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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2018 6:00am-6:35am +03

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deputy head of russia's central bank torsion is currently the target of u.s. sanctions for maligned activities pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and failure to register as a foreign agent her attorney says she is innocent of all charges but the american government argues that this case shows the breath and the depth of russia's activities in an attempt to influence american politics syrian activists say government forces have launched a frenzied attack on a rebel held city in the southern province of daraa there have been dozens of airstrikes and heavy shelling on nawa it's only hospital was bombed with reports of dozens of casualties now as the largest urban center in southern syria still controlled by rebel fighters and the fighting is forcing hundreds of civilians to flee west towards the israeli occupied golan heights and in display syrians are still gathered along the border in makeshift camps after the israeli army turned them away stephanie attackers have this update from there at least six air strikes
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have just come in and this is all part of the syrian government's campaign to get this area back from the rebels and you can also see just how close it is we can hear the planes in the sky just how close it is to the tents where those syrian internally displaced sheltering it gives you a sense of just how terrified these people are the border is closed an israeli sources have made it very clear they won't be letting anyone it. now we've been witnessing an intensive air strike campaign throughout the day our team is counted at least one hundred air strikes they started a little further afield and then they started hitting right in front of us also quite close to the areas where you see those tents those tents or are housing syrian internally displaced these are people who have fled the war these are people who are now trapped between closed borders and between the syrian government advances also there's no real aid there for them no organized aid efforts yes the
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israeli army has been giving out some supplies in some tents but there's also a real fear of what happens when the syrian government takes over their areas they have been advancing very false these people are still in rebel territory they've been living under the opposition for around four years so they are terrified of what will happen to them if there is any sort of retaliation from the syrian government forces meanwhile residents into besieged towns and serious problems are being evacuated after a deal was struck between opposition fighters and pro-government forces thousands are being bussed out of food and fry in the northwest and towns have been under siege by opposition fighters for more than four years those leaving include pro regime forces and their families they're being taken to areas under government control in exchange the government is expected to release hundreds of detainees. at least one thousand people have drowned after
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a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of northern cyprus turkish cypriot officials say the boat was carrying one hundred sixty people twenty six of whom are still missing the coast guard and helicopters have been searching the area where the boats believed to have sunk more than one hundred survivors have been rescued and airlifted to hospitals in turkey and northern cyprus plenty more to come on our desire this news hour. the protesters say they're far starting kites and will continue to fly despite the threat of israeli military were prize all. the hits google with a record five billion dollars fine for squeezing out its rivals but will it change anything. in sports we'll hear from the female golfer preparing to make history by competing on the men's tour this week coming up in sports with.
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the first commercial flights from a hero territory in twenty years have touched down and as lara to cheers and celebrations hundreds of people boarded the flights hoping to be united family that been separated from during two decades of conflict mohammed audio reports from addis ababa dignitaries journalists and businessmen. and schools it's but peace it's the first flight from blitzer that a train couple told us. this is how. we are going to. and the fact that. this shows. that and that is that. the airline operated two flights within fifteen minutes of each other because of overwhelming demand the majority on board are people separated from their funds by
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the board which began in one thousand nine hundred eighty. we caught up with that is hard to go a journalist with the state media as he packed his bags he was separated from his a chairman wife and two daughters seventeen years ago she was forced to flee if the being sacked from her government job in ethiopia because of honest knowledge that he just got a good look at this and i will believe this is not a dream when i land in asmara i had never imagined the possibility of peace between ethiopia and eritrea during my lifetime the weight and lack of communication with my family was painful i felt like i had an incurable disease with us model becomes the one hundred fifty of us the notion for if you have been ellen's which is also announced because of quiet twenty four seventh's of the little known at a friend's allies the road linking the two countries is a full funding of waited before vehicles are allowed to fly again. at
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a train has agreed to grant access to its ports a boon for ethiopia which lost its main group to the sea with the outbreak of the wall twenty years ago if we start to connecting our populations we have big market. by some token a chance with the push and soon fifty so it's all hope that the opening of the port and the launching to penalized was not a good for the strings in the twenty first deals have been a threat. to new ties with its much larger neighbor with a population of more than one hundred million people also raises the prospect of revival for a trail ailing economy many are now hoping the tricky axe. the disputed border will go as quickly and smoothly as the process to normalize relations mohamed atta will disease. by jury and police say eight suspected boko haram members have confessed to being involved in the abduction of the chibok schoolgirls
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a mass abduction of two hundred seventy girls from their school in the northern town cost global outrage in twenty fourteen gerry and police say the eight men including a calander all admitted to carrying out the crime overall twenty two members of the armed group were arrested in different locations across the northeastern states of europe and borno. hamas says protests are sending burning kites into israel have a right to continue this fight israeli threats to stop them israel says millions of dollars worth of crops have been destroyed and further attacks won't be tolerated child stratford has this report from gaza. it's been almost four months since protesters in causes started flying kites carrying petrol bombs and burning ranks over the border fence towards israel the israeli government says they've set far too many had to have learned destroying millions of dollars worth of crops this
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protest insisted we hide his identity he's a member of a group calling itself the sons of the warre it's named after the man who helped thomas acquire drone technology and was assassinated in tunisia in two thousand and sixteen. we will not stop polluting the balloons and co it's until israel lift the siege the ball is in israel's court we don't decide whether there is a war or not we are not afraid we have suffered in a war against us every day since israel started the blockade twelve years ago and. israel responded to the clinton polluted flying protests over the weekend by targeting dozens of from a specific in this. the attacks were seen as the worst escalation of violence between hamas and israel since their war four years ago the sons of the world who describe themselves as a loose organization with around a hundred members the hamas says that the use of gaza have every right to protest
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in a way that it describes as normal violence until israel gets the siege. a hamas spokesman told us the protests will continue despite israeli media reports of a large military operation being planned to stop them. but also what a lot of these cuts and balloons are a peaceful form of protest they used by protesters including young people they have the right to use all kinds of peaceful resistance along the border to demand the lifting of israel's siege. at least one thousand five hundred civilians including five hundred children killed in gaza during the two thousand and fourteen war. protesters like this man who's actually supported by hamas and other factions in gaza say they won't stop despite israel's military threats charles strafford al-jazeera gaza however is hardline prime minister viktor orban has arrived in
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israel for a two day visit the rightwing politician will meet his israeli counterpart binyamin netanyahu on thursday that to now is facing criticism over the visit us about has been accused of stoking anti semitism in hungary and praised the nazi collaborator just last year. akiva eldar is an israeli connoisseur a wanted to our media site and he joins me via skype from tel aviv thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us so as we said there seems that this this visit is receiving much controversy what do you make of the meeting between our bond and that and you know. actually as i mentioned in my one of my last columns and in a monitor i believe that the close relationship between netanyahu and obama as well as the polish leadership is part of
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his fundamental policy to ally was right wing leaders such as starting with trump actually and this is his kind of attack and defense vision vs the classical european is the first of the e.u. brussels london. ireland that has just passed in in the senate last week a bill. to. stop all kind of exports from the settlement store to ireland and he needs to. put the kind of a rift between the europeans who criticize israel who are too liberal in his view and the other since in order to pass sanctions against israel you need
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a unanimous vote at the e.u. . conferences and meetings and. gallion and the polish votes. equal in their power to germany ireland and. great britain so funny to know this is part of his divide and conquer policy very much political maneuverings that every move along the israeli parliament is due to vote on a controversial bill that will define israel's exclusively as the nation state of the jewish people it could become legislation now do you think that those going to be pos in the coming hours and if so what is its implications. actually the practical implications are very limited since this is the reality in israel
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there are i think nine hundred and forty communities that are purely jewish there is no single palestinian israeli family that lives there so this is a statement it is. actually a political. maneuver that is part of their race between netanyahu right wing likud and the ultra extra large right wing israel a biter you d. israel home led by a minister of education naftali bennett and it seems that it works since the last fall that was published last week shows that it works that really could if there were elections today would add another three seats in the knesset which
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is about ten percent more than they have today so it turns out that the majority of the israelis like it they like this policy the incitement against the arabs that was demonstrated in the last elections it doesn't you know it provides some more votes and most support it's popular right and one must ask what will happen to the one point eight million palestinians with israeli citizenship and thank you so much we're going to have to leave it there keep it out there thank you very much good night. google says it will appeal a record five billion dollars fine handed down by the european union the u.s. says the tech giant used its android operating system to cement the dominance of its search engine sony agca has more. a three year investigation and direct quote
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five billion dollars fine a steep penalty for google accused by the european union of abusing its power as they call it an entire sector in the phone market who has engaged in illegal practices to cement its still not market decision internet search. and effective end to this contract within ninety days or face penalty payments at the heart of the issue is android the tech giants operating system for mobile phones used to more than eighty percent of the world's smartphones it is essential to google's future revenues. but the european commission found google have blocked competition by forcing phone makers to pre-install services such as search engine and map software as a condition of using its operation system it also paid phone manufacturers incentives if they installed google search without rival services the case would
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seem to prove the point that there's no such thing as a free lunch when tech giants come bearing gifts and google is finding out to its cost it's having to concede this is already the case in countries such as china and russia the french government has welcomed the decision to stop it from squeezing out any rivals. google will have to change their practices in terms of licensing of the virus and road software applications that in turn would have a considerable impact on their commercial policy. google has said it will appeal against the decision it may only be a fraction of its revenue but the real challenge will be if the e.u. forces it to change its future behavior. paris and there's lots more still to come this hour. exam times are always bad even more so for those yemeni students caught up in one of the biggest battles of the civil war. and why bag a good spot for your final resting place it's a lottery in
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a lot of germantown. and then sported a double small. thomas on stage eleven of the tour de france details later in this program. hello most of europe is still enjoying a rather warm summer for some a bit too warm going to keep sticky in scandinavia and then the interest of peace is this massive tabs been wandering around for quite a long time now there's a cold front going in this direction but this circulation is just within a regime or twenty twenty five degrees typically up to thirty even his followers moments because beyond this chart now this obviously just briefly cooler but to be
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honest not cold by any means it's just a potential for a bit of flash flooding but what the whole it's just rain in the form showers and these showers are developing now in the increasingly warm weston's out of europe passes thirty represents good our temperatures thirty four in madrid you see the blue around the bay of biscay well that is showers developing and they're going to be more likely over land over fronts maybe germany and switzerland and that these come friday otherwise it remains a pretty warm regime i think we're showing more interest in the death of these shows as time goes on as all of the land over the mediterranean and all over north africa is just a picture largely of sunshine the on shore breathe makes you feel a bit cooler places but he's thirty nine in tunis you'll notice. the world's primary could change producing nation. is at the forefront of the war
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on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multibillion dollar industry both of what this business will go on for ever it from a change almost global policy to the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever your.
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again here's a reminder for our top stories and al-jazeera twelve teenagers and their coach who were rescued from a cave in thailand have been recounting their ordeal at the first public appearance the boys paid tribute to the diver who died while trying to rescue them. the white house has denied that president trump has again contradicted his intelligence community just today after saying he has full faith in it and he appeared to tell reporters earlier that russia could no longer poses a cyber security threat. and syrian activists say residents in the rebel held city of now and there are profits have come under a frenzied attack by government forces. police and
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medical sources in iraq say at least eleven people have now died in protests in the south regarding the poor state of public services the unrest began in basra last week in a spread to several other large cities one of the main reasons for the anger is the frequent power blackouts run connor ports from baghdad. protests now into their second week have spurred the government into looking for a solution as summer temperatures soar electricity supply has become the erratic a problem made worse by iran cutting off supplies because of one health billion dollars in unpaid bills it says that sparked protests by rocky's opec second largest oil exporter is appealing for help from the world's number one producer a high level iraqi delegation visited saudi arabia on wednesday iraqis hope iran's regional rival can supply electricity to them via the regional grid analysts suggest that saudi arabia will be kayne to help out as it's long been concerned
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about iran's close relations with baghdad. i believe that such a visit by the iraqi side to saudi arabia is a very important one because saudi arabia has expressed keenness and readiness to supply iraq and not only with electricity but to help in other several sectors such as housing projects and transport on the level of spreading its political influence on iraq because saudi arabia has implemented a rather new approach the success of saudi arabia on the economic level will definitely ensure saudi arabia's political success and iraq. iran will be watching what is negotiated with saudi arabia closely iraq is racing to find a short term deal that can bring economic and energy relief to the southern district and by doing so it hopes that it can quell the protest movement before it turns into a nationwide movement that could topple the government. government leaders in iraq
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are under an enormous amount of pressure. decades of war corruption and infrastructure neglect means a long term multibillion effort is needed to find a long term solution imran khan al-jazeera the baghdad. who the rebels in yemen say that attacked and oil refinery in the saudi capital using a drone the drone targeted the state run our aamco refinery in riyadh the oil company said it contained a small fire which is due to an operational incidents now they are on in a line to rebels say the drone attack marks the start of a new stage of deterring aggression. and the who these leader has told a french newspaper is ready to hand control of her data support to the un if saudi backed troops and and their offensive the red sea ports has been controlled by the who the since twenty fourteen it provides a vital lifeline for war ravaged yemen with seventy percent of food imports pos in through it the saudi led coalition which supports yemen's internationally
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recognized government launched an offensive to capture the port last month in the interim with le figaro with leader abdel my like the also accuse france of encouraging the fighting by selling arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. well the fighting around how data is causing added stress for yemeni teenagers who are studying for school exams laura burton manley has this report. it's exam season a stressful time for many but these children and her data a studying in the middle of the biggest battle in yemen's three year war. they have little electricity suffer scorching temperatures and are at risk of being killed on their way to school. and yet many is suffering under very difficult conditions it's hard we have power cuts and as a result many students struggle to study we're nearing the end of the tests but the
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good news is there's been a large turnout of students that will see a lot of this war has caused huge frustrations for many students only one third of my students are present the other two thirds have fled. about thirty five thousand families have fled who died as war but most internally displaced people are living in such tough conditions many children simply drop out school others have escaped from being recruited by the warring sides. they sent us to sanaa taking the back roads they captured us in a checkpoint they took us into tunnels and asked us to stay there they gave us weapons told us to say were for my soul and told us to wait for them and come back we stayed one week. yemeni government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition continue their assault on who's the rebels in her data which has been taking place for more than a month. the port handles most of yemen's imports making it an important area for
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the coalition to cut off the rebels lifeline but the consequences of this could put millions of lives a risk the united nations says yemen's education system has been devastated by the conflict and since the start of the war about half a million children have dropped out of school as the war goes on with little sign of ending an entire generation of yemeni children face a difficult future. lore about a manly al-jazeera. the organization of american states has condemned the human rights abuses being committed by the nicaraguan police and armed pro-government civilians the resolution was adopted by twenty one to three votes and condemned the government's actions since mass protests began against president daniel ortega in mid april over two hundred people have been killed in the un rest and arctic ice rejected demands for early elections and says those seeking as a exhibit are coup mongers. we cannot go live to mariana sanchez in the capital.
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marianna can you tell us what the latest is there. we'll give you a lot of responses here to what the organization of american states has said earlier today after the international organization passed a resolution with twenty one votes condemning the violence here in. it's very unlikely that. this resolution will help bring. both parties to the negotiating table because here the government sees. the international community community as interfering. sovereignty. especially it's going to be difficult because it proposes an electoral calendar where. the. united
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or going to say one of our american states wants. the in the negotiations in the conversations in the dialogue there will be an agreed calendar for elections something that the government here has said absolutely no. constitution backs them and that elections will be done in two thousand and twenty one. the foreign minister at the organization of american states called this. illegitimate. unfair but at the same time the united states his. party some bipartisan group. is seeking to impose sanctions to some want to fishel something that of course will not help either to bring both parts together and also the other reason why it's highly unlikely that the resubmission will help bring.
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back. the clergy has. celebrated this resolution and the government here sees the clergy. impartial so. it's very unlikely that this negotiations will restart. here in the not very encouraging well has the feature on the fire and it. will if it has indeed it has ended to human rights organizations however say that they haven't been able to get into several places. yet to the sea chests and the vice president. and president instructed this seach. i know this because the. police chief of messiah said that is that the president instructed to seat the vice president has said that in fact it has finished and that security and peace have been restored now that he got out one
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center for human rights has said that one woman and a policeman were killed in the speech but still we don't know how many people have been arrested or how many people were wounded in this that lasted well into this morning. thank you very much betty and i found just life for us and i go. a lot to venezuela where two young engineers have found an opportunity inside a rubbish dump full of broken electronic hardware. and join their have been melting down plastic waste and feeding it through three d. printers to make intricate pieces for car parts amid a collapsing economy there innovation fills a vital gap in a country where parts are hard to tame and foreign imports are too expensive. we're going to see even though we faced economic impediments we've received support from various institutions people believe
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a new hope venezuela may be built they believe not only in our projects but in the interesting projects of youngsters across the country which goes against the notion that the country is somehow moving backwards. actually has become a magnet for migrants seeking relief from economic and political strife a term especially for people from venezuela haiti and colombia beyond president that influx has prompted the conservative government to crack down on what it calls irregular migration but suffer regulations and new deadlines for applications the sea and human has the details on top of the aagot. the thirty four year old my sending arrived in chile seven months ago from haiti and works at some tallish largest fruit and vegetable market. near by. last who came three years ago from the news raila runs a restaurant that sells venezuelan food. venezuelans chile is largely united staff that he the work opportunity is
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a much better and it's much easier to enter than us. but that has changed to confront what it describes as a migration emergency chile's government is making it tougher hiring migrants who want to settle here to first apply for a visa in less than three years the number of migrants who entered chile as tourists has tripled from four hundred sixty thousand to more than one point two million it's added diversity of to latin america's most stable economy but it's also put a strain on a country clearly unprepared for such a sudden influx and i. think the problem is not migration to chile because we have the capacity for migrants the problem is lying so you can migrate like coming as a tourist and then staying that generates an irregular status that creates all sorts of problems. and so chile has adopted a carrot and stick policy it's begun expelling two thousand migrants who committed crimes while offering hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants already here
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a one time chance to apply for residency this is part of a three block long. since all of them applying for their legal status here in chile after sunday bill for having done so will be subject to deportation. without papers you call mark and so this reform will hopelessness way ahead but for those who want to follow. haitians can no longer arrive without a work visa of the ten thousand relatives of those who already residents will be allowed to come every year. by. barring a criminal record and israelis will automatically be approved because of the political and economic crisis there but if they are upset about the new rules of the being to see me not now chile is demanding penal records and consulate visas these procedures used to take a week that's a human cost a fortune in venezuela because of the chaos that people there can't wait that long . chile's migrant center which is run by just wood priests
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predicts the new value elations would simply spur migrant trafficking along chile's porous border there will be. we're already seeing venezuelans entering through regular means we need to improve the institutional ability to document moderates here rather than making entry more difficult. indeed chile is working to overhaul its outdated immigration law the oldest in the region the big question is how that will change this country and hopes and dreams of those who want to make it their home. see in humans i just see that. and it's only temporary housing has been removed from a roma camp in the capital on the orders of the mayor the containers were provided by the city ten years ago italy's far right interior minister my player has said he wants to carry out a census of the roma community with a view to expelling anyone who's not italian.


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