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this is al-jazeera. the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. russia did not meddle in the twenty six thousand presidential election after extended talks in helsinki. there was no collusion i didn't know the president. there was nobody to collude with. another step towards peace after twenty years of conflict eritrea reopened its embassy in ethiopia. for evidence of violent repression in nicaragua government backed paramilitary forces are accused to raiding homes kidnapping people and executing them.
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all of the days. when is front arrived back time. coming up. a highly anticipated one on one meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin has ended in helsinki the two men spoke for two hours behind closed doors before briefing the press the question on almost everyone's lips was whether they discussed the elephant in the room claims that russia meddled in the twenty six thousand presidential election it turns out they did with putin again denying any involvement. could you name a single fact that you want to definitively prove the collusion this is.
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just like the president's recent dimensions. there was no collusion with the campaign and every time you hear all of these you know twelve and fourteen it's stuff that has nothing to do and frankly they admit these are not people involved in the campaign but to the average reader out there they're saying well maybe that does it doesn't and even the people involved some perhaps told mr henri's old bill in one case the f.b.i. said there was no lie there was no somebody else said there was. we ran a brilliant campaign and that's why i am president. that i had to james bass has been following the outlets from how sinkhole. you might think that if you have the most two most powerful people in the world meeting and they reach broad agreement on an important issue then then the world should be rejoicing but this most important issue is the most toxic issue in the united states and we saw president
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putin coming up with some new suggestions following the indictment of those twelve russian hackers that the special counsel robert mueller say were members of russian intelligence and president trump said that they were great ideas suggesting perhaps that he would suggest that they should be pursued but these ideas i don't think are going to go anywhere with regard to much of the political establishment in washington or with special counsel miller because what president putin is suggesting is that either he can investigate those twelve suspects his own or thora says but of course they are accused of hacking on behalf of president putin or remarkably they could be a joint team from the u.s. and russia who could come investigate this and speak to those twelve that sounds good but then president putin said a condition for that would that team would be able to go to the u.s.
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as well and investigate people there and proceedings then got even more unusual when president trump was asked whether he believes president putin that there was no hacking and no collusion or whether he believes the u.s. intelligence agencies and he completely dodged the question and started saying we've got to find the servers referring to hillary clinton's e-mail service he then went on about the twenty sixteen election even though it's twenty two months on saying i beat hillary clinton easily relate to gating a race and trying to reassert his legitimacy a most. new jle news conference which is already seen john brennan the former head of the cia take the amazing step on twitter of accusing a sitting president in a news conference with the russian president of treason we're joined now by
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a senior political analyst on what overall would you say this summit has achieved but there are three things i walked away with one this was a business like someone that achieves very little business and basically no deals whatsoever. and certainly it's a summit that was supposed to reach new heights in fact it through each new laws because. it's a bottomless summit in it's in every possible way in terms of reaching deals in terms of reaching understanding in terms of clarifying issues for the general public in terms of understanding about regional issues in terms of fears of influence in terms of great bargain that happens between you know between two great superpowers and all of these there was very little accomplished and last but not least. certainly president putin walked away from the summit having given very little and present thump has once again during the summit emphasized what he
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tweeted at seven o three in the in the morning that in fact the russian american relations are at their worst because of america and because of american presidents and because of american democracy rather than because of a keast russian meddling or russian intervention or russian wars in the middle east and so on so where do you see this with end of the trump and where you go forward with this meeting is eighty to a lot of his allies in europe and he's in a criticize the canadian prime minister he's attacked angela merkel before a nato summit and been quite critical of these people are actually his allies and yet when he's on the stage with putin he doesn't appear to want to put the boot in a may as places a different it's a different situation but does it where does it leave the people who are supposed to be his allies can they trust him in futuro as a as a realize you know i've heard a lot of discussions about trust and people say well you know you might not agree or disagree with him but he certainly speaks his mind but you know i'm not sure for
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example i would be very comfortable with a racist speaking his mind i don't know why is that's a good thing that we know that the racists can be a racist and hence we should be confortable and trusting them because they speak their mind. you know one can say that in certain issues trump speaks his mind and his can't be trusted because he actually doesn't lie he speaks his mind but that's not necessarily a good thing if whatever he you know spits out is not exactly a good thing but rather a racist or a chavez mistake or what you know which i think he does that's one thing to think to say that europe is a fall and it's a really easy go with putin that america needs to get along with that certainly doesn't sound good for anyone let alone europeans who had seventy years of alliance with the united states last but not least. look we are bombarded by sort
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of american liberal or western liberal approach this issue and hence the legal issue here of russian intervention or russian crew jand with the campaign is major . but for me for us for the rest of the world that's not the main issue the main issue is the russia and the united states have spent over a trillion dollars or would spend over trillion dollars over the next decade or two on nuclear modernization it's the fact that when they speak of syria both of them speak of israel's security as if the hundreds of thousands of casualties in syria don't count for anything in fact present trump dares say we will be saving hundreds of thousands of lives in syria when both leaders the american and russian leaders are responsible for the total implosion of syria because of the proxy war that's been going on there more of the same when it comes to the global middle east iran arab israeli conflict and so on so forth we've heard little concrete from the two
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superpowers around the world who are if they are not responsible for some of the major treasure these we see in the world they're certainly not been taking their responsibilities to contain any of those conflicts or to help resolve them so there's a lot to be said about the collusion and the legal issues and the intervention of medical options but there really is much more to be said about the world situation as we live it and putin and trump responsibilities and really making things worse not better. thank you very much indeed ok how kit is live in washington for a senate committee what kind of reaction is there any u.s. to all of this. well when we focus on the members of congress i think it's safe to say that there has been universal shock and dismay at donald trump's performance in that meeting with the russian president vladimir putin it's not surprising democratic members of congress longtime vocal critics of the president certainly
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putting those statements out but it is the ones from the members of his own republican party albeit the strongest criticisms coming from some of his critics within the republican party but still there seems to be general consensus in the in terms of his performance being both shameful a disservice to the country john mccain prominent member of the u.s. senate a republican member of the senate saying that he believes that donald trump's appearance and performance is one of the most disgraceful by an american president memory and the top republican in the u.s. house of representatives paul ryan the speaker saying there's no question that russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy not just in the united states but around the world the consensus seems to be the concern that donald trump blamed both the russia but also the united states for the deteriorate relationship between the two countries but went even further in that giving of moral equivalence many seem to believe here in the united states
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particularly members of congress on both sides of the political aisle that that essentially was a propaganda win for the russian president and beyond outrageous and he wants you to come over. what i think we're going to see there is the possibility of hearings of course none of that has been announced just yet but what we could see given this bipartisan outrage is a push for a piece of bipartisan legislation that has been hanging around but maybe getting some traction on that something called the deter act and what that would do is looking ahead given the fact that there has been conclusive decisions made by a number of law enforcement agencies here in the united states intelligence agencies that russia did interfere in the twenty sixteen u.s. election looking ahead to the twenty eight thousand congressional elections that are now looming in november that if there was definitively found to be any conclusion that russia interferes in those elections there would be a snapping into effect of sanctions in the oil and banking sector against russia so
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expect that there could be some push for that because at the same time there certainly is this feeling in the words of a top democratic senator on that senate intelligence committee that has concluded there was russian interference in twenty sixteen that the senate needs to stand up to vladimir putin that this is one of those times and there's also been a little bit of humor injected into all of this given the seriousness of the situation one prominent republican lindsey graham in the senate saying that football that was given or or soccer ball as it's called here in the united states that was given to donald trump by vladimir putin the perhaps should be checked for listening devices and never allowed into the white house thank you very much indeed . in. live from london still to come on the program. the. demanding water jobs and electricity protests in southern iraq and to the
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second week. a test of press freedom in myanmar two journalists who were investigating the killing of ranger men and boys go on trial. about one of the unexpected consequences of this football world cup. every train has reopened its embassy in ethiopia a further sign of improving relations between the longtime rivals eritrea's president is in the capital addis ababa for the ceremony last week the neighbors declared their state of war over reports. going to turn embassy in addis ababa closed for the past twenty years is now open an army of workers have been giving it a facelift for most of the past week and it was operated by president ford who of at a trailer together with the prime minister of ethiopia at the moment science of poland
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is a visit was considered almost inconceivable just two weeks ago because he was the month blamed for the stalemate between the two countries for most of the past two decades but when he came he was warmly welcomed treated thousands of ethiopians lining the streets where he went chanting his name and all these proximity and hold your relationship between the two countries is definitely going to benefit the people of the two countries in eritrea there's been the force conscription and returned military are lost something that is true as i hope people will now see this in ethiopia a landlocked country needs the two course that's going to trail hard which have been its traditional support and also the first flight from ethiopia to eritrea is planned for today so a lot of benefits for both sides of the border. international pressure is growing on nicaragua as government after the deaths of ten more protesters on sunday at
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least three hundred mostly unarmed demonstrators have been killed since april by armed groups linked to the government civil and human rights groups very essential as reports from the capital managua. caravan of paramilitary forces operating in the open the masked men are backed by the government rights groups have accused them of carrying out attacks on people in the cities of another and the surrounding areas. it's a situation without precedent we are submitted to a terror war where there is no rule of law where anyone kills you or kidnapped you we've never lived something like this before and despite this nicaraguans are showing their ability to resist what. the government says it's fighting against opponents plotting against it but international organizations say the government is condoning the disproportionate use of force against civilians. but we condemn the
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repressive acts we're seeing around the country including harassment individual and collective detentions houses being mocked and deaths we're very worried about what's going on. rights groups here say paramilitary groups in some neighborhoods kidnapped people from their homes. they say that men are operating with police protection. in men now when many thought i would say they are not afraid to fight government forces even with weapons i must tell you the shadow but despite the dangers we will continue fighting to have a free country because we deserve it. good i learned a position groups are no match to the heavily armed paramilitary forces and human rights organizations have urged the government to bring an end to the violence. in our reports we emphasize the need to clarify what these mosques forces that seem
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to operate in the country with impunity. an attack on sunday lift at least ten people dead it came a day after paramilitary forces attacked students. trapped inside a church in one hour in a siege throughout the night that lasted more than fifteen hours two students were killed and more than ten wounded in the crisis and we got our ways quickly spiraling from peaceful protests demanding pension reforms to indiscriminate attacks of illegal forces in joint operations with police acting with impunity around the country. again us on just. and he says eight people have died in protests in southern iraq where anger is growing over the lack of basic services and high unemployment the government is promising billions of dollars to address their concerns but many are skeptical of some binge of aid reports. that they want to lick tricity clean water and jobs the.
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protesters have continued to congregate in southern iraq for a second week these people say police stopped them from setting up a protest camp at the bus for governor office that was not guarded the government said we were sitting peacefully and a long convoy from the army and golden division stormed our tent we said we are peaceful protesters and not terrorists they said you have to remove your tent or you will be arrested and i want to move our we are strong we are acting on our own free will we are not beating from a buddy we are simply raising our own demands. on sunday the protest spread to many southern provinces including with an as similar city. at least two people were killed and dozens injured including security personnel out watching and it's about adequate security forces response was excessive it was disproportionate to the peaceful protest angry protests as many a bad was but live ammunition was fired at protesters. some of been attacking
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offices of major political parties but bus rides main port and the airport and niger have reopened a novelty or have done a lot if we disrupt the oil production everyone will run to us including the us and respond to our demands do not push us to the limits so far we are peacefully demonstrating in these protests are merely a warning and without it. we have the residence of pastor and not infiltrators were simply raising our demands which are clean water electricity basic services and jobs are peaceful protests are met with bullets. iraq senior cleric has supported the demonstrators grand ayatollah sistani says people facing extreme lack of services. are the leading contender to. the new government after a contested election earlier this year has sent a delegation to basra he asked people to protect public property a great prime minister had a law but he has tried to offer ten thousand jobs in basra and pledged three billion dollars for education health water and other public areas but so far it's
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failed to convince people who say they don't trust any of the politicians some of a job with their six children and two adult loggers have suffocated inside a shipping container in northwestern libya ninety others were found in a critical condition in the same drug they've been over to say the luggage has been locked inside the shipping container for a long time and investigation into the deaths has begun one of the watches journalists on trial in myanmar for obtaining state secrets has told the court he hasn't broken any laws while lone was arrested alongside his colleague who in december he says they're being punished for reporting on the killing of ten ranger men and boys steadfast and has more from bangkok finally it was his time to speak after being detained for seven months and a pretrial that lasted nearly as long as journalists well known for the first time
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got a chance to tell the judge just what happened on this number twelve two thousand and seventeen. that's the day he and his colleague chelsea were arrested after being invited for dinner by police officers and were handed secret documents. the measure illinois where are testified in court today that are contracted with tell you in order to cover a ballot story and study abroad operating ethics we tried to contact the person in charge regarding a story in order to be balanced in covering the news he and his colleagues who are charged with violating myanmar's of facial secrets act the law dates back to the colonial era and can land them in prison for up to fourteen years the reuters reports were investigating the killing of ten men in the village of in then when they were detained their arrest is seen as a warning from the military to journalists not to investigate what happened during the crackdown against the muslim minority during the violence thousands of for him
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joe were killed and nearly seven hundred thousand fled to neighboring bangladesh a few weeks after the journalists were detained the government confirmed a massacre had happened in and the soldiers responsible were sent to prison for ten years while reuters has reported it was civilians who were executed in the village the military had sat they were terrorists since the crackdown media and me on my have come under a lot of pressure the case against a reuters journalist is seen as a test for press freedom in a country that started a fragile transition to democracy eight years ago. step fastened to syria bangkok. france's world cup winning footballers have returned from russia to a hero's welcome these are the scenes of the show's uneasy in the capital paris as hundreds of thousands turned out to greet them france beat croatia four two in sunday's final to become world champions for the second time we've also had
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a private audience with the french president emmanuel hall. croatia's losing finalists also arrived home and being given a hero's welcome these are the scenes on route from the airport to the capital zagreb as hundreds of thousands of people greeted the players become national heroes of the past month gratian were playing in just their sixth world cup and of the third smallest population of the thirty two teams in the tournament. china the united states and russia have been warned by european leaders not to start a trade war european council president donald tusk made the comments during talks in beijing with trade dominating the agenda in the wake of a number of u.s. tariffs adrian brown reports from beijing. just ten days after the start of a trade war between china and the united states a timely summit in beijing china's leaders are hosting the european union's top
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officials one of whom had an urgent plea directed at china as well as the united states and russia the decision come on duty. of europe and china. america and russia not to destroy his old. butts to improve if. not still starts through a divorce. which turned into a hot conflict so often in our history china's leadership wants a united front against u.s. president donald trump's trade policies and is hoping for an ally in the e.u. which is also quarrelling with trump over trade as well as defense to the u.s. trade friction is the problem between us china doesn't want to trade well with the u.s. we think there is no winner from a trade war any actions of violate the world trade organization rule serve the interests of no one. even though e.u. officials disagree with president trump very main wary about being part of
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a coalition against that because many european business executives here also share trump's concerns about doing business in china china's leaders have promised to further open their economy to foreign investors the message from the e.u. officials on monday we hope you mean it this time china has made strong pleas to keep markets open and fight protectionism this is reassuring to the e.u. and its business community however we would like to see these encouraging words translated into more concrete action from china to further open up investment even before the trade war began ten days ago china's economy was starting to slow a monday figures showed the growth fell slightly from six point eight to six point seven percent in the last quarter factory output was at its lowest in two years most of what these factories produce are for export which for now underpins china's
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economy but a protracted trade war could slow growth by much more adrian brown al jazeera beijing. irish nationalists are holding a solidarity rally in belfast it follows days of unrest in northern ireland including an attack on the home of the former irish nationalists leader gerry adams or doris lee is in belfast first learned what's it's actually about. well i think it's worth saying what it's not about first of all clearly summer is always a very difficult time in northern ireland for a lot of different reasons but it's not the case that this was an attack on the form of sinn fein leader gerry adams probe it is loyalist it is accepted by the national leadership that this appears to have been potentially in its act against him by hard core elements of the irish republican movement dissatisfied with what they see is gerry adams having sold him so. bye bye the pursuance of the peace
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process there is a small rumble geology public movement known as the realize which actually wants wants to return to conflicts and what we've seen over the last few nights in what they call derry londonderry nights nights of rioting seeming to have been coordinated by these people where they got childrens against roseanne's the police seemingly hoping the police might but i can fire and then a missile fired at gerry adams house which seems to come from the same the same sort of people and so it's a fracture inside the republican movement their chin fine leadership behind me there is speaking to this this crowd of ours nationalists in west belfast saying to them you've got to police your own community we've got to stop these people from setting the agenda and if he's in the situation in northern irish politics what is a total power vacuum for eighteen months now with no functioning government and the fear from these people is that the hard core elements they want to resolve of the armed struggle will try to exploit that power vacuum and then now having to try to
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stop it themselves and how does this play against the backdrop of question marks about the hard border and bret's it. well it's i mean we know and we've spoken to republicans also aliza around the border in places like derry who say they realise i would like nothing more than a hard blow to the comeback so they can open fire at it as a way of salt in the struggle again and the enormous difficulty of the bridge come it's got itself into and they the lack of clarity over that is yet another problem that these people are going to face clearly if you don't want to start the armed struggle again you don't want to chance a wall in northern ireland then keeping the border open is absolutely crucial for that and the the lack of clarity from the british government as well as the power vacuum in northern ireland is yet another problem for this constituency to have to deal with frank you very much. they were the sole news or more ahead for you including former u.s. president barack obama visits his ancestral village in kenya with
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a message of reconciliation. and back to school early for children in this occupied west bank community as the threat of israeli bulldozers ludes. hello there we still think some heavy downpours over parts of georgia at the moment this area of cloud has been with us for a good while now and it's also giving us some shop showers over parts of turkey and further north into the southern parts of russia you can see some more bright white areas of cloud there just for me over the black sea over the last hour or so now we're expecting more showers here as we head through the day on choose day and again some of those could be quite heavy eventually though on wednesday looks like they're finally beginning to break up then there's a chance of want to shout perhaps in the northern parts of iran but elsewhere is just halts as you'd expect at this time of year so backed up there put around forty
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four degrees a bit further towards the south and the winds here in doha will be feeding down from the northwest over the next few days and that's good news in a way because that's a draw a direction for the air so it looks like it won't be too few minutes but it will be hot so around forty five degrees will be our maximum temperature there as we head through tuesday and wednesday to the south coast of oman there will be a bit more cloud hey it could just squeeze out one or two shout but i think for most of us it will be drawing just a bit grey at times they will say be more clouds around the coast of yemen as well down towards the southern parts of africa where some fairly heavy rain here that's working its way across the western parts of south africa but it's fizzling out there as we head into cheese day. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream
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shared why so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and desist. yeah i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. fresh perspectives new possibility. see and this gentleman is a little north of the public support debates and discussions when you see tough questions like this what comes to mind how do you respond to people how global could al-jazeera say award winning programs. around the globe. she's here at.
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her mind of the top stories here. donald trump has denied colluding with russian president vladimir putin to win the twenty sixteen presidential election saying his success was due to his brilliant campaign trouble so praised his historic one on one meeting with putin as constructive saying it opened a new pathways for peace. process as world cup winning football squad arrived home to a hero's welcome huge crowds gathered in paris to greet the players were crowned champions to sunday's four two win over croatia. and their trip has reopened its embassy in ethiopia in the latest sign. relations between the former. joins us from. central england thanks for being with us so tell us why this.
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at this point why is it taken so long and what changed for them to be able to come together like this. in the last twenty years. to meet with. me to. take the. country's. prime minister. made. the. decision this is me.
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maybe. that was it at the top level as a reconciliation what about the people on the ground in the areas that were contested they on board with this or is there still a possibility that they could. be against it in the longer run. i think. the way in which people. here. does not necessarily. mean. countries but i think it's important. to be sensitive in terms of how you.
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finally. talk about this about the economic impact this will have on both sides. you cannot mean. you cannot be. exporting. economically speaking. thank you very much indeed for joining us with your expertise and something thank you. i mean on friday west bank
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palestinian school is having to start its new six weeks early because if it is demolition it's located in a small bedouin community. which israel wants to build so it can expand a settlement stephanie decker reports. their summer holidays been cut short but none of these children seem too bothered they will know why they are here. so that we have people inside the school so the israelis won't demolish it. a sally lives a ten minute walk away over the mountain this school doesn't only serve one but it's the only school in the area for these bedouin children. we want to demolish the whole community and transport us and take the land the israeli supreme court will set a day to respond to an appeal to stop the demolition by the fifteenth of august and as of today with the clearing of the opening of the next scholastic you should have started on the first of september but rather today on the sixteenth of july we
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decided to launch its will to proceed any attempt on the part of the occupation forces to knock down the school it's not just the school which is our predestination but this entire village looks like a small basic and unimportant bedouin community that when it comes to this conflict it is all about land and who has access to palestinians tell you what is happening here is indicative of a wider israeli policy to push palestinians off this land and replace them with israeli settlers we need an israeli student he's come from tel aviv to see for himself what is happening here i mean it's an obvious strategy to try to push. communities into cities and expand the settlements around here and basically clear for potential cities to jewish israeli cities settlements to expand and in the meantime make life of palestinian harder and harder that's already apparent just by
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looking around here the large illegal israeli settlements and smaller outposts overshadow the scattered bedouin communities the bedouin have been here since the one nine hundred fifty s. and they don't want to leave but they say israel is doing everything it can to change that stephanie decker al-jazeera. former u.s. president barack obama has urged kenya's leaders to come ethnic tensions during his first visit to his father's birth country since leaving office is helping his half sister launch a sports and training center in their ancestral village of kogelo earlier obama met kenya's president who can yet or is heading to south africa next to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of nelson mandela we know that real progress depends on addressing the challenges that remain that means rooting out the corruption that we can civic life it means no longer seeing
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different ethnicities as enemies or rivals but rather as allies and seeing the diversity of tribes not as a weakness but as a strength the u.s. national association for the advancement of colored people is holding its one hundred ninth annual convention in texas this year's focus is encouraging more people to vote ahead of important midterm congressional elections in november what is your castro is at the conference in san antonio how do you what's the and the main concern at the moment. well or it's printed right on the banner behind me defeat hate vote the first piece of that there has been a concerning uptick in hate crimes in the last year and a half two years ago united states and of course and mission is to not only combat that but also to organize and inspire african-americans to turn outrage into change
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and i'm joined by our guests here mr leon russell who is the chair man of the end. can you tell me what your concern is as far as the relationship that the end of c p c's between this uptick in hate crimes and the rise of the trump administration quite frankly we see. the fact that when mr trump went into the white house we began to hear the dog whistles of racism we see evidence beginning from the start with the band with the muslim band of racism and xenophobia creeping in we've seen and the creasing effort by the administration when it deals with this question of immigration which should be simple we should just come up with a. equally accessible immigration policy for all folks who need to come who want to come to the united states but instead we see all kinds of really races reasons. reasons that kind of remind me as i said last night of the otherness
9:41 pm
that african-americans experienced earlier in this country's history where people are did not i because of where they come from or that this is for us that would be a zip code so we see this discrimination at every level but we also see not just what we interpret but what we hear we had first of all with mr bannon in the white house a person who goes after he leaves the white house to france and says be proud of your nationalism be proud of your zina phobic attitudes so we see that policy has been being made by people who actually have those kinds of attitudes and then the immigration policy mr miller obviously is an immigrant and that means everybody and they want to american voters what do they take it from there how are you trying to inspire members to make some sort of difference the first thing we're saying to
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folks is look at this realize that all of us are immigrants ultimately all of us were part of a community that was considered the other when we first entered this country and understand that when this kind of rhetoric when this kind of attitude is being utilized in the public policy making a arena it is going to negatively impact all areas of our population and i know many are looking at the upcoming midterm elections and saying black voters may make a difference but the same was said in two thousand and sixteen when hillary clinton in the democratic party lost the presidency so how do you notice. fellow black voters to actually go to the polls come november well i think we all have to remember that hillary clinton lost the presidency even though she had a plurality over over three million voters but with respect to black voters there was
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a fall off there's and we don't appreciate that fall off from our community and we're telling them hey you need to be aware of the issues we need to help you understand the issues not who to vote for but what we need you to understand is you have a total impact on who becomes a policy maker in this nation and you need to understand that and you need to be after using that influence which is your vote and certainly that is the message thank you so much mr russell that is a message and a double a c.p. is trying to call alaska here in their annual convention and then spread around the country as a midterm elections come up in november lauren i do your question thank you very much indeed well asia's new government has been sworn in law here country's first transition of power in sixty one he is or is hoffa a member of members of parliament a new faces among them as prime minister. is expected to crack down on corruption
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and political interference in the legal system there is new reports from quote unquote. it's the first sitting of parliament since malaysians voted in a new government in may it's led by ninety three year old mahathir mohamad the former prime minister who made a return to politics several years ago it's also the first time that m.p.'s from. the former ruling coalition that govern this country from more than sixty independents find themselves on the opposition. among them is former prime minister . who was arrested earlier this month and charged with several counts of corruption . ten million dollars from a government company this. is the people i want to serve the people i want to. talk to. in a way to help to democracy his party's shock defeat in the last election is widely thought to be due in part to his alleged involvement in a corruption scandal surrounding the state investment fund set up called. the new
9:45 pm
administration has promised to prosecute all those involved and recover the billions of stolen dollars many will be looking to the government to repeal laws such as the. act widely seen as an attempt to stifle discussion on one end. also be expected to deliver on its promise to implement institutional reforms some of the laws is constitutional reform some need. new laws some amendments and some actually i mean straight so we will have to take them in stages but i'm very confident that. to actually see. from this in the menu for instance in a departure from the norm the government elected a former appeals court judge who has no active involvement in politics as speaker of the house there was a brief walkout by opposition members of parliament in protest against the
9:46 pm
government's nomination of speaker for the lower house that's perhaps an indication of some of the challenges ahead for the new government. a pro opposition group says it plans to hold a protest on tuesday against one of the parties in the ruling coalition accusing it of being. florence al-jazeera. the british prime minister to resign mayer has been criticized for bowing to pressure from brits its supporters in her conservative party to accept key changes to a customs bill the amendments relate to trading across u.k. e.u. borders after britain leaves the bloc in march twenty ninth critics say may is wrong to accept the amendments one of which could stop the u.k. from collecting terrorists for the e.u. they insist the changes are consistent with her plan we know from our discussions with you and other industries how friction at the border would not just jeopardize the uniquely integrated supply chains and just in time processes on which millions of jobs and livelihoods depend but how divergence in regulations could result in
9:47 pm
complex and expensive multiple tests for different markets exporters had in the news now. it may not look that impressive but this piece of concrete is the spots where the cats are twenty twenty two world cup will kick off.
9:48 pm
proper sport not touching honors and. thanks lauren as you've been hearing
9:49 pm
a wild caught when is fran's have been celebrating that triumph with the fans in paris off to beating croatia for two in sunday's final in russia that would jubilant scenes as the team returned to the french capital and showed off the trophy to thousands of supporters on a patch ahead of a presidential reception at daly's a palace that was similar celebrations in paris when france won the world back in one nine hundred ninety eight but many of these players were just young children then and stoss try to claim him back when he wasn't even born. creation's world cup team has returned home to a hero's welcome to fans turned out in their thousands to greet them in zagreb on monday only has a population of four million people and their runners up form and in the competition it's being described as that biggest sporting success ever they beat england to reach what was that first half a world cup for. the wild copout
9:50 pm
a host of standout individual performers as well although luca moderate ended up on the losing side in the final his contributions to courageous run saw him win the golden ball as the player of the tournament nineteen year old killing them back paid four goals for france including one in the final so him named best young player. harry kane a became the second englishman after gary lineker in one thousand nine hundred eighty six to win the golden boot has scored six goals in russia and belgium t.-bo courtois won the golden gloves as the best goalkeeper keeping three clean shades along the way over the last five weeks hundreds of thousands of fans and a few hundred footballers have made russia their higher it was the host nation that was unexpectedly good on the pitch and where the people showed the world it could be the venue for
9:51 pm
a global party as well as international politics and the riches and reports from moscow. this is igor the eagle newly named in honor of the soaring performances of russian goalkeeper eagle ack in favor of the world cup and the number one attraction at moscow's do you lean you lose your strong strong well our team have never played like this and we wanted to celebrate our brilliant goalkeeper eagle i can fair an eagle is similar to a keeper with its quick reactions and sharp eyes he hopes but we never expected russia to do so well now it would be unfair to describe igor's a legacy project but his name is just one of the many unexpected consequences of this world cup the bigger question is once all the fans and footballers are flying home what's of true value and importance aside from a goal will be left behind. russia has spent billions of dollars on new stadiums that will benefit some elite level teams but photographer novikov has chosen to
9:52 pm
spend the last six years focusing his lens on the sort of pitches where world cup stars would fear to tread he says the lack of basic facilities for many young players is a problem untouched by these finals i found out that many facilities for football now in the country. from soviet times you can see the stadiums and even previously the professional teams are as many spectators. amount of people who go to stadiums and. people and all the infrastructure and facilities is not well. developed. the event has given many russians a rare chance to meet fans from all over the world and for preconceptions to change on both sides and usually relaxed police presence actively giving the green light to a five week moscow st party journalist eery supper can believe something new meaning
9:53 pm
for the memories will be left behind oh well i've never seen anything like this before the constant celebrations the whole of the way first of all for a carnival it's a new feeling the feeling that the people are connected not to. the channels not. the people sitting in kremlin but to the people on the football field. this is being a world where real life connections made by football fans. rather than social media noise made by politicians has been the story and the richardson al jazeera moscow. all eyes are now on the next ties qatar as they prepare for the tournament in twenty twenty two the gulf country will host. first wild caught in the middle east join the guys at asco went behind the scenes to take a look at how preparations are going. it may not look that impressive but this
9:54 pm
piece of concrete is the spots where the cats are twenty twenty two world cup will kick off it can also be seen as symbolic of this country's solid determination to make this tournament a success as it enters the second year blockade imposed on it by its gulf neighbors initially that prevented some construction material from getting into cattle but organizers now say that all eight stadiums are on schedule with all of them ready to years before the world cup kicks off frankly speaking it hasn't affected construction on the site there were materials originally sourced from people came in countries however those are not the only sources of material there are plenty of other alternatives and we quickly diverted our sourcing to other places the world and other shipping routes things are back on track instantly so the factory. let's say will stadium maybe here will host the opening game and the final and when
9:55 pm
it's finished in around two years' time it will seat around eighty thousand spectators now with the tournament being moved to december it also means those fans will avoid the kind of summer heat that we're experiencing today as part of its winning bid council promised to take apart many of the stadiums set the end of the world cup and send sections to developing countries to help them grow the game of course that's only part of the legacy cattles leaders and world cup organizes a still hoping football can bring this region closer together football always has a has a way of bringing people together sport in general does look when it comes to the point of view of the state of qatar we haven't stopped anybody from entering qatar we are the ones that have taken the decision to cut ties or to blockade anybody. of firm. well come from the blockade and countries are welcome i really hope above everything else that people will walk away with a true sense of what our hospitality is middle east of us dollars he is unique and
9:56 pm
goes above and beyond and in all regards and i really hope that people will feel that i'm fairly confident that they will so one of the next global festival of football will make history in the arab world it also comes with its own unique set of political goals. the twenty eighteen while the cop might not have gone to plan for portugal captain christiana rinaldo bought his already looking ahead to his next challenge earlier on monday when although was been officially unveiled as the event is playing the former realm a dread striker underwent a medical at his new club and greeted his many fans into him shortly off to woods when i signed for the italian giants on a four year contract that was worth one hundred seventeen million dollars ending his nine year stay at real madrid he said he's looking forwards to this next
9:57 pm
chapter in his career more so. that. i prefer to think of me in the present tense so the present is very clear i enjoy football and i'm still rather young i have always liked challenges in my life so from sporting to manchester to re-add and then you ventus and so it was a dream career challenges a part of my life and i think this new challenge will be as good as the others. ok that is all with ball for now one hundred bucks lauren in london. tatiana thank you very much indeed a quick reminder you can always catch up with all the stories we're covering by checking out our website that is out there dot com and you watch us live by clicking on the live. set from a first news hour and will be hit with another full run of the day's news place watching.
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where were you when this idea popped into it whether online it's undoubtedly chief goal of poverty and inequality in our society today or if you joined the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like for you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice of allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on our .
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al-jazeera. with them for your. bit of a strange day to start decent if you would just heard the city of aleppo has fallen . or should we say liberated. one tool for astonishing stories toads and their own words how did you know who to trust and not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera.
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the question of russia into fairness in the u.s. elections dominates as president has a highly anticipated one on one meeting with vladimir putin. some of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up welcoming home that welcome paris france's triumphant football team parades down the seans of these a. another step towards peace off to twenty years of conflict eritrea it reopens its embassy in ethiopia.


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