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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2018 8:00am-8:35am +03

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bush is very up when they come in to talk but it's a little he was attacking his son goes head to head with. what israel's doing is deliberately choosing to slaughter houses and only al-jazeera. a day for calm after a day of the protests along the gaza tense and israeli strikes into the strip. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a province in ruins a little left behind as government forces take control of southern syria. and handshakes as former fark rebels take up political power in colombia. and awash with rubbish the military is called in to clean up plastic mess or to that it can be.
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a restoration of calm seems to be holding between israel and gaza as a new day dawns agreement was reached for a deal from midnight local time after a friday of war protests deaths and fast rising tension at least four people were killed inside gaza israel launched airstrikes and tank rounds israeli military also says one of its soldiers was killed by gunfire and was. sent this update. after hours of escalation in gaza has a ceasefire been reached well that very much depends on who you ask according to hamas a cessation of hostilities has actually been achieved hamas postmen fozia but whom issuing a statement saying that with egyptian and united nations efforts it has been agreed to return to the era of calm between israel and palestinian factions that all being
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said however israel israel's army has not commented on if a cease fire has actually been reached we've been reaching out to them repeatedly since the announcement by hamas that that ceasefire has been reached there has been no comment from israel's army the last several hours we have heard from israel's army that operations have been ongoing in the gaza strip that israel's army had targeted upwards of sixty five targets also there had been reports through israeli media outlets that for the last several hours israel security cabinet have been meeting to discuss the ongoing operations in the gaza strip we've also reached out to israeli officials and israel's army trying to find out what if anything was being discussed and when that meeting might end but no details have been forthcoming all of this of course happening at a time when tensions were already escalating now the question have a has
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a ceasefire actually been reached is it going to remain calm or will tension once again flare up friday had started like so many and the past few months with large crowds gathering at the gaza fence and charles trafford was there. these men say it's their duty as palestinians to protest against israel's occupation. they put together their kite clipping its tail which they say will keep it balance as it carries the burning pall over gaza's border fence they soak the sackcloth in petrol and oil because they say it helps it slowly became han are their land we are here to prove to the whole world that we will never leave the island we're going to do with burning kites was that occupied land and i'm not afraid of the israelis i'm only afraid of god from us leader ismail haniya sits close by but he has come to support the protesters. i must say the kites and balloons to carry the burning rags
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into israel are a peaceful form of protest israeli snipers have been targeting balloons that the protesters have been launching well behind the main demonstration these protesters say they will continue launching their kites holding those incendiary devices until israel lifts the siege. the men like the rag and the kite drifts all too and now it's the build a fence israel says five started by protesters have destroyed large areas of crops and private planned. protest to set fire to tires which they uses color from his radio on the snipers positioned along the fence. is ready tanks talk to hamas positions along the border often news that an israeli soldier had been injured these radio me later reported that the soldier had died from his wounds in the protesters climbed the walls of a building being used by the israeli soldiers. the army responded with tear gas
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a mold sounded like live ammunition. an israeli drone flew overhead one hundred forty protesters have been killed since the weekly demonstrations started four months ago the israeli army shot this man in the leg during a protest in april i'm not just assaulted on the i'm sending a message to the occupiers that this is our land and you came and took it from us you jews who came from france and england and around the world here it is our land and we inherited it from all grandfathers and before them. the israeli government is under pressure by some politicians to launch a large scale military offensive to stop the protesters. as the day ended israeli fighter jets targeted various hamas bases across gaza including this one in the densely populated neighborhood of z. tune. the ministry of health says at least three civilians were injured in this attack. phyllis bennis program director of the new
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internationalism project at the ends to take for policy studies she doubts the calm will hold. it's important that they use the word calm and not the word peace there has been no peace in gaza for many many decades and i think what we're seeing right now is a moment of hesitation it may be that the firing has slowed and israel doesn't yet want to acknowledge that it's a little hard to know as you know that there have been extraordinary rhetoric escalations throughout the day the minister of education f. tully bennett one of the furthest right of this right wing cabinet had called earlier today for the israeli snipers on the gaza fence to fire at directly at the children who are launching some of these kites and it was the chief of the army the chief of the israeli army came back and said i can't accept that it and he's indicated he believed it was not
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a moral position and despite that the minister of education called again for essentially killing palestinian children so there is this incredible level of of rhetorical escalation underway and we know that the position of the israelis for some time has been to anticipate a more significant attack that would be even more deadly than the two thousand and fourteen war which left over two thousand one hundred palestinians dead so in that situation i think if there is a ceasefire that holds briefly it will not hold for very long i'm afraid what we're seeing here is that the palestinians for seventeen weeks now have been launching extraordinarily nonviolent protests every friday afternoon at and near the fence those protests from the very first one from even before the first one the israelis announced that those nonviolent protests would be met with brutal force that they were going to send in the sharpshooters the snipers which they did the snipers have
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now killed over one hundred fifty people throughout that period more than fifty on one day on may fourteenth on the day that over two. thousand palestinians were injured mostly by live fire and there seems to be a position on the from the israeli military and the political echelon that says we have enough confidence that we will get absolute impunity from the trumpet ministration syrian rebels in the southwest province of can a tri have started leaving the area after giving up the fight against government forces the surrender is a big victory for president bashar al assad whose forces are close to reclaiming complete control of the country self or bird mainly has more a month of intense government bombardments in southwest syria and the devastation is clear the military offensive started by government forces backed by the russian ally a trying to recapture dura in the neighboring province of canape. surrendering control
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of droste city one of the last remaining rebel strongholds would be a major defeat for the opposition. drop the birthplace of the syrian uprising seven years ago from where protests against regime's torture of teenagers spread nationwide. in some areas near syria's border with the israeli occupied golan heights government bombs have been replaced by buses in deal struck last month between the syrian government and rebel fighters anyone who refuses to live under the rule of president bashar assad so we move to the it live province in the north the displaced populations which i think this time it's around two hundred thousand people are unfortunately going to face the same. of. the same conditions faced by other communities who have left. east in the.
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and in homs before and most likely to be taken to. dozens of despite syrian refugees from bombing media's radio. last week but were turned back. to their homes weeks ago looking for safe trying to protect their families they have been stranded without shelter without. without any kind of help for a while and what we are asking for is. a law in the fighting a military able to reach the population. the can a true deal is similar to others elsewhere in syria buses transporting people from . government housing areas and had their windows smashed by rebels besieged in the three. hundreds rebel prisoners a-g.
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to be released in return although some internally displaced syrians are now making their way back home it's a small percentage of more than six million who fled since. president has now turned on the catholic bishops trying to mediate between anti-government protests and official forces and paramilitaries trying to stop them and or take a call them satanical terrorist and coup mongers and oryx anti-government protesters to end what he says is a us back conspiracy to topple him the comments came as he addressed crowds on the thirty ninth anniversary of the revolution that brought him to power only three hundred people have been killed in demonstrations over the past three months. as an embryo that is a neighborhood in the city of messiah. the situation has finished three days ago when members of the police and paramilitary forces attacked and cleared the road blocks to have been set up for nearly three months here in the
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neighborhood of money in the city of the situation is calm there are some cars there are some people going out slowly. but a lot of fear i can tell you few. food vendors here tell me that this is the first day that they have been able to go out to sell their food in three months and of course there are paramilitary forces going around patrolling this area they are massed armed to the go in their vehicles that are have no plates and a lot of fear of course because the their presence for the people here is very intimidating a group of former colombian rebels have been granted seats in congress and part of a historic a controversial peace deal between the government and park rebels there three men ended a violent civil war but now it's causing tension and power struggles. reports. what
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i was going to see stars joy. they fought the government for decades now they're part of it seriously avoided the u.s. aid former fork rebels with the revolutionary armed forces of colombia have been sworn into congress. it took two years for the government to reach this peace deal under the terms the rebel group agreed to dismantle its army in exchange for political representation the fark is now known as a revolutionary alternative common force with five season the senate and five in the house of representatives viable more start there where the enormous story we may not be in agreement and i am not with their ideology but that is what democracy is about resolving differences through debating ideas and not through violence. the civil war between the farben colombia's government started in the late one nine hundred sixty s. the rebels took up arms claiming to defend marginalized communities against imperialism fun they often turn to violent tactics like kidnappings ransom and
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extortion in the span of more than fifty years over two hundred thousand people were killed nearly seven million displaced many of their victims are civilians not done that all of the people despite challenges we're here in congress the plan the interests of the people to defend the interests of the communities in the territories and to cement this peace that colombia needs. president juan manuel santos was awarded the two thousand and sixteen nobel peace prize for brokering the deal ending the longest running war in the americas the former rebels say they want to promote peace democracy and human rights but not everyone is on board voters narrowly rejected the peace deal referendum before a final version was passed some believe former rebels should be held responsible orchestrations newly elected president will take office in august he has vowed to men divisions but the conservative politician also wants to eliminate amnesty for
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far commanders he believes rebels should be investigated and serve out a prison sentence before given a seat in congress. a new era for colombia and its government only time will tell of the incoming president will shift course. on al-jazeera still head on al-jazeera senegal rose rolls out the welcome mat for its biggest foreign investor china's global push as the u.s. pulls back on trade and u.k. striding said it had warnings theresa may could crash out without a deal. further looking at weather conditions across live on some western parts of asia is pretty
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quiet in terms of actual weather of any note we look at the old chap perhaps on the southern saw the caspian sea but i think tehran should be dry and hot temperatures into the forty's temperatures also in the forty's across iraq and down through to kuwait but then that's what you expect at this time of the year we still have showers around the caucuses and some of those could be on the heavy side the eastern side of the mediterranean generally looking fine thirty degrees in the sunshine in beirut now as you move down into the radian peninsula on the western side things are looking draw and fine further to across into africa we have got some showers for the ethiopian highlands well as on the eastern side the potential of we've got relatively light winds cheering saturday so the humidity in qatar may come up a little bit but next week the ship is developing so that humidity will drop and the temperatures will rise but for the time being well look at my son temperature over the weekend of about forty two degrees celsius here down into southern parts of africa it's fine all the way we've got plenty of sunshine twenty degrees in cape town little bit of cloud on the coast of mozambique i wanted to showers also
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possibly affect sea madagascar but across into zambia so looking dry and fine and highs of twenty one degrees expected in the soka. a bit of a strange day to store a decent refuse we just heard today to city of aleppo has fallen. or should we say liberated. one or four astonishing stories tode and their own words how did you know who to trust and who not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera.
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these are the top stories right now on al-jazeera palestinian factions have agreed to a return to calm with israel after a day of violence along the fence separating gaza and israel a mosque spokesperson says the agreement was mediated by egypt and the u.n. for palestinians and israeli soldier died in the latest violence on friday syrian rebels in southwestern province of crude nature have started leaving the area after giving up their fight against government forces president bashar al assad's government is now close to taking back complete control of the country's south. was president has turned on the catholic bishops who've been trying to mediate months of violent unrest jane or take a call them satanical terrorists and coup longer us all speaking on the anniversary of the revolution that brought him to power. the u.s. trade war with china could soon go to
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a whole new level with donald trump saying he's ready to increase tariffs more than ten fold he has so far slapped tariffs on thirty four billion dollars of chinese products but now he says he's ready to put tariffs on five hundred five billion dollars worth of imports beijing immediately counter at the first round the terrace international monetary fund is warning this tit for tat action could damage the entire global economy i raised fifty would down five hundred now some people would say three hundred seventy five billion i'm not talking about a million i'm not talking about pennies i'm talking about we're down three hundred seventy five billion but other estimates could say five hundred seven it doesn't matter so it's in between there or it's there we're down a tremendous amount i raised fifty and they matched us as you know met just. well donald trump talks of more restrictions chimping is out pushing china and around the world the chinese leader is embarking on his first official visit to west africa among the stops to senegal were beijing is the largest foreign investor that
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reports in the capital dakar. until two years ago she was a rice farmer in henan province in northern china now he's making the final touches for the you know gratian city girl's first wrestling stadium. is due to be opened on saturday by china's president xi jinping who's making his first visit to west africa and no detail is being spared for his arrival everything has to be perfect for time to go then a former restaurant owner from sichuan who is now mason. thank you we've been working here for years we're proud of what we've done and we want people in china to know what we've built here it's more than just a stadium with one point six billion dollars in investment the chinese government says it's senegal's largest foreign investor and with it has come an influx of chinese migrants who've made to carve their home this is where they live chinatown is right on the capital's main avenue most migrants come from china's
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poor provinces after working in construction some set up shop selling chinese goods descending lease customers. i have been living here fifteen years my system my aunts my brother in law all own a shop around the corner senegal is my country too. although there are no government migration statistics as to its range from two hundred fifty thousand to two million chinese living in africa for knowledge all welcome dozens of chinese vendors have been killed in the past five years no arrests have been made. with so many chinese riot grinstein using to make this place their home there's a. chinese sense i mean not just here in senegal but throughout africa and so china's government is now on a charm offensive trying to win over hearts and minds in countries it's investing in. this is one of forty newly opened confucius institutes in africa here the
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chinese state offers classes in the martial art tai cheat and making green tea as well as mandarin language lessons for adults and children. oh. i want to see the great wall of china eat their food and speak their language because my mom says it will be useful one day she didn't bring is due to sign additional agreements with senegal's president mike you saw including the first chinese garment factories in west africa promising thousands of new jobs for both senegalese workers and chinese migrants alike. nicholas hawke al-jazeera deckard waves of plastic waste into perini are washing up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationists say they've already removed thirty tonnes from the feature of the capital santa domingo but there's so much of it that the military has been called in to help with the clean up charles moore is the founder of marine research foundation a member of the plastic pollution coalition he says what's happening in the
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dominican republic is just a small example of a bigger problem and dealing with plastic. we're losing the battle i predicted this twenty years ago that it would happen when i discovered the great pacific garbage patch that dozens of miles from shore now it's invading the biosphere it's in our salt our sugar our water our air our honey our beer and just because we see big pieces floating up now people are taking notice but when you see a bunch a little bit thick plastic you gotta understand there's a bunch of micro one that also is plastic as well and that's invading our bodily tissues so this is a worldwide problem and we've got to deal with it it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle but it's not too late to turn around are probably good lifestyles we got to stop throwing things away everything is a resource everything can be reuse everything can be put back into service it's got
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to be respected but it's also got to be feared or plastic gives us a great amount of freedom and we must not abuse it we've got to reduce the amount of plastic that we consume it's plastic substitutes for things that were formerly reusable here in our office we so re-usable is refillable things we use over and over again we must constantly be throwing stuff away in order to make new stuff computer hackers have stolen the personal details of one and a half a million hospital patients and singapore and clearing the prime minister of health and strength assuring patients the cyber things didn't touch their medical records only names addresses and details that prescribe drugs have been compromised. at least fourteen people have been wounded in a knife attack in the northern german city and back thirty four year old suspect targeted people on a bus before being overpowered and arrested there's been no word on
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a motive for that attack. a british man who became ill after coming into contact with a nerve agent nova chalk has now been released from the hospital charlie rally was rushed to the hospital last month along with his partner who later died the couple found a bottle containing nova chalk near solsbury when former russian spy service crippled his daughter reports that government has blamed russia for the attacks on this ripples. the european union says the u.k.'s new plan is constructive but there are still concerns about the withdrawal agreement or just prime minister theresa may is trying to balance the demands of the pro faction in our party with the need to maintain close ties to the e.u. china hold reports could this be the reason last stand she was in northern ireland promoting the benefits of a vision for brick city upon which has survival is staked a deal that would keep close trade ties between the u.k. and the european union in return she said the e.u.
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needed to evolve its negotiating position and then there was this the reality is that any agreement we reach with the e.u. would have to provide for the friction this movement of goods across the northern border. equally clear is that as united kingdom government we could never accept that the way to prevent a hard border with ireland is to create a new border within the united kingdom and with that to resume a rejected the e.u.'s idea of a backstop a contingency plan that would see northern ireland maintaining special ties to the e.u. in the event that no deal is reached over brics it with a new economic border emerging between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. and since a no deal scenario is on everyone's lips at the moment with the venal nature of british politics right now that seems like pretty serious stuff it wasn't long before the e.u.'s chief negotiator responded the bloc he said saw some basis for negotiation in the prime minister's plan but the absence of an agreed backstop was
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something the e.u. couldn't accept we are open to any sort of shoots any solutions longer. be transformed into or eagerly operative text. q predictions not for the first time in recent weeks of to resume a's imminent political demise the e.u. cannot sign off deal without a bus stop to reason. that option. and that will almost certainly resignation but not just yet for now the british government's plan remains alive and with it just about mrs may's premiership. london former united nations secretary general kofi annan is keeping a close eye on the elections zooming lowing that is in zimbabwe they'll be the first held in decades without robert mugabe on the papers of annan is leading a team of observers known as the elders who are trying to reassure opposition
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leaders that elections. free and fair has more from the capital harare. koffi annan and other well known faces were banned from zimbabwe by robert mugabe ten years ago a lot has happened since then the army forced mugabe from power last year his replacement president is preparing for the general election on july the thirtieth despite an attempt on his life a lot of people were but is included here we did call them for nonviolence yes there was an incident in blowing but that was intended. not to democracy and then sleeting a high profile election observer team known as the elders who are assessing preparations the courage of peaceful and credible elections and then also made to main opposition leader nelson chamisa he says he's worried the ruling zanu p.f. party is planning to manipulate voter numbers by tampering with ballot papers
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someone got wise not complaining because he's a beneficiary in fact is a corporate traitor of this transgression so that's why he's taking an arrogant position but he's failing to provide leadership was his plans in this country instability and this is why we feel that is being reckless and we really feel it's regrettable. the right man was. the ruling party denies the fraud allegations made by the opposition more than five million zimbabweans have registered to vote sixty percent of them under fifty year olds who could determine who's above his next president will be president m.s.m. and holds international observers who are here for the first time since two thousand and two was a elections were free and fair it could give them credibility and in the country's economic isolation the results of the parliamentary and presidential elections have to be announced within five days of polling day many here and elsewhere a keenly awaiting those results wondering what the new look zimbabwe is like after
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mugabe. al-jazeera. when you have a moment to visit our web site it's very easy to find al jazeera dot com and keep it here for a tap of the headlines on the other side of the break. i'm richelle carey let's recap the top stories for you now on al-jazeera palestinian factions have agreed to a return to calm with israel after a day of violence along the fence separating gaza and israel hamas spokesperson says the agreement was mediated by egypt and the u.n. for palestinians and israeli soldier died in the latest violence on friday june has more from lesser islam after hours of escalation in gaza has a cease fire been reached well that very much depends on who you ask according to hamas a cessation of hostilities has actually been achieved how my spokesman fozia but
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whom issuing a statement saying that with egyptian and united nations efforts it has been agreed to return to the era of calm between israel and palestinian factions that all being said however israel israel's army has not commented on if a cease fire has actually been reached we've been reaching out to them repeatedly since the announcement by hamas that that ceasefire has been reached there has been no comment from israel's army syrian rebels in the southwestern province of could nature have started leaving the area after giving up their fight against government forces or president bashar al assad's government is now close to taking back complete control of the country's south across president has turned on the catholic bishops who have been trying to mediate months of violent unrest chen ortega call them satanical terrorists and coup mongers this is all speaking on the thirty ninth anniversary of the revolution that brought him to power. waves of plastic waste and
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other rubbish have been washing up on the coast of the dominican republic conservation and say they've already moved thirty tons from the water this is at the beach where the capital santa domingo but there is so much of it the military has now been called in to help with the cleanup a british man who became ill after coming into contact with the nerve agent no but shock has been released from the hospital charlie rally was admitted last month his partner died after also being exposed a couple found a model containing no but shock nerve cells very aware former russian spy service cripple and his daughter were poisoned the u.k. government has blamed russia for that attack on the scribbles those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera piolo history of a revolution is next on our web site al-jazeera com. whenever i see something that has happened in the news my first reaction is to please god don't let this person have been someone that we released on parole gatekeepers of
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the parole system you're asking us for a second chance right what's important to me is on the other side of a fence and how do i get to the other side of us he was amazed that they are going to roll going out many times you've been in our prisons exploring the dark side of the american justice system with joe ballenger on al jazeera. al jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o.
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has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. with the prospect of a new order in the region the p.l.o. needed to shift emphasis from revolution to negotiation. but the new political forces were making their presence felt within palestinian society. threatening the role and relevancy of the p.l.o. . symbol following the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war u.s. president george bush and his secretary of state james baker decided it was high
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time to resolve the problems in the middle east they devised a formula to bring the reluctant israel to the negotiating table i think bush was was.


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