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i was there were like three more months but i do know well. a lot of work was oceans and women have worked for me and i have worked for them that it's very important for women to stay in the full force because like the common men if you're out for twenty six weeks chances are you're going to be out of the workforce all because what plumbing was very organizations carried on before you have women be a way for that law and to be high on it you know there's a whole slew of women that have come into the workforce you know that a lot be asking for the joke of the doctor and to take care of the mother in law. of the jail because the child is there are these all these social issues which are never discussed actually admit talking about figure they live in los and apologies to the shares in apologies to you but these are all statistics statistics if you
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had to be doing that well you know so i mean i think that i think what's so interesting about what you said is that twenty six weeks is too long and this is speaking as someone who is in the unit united states where we don't have any mandated maternity leave in that sounds like a dream but i want to i want to pick that apart a little bit and i'll throw that to you took me because i know you're nodding your head there if that is too long and that is the government's plan to help encourage women in the work place in the workforce what that is the answer. well i disagree that it's too long and i don't think that i am basically in leave because i'm in the position i think of it as if he's leading any cue. from any desire to take on me that even as not. complete and haven't suffered for it in fact even fraternity leaders and the same dead end of. and i would see that in ny and the customers mental disability he seems like really the minimum wages are
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increasingly. companies in another league his employees and only push back on them . completely or have a clue to go between the work of benefits and what employers who prefer i would run my country what i would want to supplement to. put movies be hanged security. and then let me just jump in there quickly as well. yes sorry just i don't you know support group he said because you know countries that have even more generous attorney benefits have even a much hyped just gratian rights and have been able to find that equilibrium. you know employs of course. you know supporting the this and of course it does tell some cost but also that the government and workers as well and it needs to be some sharing of those responsibilities and i think you know india is working towards that and that is a positive step but it's not the full picture of course in terms of the response is
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needed and it's certainly not you know to try and give a little fuller picture a lot of people talking about you know you mentioned a few other countries making comparisons perhaps to countries in the region but what about the western paradigm in all this then cat on twitter saying for example first of all western media should stop doing the role of women in society through prison and expect the life of women everywhere to follow the same trajectory as the west reason being modern west as a rights driven society whereas countries like india are duty bound society of course this is an argument we. here often with many issues in terms of you know the lens but then quickly before i hear from you anita on this tweet we just read chandra responding saying i would say that's a regressive thought rooted in our patriarchal society this idea that western culture would take over indian traditions no progress has ever been achieved anywhere in the world by keeping women within the four walls of home and what's wrong in following western culture if it's good for the nation and home i mean they are smiling. and i think that let's enjoy this and love it
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just that i think that role models are great i think work. developed west and all means especially in europe. is awesome seriously but the truth if it is that comparisons can only go so far we can use them as role models but we also have to look at the reality of india and yet you know if it is we have a very large population that is looking for well and if you extend since recoating about a maternity act and since many many people have lobbied and it would be very empty feminist and it would be very and you're going to criticize it but i have openly said that it's not a good day because eventually it will be women when you look at the big picture it really beetles and employers will push back and say we can do this they would not hire women they were not take the women by it's getting. she looks like he did to
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a dying to jump and then share here that it's right to take on this issue of norms and you know try and. see what the part would be for india you know i think it's important and you know those in india can confirm but you know and it is of young women in particular changed drastically over recent years with education and in the work that we did and it did it while i was very you know very fluid views on their aspirations and their desire to join the workforce in not you know in this arena western context for example starting their own businesses or becoming developed his eccentricities we should be careful to assume that you know social norms and the cultural rules are fixed in time because by. then i. should see the progress that is also being made in many areas oh sure you're actually if i ever look say but i think we need to scrutinize the laws and traditions and not saying we should
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accept the new one hundred. that aspirations of women aspirations of society are changing very rapidly and since i entered the workforce one nine hundred seventy which is a very long it's amazing it's amazing what women mean and it's such a joy. for us and it's such a shame that more. i mean because you know because you talked about the reality forgive me i want to just bring this up because we're getting live commentary about what that reality really love is like in india paul saying it's dangerous for example for women to travel to work do the treatment by indian men as perceived by media reports and then we also heard earlier from has son who said this hypersexual is a sign of the indian media landscape combined with the increasing penetration of smartphones has created extremely potent safe spaces and feedback loops indoctrinating and enabling someone a society defined by a heavily stratified social structure and he goes on to describe how you know it's
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a bit verbose but his point there being that it can have a positive and a negative effect do you think that's true in the hyper sexualized asian of women in media maybe we can ask cher is that is that one factor. well i don't know if i could comment on that. but i think it is true that safety is a concern and safety for women particularly this will act as a barrier so you know i would discourage women from from working or commuting to work etc so there out there are concerns that dictate the metro's around the safety of women you know maybe others are better you know position to comment on. the underlying issues around safety are concerning and the steps are being taken in cities to try to improve so if you security but these this remains a key challenge i could see written in any nodding their heads there i want to i want to bring up this week that we've got many and i'll track this to you this is from peter who is talking about something that i need to brought up she said we
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need to scrutinize our traditional norms so peter here says well a lack of support from families combined with stereotypical belief that women should be concerned with domestic chores more than the corporate world is playing into this i pulled up this headline here someone who might seem to agree from life meant the marriage penalty on women in india wrote me what i'm wondering though is that india is not unique in this we see this all over the world and indeed even in the united states and western countries so what is it that makes india unique. there's definitely a combination of issues that i think one thing that's important is that the the felted unarmed and the guys didn't notice fictions and then in some sense get felt about it and they can mention it again then. that is brought into it i think you know maybe talked about motives like station countries or even some other southeastern countries and such so it doesn't but i think that this that these
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numbers are being carried out in india this focus is being put on in europe because sometimes you know these issues on discuss what example and then they just. like the distance to the things of this and that people don't usually associate get that example had governing you know the people were not fit to speak about of this station there's this is equally a debate that should be happening in india you know distinctions i'm not women the ownership of. property all of that means on bank accounts essentially have to sort of usually just in the song distinction underpins our doesn't mean. how much how much is education factor into this and yet i'm curious because a lot of the comments we do have talked about educating women educating children education opportunities leading to to employment and conch on twitter says educating our brothers fathers friends is hard to do because of the taboo
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discussion but it is the only way we can dispel the myths around women hood women are brought up to think their existence burden society how is that empowering as our you're brought up and is not a factor in preventing women in the workforce. i was rather very differently i had a very progressive parents and no brothers in the family so there was no no need to favor one sex and with the other so i was one of the lucky ones but i think that is a tremendous school for awareness raising and many women's organizations and some men's sins are doing this in india but i want to point out something which i think is is quite deeply entrenched in indian society and molokai us this question will look really about what makes you need i don't know if you need is the work but it's a particular problem we have in any any society that is moving from a traditional and leap frogging into
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a modern society so in some ways you know we say we are empowering women we're giving them choices we're giving them education we're giving them degrees and skills and of course we can well do well they get to be equal to men ok we say all that but deep down there is a deep distrust of women and if we give them too much freedom what they're going to do with that if we allow them to work and make their own money are they going to become the bosses of men are they going to start families are out is it going to go to the head so in some ways it's a very schizo fenech kind of messaging that comes to women for example goes up well you can be whatever you want to be but we know that's not true because we lost in the share sink point it was you look at sexual harassment in the right section has spent in public transport on the street you know sort of there are all these obstacles that we must consider and i mean obviously our family structures and
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relationships and dynamics are shifting and all of that schizophrenia to use your word a mere want to say in the sharing one experience this is her personal experience in a joint family to go to. looking and to find hanley. and the present chinese. model or an experience handwritten and clearly imparting
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to her should be an equally important to the army to be able to provide jobs. to women who do want that. and that's again something entering sure that there is a significant percentage of women who are in. paid work life and the ability and health that you didn't tell you or anyone to believe will want to have that kind of need to be providing their. own incident and then. share yeah well i just you know that's that's really spot on because i would stress that word choice and i think no one is suggesting that women have to work because in the poorest countries in the world the labor force participation of women is the highest because they had no choice but to work it's really about the choice to go to work and also work decent work jobs productive jobs and so this is really the
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crux and i think you know porton positive trend has been the increased education of of girls and young women in india then a really important gains have been made in the two thousand during this period but that you know the the real challenge is once these young women have education and you know there's a passing you know boys in secondary school they're you know up to twenty six percent of circle for young women in tertiary education once they had this education how they're able to use it in terms of accessing better quality jobs in where they are and this is where you know these some of these constraints still matter so if you know rural part of india and you have some education what are your choices why are you going to have to move to a city or can you work me by and this is what i've heard also doing field work in hope parts of rural to predation you know the largest indian state in the north where expression rights are some of the laws you know i mean some of these poorest communities you know. girls are getting educated and this really blows it by this i
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mean well workwise allegations would be in this village or the next village that we are seeing there i have to pause there thank you so much for your thoughts and need to honor and rock many of us thank you for being part of our conversation that's all the time we have for now but of course you can continue this discussion by following us on twitter or act a.j. stream see you next time. zone. the at zero at the site.
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in different parts of the world and the impact they have on.
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we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. between the war in the border syrian civilians trying to flee to the occupied golan heights but will israel that the main.
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hello i'm without is there live from doha also coming out i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be how trump changed his tune the u.s. president admits the russians did interfere with the presidential election less than twenty four hours off the saying they didn't. i said the word would instead of what. the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't be. returning to normal life after the cave rescue the twelve dollars and the coach prepared to be discharged from hospital. and then the night. celebrating the seventeen or eleven legend south africa remembers the legacy of nelson mandela.
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now thousands of people are being bussed out of to northwestern syrian towns that have been. besieged by opposition fighters for more than four years the evacuation of food and fryer is part of a deal between the rebel groups and or a new faces who are backing the government around one hundred buses are taking pro-government feiss and their families to areas that are under the army's control in exchange the government is set to release hundreds of detainees and in the southern province of there are residents say it's like doomsday after coming under attack by government forces they've been dozens of air strikes and shelling is a night targeting the city of now while a hospital is among the buildings hit nowa is the largest urban center still under rebel control in the southern province of daraa thousands of displaced civilians
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meanwhile and now trapped between that intensive government offensive and a closed border fence with israel hundreds of them are taking shelter along the israeli occupied golan heights on tuesday these families approached the border fence to try to seek sanctuary seventy deca is there in the occupied golan heights . you can see that airstrike in the distance and just how close it is to the tents of the i.d.p.'s which are right close to the fence with israeli occupied golan heights it gives an indication of how terrified these people are we've been watching the bachelor unfold here in the last couple of hours strikes artillery and of course the people here these ten star doctors along the east entire border fence in this location they have nowhere to go because the border remains closed the israeli authorities have made it very clear that they will not be allowing any syrian internally displaced and we saw
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a group of them get close to the border fence on tuesday waving makeshift white flags but again they were urged to move back the army has been giving some aid giving some tends to help them out but it is a desperate situation and this really is seven years into this war now all the borders remain closed whether it's israel whether it's jordan whether it's turkey whether it's lebanon or whether it is iraq it is a desperate situation for the syrian people and now certainly as the syrian government is intensifying its campaign to take back this this pocket the southern pocket from the rebels the people here are terrified and really don't have anywhere to go. in iraq protests are continuing despite a promise by the prime minister to create jobs and improve public services the armrest began in the city of basra last week and has now spread to several other cities in the south demonstrations are ongoing about government corruption and
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mismanagement of oil funds some a big of a trickle. even late at night protesters continue to block roads and security forces trying to stop the demonstrators lit fires on many streets in oil rich president the prime minister's office for more drugs and cash for development and feel to convince them. we have been listening to the calls and demands of all iraqi citizen and also their grievances we also providing sufficient budget to cover all basics electricity water and job opportunities such. as day broke iraqi security forces had to fire in the air to disperse hundreds of protesters at this oil field in basra for days southern iraq has been seething with high temperatures and public anger a number of demonstrators have been arrested some protests turned violent but the demonstrators at oil fields at the main board and in other southern provinces have
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largely remained peaceful. this protest was invited problems with people chanting the same demands for jobs and better public services. we demand that they fix the institutions and i'll admit corruption and we demand also that they complete the i'm finished projects there's been widespread criticism of internet blackout and the use of force iraq's interior ministry says more than two hundred people have been injured and dozens of security personnel have been treated in hospital. we are adamant to protect the ongoing demonstrations against any malice by infiltrators who attempt to undermine the safety and well being of protesters and state institutions those infiltrators who undermine the safety of our citizens and the people's resources will be dealt with firmly and with zero tolerance. one of the biggest issues people face is the perpetual lack of electricity which becomes worse during the summer. private generators meet the demand with spaghetti of electric
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cables on every street for two weeks iran has cut off a thousand megawatts because iraq hasn't paid its bills and iraqi delegation failed to convince iran to resume supplies and. iran supplies six thousand five hundred megawatts which is half of iraq's nationwide electricity production and that's why when iran pulls out from providing electricity. it means a collapse of iraq's power grid i believe that a visit by the iraqi side to saudi arabia is very important because the saudis have expressed their readiness to supply iraq not only with electricity but also in other areas like hell's in and transport a new government as soon supposed to take charge in iraq and its future success will depend on whether it can provide jobs and basic services some of the job out of their u.s. president donald trump has been forced into a very public and embarrassing climb down off the politicians across the board criticize his comments about russia trump now says he sets the conclusion by his
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own intelligence agencies that russia did meddle in the twenty sixteen election but two days ago this is what he told a news conference with payton in finland people came to me dan coats came to me and some others they said they think it's russian i have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. then in a stunning reversal trump says he misspoke and blamed it on his grammar but as our white house correspondent kimberly halkett explains the damage seems to have been done. a stunning reversal by u.s. president donald trump i said the word what incentive would you. faced with nonstop criticism over his press conference with russian president vladimir putin in finland trump claims he misspoke and now accepts the conclusion of u.s. intelligence that russia meddled in the twenty sixteen presidential election i have
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felt very strongly that while russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election let me be totally clear in saying that and i've said this many times except our intelligence community is conclusion that russia's meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election took place terms of arc's follow a barrage of condemnation from members of his own political party for his initial acceptance of putin's denial he just said it's not russian of any election interference by the kremlin i remain as. i thought it was shameful i think it needs to fix it mourning the republican speaker of the house of representatives equally unequivocal not only did russia interfere in the past it threatens to do so again they're doing it around the world they did it to france they did to moldova they're doing it to the baltics russia is trying to undermine democracy itself democrats
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are pressuring republicans to reinforce those words with action if donald trump was such an easy mark in helsinki. president putin will realize he's an easy mark elsewhere that's why lawmakers are pushing for further sanctions against russia many are also demanding trump requests the extradition of twelve russians indicted last week or charges of interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. both previous administrations my administration has and will continue to move aggressively to repeal and here friends and we will we will stop if we were. any efforts to begin to fear there are elections some democrats are calling for legislation to prevent the president from criticizing the f.b.i. and the department of justice as the president has done in the past so that the special counsel robert muller can continue his investigation into russian
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interference in the u.s. presidential election kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house google is to be fined around five billion dollars by the european union over is android software in mobile phones officials from the e.u. have been investigating contracts with phone manufacturers that force companies to pre-install google services. of the thai football team has spent eighteen days trapped underground is due to meet the media for the first time the twelve teenagers and their coach due to be discharged from hospital after more than a week of assessment by doctors psychologists and relatives are also expected to be at the event but we can go live to that event now and speak to us and our correspondent who's there this is taking place in chiang rai and step this is a fairly sort of straightened coordinated event.


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