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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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people living in gaza by further restricting the flow of goods into the territory and banning all fuel imposed abu salim crossing the fishing zone opened to boats from gaza has also been half to three nautical miles chance traffic reports. trunks gather at the column border post it's the only official crossing for goods and fuel into gaza from israel but the israeli government has now all but closed it it says it will let food and medicine in on a case by case basis but is not a fuel essential for powering gaza's basic services many of the almost two million people here only get electricity for four to six hours a day and half a minute for the most serious then you know this fuel blockade doesn't last because it will cause hundreds of problems and life will stop sewage and rubbish will pile up and other projects will come to an end people will not be able to go to work the ministry of health will not be able to treat patients and official in gaza city
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will say tells us that gaza needs around seven hundred thousand liters of gasoline and diesel every day just to meet its basic needs now with these new restrictions by israel that fuel simply isn't coming in anymore of course gaza is have already suffered twelve years of israel's land and sea blockade in these latest restrictions come after the worst escalation of violence between hamas and israel since the two thousand and fourteen war. israel says it launched dozens of air strikes at hamas targets in the gaza strip in response to palestinian protesters launching kites or balloons carrying molotov cocktails across its gaza fence hamas responded by launching around two hundred rockets mortars and incendiary devices and egyptian brokered cease fire was announced on saturday night israel says fires caused by the coyotes have destroyed more than ten thousand hectares of crops and
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private land in recent weeks has also put further restrictions on gaza's fishing industry reducing the area fishermen can work in from six to within three nautical miles is just amazing to at least fifty thousand families are in some way involved in fishing in gaza. has been decreasing our fishing area for years they have killed and injured fishermen and confiscated forty five boats they are trying to get us out of to say and put the economic pressure on gaza. between hamas and the israeli military is holding but hamas says it can stop every palestinian from protesting using the kites and balloons israel says it will continue to target them until they stop. gaza still to come on the program bearing. on the government. still suffering from
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post-traumatic stress following separation. alor is still coated new south wales a.c.t but the cloud you see sweeping across a produce some pretty spectacular skies over melbourne and stormy weather to the south particularly over towns mania but to be honest most of the continent is enjoying fine weather by day with the sun had pretty cold and frosty nights but the clouds gathering again through the bite it's just touching the south of western australia so it means cloudy skies are the dull skies typically in the lead at least in the mornings in perth and then take a cloud producing rain in adelaide in fact all the way down the coast and edging in
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towards victoria again in the next day or so and likely to cover tasmania now we've had a day of fine weather in new zealand but there's more cloud curving it's way in to the north once again including all clint and it will start to settle in during wednesday and a whole line of cloud develops potential for rain on the west coast of both islands during thursday far and beyond that for most of the western side the pacific is looking fine until you get a bit further north because an active weather some pretty stormy weather heavy rains of brief flooding in beijing in the last day or so and the showers are still potentially there but for the korean peninsula and all of japan is pretty warm and sunny. the promise of peace in the middle east not. enough but a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center of the palestinian struggle
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. now more than forty years after to stablish mind how far as the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian home. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. welcome back or longer of the top story on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump backtracked from his defense of russia over election meddling claims saying in misspoke iraq's prime minister has a show protesters and we all wish so than me that he will address the concerns of the public services unemployment and an investigation has revealed documents
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detailing an expensive lobbying effort by the u.a.e. in person and the united states. un it's human rights office is calling for an end to the use of lethal force against demonstrators in nicaragua it says the police and security forces have to chip and protest us and imprisoned people without due process and estimated three hundred mostly anti-government demonstrators have been killed since protests began in april reports. family members are burying twenty year old jayden vasquez on friday he was one of dozens of students and trenched inside a church for more than fifteen hours as paramilitary for. his shot at them. his family says he was hit by a bullet from an a k forty seven according to other students agonized for more than an hour. to take out the wounded friday night he was not one of them
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died on saturday morning as the siege at the church continued. we feel helpless seeing our brothers getting killed and we can't do anything because we don't have weapons to defend ourselves and we don't really want them because nicaragua is no place for civil war. the government says students and other political opponents are terrorists and coup plotters and are responsible for the deaths of policemen during the crisis on this mast men who are supporting the government say they will attack anyone who builds a barricade rights groups accuse them of going around the country terrorizing the population. they say paramilitary and government supporters have attacked members of the national dialogue group sabotaging the resolution to the crisis but only. with this policy the government is not contributing to a peaceful resolution it's creating obstacles yours them to open child for real
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dialogue. nearly three months of protests around the country have left more than three hundred people dead and many say the crisis is far from over many analysts say the government doesn't really want to negotiate they say it will continue to respond to protests with the use of force as they did here at the church where the students took cover when you're like well i feel i can say categorically that the government has obstructed dialogue the talks are going nowhere the government doesn't want to negotiate they would rather the talks broke down completely. political opponents say president and his wife vice president do you want to hold onto power indefinitely but the president's allies say or they just term in office ends in two thousand and twenty one and they will stay. friends of general baskets pleaded to fight the president until he leaves office in this small
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cemetery of the capital they buried their friend singing the national anthem farewell for their fallen hero. and now when we get our. i got a mole in woman arrested on entering the u.s. says her son is suffering from trauma after he was separated from her at the texas border in may your london de la cruz has now been reunited with jeremy and says her family has legitimate asylum claims she's been speaking to kristen salute me four year old jeremy isn't the same since he got to the united states he still likes to draw favorite color blue but he wakes up in the night grasping for his mother yolanda the two were reunited just days ago in an airport six weeks after getting arrested for crossing the u.s. border illegally yonder describes the moment she was taken from her child by border patrol agents. my son stayed there sitting and i said i'll be back and he started
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to scream calling mommy mommy but i couldn't go back. there were other children there my son was the smallest. they had traveled from guatemala and tried to file for asylum at official points of entry in texas she says she was turned away three times before deciding to try to cross illegally jeremy was held with other children first by immigration and customs enforcement in texas then he was sent to a private facility contracted by the government in arizona you wonder didn't talk to her son for thirty days or more. traumatized by what happened he has nightmares wets the bed and he tells me please don't send me back to that place. her lawyer gustava terra's accuses federal officials of using thousands of children like jeremy for political gain if you want to break the law yes it was
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a misdemeanor or felony it was a misdemeanor. the germy break any law no he paid for it and he will continue to pay for it one federal judge says with the trumpet ministration did is unconstitutional another says authorities have until july twenty six to reunite some twenty five hundred or so children who are separated from their parents at the border but the trump administration isn't backing down from the zero tolerance policy of prosecuting anyone who crosses the border illegally and advocates fear that these immigrants once reunited will be deported without due process modest says she and her son were threatened by gang members but attorney general jeff sessions announced on june eleventh that domestic violence and gang violence are no longer grounds for asylum she was released from jail with an ankle monitoring device and ordered to check in with immigration officials in september did you know about the zero tolerance policy before you came to she said she would not have come
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if she knew her child would be taken from her but that was not her understanding of how things work in america kristen salumi al jazeera east orange new jersey. there's a growing corruption scandal in peru after five judges and magistrates were apparently had an audiotape favorable rulings in exchange for financial incentives. is now i three month state of imagine as the matter is investigated only reports. this was the first arrest but a corruption scandal has been brewing over the proving judiciary from building a week on friday five judges were suspended and the justice minister was sacked i don't. want it all started with is released by website idea ripple terrell's and the panorama t.v. programme which appeared to reveal a network of bribes limb fluence peddling judge will to rios was to be one of the
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leaders. to hear the rest of the president of the superior court of justice of k.l. is a good reaction from the very justice system itself however we believe that more arrests need to be made. to find out it's a big test for recently appointed president martin b. scouter who pledged to cut out corruption after his predecessor. was also brought down by on the cover recordings he's called together a group of legal experts to plan a judicial reform. the justice system must not and cannot be an instrument in the service of dark powers but it must have the basic conditions for equal access but all citizens to it. to the proven public it's yet another failure of authorities to deal with the rampant top level corruption of the last five presidents before this got a two faced charges well was jailed one resigned just before an impeachment. this
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shows that we defeated the dictatorship but we did not defeat the political system that they organized now the latest incumbent is facing the up. of beginning to restore through viewed stroke john hoeven how does either. former u.s. president barack obama has paid tribute to nelson mandela's vision for democracy and social inclusion during a special event marking one hundred years since the anti-apartheid leader's birth record obama spoke of the universal opinion of mandela's message and its people around the world to respect human rights through sacrifice and unwavering leadership. and perhaps most of all through his moral example mandela. and the movement he led would come to signify something larger that came to embody the universal aspirations of this possessed people all around
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the world the hopes for a better life the possibility of a moral transformation in the conduct of human affairs wednesday ceremony paid to the man many believed hills south africa when nelson mandela became president in one thousand nine hundred four the moment the birth of the rainbow nation but as her most awesome approaches many challenges still remain in a post mandela south africa. attended the truth and reconciliation commission hearings in south africa shortly after apartheid ended she wanted to find out why government soldiers shot her brother at a train station in one thousand nine hundred three she was never really told the truth about why he died and says she can't forgive and forget she's now part of a group where people like her me to try and find a way to heal really wanted you know there were three bodies that lay on the side of the tracks the had been shot a week later we were told his remains were at
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a mortuary i had to go through body bags looking for him. nelson mandela so that for his first black democratically elected leader made reconciliation a priority of his presidency one of his biggest achievements was his role in city of the truth and reconciliation commission it investigated crimes committed during apartheid on both sides to try and unify a racially divided nation political analysts say it worked to a certain extent at that time there was uncertainty by the country's future and whether the different races could live together but more than twenty years later south africa still struggles with the race and other challenges that actions in the ruling african national congress threaten to defy the continent's oldest liberation movement millions of black south africans continue to live in shanty towns with little access to running water electricity quality healthcare now also mandela's legacy of father and and reconciliation has been threatened or will be years by social conflict in south africa this country has one of the highest rates of
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inequality in the world the poor black majority said they want jobs and land some south africans feel the promises of a better life for all made in one thousand nine hundred four haven't materialized in many countries fifty percent. and are they going to see employment in their lifetime it's a question that needs to be arsed repeatedly some young people born after apartheid are starting to ask questions about whether mandela spent too much time focusing on reconciliation instead of improving conditions for the poor. and others in her group say they admire mandela's willingness to forgive people even those who refuse to apologize for the crimes they committed during apartheid she says she still trying to find that strain and hopes today's leaders work harder to build a more racially and economically inclusive south africa the kind of country some say mandela would have wanted to see. is there now when there's
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a heat wave in the city of los angeles it's not just the people relying to go for a swim to cool off this brown but also took the plunge to try to get some respite from the hot weather by heading into his back go pull the animal our estimate shallows just enjoying the water before getting it. jetting to say if anyone had noticed the secret swim. making it's a scary along a wall and overhead. well sanjay's play said animal werefor officials later apprehended about. along through tests in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has been forced to backtrack from his defense on russia
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relegations of election meddling there was outrage from all passes and intelligence agencies over a chance comments following a summit with the russian president on how sinking he now says he accepts intelligence communities conclusion there washer have meddled in the elections but he maintains their actions have no impact on the result. i have full faith and support for america's great intelligence agencies always had. i have felt very strongly that while russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election let me be totally clear in saying that and i've said this many times i accept our intelligence community conclusion that russia is battling the two thousand and sixteen election took place. of the people also. a lot of people out there. iraq's prime minister. the house promised to address the
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concerns of protesters in the south of the country. back to rubber hose this. hundred fifty protesters who gathered outside failed the city of basra since demonstrations began days ago protesters have attacked government buildings brunches own political parties and even the international airports in the jeff the u.k. based investigative agency has obtained documents revealing an expensive lobbying effort by the u.a.e. in britain and the united states and i just secret meetings which was crown prince some of them british prime minister david cameron with threats to pull out of billions of dollars worth of deals unless the u.k. designated the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization israel is tightening. million people living further restricting the flow of goods into the territory is bound all fuel imposed
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through the soul commercial crossing into gaza as a top story from me but stay with us p.l.o. history of the revolutions next. getting to the heart of the matter if well stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera are fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. to cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera
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. in one nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. with the prospect of a new order in the region the p.l.o. needed to shift emphasis from revolution to negotiation. but the new political forces were making their presence felt within palestinian society. threatening the
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role and relevancy of the p.l.o. . people following the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war u.s. president george bush and his secretary of state james baker decided it was high time to resolve the problems in the middle east they devised a formula to bring the reluctant israel to the negotiating table i think bush was was really annoyed and he he and baker came up with this idea which i thought was actually quite quite smart and said you can have the loans but only if you agree to a complete freeze on settlements because we are not going to subsidize policies in the west bank that we oppose in the u.s. congress baker increase the pressure on the israelis goading them to call it's going to take some really good faith affirmative effort on the part of our good friends in israel and if we don't get it and if we can't get it quickly. i
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have to tell you mr levine that that. everybody over there should know that the telephone number is one two zero two four five six fourteen fourteen when you're serious about peace call us. the american strategy worked and israeli and arab delegations attended the peace conference in the spanish capital madrid in october one thousand nine hundred one. although p.l.o. leader yasser arafat was not invited he was well represented by palestinian negotiators from gaza and the west bank. kept a tight rein on the palestinian negotiators and they made sure they told the party line and a shot of laughing at fifty thousand. well that can shut a liberal shut up if israel and i can admit that the speech delivered by hided obvious chef in madrid was written by hand and i strongly and the bill. and i come honey you contributed to it but in the end it was faxed to tunis and we waited till
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morning until by return facts we got arafat's blessing with notes and amendments in his handwriting. the americans and the spanish new place after the madrid conference further negotiations continued in washington away from the media spotlight secret talks were also held between israeli and palestinian officials. in april one thousand nine hundred two a plane carrying yes an artifact crashed in the new view as an. artifact survived. but the crash highlighted the lack of any clear successor to the palestinian leader but. the transition of power was becoming an increasingly important matter in the palestinian territories islamist factions which were not members of the p.l.o. were steadily building a solid base of support. they were vocally opposed to the negotiations artifact was
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conducting with israel. of the figure of. the physical system that is the enemy of the ideas in madrid if people would see if one of the at least there were many were also violent as well as these them. many palestinians shared such views unconvinced that negotiations with israel would lead to a breakthrough aware of the skepticism on a fad gave the go ahead to a secret channel of talks in the norwegian capital oslo. yes it out of five women to get all out of strategy was to open many channels and that many people try to achieve something there he keeps his windows open and they waits the incoming when the end result is what's important not the person or persons delivering the goods. on august twentieth one thousand nine hundred three israeli and palestinian negotiators reached a cordon also agreeing to a framework for resolving their decades long conflict the oslo accords were
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announced to the work. hamas was quick to condemn the accords. it was a first sign of the growing divide between hamas and the p.l.o. . on september thirteenth one thousand nine hundred three israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin and p.l.o. leader yasser arafat shook hands and sealed the deal at the white house. the children of abraham the descendants of isaac and ishmael have embarked to gather on a bold journey. together today with all our hearts and all our souls we've been shallow so long. thank you i thank you we would fold against you you publish. and we say to you dig
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in the old leave the voice. off. t.v. and not. my not mock at the said. you got to say you got us that ya sob. had to step up and put you. down not just said. but who just said i mean i did what share my it was the first time this really kind of christ leaders had come face to face was. condemnation of the hostile record spread like wildfire throughout the.
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my. i. feel bad that you know me that's what. on this black day hello betrays the blood of the martyrs who fell for their homeland. today the p.l.o. is harmed beyond belief its own people and sold out there right in their homeland palestine today the p.l.o. recognizes israel and acknowledges israeli sovereignty over the whole of historical palestine. no. withstanding these criticisms last all of which found supporters in the past i love my. face a lot of having most of the. faisel hussein and god rest his soul used to say that he had reservations about the all slow codes but he called it out child and that it was better for us to defend jerusalem from ramallah next door than defend it from far away trueness.
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but the peace process initiated by the oslo accord soon began to fall. on february twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred four goldstein a jewish extremist opened fire on palestinian worshippers in the main mosque of hebron killing twenty nine and handing one hundred fifty. was. just weeks later hamas responded with two suicide bombings inside israel killing fifteen survives. suicide attacks were to become a trademark tactic of. the mosque massacre and the suicide
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attacks did not preclude the signing of the gaza jericho agreement may ninety ninety four in which israel agreed gunder take withdrawals from those areas. in july nine hundred ninety four a lot of facts returned to gaza. he received a hero's welcome. it was the first time in twenty seven years that the p.l.o. leader returned to the homeland he had devoted his life trying to. return heralded the establishment of the palestinian national authority for p n a set up to fulfill the terms of the hostile records and administer the palestinian town. on a fat from the difficult to make the transition from the. leader of the liberation . i.
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built his authority on a totally teria bases the criteria for admission to the instruments of state was contention upon being a member of his fed the movement and recommendation of one of his security apparatus it was single party old with no accountability. as i refer to try to build the foundations of state he also needed to continue negotiations final status issues such as the status of jerusalem security borders and refugees remained on brazil. but the prime minister of israel at the time binyamin netanyahu maintained a hardline negotiating stance. it did not endure him to u.s. president bill clinton. well initially i mean he actually said after this first set of me it's one that you know ok. he left the room i said what is i think the
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superpower us he is and we're not. final status issues came back on the negotiating table following the election of a who'd back as israeli prime minister in one thousand nine hundred ninety but i quickly gained the ear of the u.s. president and brock's logic is. what do i need and why i want to get to a final status agreement with the palestinians by the time you president clinton leaves office that's what he tells them in august ninety nine when he visits but ox offer was for israel to withdraw from much of the west bank while keeping sovereignty over t. parts of jerusalem in two thousand he convinced clinton of the need to convene a meeting with on a fact in the united states to resolve the final issues one and he couldn't say no to the president he came with a profound suspicion and resentment suspicion that the americans and the israelis were going to present him with a fait accompli that he couldn't accept and resentment a day who'd brock who he believed had chased.


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