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tv   Disinformation And Democracy P2  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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they will be said home or they will still be under observation for about thirty days now during a recent press conference the thai government expressed gratitude and and basically extended its banks not just to its own forces but also to countries that extended assistance and sent their expertise over here this was a very complicated mission but it turned out quite successfully and even if it's something that happened a few days ago thailand is still in a celebratory mood while experts say this is how humanitarian agreements are for and this is going to be seen as a test case in future frameworks in future emergency assistance the will be conducted not just in southeast asia but all across the world. sports. plus. it looks like there's a whole bunch of boats coming up times square. in
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new york. business updates brought to you by. going places together.
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business updates brought to you by. going places together. in two thousand and fourteen israel inflicted a devastating attack on gaza. the maker muhammad captures the destruction of his home city through the struggle of those he saved lives for a living i witnessed ambulance on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. man city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and naive news on al-jazeera i've got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism
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on air and online. now for the latest sports news i want her far and doha say thank you so much serena williams will face germany's actually kerber for an eighth when golden title there are going to former world number one beat julia six two six four to return to a grand slam final just ten months after giving birth to her daughter williams who will be seeking a twenty fourth grand slam title on saturday when she faces kerber in a rematch of the twenty sixteen final which williams won his last wimbledon are one
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. against her but you know this is different she is playing so well and i think she's incredibly confident. i have to be ready for the match. earlier kerber powered past lab. penco in straight sets to reach her second wimbledon final and although the thirty year old german has never won the title before she is a two time ground slam winner. franz had into sunday's world cup final against croatia determined not to choke in the same way they did at euro two thousand and sixteen similar to this tournament friends were strong favorites to win the euro final but they came up short losing
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to portugal one nil in paris six players from that team lined up in their summit final when it gets belgium but they believe they've learned from their mistakes and are confident they can win the world cup to add to france's nine hundred ninety eight triumph. have to i really hope not to lose this final and to have some good vacations afterwards because my whole days off to the euro two thousand and sixteen final were not good at all i still have not fully digested it now i know the taste of defeat in the final and it's not good it's very bitter we will not approach this fund the same way that we approach the euros. when france and croatia lined out for that final it will be the climax of a remarkable journey for both sides the french have injured disappointment in disarray since they last won the world cup twenty years ago and croatian football has been overshadowed by corruption and hooliganism paul brennan reports i grab and in paris the world cup semifinal results prompted an enormous outpouring
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of joy and celebration. to both nations the roads to the final has been made extraordinary by the difficulties they've overcome. france has suffered hard times and misery since the euphoria of winning the world cup as host nation in one thousand nine hundred eighty it's been a twenty year roller coaster of success and failure squad infighting players strikes public apathy and now redemption as their youthful team prepares for the biggest football match on the planet. for me but first i didn't really have faith in them but little by little they started playing very well where's your country if you do since i believed in them right from the start we have a good team i have faith in them and i feel like we're going to win this final but was a good excuse to get used to their strength is their unity they all fight for one another there's no big star they're all together they make efforts for one another
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and that's what will bring us the world cup the france team's comparative youthfulness has helped win over the digital generation the west made dancing we saw there in the press conference or in social media like in. twitter and facebook and i think it's one of the strains of this team and its way there is a good man in there and it would have been an unsettling croatia's success on the field is equally remarkable for a country of just four million people which was ravaged by the balkans war in the early one nine hundred ninety s. it's a key. anime is barely cloran its way out of a six year recession and e.u. membership combined with a forty three percent unemployment rate among fifteen to twenty four year olds has created a mass exodus of young people heading to other european countries sunday's world cup final is a welcome distraction a lot of bitterness really about people need to be happy about something you said
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yes a period i was positive from the start noya obviously even the person most serbian affected it means a lot people are thrilled the word was that i would say there are a lot of fans here and we're all excited about the game on sunday and croatian football has been in turmoil for years supporters of long accused the national federation of rampant corruption and last month the federation vice president was sentenced to six and a half years in prison over a seventeen million dollars embezzlement scandal which is also embroiled croatia's captain luca moderates moderates has played on in this world cup despite being charged with perjury in the case gracious first president from new to german once said football victories shaped the nation's identity as much as was due considering the past twenty years of these two rivals to german might just be right paul brennan al-jazeera. celebrations in croatia have reached government level earlier
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ministers and that for a cabinet session and they were all dressed in national team jerseys probably didn't get too much work to. the fee for a world football museum has been set up in moscow and is getting fans thinking about their best memories from previous tournaments at the richardson went and had a look around this is the jewels remain a trophy first point for the world cup in one thousand nine hundred thirty and won by uruguay last lifted by brazil in one thousand nine hundred seventy four is replaced by the trophy that will be on show at the final on sunday in moscow it isn't the original children a trophy that was stolen in brazil in the nineteen eighties and it's never been found all that's left of the original is the blue marble base this just one of the items on show at an exhibition in moscow celebrating some of the key moments and memories from the previous twenty world cups don't we all have our very very individual special moment at the world cup when we really get emotional about it
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the very personal cup we can think of that we followed on tuesday for example and this is what the people here experience they see the object that they don't about the stories they get emotional about it and then they talk to other parents about their emotional moments if you thought conversations about video assistant referee we knew then think again take a look at this telegram sent by german fan after the nine hundred sixty six world cup final in which he suggests the use of video replays to this day no one is quite sure if a goal scored by england's geoff hurst in one game did or didn't cross the line won't be involved in any controversy that this year's final after the last four defeat instead it's croatia making history they'll be playing in the final for the first ever time outside the exhibition is an oversized version of the sort of wall chart we've all been feeling at home with the french and creation flags now taking center stage is progress has come after three games all involving extra time so
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that affects if you play an extra ninety minutes an extra match when compared to france and they've got a day less to recover. ahead of the final unprecedented achievement these finals will be remembered as one of the hardest ones of all. manny pacquiao is expecting to be pushed to the limit as he fights to be a world champion once again on saturday against lucas mitty's the filipino who turns forty this year is challenging mitty's for his w.p.a. welterweight title of the tough fight for power keogh who is returning a year on from his loss to jeff warne his arch athenian opponent is undefeated and thirty nine fights. and i'll tell you sport for now it's now back to suit in london thank you for new york's times square is completely under water and the new mixed reality public art exhibits the work which is the brainchild of the artist mel chin is intended to raise awareness of climate change as christian salute went to have
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a look. at first glance this weathered shell of a ship in the center of times square looks like well a fish out of water but the sculpture called week by mel chin is meant to recall new york's past and how that relates to its future we could talk about climate change or political issues or economic issues but i think that creating artwork separate vida option and investigation into all our worlds a little deeper deeply probably really we're all place right now shipping help the city become a center of commerce finance and entertainment but the consumption on display here can be related to climate change there's more to this exhibit than first meets the eye in addition to the sculptural elements there's a virtual reality component and when you put on these goggles it makes it look like times square is completely underwater and if you don't want to wait in line to use the special how lens goggles created by microsoft you can download an app on your
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phone for a similar experience when you're working in a space like times square it's very difficult to control the environment you have to be a little bit pushy about keeping people out of the interactive space a real immersion in living in a subterranean world called unmoored the second exhibit imposes a virtual world over time square it's not safe it's angst to to catalyze when it looks like there's a whole bunch of boats coming up times square it's pretty cool creating a mix reality future in a city just a few meters above sea level in which global warming has gone unchecked boats moving through the air and also sepoys moving far and the air with johnny against the air also past present and future collide in an experience that suggests the very things that have on time square the nickname crossroads of the world could also be its undoing kristen salumi al jazeera new york. john don't forget any. we
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can look at our website for more video and news just click on al-jazeera dot com that's it for me on this news hour but i will be back in their own with much more of the day's news don't go. when diplomacy fields and fear sweep then our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and its will to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or to go east into became another almost a quarter to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts
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of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets what no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women cus it just only a drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven of drive is about fifty thousand people were arrested under a police in strategy known as stop and frisk the car got a ball here with a guy coming behind me and kicked me in my back how many of your children gotten
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caught in this trap i have seven sons and six of them have been arrested for drug charges though me guess toward the table plus think is what thoughts we've now created the atmosphere that the police was the bad guy exploring the dockside of american justice system with job on al-jazeera. in the u.k. for a controversial four day working visit has already been booed by protesters and there's more to come thousands are expected to rally on friday. hello again i'm sitting in this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the syrian government inches closer to victory as it raises its flag over the city by
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the uprising against president bashar al assad first began torture in secret jails in yemen amnesty international says war crimes may have been committed by u.s. forces that. it looks like there's a whole bunch of boats coming up times square. and the arts mixed with virtual reality that's transforming times square in new york it's not bought for art's sake it. is a visit that's been anticipated for months the u.s. president has arrived in the u.k. for a four day trip the red carpet has not been spared for donald trump and first lady maloney the pair are being hosted by british prime minister to resign my palace the birthplace of world war two leader winston churchill john the hope is that. president donald trump and first lady stepping off one of the london stansted
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airport it was the start of a much anticipated visit to the u.k. even if very little of it will be spent in london itself. and this is what. protesters. expected to grow last friday they gathered outside winfield high. the u.s. ambassador's residence where the trumps would be staying for two nights arriving by helicopter they would leave by helicopter venturing no further into the capital anyone near the protest site that my mom is a big guy he's a racist don't like what he's done to the us i just think that the majority of people here in america around the world we don't support him you know he's a racist bigoted billionaire who represents the economic interests of the billionaires the rich the one percent i think that's a message that we don't support those policies and you know welcome. but here it comes donald trump aboard the u.s. president's marine one navy helicopter accompanied by u.s.
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air force or spray craft making their way into the oxford countryside now towards the first official engagement of this u.k. visit. with prime minister to resign may and business leaders at blenheim palace at the birthplace of winston churchill in an effort to press the u.k. government played on all the pomp and charm person. it's not a full state visit trump declined the offer of one reportedly because of public opposition to the idea and the threat of mass protests this then is build a working visit. prime minister may has lost two cabinet ministers this week over tortured breaks in negotiations what she and her government want most from trump now is indorsement both at the famed special
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relationship and hopes of the u.k. u.s. trade deal after breaks it in recent days he said may's government is in turmoil and question the government's preferred plan for brics it what they will actually get from the u.s. president on this visit therefore is anyone's guess jonah how al-jazeera plannin palace oxfordshire. alas we mentioned there have been protests outside the ambassadors are. saying an even larger ones are expected on friday and a baka has spent the day with demonstrators in central london. this is what it takes to accommodate the u.s. president here in central london vast numbers of police of being deployed here to winfield house the official residence of the u.s. ambassador here in london and this ring of steel has been erected around the entire compound donald trump has been a wrong leaving and leaving from here by helicopter the biggest concern that the police had was that if you try to get here by road. well this is very much just
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a stone's right louts of a colorful band of protesters have gathered on the perimeter of winfield house they say they'll make as much noise as possible throughout the night to make trump stay here as uncomfortable as possible you come armed with a call into their household we are down roots are in the ground our heads are saying this is an unacceptable this is interesting and i think i was the intention is to keep him awake make noise any way we can to let them know how happy we are about this what does this mean i would just go to the park and i saw the helicopters come down. and i quickly supposed to get out i was twice with a blank piece of. a million one crime committee and i thought where do i start so all of this sets the scene for
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a day of action on friday that we demonstrations different towns and cities across the country but the largest demonstration by far is expected in central london with crowds possibly reaching hundreds of thousands. well joining us is the deputy head of the u.s. and americas program at the think tank chatham house he doesn't think there will be any meaningful progress in the u.s. u.k. relationship as a result of chum's visit. the question is what business can be done the big item on the agenda is the u.s. u.k. trade deal which of course britain can't begin to go shooting until the terms of attacks at from the european union are settled and the u.s. isn't going to start negotiating in till there is some sort of sense of where u.s. politics are headed so we're talking about next year next year trump might be dealing with a very different congress if years there are likely to give him the legislative support that he need to actually negotiate something so i think the prime minister is right to try to stress the importance of the special relationship i don't think
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you're going to see any meaningful progress towards any new aspect of that relationship from this visit. chunk flew into london from brussels where he had been attending the nato summit day two was supposed to focus on afghanistan crimea and other pressing international issues but almost inevitably it was largely about trump the u.s. president first threatened to pull out of nato then declared victory in his goal of forcing other member nations to increase their financial contributions and diplomatic editor james pace reports. president trump alone and isolated well that's at least how he wanted to be seen at the start of the day's proceedings even chewing away an assistant nato will not forget this day the day a stern looking u.s. president came here with a clear narrative in his mind he created a crisis even hinting he might pull out of the alliance before declaring
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a victory tremendous progress has been made everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment they're going to up it at levels that they've never thought of before prior to last year where i attended my first meeting it was going down the amount of money being spent and by countries was going down and down very substantially. earlier trump was late for a meeting between nato allies and partner countries ukraine and georgia the cameras were no longer in the room by the time the president once again brought up the nato defense spending an issue everyone else thought of being settled nato secretary general young stoltenberg had to ask you crane in georgia to leave as nato went into emergency session. while trump insists they made new much increased spending commitments its allies later tonight that nothing new had been agreed there is a familiar pattern here trump is still declaring his diplomacy with north korea is
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going well even though the country itself which has made no firm commitments for what has just called recent talks troubling that was an amazing and really an amazing meeting i thought and i really think that we establish very good relationships will see where it all ends but there have been no missile tests there have been no research where there's been they have blown up a site i hear they're blowing up another site missile site so what actually was achieved at this nato summit virtually nothing and expose the divisions within the alliance the person that is going to benefit is russian president. putin who president trump meets at the beginning of next week the u.s. president was asked about that meeting he was positive he was asked to about russian amec say should of crimea he was once again positive about putin and at no point called for russia to withdraw from crimea the next few days will continue to be worrying ones for nato allies james zero at nato headquarters in brussels
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syrian government forces and their russian allies have raised the national flag over their hours old city an area that has been held by rebels for years it's a hugely symbolic moment in the more than seven year syrian war major protests against president bashar al assad first erupted in daraa in twenty eleven and were widely seen as heralding the start of the conflict they know how the reports from beirut. it's a highly symbolic moment in syria's ongoing war dead our city was where it all began back in two thousand and eleven the first protest against president bashar assad's rule happened here in the old town rebels who are besieged have now surrendered after an almost three week long government offensive the choice to raise the national flag near the mosque was no coincidence it was the focal point of the demonstrations the loss of did our city has sparked emotions among many and the opposition by the service that i was going to have us for sivan years since the
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revolution began after all the sacrifices that were made the regime is raising its flags about buildings in the city and other places as well this is affected the people badly people are depressed and disappointed but the revolution is in our blood and it will continue to run in our veins was these were the scene of the incident was that after seven years it was protests that spread to other areas was. seriously. were met by bullets fired by security forces. was there was a lot has happened since the protest movement turned into a war hundreds of thousands of people have been killed the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily
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recapturing territory it lost to the rebels over the years the northwestern province of idlib is where most opponents of the assad regime live and defiance remains. we lost everything in our house but the spirit of the revolution lives with us we haven't lost hope even if we lost we hope all syrians will unite our revolt. and god willing their regime will form a view of. the revolution will remain if the regime captured the rock just like it captured aleppo and holmes even if it controls all the opposition areas the revolution will continue just like in the past we managed to revolt despite the presence of security checkpoints everywhere for the opposition. the birthplace of their uprising is not the end of their struggle against what they call oppression but there is little doubt the latest military gains are yet another turning point.


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