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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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they could drink all the time they were trying to find a way out as they became weaker and weaker by the day. the father of the fourteen year old goalkeeper says he wants his life returned to normal as soon as possible of course i am worried we can't see in the future but i will tell my boy when he returns to the normal route he may face things he has never experienced before i try to encourage him to make sure he will be ready to face this issues only speak about what he wants to say things that hurt him he should avoid the wild boars will all become novice monks for a period of nine days to pay tribute to the former tiny baby diver someone who lost his life during their rescue. di artists have made this mural in chang right to honor the extreme bravery and international teamwork of everyone who participated in the rescue operation after sharing their stories with the world the boys can finally go back home step fasten al-jazeera. the
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organization of american states the oas has condemned the recent violence in nicaragua accusing the police and pro-government militias of human rights abuses in the past week security forces are stormed major strongholds of anti-government protesters including in the city of messiah at least two hundred seventy people have been killed since protests against president danny aiello tavia broke out in april marianna sanchez sent us this update from the nicaraguan capital managua. the tensions more mostly have been in the last twenty four hours. about forty five minutes. of the capital the city was under siege the entrances since yesterday were closed and they were blocked and members of the of the police and paramilitary were shooting and. the objective of it was to leave to
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the road blocks that were set up in messiah and specially in the neighborhood ball which was a neighborhood emblematic neighborhood of the revolution here the people there were. against the government but now the vice president. who is the wife of president. announced the everything was clear and that the roadblocks had been lifted and that peace had been restored in the neighborhood there however human rights organizations have not been able to go in some of them are we're being told have not been able to go in we understand there's been one woman killed and one policeman killed we don't know how many wounded or how many people have been arrested yet to. come here. including the protesters say their fire starting kites and balloons will keep flying but the
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threat of israeli military reprisals. to leave is changing its migration policy unclear mulan in some gravel and coming up i'll explain why hundreds and thousands of migrants improving haitians are rushing to meet a deadline. have you. she ran through the eastern side of the us from washington north eastern canada all gone through not just interesting water happened that's a sort of cold front but to be honest it's not that cold behind me so temperatures in the high twenty's but in the sunshine in new york you notice in the midwest same sort of temperature regime bit of a circulation green here big shows seem like even thunderstorms up here but even bigger ones seem likely to georgia and further south florida temperature in texas
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back in the sunshine continues to rise forty two in dallas and there is still the southwest monsoon that runs through southern california and arizona bringing a little bit of i'm sure very welcome brain over the next day or so south of this standard fair and good old breeze blowing sunshine for a couple of days more i think in this moron's the caribbean or showers on their way nothing big has popped up in the last twenty four hours in cuba or hispanic or jamaica but little shout seem likely the wiser tops still showing in costa rica not through honduras to parts of mexico and they will be repeated but in the meantime enjoy it if you're a day fine looking mid summer weather but if you're lucky daily showers and i do mean lucky. the promise of peace in the middle east not to. be enough
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but a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center of the palestinian struggle . now more than forty years after to stablish mind how far has the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian home. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera this morning israel has passed a law that for the first time declares it to be the nation state of the jewish people arab members of parliament shouted and ripped up papers after the vote the
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bill downgrades the status of the arabic language and encourages the building of communities exclusively for jews. donald trump says he holds russian president vladimir putin personally responsible for moscow's meddling in the two of the sixteen presidential election it's the latest shift in language from the us president is being criticized for failing to confront putin after this summit in finland. the thai football team trapped in a flooded cave for more than two weeks has made its first public appearance the boys described their escape as a miracle the twelve teenagers and their coach also paid tribute to the former navy seal who died while striving to rescue them. how masses protests is sending burning kites into israel have every right to keep doing it that's despite reports that the israeli army is preparing for a large scale military offensive along the gaza strip if the kites continue to be
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flown from gaza charles traffic reports. it's been almost four months since protesters in gaza started flying kites carrying petrol bombs and burning rags over the border fence towards israel the israeli government says they've set far too many hecht is of land destroying millions of dollars worth of crops fish protester insisted we hide his identity he's a member of a group calling itself the sons of the winery it's named after the man who helped hamas acquire drone technology and was assassinated in two musea in two thousand and sixteen and. we will not stop launching the balloons and kites until israel lift the siege of the borders newsreels caught we don't decide whether there is a war or not we are not afraid we have suffered in a war against this every day since israel started the blockade twelve years ago. israel responded to the kite and balloon flying protests over the weekend by
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targeting dozens of hamas positions the attacks were seen as the worst escalation of violence between hamas and israel since their war four years ago the sons of describe themselves as a loose organization with around a hundred members now i must say that the youth of gaza have every right to protest in a way that it describes as normal violence until israel makes the siege. a hamas spokesman told us the protests will continue despite israeli media reports of a large military operation being planned to stop them. firstly these cuts and balloons are a peaceful form of protest they used by protesters including young people they have the right to use all kinds of peaceful resistance along the border to demand the lifting of israel siege. at least one thousand five hundred civilians including five hundred children who killed in gaza during the two thousand and fourteen war
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protesters like this man who's actually supported by hamas and other factions in gaza say they won't stop despite israel's military threats charles strafford al-jazeera gaza the syrian government has stepped up its bombing campaign on the largest remaining rebel held city in the south of the country reportedly killing a dozen people the ground and air attacks on no came after negotiations with the rebels broke down on tuesday around one hundred thousand people still live there which is located in province bashar al assad's forces have retaken nearly all of the province since its offensive began early last month. indonesian police have shopped at eleven suspected criminals within the past two weeks in the security crackdown to prepare for the asian games human rights advocates have warned that the security forces are using the operation as
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a license to kill but they were briefly put aside on wednesday as indonesians welcomed the arrival of the asian games taught victoria. the ceremony to mark the start of the asian games torch relay in indonesia it was carefully choreographed the successful games can be a major boost and the indonesian government wants to ensure everything goes to plan to that end police in jakarta have an almost a two month long security crackdown to clear suspected criminals off the streets human rights watch says it's being used as a license to kill we know that the jakarta police chief himself has said on numerous occasions that he is encouraging his personnel for example to send criminal suspects to heaven rather than arrest them since the crackdown began two weeks ago police officers have shot dead at least eleven suspected criminals
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windage fifty two and arrested at least two hundred seventy police chief say the killed or injured posed a threat to offices and. we see that the asian games coming up to me want to be good hosts and make our guests feel comfortable take one case a pregnant woman was shot dead in front of her husband to get people to moan and we arrest him but he had a gun and resisted arrest so we acted according to our regulations it's not the first time rights groups have accused indonesian police offices of heavy handedness indies team president djoko widowed who did police to shoot drug dealers who resisted arrest last year rights groups say the lead up to the games is was over the next month the torch will pass through fifty cities in eighteen. province's before arriving in the capital jakarta for the opening ceremony. organizers say their priority is to deliver a safe and successful games critics say that can be achieved without compromising
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human rights the tour a gate and b. al jazeera. nigerian police say eight suspected bomber her members have confessed to being involved in the abduction of the chip books schoolgirls they're among twenty two members of the group who were arrested earlier this month in northeastern your bay and borno states the abduction of the two hundred seventy girls from their school called global outrage in twenty fourteen those arrested also admitted organizing more than fifty suicide bombings. and did not use of nigeria. google says it will appeal against a record five billion dollars fine handed to it by the european union the e.u.
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says the. android operating system to cement the dominance of its search engine. explains. a three year investigation and a record five billion dollars fine a steep penalty for google accused by the european union of abusing its power as they call it an entire sector in the phone market who has engaged in illegal practices to cement its term and market position in internet search it must purchase an effective end to this contact within ninety days or face penalty payments at the heart of the issue is android the tech giants operating system for mobile phones used to more than eighty percent of the world smartphones it is. essential to google's future revenues it's easy to make the video cards with the european commission found google have blocked competition by forcing phone makers to pre-install services such as search engine and map software as
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a condition of using its operation system it also paid phone manufacturers incentives if they installed google search without rival services the case would seem to prove the point that there's no such thing as a free lunch when tech giants come bearing gifts and google is finding out to its cost it's having to concede this is already the case in countries such as china and russia the french government has welcomed the decision to stop it from squeezing out any rivals. google will have to change their practices in terms of licensing of the virus and road software applications that in turn would have a considerable impact on their commercial policy google has said it will appeal against the decision it may only be a fraction of its revenue but the real challenge will be if the e.u. forces it to change its future behavior. or paris. chile has become
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a magnet for people who are seeking relief from economic and political strife at home especially people from haiti from venezuela and colombia the influx has prompted the conservative government to crack down on what it calls irregular migration with tougher regulations a new deadline for applications a latin america editor to see a new moon reports. industry and thirty four year old my sandy tell you the arrived in chile seven months ago from haiti and works at some towels largest fruit and vegetable market. nearby. who came three years ago from the israel or runs a restaurant that sells venezuelan food. venezuelans chile's like the united states except he the work opportunities a much better and it's much easier to enter than the u.s. . but that has changed to confront what it describes as a migration emergency chile's government is making it tougher firing migrants who want to settle here to first apply for
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a visa in less than two years the number of migrants who went to chile as tourists has tripled from four hundred sixty thousand to more than one point two million it's added diversity of to latin america's most stable economy but it's also put a strain on a country clearly unprepared for such a sudden influx but. the problem is not migration to chile because we have the capacity for migrants the problem is lying so you can migrate like coming as a tourist and then staying that generates an irregular status that creates all sorts of problems. and so chile has adopted a carrot and stick policy it's begun expelling two thousand migrants who committed crimes while offering hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants already here a one time chance to apply for residency this is part of a three block long. since all of them applying for their legal status here in chile after sunday those who haven't done so. we'll be subject to deportation if we do.
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without papers you call mark and so this reform will help lines of us who are here but for those who want to follow the nice. haitians can no longer arrive without a work visa of the ten thousand relatives of those who already residents will be allowed to come every year. barring a criminal record and israel and will automatically be approved because of the political and economic crisis there but if they are upset about the new rules order to be able to stay here and now chile is demanding pain records and consul abuses these procedures used to take a week now taken here and cost a fortune in venezuela because of the chaos there people there can't wait that long . chile's migrant center which is run by jesuit priests predicts the new valuations will simply spur migrant trafficking along chile's porous border there. were already saying venezuelans entering through regular mains we need to improve the institutional ability to document margarets here rather than making entry more
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difficult. indeed chile is working to overhaul its outdated immigration law the oldest in the region the big question is how that will change this country and the hopes and dreams of those who want to make it their home. see in humans i just see the centrality. and don't forget you can keep right up to date with all the day's developing stories get an awful lot of background as well on the al-jazeera website al-jazeera dot com. these are the top stories here at al-jazeera this morning israel has passed a law that for the first time declares it to be the nation states of the jewish people arab members of the parliament shouted a richter papers after the fight the bill downgrades the sages of the arabic language and encourages the building of communities exclusively for jews donald
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trump says he holds the russian president vladimir putin personally responsible for moscow's meddling in the twenty sixth presidential election this is the latest language shift in from the us president he's been criticized for failing to confront putin at the summit in finland he said he would agree with u.s. intelligence that. russia meddled in the option for sixteen years and i've said that before if i have said that numerous times before and i would say that that is true but you haven't condemned putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible well i would because he's in charge of the country just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible yes the thai football team trapped in a flooded capable than two weeks of may their first public appearance describing their
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escape as a miracle the twelve teenagers i'm their coach also paid tribute to the former tiny v. seal who died died was trying to rescue them. the organization of american states has condemned the recent violence in the crowd accusing the police and pro-government militias of human rights abuses at least two hundred seventy people have been killed since protests against president danielle tago broke out in april the syrian government has stepped up its bombing campaign on the largest remaining rebel held city in the south of the country reportedly killing at least a dozen people the ground and air attacks on now are in dare our province came after negotiations with the rebels right down on to say bashar al assad's forces have retaken nearly all of the province in an offensive that began early last month google says it will appeal against a record five billion dollars fine handed to it by the european union the e.u.
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says the tech giant used its android operating system illegally to cement the dominance of its search engine and those are the headlines. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks a live thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan so were threats are going to say that figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible had her liking a different diet of school supplies clothing from around the world the faithful focal is still very you have the players are very confident they won't be able to leave gaza and maybe even want to fight on the international side.
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one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. with the prospect of a new order in the region the p.l.o. needed to shift emphasis from revolution to negotiation. but the new political forces were making their presence felt within palestinian society. threatening the
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role and relevancy of the p.l.o. . people following the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war u.s. president george bush and his secretary of state james baker decided it was high time to resolve the problems in the middle east they devised a formula to bring the reluctant israel to the negotiating table i think bush was was really annoyed and he he and baker came up with this idea which i thought was actually quite quite smart and said you can have the loans but only if you agree to a complete freeze on settlements because we are not going to subsidize policies in the west bank that we oppose in the u.s. congress baker increase the pressure on the israelis goading them to call. it's going to take some really good faith affirmative effort on the part of our good friends in israel and if we don't get it and if we can't get it quickly i have
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to tell you mr levine that that. everybody over there should know that the telephone number is one two zero two four five six fourteen fourteen when you're serious about peace call us. the american strategy worked and israeli and arab delegations attended the peace conference in the spanish capital madrid in october one thousand nine hundred one. although p.l.o. leader yasser arafat was not invited he was well represented by palestinian negotiators from gaza and the west bank. on a fact kept a tight rein on the palestinian negotiators and they made sure they told the party line and a shot of laughing at fifty thousand. well that can shut up literally shut up if israel and i can admit that the speech delivered by hyde that obvious chef in madrid was written by hand and i strongly and to be. no foot and i come honey it contributed to it but in the end it was faxed to tunis and we waited till morning
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until by return facts we got arafat's blessing with notes and amendments in his handwriting. the americans and the spanish new place after the madrid conference further negotiations continued in washington away from the media spotlight secret talks were also held between israeli and palestinian officials. in april one thousand nine hundred two a plane carrying yes an artifact crashed in the libyan desert. artifacts survived. but the crash highlighted the lack of any clear successor to the palestinian leader but of. the transition of power was becoming an increasingly important matter in the palestinian territories islamist factions which were not members of the p.l.o. were steadily building a solid base of support. they were vocally opposed to the bush issued as artifact
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was conducting with israel. of the failure of. the physical system that this even with the ideas in madrid if you would if one of the at least there were many were also violent as well as these them and. many palestinians shared such views unconvinced that negotiations with israel would lead to a breakthrough aware of the skepticism on a fad gave the go ahead to a secret channel of talks in the norwegian capital oslo. yes that out of five of them into strategy was to open many channels and that many people try to achieve something there he keeps his windows open and they waits the incoming when the end result is what's important not the person or persons that is bringing the goods. on august twentieth one thousand nine hundred three israeli and palestinian negotiators reached accord in all slow agreeing to a framework for resolving their decades long conflict the oslo accords were
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announced to the world. hamas was quick to condemn the accords. it was the first sign of a growing divide between hamas and the p.l.o. . on september thirteenth one thousand nine hundred three israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin and p.l.o. leader yasser arafat shook hands and sealed the deal at the white house. the children of abraham the descendants of isaac and ishmael have embarked to gather on a bold journey together today with all our hearts and all our souls we've been shallow so long since. my we would fold against you published. and we say to you.
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in the old and sick leave the voice not for. t.v. and not my not mock it to send. a signal that you are sad that. a sob not yet you. had to step. down not just. a pool is said i mean i did what share my it was the first time this street and christ leaders had come face to face was. condemnation of the most oh accord spread like wildfire throughout the.
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my. feel that you know me as well. on this block day hello betrays the blood of the martyrs who fell for their homeland. today the p.l.o. is harmed beyond belief its own people and sold out there right in their homeland palestine today the p.l.o. recognizes israel and acknowledges this really sovereignty over the whole of historical palestine. notwithstanding these criticisms law school records found supporters in the past love placing a lot of heaven mostly with. me in love with the. faisel hussein and god rest his soul used to say that he had reservations about the also accords but he called it out child and that it was better for us to defend jerusalem from ramallah next door than defend it from far away trueness.
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but the peace process initiated by the oslo accord soon began to fall. on february twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred four goldstein a jewish extremist opened fire on palestinian worshippers in the main mosque of hebron killing twenty nine and wounding one hundred fifty. was. just weeks later hamas responded with two suicide bombings inside israel killing fifteen survives. suicide attacks were to become a trademark tactic of. the mosque massacre and the suicide
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attacks did not preclude the signing of the gaza jericho agreement may ninety ninety four in which israel agreed to undertake withdrawals from those areas. in july nine hundred ninety four at a fat return to gaza. he received a hero's welcome. it was the first time in twenty seven years that the p.l.o. leader returned to the homeland he had devoted his life to making. their return heralded the establishment of the palestinian national authority for p n a set up to fulfill the terms of boston look once and administer the palestinians are. not on a fact from the difficult to make the transition from the. leader of the liberation . i.
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built his authority on a totally teria maces the criteria for admission to the instruments of state was contention upon being a member of his fed the movement and recommendation of one of his security apparatus it was single party old with no accountability. as i refer to try to build the foundations of state he also needed to continue negotiations final status issues such as the status of jerusalem security borders and refugees remained on brazil. but the prime minister of israel at the time binyamin netanyahu maintained a hardline negotiating stance. it did not endure him to u.s. president bill clinton. well initially i mean he actually said after this first set of me it's one that you know ok. he left the room i said what is i think the
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superpowers he is and we're not. final status issues came back on the negotiating table following the election of it would back as israeli prime minister in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. but act quickly gained the ear of the u.s. president and brock's logic is. what do i need and what do i want i want to get to a final status agreement with the palestinians by the time you president clinton leaves office that's what he tells them in august ninety nine when he visits but ox offer was for israel to withdraw from much of the west bank while keeping sovereignty over key parts of jerusalem in two thousand he convinced clinton of the need to convene a meeting with on a fact in the united states to resolve the final issues one and he couldn't say no to the president he came with a profound suspicion and resentment suspicion that the americans and the israelis were going to present him with a fait accompli that he couldn't accept and resentment a day who'd berat cool he believed had chased.


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