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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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it's in the ins and some lawmakers we spoke with in the last few hours also said that look the only way that something like this is going to change because they're not counting on the international community to be able to do anything to ramp up pressure on the israeli government is that the only way that this is going to change is if there is some kind of cohesive resistance peaceful resistance movement may say that because so many palestinians are so disappointed in their leadership and because they have so little faith in their leadership and there's so much factionalism so much infighting in the palestinian leadership they don't expect that they can get the kind of movement that can really resist this in a time soon thank you for that mohammed jump june lifeforce in west jerusalem well let's sell a bit deeper into this now because a lot of grey areas with this new law it puts religion at the heart of the state rather than an equal rights for all which shows up several legal questions in one nine hundred forty eight declaration of the establishment of the state of israel granted equal social and political rights to all its citizens irrespective of religion race and sex so does this new law alter the status quo that's been
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existing for seventy is furthermore the law only talks about the right to south determination for jews so what about the political and civil rights of a quarter of its population who are not jewish the law also says israel will be open for jewish immigration exiles but what about the right of return of millions of palestinian refugees and the words settlement in the new law is also confusing does this include illegal settlements in the occupied palestinian territories and even if it doesn't will it lead to further segregation of israeli society and add to the idea nation of the israeli arab community lots of questions that we hope our next guest so how will answer for us she's an attorney at a dollar which is the legal center for ad minority rights in israel and she is via skype from haifa. thank you so much for being with us first of all where will this new law are applied will it apply to occupied territory to east jerusalem to the
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west bank to the golan heights. yes the millions lot of. the national. groups as. part of. it since he has illegally and most. of these activities that means. it will work well or so there needless to say. that these areas as you say i mean the an extension of this territory by israel is considered illegal under international law so team that this law violates prohibitions under international law how can the israeli state it be held accountable therefore for violating international law. and what look you all at once will be pulling for oracle that is obscene these are the worst moves in
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the uk importantly loss of easily the personal citizens of this thing. to get work the court. a protocol for its obligations under international law or all of the kids were political it is in terms of. most people who are small and also will get only towards. the personal assistance of the most controversial cross in this nation state law which appeared to pave the way for the creation of community segregated by nationality or religion was removed from the legislation earlier this week but the last till states that it sees the establishment of jewish settlements settlement singulair as a national value what does that mean to you. yes women seditionists essential part of the article says the origin. of
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a book that will work. that signal again. this limitation and listen is becoming the norm in this ng which is. very good for who are going on here or who go up to the end it is undoable lot of course the sense that the political community or the journalists rather or it's the ones who are simply getting a shitload of them sitting in the local city official always exists. before questions of the war the. jewish civil international the national interests or worse the unsympathetic is bored and sure. of course. jewish kid in this is a jewish settlements and if so which of course of the rich with me that did him or
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christmas in the spirit in it or see it in terms of locations. they were went. on and so far as he says here are the data they live with it was she who also. sitting in the in this case r.h. for a shingle of the kitchen and he gives his political posts are you so admission i thank you very much for speaking to us two of us and for the poor audio quality but we got the gist of what you were saying there thank you very much for explaining it to us now let's take a quick look at the breakdown of israel's population to further understand how this new law impacts people since the creation of a state of israel in one nine hundred forty eight and what palestinians car the catastrophe is our population has increased ten times to record nine million jews. a couple most seventy five percent of the population that's almost eight out of ten people among them forty four percent identify as secular eleven percent as
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religious and nine percent as for orthodox jews meaning they follow a very strict interpretation of today's them adhering to rigorous moral codes more than twenty percent of the population are israeli palestinians and more than four hundred thousand israelis identify as non arab christians all belong to other ethnic and religious groups not a sufferer now is head of the reds newspaper for news desk and he thinks a number of israelis will be happy with the law as it attempts to suppress growing palestinian opposition within israel take a listen it is most both have to try to realize what led to this legislation. they said before the war this commission up until now we didn't change anything that all towns that only do that even though the villages that the built for jews but now for seven do of the of the foundation of the state of israel they decided they have to change the anything in law what caused it i think that the one of the main
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effect of is the result challenge to the defacto discrimination that was in israel up until now this challenge comes form him oh active in. palestinian public inside is a very thin strip that the men from over i think that it is also from the no visibility to the discrimination so in order to sustain the status quo you have to change something that was the fact of discrimination to the u.s. discrimination are i want to bring in our senior political analyst on bashar who's live from london and marwan i want to start off by reading you a comment from one of our viewers here on facebook abraham who says when south africa did something like this years ago it was clear apartheid what's the difference. well look like any two systems there are similarities and differences so when people speak about
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a partied by israel in palestine in general and certain characteristics of it within its own borders of one thousand nine hundred seven they talk about discrimination on the basis of. a racist ideology in the case of israel palestine it's religious zionism it is not like us south africa when it is about racial and the color of skin as it were in in our part of south africa which if it was in certain ways meant much worse than it is within israel itself and even sometimes worse than it is in say the west bank but in other cases for example the fact that more than two thirds of the palestinian people are refugees are not allowed to go back to their homes downs and villages that is certainly far worse than south africa but the point being is that neither is the north and south africa we should
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look at the at the issue of color of skin or religion because this is about idiology if the ology that simply give supremacy to one group over the over another group so at its base a part in south africa like certain characteristics of apartheid in israel palestine is about ideology that give supremacy to either whites in south africa or jews in israel but what many people are saying right now marwan is that this new law brings absolutely nothing new it states what the reality on the ground is and that is that israel is an apartheid state where arabs are second class citizens your thoughts. well you know i mean of course most of the people who opposed the law within israel itself including at one point is or is or one president repeatedly in and some of the major opposition leaders were saying is why are we giving ammunition slash proof to those detractors that israel is in fact
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practicing certain discrimination slash racism within our own state when we could of gone on our way practicing those policies without and certainly naming them licious slating them telling the whole world that we are in fact not so much of a jewish democracy we are less democracy and more jewish or as someone said we are perhaps democracy for the jews and jewish for the arab citizens of israel but be that as it may look i think the new basic law when i allowed the government to further deepen its discriminatory policies against the palestinians in israel against the palestinians in east jerusalem and against the palestinians in general certainly not allowing any palestinian to go back to their homes and i'm talking about among the two thirds or three quarters of the palestinian people who are refugees not even those hundred twenty one hundred fifty thousand displaced
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palestinian citizens within israel itself who today cannot go back to their homes and villages because they are the skin to the caves so the new law will give instruments to the israeli government to do all sorts of things at once without fear without having any opposition from its citizens or from the courts within israel itself one last question before i let you go marwan does the criticism an objection from american jewish groups matter to israel will it have an effect on u.s. policy makers who could perhaps try to rein in netanya. if you allow me just first to say that i think this law would not have passed i think it wouldn't have the israeli government wouldn't have gone through with it if it wasn't president trump the president of the united states because by the way as maybe a lot of people don't know this has been going on for over a decade now in two thousand and eleven in two thousand and fourteen at anyone who
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wanted to pass this and it didn't go through with it to the end because but obama was against it president trump doesn't give a damn and in fact perhaps his supporters because he also have very similar sentiments as prime minister that the neo or that israeli coalition but i think the jewish community in the united states the majority of which voted for barack obama the majority of which is democratic and liberal does not sympathize with or support the kind of policies being led by israel's prime minister netanyahu and his coalition governments i think the majority of jews around the world including in israel are liberal progressive or a certain there are liberal democrats who do not subscribe to racial or racist policies by the coalition government in israel and i think the jewish community in the united states the biggest supporter of israel today that really counts for a lot within the united states itself. that jewish community doesn't agree and i
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think that power of the jewish community is this sense of itself slowly but surely for missouri similarly for lee the young generation of american jews are less and less sympathetic to the right wing policies of prime minister netanyahu thank you for sharing your views with us always interesting to hear them thank you very much marwan rasha senior political analyst live there from london as you can imagine we're getting a lot of comments on this story i want to read you one here from on twitter who says israel has every right to define itself celeste says we should all support the b.d.s. campaign that's the boycott divests divestment and sanctions campaign also another one from satire who says it's about time the world did something about israel's behavior thank you very much for your comments we want to hear more of them you can reach us on a social media platform at all times hashtag asia news great and all the other ways to get in touch on your screen right now and you know the tensions and injustices
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within israeli society i'm not limited to israeli palestinians and i want to point to this excellent documentary by a team at al-jazeera world israel's great divides it explores the deep rooted tension between israel's ashkenazi jews who come from germany france and eastern europe and the ship a hardy and ms i.e. communities from spain portugal north africa and the middle east it's a great insight into israel's identity crisis you can watch the film on al-jazeera dot com our time now for a look at the day's other news and here's barbara sarah in our london news center with the developments barbara in the script our case. absolutely fully british detectives are reported to have identified those responsible for poisoning a former russian spy and as the water the press association says police of obtained security camera video of suspects thought to be russian planting a nerve agent now said gania scripts are were poisoned with the agent novacek back
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in march the russian government has denied involvement and britain security minister described the reports as speculation or for more on this we're joined in this studio by joe and our hala you've been looking into this story what more do we know about these reports well as you say it's been squashed by a senior government minister the police haven't come out independently and confirm that other is worth pointing out the government hasn't come out with a full on denial of nearly talked about speculation this is a report in the p.a. quoting an unnamed police source saying as you said they've identified people they believe to be russians what they've done is cross match to hundreds of thousands indeed of hours of c.c.t.v. footage filmed in salzburg around the location where this poisoning took place across match that with c.c.t.v. footage at airports they've looked at flight manifests they're said to have either divide these people using face recognition technology and seen them either coming from or going back to russia that's where that stands alongside this investigation
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of course there's another one into the more recent poisoning and fatal poisoning of dawn sturgis near salzburg they believe she sprayed novacek on to her skin directly from an old perfume bottle her partners in hospital at the present what they'll be trying to find out is where they got this perfume bottle and whether indeed this was the same batch of navi truckers that used to poisonous cripple that in develop investigation will be feeding into the script of investigation it doesn't look as if there might be making progress and since march when the original attack happened against the scrapers the russians have always denied any involvement have they made any comments about. these reports today they have the us the russian ambassador rather to the u.k. alexander has said that british investigators have no evidence of russian involvement in this recall poisoning russia it says will exert political pressure on the british side and continue through official requests and dialogue to do so i
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think what that means is that they will continue to demand access to the scrip olds who are being held by the police in a secure location the british choosing instead of dealing directly with the russians to deal with the o.p.c. w the chemical weapons body in the hague that hasn't been any direct contact between the two sides at all but as you say the kremlin maintaining its denial of any involvement absolutely joho the latest let's thank you. the footage showing one of the french president's top security officers beating a student protester in may has triggered a fierce public backlash this mobile phone video appears to show an example of banal dragging the protester on the ground before hitting him in the head several times but that was not on duty at the time but he was given to mission to observe police operations the government has launched an investigation and then mcallen has not commented on that incident. spain has dropped its european arrest warrant for the former catalan leader kalus was demoted to and five of his aides it was dropped
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after a german court agreed to extradite them old but only on the charge of the misuse of public funds he was facing the most serious charge of rebellion the arrest warrants were issued after catalonia his independence referendum in october last year the six are still facing arrest if they return to spain. egyptian president of the fact the n.c.c. is in sudan to hold talks with president obama bashir over disputed border regions and threats to water security both countries' water supply will be affected by the five billion dollar grand the ethiopian renascence them when it's completed meanwhile sudan continues to demand united nations mediation over the disputed oil and mineral rich region of the triangle a new report by the human rights group fortified rights is calling for the arrest of twenty two military and police officials in myanmar forty five right says the medium our government made extensive
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and systematic preparations for attacks against last year which constitute as genocide the group says the plans were made months before a revenge armed group bombed police stations sparking a military crackdown. the organization of american states has condemned what it says are human rights abuses committed in nicaragua by police and pro-government civilians rights groups say at least two hundred eighty people have been killed in months of protests against the government. meanwhile is preparing to celebrate the thirty ninth anniversary of the revolution which will put him in charge of the country for the first time he ruled from one thousand nine hundred seventy nine for eleven years before his return to power in two thousand and seven however he is facing calls to set a date for early elections when i have more news from london in about half an hour from now but now let's go back to folly in doha barbara thank you very much for that coming up next for our viewers on facebook
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a story about north korean films being watched on soft korean screens for the very first time and still ahead on the grid the film that moved a government where in china where a box office hit it up sped up efforts to stash ice. welcome back nice look at weather conditions across levant and western parts of asia most of the quiet across this region at the moment yes it's hot but it's not a sox it has been and there was a chance of a little bit of lifted thus i don't think it's any great problem we have got a few showers around the caucuses and on the southern side of the black sea but otherwise fine conditions fire on the eastern side of the mediterranean temperatures close to thirty for beirut through the next couple of days movie and down into the arabian peninsula temperatures in the low forty's for medina and
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mecca as they have been for recent days here in doha you look at highs about forty four degrees we will find additional wind picking up after the weekend but until then winds lie in probably on saturday humidity is likely be quite high let's move down into southern portions of africa where it's a largely fine picture to see from the satellite imagery so we're looking at fine conditions for cape town there eighteen degrees and a fair amount of sunshine across the rest of the region not a great deal of change expect as we head on through into the start of the weekend for central parts of africa it's looking pretty lively we've got some big shows from the gulf of guinea and those showers extend a long way towards the west even wanted to thunderstorms i think over the course of these twenty four hours likely to affect mauritania. and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
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a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbeds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. the pressure is on for fifteen thousand people posing an imminent threat to israel use life was mostly work to reform both top israeli diplomats come must people not palestinian we'll go to what's known over there was a same thing that occurred on the bay are sending them to the it's a cause coalitions area when they come and attack us and so was i was attacking his son goes head to head with danielle what israel is doing is deliberately choosing to slaughter house. al-jazeera.
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headlines on al-jazeera the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com at number one our top story on the news great today in israel. a controversial new law that states a jewish nation. a jewish nation also trending president trump is not. here
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is why an opinion piece about the recent a summit between the russian and u.s. president at number three book around fighters who abducted the. number four it's a piece of football and why africa's best teams were not good enough at the top and at number five the war in syria syrian rebels agreed to the areas near the golan heights. all of stories. and more on the war in syria in the south of the country agreements have been reached between the government and opposition fighters in the city of now wa and in the nearby province of. the areas face an intense aerial bombardment over the past few days rebel fighters from can h.r. where some as strikes are reportedly still taking place are being taken to a rebel control in the north correspondent reports on the occupied golan heights.
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the syrian forces continue waging fierce attacks on the north and south of can. attempt to regain control of the areas that fell into the hands of the armed opposition four years ago there is an increasing number of displaced syrian people taking refuge in the areas near the occupied syrian border by the ceasefire line. we're talking about thousands of displaced syrian people in the last few weeks. this is one of the camps near the town of a brick and beat a job in the north of can it. we're talking about tens of similar camps that are spreading alongside the ceasefire border in the occupied syrian golan particularly the u.n. point there are terrible humanitarian conditions inside these camps well joining us now on the news great is. his a retired jordanian air force general and a military analyst live from amman for sank you so much for your time and your patience not in light of these latest developments would you say the battle for southern syria is over
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it is over it's coming through the. i think the only book at remain is the the eyes the law book which is between jordan syria and israel that's the area and i think they will reach an agreement to go to i think eastern syria the desert area which is east of homes so this is there were otherwise there would be rewired off with the russian airpower on the city and forces so it is almost over now and by go into the accord of the one nine hundred seventy four the buffer zone which is a lot of the cd in me to go to that is that's mean the hezbollah. is there old so the syrian air force can fly over the buffer zone according to the one nine hundred seventy four accord so the. assad regime on control of the southeastern
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syria so that that's the south what about italy province in the northwest was seen evacuations in. it's the only opposition held territory left and turkey we know is the main actor in the north will we see more fighting there or could we also see there some sort of agreement as there was it seems with israel in the south between you know russia the syrian government and turkey. it will be three three million people and you get to heave which is the nostra is there and i think we might see it's highly unlikely that we'll have the wide scale operation military operation there that i think. will come to understanding with theater and also to dismantle. nostra aetate that is. this people that might be melted amongst the people there so hopefully there will have otherwise are
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going to be a bloody there a bloody war and a lot people will be killed. that's mean also a lot of immigrants fleeing to turkey from turkey to. europe and that's turkey will not allow i think thaw i think they will come to the end the standing might see some you know some strike here and there but very limited to put pressure on the night when i don't know are you know the when you look at the military right now in syria do you think we are nearing the end of this conflict now are we going to see perhaps a political settlement very soon to the war as far away from that and i think syria now it's soft but. with turkey and. and the. american in eastern europe so and they're in the middle so.
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it's going to be a lot of time to reach through any political settlement i think told bolton this is euro crisis just sort of it out but the same time holding a very wild card in eastern europe for it for any political settlement in the future to get the table because there is as said the russian made sure that it is not a position to negotiation to negotiate with them anytime in the future and the succeeded on that in in any way so if the american lives that's will be back in control but you get the turkey in the north so it's going to take some time to get to for any political but any right geneva is question now it's it's the ice and eyes ation of syria plus suchi to any political system and see a need a political solution not a military solution and that and the. political strategy and diplomacy of the way american also other allied groups. vision to deal with that and it's unfortunate
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we're going to see this for a long time thank you for the land and stability and say thank you so much for your insight. and military analyst joining us there from amman in jordan thank you. now to pakistan where the predominantly pashtoon tribal region will vote for the first time in next week's general election the federally administered tribal area is an autonomy region within pakistan as home to five million people who are mainly from the pashtun ethnic group the passions of pakistan's second biggest ethnic group making up fifteen percent of the population of two hundred seven million major military campaigns has been carried out in five regional and international accusations of it being a breeding ground for terrorism especially following the nine eleven attacks in the u.s. almost two million people have been displaced and sees military operations began in two thousand and one and they say they have been the targets of military operations internal displacement ethnic stereotyping and forced disappearances has more from
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impacts on. election under twenty fifth of july and fordo full time their tribal people. who were administered from islamabad will be digging part in the election they have already endured a hardship by leaving. there have been military operation and. their dry bread headed. toward their representatives were jorgen by tribal chief dane and they were already drilling going to make it grow more danger in with a government in islamabad but this time around. then this is the first time in the history of pakistan that the people of the tribal belt are participating in the upcoming elections and you can see the colorful flag
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banners all around which were impossible before the movie. well i can tell you have not been given the right to. say that we can get basic human rights which the people of the country already have their drivers are being merged into mainstream buggers on wholeheartedly a bardo of the political mainstream you can see the excitement although there is a security threat but the people of the driver larry are like the rest of august on their murder day. right there are one point five million may water and a million the male war girl in an area which are the population of almost five million people but for bugger stance tribal population there it will be the first time that they will be able to catch their war sure good representative for people who have been deprived of the right of military conflict in that area it's
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a major change one day will come but discord in order been possible without the sacrifices of their tribal population and the security force say now while some pakistanis celebrate being able to vote for the first time a minority group known as the ahmadiyya community is lamenting their continued exclusion from the elections highroad joins us with more on that well as in pakistan has faced prosecutions the decades in fact affecting nearly every aspect of their lives from attending school to voting but this year the community has announced that one participate in the next week's national election because this country voting regulations and this is the press release that she put out on twitter as well but find out more respect and where they represent have a for safety reasons he has asked not to be named. many forms of secure base. are well it's not
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a hoot exercise. says the country since two thousand to. ready to join forces but even despite there are still certain areas of this peace where he's exercising their right to. beat having to compromise self identity. and weeks the. state. is on. the hot side of the sun that is a compromise piece by piece believe me. all the estimated four million ahmadis in pakistan consider themselves muslim but the government doesn't and that's because of a belief that there was a muslim prophet off to the prophet muhammad a pakistani no explicitly forbids ahmadis from what it calls posing as a muslim and it's that's kind of legal language that has led to many attacks
12:35 am
against the community whether it's in their neighborhoods a loss and mobs have in fact beats not vocal activists to fight seem to be recognizing of accuse them of blasphemy and cite their all concerns that marginalizing the ahmadis by putting them on a separate votes as lists is enough to make them a target. somebody wants to do or target killing of any and all yes's he has all the addresses he goes and stands outside the person's home for two weeks he knows exactly what he will come and when he will board where he will go and how he will go and then the next them of sitting on a motorcycle issue this has been happening all over the country for the last seventy years and this discrimination is there is centrally has been for their soul that the arm of these they know that once you discriminate against the end of the like this the yemenis will not go and they are not interested in the end of these voting nobody even comes to seek a vote from us which is ninety five percent of the no candidate ever goes
12:36 am
to canvass in russia and to say that please give us your vote because he knows that we are not going to go so the question is what's being done about it well there are also politicians pushing for change to brown non-citizen activists turned politician and he's running for parliament in pakistan's largest city karachi now and she's day he was surrounded by a mob demanding him to denounce ahmadis as non muslims not to refuse and he actually also put a statement out the next day. i mean we're him but the negro i will not change my stance you can try to stop him do you attack me or you can touch him you but i will not change my position but he got other not deviate from my standard i'm not scared of people who try to act as god i've been all this time for justice and human rights and democracy. now pakistan's national action is on wednesday and human rights watch says it can't be free and fair if the ahmad's a community is effectively excluded now we have a lot of fellows impacts on some queen seo thoughts on this i'm sorry you can
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always tweet me and drop me a line any time so i thank you very much for that chinese for me china has ordered officials to speed up efforts to cut the prices of cancer drugs there's been intense debate across the country after a film about smuggling cheaper medication from india into china became a box office hit from a train from beijing rather agent brown has a story well this is a film that really struck a chord here in china and this is one of the many cinemas in beijing that is now showing dying to survive some of us say that it's tested to become china's movie of the year it is based on the real life story of a chinese shopkeeper who imports drugs from india to sell at a profit to leukemia patients here in china who can't afford to buy those drugs in china at first he's in it for the money but gradually compassion creeps in as he realizes all their lives could be saved so what impact has this film had on people
12:38 am
who've seen yet. i cried too many times the feel me is very a list it is shows many problems about the medical care system in china. many ordinary people cannot afford expensive medicine i can feel their desperation this is a sensitive subject because cancer it's estimated claims the lives of some four million people a year in china it is the country's biggest killer and some medical experts attribute some of those cancers to the sort of pollution we have in beijing today pollution that also afflicts other towns and cities across china dying to survive has now caught the attention of china's premier league who has said more has to be done to improve treatment for cancer patients in china it is an acknowledgment that inequality exists in china's health care system the issue has now started a big debate online but for now the census appear to be holding off engine brown in
12:39 am
beijing they're coming out for us on facebook a story about a massive iceberg floating dangerously close to a tiny village in greenland and in sports. here truth doesn't matter new matter and you are not allowed the victims of the biggest sexual abuse scandal in sport received an award for their cage and speaking out to hear that story and more after a check of the world. thank
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ali thank you well the olympic champion gymnast allie raisman has stolen the show at this year's espy awards in los angeles but it's not for her chief mints in the sport instead she and other victims to live a disc a thing attack on those who protected a u.s. team doctor who abused them paid to send it reports now on how reisman and her fellow sisters survivors were honored for their coverage. be i knew a speedy awards recognize excellence in school performance and this year's ceremony in los angeles had a female host for the first time racing driver danica patrick an appropriate choice given what was to come the authoress courage award is given to sports stars who are
12:42 am
deemed to possess strict in the face of adversity courage in the face of peril and the willingness to stand up for their beliefs no matter what but cost this year's winners with the survivors of one of the biggest sexual abuse scandals in schools victims all before with us gymnastics team dr larry nasser olympic gold medalist gymnast alleyways and sent a strong message to anyone who had protected message for so many years all they needed was one adult to have the integrity to stand between us and larry nasser and just one i don't have the less sense believes and acted the people standing before you on this stage would have never met him for thirty years people at the united states. it's olympic committee usa
12:43 am
gymnastics and michigan state university all placed money and medals above the safety of child. nasser serving a sentence of up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexually abusing athletes and patients for decades. kill often abusers and enablers perpetrate suffering by making survivors feel that their truth doesn't matter to all the survivors out there don't let anyone rewrite your story here truth does matter you matter and you are not alone the women who spoke out against massa or can live to be called sister survives a massive scandal as an aid to other sports around the world to examine the relationship between coaches and athletes to stem algis even. well that show of sisterly strength touched a lot of people on social media deanna rolling a who is an associate dean at florida state university says their failing business
12:44 am
and grace offers lessons to us all jerry really had this strong response no sports not a single college program no medal not even a single coach is worth more than any of those children's innocence so proud of allie raisman and all of those girls standing up on stage and being heard and right now under law teachers social workers and other people who work with children must report any case of suspected child abuse or neglect if they fail to do so it's also called a misdemeanor which could be punished with a fine or short jail term and that brings me to this tweet from california legislator katherine baker now she said that early races spoke about the need for people to speak out and this is why my bill is needed but a car has introduced a bill which would make failure to report suspected child abuse in the state of california a felony and that carries much harsher penalties now raisman in the us. survivors all received a standing ovation from those in attendance at the espy's there were also chase for
12:45 am
the other award winners the houston astros were named best team of the year after winning baseball's world series sloane stephens took home the best women's tennis player off to victory at the u.s. open while roger federer won the men's award and the award for best female athletes once the youngest woman to win an olympic snowboarding medal that was of course chloe kim alexander ovechkin of the washington capitals won the award for best male athlete well you can get in touch easing the hash tag a.j. news cred or tweet me at sky i want to hear what you have to say about that story we'll have more sport for you at eighteen hundred g.m.t. but for now back fully join i think you very much for that that will do it for today's news grade would love to hear from you on all the stories we cover here and if you have any suggestions on stories that we need to cut or to reach out using
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the hash tag these great and all the other ways to get in touch right here from the city back to one hole used pretty thank you very much for watching and we'll see you back here seriously o.t. at fifteen hundred g.m.t. tomorrow bye for now. a bit of a strange day to start these interviews we just heard that today to city of aleppo has fallen. or should we say liberate that. one or four astonishing stories tode and their own wyatt's how
12:47 am
did you know who to trust and not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world and. so many times when you call home i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo and wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it becomes groups but al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china on al-jazeera the i.m.f.
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said riyadh's breakeven although price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. yury in the knesset has israel passes a new will all defining the country as the national home of jewish people critics say it legalizes the screamin aisha. hello i'm barbara sarah you're watching our jazeera live from london also ahead a palestinian has been killed in an israeli strike in gaza the attack was in
12:49 am
retaliation to protesters launching burning kites across the border french president the manuel mccraw is under fire after one of his top aides is filmed allegedly his. protester class killed all the survivors out there korea does matter. and you are not alone the victims of the biggest sexual abuse scandal in sports receive an award for their courage in speaking out. hello welcome to the program israel has passed the controversial law that for the first time because the country to be the nation state of the jewish people it makes hebrew the only official language downgrading arabic to an ambiguous special status critics say the low marginalizes the israeli palestinian minority who make up twenty percent of the population stephanie decker reports from west. it's
12:50 am
official israel is a state exclusively for jews that's the essence of the controversial nation state bill passed by the knesset on thursday after hours of heated debate the measure became law by a vote of sixty two to fifty families with two abstentions for years the language of the bill divided political opinion between the ruling parties and the opposition members of the knesset say the law legalizes discrimination whether. this is a bill from a government that is an enemy to palestinians it's the most dangerous measure it's a law from a racist government against palestinian rights and to create an apartheid regime it turns israel into a fascist state. by the most controversial clause in the bill a provision calling for jewish only communities was replaced at the last minute the original legislation would have allowed the state to establish separate communities on the basis of religion and nationality the replacement provision says the state
12:51 am
sees developing jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage advance and implement this interest. illegal settlements for jews are already being built in breach of international law and u.n. demands another controversy is the status of the arabic language the new law says hebrew will be israel's only official language demoting arabic from second. deputy attorney general says the law also allows the construction of synagogues and ritual baths but not mosques. the israeli president says the legislation could harm jewish people and israel's enemies could use it as a weapon protestors against the will march to tell of even saturday oh my god oh i love him very slowly in the house of israelis came today to protest against the nation state law which is a racist and fascist law that is trying to turn israel from a democracy into something else therefore we are here to block this drift towards dictatorship and fascism they are your credit i came to d.c.
12:52 am
to see that the arab citizens of israel are not inferior to the nation state law will discriminate against them as the israeli government has been doing for many years arabic is an official language and they deserve equal rights. the government led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists that it's important to establish that israel is the historical homeland of the jewish people who have the sole right to national self-determination palestinians say they see the move as legitimizing apartheid turning what is already an act of policy of discrimination against them until stephanie decker al-jazeera them. well desirous senior political analyst matter one bit joins me now to talk about this further this communication against the israeli palestinian population has been going on in one shape or another pretty much since one thousand forty eight so what do you think the actual impact will be of this effectively enshrining well certainly it will allow discrimination to take place on the legal cover it would certainly encourage those
12:53 am
who for a long time where worried about supreme court or the various courts opposing whatever actions might be taking that now under this new basic law which basically means a constitution that they would be able to do the things that they might have hesitated in the past or might have that it implicitly in the past or might have done a powerful way in the past now it's possible for all sorts of ministries within israel even the private sector within israel to take measures to enact policies that. totally and utterly discriminatory against the arabs and other minorities within the country not warning about any repercussions legal or otherwise and just talk us through the kind of reaction that there's been because i mean i guess predictably and understandably the palestinian israeli community has been against the palestinians in the occupied territory as well but israeli jews as well have spoken out against very high profile names absolutely and look the likes of benny begin
12:54 am
the son of prime minister menachem begin of the likud the first liquid prime minister in israel and even the president of his there are these are liberal. israelis so even if the advocates you know a very extremist policies say in the occupied territories or in terms of war and peace in terms of israel's enemies and neighbors and so on and so forth but when it comes to policies within israel itself they embrace liberal vision of the world much more than they are of the coalition partners of prime minister netanyahu who have who sure vocally so neo fascist tendencies very conservative right wing tendencies so liberalism is still alive in certain circles in his or there's also progressives in israel on the left you know so-called israeli peace camp and so on so forth even the middle that's why we so fifty five parliament members knesset
12:55 am
members are opposing the law the same thing goes for jews outside israel in fact arguably most of american jews who voted for barack obama right are not exactly fans of prime minister netanyahu or of his policies and those jewish communities outside israel find that more and more difficult defending the policies a prime minister netanyahu and his coalition i mean it's quite interesting that you bring up some of the american jewish organizations many of them have actually spoken out well before this bill passed and now since. it has and also we have the b.d.s. the boycott divestment sanctions movement getting traction but do you think that this may almost be having the reverse effect on netanyahu in the sense that he's almost digging his heels in because he senses that some parts of the international community not the president of the united states but other parts are in a sense turning against him well in fact it is the latter explanation that it's in fact. he did there is this time around strictly go behind this bill
12:56 am
because there is donald trump the president of the answers for those who for those among us who follow this issue we all know this has been going on for decades in fact this very law its original draft passed in two thousand and eleven. but there were a position to it within the government the government within the knesset and there was barack obama that opposed any such measures by the israeli knesset today president trump says i to i with prime minister me on most things in fact prime minister netanyahu boasts of having brainwashed president trump when it comes to issues regarding israel iran and others and i think last but not least look i think it's very important for netanyahu to enshrine those sorts of you know israeli centric zionist centric extremist policies within the constitution of israel the
12:57 am
basic law because any peace deal coming any international pressure in terms of east jerusalem in terms of the jewish settlements in terms of the return of refugees two thirds of the palestinian people i knew of them to israel would be stopped at the door because there is no basic law that gives instrument to the coalition government in israel to really oppose any such peace factors if you will coming forward within the region well known we'll of course be talking about this in more detail throughout the day here on al-jazeera and beyond for the moment when one of the sheriff thank you. was staying in the region gaza's health ministry says one person has been killed when the israeli army fired of palestinians flying burning kites and balloons across the border protestors have been sending kites carrying petrol bombs over the border fence for nearly four months have asked says top protestors that they have every right to keep doing it that's the spite reports of the israeli army may be preparing for an offensive along the gaza strip if the
12:58 am
kites continue to be flowing. well charles stratfor joins us live now from gaza sir charles what more do we actually know about the israeli strike that killed the palestinian today. well according to policy will soar to the twenty two year old man who was killed apparently. a member of the kasam brigades that's the wing of hamas israelis is saying that he and three others we believe. at least two of which were traveling on a motorbike so israel says were. involved in launching more of these balloons the strike happened near a hamas position in the south of gaza near russia. now of course as you say the attacks by these protesters using these balloons and kites we expect to continue we've spoken to members of the main group that evolved in these operations a group that calls themselves the sons of sawah ari and they tell us that they will
12:59 am
continue these attacks until israel lifts its twelve year old land and sea blockade over gaza hamas of also said that they support this action in what they describe as a nonviolent means of protesting and it was interesting that only a couple of hours ago there were loudspeakers heard across gaza we understand that it was members of a committee that. involves many different factions in gaza calling people to come out and protest again tomorrow tomorrow will be the seventeenth week in a row that these protests have happened and let's not forget that so far all around one hundred forty palestinians have been killed. and charles i mean you mentioned this protest said tomorrow at friday at what is the israeli government been saying about how they will respond to the bill moving acts when like you see.
1:00 am
what israel says that mold and three thousand hate private land crops have been burnt since these balloon and kites attacks started there are certain israeli politicians that are putting a lot of pressure on the government in the. a treat for a heavy response and that pressure has been mounting we also understand it certainly according to the israeli media so it's been reported that the government has given how mass a deadline to stop these attacks and supported that that deadline is expected to end tomorrow we're not getting any reports of any kind of troop movement told fight is being promised flights is being moved into position in preparation for any.


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