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tv   Ambulance  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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the rules of the game have changed. people and investigates. the top stories from al-jazeera videos emerged on social media students in the garage to a pleading for their lives as military gunfire in the background. the images that streamed live on facebook before the feed abruptly ends opposition activists called for three days of anti-government protests on thursday and ariana sunshines has more now from managua. we understand two journalists have been freed there and three wounded students also have been taken out however the area
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continues to be surrounded by paramilitary also today earlier today members of the police. unit in uniform heavily armed even with their r.p.g. rocket propelled grenade shooting in the streets of amman in war which is a neighborhood in the city of najaf of of my now a capital there are two apparently two people were killed there these policemen if they'd there and apparently. when the president did that they headed there today with his wife the vice president of suddenly york and thousands of followers in this caravan that they took all the way to much the president there talking about relations and peace however is that not what was happening here at the university in the in the center of man now why were these students who were unarmed were pleading for their lives with the. paramilitary
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shooting from another from the other end of the barricades and directly at these students twelve russian hackers have been indicted as part of the muller investigation into potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election comes just days before donald trump. but if you're putin in finland. the u.s. president has arrived in scotland for the final private leg of his four day visit to the u.k. earlier he met britain's prime minister and the queen hailing toys as the highest level of special a joint blimp depicting the us president as a baby has been flying over london during protests against his visit tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the u.s. president on his youth to him gration race relations on climate change where holding trump to account where highlighting the fact that his toxic hate fuels politics and his policies that having
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a devastating impact on people not just in the u.s. . but in the u.k. and all over the world especially in the global south pose to trump racism his homophobia. and i want him out of office i've joined protests in the states and i happened to be here today so i wanted to join and show that he does not represent us really. the iraqi government to selden emergency meeting off the demonstrations against high unemployment of the self and oil rich city of basra and spread to other areas including the capital baghdad there is anger over high unemployment and a lack of basic services. the former pakistani prime minister now is sharif and his daughter have been arrested upon their arrival back in the country sharif was sentenced to ten years in jail on corruption charges last week his arrest happened on the same day that more than one hundred twenty people were killed at a campaign rally in southwest pakistan. haiti's prime minister's jack telephone
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tower is facing a vote of no confidence in parliament despite abandoning a policy to double fuel prices the international monetary fund planned for haiti to cut subsidies in return for assistance triggered four days of demonstrations last week. a catholic priest in chile has appeared in court on charges of sexually abusing children oscar munoz to later held senior positions in santiago he's among fourteen priests being investigated by the police eight critically endangered black rhinos have died in kenya after being moved to a national park the ministry of tourism and wildlife says early investigations point to salt poisoning as the rhinos try to adapt to a more sailing water supply the surviving rhinos are being closely watched and further relocations have been suspended up next on this channel it's witness i will see you very soon but i.
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god i i don't know you i. finally heard of. i want to. thank you i i i possibly a lot. i want to borrow my i know i have no one i was young i was i i i i i think i've been i think i'm i this morning i
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woke up and then i. and somehow linking to my chemical made me feel safe but i don't think if anything got around me. the habit of always having that come out it was me had become a part of my life i was a cutter going to i. cut the good doctor that the back of that. i'm going to have that i had that i don't know what i. could
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i there are. i live in the middle go to the city. i was born in the first intifada and raised to during the second my name is muhammad on the twenty three years old. some people might say the war started with one particular reason. others may say it's a story to throw it on as a reason. but no matter what reason it began and what is more important
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we woke up on found ourselves closer to this more than ever. when this war broke out i was filming the surgery as a board to fill. i was doing what all no one has done i asked that they took to the hospital right away if i could join the implements unit was my come into first day of the war with the first day with the consequent. cut exhaustion the feeling was i i i. i. i got
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a mean drunk i was you know a little and i was i. was sort of a little bit. that's the bus system. most of the. summer but it was like bit of a sit a goodly. number of you know down and down and. spoke up for kids must. be a lot but it would when they were never got up to stand up and ready and we would. have been talking about how this trip was really not that good at getting government down. to.
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being with them but on swings like the most convenient thing to do under the circumstances. and it's made me feel i was escaping my fear. was i didn't want to sit at home with sixty members of my family seeking shelter in our house. only those a crew was reluctant of me being there. i felt i needed to be with.
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the. last man. her mom.
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said. move. her.
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car. and look at her and. her. head back to back up i'm so glad you took a car. just
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to have a couple who fought. the time was moving as fast i think i was driving. i never imagined i would be interested to. it was the first time experience i mustn't.
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i was never in the free. i witnessed that impulse on the us. how lives were being saved. it took list ten ten minutes from getting the call to arrive to the hospital. which seems like a little. bit . here so i thought that i literally didn't. offer up a moment as i've marked them and probably while on the.
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number of the. rush hour service nobody had showed no no when i got had just learned how did. it show up bad. that's the home of of all of them alive by allowing us to.
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as the war good wars. more and more features are not a significance of one to the hospital. within a few days the place has turned into a person. transmitting that a distant view is a proof of your i. think a. lot of you know it's good i'm like oh. oh oh oh oh oh i was there was. was. because. i was low
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low he was leaving was like oh let me look at leo why did you want to get leave and it was. just. i meant it oh. it's not. like. cut cut cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut
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cut cut cut. oh. ok well listen she is one of them and. it. is a good football team. you support this it. is it is it is a cylinder. oh. no.
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no you're. gonna write a report about them. oh . it's not. just a it is a stance ok let's. just step out of this the didn't know. what one of the most probably of the family .
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i don't know why i went to settle for every day. i wanted to be close to the action . without my family knowing. if they found out i was with them but most. were they would just open it all so i keep smiling. i was. sitting next to close michael. and made me feel more comfortable in the situation.
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the silence he excluded before me and deflected his own life experience. everyone looked up to him specially thing and listen experienced team members. are a. rare. breed. i hear. from a shop help anybody. well
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. let's cut going to go. live. to. the headline of a liar there along. with the border ok. oh oh.
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oh what was the load oh good. good. oh ok well. i don't know what i don't know what. you know what. i've overcome a. very low. you know now i was going to have almost no one did not there's no way
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that you look when. you have the you know that i'm so mad proud to say i'm not a houseful i don't know mr nettle so i think they know what i'd have thought if i was at a coffee you know nothing about i. don't find out how much i don't know how far. off i believe the only thing i'm going to let someone who would regard to go to. war for what he did i don't know which ones are always going to. come up. and i'm different. and not like oh my gosh what are you going to give a lot of to. to lay on me and get it back i don't really think that no doubt about it but i'm delighted that kind of the senate i mean have.
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you know. i have. the benefit here well look we had a lot of the respect that man most of them and i devoted to the company i met on the floor of the mind of. him. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of al salvatore's tatty board sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest in and it's about encountering sajan see while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these ten. screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy
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did he leave. amount is iraq. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had a fortune to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power it. has this radical transformation. i mean it's no bother to me that if you want to shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate
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corruption remain people. on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with the top stories here on the al-jazeera video has emerged on social media of students in nicaragua pleading for their lives as military gunfire was heard in the background. images a stream live on facebook before the feed abruptly ended opposition activists called for three days of under government protest on thursday morning a sanchez in managua. the latest we've heard is that the the ambulance the international committee of the red ambulance was able to finally go inside the
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premises of the campus where these students were under siege and they have been able to leave with. two journalists and apparently three wounded twelve russian hackers have been indicted as part of the miller investigation into potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election the announcement comes just days before donald trump is to meet vladimir putin in finland and the u.s. president has arrived in scotland for the final leg of his three day visit to the u.k. he met britain's prime minister and the queen having ties as the highest level of special. iraq's government has held an emergency meeting of the demonstrations that began in the southern oil rich city of basra spread to other areas including the capital baghdad there's anger at high unemployment and a lack of basic services. the former pakistan prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter had been arrested on arrival back in the country sharif was sentenced to
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ten years in jail on corruption charges last week his arrest happened on the same day more than one hundred twenty people were killed at a campaign rally in southwest pakistan. the toll boys rescued from a flooded cave in thailand will be discharged from the hospital on thursday the health minister says the footballers and their coach are recovering well physically and mentally divers got their out early this week after they've been trapped for more than a fortnight a catholic priest in chile has appeared in court on charges of sexually abusing children. held senior positions in the capital santiago he's among fourteen priests being investigated by the police in march pope francis or the report which revealed a culture of abuse and cover ups well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness stations that are watching life and.
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i didn't know what how long i was going to stay with them buttons i felt we were going down an unknown route. we had to fight. you to hear we were driving into the night not knowing where the war would take us.
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off on that or you're right maybe i mean that the neo who thought you might then use a should be but you haven't but a you're not. going to know yet you felt that that muted on fox failure to the radio that said it's ready to special forces had been imposed by hamas. as they had invaded finical with the. help of. doing that even ingrid received calls from people trapped in their houses . urging us to exactly them from the line of fire. asked. her about her outline of what the grid already drawn up the crowd there to find out what. to do about that.
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we contacted three to cross to ask if we could go and defect with the people they said it would be at your own risk. because nobody mission had been given from the israeli side. we went there anyway despite a foot injury. when you get. sued. yes. however. long. i told. her to go. live.
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as i have. i almost died i decided. that i'd love to have done all the little good luck love i feel over it that was one of the up locked up that's life ever going to flow i looked at it up i don't. know. why.
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the thought of my quit i stuck in the. was. because i don't know how you know i feel a fellow by your vision think you're going to do if you're. not happy i know i'm a good little. one zero. zero zero people who would afraid to move in their own powers. the sky was covered by warplanes and drones and the risk of being attacked driving a private car was high because. we drove around in circles. waiting quote to be able to come out from their hiding places to be baked up. the third.
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that's not entirely his salary plus i'm the one. that's lost well fuck up a lot. of jobs like. that on the ice. i don't know if i want to say that because most of the climate how do you know i don't get upset because that's what i had some well i'm not. the last year the got nothing but the longer.
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that i'm in the good look. at a job. that was. the dialogue. that i would admire.
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you know it had become a synthesis of people. at least one was injured and not enjoyable to say that's why i got a lot of it so i just. i'm not going to talk. about tonight. i'm going to have to put the little bit of the old i know the body of others. and i want to know what the day was the last i believe i got up here i'm not even going to let it go to the other fellow i had when i got a little it was all a little all right the never going to go i say this i'm fucked off with actually all up on the. shuttle bus with. a few. other asshole i want to slow social services to do. the do
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a couple joe well. that's a tough one to pull off but i don't have. that in the form of the all of above the follow up i get i like the just about all the little justice they got they are no replies right but the protests i saw one other interns are not so good i'm blessed by what the system has. got even how it's. a little hard to go to believe that. you know.
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i. love the office that is the one that is going to get out of the. disaster zone. i don't know. god and that i might have to get out of one of the don't. want to run on the job but i don't want to know that when i get a little i don't know the name of. such a lot and i must. know that i did a among. a lot of that it wasn't until i got a lot of. good about the course of the course. is a bit of
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a tough. but that's just the way and will show up and gemma some of them a good moment in the public service is just fancy but without a lot of i think a little know in the books and i just looked. a lot of little yellow that. i get from the possible data.
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here's the first. one i want. my. my. room before i. i. i i. i i.
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i. i. was. my. the. head of a little how does a big. i
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know i look. well because you're not going to. go because. they're not something that. i. was.
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i have seen a blog. i have seen this and destruction and they panicked but i mean if i panicked as much as this thing. we stood what a moment i guess station. i stood in the woods coming. i couldn't believe what they saw. no words can describe how i felt this war. we were driven out of their homes. and distil the bombing and the destruction keep going on. the scene made me lose my own air and my marriage. i couldn't control myself. i filled out crying. i suddenly
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remembered my family. i turned off the camera. and they decide to go home. five days later. the parties decided on eight hours ceasefire. it was a chance to be able to meet and to go back to check their houses. the was. on the stone and watch all the bargain appear on it you know we're done i'm going to my now look at leno oh but i was an awful lot of muslim we would have a look at him did a good lord intended to somebody always and if you know what football is you give a ball i didn't and just on the second one of them sliced the second. and the done up i like it for sure yes so we ended up winning the ball we're just. going to push
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on the ball on the bush i'd look on hey you. know a little funny but that's all the thing i wish i might. oh. when was the subject of hope that i'd agree about the fear that the fed was set up to decide for this. and to get a billion on the set of agenda out of the way you forgot that the money goodman had with this demo didn't that the but i'm. robert novak a fan is going to. benefit. one and there should be a good one you will whether you're sure you have your.
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mark in my world. on the show so you know you will do well thank you ok ok thank you well you know up. all over. the. world thank you. for. your show and i'm sure when. i. look at the. fish. i'm not. a lawyer i just. find. that one of the folks thank.
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you for going there you know. i said. this was my old neighborhood where i grew up the neighborhood. this was a street i walked when i went to school every day. everybody
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was trying to figure out what they had to close. counting the dems their workday. their family members. i. was there you go through like you're out of. the box to become a star i put a lot. of what i. was. what i was. hoping.
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that what the. thought of what i. did on. that and went on into it and the holiday for you can. celebrating at this time seemed. but the idea came to wash away the hopelessness from life and to bring happiness to the children even the day's work.
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in. the last day of fade and you swear was announced during the afternoon. we will feel safe and went back to their houses. in the late afternoon tanks fired missiles unexpectedly at
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a crossroads. as a jewel going to help people. suddenly confessing place and the ambulance crew and the press to. the mud covered the street. the massacre shocked me and if anybody who witnessed it. two hundred people were injured and the twenty people killed. one of them. and the driver i meant to during the days of the war. undrawn i would to go to one in the field.
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i go to for into the war more than. the thought of my life taking distortion frighten me even more after this of to. my family worried about me because of what i had witnessed and they convinced me to stop i surrounded and stayed at home. after a couple of days a woman who called me and asked me to come back and tell. my cum i had become his a friend. and it encouraged me to go back until. it was my parents' day. and where it can mean a sad day when i am happy. i. think that i am having. apple sought out the
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best set up. bit of a strange day to start the centrifuge we just heard today to city of aleppo has fallen. or should we say liberate the. one north for astonishing stories toad in their own wides how did you know who to trust and not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera. the in. with.
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hello there being rather wait for us in georgia recently we look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud here it's also been with us over parts of turkey and into azerbaijan and it's all interesting its way eastwards but being replenished so more weather here as we head through saturday and into sunday actually sundays looking a bit wetter and that area of rain just pushes a little bit further towards the west so more of us in turkey will see that rain there's also the risk of seeing a bit of it in ankara as well towards the south the draw as you might expect for many of us here beirut about thirty degrees and still pretty hot in baghdad at forty six now here in doha our temperature really depends on the wind direction at this time of year because it comes from the east that it brings in the humidity and the temperatures are actually lower but it feels very sticky that's what's happening on saturday so forty four degrees will be our maximum but it will feel quite sticky quite a bit of humidity around there on sunday the winds change that we firing down from the north and that's a draw a direction for the air and with dry air the temperatures can get that bit higher so forty seven degrees maybe even higher will be our maximum for sunday down
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towards the southern parts of africa lots of areas of rain here they're all working their way eastwards and dragging down the temperatures as they do so as well so durban eighteen degrees will be our maximum on saturday the rain clears for sunday and then we drop to fifteen or sixteen. with. when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not effective instead of being an obstacle to tell wastes it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you. securing the peace ethiopia rolls out a welcome for eritrea as the old enemies lay aside twenty years of come. along down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at. the seven fire in nicaragua more than two hundred seventy people have died in continuing on to government protests. the u.s. president arrives in scotland as angry demonstrators continue to protest as working for the u.k. . and hung out to dry the west bank's once lucrative tobacco industry is no longer
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a money spinner the palestinians.


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