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the intelligence community's assessment has not changed my view has not changed which is that russia attempted to interfere with the last election and that it continues to engage in line influence operations to this day but only a few people are paying attention to a policy conference in the american what's what is getting most people's attention is the stream of mixed messages some would say alarming messages from the white house about russia and the american political process. al-jazeera washington. well u.s. has ordered a russian woman charged with acting as a foreign agent to be held in jail pending trial prosecutors one that has ties to russian intelligence and is a flight risk she's accused of conspiring against the u.s. government and for the national rifle association. still ahead in the calls by the louder for the resignation of. president daniel ortega
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a nationwide protests spread. it is. too late to set the brakes. and a warning from bars johnson about what he calls the british prime minister's funny frank said plans. welcome back it's been looking fairly wet across northern parts of southeast asia and certainly for the philippines to seen some big rainfall totals being reported across lose on but actually come southwards not much in the way of clothes at all so fine conditions across much of borneo forecasts are suggesting that showers just into northeastern areas otherwise you come south it's looking fine across java and barley up through the night potential again weather conditions general to about a lot of sunshine here few showers around prosperous singapore but kuala lumpur's
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looking dry but once you get up towards the gulf of thailand it's a very different picture across much of thailand southern parts of cambodia and vietnam then it is looking pretty sherry now as we head down into a stranger weather conditions not much change over last twenty four hours fronts just pushing through victoria so chilly conditions here who sort of seen some pleasant weather for sydney but as this front pushes on through temperatures will be dropping as we head through friday melbourne struggling in just eleven degrees perth terry looking fine a maximum of twenty degrees celsius but we have got this front pushing in during the course of the weekend so expect some rain later on the same goes for new zealand where the weather's not looking too bad during friday certain across the north on a bit showers in the south thought it will turn into more gentle rain as we head into wards the weekend. in the wrong place. and the growing population has led to.
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the. possible this is what you see as. the country's future. to change and innovative solutions are being from. people in power investigates iran to crisis on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories israel has passed a controversial nor that for the first time declares the country to be the nation state of the jewish people the legislation also makes hebrew the only official
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language downgrading the status of arabic and colleges the building of jewish communities. to towns and serious problems have been evacuated after a deal struck between opposition fighters and pro-government forces forces and their families will stop a full and fair in the west the shia towns have been under siege by sunni rebels for more than four years. a new report by the human rights group says calling for the arrest of twenty two military and police officials in myanmar they were accused of committing crimes that constitute genocide against the country's community of one hundred bombs one thirty police stations in august two thousand and seventeen the myanmar government said it says it was these attacks that led to a military crackdown against. the state but the report documents how the army planned and committed. mass killings rape and against one hundred two thousand and sixteen months before the police station bombings the military also disarmed by
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confiscating sharp objects from their homes at the same time providing weapons to the laundry hinge of people food and humanitarian aid to britain juba blocked in a bid to weaken them ahead of the twenty seventeen crackdown the report includes myanmar's government made extensive and systematic preparations for attacks against . well matthew smith is the chief executive officer of forty five writes the group that prepared the report and he's urging the international community to act against those responsible for the atrocities. meum our military would like the world to believe that it was fighting terrorism in rakhine state and that this was a spontaneous response to the attacks of we have documented crimes by our so but more importantly with respect to the mass atrocities that have taken place we have documented the way in which the military was making these systematic preparations
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weeks in months before august twenty fifth two thousand and seventeen which is when that attack by running in militants took place we do have hope that this will spur meaningful international action the one thing that we've learned in the thing that the russians a community of all have learned is that following the october two thousand and sixteen violence there was almost complete inaction from the international community and that essentially paved the way for genocide to take place and so we do think that the international community will take this information act we have sent the report to the international criminal court we do have other information that we're making available to governments and others and right now u.n. security council member states should apply. unprecedented leverage against other member states on the council to ensure that there is an i.c.c. referral urgently. there are growing calls globally for like about was president
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daniel ortega to stand out after a month of deadly unrest many now say are thicker is on the same path as the dictator he overthrew thirty nine years ago but those loyal to him maintain that his government is the best or has had money on a sanches reports from the capital. thirty nine years ago the impasse stored up is no less common than fought side by side with the new lot bigger and other revolutionaries who toppled dictator anastasio. leaders of the sandinista revolution they dreamed of a country free and democratic is their model. he's now eighty two years old but in past stories a staunch supporter of president than a lot bigger has governed that i was for eleven consecutive years in three presidential terms what are your social projects food bonuses hospitals free health care that's the social economic and political transformation i fought
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for and that's what daniel was doing. inspired by ideals of social and economic justice by you was a young urban guerrilla fighter but now he says the sandinistas have taken away his greatest love of his eighteen year old daughter. she was arrested i am frustrated because as young people we are dreamers idealists we dream that our country will be a paradise. but godless and all these families here are waiting for their children to be freed from jail human rights organizations say hundreds of people have been detained in the past three months of protests some of them are here at the prison and they could be charged to twenty years in prison under the new anti-terrorism law. but biggest government says it is fighting terrorist groups that want to overthrow the democratically elected gun. event. but rights defender
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says he's desperate or now that you know now that the july nineteenth celebration of the revolution and so on i think he wants to show that he holds all the power with everyone celebrating him but he's desperate you know he's got everything against. that for a revolutionary. and his government have been exemplary. i thought i was going to die in peace watching this triumphant revolution and thinking that if we were on the same path for ten more years would have immigrants coming here to work would be the envy of the region and. now only get out once are in the deepest social and political crisis since the revolution uncertain of what will come. again. the hose former foreign secretary has accused the prime minister of planning what he called
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a phony or exit bars johnson quote tories amazed cabinet in protest over her breakfast strategy last week during his resignation address in parliament on wednesday he said the government's plan will leave bush in a permanent miserable state of limbo bot he failed to outline how he would achieve a better departure from the european union. it is not too late to save brett we have tried in these negotiations we have changed once and we can change again the problem is not that we failed to make the case for free trade agreement of the current spelt out like the house we haven't even tried . we was trying because we will not get another chance to get it right. they'll be an ethiopian ambassador in eritrea for the first time in two decades the appointment of comes just days after the ever tray an embassy was reopened and
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address leaders of the two countries have been involved in a peace process after going to end the conflict and restore relations. have confessed to being involved in the abduction of the schoolgirls. twenty two members of the. over the last two weeks across northeastern. states the abduction of the two hundred seventy girls from their school caused global outrage in two thousand and fourteen police say those arrested also admitted to organizing more than fifty suicide bombings. including. you did not use of nigeria. says protests descending into israel have every right to continue despite reports
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the israeli army is preparing for a large scale military offensive along the gaza strip the kites continue to be flowing from gaza traffic reports. it's been almost four months since protesters in started flying kites carrying petrol bombs and burning over the border fence towards israel the israeli government says they've set fire to many had to have learned destroying millions of dollars worth of crops things protest insisted we hide his identity he's a member of a group calling itself the sons of the winery. it's named after the man who helped hamas acquire drone technology and was assassinated into musea in two thousand and sixteen. we will not stop launching the balloons and kites until israel lift the siege at the borders newsreels caught we don't decide whether there is a war or not we are not afraid we have suffered in a war against this every day since israel started the blockade twelve years ago.
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israel responded to the kite and balloon flying protests over the weekend by targeting dozens of hamas positions the attacks were seen as the worst escalation of violence between hamas and israel since their war four years ago the sons of saudi describe themselves as a loose organization with around a hundred members now i must say that the youth of gaza have every right to protest in a way that it describes as nonviolent until israel looks the siege. a hamas spokesman told us the protests will continue despite israeli media reports of a large military operation being planned to stop them. the. first these kites in balloons or a peaceful form of protest they used by protesters including young people they have the right to use all kinds of peaceful resistance along the border to demand
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a lifting of israel siege. at least one thousand five hundred civilians including five hundred children who killed in gaza during the two thousand and fourteen war. but protesters like this man who's actually supported by hamas and other factions in gaza say they won't stop despite israel's military threats. al-jazeera. chile has become a magnet for migrants thinking relief from economic and political strife at home especially haitians venezuelans and colombians and the influx of the problems of the conservative government to crack down on what it calls a regular migration with tougher regulations and new deadlines for applications a latin america editor lucien human reports from santiago. industry and thirty four year old my sending arrived in chile seven months ago from haiti and works at some towels largest fruit and vegetable market. nearby the last who came three years ago
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from the runs a restaurant that sells than israel and food. venezuelans chile's like the united states except he the work opportunities a much better and it's much easier to enter than the u.s. . but that has changed to confront what it describes as a migration emergency chile's government is making it tougher hiring migrants who want to settle here to first apply for a visa in less than two years the number of migrants who entered chile as tourists has tripled from four hundred sixty thousand to more than one point two million it's added diversity of to latin america's most stable economy but it's also put a strain on a country clearly unprepared for such a sudden influx. the problem is not migration to chile because we have the capacity for migrants the problem is lying so you can migrate like coming as a tourist and then staying that generates an irregular status that creates all sorts of problems. and so chile has adopted
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a carrot and stick policy which began expelling two thousand migrants who committed crimes while offering hundreds of thousands of undocumented. migrants already here a one time chance to apply for residency this is part of a three block long. since all of them applying for their legal status here in chile after sunday those who haven't done so will be subject to deportation. without papers you can walk and so this reform hopelessness are here but for those who want to follow their nice. haitians can no longer arrive without a work visa of the ten thousand relatives of those who already residents will be allowed to come every year. barring the criminal record and israel and will automatically be approved because of the political and economic crisis there but if they are upset about the new rules order to be able to see now chile is demanding pain records and consulate visas these procedures used to take a week now to cost
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a fortune in venezuela because of the chaos there people there can't wait that long . chile's migrant center which is run by just wood priests predicts the new valuations will simply spur migrant trafficking along chile's porous border there. were already saying venezuelans entering through regular mains we need to improve the institutional ability to document margarets here rather than making entry more difficult. indeed chile is working to overhaul its outdated immigration law the oldest in the region the big question is how that will change this country and the hopes and dreams of those who want to make it their home. see in humans i just see that. now it's been five years since a stray or tough and it's already hard line immigration policy is sending refugees and migrants to remote present camps on pacific islands and successfully deterred
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people from trying to reach the mainland five dollars for her she advocates say the human cost is far too great and it's harmless reports from setting. the boats. carrying refugee holiday mansel and her son arrived in australia insurers in march twenty thirty mm they spent months in detention but are now one of the path to a permanent life in australia how the second son app team was born in australia just four months after how many arrived her sister and her two sons made the same journey in between australia's government announced a new policy towards refugees arriving by boat people who come by boat now have no prospect of being resettled in australia the rules have changed for the man saw and her sons were sent to the tiny pacific island of nuru and were told they'd never leave some people was lucky on sunday for him just for a few miles last month variables how many days nephew killed himself he
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was twenty six five years in heart. and independent without condit have done nothing. as it were mine if you say i lost a lot of cause i know you can. you are young now but. you know i lost you now. i can't live it. i can but it. australia's policy change in twenty thirteen was in response to almost daily budgets and about fifty thousand people described as an authorized arriving from the nineteenth of july all refugees and migrants were sent to either the tiny island state of nuru or mouse island in papua new guinea as a deterrent it worked the boats had stopped arriving by the middle of twenty fourteen by which time a new australian government that it turning back boats it seemed to the policy since the commencement of operation sovereign borders we've been able to provide
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the human environment to the people to settle in regional processing centers obviously conducted boy in the now room carson your own government employee injury about the pay injury government will provide assistance to those processes but at the same time the dividend of the success of stopping bites and most importantly stopping drownings at sea is that we've been able to offer a record number of places under the humanitarian refugee program was an estimated two and a half thousand people were sent to mount a silent on a route around six hundred well later paid to return to the countries they'd fled three hundred have been resettled in the united states about four hundred have been brought to australia the australian government will not say so publicly twelve people have died or been killed or minus on a roof about a fountain people remain on the island if the policy is only successful because it demands the sacrifice of human lives of people offshore then it's not an effective policy but neither big political party in australia proposes changing the policy so
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its fifth anniversary is unlikely to be its last andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. members of the thai football team trapped in a cave for more than two weeks. have attended the ceremony for themselves of misfortune. the ceremony is believed to extend life and. the boys in their college were released from hospital on wednesday one week after their dramatic rescue. of the headlines on al-jazeera israel has passed a law that for the first time declares it to be the nation state of the jewish people. arab members of the knesset were removed from the hall after tearing up the bill the legislation makes hebrew the
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only official language in the status of arabic arab members of the knesset say the law legalizes discrimination but. this is a bill from a government that is an enemy to palestinians it's the most dangerous measure it's a law from a racist government against palestinian rights and to create an apartheid regime turns israel into a fascist state. and syria and agreements been reached between the government and opposition in the largest remaining rebel held city in the south and has faced an intense aerial bombardment of the past two days. has been accused of committing crimes that constitute genocide against the community a new report is calling on the international criminal court to arrest a twenty two officials and myanmar for making extensive and systematic preparations ahead of the military crackdown on the twenty seventeen. russians former foreign secretary has accused the prime minister of planning what he called
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a phony. his resignation address in parliament on wednesday. the government's plan and a permanent miserable. it is not too late to save brits we have time in these negotiations we have changed once and we can change again the problem is not that we failed to make the case for free trade agreements of the chinese spelt out like as the house we haven't even tried. we was trying because we will not get another chance to get it right a south korean court has ordered two hundred million dollars of compensation be paid to the families of victims of the twenty fourteenth seewald ferry disaster more than three hundred people mostly schoolchildren trial and of the of a lot of vessel capsized people in power that's coming up next.
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to some they aren't sick when he's worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they're living god. but in one east investigates the fight to reclaim nepal's stolen items on out is era. iran's water supplies are under threat its reserves to pleated by waste and inefficiency once fertile lands drained and barren innovative solutions are at last being applying to goodwill a be enough we sent recall to a gallery to rope in from al-jazeera thrice series to find out.
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it's hard to imagine life without water but in the middle east that's an increasingly troubling prospect in this fragile region water shortages have been linked to mass migration drought food shortages and political instability here in iran years of stifling international sanctions have put pressure on an already to cheer raiding water management system but as iranians watch their precious bodies of water disappear and international restrictions ease there's a new understanding that in order to survive change needs to happen.
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as for the cultural heartbeat of central iran i'm here to meet global water expert dr khan they met any he's asked me to meet him along the xi'an to root out the river which gave birth to this ancient city. i don't this is not at all what i was expecting what happened to the famous life giver and a rude oh for the past few years we have been seeing you like this once of the flu every year and the rest is what it's all for your good river. these massive cracks that we're seeing in this once flowing thousand year old river this is a manmade problem. unfortunately yes i'm not i'm not saying that nature had no effect on this we have exhausted the water upstream and this is what we're left with what is the water upstream been used for mostly agriculture.
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nationally we use more than ninety percent of the water in the x. factor. that's common in the dry areas of the world where you want to produce food . were you are gate you run out of water and that's a general rule this is really a symbol of what is happening at a larger scale at a national scale in this country and what is happening right now rivers and lakes soaring going dry after one after another losing what we're losing wetlands. we are seeing land subsidence very same deserts of vacation and declining groundwater levels which is really sad we have been determined to maximise the water used to extract water from any source possible move water from one location to another and this is what we see as a result this is what i called water bankruptcy. do you see that the sprinkler yeah . that's a problem this is the mentality is that we don't we don't get it like look look at this like all around the river beds are green and we have
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a river which is going. to pull up the meat. the. the the lead up to the person so you and the rich chafey for the blanket was above mine and i have a remote that means something to about a year and a hole in the world i live. in the. i'm sure my it's the best as that's because that's a should be to the heart of what is some other things are quite. what is here that i can imagine when this is full of water people this is just left it exactly is just so sad. so what would you say are the real causes of this crisis how do we get these things i generally think there are three main. causes one being
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the rapid population growth in less than two decades the population of your own double the second clause is inefficient agricultural sector and has been very important for us over the years of war with iraq and after that we're doing the sanctions. it was natural to be really warned about food self-sufficiency and food availability in this country and the third cause being mismanaged water is also linked to so many other things in a list we understand and appreciate these linkages this complexity we can all solve the problems. while many iranians are grieving the loss of the xi'an to rid river there's a greater and more invisible crisis underground. i'm traveling into iran's farming heartland to meet geoscientist man danny she's investigating iran's groundwater crisis over the past fifty years iran has extracted seventy percent of its ground
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water supplies mainly to support farming the air at southwest province of syria john which relies heavily on to stash farming is now running on empty what you have here is the city of stair churn and you can see here the area which rolls the substance so these or the groundwater depletion hotspots is that correct exactly what exactly is such that an. opera heart is from courtroom. after shit effective as a compact should we be worried right now about the ground water levels in syria john the author first rules there. to capture the water so we have runoff we have fraud and sinkholes the role of the infrastructure so should we go for yourself and think oh ya course. does it all collapse all at once or is it
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over time one second oh really so sinkholes unless of sidon there are indicators on the ground of a much deeper problem you know you can see the former land opposite side of the vault they are connected so when you extract the ground water from one point the ground water level drops people are over exploiting the water and not paying attention to the the aquifer underneath. in the past decade fifteen percent of this region's to stash the trees have died forcing farmers to abandon their land and homes at this rate more than half of iran's provinces could become uninhabitable within fifteen years displacing millions. five years ago everything was green and it all dried up in such short time yeah is this region is it able to support pistachio farms anymore i think they
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can't because there's no more votes with. the farms so what happens now what do you tell the farmer and the family like these people over there we should see their home what do you tell them when when the water runs out it's impossible they can't do anything for four days areas where do you think it's somebody who lives with. that. and it's good for thirty four and i think. i think it's hansal it and you're going to end rebus i think the fear for my am is that this is just the beginning that this entire iconic region might become uninhabitable. just disappear. until very recently to stash shoes were iran's main export after crude oil and the
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province which syria john sits in was one of the largest producers in the world contributing to a billion dollar industry but now farmers that remain are struggling to survive without water have left dr danny to meet a family still trying to eke out a living. human chance a ticket to the press economy plenty of forgot to send them upon yourself to charge a quarter of all the kidneys often traditional giotto botulism that you want. more yogurt you're more richards and they give a corner a moment you're not often shot. to. some of the enemy on the new law falling. on hard. these some of the water is completely contaminated because they've been digging so much into the aqua for they've had salt water leech in from the nearby lake bed it's not just lack of water it's salt water entering the fresh water that they use for farming.
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but orlando on that there ought to give. if most of them very. serious budget you're out there most of them to give up are not drawn from. ten years ago they had a nice diversity of crops but as the trade in pistachios started really bringing in money it was very profitable everybody one invested in pistachio farming and now the future is completely bleak because they've invested in only one problem. they need to know me again i and a new dawn came to caen time i had cash advising her from russia a moment you normally get out your quarter to quarter to quarter days because i'm not sure we're there oh i'm as good as you would but you're on your mark get your very odd girl if you want. him then it.
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me or you and me here are your when i was each each figure each person had. the story oh yeah they're each going to turn it into a. badge disorder this is this is the of now the future. iran is clearly facing a huge and unprecedented crisis and without the government support it's hard to see any hope of resolution i'm in town to meet mushroomy at the car the country's vice president and head of environmental protection. would you say that iran is currently facing a water crisis yes iran like many other countries in the region is currently facing
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water scarcity we need to change the current water management water consumption patterns in order to be able to deal with this currently the x. factor uses ninety percent of the water in this country how are you planning to reform this industry we actually started a project working with farmers educating them training them about three hundred villages are directly involved how much do you feel that international sanctions have added to the escalation of the crisis that we face today we have a lot of pressure on our economy there was a lot of pressure on producing more crops we need to take off the pressure i think from our national. environment and eco systems for a while. the lifting of sanctions could help us in that regard many people were
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expecting big changes after the sanctions environmentally but dust storms air pollution water scarcity issues are still all too common why haven't results come sooner one of the reasons that we haven't been seeing those results coming very. quickly has been the hurdles that we still have in the particularly in the banking system of seems that the united states is not playing its role about fulfilling its responsibilities that it has an agreement political conflicts shouldn't overshadow in. cooperation. although farming takes the lion's share of water in the country iran's tap water use is still seventy percent above the global average years of heavily subsidized water rates mean people haven't been brought up with a conservation mindset in a country where half the population is under thirty five the government and n.g.o.s are tapping into social media to get the word out but is it working so that.
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the other fellow that. well they must suffer. yeah application that's. more campaign. i mean have. often found. that. unsurprisingly those who really understood the power of social media and the image in this crisis were photographers so i must tell you any and may some years and a dell or two young photojournalist who helped bring global attention to one of the crisis is greatest victims blake or mia. once the middle east largest salt water lake it has now shrunk to ten percent its former size located in the northwest of the country it was a popular holiday haven today it has been reduced to
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a few patches of incredibly salty water this hyper salinity has triggered an algae and bacterial bloom that has transformed the once turquoise waters to crimson like and landed on another. avenue in barco why did. the cable so the. owners of all of the danger. from the four as you. just remember. it's a former. she was so sure what your duty in. caregiver more him para cared about about here till all you would care all she had mostly married don't get fired and the rich at the fall of a call about my dad matt let me do this that you know me will follow you home all cam has suffered you bocconi him and now you. have to. go bald headed for a new mission and most likely put in x.
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are sure your fish oil goes to shit who do a lot the mad don't kid. you know me drop. the gun in the. kid you choose if you will if you had to. go to the. guy. who told you no to talk to show the only. home you. need to ask this all right here which appears so innocent can absolutely destroy the farming industry around this land if it gets into the soil it completely dries it out and it isn't good for people's health so you can understand why this lake needs to be full of water so that this soul doesn't start traveling around in the wind. so must grew up around the lake and knows firsthand the impact of water scarcity her family used to run a popular guest house and rent cattle but their lives were closely tied to the lake
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i guess she's a hit i'm getting a better show of a for me this cheered me on her show axis i mean your head grinding is worse with. twenty dostana. here on his c.r.t. as enjoy getting. a short command muscle and back a see al of a mind of a sham. full access a matter of. the share that activists of a leonardo dicaprio have a passion instagram ish has having dogwood now sunday at home enjoy has to enjoy with economic cold war. to what have i sure didn't sound. the best people on x. robot how many do in your past cat. valan just on a diet you don't. get bored or johnny paid academy where you're holding go sit oh yeah you to the dog ask him back please tell us in cat who should own a better son you. like so much his
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family many people living around lake or mia depend on it for their livelihood an estimated five million farmers live in its vicinity and that's why the government has pledged five billion dollars to restore lake or mia over the next ten years i've met up with a smile on hand getty a community field worker who is embedded himself in these farming communities he's been working on a pilot project funded by the government and new n.d.p. promoting farming techniques that help conserve water. dog about into your children with cattle said missy in hast who didn't have to do your toss. a must see to have lou dobbs with this should. be shot in most of us to bust because all of this. got a soul bit. of a dust the more that all. the. don't want to play you know. we should.
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all go to bed or you know. call that a lamp sneeze misrule me the ball would not do this to my nobility nobody at coney . island. who study a good kick as it was the high and i that may be a name in case all that just without bending to shove that is all you've done care about it their potency is that about it is all that is if i don't show them. a lot about my little ones that i haven't money on to make you know the. danger you had you dirty body has started to be a case that having been the case national gun to me it's ok to use such and when you take make a good idea but it can do and can do more than that it was you can have all the contact mass and you can have here on the money on who'll be a minute so that as casual as the bad technique i surely can induce now that i've
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asked can russia law better idea they all same a couple of us going to such over after boy has never done it was he to invent other shows it wasn't in his shows the time he did the. mission to my mission regaining today i last had insufficient lot of that if i don't buy into that at the heart of that i attend the mission and i then asked what did it was that i don't know either and i was in there doing i mean joe hoeffel katrina some mesquite all the corn to be quoted off the open is that all the top pitamakan has also not only me and on the team this is the end of the mess that the pit is modifying as now has it so them has me. hold on. i did it anyway like then. the new water conserving farming techniques take the pressure off the farmers from drilling deeper and deeper for fresh water
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this allows the offer time to replenish naturally and safeguards the groundwater for the future and tonight i can i guess i was a bit. in the. ximena who bought on top is going to. have him ashore in the should i not realize she bought on it is written in stone. and all of us that he has. a better show why would he not it was i stand toe that you know. about it in a limousine with the assistance. of biden on the investment. all the systems that the farmers have implemented here are helping to save water if these systems were rolled out nationwide it could really make a difference. because how isn't that i mean i have seen a form of that
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a case where the kenya. as does a saudi has nourished pine. preferred a cache of as us care water as boron on radio. national mission it is or isn't that a shared mission over to and that's the video of the of tom fisher and also to shore some of. the project here in lake or mia may seem like a small step but it's an important start. iran has finally acknowledged the scale of the crisis on its hands and it is beginning to tackle it but if these hopeful starts don't lead to more action on the ground and soon the entire region will face the prospect of even more loss and instability one thing is for certain this is a critical time for iran.
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they suspected money laundering operation but this time it was different. an accidental discovery the wharfs initial suspicions. unraveled some unprecedented scale of systemic international corruption and people in power investigates a rocket's of such magnitude that it threatens government and redefine the rules of impunity. the carwash come on a jersey of. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together .
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. this is al jazeera. along so rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a jewish nation state to look at how a new israeli law both defines and divides its citizens also was being seen as a major victory for syria's president rebels agreed to surrender their weapons in
6:52 pm
the southern province of connecticut. also who poisoned a former russian spy and his daughter british police are reported to have identified a suspect. and accused of committing crimes that constitute genocide a human rights group details how song just in myanmar prepared to attack civilians . welcome to the news that israel has passed a controversial law that for the first time declares the country to be the nation state of the jewish people it makes hebrew the only official language downgrading arabic insead to having a big u.s. special status and also promotes the construction of jewish communities however critics say the law marginalizes the israeli palestinian minority who make up nearly twenty percent of the nine million population israeli palestinians have the
6:53 pm
same rights as jewish citizens but as long face discrimination rights groups say the law will only further promote racism stephanie decker has more from west jerusalem. it's official israel is a state exclusively for jews. that's the essence of the controversial nation state bill passed by the knesset on thursday after hours of heated debate the measure became law by a vote of sixty two to fifty five with two abstentions for years the language of the bill divided political opinion between the ruling parties and the opposition members of the knesset say the law legalizes discrimination. this is a bill from a government that has an enemy to palestinians it's the most dangerous measure it's a law from a racist government against palestinian rights and to create an apartheid regime it turns israel into a fascist state yes i think most controversial clause in the bill a provision calling for jewish only communities was replaced at the last minute the
6:54 pm
original legislation would have allowed the state to establish separate communities on the basis of religion and nationality the replacement provision says the state sees developing jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage advance and implement this interest illegal settlements for jews are already being built in breach of international law and u.n. demands another controversy is the status of the arabic language the new law says hebrew will be israel's only official language demoting arabic from second. deputy attorney general says the law also allows the construction of synagogues and ritual baths but not mosques. the israeli president says the legislation could harm jewish people and israel's enemies could use it as a weapon protestors against the will march to tell of even saturday. more of him very slowly in the house of israelis came today to protest against the nation state law which is a racist and fascist law that is trying to turn israel from a democracy into something else therefore we are here to block this drift towards
6:55 pm
dictatorship and fascism they are your credit i came today to say that the arab citizens of israel are not inferior to the nation state law discriminate against them as the israeli government has been doing for many years arabic is an official language and they deserve equal rights. the government led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists that it's important to establish that israel is the historical homeland of the jewish people who have the sole right to national self-determination palestinians say they see the move as legitimizing apartheid turning what is already an act of policy of discrimination against them until stephanie decker al-jazeera them well momentum jim joins me now from west jerusalem mohamad of course what this does in fact formalize the segregation and decriminalize discrimination pardon me that was sort of already in play informally . yeah i mean that's right so hail i mean that's what you
6:56 pm
hear from especially israeli palestinians yesterday and today the reaction that's coming in i mean people are saying that this is a way of codifying apartheid and racism discrimination and segregation a very very strong reaction let me read to you what we heard earlier from side of erekat who is the secretary general of the p.l.o. he said that this was a dangerous and racist law par excellence that it denies arab citizens their right to self-determination to instead be determined by the jewish population we also heard a little while ago from when i should how we she's also with the p.l.o. she said the jewish nation state law gives license to apartheid discrimination ethnic cleansing and sectarianism at the expense of palestinian people such racist and prejudicial legislation is illegal by all standards of international law democracy humanity justice tolerant and inclusion so no mincing of words there of course not really a surprise but as you mentioned this is something that's been going on for quite
6:57 pm
a while this law this bill rather was originally proposed in two thousand and eleven it has been contentious since the beginning it had an early backer and prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowed early on that he would try to see this to its conclusion that's what happened last night early this morning you know yesterday it was a very dramatic day in israel's knesset it was eight hours of debate on this bill which now has become a basic law that means it's included in what is essentially the constitution of israel that's why it's something that is so worrying especially for israeli palestinians the fact of the matter is that this is now a law that would be much harder to overturn than if it were just a regular law because it is a basic law because it is considered to be part of what is essentially the constitution of this country now we expect to be hearing more from israeli palestinians from other palestinians and you know especially throughout the next few days there was a lot of anger about this but again not a surprise this is a very symbolic victory for the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu he has wanted this to happen for
6:58 pm
a long time his allies have wanted. this happened for a long time and again palestinians that we've been hearing from say that this is really just a way to codify to make law the prejudice against them they say that they have already been marginalized that this just marginalizes them further so here well we'll get more reaction of course from the region later in the program but for the moment term homage and jim thank you guys this is an assistant professor of u.s. foreign policy in the middle east at the american university he called it a sad day for democracy in israel. the entire world understands that israel is the nation state of the jewish people but there's also another people who live there and the arabs and the that corporation of independence made it crystal clear that equality was a fundamental principle in which israel would be established and i think it will be increasingly difficult for israel to claim that it is
6:59 pm
a the only democracy in the middle east when it discriminates against its minority i mean this is this this piece of legislation says absolutely nothing doesn't even mention the word democracy and certainly it's an illiberal piece of legislation is discriminatory it's the quality it's anti-humanist it's just it's a terrible bill it's a terrible piece of legislation and i said out of the south is this is a precursor to what might happen in the future for example to set a timetable for elections to allow the un peace talks that are being held in geneva to come to fruition come to an end where both rebel groups and government forces and the assad government can come to understanding to move forward and sign to a longer lasting peace in the region well i think they want to see now because the first one is that we're going to see. fighting over the dip in the north of the
7:00 pm
county this is the main the main the only remaining opposition has territories in the countries because we have seen over the last few months that is taking control of most of the time with these it was under the control of the opposition in the mosque in the south and north of homs south of hama and now the only remaining opposition have treaties. so the fear is that we're going to see fighting over that profit is but that has to. i mean there should be physical i mean some sort of talks between the russians. the turks because turkey is the main actor in the north oh i mean this could actually believe the way for the political solution to the crisis as you mentioned the russians might now i try actually to put more pressure on the regime in order to start some sort of a political process over the constitution leading up to an election we've seen the u.s. take a back seat we've seen as you say russia take a much more positive position.


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