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on al-jazeera. i am. al-jazeera. and i'm from studio fifteen here al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to welcome to the new straits a nato summit like no other leaders of the military alliance i gather in brussels for what is expected to be a stormy niti now after president donald trump openly criticized germany for its trade relations with russia and accuses allies of exploiting the united states can they avoid long term damage to nato also on the grid libya resumes oil exports after warlord
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a hotdog rees to hand over control of major ports to the internationally recognized government fighting in the so-called oid crescent has cost the economy almost a billion dollars and the showdown between rival authorities is far from over and remembering europe's worst massacre since the second world war thousands of bosnian muslims gather in sherman it's the dawn of the more than eight thousand men and boys executed in july one thousand nine hundred ninety five as many as thirty five more identified victims have been buried eleven reports from the. i'm joining us there with all your sports fronts reach the world cup final but will i think in england or croatia next will be live to russia in the build up to that semifinal day. i am here with a news great night on erin streaming online for you to facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us nato sanyal meetings have traditionally
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been fairly by the book affairs were smiling and making nice pledging to both the strength of the alliance but expectations a different this year the summit in brussels got off to a confrontational sot on wednesday after donald trump delivered a scathing criticism of germany and called is the link went the us president has been openly critical of many of nato is practices accusing other member states of exploiting the united states by spending less money on defense is a heated exchange he had during breakfast with nato secretary general yen sultan burg. kalki you look at it germany is a captive of pressure because they supply they get rid of their coal to get rid of the nuclear they getting so much of the oil and gas from russia i think it's something that they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate for you and i think we've got it appropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to russia
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and now we have to defend them against russia. not make this the nonsuch trying to mind me. there are some parts differences on the do them to do so and also some disagreements on the guy so. far from russia to germany small issues a lot of these three but the strength all nato is the respond to these differences will always be able to unite the promo for polls good to protect on the field the people from the front of your store would you give them. the go to world war from the cold war focused on your skin together or. how are you going to get what a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or simply because understand of the world we stand together also when dealing with her strong or stronger i think will become seen is no you just make you right there which are well that deliberately making the rich richer for a good deal of even the cold war made dollars for trading when the rush of the of
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the in the disobedience of both went on the trade agreements which through the i think trade is wonderful i think energy is a whole different story this energy is a much different story than normal trade and you have a country like poland or accept the gas you take a look at some of the countries they were exempted because they don't want to be captive to russia but germany as far as i'm concerned just kept it to russia because it's getting so much energy for such so listen for subjects germany are getting their energy. from russia explained that everything. you read as you. heard james praises live for us in brussels seems quite extraordinary what paid out this morning bring us up to speed for us with what's been happening a number of bilateral meetings i understand including one between merkel and donald trump. yes that came about an hour ago
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they met finally after a day of real tension here at nato those comments came before the summit even started a break first between the u.s. president and the nato secretary general mean even by president standards and the strawberry attack. of nato leader then of all the leaders arrived here and it was clear that president trump and chancellor merkel would keep themselves away from each other certainly the chancellor pretty grim it says though the words of the attorney by president trouble. is something which she felt quite strongly finally meeting as i say took place at the end of that meeting a much more can sort of creep. so is it with president trump back down because certainly in the past we know that he's not like confrontation in a face to face setting or is there a truce between the two for now either way there's been
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a great deal of damage done right and what i found interesting james about the exchange between trump and sultan bird is that trump wasn't just talking about defense spending anymore the president now also seems to be using energy to attack nato and germany in particular what does that suggest to you about the u.s. position within nato are we perhaps looking at an organization in which the u.s. is no longer the preeminent player. well i think it is very interesting this president always seems everything in a. very transactional way but that's not how nato is supposed to work remember that the north atlantic treaty was signed sixty nine years ago is coming up for a seventieth anniversary in washington d.c. the most important part of the treaty is article five which says that if any one nato nation is attacked then all the other stand around that nation it's only been invoked once in favor of the us of to nine eleven but the way president trumps
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talking transactionally about this and talking about economic deals at the same time as he's talking about defense commitments i think in some ways questions that basic unconditional pledge that's at the heart of nato so what else is on the agenda then of the summit are we likely to see james any recommitment to increased spending from other member states. well they've done a deal on this that done a deal back in twenty fourteen at the summit that took place in south wales that they were going to all of them commit to spend more of it should we get to a stage with a ten year period that all of them would spend two percent of their g.d.p. on their defense budget so there is already a deal in place whether they're going to have to now come up with some fresh language on this and speed things up but it's not clear at this stage thank you for that jane spays our diplomatic editor in brussels where we are expecting to hear from you and sultan berg this hour the nato secretary general and we'll be going
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back to james when that happens of course in the meantime let's speak to dominic kane who is our correspondent in germany he joins us live from munich dominic as james mentioned there jamie the target of president trump's anger we we know that him and merkel haven't had a very comfortable relationship how has she responded how is this playing out back in germany. well the point to say here for the is that the perception of the trumpet ministration in germany has not been very good for quite some considerable time looking at the fact that there are comments that he's made stretching back months as president but also when he was candidate trying to talking about the fact that germany in his eyes had really not being paying its way in so there's not really a degree of surprise particularly at the general tenor of his remarks going back as i say some time but perhaps surprise at the level
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a very ment's in what mr trump had to say and for angela merkel when she arrived at the summit she took the opportunity in much more measured tones to speak to reporters about how she looked at the situation both for her country and for nato. expansion ours to give them unless it's given the ok should i want to say that i have experience being a part of germany controlled by the soviet union and i'm very happy today that if you are united in freedom as a federal republic of germany i can't just say that we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions and that's very good especially for the people in a former east germany i guess. the facts fully regarding the energy comments that president trump raised saying that germany was dependent that it was almost a captive of russia the facts of these that somewhere around hof of the natural gas that's imported into germany comes from russia perhaps forty percent of the oil so
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there is some suggestion that germany does have this have a symbiotic relationship as it were with russia but clearly the sense politically here is that these comments from mr trump for president trump really have come of the worst possible time became life for us in munich now over to moscow and chalons our correspondent in russia rory in just a few days president trump will sit down with the russian president vladimir putin for their first one on one summits in finland how is all this this unity among nato allies being viewed by the russian government and what will president putin make of the comments by trump about germany being captive to russia because of his energy needs. well one of the interesting things think today for me is that there has been pretty much zero response from officialdom in russia to what's
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been going on of this nato summit there's been nothing from the kremlin or expose person dmitri prescott there's been nothing from the foreign ministry there is a car over the spokes for person there has been nothing from the usual mouthpieces in the russian duma the parliament here it seems like this might be coordinated that there might have been some sort of order that has gone out to stay quiet about this because i presume of this upcoming meeting in helsinki trump and putin and i think that the russian leadership does not want to i think muddy the waters too much or rock the boat basically of course there are going to be people inside the kremlin inside the russian leadership who will view this destabilizing effects that trump is having on nato with some degree of relish russia has long dislikes nato of course there's
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a legacy of dislike left over from the soviet union period and then in the post soviet period russia feels that it was lied to about nato expansion and views nato is essentially a kind of u.s. imperial project with its targets set firmly on moscow so anything that rocks that boat is good for a russian perspective however donald trump has been quite critical of russia in what he's been saying he's been saying that essentially it is russia that is still the enemy of nato and that he thinks that rushers energy. portfolio and the way that he uses energy in the western europe markets is a bad thing so. that will not go down particularly well here in moscow and i think there is a view that is held in moscow but not just in moscow in parts of western europe as
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well that actually there's an all teary a motive here that what america wants most of all is not necessarily and the thing geopolitical but actually much more mercantile to try and get in on the european markets with its own gas so very let me ask you what are the expectations then from russia when putin and enchant meet in finland. i think they're keeping their expectations fairly low at the moment of course this meeting has been something that every person has wanted for a considerable amount of time and has been dropping hints over the last year or so that this is something the he would like to see happen so it is a success of sorts for it finally to be happening however the russians have been watching trump for as long as anybody else has been watching trump they know how unpredictable he is they know that you can't or
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necessarily take his promises of face value and they also know that he has behind him in washington d.c. a large array of foreign policy officials people in congress etc who do not like russia and will probably try to unpick any promises that donald trump may make in helsinki if they see those as being selling american interests down the river so i think they are keeping cautious about what might come out of holes and they're not very much hopes to heart rory chalons life forests in moscow there we've got some pictures out of brussels right now live pictures of the u.s. president and the french president emanuel michael about to go into their bilateral meeting there on the sidelines of this nato summit as james bays mentioned a ten summit after the u.s. president criticizes nato allies for not spending much on defense will keep
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a close eye on what's happening there in that meeting i think they've met already in fact and now they're about to part ways a president trump about to get into his car the summit will continue until tomorrow it's a two day summit live pictures there again from brussels that's not a look at the bigger picture and bring in our senior political analyst marwan bashar who joins us live from london marwan quite. an interesting day so much to talk about as rory said that those who criticize nato see as an imperial american project and yet today you have an american president who seems to be rejecting this alliance altogether if they were on the verge of a completely new iraq a fundamental reshaping of the international order that's a great question for you really it expresses and reflects about the intensity and the importance of the times look speaking of the big picture what is
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nato for what was needed to establish for some sixty nine years ago it was established for three reasons one to keep the russians out two to keep the germans down three to keep the americans in so if president trump thinks there is no more need for america to be in europe with its soldiers and its bases if he thinks germany no longer needs to be down and should on itself as we four and if we think there is no problem with russia being in or out then there's really no need for metal in fact we've been asking ourselves that question since the cold war ended back in the early ninety's and the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. what is nato for now i personally and i as an analyst would not lose sleep over the fact that nato might implode but i would lose sleep over the alternative
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what is the alternative in it or would it be arming germany arming russia arming the united states arming china and arming others like france and germany and go and going back to the early part of the twentieth century are we going to go through another first world war and second world war in the twenty first century is that what president trump wants. it's interesting that you talk about the future of nato because we've just had this breaking news line that nato has. issued a formal invitation to macedonia to join the alliance clearly this is an organization that's still trying to stay relevant today but is it i mean a question here from one of our viewers on facebook petro who ask isn't it time to put an end to this organisation is it still relevant as it stands today. well of course we're talking about north macedonia and you know there are even came
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about. and of course nato since i was there back in two thousand and eight in the. in the book arrests summits i remember clearly when you know there was always an intention to expand summit it would have been the same thing unless blown two years later and were whoever the american president was you know keen on expanding nato towards the east even though back then the george sr presidency in the early ninety's promised a good bunch of and others in russia that they would not expand all the way up to georgia and ukraine and yet i remember back in the book at a summit that an invitation or a promise of sort was made to the likes of georgia and the ukraine so be that as it may i think we are really arriving at a time when need to really need to do define itself before it increases the budgets the military budgets of its member states now we know this year already fully that
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despite all trumps. you know talk or provocations nato is already arrived at a number of agreement during the year i think the thing is that we covered nato that one day you know intensively but need to work so intensively throughout the year and they already agreed to and started working on a rapid deployment force by nato that would be davil air and land this is new and this was also a demand by the americans need to is also intensifying and coalescing around a new structure if you will within within the alliance and they're also of course increasing their military budget as promised in the wales summit in two thousand and fourteen and they're supposed to reach that in two thousand and twenty four so all in all nato is making progress. but the definitive over nato and its mission i
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think that three means problematic now is it going to be the coalition of the willing as it were meaning a coalition by western. states or western democracies as it were to use their military lines any which way they want whether it is training troops in iraq stopping refugees coming from north africa deploying into afghanistan fighting dies and so so forth will that be it without going back to the united nations or will it be something else. very good to talk to you as always stand by maran because we are of course waiting for the secretary of general of nato against altenburg to hold his press conference in brussels we'll bring that to you live here on al-jazeera and more analysis from marwan bashar a senior political analyst you can read more obvious thoughts by the way on nato and this new world order in his opinion piece just published on our website down to zero dot com trump putin and the elephants in the room very interesting article can find it on al-jazeera dot com lots of comments on this story already here on the
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news great today one here from peter who asks what's next for nato is he says i see the u.s. pulling out very interesting that you say that because a little later we'll be speaking to a former u.s. ambassador to nato and i'll ask him that precise question is president from setting the stage to pull the u.s. out of nato another comment here from john who says the u.s. for text them because it wants to control and to keep its enemy in check thank you very much for your comments you can keep them coming on this and other stories that we're covering on the news great today is a hash tag aging is great on social media and all the other ways to get in touch on your screen right now let's turn on to other world news now and libyan warlord highly for have to has agreed to hand back control of major oil fields to the internationally recognized government following pressure by the u.s. france u.k. italy and other regional powers last month after battled a rival armed. for control of production facilities in the country's new protests oil crescent after the fighting the amount of libyan oil which in double markets
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plummeted leading to an almost in dollar loss to the economy. has more from tripoli . after three weeks of blockade finally warlords has responded to the international pressure by international players and he has decided to hand over the oil terminals in the east of the country to the internationally recognized the tripoli based national oil corporation now according to the n.o.c. the national oil corporation their oil exporting operations are going to be resumed in the oil terminals after three weeks of blockade we understand that the meeting that was held in room on tuesday was held by the united states represented and also representatives from italy the u.k. and france and the pressure that was put on the eastern rivals especially warlord
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khalifa haftar and the presidency of the parliament and that message according to informant sources was meant to isolate the oil sector away from any conflict in the east of the country according to the national oil corporation the two to loss of the three weeks of blockade by have to its forces has caused the libyan budget around one billion dollars since the beginning of the conflict on the fourteenth of last june now the end of the conflict of the hand over of the oil terminals to the national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict in the east of the country we understand that have had plans to hand over the oil terminals to their parallel corporation to the rival and to see the evil oil corporation in bonn of ozzy which is a lie to the top of the. government now we understand that in the
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handover of the oil terminals to the tripoli big national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict as have the forces are still based in the oil terminals and they are trying to put themselves as the guardian of the oil terminals. in tripoli there and to better understand the politics of who controls libya's oil and what i have to roll is in the battle flag which is oil reserves watch this edition of inside story on al-jazeera dot com peter dobby and his guests discuss how the fight for the oil revenue shapes. future it's been twenty three years since the massacre at srebrenica where thousands of bosnian muslims were killed by said forces led by general ratko milady each victim being identified and buried all these years later thirty five recently identified victims were laid to rest on wednesday as part of commemorations more than eight thousand men and boys were killed that united nations peacekeepers were outgunned and failed
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to intervene laddish was sentenced to life in prison by u.n. war crimes tribunal but is appealing the verdict. elaina explains why it's taken so long to bury the dead people waited for years for their family members to be found and the second those remains were not found in one but doesn't graves so people were killed buried then moved on to another location than the second wanted third so when you can and you see this memorial center. it's hard to find whole body here in these graves so every year. people here and the families have to deal with the difficult decision whether to bury remains they have to wait for some more remains to be found as time goes by there is less and less hope. and social media producer joins us now to tell us how the anniversaries being
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commemorated on the i well it's a has been trending worldwide on two it's of course as expected throughout the anniversary most of the posts are commemorative ones like this or compilations of photos even from strogatz the captions mostly call on people to remember that eight thousand bosnian muslims killed during the moscow but most importantly to continue campaigning for accountability and posts like this often come up on the anniversary but alongside there are many long term projects that have been put together to make sure what happened is never forgotten now these photographs by some mara have been featured in exhibits around the world including the holocaust museum in washington d.c. the film is called seventy eight said genocide at the heart of europe and it's a jarring reminder of the horrific killings and systematic murder that took place now another interesting art project is the one by artist i solve it she took
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a very different approach by displaying bosnian ceramic coffee cups and she started with nine hundred twenty three of them but more have been donated since she started setting up the peace in different cities now cervix says the project was inspired by a woman who was reminded of her husband's murder every time she had to drink coffee a line or a sari thank you very much as promised we want to take you now live to brussels where the nato secretary general altenburg is holding a press conference restlessness in the show to further develop the capacity to tackle terrorism when we declared our hope for the solve fully operational. it will help force respond more effectively to regional challenges in order to be prepared for the challenges we face we need to invest more and better in defense we all agree that we do not have fair burden sharing in our lines today we all
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agree that we need more cash in national defense budgets more more than capabilities and more contributions to missions on operations the good news is that we are making progress for a quarter or century many of our countries have been cutting billions from their defense budgets now they're adding billions or our allies are increasing defense spending this year eight nations have committed to devote at least two percent of g.d.p. on defense and the majority of our allies have plans to do so but twenty twenty four last year saw the biggest increase in defense spending since the end of the cold war. last year we also agreed to develop national plants on burden sharing and based on the national plans of your european allies
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and canada we expect two hundred and sixty six billion in extra u.s. dollars extra for defense between now and twenty twenty four this is significant including billions for more than high and capabilities. we're also stepping up contributions to nato on deployments so we are turned the tide but we need to do more this is about fairness this is about credibility and above all this is about zero security in the more unpredictable world. nato's door is and will remain open we warmly welcomed last month's story could be a month between at the nz and scopa and today we agreed to invite the government of scapa to start accession talks once all national
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procedures have been completed to finalize the name agreement the country we're joined nato our thirtieth member. their decisions we have made today show that europe on north america are working together nato is delivering and we are determined to keep our almost of one billion citizens safe and secure i mean that i'm ready to take your questions. ok go to this road the center was. with the wall street journal secretary general there's been some talk generally in the run up to the summit that despite the challenge of getting to two percent that target it may not be enough and it should go actually perhaps be set higher what's your view at this point would that be helpful or would that be a distraction from getting allies to two percent i think we should the
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first get to two percent. focus on that now. that is what we have agreed that's the pledge. and the good thing is that we are moving towards that. when we made the pledge back in twenty eight fourteen it was on the tree allies spending two percent of g.d.p. on defense this year as i said eight allies have committed and a majority of allies have all the put forward plans on how to reach two percent within a decade so my focus is on that. i think that you also have to have to understand that this is really turning the trend because for decades after the end the cold war and nato allies were cutting defense budgets and i had been minister in the ninety ninety's i was minister of finance in norway and i was able to actually be
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good at cutting defense budgets. but then tensions went down now tensions are going up so when we cut defense budgets when tensions are going up down we have to be able to increase defense budgets when there are increasing us are not. rattled around in our three rumania secretary general i saw the declaration and you have mention rumania as one of the best contributors for two percent of g.d.p. in defense budget. remaining and is the asking the allies think greece the security in the black sea region. in the black sea region have been happened all the military aggressions from russia and the last ten years in georgia or ukraine in crimea what are the steps that this nato summit took to increase the security in the black sea region and what will be the role of the new commandment lanthorns commandment that will be founded in the remaining years of mentioning the liberation thank you. i will. increase we have
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seen. defense spending in or may know that there is significant and i said there remain a is one of the countries that has adopted the budget which should provide. two percent of g.d.p. for defense and that this is really the progress we have designed it that we have to follow up on the implemented we call tailored for presence in romania and the black sea region we are also strengthening our maritime posture developing on nighttime capabilities and this is an in addition to increased presence in the black sea region where the land forces air forces of marathon forces. one of the most important things we. have done today is to further strengthen our ability to reinforce to move forces quickly if needed
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so of course natal as the fence of the terrorists is not on the based on the forces we have for instance the black sea region the national forces on the nato multinational forces but is also of course very much dependent on our ability to reinforce move forces quickly and both the increased threat and that's all forces the four thirty s initiative the fact that we all have to treat people the size of the nato response force and the fact that we now are addressing military mobility. much more vigilant under for. help for us to be able to reinforce move forces into the black sea region or remain on critically needed associated press. that's secretary general lone quote from the associated press. a question on iraq please you mentioned several hundred trainers could you just flesh that out a little more. how ambitious you can be in iraq given the circumstances politically
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and otherwise canada said that they're prepared to send up to two hundred fifty troops to take the train is is that is that kind of the ceiling is that the limit we're at and and is in this kind of mission more what the sharing should be about that rather than the money in investing in defense industry burden sharing is about spending it's about contributions it's about capabilities so it is speak about the three cs cash contributions on capabilities and of course the cash them on it has to be put into good work for instance investing in new capabilities or financing contributions like twenty missions in in the in iraq the importance of all the training mission in iraq is that we strongly believe that prevention is better than the intervention of the minute i have to make sure that i sold dollars is not able
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to come back and the best way of doing that is to train the iraq is to build all the capacity and the importance of the nato troops to keep the world peace to take care about the village and security. we want to participate in that where as we have seen there are many problems in afghanistan but at least we have seen that we are unable to afghans to take over responsibility for security in their own country and that's exactly the same as a concept we don't apply in iraq different countries different challenges but the best way to prevent nato and they draw allies being forced back into combat operations in iraq fighting dog show or any other kinds of terrorist groups is to make sure that iraq a government today iraq and forces are able to prevent us from coming back. to the lady from. georgian t.v. news recession mr secretary general can you expect that there will be another
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separate declaration in the end of the summit about georgia and what can you say about who saw some a declaration which was published a few minutes ago what it says sinew about georgia thank you. when we are planning a new declaration on. us we're together with with georgia and. you can read the declaration when to publish it but but if we will in the text ration of course richard i was don't support to georgia political support or practical support and welcome. both the nato allies are not providing more support in different ways to georgia with a training center the capacity building efforts supporting their reforms but also recognize the significant progress georgia is making and the fight that georgia is contributing to many nato missions and operations i can be i can say more about
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this when we have published or agreed to the statement tomorrow b. if b. is right that a press conference by the nato secretary general yen sultan beric in brussels on day one of the summit in brussels at ten summit it has issued a statement saying that only leaders there including president donald trump approved a tough package of measures to improve the alliance ability alliances ability to defend against russia and the leaders according to have also said they will increase efforts to fight terrorism across the middle east fight i saw and they have reiterated also their pledge to increase defense spending which was president from main focus going into this meeting as bring in our senior political analyst marwan bashar once again in london marwan just listening to sultan birthday would sounds like they have somewhat come to an agreement that the tension that we saw early on today may have been calmed down.
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actually i've been saying that the whole day fawley one needs to distinguish between the circus and the theatricals especially statements by the american presidents that tend to be provocative they are intended to be provocative and the general work of nato that goes on through the whole year we cover intensively nato today but throughout the year they are preparing paper there are meetings they're having working groups and so on so forth and we already knew coming to the meeting since the early in the week that they were already have three major things they want to emphasize accomplishments one is the cyber defense that they have been working on to the rapid deployment force and three the idea of meeting their commitment to two percent of the g.d.p. towards defense so all in all they have been making progress and as you said
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earlier they did extend some sort of an invitation to north macedonia and all in all it is business as usual so one really needs to distinguish between the theatrical on the one hand and the real hard work on the other business as usual you say my one thank you very much for speaking to us now and bashar a senior political analyst there i want to get the view now of evil down in chicago is via skype any served as u.s. ambassador to nato under president barack obama his new book is called the empty throne america's abdication of global leadership very interesting title thank you so much for speaking to us mr donta. what do you make of what's been unfolding in brussels today earlier on i mean it's almost seemed like president trump was setting the stage to pull the u.s. out of nato but now it seems like he's holding back from cutting support what do you think the strategy is here. well i think marwan is right in the sense that we
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do need to distinguish between sort of the declarations of a bijou leaders and the reality of what is happening on a day to day basis is within nato the insults of our of just was talking about was a major agreement by all nato countries including the united states to bolster defense of eastern europe to bolster the terms to provide for a more capable stronger and more united nato and president trump signed onto that agreement at the same time both for a domestic audience in the united states and in the united states as well as because he strongly believes this president trump will continue to push very hard for european insta spent more on the fence right plan and he has said that the country sorry to interrupt you should be paying at least two percent of his g.d.p. towards its military a figure of four percent was mentioned today they think this is a figure that's adequate enough to protects nato or is this more about getting
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political commitments perhaps. i think it is a political signal by the way it's an agreement that was reached in twenty fourteen after the rush to an invasion in ukraine and the axe ation of crimea when the nato countries agreed to move towards the two percent target by two thousand and twenty four and we've seen significant movement towards that target since that time the european countries have spent eighty seven billion dollars more on the fence that's a good thing they need to do to move forward on this and reiterating that support is important right it's a target however it's not a it's a if you don't breed to two percent it doesn't mean you don't have the sense. that defenses are highly capable they continue to be strengthened and become more capable which is necessary given the threat that russia has due to their security speaking of that the nato was created as a defensive military alliance which was intended to deter any attack by the event
6:43 pm
soviet union. that not i mean the nature of the threat has changed today what value does nato home today. so the nature of the threat has changed except that of course russia has been modernizing its military for the past decade and more and has demonstrated that it's willing to use force to achieve its political objectives including by for the first time since one thousand forty five changing borders through the use of force under those circumstances the threat to countries like the baltics states or rumania or poland or indeed norway a founding member of nato is real and as a result you need to improve defense capabilities to forward deploy our forces both u.s. and non u.s. forces near the border in order to demonstrate to russia in the same way that we demonstrated since nine hundred forty nine that it is too costly to think about using military force against nato but as you know mr dhanda the concern right now
6:44 pm
is in some european court is that the we don't know what sort of relationship the u.s. president has with russia with brad amir peretz and then there is concern that donald trump might make concessions to the russians when he meets put in on monday or what are your thoughts on you know where the u.s. is heading with this relationship with russia. well the question is where is the president heading with the relationship with china and european allies given the history over the past eighteen months at reasons of the word of the president keeps emphasizing the importance of having a good relationship with russia rather than emphasizing the real differences we continue to have russia he said before he left washington that he saw at the meeting with but in your putin would be easier then the meeting with nato allies i hope that's not the case because the nato allies haven't invaded ukraine they haven't interfered in our early actions they haven't indiscriminately bombed in
6:45 pm
syria protected a leader who has used chemical weapons against his own people that is what russia has been doing and i hope that the meeting and l.c.p. makes clear the united states will continue to stand up for the values and interests that it shares with the jerkin allies against russia miss said one one last question from us here is watching us on facebook robert who asks if nato can survive without the united states. nato is essential united states is an essential player in nato it may be formally only one of twenty one countries but united states has been from day one and continues to be poor to paris seventy years the leader of not only the free world but of nato and if the united states were to withdraw from nato that will fundamentally change the nature of the organization in a way that would make it and recognize i don't think that's going to happen it's
6:46 pm
very clear that president trump in signing up to the nato. just a few few hours ago has demonstrated that the united states may have different this with nato but it's not going to withdraw thank you very much for speaking to us even donda former u.s. ambassador to nato joining us from chicago we appreciate your time and your insight as we continue to watch this live press conference of the nato secretary general again sultan berg still speaking to reporters there in brussels nato issuing a statement saying that the leaders at the summit this year have approved a tough package of measures to improve the alliances ability to defend itself against russia all leaders including the u.s. president donald trump they have also agreed to increase efforts to fight terrorism across the middle east to fight i saw and they have also reiterated their place or increased defense spending which has been present times main focus going into this summit in brussels will keep are a close eye on everything that's happening at the nato summit in brussels and
6:47 pm
bringing all the latest lines here on al-jazeera throughout the evening and tomorrow of course as a summit continuous let's move on now to other world news and haitians have been cleaning debris from the streets of the capital port au prince following days of violent protests over fuel price hikes businesses were looted and dozens of buildings burnt in unrest that saw at least four protesters killed and even though the price increase was crap people still want president juvenile noise to set down given elizondo is our correspondent who has arrived in port au prince eighty gave just give us. you know overview of the situation first are things common even though i understand that more protests are expected. yeah things are calmer peace has been restored to the streets of port au prince that's the good news and a lot of ways because we saw a really violent and extreme protests over the weekend some of the worst this country has seen in many years but i can tell you as you just mentioned there are
6:48 pm
many of the protests are circling for a change of the president which is very correct we spoke to many of them but i can also tell you the real focus now is also on the prime minister jacques de la form time he is the prime minister that announced these fuel increases that sparked these protests he was also the one that reversed his decision and backed down from them he's the head of this government and i can tell you right now there are many people calling for him to immediately step down he has called a press conference that was supposed to begin about forty five minutes ago we've been standing by to hear what he might have to say we have no idea what it will be but i can tell you that at this very minute the prime minister of haiti is in his office meeting with members of the opposition clearly we don't know what they're talking about but with with clearly all sorts of pressure on the prime minister to
6:49 pm
step down will be very interested to see what he has to say this all comes as the parliament is planning a no confidence vote against the prime minister saturday that vote is intended for saturday saturday morning here more information here from puerto france as soon as we get it once we hear from the prime minister gave a elizondo port au prince thank you very much time now for sports on the news great and the world cup of course the second semifinal tonight was a waistcoat i yeah i'm going to wear one or two so i was out there i thought oh yes well we're just over two hours away from the second sorry final of the world cup england play croatia in the last well we have correspondents in both those countries standing by to speak to us first as goes on the bridge sent in moscow where that game is happening and andy this is the thought of this england of come since i won the world cup in ninety six sixty six their young team but they have so many strengths and i. they do and their
6:50 pm
fans seem to have started believing in them as notes when we just come back from some petersburg there are more england fans in moscow for this game we were at the first england game this tournament in volgograd there's probably only want to see thousand england fans there were expecting upwards of ten thousand fans in moscow for this one i mean the players been very honest in the build up to this game saying this really doesn't like a once in a career opportunity to reach a final and got there really by not having to play a particularly good team without wishing to massively disrespected teams they have faced they played belgium in the group stages but that was kind of a funny game where both sides put out there be teams because they already qualified for the last sixteen and the players been quite honest about that in their side of the draw they model expects to come up against fully far in argentina germany and spain seems we've seen what's happened to them and instead they've come through against colombia and sweden and they're now in what looks to be a sort of fifty fifty game with croatia i mean they have limitations they lack a bit of creativity in midfield but they they play to their strengths they're
6:51 pm
a young fast team we've you know all about their best set pieces something that coach gareth southgate in the players have worked very hard on jordan henderson in the central midfield he almost plays like an n.f.l. quarterback with a playbook organizing very set pieces and they've scored eight goals now from from that ball situations which is the most any team has scored at a world cup since portugal back in nineteen sixty six i think the interesting thing tonight will be that they've they've got used to playing in games where the opponents are happy to concede possession city and that sort of plays into in the strength of of getting into good field position if you like and winning knows those free kicks. will dominate possession they've got better players in midfield so be interesting to see of england can still be is powerful as they have been up to now in a very different sort of game because croatia have had back to back penalty shootouts briefly and they have they got with stamina to get things that.
6:52 pm
i think the. that's the big question isn't it the the sort of draining nature particular second game whether we're playing the house not just eleven players on the pitch they're playing a whole stadium in such an in the latter stages of that game you saw the likes of marion manzi catch their sense of forward who was trying to mark the rusher. forwards and defenders as they came in for an equalizer and it was like he had cemented issues he could barely move and it was just one player that was really struggling towards the end of that game that got some of their key players are the wrong side of thirty so we'll see i mean players players and teams do have good ways of recovering now but it will be interesting to see now just how well they have come back from the ice two games for andy in moscow thank you all decide had a nickel it says in the croatian capsule zagreb descent of croatia make it to the final this will be historic for them how are their fans feeling about the game. there a feeling of similarly ecstatic throughout the day and throughout the days since
6:53 pm
they won. quarterfinal match everybody is expecting with great joy this semifinal you can see people in shops working in shops are wearing jerseys over croatia at the shops are closing early today because all of them all the workers all the people whose are going to all the people across croatia they want to get called they want to be ready they want to be ready for the first whistle they want to see the game from the beginning to the very end and it's very very ecstatic it's very you can see even danzig here donations are climbing positive tensions are high today in the desire of everybody expects or gracious to win nobody talks about the defeat so you can't find anybody who would say ok crozier will draw lose this game do they believe that this team could manage to make even bigger success than do you mean one thousand nine hundred eighty two when you came to the semi milo wanted to play symbolic of his right. son in fact. lemmings
6:54 pm
joins us now from a fan zone in london lady is football coming hard. over this is sunday a summer that is never going to be put on a day where the ball no football comes home and inverted commas and suddenly what i want to mean singing for the poles the way all the song i saw this pulling guns run to the subby find those with this young on how would it say he has turned genuinely insulate the fans of the county it's a hard target tens of thousands of them this is very high still you're right but i feel that anger will become i should despite all i says strength of talking. about food oh go on with the whole thing about his remarkable considering the situation of the out that you're coming into that's a little bit where people just weren't expecting it to have a good model so that a small zone faces people are enjoying it in a way it's not very english but i think that is going to mark a little while before both will. and something that is quite english only mentioned
6:55 pm
earlier top trend to be you case the hash tag waste when state tell us about that. dharma so i was impressed by the whole way these bodies money rightly saw you almost always oxygen pretty salt so we will start as well now because the why scott says flame wearing out so i can also expect we will see a lot of people where this fills up a favorite focal where when why scouts because marks and spencers thing but islands exist british coal has doubts of why scott said by the schools because people have wanted to fight tribute to south it's one of the look a little bit of the fun of almost a little bit in a good old social media where the how the progress has stopped but i've now been looking at things about and not having a lot of fun with it so i think that yes we're going to a lot of boy scouts i'd whatever happens i don't think that desperate for a good two way now south rights law to start. yaseen you see even if i wanted to
6:56 pm
wear one i couldn't even buy one now leave thank you very much. while the world cup has been dominating sports headlines the rescue of twelve boys from a cave in thailand on tuesday captured the hearts of everyone who'd been following that story including some professional players the boys and their coach were part of an amateur football team called wild for france player pool bug tweeted this message after tuesday's semifinal win this victory goes to the heroes of the day while don boys you are so strong and earlier england's call walker sick time out of his preparations to post a picture of one of the boys he wrote amazing news that all of the thai kids are now out of the cave safely i'd like to send out shirts to them is there anyone who can help with an address well he's not the only want a friend to help free for officials invited the boys to the world cup final but they are too ill to travel according to football's governing body much seen on to
6:57 pm
they tweeted that they'd like to welcome the team and their rescuers to old trafford in the coming season although it has been widely reported that many of the boys don't have passports and at least three of them in the coach a stateless having come from nomadic tribes on the top i mean ma chinese and laotian borders now i'm seen to national is hoping that the boys ordeal and these invitations could be a wake up call to thailand to change their policy toward stateless people will have more support for your eight hundred g.m.t. but for now and you bouts of ali john i thank you very much for that that will do it for today's news great but before we go a reminder of our main story this hour and that's a major summit in brussels of course where world leaders have approved plans to bolster their defenses against russia and they have also agreed to increase spending which was the main focus of the u.s. president donald trump more on the nato summit in everything that's happening there in next year's bulletin here on al-jazeera which will be live from london for me
6:58 pm
for the back to one holies great team thank you for watching by for now. we know. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of al salvador as diety board sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest and next about encountering sajan see while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave
6:59 pm
a sad chain for steel amount is iraq. the sams in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. and language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture about fifty thousand people were arrested under a police in strategy known as stop and frisk the car got a ball here it was a guy coming behind me and kicking him out back how many of your children gotten caught in this trap i have seven sons and six of them have been arrested for drug charges the only guest
7:00 pm
a war maybe take off last name is what thoughts we've now created the atmosphere that the police was the bad guy exploring the dark side of american justice the system with joe byrne and on al-jazeera. germany as far as i'm concerned this captive to russia because it's getting so much energy from. donald trump kicks off the nato summit with a surprise attack on germany accusing it of being controlled by russia is also told nato leaders to raise defense spending to four percent of the g.d.p. double the previous demand. live from london also coming up. the first images emerge of the twelve time boys
7:01 pm
recovering in hospital after their dramatic rescue from a flooded cave system. china accuses the u.s. of bullying and says it will hit back.


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