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approach with a pretending well below it can be such an egyptian state everything the only thing that they were turning a blind eye on than because they thought this situation will not continue now we have a situation when every time they have three of the problem is the lack of leadership you know great leaders like europe had for instance like when mr was their teacher was their real friend martyrs was their louvers was there is gone we have just tacticians in europe we have lack of leadership in europe nobody wants regime response ability as a result put in was playing them out it's not putting about putting being so strong it's about this kind of leaders being so weak you know they're still. there there is no leadership in europe today it's exciting it's so bleak and it's you know we see you know a half engagement semyon gauge menow fortunately at least resume reacted and she mobilized everybody else to react but back in two thousand and eight that was exactly the opposite back in two thousand and eight they would just didn't want to hear anything about upcoming frets and you know now who is what who is crazy and
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who is not i think they were crazy when they didn't listen to me and then when they fought i was crazy and you know and the russians were playing into that look at this case actually you know his take a single all this stupid claims and who made stupid claims now everything i warned about happened and i hate to because sandra but if europeans continue to be as weak as this we are not going to always big war in europe because russian that right now even i was at the munich security conference this time generals the same generals that were downplaying the russians being intervals eight are saying well russia has really become dangerous that's skip forward in two thousand and thirteen you decided to go to ukraine you accepted a ukrainian passport or a move which you knew would mean you lose your georgian citizenship i'm wondering why if as you said for the third of two thousand and eighteen that you were committed to quote not leaving the georgian people in despair and you want to end the routine because georgia's fate was it's also the. side by what happens in
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ukraine i went to the region of a desert which is extremely important strategic region do you think you could change georgia though by being the governor viewed some of this or that it would have fall have you for that i would have fallen george it would have been finished off because or the essays on the plexi fallen from whom the time rush resident it was when i went there it was on the brink of being fall into the fold of the russians it was obvious it's a very it's a region with a very strong separatist presence we do a weak government power but that moment very precarious security situation to the point where nobody really wanted to get to go into that business of becoming odessa governor well i well i wanted to go there after several high profile ukrainians declined that office and because they for told us it would fall why did president petro poroshenko ask you do you think and give you citizenship was it down to a personal relationship with no i think because before running for ukraine
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president he said that his role model for reforms were to countries singapore in georgia under my rule and he fought that by bringing me into ukraine he would you know bolster his reformers credentials in the eyes of the west and in the eyes of the public now what he did it all went wrong because he was not serious about their force because ultimately he had to make a choice whether to get into he creates historic textbooks or to become higher to be of a higher on the list of forbes billion or so list he decided to get into billionaires list rather than the tax textbooks i'm wondering how you personally feel though now looking or at the time actually because this is the man who brought you to your brain he'd given you citizenship made you a governor and then you say you felt at some point that he wasn't living up to the reformist ideals did you feel conflicted in any point in turning against the man who yes i think it took quite some time to be. that decision it is
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a hard decision to make not because of personal loyalties but just admitting that you know our expectations were high and with we just failed to basically they failed to materialize it's hard to imagine it's hard to live through it because you know the it's not i never create i don't believe in personal loyalties of that sort in the you know i never brought my family members or my classmates or anybody for that purpose in ukraine or georgia to to power that was never my goal the io i believe in matter talker said believe in recruiting new people and sure sure i never had my client tried to pressure him to maybe saw me as part of his clan and obviously that was a big be misreading of what i stand for and that certain moment when he told me let's just like go and fundraise that's was his squad with you crane the local businesses fundraise that's to say get bribes how would you respond to those as you know there are allegations against you thing you've mentioned some of them involved
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in criminal activities in ukraine the charges against you in georgia for misspending public money ordering the breakup of protests ordering the beating up of an opposition lawmaker even a conviction for you relating to a murder clock. any truth to any of those allegations look first of all freedom house. just published a report saying that this is a pure political but that and that's what it it's even george in the government that basically hired ten best retired western investigators to look for my offshore accounts properties vilas whatever couldn't find anything and came up with the ridiculous charges that every penny i spent as a president on presidential on performed presidential functions were money spent when george's economy quadrupled and the basically or you know my former defense minister whom i fired for corruption testified that i ordered him to beat up somewhat because the and the guy said beforehand i'll just give any testimony guess
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i can't really because i hate him and that's the only witness so that's why international going to satiate are not taking the serious that's why i'm really moving their own the world let's get forward to december two thousand and seventeen why don't we have those very dramatic pictures of you on the rooftop of your kiev home. it's not often that you have an ex-president standing on a rooftop threatening to jump take us through the minutes in the hours that led up to that moment something like six in the morning hundred something. heavily armed security troops broke into my apartment and obviously they could have arrested me anywhere else i'm over there out without guards you know just to walk into public a face and just arrest me or or so why do you think they're trying to move on that's what you're intimidation to show everybody who supported us that if they could go even after me they could go out to everyone so and then when they did it i needed to in time and you went where you really going to jump from non-absolute to
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know that i'm not suicidal i've never been suicidal that what happened is that. what i told them it was a threat no what they told them if they approach me would bowl full because it was basically a slippery roof with but by the way i went there because they generally telephone. and we need we need time to mobilize and so i went to the roof where i could from which i could text my messages. i text my message to our supporters thousands of people mobilized but it took them time to get there and in the end they freed me from police cars were you surprised when people opened a police van and managed to i wasn't because people knew the whole arrest was unjust later the local judge went against the system and she ruled and she suffered that she was reprimanded after that for that that it was pure kidnapping we've managed to upset a lot of authorities in georgia ukraine's lied to me at putin do you ever think that your personal safety might be an issue look like they were put in promise to
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hang me by a softer parts of my body. as we know this guy always when i last met him he told me your best friends give you lots of nice promises they never deliver i don't promise you anything nice but remember i always deliver i remember these words coupled with his friend to kill me but on the other sunlight a man who you have to you directly absolutely and then he says publicly what it was this that was there february of two thousand and eight our last meeting with him and actually. and that was this is a guy who likes to do the labor and he wanted to understand from that did you feel like you're being i thought that and we know that according to when we came out. i was less worried about personal threats towards me i thought i told my people this is his menacing us with war and war happened a few months later and though i told the western flood you're putting medicines with war and he says well you know he just menace is now the same people that say
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he's just manatee he's just you know it that's his way of cajoling words have to you know have to resign themselves to the realities that i was right and they were wrong about warning about putin put in always create new red lines cross' them and then create new ones now having said that it's not about me that doesn't make you a personal target as you said for not letting me through to absolute saying holding to an advisor to the french president two thousand and eighteen. he will hang you by the janet taylor yet and then exactly what and then why when i was asked by a car a journalist what i've heard about it i thought i joked that you know that he he's not old enough to get to me but but that's obviously not a nice thing to joke about when you hear of cases like sergei script in the u.k. does that not make you stop and think look i can i ride around cinnamon a bike i don't have any particular i was asked by dutch police were there i needed
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special protection and i told them no decline that look i believe that whatever happens you know we made my impact on the history of this region for sure nobody can dispute that putin wants to physically get me i don't think any bodyguards can protect it anyway you know every time i would board presidential plane in georgia after trials eight every time we would be on the like target list of russian air defense system and it switch on our system so when it happened first time. you know i my father had a my bodyguard said what are we doing are we just dry because you know if we. succumb to their fret they're going to paralyze us we fly even if we just we're one button pusher push away from being down and then they were pushed a button so you know i'm still around you those could have been a real possibility absolutely because putin you know look at what's happened to present
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a polland whatever you say but many people including myself believe that it's connected with his support of georgia during the war with him coming to police into follows a august of two thousand and eight so it catchin ski or as many poles believe. died because of that you can imagine that he came to support me and of course the russians no doubt would deny that and wondering how do you respond to the allegation that would come from the other side that says you are simply a tool of change on the part of the west look i think that's overblown i think what we have two different forces here we have. on the one hand we have russia that export chaos in the entire region you know i'm sure there were first of all they generated calls in our case in our part of the world they generated chaos in syria because they want syrian refugees to go to europe and that stabilize europe put in this calculated this very shrewd lead as in did you ever
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receive support as they say from. all the other hand i don't know non-governmental organization on the one hand we have russia that has a very clear policy of exporting chaos and implementing on the other hand we have rather chaotic policy on the part of the west so russia is exporting chaos and western very very and cultic lee and very diligently and the west is responding in a very chaotic way do you think any of these friends in the west today support you making a political comeback. or not that i've been i've been asking for instruction for anybody i've been uncomfortable for many people precisely for the reasons that i'm not a lot for instance like obama administration wanted me to agree to agree to rushed to membership and we've been refusing for almost two years president obama called me sent me a letter my friend hillary pushed very hard i said wait a minute you are a big country you solve their issues where
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a small country you have small the issues but until they are solved. even if the president of the united states keeps me calling every day i'm not going to do it because that's legitimate that these are our legitimate claims and in the end you know what has happened there has russia's had to give in and so from that standpoint i've not been comfortable even for france now i wouldn't equate those to my way loose my way loose with life lay here where you know where whatever piece of the western world this exists but on the other hand you know we'll i was always stand up for my national interests and that's it's i'm not just easy person to be around wait even for big players you know once henry kissinger told. sarah palin sexually slike a very. uncomfortable player coming to a poker player coming to big players table all the time without carts in his pocket
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well that's his vision it's not about games it's no that was cocked it's about your heart where it lies and it lays lies with justice and with my own national interest in this case two nations interest ukraine and georgia and georgia and ukraine thank you very much thank you saakashvili talking to us thank you so much. on july fourteenth. two thousand and sixteen. an attack on christianity in nice would change people's lives forever. peace has killed at least sixty. two years on al-jazeera world meets the french muslim families who lost their loved ones. truck attack a nice an al-jazeera. guy.
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i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of el salvador's dirty war sent to iraq you seem to be with our portfolios doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest in an ex-pat in counterinsurgency while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams of pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave searching for steal his era.
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al-jazeera. where ever you want. oh the. iraqi security forces used tear gas and water cannon as protests spread across the country.
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as a seeker this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i after the air strikes an uneasy truce in gaza after israel's most violent daytime assault since twenty fourteen. former prime minister a sudden resignation after violent protests against fuel price rises plus. the singing the color and the rivalry francais in croatia limber up for the world cup final. follow a curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of basra that's after police use water cannons and tear gas on protesters who tried to storm a government building police have been demonstrating over the past week against high living costs and a lack of basic services it appears many phone lines have been cut in the government has shut down the internet across the country security forces are on
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high alert as demonstrations spread to the capital baghdad in the holy city of karbala. bill. is to provide security for all iraqis and also to listen to all the demands and salute all the protesters the peaceful and the civilized to state their demands in a civilized manner reflecting the nobility of iraqis and their country but those who assault the institutions of the state and the security forces and its investments disrupt the aspirations of the people and should be held to account assad joe is a professor of political science at the london school of economics he says the protesters are unlikely to stop until the government gives in to their demands. well this is very much expected i think there was no real lines of communications between the two sides because the government is not doing anything apart from talks the prime minister is giving a promises which he is not implementing and the protesters are increasing
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now on the demonstrations are increasing now they are even threatening green zone in baghdad and the main government building in baghdad if they don't know of the danas they don't see anything but a mean and concrete something that could satisfy their demands like the improvement of electricity and that the improvement of services that some. some measures against the corrupt people i don't think they will they will stand down israel has reportedly accepted an egyptian brokered cease fire would have asked after the latest round of violence in gaza on saturday israel launched what it says were the most powerful daytime and strikes of the twenty fourteen gaza war at least two palestinian teenagers were killed israel says the strikes were in response to border protests and rocket fire from hamas has this update now from
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gaza. the cease fire holds but it papers over major widening cracks in the relationship between the israeli authorities and how much that runs garza the fundamental problem is that gaza has been under siege for around twelve years now under an israeli blockade and there's no relief in sight even after three and a half months of protests along the fence when the palestinians in gaza hoped that would persuade the israelis to give them some relief from this blockade there's been nothing and if anything israel has tighten the screw by closing the main crossing into guarded the guards of that brings in industrial goods so this flare up while israel says in response to the incendiary balloons floating from gaza into israel and setting fire to crops the palestinians will say well we've not got any relief any relief from the siege so unless there is over the coming days weeks or months some concrete attempt to try and relieve the situation with people in gaza
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this flare up the biggest one has been since twenty fourteen risks provoking another flare up and the risks of an all out confrontation and possibly a war between the horses in gaza and israel. stephanie deck is live for a say in western russia and so stephanie there is a cease fire for now but as to whether that cease fire holds dipping dishpan depends partly on where things stand with the israeli government. well the israeli government says it depends fully whether these incendiary kites and send you balloons will continue to be flown over that fence we've just heard from the israeli prime minister he's been addressing his cabinet he says that cease fire he denied the cease fire covers those kites and balloons and he says they will not be allowed to continue now this is the message we've heard from the military from the political leadership here that they are willing and ready to escalate so i think yes it is absolutely holding and we compared to what where we were just about
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twelve hours ago. but yes it is put enormous pressure on the prime minister because over seven thousand acres of land have been burnt the israelis that live along that fence one something to be done there's even criticism from his own cabinet that here into the cease fire is giving into how massive this is normal this will be used politically here but i think really the question is in this is what bernard was touching upon is the long term strategy because we know both the military and the intelligence services here have been telling this government gaza situation is not sustainable it needs to be ease the blockade needs to be eased there been talks behind the scenes about that exact point and these protests have now cools it to derail somewhat we're going to be hearing from the u.n. special envoy to the middle east peace process nic i imagine off shortly he is in gaza he's been part of these negotiations to get the cease fire in place it will be interesting what he has to say but certainly we can expect him to say that the
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situation in gaza going on like this is not sustainable indeed and we will when if and when that does happen we will hope to bring you that here on the edges in a bit for the moment stephanie decker lifeforce what's yours. haiti's prime minister has resigned after days of violent protest. government has been on the pressure since announcing plans to remove fuel subsidies gave out his on the reports now from the capital port au prince. he arrived to parliament is a prime minister facing his political fate and calls to resign jacques de la phone tones unpopular fuel price hike which he abruptly suspended after riots a week ago that his government in deep crisis the chamber of deputies had planned to force the prime minister out with a no confidence vote on saturday but abruptly resigned instead.
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before even coming here i sent my letter of resignation to the president. the resignation it a week of political tension in haiti most people from the middle class to the poor say the prime minister who had only been in office seventeen months needed to go and the calls for him to do so grew louder by the day that the gas price hike and reversal were just seen as another sign of an ineffective government this eventual downfall came on a day of tension in the capital. the streets there were protests not nearly as large as the ones last week that turned violent but still anger at the government and coals for more resignations delay oh you know you have. this is also a message to the lawmakers a warning to everyone we're telling them to be very careful our problem is not only with the ex prime minister but to everyone in this corrupt system including the president. going on in parliament that day of confusion members of the
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chamber of deputies yelling at each other as they debated the prime minister's future before they knew he was going to step down but after colm was restored in the prime minister resigned they focused on what it all meant. now we need a new government one that inspires confidence with all sectors we need someone who understands the political dynamic that works across the board we need big changes that can have systemic. haiti currently has no functioning government right now now that law has stepped down all of his ministers go with him so what happens next there will be the president as well as the two heads of the parliament there will decide who the next prime minister will be. left parliament quickly after stepping down without taking questions the country now hoping the political chaos of the last week also goes with him. which is into port au prince.
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the spanish coast guard has rescued three hundred forty refugees and migrants from the strait of gibraltar one hundred children were among those found on twelve days around one thousand thousand people have arrived in spain from north africa since the start of this year now u.s. president donald trump will fly to finland on sunday before a summit with russian leader vladimir putin trump insists he'll meet putin alone and that's worrying diplomats more from our diplomatic editor james space. helsinki a city that joining the cold war was used as one of the few places where western allies and the soviet union could talk some believe relations are almost at a cold war level again yet one leader keeps talking up the positive and i said putin may be the easiest of the more you never know the biggest blow to relations was russia's seizure of crimea from ukraine the first time a part of one country had been stolen by another in europe since world war two at
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the time it was condemned by the us nato and the u. . however in recent days at two news conferences in belgium and the u.k. president trump was asked if russia should give back crimea and each time he dodged the question what will happen with crimea from this point on that i can't tell you well we'll have to see what happens far from here the syrian war seems to be entering its final phases the assad regime would support from its allies iran and russia has the upper hand the u.s. and israel want to reduce iranian presence in the country and its influence in the region could there be a grand bargain in the works only days ago israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow putin could perhaps persuade a sad to ask iran to leave his country trump could lift objections to russia's control of crimea far fetched perhaps but just listen to the way the ukrainian
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ambassador to the u.n. is clinging to previous statements by members of the u.s. administration on crimea i think that. that will come from several times by the book but by many many other u.s. official thrum. and mr bolton to all the the the the spokesman for the white house and and many other. officials who come from the principal all those who yes wolf they've assumed that the illegally fish no crimea below should never be recognized remarkably for part of this summit in finland's presidential palace trump is likely to meet putin alone just as he did in singapore with kim jong un in june the u.s. is closest allies are worried what this most unpredictable president might agree to behind these walls james pays al-jazeera helsinki.


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