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a unanimous resolution to protect any diplomat from extradition meantime further proof trump is acting unilaterally his top intelligence chief caught by surprise by a white house invitation to marry putin is coming to the white house in the fall. i. know. you. ran a reputed comes i hear you yeah. ok. the colts reaction is further proof the white house is still reeling from donald trump's public relations disaster in finland and is working to repair the damage caused by trump at the helsinki summit can really help at al-jazeera the white house. two civilians and eight police officers have been killed in a taliban attack in eastern afghanistan ten other people were wounded when the armed group stormed a village in the province police say they killed seventeen of the attackers and
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further north the taliban killed eleven police at the checkpoint in conduce province a weather update next here on al-jazeera then. russia comes under fire for a military exercise that all media. from the mountains of utah the u.s. green party sets its sights on changing attitudes and politics. hello and welcome back look at weather conditions across southeastern parts of asia it's a north that reacher most seen some really active weather the moment manila again looking very wet there when she comes south looking fine across much of borneo down towards java in the forecast suggests to some extent that's how it's going to stay there will be some showers around borneo but weather conditions gerri not looking
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too bad java should be fine i stay in jakarta up through them in a pinch low we have very few showers really for singapore kuala lumpur is once you get into thailand proper then you start to see really heavy rain here and across towards us on parts of vietnam so move that forecast through not a great deal of change that's the main region heavy showers for the south a good deal of drawing fine weather heading down into a straight here we've got fronts in southern areas see pushing through victoria some brighter weather following on behind but generally a cool picture for many areas in the southeast just thirteen in melbourne sydney at sixteen degrees and then front pushing in across western australia so we'll see some rain pushing through perth i think of the next twenty four hours some gusty winds coming with it as well and temperatures really struck me as we head through into sunday. meanwhile across in new zealand it's looking particularly wet and active weather front moving across both on and during the course of the weekend highs of fourteen in oakland.
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they aren't worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are living god. investigates the fight to reclaim nepal's stolen idols. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera critics are condemning israel's new
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nation state law saying that it threatens the future of peace with palestinians on thursday the knesset passed a bill defining israel as the homeland of the jewish people prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised it as a defining moment for zionism. u.s. president donald trump has asked his administration to invite russian leader vladimir putin to washington later this year only a trump rejected moscow's demand to question u.s. citizens in return for access to twelve russians indicted on charges of electoral interference and syrian state media says the ten government buses events of the southern province to transfer rebels to. the syrian government has retaken large areas off could i try a sponsor of a months long military offensives. human rights watch is accusing separatists and government forces in cameroon of committing abuses against people in english speaking regions the group says that both sides of the west african country but that extorting kidnapping and torturing civilians violence began in late twenty
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sixteen when angry speech. because demanded the mainly french speaking government recognize their rights their arrest has displaced one hundred eighty thousand people. there are fears of violence in mali ahead of a presidential election there at the end of the month attacks by armed groups have become more frequent in recent years despite international efforts to drive out i saw al qaeda affiliates but security isn't the only thing that voters are worried about mohamad viral reports now from bamako. presidential candidates looking for votes in bamako election campaigns launched a week ago are in full swing the current president. is appealing to his supporters for a second term because he's widely known was elected in a landslide majority five years ago on promises to restore peace defeat armed groups and improve the economy critics accuse him of failure to deliver on any of those promises as well as incompetence and lack of vision
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a car has twenty three arrivals forty year lection led by this former prime minister. c.e.c. as the president's main rival. having lost two previous presidential bids he's managed to rally a large support with promises to fix molly's problems and end poverty for voters there was no end to the list of the months for any leader but i think that. we will the next president to run the country efficiently and not think of obamacare only but also remote poor villages we need a solution to high prices in the shortage of food supplies in mali has great potential with rich natural resources on the niger river as well as being africa's third largest gold producer miley has large reserves of iron ore mine going east and you're a name despite its natural riches mollies ranked among the poorest countries in the world landlocked on drought stricken in its
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a vast northern regions mali and struggle with foreign that's government mismanagement political disunity and ethnic fighting mileage g.d.p. grew up around five percent last year not bad compared to many other developing countries but i mean even distribution of wealth has been nearly half of the population and the internationally recognized poverty like many in mali don't care about statistics they simply want jobs and social services in a secure and stable environment. in my life it is my land the suffering because of low income and high cost of living we pray to god to give us a good leadership that would make the country better but the leaders in general don't keep their promises and they only think of their personal interests some have dubbed it the election of all the challenges and or the high stakes others doubted the election could be organized in time because of the rising number of attacks by armed groups no matter who wins this presidential race everyone here is worried
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about the future of mali and few deny the need for change one hundred five and dizzier. a court in south korea has sentenced for president park geun hate to an additional eight years in prison it relates to the embezzlement of almost three million dollars of state funds and interfering in the selection of candidates for the twenty sixteen parliamentary election the time is to be served in addition to a twenty four year term handed down in april for other corruption charges the south korean government has been ordered to pay two hundred million dollars in compensation to the families of people killed in the twenty fourteen sable ferry disaster more than three hundred people died many of them schoolchildren when the ship capsized but the court ruling has been welcomed by everyone as florence louis reports from seoul the say will disaster caused months of mourning the ferry was on a routine voyage off the southwest coast of south korea when it capsized four years
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ago three hundred four people mostly students on a school trip were killed grief tend to anger when investigators found the vessel was structurally unsound overloaded and capsized because it was speeding as it changed course for the first time a court in seoul acknowledged the government's liability and audit the state and the ferry operator to pay around two hundred ten thousand dollars to each family relatives say the judge's ruling doesn't go far enough. we are not pleased that the court has acknowledged liability we take it as a matter of course we wanted the court to explicitly state what this country had done wrong and to what extent the company should be responsible for their actions not whether or not they were guilty. the civil lawsuit was brought by the relatives of one hundred eighteen victims they had rejected the government's earlier author of compensation because they wanted a legal ruling on the government's liability is also good and was itching up the
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lawsuits advice on evidence and we had difficulty providing liability with information we could gather such a simple media reports so we needed further objective evidence from the relevant institutions such as a special investigation committee the say was sinking caused whitebread outrage not just over poor safety standards but also to what the president at the time pay for his slow response that provoked the largest ever protests in south korea which eventually led to him pietschmann last year florence italy al-jazeera. at least eleven people died when a tourist boat capsized and sank in the u.s. state of missouri thirty one people were on board when the fifty s. vehicle overturned during a storm on table rock lake divers are searching for the remaining passengers seven people have been taken to hospital. satanical criminals catholic bishops of the u.s. three targets blamed by nicaragua's president for the wave of unrest that swept the
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country a lot take a dressed crowds on the thirtieth i thought of a surreal of the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution against dictator and a stasio somoza that brought him to power or take a cold on protesters to end what he described as their attempts to destabilize nicaragua daily three hundred people have been killed in anti-government protests over the past three months i was there as marietta such as been speaking to or take a supporters at the rally. now let. me. let me let. him. it's been a painful battle because we have confronted an opt in spear is he financed by internal forces that we know and external forces that we have identified as well.
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they were. in the area. i'm happy after three months of how to spend even some is of this nation i celebrate the years of revolution that i'm often give us. here you have protesters that the. more that my little brother. is given back the right to retire to the children he's given education to all the families to all nicaraguans. the rices has them i did a meeting and i want families where dixon say that what they want to do you know he
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has turned into a dictator himself but other people don't support our big i think. a lot they have a lot to thank him and that he should have until two thousand and twenty one. army is prime minister has criticised russia for carrying out a military exercise in his country earlier this week. people complained about gunfire as russian armored vehicles drove through a village a russian commander later apologized and said the rounds were rounds fired with blanks russia has thousands of troops based in our media prime minister said that the incident was unacceptable. it forced provocation against the armenian independence. right into me and knock and dairies investigation that started it and i think that. is guilty for that incident should be punished. well now from robin for us to walk any out of
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town. it's important to know that nicole question and also told us that this was a provocation against russia and i mean is relationship and i think the reason he said that is because he acknowledges how important the russians are for armenia they act as a security garron sole here against the potential for turkey show as a very aggression against all media for that reason i don't think it's the president wants to point the finger of blame directly at the kremlin nevertheless there are concerns here tensions between the public and the russian military presence here but nevertheless legal pressure yeah and is aware of the fact that russia is very much it's a state provides the puts and its economic lifeline to and of course military presence but he's also here recently of winning the revolution where he came to
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power of the mass street protests calling for big changes you know i mean he wants to push through big reforms to turn this country into a liberal democracy and to take on the only goal kick in the who have connections with the with the russian state with the with the russian elite and so mr preston ends plans for me although he needs russia at the same time and not entirely compatible with the current relationship that he has with russia between caravan and moscow. and you can see robin's full interview with nichol push indian on talk to al-jazeera on saturday that's tomorrow july twenty eighth that is first at four thirty g.m.t. . the green party in the u.s. is hoping to capitalize from the current political past that november's midterm elections the party believes that it can take advantage of anger at the trumpet ministration and frustration with the democratic party around two hundred
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candidates and their supporters are holding their annual meeting in the state of utah of zero as crist kristen salumi reports in salt lake city utah against a backdrop of beautiful local scenery and national political turmoil the green party is holding its annual national meeting. these left leaning green candidates are hoping to capitalize on american voters frustration with an increasingly polarized two party system and make a mark in the upcoming midterm elections i'm here to represent a better way forward i'm here to represent. policies built on empathy built on the idea of the things that we do to our impact all of us green site studies that show sixty percent of americans want a third party option whether it's protecting the environment social justice or immigration the greens insist that they not democrats are the truly progressive party and unlike democrats and republicans they are free from the influence of
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corporate money. to. just sign ran for president on the green party ticket in two thousand and sixteen she got less than one percent of the vote nationwide but some democrats blame her for hillary clinton's loss the qs stine of siphoning democratic votes in states like michigan and wisconsin that clinton narrowly lost to donald trump many believe greens would have more impact if they worked with democrats to unite under the banner of the democratic party to essentially fight for the soul of the democratic party i think is a smart strategy for people on the left who need a place not only where they can feel at home but where they can more importantly where they can have an effect on our country right now. shereen gorani agrees she shares a lot of the greens frustrations. but decided to run for congress as a democrat i think third party politics has risen to give people that sort of sense that they could have a voice unfortunately as the system works we're going to have more success if we
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can get in line behind one of these two major parties and really start talking about the issues that matter to everyday people but the green say democrats aren't doing enough the democrats have traditionally not been able to stand up they've offered no solutions and in fact being also corporate backed they will always choose their corporate donors and the elite over whether people in the planet me who may be small in numbers but greens are fired up. setting their sights on the midterm elections hoping to change not only the direction of the. in policy but the election system itself christensen al-jazeera salt lake city utah. good to have you with us adrian forget here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera israeli air strike has killed a palestinian man in gaza suspected of flying burning kites across the border fence
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twenty two year old abdul karim red one was a member of hamas mortars were fired into southern israel after the strike amass and other palestinian political factions are calling for more protests on friday along the border with israel critics are condemning israel's new nation state blore saying it threatens the future of peace with palestinians on thursday the knesset passed a bill to fighting israel as the homeland of the jewish people prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised it as a defining moment for zionism u.s. president donald trump has asked his administration to invite russia's leader of let it be a putin to washington later this year it follows criticism of his summit in helsinki with putin earlier this week earlier trump rejected moscow's demand to question u.s. citizens in return for access to twelve russians indicted on charges of electrical interference well u.s. director of national intelligence stand coats learned about the invitation to putin during a question. say we have some breaking news the white house has announced on twitter
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that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. again i was. with you. that are absolutely i mean i hear you yeah yeah yeah. ok. that's going to be special. to civilians and eight police officers have been killed in a taliban attack in eastern afghanistan ten other people wounded when the armed group stormed a village in gaza the province police say they killed seventeen of the attackers further north the taliban killed eleven police at a checkpoint in can do is province a court in south korea has sentenced former president park geun hate to an additional eighty years in prison it relates to the embezzlement of almost three million dollars of state funds and interfering in the selection of candidates for the twenty sixteen parliamentary election park was jailed for twenty four years in
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april on corruption charges more news on his ear off to one zero one east next. old up in these himalayan mountains you feel you could almost touch the sky. no wonder people who live here if you close to the heavens and their gods. but the reality you there are a lot of very unhappy meat beings going on here. these are stealing precious religious icons it's a theft not only of valuable treasures but also of culture. steve chow on this episode of one east where deep in the himalayas tracking those be under theft you know paul's garments.
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the drive into the poles remote region of mostar starts here three thousand meters high. dusty. dangerous. yet stunning. tash this place is beautiful i know i it's amazing it's just tucked away in the corner of the himalayas you know. these mountains are not only home there are places fighting to protect i grew up here all my life and your own good love you don't like tara demo the way i just can't wait to be back you know they were like ceases to amaze me. at like sister from the strong feeling of belonging this to the place you know. a sense of belonging to an ancient buddhist culture dating back centuries and with that has always been just a very unique isolated kingdom and until one thousand nine hundred two there are no
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visitors allowed into the area so there's a very strong sense of a living heritage that still governs a lot of life today. but it's a religion and culture at risk yes this religious places of worship all over the place are being broken into it's pretty interesting at the moment we're suffering here just last night and i don't mean wait so this one is some drilling ministry trash she has spent the last decade studying the region's religious icons so you ready to protect them and the culture they represent for take a look. stupids built to hold sacred relics are places of devotion for the buddhist community. so look at this i mean this is a super a very religious monument that has been broken into this is supposed to be completely sealed up and people have. put all of their religious sacred offerings inside but look how vulnerable it is the belongings of this depart to just anybody
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who could come and try to make away with stuff you know. scraps of fabric and clay statues are all that remain the more valuable items says cash have been stolen the powerful rulers them for long as they were donating their belongings to stupas so they did do whole lot of ancient very precious artifacts so normally you have. screwed up in things that are printed on fabric and in some cases also a lot of. it was statues copper bronze statue is that like from back in that is just like on the black market these would fetch tens of thousands hundreds or thousands of dollars that's a sad part you know because this precious items that are such a big part of our living here does have such a big market value it's somehow fused happening of such things. and demand he says is at an all time high. over several days we visit a number of religious sites they've all been pilfered so this one right here used
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to be. here barbed wire was put up to stop leaves. but it's only managed to stop the thief people who would underneath their simplicity assume that you're news but as you see unfortunately it's not possible anymore because there's all this barbed wires that go around to ensure the safety of the super. robbers got inside anyway who knows the belongings that they could have made away with did the police ever catch those responsible sadly there has been no police cases filed in any of the lootings in all of them is that why is that there is no proper record giving or inventory that could have been used as a difference to file a case on what has been stolen. to better understand what's been lost touch she takes us to a monastery which so far has kept their treasures secret from outsiders. safe under
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lock and key. component. this is collection of morris tree inside are dozens of buddhist statues all priceless treasures. look at this one. this is a look oh interesting how intricate the patterns the designs the detail. the handiwork is incredible and it's absolutely i would imagine people per to spend life couldn't decades or lifetimes coming up with this must this is it or how old would you say this one is. i think this could be a new read between fourteen to fifteen century and look at this as their absolute masterpiece are. really really ancient eleven century and then century exactly so it's a thousand years old how much would this go for the black market or i wouldn't be
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able to tell for sure but. i wouldn't be surprised if it pressures. of a few hundred thousand dollars but that's not the kind of value that we look up to for us it's. value. like very important symbols of something that binds the communities together you know treasure like this particularly when it would be an absolute disaster. capital. prayers and religion are clearly an integrity part of life. in the town's mean. months before the same rituals that have been carried out for centuries.
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it's here we meet. a tibetan spiritual leader he's also concerned but that's not just the loss of treasure they're harming the buddhist religion itself. welcome to the to the monastery if you take us to a whole that's normally off limits to outsiders he has something to show us. it's an ancient manuscript. in trenton we call them. and they and they take it mean that and quote and failed. more than seven hundred years old it's considered so priceless and so significant to their religion it's never been shown to a foreigner before. while.
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in for in strip they develop a ministry because all. that a mother called and i didn't. every page of buddhist teaching is meticulously written in pure gold. it was rescued from a neighboring street after a break it. is to personally unsaved way. given to say a second manuscript also written in gold has already been stolen and with it ancient buddhist teachings we can launch then what is. what easter with his aid. if you don't you didn't help it. it's pretty sad news for us to go to the. chimney is eager to show us more that we have to join him on a pilgrimage high up into the mountains.
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the journey takes us through bora most towns incredible landscape and sights. this is most of the care of the people before the fourteenth and did so variation this cave this is the reason the gays group are the biggest in arm the himalayan. asks us to keep our destination a secret for fear we could lead thieves to their hidden icons so. many hours later we arrive in a valley and begin to decline. now we get them on the street.
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oh out of uniform on the street here look at this region strange. world it is. here we find giant copper statues including all the buddha. stones fourteenth century. put in some sort of what they said were very very nice going to you but sadly even here we've come too late all of the big statues all their business have been cut and the insides have been taken away why would someone want to steal what's inside. for reading so sure of the belongings that art is there today in the statute so. she says typically inside the statues are scrolls of tibetan prayers items collectors would pay a fortune for. so what's this to me. this big say do.
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we go deeper into the monastery. oh. so this is the going home which means the groom of the protector diety and the protector died his room ensures that don't want to strew say that it is six thirty in the monastery and the villages around some of the most powerful room in the monastery absolutely. the irony here is that these davey's were created to protect the monastery but now they themselves need protecting. them all those all of them bald was younger more during the. cold war. the. later outside and as monks carry out what they came to do. holding a special ceremony asking for higher powers to keep the monastery and its guards.
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but. when you think say about those who steal these things do you think he's angry. with those. who go to somebody who is standing on things is their own karma. what impact would you say all these thefts is having on but is. all for. it's very sad news. because the did. not intend to monitor see people today again but i think. the more engine the things are in their lives just places of worship the more stories and histories. of their worship have been passed down for generations and so people just have more faith you know and when it's gone of course the faith has
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also gone. we want to track down those robbing the pall of its spiritual treasures . so we've come to the country's capital kathmandu. it's here we're told dealers do need legal antiquity hide their trade it's. posing as buyer and wearing it in cameras we enter a store on packman do's most expensive state test which is going to say. this was shown to a back room hi harry you think it's interesting. the way this is. just . this is the one and this and. we soon see he has far more than one or two pieces. and they are all ancient but what timeline would you place that this is the
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fourteenth fifteenth. fourteenth to fifteenth century. in nepal selling artifacts more than one hundred years old is a crime. these to. describe these seventy to sixty five thousand or seventy thousand he introduces himself as deepak shocked you and says his family has been dealing in antiques for generations all this business of pasta started by making them part. of the birth dissin my grandfather through their father how many years then all together for the family sixty five seventy s sixty five seventy years the one. person shop in the new. no our shop come on in the first one deepak also says his grandfather was called on by nepal's keen to sell to royal visitors of the country even by. my grandfather
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and his grandfather in both of. destroyed under this so that. we press him on how he smuggled antiques out of the country what about papers and shipping shipping i can't restore people. by law the country's department of archaeology cannot issue export papers on items more than one hundred years old by deepak says he has a tried and proven way so government no problem going is out and we have to give some money. ok. i mean it's not legal ok let's assume that we can get to stand still for. this is and according to deepak shakira he's contacts include some of the world's top dealers auction houses and museums many pieces i've gone through i have. and i have many
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dealers. in. new york last ten fifteen years before many of the christie's on the set of these. many comes here so i already. hoarsely dealers where it so like rubin museum yes yes. mostly my partner. oh really ok. thank you very much much appreciated really a pleasure meeting you thank you very much. we leave promising to return. and take what we've been covered to police. director. nice to meet you hi how are you going steve from al-jazeera pushpa. pushkar carkeek heads the central investigation bureau we suppose equivalent to the f.b.i.
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he's keen to see our evidence. so in this case he was referring to the department of archaeology as i understand he is differently because you cannot do this. he knows what the laws are he knows. he has to make fit documents to dance with them he knows and is clearly doing that he has to bribe what are your thoughts. well this is something if you ask your friend this begin the producers and looked at least in this deaf yet how surprised are you that this sort of operation is going on right here in katmandu i'm very surprised i mean it it's our i do admit that we should have been more proactive in this is that enough for your you know for my force to it is is
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it not. ok i mean. what if you. by next morning push cars assembled a team led by his deputy can be cattle. business elite it is a every day why do you believe the gravity of these. twenty officers have spent the night planning a raid. you office. yes. which of course to be yes. you can be at risk but you're telling me that if you go . and. we've been asked to help by again posing as buyers. our role is to confirm the dealer still hasn't for sale. thanks so much we're not doing as undercover officers take their positions. we head for the store.
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hello. columbus day. good to see you get this back in a shop we again meet with deepak shakira. one of the what he says he sold some of the items including the one that cost sixty five thousand dollars. but not all of this one is still here ok he's also acquired new ones including some hindu artifacts so this is put in temples read this or go to is temples or go away. having confirmed that check you still has idols for sale let me take a phone call i signal cabinets and his men. they move in on this thing no mistake. i mean what i look for this year you want to buy a house i'm just what you're good i'm just looking to survive but it was curious. throughout the store authorities uncover hate in artifacts i have to share.
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with you you got to try to go. over the course of the day investigators raid three stores in katmandu all belonging to the shakya family they seized more than one hundred mts. deepak shakira and two others are brought into police headquarters and charged with trafficking. they face up to five years in jail. but it went well my guys are still on the double vision that something needed to produce. it well it was a good operation. there's a lot of activities more if you. you buy you say there's a network with good weight and so this is a long trip. like c.i. b. director car waste little time in rattling that chain of illegal trade.
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at a press conference he shows off the illegal and take what he seized. and confirms nepalese police are investigating deep that shockey is shippers and customers there's a prize in. your account of how it's all going to prices were by going to the response any. other engine operators will give an image of what it will. and one of those museums the police confirmed is being investigated is the ruby in new york. home to one of the most outstanding collections of himalayan antiquities in the world. so this is your section on the paul exactly this hour florida features the masterworks from the collection where here in the region where we talk about your a bridge he heads the museum and agrees the show is around. the reuben has more than three thousand eight hundred humane works of art in its collection. including
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some of the finest copper and bronze statues in the world the really quite amazing piece of craftsmanship there's a sense of power and movement yet it's it's really got this sense of monumental call and how did the rubin come to find this piece this piece has a law a history as i recall and being in the west already. it was i believe in the sixty's that that it was in the u.s. and then was was collected by the by several collectors in fact before it entered the collection of the reuben family and was that while most of the collection is displayed in typical museum fashion in one room the reuben has also built a shrine because that's what those paintings were painted for what's those sculptures. we're created for is you know to serve a living tradition their visitors to get a true cultural experience but what about the now believes who wants worship these icons. should items be returned back to the country i don't think i'm going to
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answer that i don't have a good answer that you don't have going to for that because it's a very you know saying this faith show it's very hard and that's not the only question he finds hard to answer in nepal authorities recently arrested a number of antique dealers has the reuben museum done any dealings with. shock you or his family by shock yes i don't think we should house for that. the museum's p.r. person intervene. that you let me. see if you want to play it. would be here to be sure it was just a raid back. that's. a few days later of the rubin email to say to their best knowledge they don't have any connection nor objects from deepak chef or his family and they have strong
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guidelines against buying items known or suspected to be stolen. christie's in some would be also both denied selling any stolen artifacts and state they have no record of ever having dealt with the shakya family. back in mostar tashi says he doesn't fully blame museums or collectors i believe that not every museum or not every private collectors realize that their collections are some artifacts that they have been stolen you know because of because it's a very long process on how these artifacts are stolen and how to travel to different parts of the word but no matter who's responsible it's estimated that more than eighty percent of all the poles religious artifacts have been stolen and sold abroad. into places around populations. to ensure what remains of most done stays here in the demolition of your. cache is now
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training months in this village monastery to protect their gods there were several of them germans are there and we're trying to record all this metal statues clearest as shoes ritualized. the foremost importance is that we have a database that has a proper record of our belongings you know and secondly this is this is what help us track these items to more in the future if they get stolen somewhere tasha's dream is that one day stolen items will be returned and nothing justifies their defects being in their places of origin and the people who worship them nothing justifies the fact that they're not in the place where it's still a part of the living here i think that and justifies that they're not here. until the artifacts are returned and the theft start cash he says the ancient wheeled life for his people will remain under threat.
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business updates. going places together.
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business updates. going places together. this is al jazeera. hello i'm still raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes palestinians prepare for a seventeenth week of protests along the israel gaza border as they demand an end
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to the siege of the territory also ignoring of the outrage donald trump invites vladimir putin to the u.s. despite the fallout from the helsinki meeting. and french president manuel macron bows to public pressure defies a bodyguard after he was caught on camera beating a student protester plus. the numbers of modern day slavery in this wealthy country says much tried to make you sleep understand. and a new study says forty million people are living a slaves in some of the world's richest nations. welcome to the new hamas and other political factions are calling on palestinians in gaza to defy warnings from israel and join weekly protests near the border fence it's the seventeenth week of the demonstrations that have seen at least one hundred
6:50 pm
forty palestinians killed more than sixteen thousand others were injured over the past four months israel is once again warning that if protesters continue to send burning balloons and kites over the fence its military will retaliate and earlier this week israel tightened its blockade on gaza meanwhile hamas has accepted in the gyptian proposal to end its dispute with the rival palestinian faction fighter but there's been no official response from the group all of this against the backdrop of a new and controversial nation state law that cements jewish identity as the central theme of israeli citizenship shall stratford as well. the skies over gaza have turned black with smoke from burning tires every friday for months now israeli army snipers and all the troops have killed around one hundred forty palestinians since the weekly protest started in march thousands of others have been injured protests to say they'll continue to fly kites in balloons carrying
6:51 pm
petrol bombs and burning ranks across the border until israel lifts its twelve years siege of gaza israel says fires started by the protesters have destroyed flown to areas of farmland and crops this protester who insisted we hide his identity says life in gaza has become so on bearable he and his friends are determined to force change. our aim is to end the siege completely the situation in gaza is unbearable often no lecture city not enough medicine no good life unemployment there is no future for young people here we use simple materials like the incendiary balloons to protest this is the palestinian way so what would it take for israel to begin to lift the siege on gaza and potentially and the protests some experts say the solution has a lot to do with ending rivalry between palestinian political factions israel began
6:52 pm
its land and sea blockade on gaza in two thousand and seven when hamas took control now there are some analysts say but unless there is reconciliation between hamas and fatah and a unity government useful then israel siege and the violence between hamas and israel will continue. repeated egyptian efforts to broker a reconciliation deal between hamas and fatah have failed. the refusal by hand to hand control of gaza's internal security to the factor dominated palestinian authority is a main sticking point another involves paying the salaries of twenty thousand of us employees hamas has reportedly accepted the latest egyptian proposal and he's waiting for fatah to respond we need to talk about cease fire but it's to nicholas simulation election within the ballista society making political fundament that what it's going to form intelligent how else to be a part of the legitimate palestinian political system this is how we fight with
6:53 pm
deeds a finalist status a settlement and isn't a shooting this. some israeli politicians have called for a full blown military offensive against hamas to stop the kites and balloons houses young palestinians have every right to protest against the blockade using what it calls peaceful means a committee representing all political factions in gaza has called on palestinians to protest again on friday the seventeenth week in a row. that al-jazeera gaza momentum jane is our correspondent and joins me now from west jerusalem had the kites and the balloon seem to be a huge issue for israel every friday what are they saying about them today. well so he'll just in the past thirty minutes we've heard remarks from israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman he was speaking to a group of journalists being reported through israeli media that he was speaking to
6:54 pm
a group of journalists and the town of steroids that's near israel's border with gaza and he said that israel has shown restraint but that the situation is growing intolerable let me read you a little bit more of what he said to really show you how the tension is ratcheting up on a day when we're wondering what's going to be happening in gaza he said we are making efforts to weigh matters and be responsible but the heads of how mounts are forcefully leading us to a situation in which we have no choice to a situation in which we will have to embark on a wide scale and painful military operation that is not intended for show a wide scale and and powerful military operation so certainly no mincing of words there on a day when as i said before we're really wondering what will be happening in the hours ahead and how big protests might be and if confrontations will happen and if it will become violent to hear these words right now at a time when already tensions are really high in israel and gaza about the situation this really makes people wonder about what exactly israel will be doing next so
6:55 pm
indeed we're also hearing from general. who is the president's special representative to try and find a way to a peace process with in the middle east he's been rising in the washington post what he's been saying. well this was an open letter that was published in the washington post today so a hail of this was written by as you mentioned before a jared questioner the aide to the president president trump and also his son in law also jason green blatt who is president trump's middle east envoy and david friedman who is the u.s. ambassador to israel this is a letter that's really saying that help is at hand for palestinians but it's all up to how must now let me read you a little bit about what it said it a little of what it said in this letter they wrote until governance changes or how mass recognizes the state of israel abides by previous diplomatic agreements and renounces violence there is no good option seventy years after the founding of israel it would be wise for hamas to acknowledge that the existence of israel is
6:56 pm
a permanent reality so in this letter basically jared cushier in his co-authors are saying to the palestinian people that peace in this region peace for them is up to them that they must renounce how must they call hamas a corrupt military operation they say that until hamas recognizes israel that there is not going to be any peace and it's interesting that this comes now at a time when tensions are ratcheting up but also at a time when jared questioner and his team who are trying to negotiate what they call this this ultimate deal of the century when it comes to israel palestinian peace that they would publish this now because it really goes to show just a few weeks after jared cushion or was in the middle east and several middle eastern countries trying to get support for this deal that they're trying to put together and it really goes to show some analysts are saying that jared questioner and his group may be struggling to really put this deal together and it really shows that they are trying to assemble some kind of a deal to showcase to the world to the american people to the israelis to the
6:57 pm
palestinians that they are serious about getting this deal and going forward so he'll indeed will see what does happen in the coming hours and we know that we'll be hearing from you a little bit later in the program as well moments for the moment thank you but it's a small analysis with us a lot about conti's the director of the center for conflict. humanitarian studies at the doha institute but joins me now live from amman in jordan good to have you with us again and just about a cut hamas has said now that it will accept the latest deal on reconciliation it's just waiting for a response from fatah what's your analysis of this i think they've been willing to accept and wanting to oxalate the process of reconciliation ever since december last year and particularly after the rewritten their declaration of principle so a lot now relies on the policy of the administration and of course the policy administration is not one hundred percent free to act on its on a lot goes back to israeli pressure and the united states of course let's just
6:58 pm
bring our viewers up to date about these protests and and your sort of thoughts about them because one wonders how they're actually playing into the regional politics and certainly palestinian politics at the moment that we have civil society on the whole launching their own sort of protests and being blamed for them. well i think the fact that civil society particularly finally gaijin the way did ever since march of this year is a demonstration that they probably have lost trust in both the policy no mystery and how masses ability to manage their day to day life in gaza and this is why the demonstrations took place on the border there demanding basic rights for a return to the lands of the which they can see across the border and an end to the siege now what is interesting in the letter question i wrote to the washington post
6:59 pm
is the fact that he acknowledges the miserable conditions there by the syrians are having to live in he does acknowledge that fifty three percent of the population is under the poverty line he also acknowledges that forty nine percent employed in an area that is practically an open prison and has been for the last twelve years now the fact that he draws one conclusion and that is how guilty of all of this is very misguided and i think it's very unfortunate given his his tour of the middle east over six days and the fagot and how he met with all the leaders particularly coming after two days after the israel has passed on the law and which declares israel as an exclusively a homeland for the jewish people that has narrowed many aspects of potential source you know sustainable peace in the middle east aside from everything that has to do with the arab israeli this basic glow has now made it almost impossible for
7:00 pm
a two state solution as well as a one state solution leaves the pa the syrians with absolutely no options well that's all because they're coming here because to sit and wait indeed i'm just coming here because obviously the protests that we've been seeing for the last few months from march thirtieth began as you say with the right to return but they have morphed into this protest about the siege and. for the dynamics and the ground realities of change not just for the hamas leadership but also for the palestinian authority and fattah and also for israel each of these groups has to deal with that changing reality and with that frustration on the streets of garza and they need to do something before as the israeli military have said in just the last few days that it is at the edge of boiling point. it is very much and i think it is about time that the civil society voice in gaza is heard and their protests
7:01 pm
are listened to i think they have gained a lot of international ground in terms of public opinion.


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