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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 109  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2018 7:33am-8:01am +03

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a couple of them with us then go to one dimension filk if at the moment coming on to. the sort of them. they are now my misinterpretation came and i have to tell you the gun is not good my bit that luke was down on this or think you forgot to put him. on. who. is pretty much. going to be commander come close as i will die. or. become heroes to me commenced to use to. think that men that one hundred. yes you need to feel right in that i want a different position to usual to have the twitter the dirty and tear said it's good
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and does it be a money day in old age in one instance that an old needs a holiday only to marry. you. to see mr bennett on. a year lead. almost been stuck in the inone series. a beleaguered out of five paying the price for his political maneuvering the middle east now desperate for american recognition and absolutely denounce.
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this goodies how did the p.l.o. find strength and support from their only life for oppressed palestinians living in the occupied territories chronicling the turbulent story the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the old powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat somebody who controls ten thousand people at home for one hundred thousand voices and they distort the debate in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents key. out investigate this information and democracy part to al-jazeera. a
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nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power. how has this radical transformation. i mean. i mean if you want to be shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people. on al-jazeera. told this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes political crisis in the u.k. as boris johnson the poster boy for the u.k.'s leave campaign becomes the second
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minister to quit over to reason may's brags that plans. donald trump is to announce his nominee for the supreme court in a move which could consolidate a conservative majority in the country's highest court. for more boys are rescued from a flooded cave in thailand but five others still remain underground. and collective punishment israel seals a key road crossing into gaza blocking a major access point for vital supplies. ok let's begin with our political crisis in the u.k. for divisions over prime minister teresa mayes bragg's its strategy have led to two major resignations threatening to tear the ruling conservative party. apart first ago was david davis he was brags that secretary and he was leading the go she
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ations with the e.u. davis quit on sunday night in protest against may's plan for a softer brags that what she'd agreed with her cabinet on friday less than twenty four hours later foreign secretary bardas and johnson announced he too was leaving johnson led the campaign to leave the european union he says the government self-doubt is killing the brags that dream health secretary jeremy hunt has been named as his replacement may strategy is to adopt a common rulebook with the e.u. establishing a free trade area but hardline m.p.'s like davis and johnson say that's going to lead to a brags that in name only john holt reports british government unity barely made it through the weekend by monday afternoon two senior ministers had resigned in protest of prime minister to resign may's new business friendly breaks it strategy pointing to closer ties with the e.u. some called it a sellout among them now former foreign secretary boris johnson who resigned on
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monday and david davis who went on sunday night the man tasked with negotiating brigs it with the e.u. johnson figurehead in the twenty sixteen campaign and widely thought to cover the top job wrote this in his resignation letter briggs it should be about opportunity and hope it should be a chance to do things differently he said that dream is dying suffocated by needless self-doubt. former health secretary jeremy hunt steps into johnson's shoes top level cabinet resignations usually spell trouble for a government and boris johnson's resignation might well have led to a leadership challenge but the reason may appears to have emerged unscathed from a meeting of the party for now she may yet be around to continue negotiations with the european union even if the e.u. has had yet another demonstration of just how vulnerable she is. in parliament
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earlier mrs may faced laughter and derision from the opposition and stony faces from her own side in the two years since the referendum we have had a spirited national debate i went through past you coming around the cabinet table as they have on from the stables up and down the country how can anyone have faith in the prime minister getting good good deal with twenty seven european union governments when she can't even broker a deal within her own cabinet. the internal divisions of the conservative party over the european union were among the reasons the previous prime minister david cameron called the twenty sixteen breaks it referendum those divisions once more on display but one prominent supporter of a so-called heartbreaks it says it's not yet time for this prime minister to quit.
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the status quo and that's not likely to happen so while to resolve may emerge is stronger than many expected a plot against her may yet be in preparation jonah hill al-jazeera london well the president of the european council donald tusk says he regrets that the idea of bragg's it hasn't left along with david davis and boris johnson. politicians come and go. but the problems they have created for the people who remain. and the mess caused by a break it is the biggest problem in the history of the e.u. u.k. relations. and it is still the far from being solved well julian hosts is a policy analyst and vocal europe it's an online news service and he's joining us now on skype from london thank you very much indeed for being with us what's the
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way out for the u.k. government in this. so right now the issue is that there is no clear way out for the british government because effectively and the government has looked soft behind a number of red lines aren't entirely compatible with the european union's red lines for example with the checkers agreement there wasn't any consideration for the use readline on the role of courts of justice on the european court of role and likewise there wasn't enough consideration for what the brings it is with feel as to reason may affect the round the meeting for fourth fern's making various frets about losing ministerial privileges such as cars if they were to disagree and they were ordered to leave the premises mediately if they disagreed and she would consider it a resignation i want to talk about brags it a little bit more in a moment but let's talk about the possibility of a leadership challenge for theresa may how strong or weak is she at the moment. so
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right now my personal opinion is that she has quite a strength in the south quite a bit so if we look at her recent appointments it's effectively stacked the cabinets in her favor i mean effectively now the majority of the cabinet will remain as as the two print and raise it is a sort of lead up portion of the party last however if big issue is what is happening behind the scenes now so now that forest johnson and david davis no longer have a role in cabinets effectively free to take part in a backbench activity with the likes of jacob reese malls or underage jenkins and this could very much lead to a strong leadership challenge as for example the european research group have roughly sixty members and i believe it's it takes forty conservatives members to trigger a leadership challenge however we are unlikely to see the challenge happen because there's not yet the belief that it's they have the numbers to actually oust the
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reason me where does this leave the brags that process then are we going to get derailed by a potential leadership challenge or can they actually push through the braggs a proposal as it stands at the moment so as it stands at the moment the brig's a proposal is unlikely to make it past the european union simply because of the fact that it doesn't necessary risk or doesn't respect the main red lines of the role of the european courts when it comes to trade agreements with of the european union however what we may see is that this may lead to a sort of springboard as now that the brig's it is on the longer. cabinet right now we can expect to see some reason made a move towards a soft drugs that move towards a broken there's less. separatists in the e.u. that will and will also see that the negotiations take a less hostile turn as what aware of the fact they've in davis and boris johnson
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were very aggressive in the wording they used and were in some cases almost insults in the way they treated us only the european. the individual nation states good to get your thoughts on this really hurts thank you very much indeed give me ok in the coming hours u.s. president donald trump is due to announce his nominee to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy is decision will probably swing the highest court in the u.s. firmly to the rights of the supreme court has the final say on matters ranging from the validity of controversial laws disputes between federal and state authorities and final appeals of convicts on death row now in recent years it's decided on divisive issues like same sex marriage abortion gun rights and free speech there's already a five to four conservative majority amongst its nine judges but going conservative justice kennedy sometimes joined his liberal counterparts on importing rulings on
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abortion and gay rights. republicans are said to be pushing for someone whose vote is more reliable john hendren is joining us live from the white house john it's an unfair question because donald trump is a ministration or playing this very close to the chest from what you're hearing in washington of the moment is there any sense of who his likely pick is going to be. well i'll play along because we've just had an intriguing bit of news and that is that the man who has been considered the favorite by many brett kavanaugh was just seen leaving his job at a d.c. federal courthouse in a black sedan with four dark suited men presumably secret service agents we don't know that the other candidates aren't getting that same treatment but that is an intriguing little bit of news that we've just heard in the last hour or so of course that nominee will be at president trump's side when when this all happens cavanagh is as conservative as the rest of them this is an incredibly conservative
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group of people whoever gets this nomination will be conservative will be very likely to join in a five to four conservative majority possibly overturning things like the roe v wade one nine hundred seventy three decision on abortion and when it comes to cavanagh he has worked for president george w. bush's staff secretary he worked for kenneth starr who prosecuted bill clinton and he eventually joined the republican side in the two thousand election battled bush v gore that was ultimately decided in favor of president george w. bush whom he ultimately came to work for and intriguingly kavanagh has been outspoken about saying that a sitting president cannot be indicted that might just be too tempting for donald trump to resist at a time when he's being pursued by a special counsel himself. john let's look past this because that at some point there is going to be i know many made by donald trump and it is going to be
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a conservative leaning so what happens next how a both sides of the house gearing up for the the congressional hearings that are going to take place. well in a formal sense what the republicans do is they pair up the nominee with somebody who knows the senate and who can walk him through because it is the u.s. senate that ultimately confirms the nominee and in this case they have named a former senator from arizona republican named john kyl to act as the sherpa to guide him through this senate but more informally there is going to be a massive and expensive battle because the u.s. senate is divided fifty one to forty nine this year in november there is a midterm election that could change the mix often when a president of one party is elected in the next election the other party gain seats and in this case the republicans only have a fifty one to forty nine majority and so this decision really hangs in the balance and groups are taking advantage of that there's going to be
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a protest on the supreme court steps tonight even though they don't know who the nominee is going to be a pro-abortion rights group and another liberal group are going to be.


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