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tv   Danny Ayalon  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:28pm +03

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the world says quote iran is subject to the world's most robust nuclear verification regime under the huge a c.p.a. which is a significant gain as of today the i.a.e.a. can confirm that the nuclear related commitments are being implemented by iran that was him in may so who should we trust the head of the i.a.e.a. or you trust the facts trust the facts and straight logic common logic i believe that they are not lying they do not find anything but why are they fighting anything because they have twenty four days in advance to let them know they are coming and there are many many areas which are designed military areas where they have no entry to now we know that you run his lie and his cheated time and again as they remember but wait a minute as that is a signatory to n.p.t. nonproliferation treaty they have broken all the rules all international committee i don't understand if it's common sense as you say why is it that the head of israel's military the former head of shin bet the former head of mossad your spy
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agency the former head of israeli military intelligence the former head of israel's atomic energy commission the chair of israel space agency is your country's top military defense intelligence nuclear experts are saying the deal's a good deal it protects israel it protects the region protects the world well why should we dig in all of them and trust you benjamin netanyahu and donald trump they did not say it's a good deal he said it's the situation we bit better than before and i say it's not better than before it made to put iran on hold but we are not certain and yet the world's nonproliferation experts in open letters the top nuclear scientists in the world the e.u. the un the they all say it's working i know international diplomacy there's nothing which is more hypocritical than cynic there is some interest where in the in between i can tell you that until thirty eight most people here said germany nazi germany is not a threat ok were they all wrong yes they were all wrong is in the probably all the wrong and funny yes they are it's funny you talk about predictions in one thousand nine hundred ninety two your prime minister said iran was. three years away from
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building the nukes that was twenty six years ago in one thousand nine hundred five he said iran was three to five years away from building nukes in two thousand and nine he said they were one to two years away from building nukes the boy who cried wolf had a better record with wolves the netanyahu has with iran's nuclear program why do you think you have any credibility the israelis when you come and talk about iran's nuclear goes wrong for twenty six years we're not wrong some things have happened in between there were some who prevented iran to rush for it and there were some there were some every today were years now to know you should have warning and suddenly something happened to make his war well just inaccurate even tell you i can tell you the iranians themselves say that the international community is sabotaging their program so things have happened. ok let me ask you this question sabotaging their program how many nuclear weapons does iran have as of today right now i hope ok how many does israel have no idea no idea you were in the government
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they don't tell you that stuff noida who did they tell. you why. never discussed it but it's irrelevant between you never discussed israel's nuclear weapons you can say that hand on heart you've never discussed israel's nuclear you're expecting us to believe that the deputy foreign minister of israel never discussed israel's nuclear deterrent seriously don't know so i let me tell you it's not all slogans and soundbites medhi tell yourself i did not discuss israel nuclear weapons i did discuss israel nuclear policy there was a big difference ok ok ok so now we've got past that semantic evasion oh no you have to how many nuclear weapons does israel have because experts say it's anywhere between eighty and four hundred so what so what yes so what has israel ever throw you recognize the hypocrisy of israel having a secret illicit nuclear weapons program that it won't open up its doors to and won't talk about and then lecturing everyone else in the region how this will be not you know why thank you thank
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you so let's start with illegal informal you know israel has never been a member a signatory of the n.p.t. so we're not breaking any rules iran was iraq was hilarious is and they all try to now we want to recognize them as i can only play no secondly israel is the only country in the world who has been right threatened to just erase them there is only one jewish state in the world less than one third of one percent of the entire middle east there are twenty two arab countries fifty seven what do you want from us and they're all trying to get up on us don't want you're just minding your own business this kind of norway in the middle east with nuclear weapons as israel ever threatened to erase and attack any country. i think you'll find plenty of pretty genocidal statements from israeli leaders over to me here and said in response to me well you know that we could while you are iran has every day threatening to you
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because when i ask about israel you got it for saying. said he would burn the entire country of israel ok i sad how must you know what even members of the israeli knesset it's very clear about country danny you ask again we've gone off on a lovely diversion which you are the master of how many nuclear weapons does israel have i don't know by the way another day version which i have to see i have to comprehend i don't see a diversion let me ask you if an iranian guest came on my show and i asked about iran's nuclear he said i don't know and i want to talk about it would you be ok would you be outraged of course and you sit here as a foreign minister with the israeli government saying oh i don't know what about nuclear wars because there are there was like sixteen united nations security. council resolutions against iran and there is against israel and there are going to israel i know about about your nuclear program yes there is u.n. resolution four eight seven let me read it to you the u.n. security council in one thousand eighty one says calls upon israel urgently to place its nuclear facilities under the safeguards of the i.a.e.a.
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why haven't you done that because thank you. because we want to live and survive this is the only reason i could leave and survive but you are defying the u.n. security council resolution on your lead nuclear survive that's it ok. when danny talks about the threat from iran do you recognize that language how big a threat in your view is iran to israel today iran is not an existential threat to israel but it is a strategic three. now let's compare the records of these two countries iran has never attacked a neighbor israel has repeatedly attacked its neighbors iran signed the nonproliferation treaty israel has refused to sign iran submits to inspection but they by the international nuclear energy agency israel refuses to certainly iran
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has no nuclear weapons israel has between seventy five and four hundred nuclear weapons so israel poses an existential threat to iran now thanks. recently and i want to make for the last forty years israel has conducted a systematic campaign of this information about iran why the lies why the double standards why the poc recy professors like can you say this in a straight face i cannot believe it if you look at the details israel right has been in existential threat ever since ever since its reestablishment and it was reestablished in one thousand four hundred eighty as a historian. in. israel. only out of
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self defense is defending itself and israel has never ever threatened another country israel has attacked its neighbors not in self-defense one example the first one is the who is war one hundred fifty six it wasn't a war self-defense it was a colonial spirit see to attack lebanon nineteen eighty two was most emphatically not a war self defense it was an invasion israeli invasion of lebanon paul let me ask you this question your not a member of the israeli government has never been a member of these or any kind of ask you for a straight answer how many nuclear weapons as israel i don't know if you ask him. what you think from what you know what i tell you what i'm listening to the conversation with all due respect we cannot rely israel cannot rely on europe and the western world to defend its own policies israel had huge disagreements in its own government whether to take out the iraqi nuclear core nine hundred eighty two
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and he took it out and he was condemned to time many still have the same dispute the late one nine hundred ninety eight when they took up the syrian nuclear core and he was condemned by europe and guess what later the condemnation fizzled away ok we are in the same position as we were then as we are with iraq you think israel should have nuclear weapons damn israel very weapon it can possibly defensive weapon like the iron dome is i should have one hundred i am. going to thank you these are should have been as if you think israel should have been civil weapon israel should absolutely have nuclear weapons iran as a as an offensive weapon should not have nuclear weapon it's ok let's go to the interview with you very patiently there's a difference between offensive iran and defense of israel when it comes to nuclear weapons in the middle east. but what i think we're getting to is that israel is saying that it is above the law and it does this time and again it says that it has a right to attack countries which it did when it came to iraq when it's come to syria when it come to lebanon and it's come to the palestinians and it's also
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saying that it has no reason it has no right to be subjected to the law just as you're above the law and you yourself said we didn't sign the n.p.t. let me ask you a question if iran tomorrow withdraws from the n.p.t. will you stop talking about iran because they are in your book they can do what you do right now in the logic of your position as they want nuclear capabilities for offensive measures if israel and again i'm not at liberty to say anything but about this subject but if israel has it or not it's completely israel before and so while defense and the public usually is different if they would say oh no we want to get nuclear but either way different by the way i hope i hope is not suicidal because if you run with a nuclear weapon throwing it on israel you and i will die at the same time you know ok well let's go to the audience we've been waiting very patiently here. with a general in the front row i'd like to ask you about israel's denying access to health care for people in gaza last year according to world health organization fifty four people died. because they had not got to treatment they need to in the
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west bank and and sometimes beyond forty six of those cancer many of them women eleven thousand medical appointments were missed last year after israel refused to allow people to get treatment is that now unconscionable. if head if that had been true absolutely unconscionable but it's clearly not true israel is is actually piping into the to the gaza everything which could help the schieffer and all the other hospitals and clinics by the way which the hamas is using them as a base to launch you know that since we left since we left gaza eleven thousand eight hundred bombs were launched on israel i asked a question about forty four cancer patients world health organization figures that's all made up according to. you know what i don't even know you know about i can tell you there is a policy right there is a policy to help anyone in need and we have proven it why don't you go to hamas and ask them why don't they stop their terror and then gaza would be open to the world
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when we left in two thousand and five we invested there you know millions of dollars they burnt everything why why ok let's go to the judgment in the militia thank you the great march of return protests were simply organized in support of the notion of a right of return mike my question is as to what extent does the propagation of the notion of palestinian rights of return by the international community to perpetuate and prolong rather than create a solution to the israeli palestinian conflict right of return is euphemism there is no right and no return because you are talking now about fifth and fourth generation of displaced people and according to international law they should have been naturalized by the countries who receive them there were twenty million refugees in europe checks german polish you don't hear about this problem there
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were eight hundred ninety thousand jewish refugees from arab countries you don't hear about them the problem is again and i do not blame the switch to the palestinian people i feel for them it's successive palestinian leadership ok let me give you since you since you mentioned to intimidate indiana no rights no return under the international law is that correct from what arsehole there is a right of return but using his same logic again then we wouldn't be talking about as he put it the reestablishment of the jewish state if we're talking about the reestablishment of the jewish state then it would have been that jews also didn't have that right as well so you can thank you guys thank you just like we absolutely have a right of return and that isn't trying to restart our lives are going to leave this is our land and we reestablish this is the land of israel two thousand years she's saying what about four or five generations if you can about twenty generations let's go to sleep in the front room. i'm a palestinian journalist from gaza and. israel has time and again said in the
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israeli army actually claimed to be measured and surgical in the way that they gauge with the palestinian protesters and whoever's present near the gaza fence and and then now i hear and it's very concerning to me that the killing of my friend actually and colleague said what tasha in gaza was because he was there with an intent to harm the israeli army has always cleared itself of any wrongdoing isn't it time for in an independent investigation what is israel afraid of how is it surgical to kill journalists in press vests and paramedics and white coats and children and peaceful protesters and then not have independent investigators or allow them to investigate israel has nothing to do with both things i. israel has nothing to hide and by the way i really appreciate the fact that you came from gaza out here which is.
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why you would wish more gazans would be able to come out and want to get into your blood you know you need a different you could look into more oh no no no you're patronize ing we know you don't need a different leadership in gaza that's what you need with with a different leadership in gaza more if you could come out is it time for an independent investigation if you've got nothing to hide no because no country no democratic country is willing to infringe upon its sovereignty show me when england the united states france or any other country democratic country in the ground and none of those countries knowingly illegally you know that it will go out of the way for the first directly let's go back to the back there on the window yes you. how do you justify oh do you support palestinians being forcibly removed from their homes and thrown out to make way for israeli setlist. perfectly. i do not approve approve palestinians being forced out of their homes as i do not approve jews being
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forced out of their homes and the israeli government did both i can tell you that. but again there is a rule of law and sometimes if you build things elect illegally the government comes and tells you well it's illegal they do it to jews and they do it to us full stop they don't demolish dozens of houses in one go is collective punishment for any jewish israelis and you know where. they would do it had they built it illegally and they have done it but they also destroy houses the families of quote unquote terrorists are destroyed by israel and yet when an israeli terrorist kills a palestinian his how his family's home is never destroyed it's only that it's not about no it's a matter of deterrence jews do not use don't always terrence know you know go is a terrorist you know you have one well there's no id you say there's no israeli tears no jewish terrorists there are but not as a culture a lot of palestinians as a cultural nuclear absolutely ok i'm going i'm going i'm just going to dinner which
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i mean are there is no no wait a minute i want to say a culture of terror apparently this is the problem here we're dealing with people in the middle east that have been far more honest all around and there are many who really is a racist last story you know that has a lot of the time is you know you're on telly. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you of course i want to respond because if you send your kids to schools where they are taught to kill jews when you have summer schools with palestinian kids go with straps you know like a make believe suicide bombs this is a culture of terror and had you been looking into this and when you and we not all are in all of this i'm just going to just to make the point if you love your lover was saying what about this what about that let me do it for once what about. you're sitting over the top of their houses watching gaza being bombarded is almost a culture of hate of no ok lady lady who is waiting currently according to israeli
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human rights group it said them approximately three hundred fifteen palestinian children are being held in israeli prisons while being arrested and held in detention these children have no access to lawyers cannot have a family member present while being question and often are coerced into signing documents in hebrew language that they do not understand how do you justify continuing the imprisonment of children. everyone. i first the fall i don't agree people who are over sixteen are not children and when they become with decker's and bombs they are not innocent their children understand i'm going to tell you why there are you know that you know what when the ira was attacking you in london they were under fourteen ok so your argument is prison and you expect me to sit here and defend the british government's treatment of irish i mean maybe more i'm just saying it is a killer we really don't like to write but ok here is a killer killer is a killer she let me talk about every little detail of the response of the killer is one of those children are killers but ok let's go back to the audience the lady
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here in the black shirt for the microscope to am very confused about something like some clarity if israel is an apartheid state how come there there are christians which i really appreciate being a christian serving in the idea and better when also drew i'm not talking about jews i'm talking about the druze how does that work the two people who made the claim about apartheid and i'm with one of you lot to respond to the ladies question about how to be apartheid if there are christians and arabs and bedouin serving in the idea the question is whether the system is apartheid and it is an apartheid state and the fact that we are sitting here and while we're sitting here danny has greater privileges in that country than i do makes it apartheid so i don't know if we're going to go back to the idea of thinking about it with this gentleman there with a jacket yes the question is very simple do you think the days where everything israel does and everything it says by both the muslim community many other people
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are coming to an end where in fact there's going to be great to support for israel this was seen even though in the united nations thank you thank you well i would say that certainly we see shifting grounds i would say most of the arab countries to certainly all of them great muslim countries see israel is the solution to the problems and not the problem they see the palestinians as the problem gentleman in the bit as being ready for a disaster word. thank you maybe my question to done is isn't it true that the two state solution is dead because of israeli illegal settlements in the west bank in its apartheid walls because is there always blames the other side it doesn't take any responsibility so should we just forget about the two state solution and think about an alternative a one state solution thank you i for one do not think so i do not think so i think you can still be a curious and i think i hope so i think what killed the two state solutions is again is the arab refusals for any compromise for them it's all or nothing and secondly when the roadmap to peace came i was one who was privileged to be
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a part of writing it it talked about two states for two peoples i do not see the palestinians who talk about two peoples they're talking about two states what does it mean to arab states the problem is again i'm telling you all the success you want two states for two peoples who are the two peoples jewish people and published so they shouldn't be any palestinians and israelis of course not not of course they are literally just said you are not to be lower sarah but the jewish. israeli who is it will forward any israel is for its citizens mostly are jews because it's a jewish state you're the one who said you wanted two states for two peoples i was just clarify the florist palestinians and israelis told me oh you know you switched to really no no if you use and doesn't mean that non jews cannot live there can i ask a final question just one last question about you famously was asked what would you have done if you'd been born a palestinian and he said to the reporter i probably would have joined a palestinian militant group to fight against israel for my freedom that's what barak said a moment of honesty from israel's most decorated soldier i just wonder sometimes do enough israelis put themselves in the shoes of palestinians living in gaza and try
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and understand why it is that they're protesting or they're frustrated or they're violent or is it all just do you really just say how much how much how much how much and not try and think about what their goal is short answer is yes i can definitely do that and you know what i would do. i would do my best to get rid of. dunning we're going to have to leave it there to show our thanks to our audience here in the oxford union thanks to our panel here and thanks to danny arlen for joining us head to head will be back next week.
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welcome back still looking quite chilly across southeastern parts of australia at the moment temperatures struggling somewhat as a series of weather fronts move through we more for western australia we've got more fronts moving through here so perth can be quite wet and windy at times as these systems push on by so as we get on through into sunday is a pretty cool day across western australia generally and further towards the southeast temperatures dropping just twelve in melbourne for the north fine much as you'd expect thirty one the high in darwin we're looking at some pretty stormy weather for parts of new seeing as well this is an active frontal system coming in the south island getting a bit of a pasting fearing subtly some really heavy rain here and some strong winds of that front will tend to weaken slightly isn't news through we can also expect to see
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some stormy weather pushing through the north island during the early part of sunday brights weather later on highs of fifteen in auckland up into northeastern parts of asia the heat wave across japan is severe and it's going to continue for at least another week for most areas although down in the southern islands this weather system may well bring about a reduction in temperatures we're going to see more in the way of cloud but generally it is very hot and very humid highs of thirty eight degrees there for tokyo after a night time low of about twenty six degrees. an ex-con with a love of chess. after years behind bars he has to be strategic to stay out of prison with his friend and chess master he's planning his next move to give back to society and share the game that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent
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from around the globe if you find latin american jazz private lessons on the houses in. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes israel launches as strikes and tank fire amassed positions in gaza killing four people in a renewed protest along the border. rebels start leaving syria's southwest in the north as the u.n. calls for safe passage for one hundred forty thousand civilians displaced by the fighting. as warnings grow that person could crash out of the e.u.
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with no deal we look at what that would mean for people in the u.k. and in europe and international observers keep a close eye on zimbabwe's first elections without longtime ruler robert mugabe. and i'm far as well be here with all the sporting including the latest from the open championship in scotland where there is a two way tie for the lead at the end of round two. has been another day of escalating violence at the gaza border with israel israeli airstrikes and tank fire and hamas positions in gaza killed at least four people three of them hamas members and the israeli military says gunfire at the gaza border fatally wounded a soldier the first israeli killed since the protests began on march thirtieth at least one hundred forty nine palestinians have died in the border demonstrations as
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protesters demand the right to return and an end to the israeli blockade on gaza charles stratford has more now on the day's events. these men say it's their duty as palestinians to protest against israel's occupation. they put together their kite clipping its tail which they say will keep it balance as it carries the burning coals over gaza's border fence they soak the sackcloth in petrol and oil because they say it helps it slowly regaining power in africa land we are here to prove to the whole world that we will never leave the island we're going to launch burning kites tools that occupied land and i'm not afraid of the israelis i'm only afraid of god come us leda ismail honey sits close by he has come to support the protesters i must say the kites and balloons to carry the burning rags into israel are a peaceful form of protest israeli snipers have been targeting balloons that the
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protesters have been launching well the best.


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