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tv   A Stranger Came To Town  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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i know if four point three four billion euros reflects the seriousness and the sustained nature of violation e.u. and you trust rules the decision requires school to bring its illegal conduct to an end with usual positive flows between ethiopia and eritrea resume two decades after they stopped due to the hostilities between the two countries the first ethiopian airlines flight to eritrea as capital a smart to call from a design after a short ceremony passengers on the inaugural plane trip included for me ethiopian prime minister it's the latest move aimed at normalizing relations. still ahead here on al-jazeera u.k.'s former foreign minister boris johnson says it's not too late to save brags that as he delivers his resignation speech. i don't know how on board the train to nowhere with allegations of political
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corruption and misuse of the bombs attacks on free media and civil society all hallmarks of big trouble. welcome back let's start by looking at weather crossed central southern china and indochina on taiwan this circulation is a tropical storm storm some tin which is going to get further heavy rain across indochina next twenty four hours in the could be some significant flooding across this region so it's certainly going to impact annoy and really further south into more central parts of the country and then it's going to work its way across los we've got some heavy rain affecting hong kong but once you get further north to shanghai is all again dry and fine so over the next twenty four hours that system will be moving through into laos is a bit enhanced
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a sherry to vittie as well in the bay of bengal side so i think for much of yang going through laos into vietnam there's going to be some severe weather conditions over the following twenty four hours the southerly or southwest the monsoon across asia is looking pretty intense at the moment racine's a big rainfall totals being reported include drought and also for some eastern parts of india to the forecast suggests both areas will see plenty more heavy showers heavy showers pulsing down through the western ghats channel should be trite delhi will be seen some pretty heavy showers at times across into pakistan it should be largely fine there for crouchie but those showers expect to continue in the west coast of india. bit of a strange day to start into fuse we just heard today to city of aleppo has fallen. or should we say liberated. one or
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four astonishing stories told in their own words how did you know who to trust and not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching all just their arms a whole robin a reminder of our top stories of the time the football team made their first public appearance and recounted what they call the iraqi to skate from a flooded cave the twelve teenagers on their coach appeared in good spirits as they answered questions about their ordeal the team also paid tribute to the former navy seal who died while trying to rescue them. also to perceive syrian towns are being
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emptied of their residents after a deal between pro-government forces and opposition fighters thousands are being bussed out of the northwestern towns of the thread in exchange the government is expected to release hundreds of detainees and google says it will appeal a record five billion dollars five hundred down by the european union e u n t trust agents have been investigating contracts with phone manufacturers forcing them to pre install google services on android devices. britain's prime minister has faced fierce questioning over her bracks its strategy in the house of commons but says her plan will go ahead bracks it continues to mean bracks is i presume a defender of the business friendly exit just days after it was now only approved by parliament the british leader will now meet with politicians from her own party to rally support before the summer break now the former foreign secretary virus
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johnson is now addressing parliament after he quit his role over the bracks it fall out for more on this let's join our correspondent paul brennan in london lots of moving parts really paul i mean the government only now really won this vote on bracks amendments of late last night and the pm is really not out of the woods at all. no busy couple well a busy week frankly boris johnson the former foreign secretary the former foreign minister if you like just sat down and exited the house of commons he didn't hang around to hear some criticism that was coming from the opposition benches in his direction after giving his resignation statement and to be honest he was quite restrained i would say he's a man don't forget to rather enjoy the limelight and has a florida turn of phrase when he wants to but he was critical of the government's current strategy reality regarding bret's it some quotes for example he praised the lancaster house of state which is the prime minister's original statement saying that britain would be coming out of the customs union coming out of the the e.u.
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market internal market. but he said that since then a fog of self doubt had descended he said we are volunteering for economic vassalage it's not too late to save bracks he said but we won't get another chance to get it right and it's absolute nonsense to think we can make a botched treaty now and then break and reset the bone later on he said the prize is still attainable there is still time with a positive and self-confident approach we can really unite this party unite this house that's the house of parliament and unite the country but despite that you know those kind of rousing words it was delivered in a relatively restrained way and at the same time as he was doing that to recently the prime minister who was criticised partly in that in that stance was criticised she was in another part of the parliament a state being questioned by the liaison committee which is the committee of the chairpersons of the various select committees
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a very high profile thing and she's talking about its strategy to them so there's a lot going on here today it will continue to follow it with you paul as the day progresses paul brennan there in london. so in nicaragua armed government supporters and police have stormed an opposition stronghold at the center of protests against the president at least two people were killed and dozens injured in messiah city months of anti-government protests have killed at least two hundred seventy five people and widespread human rights abuses are being alleged but in the sun just joins us now from the capital managua i mean what is the situation like marianna after yesterday because the human rights groups have a lot to say. human rights organizations are saying that there was a lot of. yesterday during the day. at
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the capital. blocked. by police forces we were able to see in videos that people were sending from the. paramilitary forces. and. there were. people where you could hear gunshots including a machine gun. the objective of the operation human rights organizations was to lift the barricades the road blocks in the neighborhood of money which is an emblematic neighborhood. against the dictatorship of. one nine hundred seventy nine and. people from money. said that they would not allow the government. to get their. old. objective yesterday was to lift.
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the government forces on the. high caliber weapons they were attacking unarmed population. national humanitarian law and. the protesters were only armed with a home made more. this is what the government the saying the explanation. was given by the chief of police of. the attack was directly instructed by president and his wife vice president. who said that there needed to be a cleanup was the answer and what rights rights groups are saying is why would they use all these high caliber weapons if these were protesters why weren't they you seeing in riot police and tear gas as it's done in other places to repress
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protests and of course. it does pose the question briefly as to negotiations. negotiators and any discussions to try and find the peace. well the organization of american states will be meeting later on today to discuss the situation of but it's very clear that the government does not want to see that the negotiating table they have said until the blocks are cleared in this past week there's been attacks directed at members of the negotiating table leader of the farmers has been. taken the taint his. family does not know his whereabouts and the clergy has been attacked in several occasions even the cardinal and the bishop of punched they are members of the
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negotiating table so what rights groups are saying is that the government here is not does not have the political will to negotiate a peaceful resolution to this crisis here see what happens in the coming hours. thank you. no in iran protests all continuing to sponsor a promise by the prime minister to create jobs and improve public services imran khan has moved from baghdad there's a lot of talk here in iraq on social media that the protests which began last week in the southern districts in the southern cities of iraq will spread to the capital baghdad come friday now prime minister hydraulic body has been trying to quell this protest movement voice promising them billions of dollars in investment in places surrounding her and indeed the protest movement itself as issued a list of fourteen demands now these are very much economic demands they want the
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job's to be given to the youth where they say a lot of the foreign oil companies that simply employing foreigners and these are jobs that local people could be doing also want the petro dollars to come in to buy itself in the surrounding districts to try and develop the city itself they say this is been going on for fifteen years ever since the u.s. led occupation and invasion of iraq in two thousand and three so that's really why the protest movement has developed in the south but the real nightmare for the government is if the if it becomes very large scale here in the capital and lots of people start coming out on the street to protest against things that actually is not just the south it's actually across iraq as well things like that just in shortages lack of jobs in the economy and things like that so the government's very concerned promise to hard on the body he's using his public addresses to try and quell the protest movements try and say that we all on your side we do want iraq to
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develop and we are trying to do as much as we can but corruption once again has read its ugly head it's one of the key things that the protesters say has led to the development of iraq itself billions of dollars in oil revenue every single year yet very little evidence the protesters say on the ground and they say enough is enough. well the shooting of a suspected criminals or many criminals by police in indonesia is alarming human rights activists officers have shot at eleven suspects as many days in the run up to the start of next month's asian games. the ceremony to mark the start of the asian games torch relay in indonesia it was carefully choreographed the successful games can be a major boost and the indonesian government wants to ensure everything goes to plan to that end police in jakarta have launched a two month long security crackdown to clear suspected criminals off the streets human rights watch says it's being used as
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a license to kill we know that the jakarta police chief himself has said on numerous occasions that he is encouraging his personnel to his for example to send criminal suspects to heaven rather than arrest them since the crackdown began two weeks ago police officers have shot dead at least eleven suspected criminals windage fifty two and arrested at least two hundred seventy police chief say the killed or injured posed a threat to offices and. we see that the asian games coming up to me want to be good hosts and make our guests feel comfortable you take one case a pregnant woman was shot dead in front of her husband to get people to moan and we arrest him but he had a gun and resisted arrest so we acted according to our regulations it's not the first time rights groups have accused indonesian police offices of heavy handedness indies team president djoko widowed or did police to shoot drug dealers who
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resisted arrest last year rights groups say the lead up to the games is was over the next month the torch will pass through fifty cities in eighteen provinces before arriving in the capital jakarta for the opening ceremony. organizers say their priority is to deliver a safe. successful games critics say that can be achieved without compromising human rights victoria gate and be al-jazeera. hungary's prime minister continues to be dogged by allegations of corruption and nepotism despite securing a historic third term just a few months ago critics say friends of victor are benefiting from large funded projects as jonah hill reports. in the village with victor all bond was born there's a smart new football stadium it's well known that he's a big football fan and it's just a stone's throw from the prime minister's weekend home the stadium is the first
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stop on a vintage train ride that also takes in an arboretum and a pleasant ice cream shop the train line and the stadium were built say anticorruption activists using public money with construction contracts awarded to well connected businessmen part of an elite that's grown rich through its proximity to power the beneficiaries of contractors who are actually carried out these. you know all those were people of course he said or by the government. on the day we visit a local tour group arrives to board what's been dubbed the train to nowhere. but here you get a pretty good idea of how a lot of money was spent on not very much if anybody did do well out of this project i'm pretty sure it was in the hunger area public. it's estimated that over eighty percent of public investment in hungary comes from the european union's
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so-called cushioning from its intended to help poorer members catch up with hungary increasingly in conflict with the e.u. over corruption and migration policies brussels plans to cut those funds by a quarter in its next budget is the gulf war eight apparently not much we've seen that part of the blackmailing horizon for the past couple of years in order to have a budget iraq and budget you have to have the costs of all member states. and there's not going to become census which is very likely to happen for the criteria of if south is going to remain and then there's not going to be a budget so confident as mr all burn in fact that he's begun exporting his influence supporting like minded politicians in slovenia slovakia poland and the czech republic and their battle when it was very successful in hungary and there nothing really happened which was really bad you know and
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thanks south now everything's very. easy far far from best. comparisons are often made between all bands hungary and blood to me of putin's russia state control of the media the squeeze on civil society the hallmarks are certainly there. and they may well be for a long time to come and join a whole al-jazeera in hungary. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha i'm still robin these are our top news stories the football team made their first public appearance and recounted what they called a miraculous escape from a flooded cave the twelve teenagers and their coach appearing good spirits as they answered questions about their ordeal the team also paid tribute to the former navy seal who died while trying to rescue them one of the boys explained why they'd entered the cave in the first place. it happened in the evening. on
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top of the hill and we heard voices and told everyone to be quiet but there was a voice of people we weren't sure if it was for real so we stopped to listen and it turned out to be true then i was shocked then told mick to run down to the cave. to besiege syrian towns are being emptied of their residents after a deal between pro-government forces and opposition fighters thousands are being bussed out of the northwestern towns of for the fresh air in exchange the government is expected to release hundreds of detainees in iraq protests are continuing despite a promise by the prime minister to create jobs and improve public services the unrest began in the oil rich province of basra last week and has spread to several other large cities in the south demonstrators are angry about government corruption and mismanagement of oil funds. yemen's who the rebel leader has told a french newspaper that he's ready to hand over control of the border for data to
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the united nations if the saudi and amorality coalition ends its offensive the red sea port has been controlled by the rebels twenty fourteen it provides a vital lifeline for war ravaged yemen with seventy percent of food imports passing through it last month the coalition launched an offensive to capture the port britain's prime minister has faced fierce questioning over her brecht's its strategy in the house of commons but says her plan will go ahead the british leader will now meet with politicians from her own party to rally support before the summer break former foreign secretary boris johnson has given his resignation speech after he quit his role over the next it fall out and google says it will appeal a five billion dollars fine handed down by the european union and trust agents have been been investigating contracts with phone manufacturers forcing them to pre-install google services on android devices those were the headlines more news in half and next we continue with the stream to stay with us. the former bishop of
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hong kong says the pope is sending out china's capital makes. sense. then. today india's economy is booming about many indian women have chosen to remove themselves from the country's labor markets we'll explore some of the reasons why i'm going to have a dean and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube so tweet us and leave your comments in the chat we'll do our best to get them into the conversation . that i had. them in this new our industry. india is among the world's fastest growing economies but fewer women are
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participating in its labor markets the world bank estimates that just twenty seven percent of working age indian women have paid jobs figures for those working in the agricultural sector projected to be even lower the world economic forum's two thousand and seventeen global gender gap report also ranked india one hundred eight out of one hundred forty four countries one of the widest gap in south asia despite increased female enrollment in educational institutions but like countless women around the world many are prevented from joining the workforce too to social and cultural pressures prime minister and around remote as government is trying to close the labor gap through their promotion of skills programs and in two thousand and seventeen parliament passed a bill to double the amount of paid maternity leave to twenty six weeks but even that move could potentially cause women's jobs to disappear so here with us now to help unpack the reasons why there's been such a drop in india's female labor force participation rate many data journalists based
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. in chennai india and today's about india need to ana is the director for a conference and that's a communications consultancy firm and enter in italy share saying barack is the program manager for the international labor organization training center he previously served as deputy director of ilo india welcome everyone to the stream of course to our online community i want to start with the tab this article has been circulating online it's from the economist not too long ago it was released the missing two hundred thirty five million why india needs women to work and in particular scrolling down to this stat here shows that female employment rate in india this is both the formal and the informal economy tumbled from an already low thirty five percent in two thousand and five to just twenty six percent now many what's going on how do you make sense of back. i think citizens this is happening
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on the diseases there's movement in. education and a families can. choose to move jobs in. these. economic necessity but some of these and. some of them have to do. something nice like that they're just i'm thinking. good enough jobs for women and some of these. even when the family. things that. we families. do want to jump in there on your take on why we've seen this significant drop. thanks and i think many hit the nail on a number of the key issues so indeed participation of women has folded as you noted in the intro during a high period of growth and this is being attributed to you know increased
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involvement of girls and young women in education that's something positive but at the same time there is a concern around access to jobs and i think it's important to stress that the largest pool happened in rural areas that particularly with women withdrawing from agriculture we in itself is something positive in the sense of women withdrawing from the back breaking work in agriculture but the question then remains where are the other jobs that women are aspiring to. take up and join that market and you know i'm sure you have something to say about this but before we get to i want to share with you what i asked on our community has said while the literacy rate specifically among female children has increased in india the women in the labor force has drastically decreased there can be plenty of reasons for it she cites lack of support early marriage pregnancy or inability as she says to to keep up with work and human i guess it's homely duties in your experience what do
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you think is the cause and what do you make of that juxtaposition. i think it's very true the comment because. you know the india is is a very old and a very traditional society it's very few people speak. it's there's a lot of headroom in the and the traditionally roles for men and women have been. very much divided it is very clear that men go out to do the work and women stay home and the whole notion of well well it almost never defined as well when you take care of the home and the children and the spouse of the in-laws the elderly it's never considered well work is defined as something you do when you step out of the house and you get economic compensation and that's global. or the
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nomenclature for work but i'm talking specifically about work outside the home that for a very early age both men or women are socialized to believe across the board that women will eventually grow up get married have children and men will grow up and have to work and support their families and despite the fact that we modernized with the fastest growing economy when a very large. and just and adding to what many said there are positive signs the reasons why women are not going to work the fact is that women to be out of the workforce is not good for society and not just economically it's because women need to feel relevant outside of the home and the society really it's men and women scientists just jump in there yes just on that i just on that point i
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think it's it is important to you know in our in our group in what was just me to just said but i think it's. it's important to stress that you know i think the sixty six and i'm sure all of us are not suggesting women are not working they aren't you know they're working very much in the household is that the burden of domestic care except in the crux of the matter is working outside the home and what are the opportunities and the choice to. join the labor market is find jobs in growing sectors and from another perspective we would stress the importance of accessing well ity employment as well as the opportunity to also start their own businesses and in seeing that perspective i think what a penny just handed out and balancing i mean this is something that actually hits home and reporting around that area i'm not personally feeling thing is because i'm learning that essentially the government doubling of maternity leave is past my
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second e.p. and under that midnight in that i have not even an evil to do this i have been to a few. hours and i would say that. that in the end there little need for sharing of domestic the mystic burden on dimensional men and it is much harder going to be too much let's take a listen to this video comment from padma judd joshi who actually points out how maternity leave could actually be driving women out of the workforce. so far as the star among the organizers staked out the meter on the women in the old and i think the face is not lack of modernity he are far too few indeed he doesn't put on a t. he's not progressive legislation was gordon which mine down on the mound of maternity leave that women get from twenty three was raised to twenty six weeks the thing is that most small companies whether it be and this emmys or start out they would not though not employ women as well and give this kind of benefit because
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twenty six weeks of unbeaten lead to a woman b.c.d. according to these companies need them unproductive as so far from benefiting women could actually be just one of the drive men out of the workforce want to get i mean i see and not anybody an article about well i agree completely with the person who just scary and. i also had twenty eight years ago when i was living in it to the working for an insurgency i went back after three months. i felt that that that i was to step over i wasn't grist i guess if i was there were like three more months but i do know one thing a lot of what women's organizations and women have worked for me and i have worked for well that it's very important for women to stay in the whole force because like the common man if you're out for twenty six weeks chances are you're going to be
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out of the workforce all because what plumbing was very organizations carried on for or to have women be a way for that law and to rehire that you know there's a whole slew of women that are coming to that won't force you know that the law to be asking for time to take the child to the doctor and to take care of their mother in law requires daycare of the child because the child is there are these all these social conditions which are never discussed actually. these are all statistics. yes. so i mean i think that i think what's so interesting about what you said is that twenty six weeks is too long and this is speaking as someone who is in the unit where we don't have any mandated maternity leave and that sounds like a dream but i want to i want to pick that apart a little bit and i'll throw that to you because i know you're nodding your head
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there is that is too long and that is the government's plan to help encourage women in the work place in the workforce what that is the answer. well i disagree that it's too long and i don't think that i am basically in leave because i'm in the position i think of it as if he's leading and you. know many that economies are even as not. complete and haven't suffered for it in fact of opportunity leaders and india that. and i would say that imply and the customers mental disability lesions like the minimum wages are increasingly. companies in in his employees and only push back on them. completely or have a clue to go between the worker benefits and work employers who prefer that i would run my country what i would want is i'm going to. put movie be hanged to
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get the. and then let me just jump in there quickly as well. yes sorry just i don't you know support group he said because you know countries that have even more generous tony benefits have even a much hyped just gratian rights and have been able to find that equilibrium. you know employees of course. you know supporting the this and of course it does tell some cost but also that the government and work as well and it needs to be some sharing of those responsibilities and i think you know india is working towards that and that is a positive step but it's not the full picture of course in terms of the responses needed and it's certainly not you know to try and give a little fuller picture a lot of people talking about you know you mentioned a few other countries making comparisons perhaps to countries in the region but what about the western paradigm in all this then cat on twitter saying for example first of all western media should stop doing the role of women in society through prison and expect the life of women everywhere to follow the same trajectory as the
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west reason being modern west as a rights driven society whereas countries like india are duty bound society of course this is an argument we. here often with many issues in terms of you know the lens but then quickly before i hear from you anita on this tweet we just read chandra responding saying i would say that's a regressive thought rooted in our patriarchal society this idea that western culture would take over indian traditions no progress has ever been achieved anywhere in the world by keeping women within the four walls of home and what's wrong in following western culture if it's good for the nation and home and you know you're smiling. and i married a guy let's get in this and love it just that i think role models are great i think work. developed west and all means especially in europe. is awesome seriously but the truth if it is that comparisons can only go so far we can use them as role models but we also have to look at the reality of india and
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yet you know if it is we have a very large population that is looking for well and if you extend since we're talking about a maternity act and since many many people have lobbied and it would be very empty feminist and it would be very and you're going to criticize it but i have openly said that it's not a good day because eventually it will be this woman when you look at the big picture it really beetles and employers will push back and say we can do this they're going to not hire women they were not take the women by it's getting. she looks like he did to a dying to jump in here and share here that it's right to take on this issue of norms and you know try and. see what the part would be for india you know i think it's important and you know those in india can confirm but you know and it is of young women in particular changed drastically over recent years with education and
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in the work that we did and it while i was there i saw a very you know very fluid views on on their aspirations and their desire to join the workforce in not you know in this arena western contacts for example starting their own businesses or becoming developed as eccentric so i think we should be careful to assume that you know social norms in the cultural roles are fixed in time because by. then i. should see the progress that is also being made in many areas oh sure you're actually if i ever look say but i think we need to scrutinize the laws and traditions and not saying we should accept the new one hundred. that aspirations of women aspirations of society are changing very rapidly and since i entered the workforce in one nine hundred seventy which is a very long it's amazing it's amazing what women mean and it's such a joy. for us and it's such
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a shame that more. i mean because you know because you talked about the reality forgive me i want to just bring this up because we're getting live commentary about what that reality really love is like in india paul saying it's dangerous for example for women to travel to work do the treatment by indian men as perceived by media reports and then we also heard earlier from has son who said this hypersexual is a sign of the indian media landscape combined with the increasing penetration of smartphones has created extremely potent safe spaces and feedback loops indoctrinating and enabling someone a society defined by a heavily stratified social structure and he goes on to describe how you know it's a bit verbose but his point there being that it can have a positive and a negative in fact do you think that's true in the hyper sexualized of women in media maybe we can ask cher is that is that one factor. well i don't know if i could comment on that. but i think it is true that safety is
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a concern and safety for women particularly this will act as a barrier so you know i would discourage women from from working or commuting to work etc so there out there are concerns that dictate the metro's around the safety of women you know maybe others are better. you know position to comment on. the underlying issues around safety are concerning and the steps are being taken in cities to try to improve so if you security but these this remains a key challenge i can see written in any nodding their heads there i want to i want to bring up this week that we've got many and i'll track this to you this is from peter who is talking about something that i need to brought up she said we need to scrutinize our traditional norms so peter here says well a lack of support from families combined with stereotypical belief that women should be concerned with domestic chores more than the corporate world is playing into this i pulled up this headline here someone who might seem to agree from life meant the marriage penalty on women in india wrote me what i'm wondering though is
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that india is not unique in this we see this all over the world and indeed even in the united states and western countries so what is it that makes india unique. there's definitely a combination of issues that i think one thing that's important is that the the felted unarmed and the guys didn't notice fictions and then in some sense get felt about it and they can mention it again then. that is brought into it i think you know maybe talked about motive like station countries or even some other southeastern countries and such again so it doesn't but i think that this is that these numbers are being carried out in india this focus is being put on in europe because sometimes you know these issues on discuss what example and then they just . like the distance to the ends of it isn't that people don't usually associate get that example had governing you know the people were not fit to speak about of this
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speech and there's this is equally a debate that should be happening in india you know distinctions i'm not women the ownership of. property all of that means on bank accounts essentially have to sort of usually just in the song distinction underpins our doesn't mean. how much how much is education factor into this and yet i'm curious because a lot of the comments we do have talked about educating women educating children education opportunities leading to employment and conch on twitter says educating our brothers fathers friends is hard to do because of the taboo discussion but it is the only way we can dispel the myths around womanhood women are brought up to think their existence burden society how is that empowering as our you are brought up and is not a factor in this preventing women in the workforce. i was rather very differently i
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have a progressive parents and no brothers in the family so there was no no need to favor one sex and with the other so i was one of the lucky ones but i think that is a tremendous school for awareness raising and many women's organizations and some men's sins are doing this in india but i want to point out something which i think is is quite deeply entrenched in indian society and molokai us this question will look really about what makes india you need i don't know if you need is the work but it's a particular problem we have in any any society that is moving from a traditional and leap frogging into a modern society so in some ways you know we say we are empowering women we're giving them choices we're giving them education we're giving them degrees and skills and of course we can will do well they get to be equal to men ok we say all that but deep down there is a deep distrust of women and if we give them too much freedom what they're going to
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do with that if we allow them to work and make their own money are they going to become the bosses of men are they going to start families are out is it going to go to the head so in some ways it's a very schizo fenech kind of messaging that comes to women for example as a girl you can be whatever you want to be but we know that's not true because we lost in the share sink point it was you look at sexual harassment in the right section had expected of the johns or on the street you know so there are all these obstacles that we must consider and i mean obviously our family structures and relationships and dynamics are shifting and all of that schizophrenia to use your word a mere want to say in the sharing one experience this is her personal experience in a joint family to go through. looking and to find hanley.
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light and pleasant chinese. model or an experience handwritten and clearly imparting to it should be an equally important to the army to be able to provide jobs. to women who do want that. and that again something entering sure that there is a significant percentage of women who are in. paid work life and the ability and
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health that you didn't tell you or anyone to believe will want to have that kind of need to be providing. women. share yeah well i just you know that's that's really spot on because i would stress that word choice and i think no one is suggesting that women have to work because in the poorest countries in the world the labor force participation of women is the highest because they had no choice but to work it's really about the choice to go to work and also work decent work jobs productive jobs and so this is really the crux and i think you know porton positive trend has been the increased education of of girls and young women in india then a really important gains have been made in the two thousand during this period but that you know the the real challenge is once these young women have education and you know there's a passing you know boys in secondary school they're you know up to twenty six
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percent of circle for young women in tertiary education once they had this education how they're able to use it in terms of accessing better quality jobs in where they are and this is where you know these some of these constraints still matter so if you know rural part of india and you have some education what are your choices why are you going to have to move to a city or can you work me by and this is what i've heard also doing field work in hope parts of rural to predation you know the largest indian state in the north where expression rights are some of the laws you know i mean some of these poorest communities you know. girls are getting educated and this really blows it by this i mean well workwise allegations would be in this village or the next village that we are seeing there i have to pause there thank you so much for your thoughts and need to ana and rick many of us thank you for being part of our conversation that's all the time we have for now but of course you can continue this discussion by following us on twitter or act a.j.
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stream see you next time. zone. the at zero so. in the wrong waste inefficiencies in a growing population i've led to do with water say. to a tribe water from any source possible this is what you see as a result now all the country's future at stake. attitude to change and innovative solutions are being found. people in power investigates the wrongs water crisis on al-jazeera.
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egypt is now trying this third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese and living in cairo want to see the permits in september one
11:48 pm
thousand nine hundred eleven came as muslims to egypt many started a small trade successful in business. in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small because they're expanding al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china on al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha to bowl welcome to the news grid from the depths of a flooded cave to the flashing lights of the world's cameras twelve thai boys and their football coach make their first public appearance since their daring rescue they spent eighteen days on the ground so how will they adjust back to normal life
11:49 pm
also on the grid caught between the war and a closed border hundreds of displaced syrians desperate to escape relentless government bombardment have massed along the fence that separates their country from the israeli occupied golan heights will find out what's being done to help them and violence spiraling out of control in the pro-government forces seize an opposition stronghold after a deadly confrontation with demonstrators who want president or take to resign nearly three hundred people have been killed since april now the organization of american states is meeting to address the crisis but what can it achieve. connecting from cuba just a whole lot easier the communist government plans to roll out internet access on mobile phones to everyone by the end of the year i'm sort of as i'm looking at what that means for journalists critics and. ordinary citizen. the in the news
11:50 pm
great live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us the world waited with bated breath as rescue efforts unfold it's twelve teenagers and their football coach trapped inside a flooded cave in northern thailand for eighteen days well they've now made their first public appearance they were in good spirits says you can see answering questions about their ordeal and recounting them iraqi misses kate they also pay tribute to the former navy seal who died in an attempt to rescue them and a massive and risky search operation went on for nine days before two british divers made contact with the boys and their coach but rescuers were racing against time to pull them out over worries that heavy weight would make the flooding worse divers had to escort them one by one through dark and narrow tunnels in an operation that took three days of been recovering in hospital since and monitored for signs of psychological distress which could take months to manifest not
11:51 pm
a news conference one of the boys explained why the end of the cave in the first space. it happened in the evening comforting for students on top of the hill and we heard voices and they told everyone to be quiet but there was voices of people who weren't sure that was for real so we stopped to listen and it turned out to be true you can i was shocked little drink then told me to run down to the cave you know when i let's bring in algeria set vos an enchanting ride thailand it's night time where you are now said but what an extraordinary ending to what was suddenly a story that captivated the world's attention tell us more about what the boys have been saying about what they experienced. absolutely just listening to them it sounded to me like a movie script but of course this has been their reality for quite a long time and this they told a story of like an amazing survival they were in the cave of course and then the
11:52 pm
water was rising and they still managed to find some drinking water it's sounded a lot more organized basically then we had thought before they were talking about some kind of teams that they would make every day and they would go out and try to find some clean water somewhere of course that was the only thing they needed to survive they had no food whatsoever although there have been reports before that they brought some snacks because one of them was actually celebrating his seventeenth birthday but there were no snacks there was no food whatsoever so although they were getting weaker and weaker by the day they kept having this kind of routine inside a cave they were trying to find any way to get out for all these days they were digging holes they try to swim and they actually had a they had all kinds of ways they were trying to survive and that was pretty it remarkable to listen to extraordinary indeed and we're learning more about their background and the fact that some of them are stateless and came to thailand to try
11:53 pm
and find a better life and a better education what's going to happen to them now. well that's a very good question that was actually mentioned during this press conference briefly that four of them are stateless the coach and three football players they are stateless they don't have to tell you nationality they are basically from across the border in myanmar they're part of the hill tribes there and have come to thailand quite awhile ago to get some education here but they have basically not many other rights they have some rights to health care but they can't get married they can't get jobs so it's very difficult for them for them to survive here and in the press conference it was said that they have basically submitted their documents but it was an early conclusion of that will dismay in that they actually get the nationality or not that's still a big question mark and we're talking about nearly five hundred thousand people
11:54 pm
here in thailand who are actually in the same in the same boat thank you so much for that step boss in life or as in chung right time and now earlier we spoke to neil greenberg who's a psychiatry is and professor of defense mental health at kings college in london he says the challenge for the boys now will be leaving each other and getting on with normal nice take a listen. from the stories that we've heard so far actually that they didn't appear to lose hope so so then what's really important over the next few days and weeks months is that they create some sort of meeting to this and so one hopes that they wore begin to form a narrative a story in which something bad could have happened but in fact they remained resilient they live on each other and in fact they came out ok and that should set them up for the future so that actually in terms of how they cope with disk in the future they they should be more busy and more able to take risks hopefully that
11:55 pm
don't work out quite as badly as the last loss of course there is the danger that people may serve to overprotect them and that they also might see the best storm there the fact that they're now a person who has survived this difficult ordeal and really their challenges is to get back home with that without going to be normal life you know people you know it just to make sure that they're doing ok well this normal life phase is one we've been hearing over and over not of the boys are out and they're out of hospital and what's that going to look like sarah's social media producer has been looking into that optimistic spirituality has been a huge part of this story right from the start and it's no surprise that the one thing the boys are planning to do is be ordained as novice monks is actually quite common practice feeling men in thailand especially those have been been through adversity in fact ninety percent of the country's biggest and becoming an obvious monk isn't usually a lifelong commitment in fact the rescue thai boys will do so only nine days but
11:56 pm
the ceremony is especially fitting since coach chants along with his traps at the boys trained as a monk for over a decade and over the next three years ago he taught the boys to meditate on the cape to help them conserve energy and deal with the stress of the experience now another question for the future state poll is tech. the state lists making him vulnerable to deport station in the time government is considering giving him citizenship as well as three of the rescued players who are in a similar position they have taught i.d.'s which gives and access to many things that were mentioned earlier but no formal nationality in fact the boys may have names hardens border within me an ma and one even lives on the other side of the border now the soccer teams head coach says this is a wider issue. if they want to travel outside the residential areas that were the name of the province they must be permission from the government to tell them where they are going on even just to attend
11:57 pm
a business play games. there are three players plus the coach who are stateless but among the rest of the team who work inside the cave there are about twenty other stateless players all the kids who join the team hope to become a professional soccer players but they cannot do so if they don't have nationalities now there have been a lot of questions about how the boys will cope with that experience long term but the good news is that according to professor daniel keating from the magazine psychology today he says it's impossible that seem strong social story it's possible that seem strong social ones could reduce their risk of developing last thing trauma well it has been a heart warming story for us to report on with such a happy ending so if you know other stories that are similar where you live you can get in touch with us of the hash tag eight a new thread and i want to. and sorry we're getting quite a lot of comments from viewers on this story as you see a happy ending one comment here from yes seen on facebook who says those rescued children have become a real symbol of patients and jurors another one from cynthia also on facebook who
11:58 pm
says so happy all these boys and their coach safe thank you so much for your comments you can keep them coming of course on this and other stories we're covering on the news great today connects with us using the hashtag a.j. news great and all the other ways to get in touch on your screen right now now this extraordinary mission to rescue these twelve football players and their coach in pictures on our web site it was described as any mission impossible but they did do it in the end and take a look at some of the photos we have fair this one is one of my favorite photos of rescue making his way down at the entrance of the cave complex some pretty great pictures of the rescue mission and you know what these boys enjoyed over two weeks in thailand check them out al-jazeera dot com. they have nowhere else to go hundreds of displaced syrians are still gathered along the border between syria and the israeli occupied golan heights they're being turned away by these really army as they approach the fence tens of thousands of people have
11:59 pm
arrived there over the past month following renewed fighting along syria's seven darragh and nature provinces the syrian government is trying to push on the last remaining pockets of rebels and fighters from eisel and its army is marching closer to the israeli occupied golan heights with the support of russian airpower the town of now are is under heavy bombardment it's a most densely populated town in what's left of a rebel held there are problems believed to have a population of iraq hundred thousand people and with nowhere else to run tens of thousands of syrians have moved to makeshift camps where internally displaced people along the israeli barrier israel has given them aid but says no one will be allowed to cross this nine hundred seventy four israeli syrian disengagement line in white there but other towns in canadian are under attack so close they can be heard and seen by displaced syrians the israeli army un peacekeepers and i'll just
12:00 am
syria's team in the occupied golan heights more from seventy. at least six air strikes have just come in and this is all part of the syrian government's campaign to get this area but from the rebels and you can also see just how close it is we can hear the plane in the sky just how close it is to the tents where those syrian internally displaced are sheltering it gives you a sense of just how terrified these people are the border is closed an israeli sources have made it very clear they won't be letting anyone in. now we've been witnessing an intensive air strike campaign throughout the day our team has counted at least one hundred air strikes they started a little further afield and then they started hitting right in front of us also quite close to the areas where you see those tents those tents or are housing syrian internally displaced these are people who have fled the war these are people who are now trapped between closed borders and between.


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