest more on the economy so there's this tension between growth and financial discipline which president don't seem to be favoring growth which will go bring him over what's well thank you very much for now going to yield is visiting federal european council on foreign relations. six civilians including four children have been killed in an air strike by the saudi and coalition in yemen and happened near ties in the southwest of the country coalition air support is being used to back government forces in the fight against the he sees in yemen. well protesters of clashed with police in haiti where
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a nationwide strike is being held over the government's plans to raise fuel prices as follows two days of violence in which four demonstrators were killed dozens of buildings were damaged and looted on friday the government announced a fuel hike of up to fifty percent which it since been forced to cancel many businesses a close for the strike action and public transport has been suspended catalonia is not going to give up on any path to independence according to the region's leader after he met spain's new prime minister pleasure sanchez hosted the separatist kathlyn president kim torah for the first time government palace in madrid the two leaders were aiming to kick start dialogue after the region's failed attempt at secession last year still ahead for you on the program claims rusher is violating a cease fire deal is rebel held areas of daraa city is surrounded by syrian government forces. president prepares to reveal his pick for the u.s. supreme court in
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a prime time announcement. and then later in sport twenty time grand slam champion serena williams edges closer to an eighth wimbledon title. how i we still have plenty of warm sunshine across western parts of europe lovely weather continuing here looking good for wimbledon i suspect it should stay dry throughout the tournament which we believe will sit right down towards the southeastern corner of her just around the balkans around hungry rumania bulgaria and south as long as spells of right on the cards here low pressure to just affecting west is out of russia to see some rain coming in full football once again colder than it has been recently by colder than it has been recently to just around scandinavia a little area of low pressure here dragging in those northerly winds spinning away across the low countries as we go through choose day temperatures no higher than
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about twenty four celsius there for london little breezy that has been recently but it should stay dry through tuesday stays dry into wednesday as well and similar values on those temperatures so when he does look pretty good but a bit of wet weather there into oland and scotland but elsewhere and we settle for much of the british isles showers continue for central and eastern parts if you haven't noticed up towards that western side of russia more sharon coming in here down towards a med is fine and dry hot sunshine in the hot sunshine stretches across the other side of the med so getting up to thirty seven in car of the warmth staying in place a lot of war two on the other side of the continent a tough time share of that twenty five. this is one of the most fought parts of our judicial system what to do with children examining juvenile justice he didn't adult crime he's got to face an adult sons adolescents should not be denied the rest of their lives for actions that are
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taken at that period of their lives is just as guilty as suffers the same consequences that's the law exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job. on al-jazeera. it's a long journey from home in haiti to school in the dominican republic crossing national borders and cultural barriers to turn a son but not the determined. discovering filmmaking talent from around the globe viewfinder latin america follows a young man who will stop at nothing to secure an education. the crossing on al-jazeera.
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come back quick look at the top stories this hour person's progress that foreign secretary has resigned plunging a minister to resume its government into crisis boris johnson is the second senior minister to question just twenty four hours as may struggles to keep a cabinet united over the strategy for a person leaving the european union. eight school boys have now been rescued from a thai cave where they were stranded for more than two weeks. for more boys in the football coach a still inside the head of the rescue mission says he needs three more days to get him out. and israel has shut down the caramel salim crossing into gaza it's a major economic lifeline in vital access point for supplies in the besieged territory. and other stories are following syrian government forces have surrounded rebel held parts of daraa city where the uprising against president bashar assad
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began seven years ago the siege comes just three days after a russian brokered the russian market cease fire was agreed for dara and opposition fighters say russia has not made good on one of the key promises of the truce there is a new harder reports from beirut. most of that are provinces now under government control tens of thousands of displaced people have returned to their villages they left makeshift camps close to the border with jordan after a cease fire deal between the rebels and the russian military which has been negotiating on behalf of damascus but there are tens of thousands of others who are still camped out along the border with the israeli occupied golan heights. some of them are wanted by the syrian authorities for engaging in opposition activities it is risky for them to return without international guarantees. the people here are really shocked from what's been happening lately we can't believe how rebels have been handing over territory to the government with no real
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guarantees the russians for example guaranteed government forces would leave for towns under the cease fire deal those troops have been left and people can go back they fear arrest and executions and now some of them are under siege the rebel controlled part of the divided city of daraa is surrounded by government troops a few thousand people are trapped inside among them fighters their family members and members of the opposition rebel commander say the russian military is violating the cease fire deal by failing to provide safe passage to those who don't want to reconcile with the state they were supposed to be bussed to the opposition held areas and the norse that evacuation may now happen on tuesday. government forces are already in control of more than seventy percent of the province either through military force or surrender deals the opposition was in a difficult position the rebels didn't get any support from their regional international allies they were divided and they faced what they described as
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a scorched earth policy the government and its allies are close to regaining complete control of the province where the uprising against president bashar assad's rule began over seven years ago they have taken most of the areas along the jordanian border except for the yarmouk valley under the control of the eisel affiliate armed group khaled and they consolidated control over the last strip of the main highway to the syrian capital damascus their target is not just that are they also want rebel areas in the neighboring province of connector they have the upper hand and the government is on the road to a final victory in the south side of. beirut the u.s. government is struggling to reunite immigrant families by a court ordered deadline a judge had ordered that one hundred two migrant children under the age of five who was separated from their parents at the u.s. border be reunited with their families i choose day as a government lawyer has told a court hearing that just fifty four will be back with their parents by then all in
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two thousand children have been separated from their families under trump's zero tolerance immigration policy shavar chancy has more from washington. the drug administration says it has one hundred two children under the age of five in its custody who was separated from a parent at the border of that number it says ninety six are mandated to be reunited by the tuesday deadline however it says it's not going to come close to that number it thinks it will be able to reunite fifty four children with their parents by tuesday the judge is accepting that there are the just equal difficulties and there's now often the administration to supply a time frame for when the remaining children under five will be reunited with a parent or parents however this is just one deadline another deadline is looming that of july twenty sixth when all children who have been separated from their parents at the border have to be reunited with a parent some three thousand children under three thousand according to the
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government but it's clear looking at the trouble they've had with the under five that it's going to be very difficult for them to meet that deadline either now in a few hours u.s. president announces candidates to replace retiring supreme court judge anthony kennedy is the second time he's been able to choose a justice in the past eighteen months and it's significant because his decision will probably swing the court family towards the right white house correspondent kimberly how cat reports. few us presidents so early in their first term have had the opportunity to leave their mark on their country like donald trump does the supreme court is the final judge in all cases involving laws made by congress so those who are appointed matter these raise your right hand donald trump was first nominee a conservative judge neil gorsuch was confirmed last year just as gorsuch we had a home run there and we're going to hit a home run here and step by step we are making america great
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again trump interviewed at least seven candidates to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy his announcement is expected to kick off a contentious nomination process president trump has proven that he wants the best of the best on the supreme court conservative groups have launched an offensive to shift the nine member court to the political right this video is just part of that multimillion dollar lobbying effort but democrats are spending to determine to block republican efforts i don't like judges who want to make law rather than interpret law so i don't like judges too far right now i really don't like judges too far left either if confirmed by the u.s. senate the incoming judge has the potential to remake the ideological balance of the supreme court potentially overturning precedent setting decisions on health care gay marriage and even the landmark one nine hundred seventy three ruling which legalized abortion in the united states yes that's why grassroots groups on both
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sides are mobilizing to influence the confirmation what we have is the american people and our side if you look at the poll numbers if you ask people what they want out of a jurist what they want out of the supreme court it is not the kind of people who donald trump has on the short list democrats are pushing to delay the confirmation vote on donald trump's supreme court nominee until after november congressional. elections republicans made the same argument back in two thousand and sixteen and successfully blocked brock obama's third appointment to the supreme court their argument now blowing back that americans should have the opportunity to weigh in on a justice with the potential to influence the supreme court for at least a generation kimberly health at al-jazeera washington well there are forty leading contenders here fifty three year old brett kavanaugh began his career as a clock to justice kennedy and is popular with conservatives because of his stance
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on abortion immigration and gun rights then has raymond catholic a fifty one year old sixth circuit appeals court judge he's seen as supporting originalism that scinto approaching the constitution along the lines of its meaning at the time of enactment forty six year old mother of seven amy coney barrett is viewed as the outside choice she's a former professor of law and member of the people of praise religious organization and a favorite among social conservatives on the fourth candidate is thomas hardy man a fifty three year old philadelphia appeals court judge a conservative form a cab driver and he would also be the only supremes court judge not to have attended either of the elite law schools yale or harvard well john hendren joins us now from washington those are the front runners john do we know if the president has made his final decision. well mary and this is the reality t.v. presidency he remembers his days of drama from when he was on the apprentice and he
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has preserved that sense of drama here now we're told that he has made a decision that he interviewed a number of people this morning and that the two favorites are brett kavanaugh and thomas hardiman however we don't know which one of those it is and that is because as he did last year when he nominated neil gorsuch he doesn't want anyone to know about it until the decision is announced at nine pm local time tonight at just a little over three and a half hours we do know that kavanagh is a favorite in part because of some of the things he's done in the past he was a staff secretary to president george w. bush and he was an aide to kenneth starr the special counsel who investigated president clinton when he was president now those are seemingly good credentials from a conservative perspective but not entirely from trump's perspective and that is because he is not a fan of the bush family and he's not a fan of special counsel is being pursued by one right now those are also the
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things that would give kavanagh a long paper trail that democrats could target that could allow them to drag out that process and as you heard kimberly say in this story they would love to drag this out until after the november midterm elections when they hope that they would have control of this senate the body that will ultimately decide who this justice is marian wright is and then what do we know about efforts that are underway to block president nominee. well what begins now is probably a battle unlike any we have ever seen for a supreme court nominee there are a couple of reasons for that one of them is that the senate is split fifty one republican forty nine democrat it just takes one vote to shift over the balance literally not a vote can be spared and we know that battle is ongoing because already tonight there is planned a rally on the supreme court steps by the national abortion rights action league that's a pro abortion rights group and a group called demand justice which is also
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a liberal group we will have spending on both sides you heard in kimberly's story that conservatives have already spent on an ad supporting whoever president trump nominates well after nine o'clock tonight that very same group is expected to put out an ad with a biography of the new nominee just as they did last year about this time when you'll course which was nominated so that battle is expected to be harsh it is expected to be expensive demand justice is going to spend something like five million dollars targeting vulnerable republicans and supporting vulnerable democrats in an effort to get them to either oppose this well to oppose this nominee but also to help elect democrats in the senate so that they can take control of this decision president trump relishes a fight week we can expect that he and his ally groups will answer that call binary and very much thank you john hendren in washington. british police believe
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a woman who died after being exposed to novacek received a high dose of the of agent and must have handled its container own study just died on sunday just over a week after she fell ill and brain southern england investigators suspect the deadly substance is linked to an attack in nearby soulsby i know which was used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter. sana gago reports. she was forty four a mother of three children with no apparent links to the espionage drama that has engulfed this quiet city yet just became the first murder victim and one of the most troubling poisoning cases in recent times it is both shocking and i think appalling that a british citizen has died having being exposed to another truck nerve agent but make no mistake we are determined to find out have dorm and have a child charlie rowley came into contact with subject deadly substance and we will do everything we possibly can to bring those responsible to justice more than one
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hundred counterterrorism police officers are involved in the investigation they are working on the theory that the latest victims handle the container used to carry the nerve agent but poisoned russian double agent said basically powell and his daughter yulia the u.k. authorities still whole russia responsible but while kremlin officials offered sympathies to the victim they have denied any involvement. we do not know of anyone mentioning russia or in the context of the second poisoning in the u.k. we do not know of russia being mentioned by anyone or being associated with it we suppose it would be quite upset anyway. meanwhile souls remains a city in a state of nervousness as just behind me here earlier on monday the road closed because a man had taken ill on a bus there's no confirmation that it has anything to do with another child poisoning here but it just goes to show that police here are taking absolutely no
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chances. yet there are those here who are trying to remain composed can be a little bit worrying but i think we've got the best people around putting down down the road we've got the hospital down the road and we've got the best people we can live is what it is yeah they're in the wrong place at the wrong time on e-mail my notes of all this is there with his. dangerously public. and the weight goes on for more definitive answers to this deeply troubling incident sony vaio. rebels in south sudan of rejected a peace plan reinstating opposition leader react machar's vice president saying it fails to dilute the president's strong power base but cho was president salva cares deputy until two thousand and thirteen when a political disagreement between them degenerated into
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a war that ravaged south sudan ever since the deal naming the chart first vice president was reached in and in talks mediated by uganda's president am a seventy meanwhile long time regional rivals ethiopia and eritrea say they are no longer at war after their leaders signed a declaration of peace and friendship the decision to restore diplomatic relations came during a landmark visit by ethiopia's new leader tara trail priyanka gupta reports. with smiles at had chicks if your p.s. prime minister left eritrea and the decades long military standoff behind him out he abbott's visit was high on symbolism but also led to the most significant steps yet to its peace between the two longtime regional rivals.


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