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and as we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we help the view understand and make sense of it. israel launches as strikes and tank fire of hamas positions in gaza killing four people and an israeli soldier is killed by palestinian fighters on the gaza border . and though i maryam namazie in london you know with al jazeera also coming up rebels start leaving syria southwest in the north as the u.n. calls for safe passage for one hundred forty thousand civilians displaced by the fighting. as warnings grow that person could crash out of the e.u.
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with no deal we look at what that would mean for people in the u.k. and in europe. and international observers keep a close eye on zimbabwe's first elections without longtime ruler robert mugabe. it's been another day of escalating violence at the gaza border with israel israeli as strikes in time fire aimed at hamas positions in gaza killed at least four people three of them from mass members and the israeli military says gunfire at the gaza border fatally wounded a soldier the first israeli killed since the protests began on march thirtieth at least one hundred forty nine palestinians have died in the border demonstrations as protest as among the right to return and an end to the israeli blockade of gaza charles trafford has the latest now on the day's events. these men say it's the duty is published in used approaches to israel's occupation. they put together
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their current clipping it's true which they say will keep it bombs as it carries the building over girls as buddhist friends they soak the circles in petrol of oil . they say it helps it slowly losing hands are risking their lives but we are here to prove to the whole world that we will never leave our land we're going to launch burning kites tools that occupied land and i'm not afraid of the israelis i'm only afraid of god. from us leader ismail haniya sits close by he has come to support the protesters. i must say the kites and balloons to carry the burning rags into israel are a peaceful form of protest israeli snipers have been targeting balloons that the protesters have been launching and well behind the main demonstration these protesters say they will continue launching their kites holding those incendiary devices until israel lifts the siege. the men like the rag and the kite
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drifts off towards the border fence israel says spies started by protesters have destroyed large areas of crops and private planned. protests to set fire to tires which they uses color from his radio army snipers positioned along the fence. is ready tanks targeted hamas positions along the border often news that an israeli soldier had been injured these radio me later reported that the soldier had died from his wounds in the process of this climb the walls of a building being used by the israeli soldiers. the army responded with tear gas i'm old sounded like live ammunition. an israeli drone flew overhead one hundred forty protesters have been killed since the weekly demonstrations started four months ago the israeli army shot this man in the leg during a protest in april on the judge itself that unless i'm sending a message to the occupiers that this is our land and you came and took it from us
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you jews who came from france and england and around the world here it is our land and we inherited it from our grandfathers and before them. the israeli government is under pressure by some politicians to launch a large scale military offensive to stop the protesters. as the day ended israeli fighter jets targeted various hamas bases across gaza including this one in the densely populated neighborhood of z. tune. the ministry of health says at least three civilians were injured in this attack. that al-jazeera gaza or mohammad john jhoom is live for us now western is the minimum that there have been reports of some sort of cease fire agreement at the border what are you hearing. omarion we've just heard in the last couple of minutes in fact that a cease fire may have been reached this is according to how spokesperson fozia but who announced this on twitter he says with egyptian and united nations efforts it
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was agreed to return to the air of calm between the israeli occupation and palestinian factions so according to hamas it seems some type of a cease fire cessation of hostilities has been achieved at this hour we've been hearing the last few hours from palestinian sources that there was a huge effort to try to reach some sort of a ceasefire between between how mohsin between israeli forces now we must add though that according to the israeli army the operation that they've been conducting in gaza are still ongoing the israeli army has put out multiple statements these past several hours talking about what they call this wide scale attack against militant targets in the gaza strip now one of the last statements that they made also via the i.d.f. twitter account said that israeli army recently completed an additional attack on twenty five military targets located in a house but talian headquarters and units in the southern gaza strip this
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sustainment said that warehouses aerial defense systems and observation posts and other areas had been targeted now that would mean that there had been at least forty targets that have been targeted over the course of the last several hours because in previous tweets from the israeli armed forces they had said that there had been an additional fifteen targets so while you're hearing from hamas that hostilities may have ceased we have not heard that yet officially from the israeli army and until we hear that from the israeli army we won't know if a cease fire has actually been reached at this hour area all right well thank you very much mohammed jam gin with all the latest in west jerusalem. moving to syria now where rebels in the southwest province of can a tribe started leaving the area after giving up their fight against the government near the frontier with the israeli occupied golan heights a convoy of twenty four buses carrying civilians and rebels began leaving the area mid-afternoon the surrender is
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a big victory for president bashar assad is forces are close to reclaiming complete control of the country south or but man he has more a month of intense government bombardments in southwest syria and the devastation is clear the military offensive started by government forces backed by the russian ally a trying to recapture dura in the neighboring province of can a truck surrendering control of draw city one of the last remaining rebel strongholds would be a major defeat for the opposition. durai the birthplace of the syrian uprising seven years ago from where protests against regime's torture of teenagers spread nationwide. in some areas near syria's border with the israeli occupied golan heights government bombs have been replaced by buses in deal struck last month between the syrian government
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and rebel fighters anyone who refuses to live under the rule of president bashar assad who removed the it live province in the north the displaced populations which i think this time it's around two hundred thousand people are unfortunately going to face the same. of. the same conditions faced by other communities who have left. and in homs before and most likely to be taken to. dozens of to space syrians sought refuge from bombing near the its radio golan heights last week but were turned back by israeli border guards. people left their homes weeks ago looking for safety trying to protect their families they have been stranded without shelter without assistance without any kind of help for a while and what we are asking for is. a law in the fighting and for the
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humanitarian. to reach the population. the can a true deal is similar to others elsewhere in syria buses transporting people from trying to government housing areas and had their windows smashed by rebels besiege than the three years hundreds of rebel prisoners a jew to be released in return although some internally displaced syrians are now making their way back home it's a small percentage of more than six million who fled since the start of the war. nor about al-jazeera a protester has been killed at a rally outside the headquarters of the bader paramilitary branch in southern iraq security forces pushed back crowds while trying to quell the unrest is death brings the total number of people killed during weeks of protests against paul services and unemployment to thirteen and ron paul reports now from the capital baghdad where many of also been rallying in solidarity with the south. protesters face off
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with security forces in baghdad although a smaller gathering and seen in the last two weeks in the south of iraq it's still a significant number for the capital showing solidarity with protesters in the south on the edge of the matza here more than two but we came out to protest the injustice and lack of job opportunities for the unemployed the government isn't listening to us. but even with a small amount of people involved we will continue to protest this time it's make or break for us the protesters break free of a barbed wire cordon set up by the federal police. the protests spreading to the capital and then nationwide it is a concern for iraq's leaders he was never meant to isolate the big white students was finally put in place unprecedented security operation they say they are trying to beat the protests tomorrow but they may not be able to meet all of the time
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they're sold on friday the last people want. the the challenge for iraq's government is meeting the demands of the protesters which include economic reforms an end to corruption job creation and a regular electricity supply. the government is looking for solutions they're open talks is how to arabia and a deal has been struck with kuwait for energy supplies will it be enough iraqis here say they will continue to protest until all the demands are met iran called al-jazeera baghdad. well the new york times is reporting that donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen secretly taped a discussion with him about payments to an ex playboy model who says she had an affair with the u.s. president the newspaper says the f.b.i. sees the recording of a point during a raid on cohen's office he's being investigated for tax fraud and campaign will violations ahead of trump's two thousand and sixteen election trump's current lawyer rudy giuliani has confirmed that trump discussed the payments with cohen on
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the tape but says the payments were never actually made i want house correspondent can really help it has more this recording seems to reveal the president discussing with his personal attorney michael cohen the payment. money in the form of check fully one hundred fifty thousand dollars this is problematic for the president given that he has denied he ever had an affair with karen mcdougal the playboy model the white house saying this was fake news and that the president never had such a relationship the recording seems to contradict that statement of course the president at the time of this alleged affair also married with an infant son certainly problematic on a personal level so this really brings up the question of what the president knew and when he knew it it's also a concern given the fact that there is a separate investigation that is ongoing in all of this and that is the one being conducted by robert muller the special counsel well these two investigations are
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separate the one into michael cohen trumps personal attorney and the one into whether or not there was russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election and whether the trump campaign colluded with russia with this information is shared it could be problematic for the president given the fact that if michael cohen in order to save himself from the charges he is currently facing he could decide to cooperate with the special counsel and that could certainly be risky for donald trump. still ahead for you on the program raising the stakes trump friends to slap five hundred billion dollars of trade tariffs on china the global markets reacting sharply. and emotional scenes in eritrea as an ethiopian journalist is reunited with his wife and daughters after eighteen years.
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welcome back still looking quite chilly across southeastern parts of australia at the moment temperatures struggling somewhat as a series of weather fronts move through we. are we've got more fronts moving through here so perth can be quite wet and windy at times as these systems push on by so as we get on through into sunday is a pretty cool day across western australia generally and further towards the southeast which is struggling just twelve in melbourne for the north fine much as you'd expect thirty one the high in darwin we're looking at some pretty stormy weather for parts of new scene as well this is an active frontal system coming in the south ali getting a bit of a pasting fearing softly some really heavy rain here and some strong winds although that front will tend to weaken slightly is of news through we can also expect to see some stormy weather pushing through the north island during the early part of sunday brights weather later on high as of fifteen in auckland up into northeastern parts of asia the heat wave across japan is severe and it's going to continue for
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at least another week for most areas although down in the southern islands this weather system may well bring about a reduction in temperatures we're going to see more in the way of cloud but generally it is very hot and very humid hallways of thirty eight degrees there for tokyo after a night time low of about twenty six degrees. on counting the cost of stronger growth forecasts for sub-saharan africa but a big trade challenge is looming the world's second biggest aviation trade show takes off for the u.k. plus why three d. printed means of causing sumptuous. counting the cost of al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour israel and hamas have agreed to restore calm it to the gaza strip at least four people died in gaza made protests and one israeli soldier was killed on the gaza border. syrian rebels in the southwestern province of connector have started leaving the area after giving up their fight against government forces and the new york times says donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen secretly taped a discussion with him about payments to an ex boy and model he says she had an affair with the u.s. president. in other developments global markets a stalled after president threatened to slap five hundred billion dollars of trade
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tower ifs on china that's the total amount of chinese goods imported into the u.s. last year washington has already imposed levies on thirty four billion dollars worth of goods which beijing quickly reciprocated the international monetary fund warns these tit for tat tariffs could cause serious damage to the global economy. i raised fifty we're down five hundred now some people would say three hundred seventy five billion i'm not talking about million i'm not talking about pennies i'm talking about we're down three hundred seventy five billion but other estimates could say five hundred seven it doesn't matter so it's in between there or it's there we're down a tremendous amount i raised fifty and they matched us as you don't match just meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state might pump a zero is saying the economic sanctions need to be fully enforced against north korea in order to get it to eliminate its nuclear weapons made the comments after meeting south korea's foreign minister at cancun wa and u.n. officials to brief them on going to nuclearization efforts with pyongyang but i
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also accuse north korea of smuggling petroleum and coal in violation of the un sanctions and the us ambassador nikki haley also called for the u.n. security council to remain strict with pyongyang we can't do one thing i'm till we see north korea respond to their promise to denuclearize we have to see some sort of action and so until that action happens the security council is going to hold tight to the international community we ask you to hold tight as we go forward movement at a key crossing terminal on the libyan tunisian border has been suspended for more than a week local tunisian traders have prevented libyans from entering the country in response to libya's customs officers preventing certain goods from entering tunas mahmoud had reports from the border. the road to the russes dear terminal is almost deserted libyan security officers say only libyans seeking medical
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treatment are allowed to cross the border into tunisia the border gate has been closed by tunisian customs officers for ten days now dozens of trucks have been turned away some carrying food others transporting claimable liquids local tunisian traders are preventing libyans from entering the capital tunis by setting up road blocks between being geared down city that is in this pans to a decision by libya's customs agents to ban tunisians from taking libyan goods libya's government says libyan exports to tunisia harm the economy libyan border officers say they close the border why diplomats in the foreign ministries of both countries work to find a solution. for before. we have the sort of the stop libyans from moving into the museum inside just to protect them that's because they've been
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abused there and it's a museum authorities have been sending them back to going home aren't sure if they will be able to return to libya or he can hardly carry all his belongings and rest is for a while before his exit he cannot hide his frustration. confessional. i know i might not be able to get back to my work in libya but i'm very sick and i have to go home to get medical treatment what can i do i have no other choice. during the past few years the russes day of terminal has been closed several times due to unrest on the tunisian side of the border that affects many people especially tunisian traders but many libyan travellers here say the deletion of fruit is so doing enough to ensure their safety. libyans returning home from the capital tunis have his stories deterred khalifa bushido was planning to spend every
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occasion with his family in tunis but was turned back he says they had to make a one hundred and fifty kilometers detour to alternative border crossing that was in. after we left the tunisian customs gate locals stopped us then the authorities there asked us to wait we were stuck a whole night in the car it was terrible the roses deal terminal crossing is a lifeline for tunisians whole make their living by trading across the border and vice versa for libyans too until the dispute is resolved merely travelers would likely have only a one way trip home mom would have to do a hit. on the libyan tunisian border now the e.u. says the u.k.'s new breaks it plan is constructive but there is still concerns about the way the troll agreement the british prime minister to resign may is balancing the demands of the probe faction within her party with the need to
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maintain close ties to the e.u. in order to avoid a hard order with the republic of ireland al-jazeera as jonah how reports could this be the reason may's last stand she was in northern ireland promoting the benefits of a vision for brakes it upon which our survival is staked a deal that would keep close trade ties between the u.k. and the european union in return she said the e.u. needed to evolve its negotiating position and then there was this the reality is that any agreement we reach with the e.u. would have to provide for the frictionless movement of goods across the northern ireland border. equally clear is that as united kingdom government we could never accept that the way to prevent a hard border with ireland is to create a new border within the united kingdom and with that to resume a rejected the e.u.'s idea of a backstop a contingency plan that would see northern ireland maintaining special ties to the
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e.u. in the event that no deal is reached over the brics it with a new economic border emerging between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. and since a no deal scenario is on everyone's lips at the moment with the venal nature of british politics right now that seem like pretty serious stuff it wasn't long before the e used chief negotiator responded the block he said saw some basis for negotiation in the prime minister's plan but the absence of an agreed backstop was something the e.u. couldn't accept we are all prone to any sort of shoes any solutions long. it would be transformed into or literally operative text. for the withdrawal. cue predictions not for the first time in recent weeks of the reason may's imminent political demise the e.u. cannot sign off a deal without a bus stop to reason is the fact the torpedo that option. and i will almost
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certainly perceive state a resignation but not just yet for now the british government's plan remains alive and with it just about this is may's premiership. london. at least fourteen people have been wounded in a knife attack in the northern german city of lubec the male suspect launched at people on a bus before being overpowered and taken into custody a police spokesperson has confirmed no one was killed in a tank. the french president emanuel has fired his bodyguard after he was caught on camera beating a student protester this mobile phone video appears to show alexandra dragging the protester on the ground. before hitting him on the head several times. when i was not actually on duty at the time but he was given permission to observe police operations center gago has more from paris. a second man has now being held
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in custody alongside mr alexander ben he is also accused of engaging in those violent activities on the protesters on may the first meanwhile mr benn faces several charges including tampering with evidence it's alleged that he tried to get access to see seized t.v. footage that showed him in gauging in about violent activity there and he did that allegedly with the help of three other police officers who have since been suspended with their role from their roles in the meanwhile he is also accused of impersonating a police officer as well as taking part in the acts of violence whilst in a public role in the meantime this is the most serious crisis to hit the presidency of mind well call a man who promised to lead an exemplary republic but it also goes really to the heart in the workings of the state as well as public faith in the public servants
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as well in the meantime the process to fire mr ben ali has begun and it is the most serious punishment to vote been given to a security official ever at the end is a palace. computer hackers have stolen the personal details of one and a half million hospital patients in singapore including those of the prime minister government called the attack on singapore's health database the most serious breach of personal data in the country's history the health ministry is assuring patients the cyber thieves didn't get access to their medical records only to names addresses and drug prescriptions which have gone missing. a court in south korea has sentenced the former president park geun hay to an additional eight years in prison if found guilty of unlawfully receiving state funds and interfering in the selection of candidates for the twenty sixteen parliamentary election is already serving a twenty four year term handed down in april for other corruption charges. the former head of the united nations is keeping a close eye on elections in zimbabwe kofi annan is leading
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a team of observers known as the elders is trying to reassure opposition leaders that elections at the end of the month the first without the post president robert mugabe will be free and fair. more now from harare. coffee anon and other well known faces or banned from zimbabwe by robert mugabe ten years ago a lot has happened since then the army forced mugabe from power last year his replacement president. is preparing for the general election on july the thirtieth despite an attempt on his life a lot of people with his included call them for violence yes there was a blur but that was intended to. move to democracy a man's leading a high profile election observer team known as the elders who are assessing preparations for the courage of peaceful and credible elections and then also made
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to main opposition leader nelson chamisa he says he's worried the ruling zanu p.f. party is planning to manipulate voter numbers by tampering with ballot papers mr non-god was not complaining because he's a beneficiary in fact is a corporate traitor of this transgression so that's why he's taking an arrogant position but he's failing to provide leadership plans in this country instability and this is why we feel that is being reckless and we really feel it's regrettable that was the one who was going to argue that the ruling party denies the fraud allegations made by the opposition more than five million zimbabweans have registered to vote sixty percent of them under fifty year olds who could determine who's above his next president will be president in less than one and that one holds international observers who are here for the first time since two thousand and two was a elections were free and fair it could give them credibility. in the country's economic isolation the results of the parliamentary and presidential elections have
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to be announced within five days of polling day many here and elsewhere are keenly awaiting those results wondering what the new look zimbabwe is like after mugabe. al-jazeera. and i you may remember an ethiopian journalist other saddam had to be featured on wednesday he was preparing to reunite with his wife and two children in eritrea after almost two decades apart where he's now met his family and asked mara in two thousand his wife took their two teenage daughters back to her home country but was ethiopia and eritrea in a state of war for eighteen years there were no transport links telephone lines or even postage between them and no way for the family to communicate with each other after ethiopian airline flights to ask maher resumed this week reconnected with his wife and children and also met his grandson for the first time none of the friends in the middle of the middle of the darkness is gone able to see my wife and
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children and i've met my grandson it's like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. i spent years going to church and crying verso that my children would not see me today this emotion is not only crying it's like love because the time of cry is over. a quick look at the top stories this hour israel and how massive agree to a cease fire in gaza is follows a spike in tensions in which an israeli soldier was killed along the gaza border and israel launch military strikes against hamas which killed four people including three home asked members why would jump june has more from gaza. that the ceasefire may have been reached this is according to how must postperson fozia but who announced this on twitter he says with egyptian and united nations efforts it was
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agreed to return to the air of calm between the israeli occupation and palestinian factions so according to hamas it seems some type of a ceasefire is decision of hostilities has been achieved at this hour syrian rebels in the southwest province of connection have started leaving the area after giving up their fight against government forces near the front here with israel with a russian backed government offensive closing in rebels have agreed to either accept the return of state rule or leave to live province in the north the surrender is a victory for president bashar assad whose forces a close to reclaiming complete control of the country's south the united nations appeal to all sides in syria to provide safe passage for one hundred forty thousand civilians displaced by fighting in the southwest the plea follows an intense bombing campaign and there are problems this week the u.n. also says it's ready to discuss a plan with the government and russia to set up centers for returning refugees. on our other top stories u.s.
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president donald trump has threatened to slap tariffs on five hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods that's the total amount of chinese imports into the u.s. last year washington has already imposed levies on thirty four billion dollars worth of goods to which beijing quickly responded in kind the international monetary fund warns the tit for tat tariffs could seriously damage the global economy. the french president emanuel macron has fired a top security aide after he was caught on camera beating a student protest his mobile phone video shows alexander banal of dragging the protest on the ground before hitting him on the head several times and i was also accused of impersonating a police officer as the top stories at it from london for now counting the cost is next. the song they are in to quit is worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are living god. one on one east investigates the fight
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to reclaim the poles stolen items are not a zero. hello i'm sammy's a than this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week stronger growth prospects for sub-saharan africa but a big trade challenge is looming. also this week airplanes and e-commerce and lines sports cars the world's second biggest aviation tradeshow gets underway. plus the world's first habitable three d. printed houses and u.s. technology causing a stir in the construction industry.


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