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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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al jazeera. this is zero. welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with the end of the parana coming out the next sixty minutes we'll have to. hear what a way to begin donald trump attacks germany as a captive of russia as he sits down with the nato chief ahead of his big summit leaders. are already set to clash over spending what will this mean for the summit that's yet to stop. and other news that the oil flow again the libyan border agrees to hand over control of key poll. with your day's sport.
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as france put their place in the well cup final but will they play a little croatia for the trophy we'll have all the action this hour. that is supposed to be the mating that threshers out differences with allies for the nato summit in brussels is already looking rocky a breakfast meeting between u.s. president donald trump and nato secretary general. descended into a trump all this before the formal talks even began we'll go live to our diplomatic editor james in a moment but first let's listen to what happened just over two hours ago. now could you look at it germany is a captive for a ship because they supply they get rid of their coal to get rid of this nuclear they getting so much of the oil and gas from russia i think it's something that
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they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate for you and i think we did it appropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. not make this the non-so trying to mind me. there are some parts differences on the do them to do so and also some disagreements on that i've got a. problem from russia to germany small issues a lot of these three but the span fullname two is the respond to these differences will always be able to unite to romo for poles good to protect on the field to people from the sound of your story to give them a. veto to world war from the cold war folks of course don't want to go down or. how are you going to get what a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or simply because from the start of the world we stand together also when dealing with
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russia on these are stronger i think will become seniors no you just think you're right you're richer well that dealing with russia making her feel richer a good deal of even the cold war made dollars for trading when the rush of the of the in the disagreements of both went on the trade agreements with through the i think trade is wonderful i think energy is a whole different story and the energy is a much different story than normal trade and you have a country like poland or accept us you take a look at some of the countries there were said that because they don't want to be captive to russia by germany as far as i'm concerned just kept to russia because it's going to be so much energy for such so listen my suggestion only by getting their energy. from russia explaining any theory. as well a diplomatic answer james base is watching it all from brussels and not often you see that exchange like that between allies it doesn't seem like the mix and hasn't
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it hasn't got off to the best start. yes and i think it was very very deliberate from president trump what you saw. the what happens in these things is reporters are allowed to come in and see the beginning of meetings the white house bring what's called a pool a small group of reporters and cameras who can watch these meetings and normally express pleasantries and handshakes the white house have media people and after a time they scored people out well they allowed those reporters in to watch those comments those comments were carried live around the world a blistering attack from the u.s. president on his allies particularly on germany broadcast around the world before the summit that even started i think it was quite deliberate and where is this coming from james because all of the talk ahead of the summit you know it was about
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trump's criticisms that members of weren't spending two percent of their g.d.p. on defense and now he's talking about where germany buys its energy from. yes well that they are different issues but he oversees makes the point that they are related issues because of germany can spend that money and give that money to russia why can't it spend money itself old more money itself on its defense this is a very transactional president who sees everything in terms of a balance sheet and certainly he is using that energy deal between germany and russia to attack germany in a really. unprecedented way what we're hearing from the white house is. three hours from now there is going to be what may well be the most important meeting of the day and that's a meeting between president trump and chancellor merkel now we're told simply that
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he will reiterate the points that he has already made to him personally i think it's also worth telling you the press logistics for that meeting between the two we are told that no cameras will be allowed to dig a little deeper and see why that is quite possible i think the germans said after we've seen that no way are we going to have cameras anywhere near meeting with the united states or what james thank you very much for that for now that's a diplomatic editor dame's base of the nations from brussels to donald trump one in germany a captive of russia how will this go down in each country boy challenger standing by for us and moscow but first let's go to dominic came he's live in munich and there's been no love lost dominic in the hospital in these two leaders donald trump and angela merkel and but now. a captive of russia very strong words there.
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very strong words and it means that when they meet as james was just telling us that they will be meeting very hard to see how the chancellor can do anything other than respond to mr trump's comments well in a negative manner because from the merkel government's perspective they want to keep a strong alliance with the united states of america as a key plank of nato they are key the key country in the but clearly they have their own interests germany has its own interests in so far as the facts of what president trump was saying about energy and dependence as it were on russian energy imports the facts of the case that in recent years forty percent of germany's oil imports come from russia thirty five percent of its natural gas imports have come from russia the pipeline the deal that was being spoken about between russia and germany the north stream to gas pipeline which will go into the baltic sea and connect russia with germany and the wider western european market that's affected
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really what is at the crux of this this energy question it revolves around that but of course the point here is that the political perspective in germany for some considerable time has been fraught with tension regarding the united states and the particular incumbent in the white house right now. and then come but that's constantly singled out germany dominant for not spending two percent of its g.d.p. on defense german politicians have said in the past that it's just not realistic for them or even necessary for them to spend that much are they going to give in to donald trump to politicians have them well it is that something they could sell to the german public. very big questions aren't they elizabeth point here is that some time ago at the nato summit several years ago now. as government committed to the two percent threshold but in time and in the general election campaign last year both of the main parties vying for the chancellorship
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accepted that they were not going to reach two percent of g.d.p. spent on defense for at least the lifetime of this current parliament so it's very clear that neither side in the grand coalition is prepared to read that to to reach that difference budget and then as you say the question about whether people in germany want to see more of their tax uro's currency here sprint on defense instead of perhaps on housing on education on health care on those sorts of key policy issues here in germany big big questions and i have to say good opinion polls suggest generally speaking that german society rejects donald trump and does not like the sort of government approach that he has brought to the white house specifically as it regards western europe nato and germany that's the perspective our viewers have to have about the way that german society reacts to president trump's tweets and his speeches and the way that he speaks about their country i
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want to thank you very much for that is dominic cain live in new nick let's go to the russian capital roy chalons is live for us there in person no doubt be pleased about this about more disunity amongst the nation allies especially after what happened at the g seven but what will he make of trump's comments almost attacking russia not just germany about germany being captive to russia because of its energy needs. you know what exactly i think there is much that will go down well in moscow when the people in power here look at donald trump's broadside against germany and against nato but also there is much that will concern them there is no love lost in moscow of course when it comes to nato and although moscow always says that it wants to have a strong europe to do business with it sees nato as essentially an
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imperial american project designs to curtail and constrain russia and it hates it essentially so anything that kind of trashes nato anything that destabilizes nato goes down pretty well in the kremlin and goes down well in moscow having said that the content of what donald trump has said here will concern them because. he is carrying on with this idea that russia is an enemy i mean that's what he was saying. there essentially why should we pay for protection for you against russia when at the same time germany is a captive of russia because it buys a list gas this filters into another thing that will concern. the people of moscow which is essentially that donald trump is using energy to attack germany and to
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attack nato and energy is all important for russia it's essentially petro states in many ways and it uses the export of energy as a key plank of its foreign policy so anything that we can see the ability of russia to do that and if they don't donald trump is telling nato telling germany that they should we themselves of russian gas or that in the long term will concern russia definitely or i thank you very much for that that is very challenge is joining us live. basco now the breakfast comment setting the tone for what was already going to be a tense discussion over money trumps long the other nato members of the us money we've compiled some facts about nato and spending in two thousand and fourteen nato members agreed to stop cutting their military budgets and work toward spending two percent of their g.d.p. on their defense by twenty twenty four so it wasn't a direct contribution to nato nor payment to america trump is right that most of
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nato is twenty nine members are spending less than two percent at the moment those falling short of that target include richer countries like germany france and canada over all members contribution nato is budget based on the size of their economies america having the biggest pays the most just over twenty two percent germany france and russia and italy combined pay nearly forty four percent we're joined now by our senior political analyst he's joining us live from london no doubt watching events unfolding in brussels so defense spending germany buying its energy needs from russia trade i mean you can take your pick. about the issues that trump has with his allies is he arriving in brussels is he in brussels committed to nato committed to the alliance do you think. i think that's an important question and i think that's what
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a lot of people are trying to answer today the problem for us in the media is that for example the question of nato we are taking ownership of it today so we have a full day full fledged coverage of nato but no two functions the entire year there is the circus the theatricals that we will cover today making his provocative eccentric statements and basically throwing few hand grenades here and there into the alliance and then there is the work that happens throughout the year if you look at what needs to did the last year and what it's planning to do and probably will according to most estimates next year whether it is the rapid deployment force or whether it's more unity in its structure or whether it is increasing its defense budgets things are actually progressing at nato but when you hear donald trump making history actrix his eccentric approach today to in order to
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create noise and and if he can't be famous he'll be infamous and so on so forth then you get a different impression now having said that there is no doubt that there's a lot of affect and influence before of what he says i mean and the end of the day he is the president of the united states and that is the world's superpower and the dominant power in nato and so given that they are the dominant power on what trump do anything if these countries don't do what he's asking which is spend two percent of their g.d.p. on defense and how much damage do these grenades that you speak of that he's you know throwing at these summits due to the work that the organizations do throughout the. well there's two things really to make clear and i think some of them are quite paradoxical you know president trump tries to rip rip apart everything that
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president obama did but in fact president trump for the last year and specially today has been repeating all sorts of things in defense of president obama because in two thousand and fourteen in wales nato summit it was president obama that insisted on the fact that all european members should spend at least two percent of their g.d.p. on defense so in the end of the day it was obama that insisted europeans cannot be free riders as he put it and what it's doing is no more than continuing in the footsteps of but are obama because there is a sense in the united states that perhaps the united states spends far more on its defense or in military expenditures or in defense of the west and the nato alliance than european partners now here there's a disagreement a lot of the european partners for example like the belgian prime minister commented about insistence saying look we actually don't need to spend as much and
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in the end of the day we are actually increasing and we are going to meet our commitments by two thousand and twenty four it is not meeting their commitments by two thousand and eighteen so really trump is making far more theatrical he's really getting into the circus mode then he is in fact speaking to the facts the facts is that although it's not to members did commit to raise their percentage or diff of g.d.p. on defense by two thousand and twenty four. thank you very much for that as a same political analyst joining us live from london thank you. well a lot more still to come on the news hour including china retaliate for the latest u.s. terror threat and the escalating trade dispute. school friends of thailand's rescue or celebrate outside the hospital where doctors have reviewed in good health and christiane are an elbow quits real madrid after the line that season's job will
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tell you where he's going next and. china says it stands on the right side of history in defending multilateralism as it warned of retaliation against any further u.s. tariffs on wednesday washington announced a possible ten percent charge on two hundred billion dollars worth of goods from china beijing called the move on acceptable and warned that it would be forced to impose counter measures of the u.s. goes ahead with the tabs last week president donald trump slapped thirty four billion dollars with. chinese goods with beijing immediately counted china correspondent adrian brown has more from beijing. well more angry words from china's commerce ministry on wednesday a spokesman saying that the latest u.s. action was unacceptable and that china was shocked saying that the united states
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was accelerating and escalating the trade dispute with china he warned that china would take countermeasures but didn't specify what those would be but it's got many firms u.s. firms here in china worrying that perhaps the chinese government might start harassing u.s. firms here now china has also said it's going to sue the united states at the world trade organization we've heard very little from the w t o's so far remember this was the organization set up to deal with disputes just like this meanwhile stock markets here in asia have not been reacting well the hang seng in debts dropped more than two percent on wednesday morning the nikkei index in tokyo dropped also by one percent the markets are worried about inflation and about economic growth china meanwhile is taking measures to try to insulate its economy it's reaching out to other countries that have fallen out with the united states over trade germany
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in particular the chinese premier has been in germany earlier this week he talked up the prospect of new trade deals between the two countries and next week china will be hosting e.u. leaders at a summit here in beijing where the theme is going to be free trade over protectionism . police in pakistan say a prominent politician is one of twenty people killed in a civil side bomb attack in the city of bashar and at least sixty nine others were injured in the blast the bomber targeted a political rally killing how do they lure the leader of pakistan feculent leftist the national party billowed was due to run in local elections later this month the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. the u.s. secretary of state has called for a guy. states to end a blockade against carter during the visit to the united arab emirates on tuesday my pompei i held talks with crown prince mohammed bin zeid now here in the capital
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of the darby. urged an end to the diplomatic spat saying it would lead to the strengthening of iran in the region the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt imposed a blockade on cutter in june last year. now a five year long or multiple murder trial in germany has ended with a life sentence for the last surviving member of a neo nazi group papers found guilty of ten murders and bomb attacks targeting turkish immigrants eight were killed along with the greek and german policewoman during a seven year campaign the forty three year old member of the nationalists national socialist underground terrorist group is planning to appeal. libyan warlord khalifa haftar has agreed to return control of major oil ports to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional powers as well as the us france italy and russian after us forces started an offensive last month against a rival for control of export terminals the fighting in the so-called or crescent
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prevented tankers from docking and cost the oil dependent economy nearly a billion dollars well let's get more on this now mahmoud at the hour that is joining us live from tripoli so what is it that led to. returning control of the ports. well have sort of has finally agreed to hand over the oil terminals to the internationally recognized tripoli. national oil corporation after a crucial international pressure that has been made on him by international players especially after the yesterday's meeting in the room that was held by representatives from the united states the u.k. and france it seems that the macit that was conveyed to have to do that the oil sector must be must be isolated from any conflict in the east of the country we
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understand that the blockade of the oil terminals by have to does forces during the last three years excuse me during the last three weeks has cost the libyan budget around one billion dollars that is according to the national oil corporation that is based in tripoli also the hand over of the of the oil terminals according to the n.o.c. is going to lift the most sure that has been imposed on the oil terminal three weeks ago by the sea the n.o.c. has declared force merger in the oil crescent and the also in the oil terminals in the east of the country to avoid any legal prosecutions from the contracting companies that is especially after i have the forces prevented. from eluding oil shipments in the oil terminals in the east of the country now after that this hand
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over the oil exporting operation is going to be these your md during the coming few hours according to the national oil corporation but the handover of the oil terminals does not mean the end of the conflict in the east just because have that forces are still. based. positions. at the oil terminals in the east of the country and the rival factions. would have the forces at any time. thank you very much for that. live. dramatic underwater caves rescue mission succeeded in saving the lives of twelve boys and their football taking place. people have been gathering outside the hospital to thank you. and who conducted the
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dangerous mission over three days the boys. in hospital after having spent seventeen days underground. when most of the boys were beginning to get a high white blood cell count because of infections so we gave them. we're playing to scale back on the bed occasion we're still giving those who have lung infections for the next seven days this is the period of time when we will need to take care of them. in a moment we'll have the weather. ahead. more controversial presidential pardons from donald trump this time it's for.
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you. the weather. well the recent flooding in japan may well end up resulting in more than two hundred people losing their lives and when you look at the rainfall we had over the period from the twenty eighth of june to the eighth of july really it's not surprising absolutely vast amounts of rain coming down across southern and central parts of japan for many places this represents more than one year's worth of rainfall in the space of what just ten days where i'm pleased to say that the situation is much quieter now so recovery efforts are continuing largely unhampered by the weather so we've got a few spots of rain around the old heavy share and fight but really the areas across southern parts of honshu and through into the southern islands are looking much much better so improvement here some heavy rain across the northeastern parts
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of china into the far east of russia but me or slightly to the south we have still got this mammoth storm this typhoon maria which gave a huge amount of rain across eastern parts of china and although it's sort of don't graded from the couldn't there was a category three hurricane that made landfall there's still this circulation go for quite some time so a long long way inland it's going to continue to give some very heavy rain across this part of china i think of the coming days that could well be some significant flooding. there whether it's sponsored by catarrh airways. on july fourteenth. two thousand and sixteen. an attack on the city a day in nice change people's lives forever. things that has killed at least sixty people. two years on. the french muslim families who lost their loved ones. truck attack
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a nice analogy. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat. to their voices. in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents people in power investigates disinform ation and democracy part two on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories later secretary-general against has tried to play down differences between member states after georgia's president donald trump lambasted allies for their trade relations with russia and a hated exchange where the trump said it was unfair that europe relied on the u.s. for defense but bought energy from russia libyan warlord khalifa haftar has agreed to return control of major oil ports to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional powers as well as the us france italy and britain half those forces targeted. offensive last month against a rival group for control of export terminals the fighting in the so called or present prevented tankers from docking and cost the oil dependent economy nearly a billion dollars and china says it stands on the right side of history in defending multilateralism as a war that would retaliate against any further u.s. tariffs washington's announced a possible ten percent charge on two hundred billion dollars worth of goods from
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china beijing called the move on acceptable and warned that it would be forced to use countermeasures. now russia says it will expel greek diplomats in response to athens decision to do the same greek media is reporting the decision to expel russian diplomats came after suspicions of moscow's involvement in undermining an agreement with neighboring macedonia the government in athens has so far not confirmed those reports but says it will not tolerate any behavior that violates international greek prime minister alexis tsipras is known to have close ties with the kremlin let's get more on this we're joined by john psaropoulos he's live for us in athens break this down for us john what's going on here. well the greek side hasn't officially confirmed what it's doing there's only been a statement from the government spokesman saying greece wants good relations with all states but this doesn't mean it can accept behavior which doesn't show respect
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for international law so there is at least an acknowledgement that something has gone awry in greek russian relations and there will be consequences there isn't there is there appears to be confirmation of the imminent expulsion of two russian diplomats from athens which is far as i can remember is unprecedented in recent decades because interfax the russian news agency says that russia will respond in kind with the expulsion of two greek diplomats from moscow i also spoke earlier with a foreign ministry official who gave me an in direct sort of confirmation he said we did nothing in the script case because we had no evidence this is referring back to the case of the suspected russian poisoning. of the russian national and his daughter in the u.k. but here he said we do have evidence so he refused to tell me whether the action on
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the part of the greek government would indeed be the expulsion of two russian diplomats but neither did he deny the leaks to the press in circulation at the moment which say that it will be and so why are we seeing this happen now john as you said you've never heard of russian deference being expelled from greece before . know but this appears to be a case of russian diplomats agitating as it were or as the technical term in the foreign ministry is information activities in other words spreading propaganda one suspects particularly in northern greece concerning the recent agreement between athens and its neighbor to the north of the former yugoslav republic of macedonia on the name deal whereby greece will finally recognize that country and lift its veto to its nato and three this week in fact the nato summit that is going on as we speak the suspicion is that these two men these two russian diplomats were
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bribing municipal officials mayors church bishops because there is a common cultural ground between greece and russia in the orthodox christian religion and that is always an approach for the two countries in all diplomatic relations. and using that as a basis for sympathy with russian viewpoints which would be against this deal taking place that appears to be the charge but the greek government hasn't yet elaborated on what those activities are it's simply allowing the information that is leaked out to percolate without denying it john thank you very much for that for now that is john vause live in athens thank you. now at least ten people have been killed in a gun and suicide bomb attack in afghanistan's jalalabad city. that is a gun battle between the afghan special forces arrived at the office of the education
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department three of the attackers detonated the explosive belts both and active in the area but no group has claimed responsibility for the latest attack let's get more on this now we're joined by shafiq held on security expert has a former adviser to nato forces and he's joining us live from the capital kabul very good to have you on al-jazeera firstly have you heard any more about this attack and who might be responsible for it. so far nobody has come from responsibility for this attack but as the trend shows it's most likely die or isis who carrying such attack because last month they have warned the security as well as the education institution that they will target the . education institutions schools as well as the department so it seems that it's who's behind such attacks because these kind of attacks been seen enough on the sun
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and throughout the world as a soft and high profile attacks which makes a big news and that's what isis wants and lucky you know the casualties are not so high however one casualty so many but the security forces were able to him to care for me but i think this is something like the second attack targeting educational institutions apart from them being a soft target why are we seeing educational institutions but also have seen a lot of voter registration centers in the past few months being attacked. i says primarily want to target these soft targets they have been targeting mosques . educational institutions as well as even hospitals and clinics so this clearly shows that they want to have news in the media especially while there are some
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diplomatic as well as religious efforts for the peace and reconciliation not only in afghanistan but throughout the region and even beyond the region we're witnessing right now today oh i see conference in saudi arabia as well as tomorrow nato summit will talk about afghanistan so they want to entrust such major good news about reconciliation and peace and security in afghanistan and how hopeful are you for the us political and religious efforts that are being made in afghanistan and how damaging things are taxed to those efforts. i think because the new surge is kind of the t.v. strategy where the afghan and the international coalition forces and the international allies are putting pressures to military means as well as political in the afghan villages and scholars they try to pressure the insurgents isis and
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paula zahn and challenged them to religion so we have been witnessing that nearly around two thousand religious scholars in kabul issue a fatwa against war in afghanistan which is followed today. all i see so we do see that there is a national regional and international consensus to support this three d. strategy which is putting more political pressure as well as diplomatic and military pressure meanwhile supported by religious scholars in islam countries to deliver to my eyes so far been called the jihad in afghanistan. that the security expert joining us live from the afghan capital kabul thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this thank you. now un humanitarian chief mark is in pyongyang to get a better idea of just how bad things are it is the first such visit since two thousand and eleven well getting a precise picture is difficult given that the regime is in the torricelli secretive
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aid agency karajan national describes north korea as the world's most underreported humanitarian crisis what we know is that ever since the famine in the one nine hundred ninety s. getting enough to eat has remained a major problem the u.n. believes forty one percent of the total population that's around ten million north koreans and the last national nutrition survey taken in two thousand and twelve found that chronic malnutrition affects nearly a third of children aged under five meaning they're under developed because of a lack of nutrition production has also been hampered by the worst drought in eighteen years which happened last summer lousier recently visited north korea and these are the pictures leaders want the world to see it's practically impossible to get a picture of what things are really like. thank . you.
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well they were just having some technical issues there so that's move on enough. let's hear now from the u.n. humanitarian chief. u.n. to be more. trying to help the only thing you manage tarion issues record a lot so a drought soul food insecurity or short routes for all moment and what we've seen is that progress has been made there are still needs and so what i'm doing here during my visit is talking to the government visiting community out. how to collaborate in which follow me to meet these real needs and i'm encouraged that there is no desire to. korea to collaborate with the un to get for example much open treated malnutrition to get more drugs into the hospitals
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i read yesterday to a hospital where they have a forty patients who need treatment that you have you noticed this but only drugs for forty of those people whatever that you have politics whatever the wider issue it's an amazing humanitarian needs is something i would countries in the world agree should be done and there was a specific exemption given for humanitarian assistance that's part of a recent sanctions put in place by the u.n. security council so it's not controversial to want to save lives matusow in three minutes or inaction is something everybody agrees is in pool i think there is an effective sanctions on delaying the import of things like essential medicines and there are p.t. foods for children suffering from our tradition and we're working with the sanctions committee at the u.n. to try to speed up those rights. the world health organization says yemen's port city of her data has registered the highest number of cholera cases in the country
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the saudi amorality coalition is backing a government offensive against the rebels for control of the red sea port since april last year about fourteen percent of more than a million registered cholera cases in yemen came from hard data. the world health organization says the conditions and who did that even before the escalation of the conflict has been some of the direst in yemen where there is registered the highest incidence of suspected cholera cases around forty percent of reported cases countrywide since the start of the epidemic in april two thousand and seventeen and diptheria two hundred nine suspected cases in addition there have been two hundred fifty two suspected cases of measles to japan now with the prime minister has a visit to areas hard hit by the worst flooding in decades and promised to help the return of normal life as quickly as possible. to survivors sheltering in an evacuation center in the western city of quite a shaky more than forty of the one hundred and seventy six people who died in the floods and landslides lived there rob mcbride has more from quite
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a shaky prefecture. visit comes as emergency teams continue to search through debris and destroyed houses looking for some of the people who are still missing thousands of people remain displaced meanwhile thousands more are gradually returning to their homes to assess the damage and figure out how to rebuild these government this is a chance to assess how it deals with extreme weather events such as this is especially if people here believe these have now become the norm rather than freak occurrences japan is already well advanced in preparing for natural disasters it has to be given the prevalence of tsunamis and earthquakes it seems you can now add to that list extreme storms such as this this and. it seems to be a recognition of the priority it's now giving to this. acclaimed captain of the
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days of protests against fuel price rises they have been shelled. reports from port au prince demands for president. haven't stopped. a buzz of activity at first glance it appears like just another regular day in haiti's capital city. but don't be fooled this is a country again dealing with a political and economic crisis port au prince has in recent days but the scene of large scale protests thousands took to the streets at one point officials temporarily closed the capital's international airport fearing the crowds the egger was directed at the government police used tear gas to disperse people apparently threatening to overrun the presidential palace several people were killed during the melee. the unrest was sparked by the government's decision to increase fuel prices by up to fifty percent the increases cover gasoline diesel and kerosene sales however it's kerosene which stands apart from the others being the cheap fuel
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of choice for the millions of poor haitians to power their stoves and generators people of this economically country most of whom make less than a couple dollars a day are furious at what they view as an inept and corrupt government the fuel hike was the last straw. we are taking to the streets because the president is keeping the people hostage everything is overpriced unemployment is high and people are hungry we need to free haiti from all of. that or if the president doesn't step down we'll continue protesting we've given lawmakers and ultimatum either they force him from office or we will burn the parliament down to the ground. government says that gasoline rate increase was needed and it would have brought in tens of millions of dollars to fund my. needed infrastructure projects throughout the country but faced with a backlash the government backed down and halted the rate increase at least for now
1:45 pm
but this is still a country in deep political crisis people here saying they'll go back on the streets to protest until there's a change in government georges lucien is a historian and political analyst who says these protests are different from the ones in the past because now the anger is focused not only on the political leaders but also at the business leaders as well. these policies not only affect the poor but also the middle class until the government starts working to improve people's lives there's no guarantee the recent unrest won't return so far all the government policies are pushing people out of their lands they are building sweatshops in other industries for imports but ignoring local production. a proposed fuel price hike. is now to fuel inflaming the end of a long suffering of people gave rosendo. port au prince just president.
1:46 pm
this time it's two ben who became the inspiration for protests against the authority of the federal government. reports. it all started with fires dwight in steven hammond in mid setting on their own ranch land which they claimed accidentally crossed on to federal land but a jury convicted them of arson and the father and son were sentenced to five years when they went to prison little did anyone know that the cases of these two men who were opposed to the u.s. government controlling grazing land would become a rallying call for some the hammonds of turn themselves in it's time for you to leave our community in two thousand and sixteen the plight of the imprisoned father and son attracted the attention of a group with a political agenda armed men who saw themselves as defenders of rural landowners abused by federal government overreach broke into the offices of an oregon national
1:47 pm
wildlife refuge because we have allowed our federal government to step outside the bounds of the constitution. come down upon the people and are prosecuting them now directly the armed protesters faced off with police for nearly six weeks ending in one protesters death meanwhile the father and son who inspired the standoff remain in prison until now on tuesday president trump granted the men full pardons a statement from the white house press secretary reads the hammonds are devoted family men respected contributors to their local community and have widespread support from their neighbors local law enforcement and farmers and ranchers across the west the presidential pardon though has sparked concern and may embolden more protesters to take up arms they're looking for another opportunity to take over public land or have a showdown with law enforcement agents and this will only embolden them i do fear that it's just a matter of time before we see another standoff. there's also the question of
1:48 pm
a pattern to trump's pardons most of the people who've received pardons are figures popular with trump's. they include a conservative writer convicted of campaign finance fraud a sheriff who racially profiled suspected illegal immigrants in a former vice presidential chief of staff convicted of obstruction of justice the father and son ranchers now join the fold with the right wing applauding another win delivered by trying. castro washington. will follow.
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well you know. there are some other like. al-jazeera. where every year. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend
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you on hearing is good journalism on and on. one of the biggest problems facing our oceans and the loss of seagrass that is what's occurring. roughly fifteen percent of the ocean's total carbon storage right
1:52 pm
after they hoped why for so much carbon dioxide as rain forest and they're also russian marine habitats for many endangered species. but here on elkhorn slew in central california the tide could be turning for sea grass thanks to some unexpected allies. oh yeah we hear. this nine hundred hector asked you where it is where rivers throughout this region meet the pacific ocean this is the agricultural powerhouse of the united states and fertilizer and pesticide runoff threaten the balance of this delicate ecosystem so having farmers so close to the ocean on what what impact does that have on the water quality well i mean were you coastal environments closed the urban centers coastal environments close. you get problems like this.
1:53 pm
it grows with the rocks it eventually starts the composing over half of the world sea grass meadows are in decline but here in al corn slew they're making a surprising comeback. oh. at one time there were thousands of sea otters in california but in the eighteen hundreds they were hunted to near extinction for their soft fur pelts. there are now more than one hundred in this as consuming a staggering one hundred thousand crabs per year. this federation's appetite has helped restore the balance of this ecosystem by triggering a chain reaction known as a trophic cascade. c r e z crabs lower crop numbers allows
1:54 pm
smaller invertebrates like sea slugs to thrive and these creatures are crucial for the health of seagrass by eating builds up on the leaves they allow sunlight to reach the plants. because sea otters are so crucial to the ecosystem scientists are carefully monitoring their slow and steady come back. they capture them and tag them with radio devices. only where the work really well. should try most probably very close. what's the purpose of tracking we go out seven days a week is to go out and find individuals see where they are what they're doing. the other part of it is this just so we can understand the distribution of otters in this area what are they eating and how are they doing health wise there's one right there that's three four nine six so that beeping is an arm that peeping is from the
1:55 pm
radio transmitter that's surgically implanted in her so that helps a smoker. why don't you take a look right in there. along the west coast of north america researchers have noticed that the return of top level predators is having an impact on restoring all kinds of underwater life and the entire ocean system. what the sea otters do it's kind of it turns the tables against the macro gene groupings of facts of sea otters eating crowd sensually the scene grass an advantage again so if we introduce top predators like sea otters to ecosystems around the world will it have a knock on effect potentially in the prediction is yes so if you re store food webs
1:56 pm
which means a lot of times bringing back a top predator to a system that we wiped out we have the great potential for restoring the health of that system. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passion and that drive and present the stories in a way that is important to worthless. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . well. that's.
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out. now al-jazeera is very assertive we just tell the reality as it is i'll go for a hard work contract they call it modern slavery we call for indonesia every day not only one day as a breaking news story and then he has a very fascinating country but very difficult to understand from the outside and because i've been living here for sixteen years i know very well it's go on and i go out there and cover the whole country and even if you don't hear i guess the opportunity for a journalist to be real journalists. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in greens the stories they tell.
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you you're a student in world news. thank you of opinion and wits that take that view is no point to make an argument that i have no basis in fact or knowledge and esteemed chamber of debate i was in every important think of an examination of the ideas the thinkers the theorists unfairly do so a lot of people see them as victories for me to infer from they haven't seen victories for anybody sexual assault confute a new series of head to head coming soon own al-jazeera.
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volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill the way it has been spilling lubbock continually for more than thirty years. lead of hawaii and spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. us as native hawaiians to pam is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of
2:00 pm
event. we have to do something because we're going to put up with your put up with. it what a way to begin donald trump attacks germany is a captive of russia as he sits down with the nato chief ahead of his big summit with leaders. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm. coming up. nato is already set to clash a the spending what will this mean for the summit that's yet to even stop. the oil flow again the libyan war in the world agrees to hand control of keep home . schooling.


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