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tv   Searching For Steele  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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police and paramilitary were shooting and. the objective of this was to leave to the road blocks that were set up in messiah and specially in the neighborhood of morning ball which which is a neighborhood and emblematic neighborhood of the revolution here the people there were. against the government but now the vice president. who is the wife of president. announced that everything was clear and that the roadblocks had been lifted and that peace had been restored in the neighborhood there however human rights organizations have not been able to go in some of them are we're being told have not been able to go in we understand there's been one woman killed and one policeman killed we don't know how many wounded or how many people have been arrested yet. google says it will appear
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a record five billion dollars fine handed down by the european union says the tech giant use its droid operating system to cement the dominance of its search engine so we're going to go reports. a three year investigation under record five billion dollars fine a steep penalty for google accused by the european union of abusing its power as they call it an entire sector in the phone market who has engaged in illegal practices to cement its time and market position in internet search it must purchase an effective end to this contract within ninety days or face penalty payments at the heart of the issue is android the tech giants operating system for mobile phones used to more than eighty percent of the world's smartphones it is essential to google's future revenues it's easy to make the video calls for to the european commission found google had. blocked competition by force and phone makers
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to pre-install services such as search engine and map software as a condition of using its operation system it also paid phone manufacturers incentives if they installed google search without rival services the case would seem to prove the point that there's no such thing as a free lunch when tech giants come bearing gifts and google is finding out to its cost it's having to concede this is already the case in countries such as china and russia the french government has welcomed the decision to stop it from squeezing out any rivals. google will have to change their practices in terms of licensing of the virus and road software applications that in turn would have a considerable impact on their commercial policy google has said it will appeal against the decision it may only be a fraction of its revenue but the real challenge will be if the e.u. forces it to change its future behavior. al-jazeera paris still ahead an old
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resume of the first commercial flight from ethiopia to eritrea twenty years seals their place to also. chile is changing its migration policy and a feeling inside of the album coming up i'll explain why hundreds and thousands of live goods including hastens are rushing to meet a deadline. the weather sponsored by qatar. hello tropical storm something has gone through high now and is now heading for has reached the coast of vietnam and the circulation still obvious that has given winds up to eighty kilometers per hour which is of gale force winds which might do some damage but the amount of rain that was expected to be the worst aspect of this storm it gave not
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a huge amount sixty seventy millimeters reported so far and finally i think it will give more. counties higher ground and it's slowing down now the same line extends heavy rain right back to lose all but the time we get to friday the circulation is gone but the rain is to fall in the northern vietnam laos and across into myanmar as well and it will affect some parts aground on the rest of china fine warm but likely to be drawing and if you drop serves the shark has extend over through southeast asia even as fast as the singapore so good part of malaysia has got the potential but for indonesia spotlight of the role that really sort of weighs about the showers bill once more but if you're in bali if you're in java it could be wall to wall dawn to dusk sunshine which is fairly rare event to set the next couple days as the cloud just creeps through born here showing the potential for showers the heaviest rain there is always going to be further north thailand and miramar in particular. so whether it's sponsored by cattle and waste.
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egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese and living in cairo and wanted to see the pyramids in september one thousand nine hundred five i came of my friends to egypt many started a small trade is better now successful in business shipped in then i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at a time it was small but then it began to expand al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories donald trump says he holds russian president vladimir
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putin personally responsible for moscow's meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election it's the latest shift in language from the u.s. president after he was criticized for failing to confront them soon after their summit in finland. the organization of american states has condemned recent violence in nicaragua accusing the police and pro-government militias of human rights abuses at least two hundred seventy people have been killed since protests against president daniel ortega broke out in april. google says it will appeal a record five billion dollars fine handed to it by the european union the e.u. says the tech giant used its android operating system in the eagerly to cement the dominance of its search engine. the syrian government has intensified its bombing campaign in the largest remaining rebel held city in the south of the country reportedly killing at least a dozen people the ground and air attacks are now in province came after negotiations with the rebels broke down tuesday bashar al assad's forces have
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retaken nearly all of the province in an offensive that began early last month the fighting has forced hundreds of civilians to flee west towards the israeli occupied golan heights stephanie decker has sent this update. at least six airstrikes have just come in and this is all part of the syrian government's campaign to get this area back from the rebels and you can also see just how close it is we can hear the plane in the sky just how close it is to the tents where those syrian internally displaced are sheltering it gives you a sense of just how terrified these people are the border is closed and israeli authorities have made it very clear they won't be letting anyone it now we've been witnessing an intensive airstrike campaign throughout the day our team has counted at least one hundred air strikes they started a little further afield and then they started hitting right in front of us also quite close to the areas where you see those tents those tents are are housing
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syrian internally displaced these are people who have fled the war these are people who are now trapped between closed borders and between the syrian government advances also there's no real aid there for them no organized aid efforts yes the israeli army has been giving out some supplies in some tents but there's also a real fear of what happens when the syrian government takes over their areas they have been advancing very false these people are still in rebel territory they've been living under the opposition for around four years so they are terrified of what will happen to them if there is any sort of retaliation from the syrian government forces israel has pasta lol that for the first time declares it to be the nation state of the jewish people the controversial bill done grades the status of the out of it language and encourages the building of communities exclusively for jews i mean protests across israel leading up to the vote opponents say it marginalizes the almost two million palestinians with israeli citizenship. the
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first commercial flights from ethiopia to eritrea in twenty years have touched down in a smile and cheers and celebrations hundreds of people boarded the flights hoping to reunite with family from whom they've been separated during the long conflict hammad adult reports from out of. dignitaries journalists and businessmen board what if you open airline schools it's but of peace it's the first flight from a disability that a trained couple tell us mother of the century this name is how. we are on anything as this. and the fact that. this. was in. there and that is that. the airline operated two flights within fifteen minutes of each other because of overwhelming demand the majority on board are people separated from their funds by
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the board which began in one thousand nine hundred eighty. we caught up with artist and i'm hard go a journalist with the state media's he packed his bags he was separated from his a trail wife and two daughters seventeen years ago she was forced to flee if the being sacked from her government job in ethiopia because of on this knowledge that he just got a good look at this and i will believe this is not a dream when i lived in asmara i had never imagined the possibility of peace between ethiopia and eritrea during my lifetime the weight and lack of communication with my family was painful i felt like i had an incurable disease as model becomes the one hundred fifteen for this the notion for if you have been ellen's which is also announced because of quiet twenty four seventh's of the little known at a friend's allies the road linking the two countries as a full function of waited before vehicles allowed to fly again. at a train has agreed to grant access to its ports
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a boon for ethiopia which lost its main group to the sea with the outbreak of the wall twenty years ago if we started connecting our populations we have big market. by some token a chance with the push and soon fifty so it's all hope that the opening of the port relaunching to penalized was not a good for the strings in the twenty first two years have been a trip. to new ties with its much larger neighbor with a population of more than one hundred million people also raises the prospect of revival for a trail ailing economy many are now hoping that she kicks. the marketing the disputed border will go quickly and smoothly as the process to normalize relations mohamed atta while dizzy at a subway. nigerian police say eight suspected boko haram members have confessed to being involved in the abduction of the chibok school girls that among twenty two
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members of the on group arrested earlier this month across the northeastern your being unborn all states their duction of the two hundred seventy girls from this school in the northern town caused global outrage and twenty fourteen those arrested also admitted organizing more than fifty suicide bombings. for the us president of the for the kidnap of the chibok girls. services that are thugs and bonbons on the. killings of innocent men who don't include into a group that was not in your brain of them or others to you did not use of material . chile has become a magnet for migrants seeking relief from economic and political strife at home but especially haitians venezuelans and colombians the influx has prompted the conservative government to crack down on what it calls irregular migration with tougher regulations and you deadlines for applications latin america editor see in human reports. in the thirty four year old my sending arrived in chile seven months
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ago from haiti and works at some tallish largest fruit and vegetable market. here by the mighty scrub class who came three years ago from than israel or runs a restaurant that sells venezuelan food. bras venezuelans chiles like the united states except he the work opportunities a much better and it's much easier to enter than the us. but that has changed to confront what it describes as a migration emergency chile's government is making it tougher hiring migrants who want to settle here to first apply for a visa in less than two years the number of migrants who enter. chilliest tourist has tripled from four hundred sixty thousand to more than one point two million it's added diversity of to latin america's most stable economy but it's also put a strain on a country clearly unprepared for such a sudden influx and i. think the problem is not migration to chile because we have
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the capacity for migrants the problem is lying so you can migrate like coming as a tourist and then staying that generates an irregular status that creates all sorts of problems. and so chile has adopted a carrot and stick policy it's begun expelling two thousand migrants who committed crimes while offering hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants already here a one time chance to apply for residency this is part of a three block long after all of the applying for their legal status here in chile after sunday those who haven't done so will be subject to deportation. without papers you call mark and so this reform will help lines of us who him but for those who want to follow. haitians can no longer arrive without a work visa of the ten thousand relatives of those who already residents will be allowed to come every year. barring a criminal record and israel and will automatically be approved because of the
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political and economic crisis there but if they are upset about the new rules order to be able to stay here and now chile is demanding pain records and consul abuses these procedures used to take a week now to here and cost a fortune in venezuela because of the chaos that people there can't wait that long . chile's migrant center which is run by just good priests predicts the new value elations would simply spur migrant trafficking along chile's porous border there will be. we're already seeing venezuelans entering through regular mains we need to improve the institutional ability to document margarets here rather than making entry more difficult. indeed chile is working to overhaul its outdated immigration law the oldest in the region the big question is how that will change this country and the hopes and dreams of those who want to make it their home. see in human i just see that santiago. in germany bavarian state police have begun patrols at the
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border with austria until now only federal police have been carrying out the checks the state police will be looking for people trying to enter illegally the various governing c.s.u. party says the patrols will be a clear signal that illegal migrants and people smugglers finding somewhere to rest in peace is an increasingly difficult task in many parts of the world as graveyards fill up the competition for spaces is growing but as dominic cain reports that german town in bavaria thinks it's may have an answer. nestling in the alps best discard seems like a picture postcard here the pace of life from cradle to grave is slow and after a long life many locals want this to be their final resting place but the years demand for a new grave plots has outstripped supply now the council thinks it's found a solution a lottery for burial plots the town's mayor says he thinks it's the fairest for his
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community. we tried to figure out how many places we could give how many graves we could give to the people of justice garden and it's about two hundred and so we decided to do a lottery to make it the best way. possible the fairest way for everybody to get one of these radios for them discreet and so two hundred eighty people put their names forward for those two hundred burial plots all hoping there's would be the first name to be drawn. that privilege failed to see glinda. meaning she gets first choice of all the available plots and there she knows where she and her husband will one day be laid to rest men money. men leave
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here i'm a has been grew up here not me but we live here and this place in particular his grandmother is here and his uncle lives right next to us and we simply want to be here so we know where we will come to. some people say that to be born in bavaria is to win the lottery of life and now here at least wednesday's winners have gained a prize of a very different kind don it came al-jazeera about his garden. this is all just zero these are the top stories donald trump says he holds russian president vladimir putin personally responsible for moscow's meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election it's the latest shift in language from the u.s. president after he was criticized for failing to confront a person after their summit in finland you say you agree with u.s.
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intelligence that. russia meddled in the election twenty sixteen and i've said that before yes i have said that numerous times before and i would say that that is true but you haven't condemned putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible well i would because he's in charge of the country just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible yes. the organization of american states has condemned recent violence in nicaragua accusing the police and pro-government militias of human rights abuses in the past week security forces have stormed major strongholds of anti-government protesters including the city of misael near the capital at least two hundred seventy people have been killed since protests against president daniel ortega broke out in april the oas is urging ortega committed to early elections which is one of the protesters main demands
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google says it's going to appeal a record five billion dollars fine handed to it by the european union the e.u. says the tech giant used its android operating system illegally to cement the dominance of its search engine the syrian government has intensified its bombing campaign on the largest remaining rebel held city in the south of the country reportedly killing at least a dozen people on the ground in air attacks on the province came after negotiations with the rebels broke down on tuesday bashar al assad's forces have retaken nearly all of the province in an offensive that began early last month israel has passed a law that for the first time declares it to be the nation state of the jewish people a controversial bill done grades the status of the arabic language and encourages the building of communities exclusively for jews opponents say it marginalizes the almost two million palestinians with israeli citizenship those are the headlines
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the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story from the. the united arab emirates accused of helping to bring islamophobia in person and media watchdog says he and more aussies mobilize opinion in the highest echelons of the party's government against the muslim brotherhood but all the limits of political lobbying in the u.k. this is inside story.
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oh they're welcome to the program i'm laura kyle the united arab emirates is being accused of helping promote islamophobia in the u.k. the british media watchdog spin watch says the u.s. spent millions of dollars to influence political decision making on the watchdog says pressured journalists and think tanks all aimed at influence in the bush government against the muslim brotherhood has been watch says it had leaked e-mails showing how they were involved in what's described as a contest on lobbying tactics in both person and the u.s. and it highlights the campaign against castle in the twenty twenty two world cup the way he along with saudi arabia bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic ties with cattle thirteen months ago and imposed an economic blockade or guitar gas shortly but first here's more from paul brennan in london. two thousand and eleven arab spring saw a wave of democratic grassroots protests which talking to long time leaders in the hope of a new vision for the middle east the response by some of the kingdoms and emirates
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of the region was just is dramatic. a report by the spin watch group says that in the u.k. the united arab emirates mobilised a narrative against the muslim brotherhood in britain in the highest echelons of government it says the abu dhabi crown prince and the then prime minister david cameron had several undeclared meetings and it says through a combination of persuasion and threats the u.a.e. campaign produced results one threat which was made by the uni to david cameron was if you don't institute an inquiry into the muslim brotherhood we will cancel the typhoon fighter jet deal from bush's place i will stop british petroleum getting an oil concession in the law that was successful i mean extraordinary effort by the you need to actually cajole and bully the british government into pursuing its foreign policy the success or failure of the other lobbying is less clear spin watch says that the u.a.e. put pressure on the b.b.c.
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over its coverage of the arab spring but the b.b.c. in a statement says flatly denied that it caved in to any political pressure it's been watch also quotes a source suggesting that iraqi donations to the think tank chatham house may have affected that institute research but chatham house is vigorously deny that it could be affected in that way but the u.a.e. foreign minister is known to have had close contacts with selected u.k. journalists meetings which led the u.a.e. piaf quilla to claim that views changed and the report highlights the ways the two thousand and seventeen blockade against cats are sore the intensification of the u.s. p.r. campaign including bitter criticism of catalyst twenty twenty two world cup the lobbying rules woefully inadequate it seems to me and explain what the greater safeguards to prevent the sort of influence which seems to have been exerted only on the risk of what's in the way which is has been and of course you know some of the only time the consequences have been the growth of islamophobia in this country
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and we're seeing the expression of that on the streets of britain the report notes that now to recent. a is u.k. prime minister abu dhabi's clout has diminished significantly but there seems little to prevent a possible slide backwards the central issue in all of this is one of transparency when does the jetsam at lobbying become undue influence and to quote the report itself promising billions in return for influence infiltrating the british media buying politicians loyalty donating to think tanks and trying to influence media coverage some would see as a step too far paul brennan al-jazeera central london. let's bring in our panel and joining us from london. university from brazil david miller founder of spin watch and also from london kevin craig c.e.o. of p l m r that's political lobbying and media relations if i warm welcome to all
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of you david if i just start with you talk us through for you what were the key findings of your report. well the key thing about this report which are many reports in the past on elite groups encouraging islamophobia but the key thing about this report was we did would be able to get leaked to us the internal. e-mails between quiller and some of the you the handlers and that was really quite dramatic because i like to see not just a specific question of transparency a lot of transparency or specific area of activity but i like to see the overall strategy which they were adopting and that struck she was really quite wide ranging as you heard in the report there yes they were trying to influence think tanks by funding them and trying to manage she was employed there yes they were trying to influence the b.b.c. by trying to mine and she was reporting from b.b.c. out of it yes they were trying to influence journalists by briefing them secretly and then giving them information about opposition groups and about qatar but they
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were also engaging directly with westminster in whitehall with secretly with the prime minister with tory m.p.'s with the foreign affairs committee people with the zero party policy group splashing money on trips to five star hotels and to to the gulf so we were able to see a really wide ranging lobbying campaign before we even talk about the particular things which they might be cut out to write in that company ok so these emails just to be clear have are new to you because some of looked at this report and said there's nothing new in it that it's just a rehash of an old report back in two thousand and fifteen. well if they've looked at the report concluded that they haven't read the report properly because i mean we have got. in the report is not rehashed is new ok and kevin what do you make of the reports what was your conclusion is drawn from it. well just for the record because it's been so far moving i haven't been able to read every single page and wouldn't claim to but i have read the summaries and i do
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actually think that favors organization play of valuable role in discussions around lobbying and transparency in britain and beyond but i am as the founder and chief executive of one of the u.k.'s leading lobbying firms i'm surprised by a lot of the content of it it is not shocking to me that gulf states seek to maximize their relationships with foreign governments i am very skeptical of the suggestion that the b.b.c. who we deal with who is up there in terms of top two media as al-jazeera but you can influence the b.b.c. they're taking phone calls from people of all opinions left right and center all the time so i'm very skeptical about the impact whatever the consultants claimed and i would say that i think there is scrutiny is a very important thing but in the u.k. since two thousand and fourteen we've had a law being registered we were the first to sign it which means you have to declare
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every meeting that happens with ministers where i think there is an interesting area of debate which has been watch of uncovered here is that. some of these meetings haven't been declared and perhaps people weren't aware of how many times the prime minister of the day was meeting with a particular government but none of that shocks me because in global diplomacy people want to push their own agenda all the time ok there's a couple of points i certainly want to pick up on there as the discuss and unfolds just first as you want to pick up on that point that you make have been about the means about media the b.b.c. and chatham house i do think it's important to say that even again today members of chatham house strenuously denied to our team that there had been any influence by the usa within their think tank. so do you think perhaps david that the reporters rather overplayed that aspect of the story no no not at all i mean this is this is
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interesting isn't it i mean the the the idea that the b.b.c. is invulnerable to pressure is manifestly ridiculous the b.b.c. has been volatile to pressure from powerful institutions organizations from the very beginning of this particular claims that we make in the report were very clear very careful not to overemphasize the queens that make us the case in the b.b.c. but also with with us we know that that. produced briefings to target particular officials and chatham house we know there was an attempt to influence the kind of people who were there we don't see that those attempts were successful but we do note that to the people who were targeted no longer have positions they were not making any claim that was a causal relationship between the two those that so we're being very clear what it is that we're suggesting that we have evidence that these people were targeted we do have evidence that they were causally that that was related to them no longer having positions on the question of transparency yes i think it's correct to say that there are meetings which are not disclosed in the clear and that that should
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be looked at in terms of loving legislation but the problem is far wider than that as our lobbyist friend knows the lovely legislation that we have is pathetic it requires lobbying and i will. wait on this minister i will be looking very deeply at that as a key part of this discussion before we do i just want to pick up on one point that you made that that's a sense a you're a was perhaps unsuccessful in lobbying or trying to lobby the b.b.c. and chatham house and there was no evidence that they had after what's the u.s. aim here and where was it successful but i think to raise it is no different from the of any other country and this is one point i think this report perhaps hasn't made as well as it could have done and that is that the behavior of the u.a.e. is in line with the behavior. of every country including the u.k. influence is at the heart of politics what we are seeing here is the
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u.a.e. acting in its own interest its interest in this particular instance was presumably that the muslim brotherhood represented a threat to security and stability in the region and particularly to them and that was the agenda that they were pushing whether we agree with our agenda or are not is irrelevant the fact is that that is what they believed and they were using all the leaves of influence they have in a way that is no different from the way that the u.k. the usa and other countries. deploy it i think the question here is when does that influence become malign when is it in in conflict with the interests of. a country such as the u.k. in this instance. and i think that is where we should concentrate and that is where we should. exploit the report it's positive aspects in generating the
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debate but i think the implication there that and i don't want to be seen to be defending hury i don't agree with some of its foreign policy or tall but in this instance i think it would be wrong to suggest that the u.a.e. he was acting in any way that is different from other countries absolutely and if the usa had come on the show we did ask the mayor they did not want to appear they would say exactly that but everyone that set gathered at what point let's talk about this at what point does lobbying become unacceptable. i think it becomes acceptable when it verges into corruption and by the way what a mistake by the usa not to take up the opportunity to take part and to debase today's discussion that's a real silly thing but it becomes maligned when it veers into corruption and i think you know one of the other good david i think said the legislation in this
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country is pathetic baxley i think it's remarkable that we can find out so much about what does go on if i want to find out what the mayor of london had for breakfast he has to declare it if it's an external me saying and there are those trips that we talked about at the usa where they attempted to make friends with british members of parliament and take them to the middle east it's all declared in the members' register of interest we have one of the most expensive records in terms of what members of parliament of all parties how they get hosted their hospitality and i think there are things we're not perfect but part of the problem is perhaps that globally there's not a parallel level of information i think the issue is when the things become the line and corrupt it is normal that the british government is going to listen to a foreign government if there is over six billion pounds worth of contracts up for discussion at a time when brics is going to in the views of many do measurable harm to our
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economy of course the prime minister he or she is going to listen to people who will inevitably seek to advance their own interests if they've got big business and big contracts to place they will at the same time we've into their own interests as long as we know about it as long as it's out there and that's the important thing and that's why you know i do welcome today's report ok david at what point do you think the always actions one malign and corrupt. seems to be the problem here is that we are all trying to get to a position of saying that yes loving is a noble thing with what's wrong with everyone does this well it's not normal for vested interests to be able to secretly and covertly and no adequately transparently pursue their interests let me just give one example of where this is a problem the problem is that what this country was doing was encouraging racism and islamophobia in this country for its own particular sectional interest back home is we've we've crossed
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a line the idea that you can. for yes it was i mean that the inquiry is really requiring into the muslim brotherhood the designation of of a peaceful muslim groups in this country and it was hasn't had that back up closer than from what you're trying to do when it's not an impediment rather call it an attendant was immediately designated those organizations as terrorist the guest that is the organizations the terrorists are perfectly legal peaceful political organizations in this country as part of a pact washington against muslims being active in political life today which means which is which result which results in tokyo with the supporters marauding in the streets in central london intimidating but bus drivers will try to go but really best this vast the result of it and that's where the normal lobbying i don't want any part of normal of being after would you agree with that that this lobbying resulted in a and a backlash against muslims i'm staggered you see i r i've been looking at terrorism and religious extremism since nine hundred ninety eight and islamophobia is
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a horrible thing and something that i've suffered from but to suggest that this was the primary consequence i find very difficult to to accept without this instance we had islamophobia and i'm sure god forbid we will continue to have it i think the point here that david just made which i think is worth looking at is the issue of transparency and i think what constitutes. acceptable lobbying i mean i'm not defending lobbying i'm just saying that is the currency of international relations now if you want to change it we have to change it internationally but in the meantime we should have clear guidelines about when is lobbying acceptable and when it isn't a corruption of course is one of those but there are other things values. and laws
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if any lobbying forces ago our government to take up stances which affect our values which affect our laws and that is. an area for scrutiny at least by parliament if not by the public and there is an issue here where security is affected and intelligence is involved in those instances that very comprehensive recording of public meetings and public. politicians activities may not be effective but there are other mechanisms that we should perhaps bring into place as the scrutiny of certain types of meeting certain types of activities certain types of lobbying by parliamentary select committees suitably security cleared committees or by other mechanisms we have scrutiny of our
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intelligence services by independent clear organizations i mean it's really not about that when you have any you call israel not being in the title of your company do any of those so policing of lobbying exists i mean how do you in your eyes successfully and a well put and not be a politician. there are a number of things it's about how you tell a story about the consequence of a policy or a legislative objective increasingly these days you get the ear and attention of politicians by mobilizing public opinion on a large scale especially in the u.k. currently with such a fee bridal. state in parliament where the government is covering governing with a. minority needs another political party from northern ireland to govern there are there is lots of scope for change in parliament you know some of it very
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progressive based on the fact that the government is vulnerable to small swings in opinion but lobbying works when you tell a story when you bring it to life with the economic consequences the consequences of the human beings involved the consequences of policy on the environment and organizations public sector private sector charities pressure groups all have an opportunity to make themselves heard in an increasingly lobbying is more and more about mobilization of large numbers of people and the digital age. that we can have a big complacent at all about corruption in the principles behind reports such as this in an important groups but it is now about how do you get politicians to act and they act whether they're left or right if it's if they're encouraged to act in line with their values and those that put them in parliament and what they are there supposedly to do ok david how vulnerable are politicians too aggressive not being well being. well i think that the opposite is the case too or just start
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really that what we face that the last twenty thirty years is a process of. minimizing the possibility of popular opinion on policy which means that smaller and smaller groups are able to affect policy and that's why it's so important that cabinet had the secret meetings or that didn't go to the probably sixty that change think tank can secretly brief david cameron because he's framed without it be disclosed this is not only the not knowing is a system which is institutionally corrupt that lobbying is a form of institutional corruption in politics and so the question of politics is we look vulnerable yes they're much more vulnerable than they were before if one wants to think of them in that way as being victims but they are also of course participants in the system they get the money they get the trips they get the sinecures after they leave office they become advisors for the multinational companies et cetera et cetera and so it's a real problem with with that with our whole system of government it's not a question just of of breaking the law or of corruption in the sense of which
9:42 am
people people are talking about is an institutionalized milly's insightfulness in making which means that popular views are less and less listened to by government and lead course you get a government which would be able to do to listen to them ok just to pick up on that point how influence has the u.k. government being by the deaf an act as in its gulf crisis well i don't know i don't think there's a quantitative assessment of that but i think the point that it's just been made is a very serious one and it needs to be taken seriously the claim is that small and so small and numbers of single interest groups are having greater influence than the popular democratic opinion and if that is the case it is a legitimate point of concern for a democratic society and how do we manage that will we manage that by looking at threats in an objective. manner and holding politicians to account and and
9:43 am
calling them out when we have evidence that they've done this what we don't do is come out with innuendo and claim that it doesn't hold up to scrutiny even if it might be true it needs to hold up to scrutiny to give credibility to the point that the author has just made and i think he's making a very serious and important point but you can't make those points by suggesting that. anybody who criticizes or feels threatened by a political movement such as the muslim brotherhood is now causing islamophobia i'm sorry but other politicians both here in the u.k. and in the u.s. have caused more islamophobia concern than the u.s. attempt to show their perspective and it is
9:44 am
a legitimate perspective from their point of view if we may not agree with this that the muslim brotherhood has been embryonic in terms of the extremist movements such as al qaeda and others in the middle east that is a very well researched and well held point if you took a leader there something like we are running out of you on another being and you have to be able to let the user shaking your head but in a show about clandestine lobbying many might legitimately ask who funds spend watch them whether spend what has an agenda here. they may legitimately ask and that's why of course we publish on our website every organization that gives us money so we are transparent about that we the other organizations that were engaged in this big dispute and discussion were similarly transparent because think tanks the real we have are not similarly transparent they list some of the people who give them money but they don't list all of them so yes we're happy to do that in the years that the muslim brotherhood is an organization which has many different forms there
9:45 am
is that there is no threat from muslim brotherhood in the there is a threat in the in the u.a.e. and indeed it out other places like saudi for democratic reforms and that they have set their face against democratic reforms and that's why they're trying to do what they're trying to defend here and that the particular consequences yes of course is not only the u.a.e. which is causing islamophobia in this country the government so i think i can tell them you know when exactly is it i've been to other organizations twenty seconds i have it my very helpful suggestion david is very helpful suggestion get one hundred thousand what it was read by others of brotherhood nice to get one hundred thousand people in the u.k. to sign an online petition in the house of commons it will force a committee of m.p.'s to analyze perhaps gus the british government response to attempts to campaign by the let's see if that can happen gently has been a fascinating discussion today thank you very much indeed for joining us. david miller and kevin craig and thanks very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com and of other discussion do go to our
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facebook page at facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter one hundred at a.j. inside story from me laura cottle and the whole team here it's my finale. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of al salvatore's diety warfare sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest to annex about in
9:47 am
counterinsurgency while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave setting for studio amount is iraq. the world's primary could change producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry both of this business will go on forever it will not change all of the global policies the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've
9:48 am
proven that barriers are built to impose division and it's not to take two instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes into became another opes to closer to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. i'm robot as an endo how the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump says he holds russian president vladimir putin personally responsible for moscow's meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election it's the latest shift in language from the u.s. president after he was criticized for failing to confront person after their summit in finland you say you agree with u.s.
9:49 am
intelligence that. russia meddled in the election in twenty sixteen and i've said that before yes i have said that numerous times before and i would say that that is true but you haven't condemned putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible. well i would because he's in charge of the country just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible yes well these comments only adds to the confusion surrounding trump's position which has changed a number of times since the house and he talks here's a white house correspondent company hawk and i just want to. tell you that reversing course at the third time in as many days u.s. president donald trump on wednesday cast doubt on whether he believes the russians are interfering in u.s. politics its residents are. making waves that know only added
9:50 am
to more confusion and contradicts his own public statement made a day earlier a tuesday trump sought to clean up statements made alongside russian president vladimir putin in finland on monday he just said it's not russian after heavy criticism even from within his own party trump claimed he misspoke and he sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of what could. have said should have been i don't see any reason why i would or why he didn't want to play russian the most recent reversal once again gives russia the benefit of the doubt even though trump's own director of national intelligence made it clear just last week that the kremlin is interfering i'm here to say the warning lights are brick blinking red again. in an attempt at damage control the white house press secretary did not hide trump ever suggested russia is no longer targeting the united states i talk to the
9:51 am
president he wasn't answering that question he was saying no he's not taking questions and i've stated what our position is the president trumps democratic critics in congress are satisfied with those answers they're pushing for trying staffers in the translator present at the truck meeting to appear before congress to answer the questions they say the white house won't can't really help at al-jazeera the white house the organization of american states has condemned recent violence in nicaragua are accusing the police and pro-government militias of human rights abuses at least two hundred seventy people have been killed since protests against president daniel ortega broke out in april. the thai football team trapped in a flooded cave for more than two weeks have made their first public appearance describing their escape as a miracle the twelve teenagers and their coach appeared in good spirits as they answered questions about their ordeal the team also paid tribute to the former navy
9:52 am
seal who died while trying to rescue them google says it will appeal a record five billion dollar fine handed to it by the european union the e.u. says the tech giant used its android operating system illegally to cement the dominance of its search engine. the syrian government has intensified its bombing campaign in the largest remaining rebel held city in the south of the country reportedly killing at least a dozen people the ground and they had attacks on nawa ended up province came after negotiations with the rebels broke down on tuesday. israel has passed a law that for the first time declares it to be the nation state of the jewish people the controversial bill dung grades the status of the out of it language and encourages the building of communities exclusively for jews opponents say it marginalizes the almost two million palestinians with israeli citizenship those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera to al-jazeera world egypt made
9:53 am
in china by phenomena. in the egyptian capital cairo a chinese community has established itself reflecting the growing business relationship between egypt and china. the two countries have developed
9:54 am
a robust treaty relationship in recent years overall trade between egypt and china has exceeded eleven billion u.s. dollars. egypt has awarded lucrative construction contracts to chinese companies and indorsed china's plans to build a global trade route the road in the belt initiative. the chinese community in egypt has grown to more than ten thousand. this is the story of the chinese who came to study work and opened businesses here. and who have discovered an affinity for the life and culture of the most populous arab country. to lead you to listen. to when this is yes it's a. home that in.
9:55 am
that fashion on. the walk there's a. thing and i cherish. what you are doing. if you were to. go. in the shoes you. are sure. and for that. well don't. easy or do the yellow card or the organizer that. started in one nine hundred fifty four egypt was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic and economic relations with the people's republic of china.
9:56 am
in one thousand nine hundred five china and egypt signed a trade agreement that boosted business relations. cheap goods and services flowed from china into egyptian markets. by two thousand and two china had become egypt's six largest trading partner. a day that relationship has grown further and china is now egypt's second largest trading partner. but on a much smaller individual scale bean and her brother won't change seized a local business opportunity and sell clothes in the cities and rural areas.
9:57 am
and there's a whole woman told us if we're going to need a little. under five. ivy years all is well this is really thought this is. a whole another. three that will go the leave my the quite the legitimacy most of the. other and that was why don't they. yes do not go are degenerate going to what is the home up on the divan and.
9:58 am
they are really hard to not show you how. many. of them right now we are saved not only. that did i get. me. that it. was wrong. and nice. to memory. joins how you. also are. on that you were never there you will know that you were allegedly on. your history and someone who won't know how much you had one or
9:59 am
two time or do you put the harm in all your medical down. what did he. do to or beyond. so. they're not going to. be chinese come to work but also to invest in friday of industries. south of cairo to shut down taliban area as one of the world's major production centers and grant .
10:00 am
hong. kong these are all. male. you know. what. the chinese have quite quickly diversify egypt's economy in one thousand nine
10:01 am
hundred nine they were only a few hundred.


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