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tv   Danny Ayalon  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2018 3:00pm-4:02pm +03

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on al-jazeera. back to go with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera palestinian factions have agreed to return to kong with israel after a day of violence along the border fence between gaza and israel and hamas spokesperson says egypt and the un mediated for palestinians in an israeli soldier were killed on friday seventy deca is in gaza and has more on what life is currently like for palestinians living under the israeli blockade. away from the politics and away from the military escalation between hamas and israel it really is about the almost two million people who are blockaded inside gaza life looks like it continues as normal it does continue as normal but everyone you speak to here will tell you the same thing that life has become increasingly more
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difficult for many people will tell you that what they're enduring here is not a life regression we can't live a make a maximum of three dollars a day it isn't enough we all skim if we can make ends meet. i can't afford anything to work as a killer in israel before the blockade i made around a thousand three hundred dollars a month of the moment i can't even make three hundred dollars a month exchanging money i work two shifts a day morning and night my that's the meaning of humanity is missing in gaza most people are educated become to find work people have to straight on to pressed people are willing to die those who are married cannot feed their children patients can't get medication and there is no electricity this is really painful and sad now this is the second ceasefire between israel and hamas in the space of a week the pattern of escalation ceasefire escalation ceasefire will continue unless there is a long term plan that will improve the lives of the people here in gaza even the
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israeli military and the intelligence have to mourning the politicians in israel that the blockade is not sustainable and this is what's happening behind the scenes there are talks about a plan that would ease the plight. it is complicated it hasn't happened yet but certainly people here will tell you that they cannot continue living like stephanie decker in guise of a syrian rebels who surrendered in the southwest began arriving in opposition held areas of the country's north more than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have reached the town of mabrouk in hama province their fighters and their families were given safe passage in a surrender deal with the government syrian army forces have since and to towns in the province of can a truck the deal is a major victory for president bashar assad whose forces have retaken much of the south. in the rebel held area of hama province where those buses from going to have a right. well some of. the evacuation courses carrying
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people displaced from connector have arrived in hama province fifty five coaches containing more than three thousand people this is the first group from connecticut and will be followed by many others the total numbers will be more than thirteen thousand going from south to north this displacement followed a wave of offensives by the syrian and russian military says it takes place after negotiations between opposition groups and the government which resulted in the opposition surrendering heavy weapons and allowing people to leave from south to north syria this will take place today tomorrow and the day after there will be more people coming here coming from south to north there will need to be a lot of resources and a concerted effort to accommodate such numbers of people they will initially be taken to already prepared shelters in northern syria. protests have been held in several austere australian cities calling for the government to stop detaining refugees in offshore camps in the pacific the policy to send asylum seekers to
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nauru and monis island was reintroduced five years ago one thousand three hundred people are living there in poor conditions with no chance of settling in australia and a crowd one church that was besieged by the army in managua has reopened student protesters were taking refuge inside the catholic church last week when gunmen loyal to the president began shooting at them an intense heat wave in sweden coupled with a record drought are helping fuel the worst wildfires for decades government leaders have appealed for help from other countries to fight dozens of blazes emergency imports of animal food are being ordered to prevent farm animals from starvation head to head is up next on al-jazeera. may twenty eighth the. palestinians and israelis mark seventy years of conflict in
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the middle east. israelis celebrating the opening of the us embassy in jerusalem what a glorious day remember this more than anyone running for their lives. protesting against the israeli blockade on gaza which has made their lives unbearable. in the tournament over one hundred palestinians were killed by israeli snipers children paramedic german. these people were shot in the back. and. with live ammunition. israel blame hamas and hamas terrorist organization have said that women and children as a ploy to hide their true intentions. these rains however seem to see the palestinians as a side show. them much more obsessed with getting the world to focus on the supposed threat from iran. and i've come here to the oxford union to go head to
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head with who served as israel's deputy foreign minister of the united states and adviser to prime minister. netanyahu i'll challenge him on whether israel shooting of palestinian protesters is all legal and i'll ask him not only about iran's nuclear program but israel's own nuclear weapons tonight a loss will be joined by professor of the renowned israeli british historian paul charney chairman of the u.k. zionist federation and. the palestinian lawyer and former advisor to the p.l.o. . ladies and gentlemen please welcome danny on. currently who heads the truth
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about israel. because we're going to. thank you. on may fourteenth of this year the israeli government celebrated the seventieth anniversary of your country's independence at the opening of the new us embassy in jerusalem i believe you were there as well at that event while over in gaza on that same day israeli army snipers killed sixty two palestinians in cold blood them down in full view of the world's television cameras how do you justify can you justify the killing of unarmed palestinian protesters journalists paramedics kids. well maybe no one can justify killing innocent people but i'm not sure this was the case the fourteenth of may there were you're right sixty two persons were killed they were pushed by their leaders of the hamas and by the way want to destroy the state of israel they were using them as human shields some of them were behind the weed
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bombs in sin theory mull it over and other things by the way the sixty two must itself confessed the second day that out of the sixty to fifty where active hamas members all the rest when i mean we call it in a way which i don't like collateral damage but. we have to look at who is responsible for the death and they're responsible is only hamas here's a question to you one hundred forty three palestinians at least on the count keeps changing because israelis keep killing more have died since march the thirty things the beginning of the so-called great march of return fifteen thousand palestinians let's just be clear fifteen thousand have been wounded four thousand of them according to the united nations was shot with live ammunition are you telling us are you telling the oxford union audience here the audience at home that those fifteen thousand people were all members of hamas seriously maybe i can look at anyone here in their eyes and say israel is doing its
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level best. not to kill anyone who's not involved it's very important to know who is responsible here because is it not there is it on the responsibility of the people pulling the trigger that's normal you know people will have some well killed well how do you define pulling the trigger if you have the same must be a man with a name is it a child or fifty metres away and shoots him in the head what about what about palestinian terrorists were hiding behind innocent people who were launching places around the question that i was wounded how many of them were either members of hamas slash terrorists i do not know i know that from the sixty two on the fourteenth of may fifty were hamas by their own admission on the other is not because i have to be an investigation of the facts you got there how much membership forms from their bodies but the facts are that the hamas leadership sometimes at gunpoint are sending those poor hamas to go do the spore gazan people
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to the borders now where's the evidence that they have in the border un doesn't say that human rights groups don't say that and let's go now to the shooting is it even if they were all members of hamas even if all fifteen thousand people are you do realize under international and basic morality you can't shoot people for being members of a group no matter what group it is you can only shoot them when they pose an imminent threat to you were fifteen thousand people posing an imminent threat to israeli snipers yes they were yes they were. tell you how i'll tell you how first of all not to these really snipers but certainly to these really kids and babies and women and men who live in their own territory hamas is sending their people it's not just demonstration countless palestinians admittedly just have been interviewed and they said we did one send mamma just go into the but they're all liars are they just go to the blogs of hamas were they say the jews are sons of pigs and sons of dog you are now quoting them as a reliable source that's my favorite knowing so many israelis are the first to go away my source says hamas or thought it is ten years of doing this course it is
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because all you have to do is to sit to see what they say no how about a guy how we look. some facts rather than your kind of just log quote little made me ask you this what threat did resign on the jar twenty one year old volunteer paramedic who was shot while wearing a white uniform in the chest one hundred meters away from the fence what threat did she posed to israeli snipers wait a minute this is something i really looked into ok she was glad someone this she was having an incendiary bomb. and there was an investigation by the ideas so she was a threat but i have another question for you is you why not only was she why was she going in what i know why she was no is known you are willing and able and she's a paramedic no can you tell me how many israelis were killed by palestinian protesters since march thirtieth you know i didn't check it but the road why you are the ones on the no no i want to ask why is it that no israeli was killed because the israeli government elected democratically he is defending them hamas people not palestinian the you get
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a right to know where they are same thing that they are sending them to die it's a kind of terminations any of you keep saying they were sent to their death as yes israelis have no agency you were forced to pull the trigger you just shot them because hamas whispered in your ears to you know you could choose not to kill people at a fence who are just damaging a fence allegedly as the u.n. the e.u. international law as i said no other country shoots people in this way in the back as they're running away maybe i'm sorry if i show something patients but it's not a human right situation it's an area in conflict it's an armed guard for these who are also little human rights you can do whatever you want there is no way there are there is a lot of people in the al shoot nurses shoot kids with them shoot journalists ask you have a border you have thousands of people stampeding over to your borders with knifes in their hands with bombs and you know that you have kindergartens journalists and i will have to say that would not thousands of people with bombs that is a full statement don't you know it out of these thousands it's enough that one has
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a bomb you know you've got americans to what margaux i know you getting somewhere no you're putting words in my mouth i'm putting your own words in your own mind all of your alan's went with knives no no i'm saying that's all true do you stand by that statement i used to mother you know what i stand i said something as i said even if there was one there are a thousand but even if there was one i say you are wrong if you say your name is twenty one year old result on that i had a bomb no evidence of that i will say no to reveal under investigation videos of are there with your hands up let me ask you this yasser murders are journalist thirty years old shot in the stomach by an israeli sniper he was. two hundred fifty meters away from the fence why was he what is it what life does he coude what you can quote hundreds of names if you look at them individually i feel bad for them and for their families even if they were coming to harm us i'm asking how do you say killing was because because they came with harm intention if they were you would rule out of that. was not hamas was a journalist you shot him in the stomach your country shot him in the stomach he
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and you claim he had a hurtful intention that's outrageous claim to make some of those dead without anyone absolutely smearing the dead anyone who goes into a war zone knows exactly what he's doing what is the rules are when they come in attack us it's a war zone he was attacking you if you pull a gun you don't aim at someone you shoot them remember the israeli military bragged on twitter we know where every bullet demand the you go around the circle to the same point and the point is that we have a border you don't border don't have a board i don't think ross it doesn't look as there are already applied territories we can see you have a lot of these absurd i was there as i played territory i'm sure people there are living in a prison and they're saying that up until her i beg to differ guys you know for the united nations the european union the international criminal court know every western government the international committee for the red cross says gaza is being treated with collective punishment the view of the i.c.r.c. can ask a question does israel control gaza's borders space and territorial waters yes or no no no no release right now wow because you're going to come in and say bare faced with the things that. they just imagine the bullets hitting the missing
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located is because they didn't find the body but i'm glad you brought that up but he says you're dealing palestinian iran and he's killing and want to kill us and they say we want to blot israel off the map we don't want any jews there and this is the main problem your former boss of a dual lieberman israel's current defense minister under of your you raised now would touchy issue look i wouldn't what is the difference to me is my whole body is easier for my boss he's also the current defense i'm not a party anymore other pendant please let it be read. and he said quote there are no innocent people in the gaza strip to justify the killings do you support that statement this and i'm not in the government i do not support lieberman i do not support many things he says i don't think that they are not innocent people in gaza there are but they are subject to the terror of hamas and they are sending them into the border and when generals we can vogel former head of southern command seven april if a child or anyone else gets close to the fence his punishment is death and i report
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that death penalty for anyone who comes near a fence i don't agree to that except if he is holding a weapon mohammed ibrahim fourteen years old was not holding any weapon israeli snipers shot him in the head did he deserve to die no one deserves to die so what is really saying we should immediately unless the aim to kill he wasn't aiming to kill so why should the war i'm not sure if you look at the if you look at the facts what are the facts the thing we don't know transparent investigations you don't know any international investigators in and then you say trust you that the nurse had a bomb and a fourteen year old guy was going to kill a sniper i do trust. the israeli military i do trust the israeli supreme court which is very much trusted by all the world israel is transparent is right well i'm sorry not what. i may say things which may be inconvenient truth they're also not true but i live here to speak the truth let's go to our panel we're talking to you here in the studio indiana brit's here is
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a palestinian state is roe is a human rights lawyer is a former advisor to the p.l.o. would you can see how much does have some responsibility for the way in which it runs gaza for the way in which it incites attacks against israel for some of the deaths and in the gardasil the only not every choice israel has made israel's always had an opportunity to choose whether to kill these people who are who are protesting or not to kill them and they have deliberately chosen to kill them the idea that somehow we are all linked to have mass that somehow we because people are linked to hamas that they are not human beings is absolutely ridiculous he knows very well that the only time that a soldier can shoot is if that soldier himself or herself is under imminent threat there been no israeli soldiers killed or injured it means that what israel is doing is deliberately choosing to slaughter palestinians before i bring back and thank
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paul charney is here from the zionist federation of the u.k. former you served in the idea of it when you see what's going on in gaza when you put yourself in those positions of those israeli soldiers do you do you say you know what the shin to pull the trigger on those kids they won't posing an imminent threat is not a threat to me it would you say actually as danny does everyone could be a threat so as an officer in the i.d.f. i held myself to the highest regard and i hope that they held me to the highest regard no one in the israeli army has got has ever had an order to kill civilians that's never happened i've never been around to see it i've never heard it happen on the other side of a. well how must tell israel that we are here to breach that border and come and kill civilians we take them in israel very seriously that's the one thing you can trust us breaching a border breaching the border of any country is an act of war do not ask is wrong not to defend this event ok let's put that pointer let's put our point of the flight through the be with the shrine prominent british israeli historian former
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professor here oxford university i wish any other country would do what israel israel has a right to defend itself is what we hear i served in the idea. in the mid one nine hundred sixty is and i served loyally and proudly because in my plan the idea was true. it was the israel defense force but after the drew nine hundred sixty seven war everything changed. israel became a colonial power and the idea became the brutal police force of a brutal colonial power but there is absolutely no serve the phone's justification for your throw of brutal policies in gaza over the last eleven years a whole series of war crimes were committed in israel continued to commit war crimes in gaza in every successive vicious assault on
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a day because of gaza don't come home isn't out of it is not the problem that points that you keep saying you know israel has a right to defend itself israeli families are at risk but when you look at the numbers over the last ten fifteen years just alone the ratio is phenomenal is that gazans who are being killed not israelis in their thousands five hundred kids killed in one summer bombardment their racial speaks of the ruthless cruelty of the hamas leaders so you don't take responsibility for any death of any palestinian civilian because ultimately it's all hamas is fault always yes it is so great get out of jail free yes it is yes it is i'm not saying that they're not accidents which are deplorable. but the responsibility squarely lies with hamas danny i want to ask you this israel prides itself on being a democracy. supposedly the only democracy in the middle east yet in recent years even israel's own human rights organizations are saying democracy there is under assault from a series of authoritarian racist far right laws israel is
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a mark prosy rule of law you know to our leaders were thrown into jail and you know what it was an arab israeli who threw the president of israel into jail when the knesset the israeli parliament passes the boycott law which makes any israeli organization that calls for a boycott against israel's liable to be sued for damages the not by law which cut state funding from any organization which marks the country's independence day as a day of mourning the n.-g. o. law which targets quote unquote foreign funded human rights organizations one parliamentarian israel called it a semi fascistic law that harms democracy and is reminiscent of putin's russia i see israeli politicians but of course because in israel you can say anything and you can at the know but no one attacks the israeli government more than the israelis in their newspapers israel is of the more coarsely anybody can come and go say and speaks what he wants reuben rivlin who's the president of israel not a liberal and conservative very much anti palestinian state he says israel israeli society is sick it is our duty to treat this disease you don't agree with him either i don't agree with that but i see really are people saying that they will go
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mad because they are well they are concerned they are entitled to their or your long concern about these very well and they are listen they speak subjectively doesn't mean that this is the objective situation it's not that is what is perfect no country is let me get let me give an example of some a living example from your time in office you were in government under the door lieberman you were his deputy foreign minister he was foreign minister huey and you wanted to subject israel's one and a half million citizens of palestinian citizens to an oath of loyalty to israel as a jewish state a proposal so controversial one minister of the time described as borderline fascist do you know their every american i don't know how it is here. pledge the law the loyalty of allegiance every day in school americans their pledge allegiance to christianity they have a separation of weeds and we don't you know the proposal was you had to support israel as a jewish state but good reason is not only a religion always a nationality that's even worse it's not really ask you because the pledge allegiance to a religion and a race they are not part of and you are not to the us the believe is
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a way of life is a culture is the whole civilization if you will. so there is nothing wrong to use a plate of these policies when you actually want to get out there is so this is the country that clothes you and protects you and give you jobs and give you money it put it toward the arab israelis ok down to you are a palestinian state in them israel do you recognize the very rosy picture being painted by absolutely not the one thing that he's conveniently overlooking is that israel is describes itself as being a jewish state which by its very definition excludes me and the state is founded on this concept of jewish privilege which means that when the when the supreme court this court that he lied so much has faced the question of whether israel is a jewish state or a democracy it has always chosen jewish state which means that she wish privilege exists and we see this through everything from the sixty laws that directly discriminate against palestinian citizens of israel to the way that people such as i alon and others deal with palestinians for everything from calling for our heads
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to be chopped off for us to be drowned for oaths of loyalty what they fail to recognize is that that we didn't come to israel we didn't immigrate to israel israel came to us thank you many would say you are on the left of the political spectrum when you look at israeli society today do you worry about the trends do you share president rivlin view that this is a quote unquote sick society that needs some kind of treatment i'm very troubled about the trend in israeli society israel within its original borders is a democracy it's a flawed democracy but so are all other democracies but if you look at least in the west bank and gaza israel most emphatically most decisively is not a democracy it's an ethnic recy it's a system in which one ethnic group dominates the others and there is another
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word for it not proceed and there is apartheid. and this is what is really thank you. when i ask you two questions one is the same question i asked of india are you worried about the trends in israel does that worry you at all and secondly do you respond to his claim about israel being and if not proceeded about every democracy around the world has its own unique features the israeli democracy and these radiation belts and established because of what happened in partially because of what happened in the holocaust and therefore a jewish majority must remain for safety and security because we've seen what happens when you're on the rest of the world for your safety number to anyone else who lives as an israeli has absolute equal rights every israeli arab has the same rights of university of hospitals of supreme court and law journal she's going to
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be saying no this is the knesset has time and again been asked the simple question is israel a state that's founded on equality or is there no equality and time and again it will not allow a simple law that calls for equality and the fundamental problem is that they do not recognize my right to exist and this is a very you have are being arrested by israeli police have you ever been beaten by israeli police and if you have ever actually i was going to tell you the truth you know i thank you thank you thank you thank you can check the bruises she is all bruised up right let's just be clear first you're saying that if you haven't been beaten by the israeli police you're equal member of society and then when someone says they have been beaten by israeli police you say where are the bruises listen this time there was going to clarify she went to support what she denied education was she denied social so that was your definition what is your definition hold in she is ill or a lot of people like me like americans during the jim crow era could go to school
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it doesn't mean that there wasn't massive said. gratian and discrimination going to occur but there is not one we in the world by jews and arabs can go to school together and they do go to school there either i would probably just on t.v. just a few weeks ago israelis are saying they want to sell a house in their town to a palestinian family and how many arabs and how many arabs that's fine and if you say i'll listen did you say that's fine the israeli people protesting against the sale of a house not in their house and you ok with they can protest which is good are you saying it's good your words for people to protest against the sale of a house to a palestinian family to keep the town jewish only because that's what i just said happened and you said fine and then you said good are you ok with that listen you have people here and there while you do not believe that they are right but you would condemn those are also would you condemn those protests because a moment ago it is good that they're protesting because it's a democratic society you can roast it has to be ok with the blue tent protest or whatever you want but you condemn those girls as it's called freedom of expression and he is going to ask you to give some free speech do you condemn those protests i
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condemn anything which is biased against race a lawsuit against gender do you condemn those protests danny clews going to a match or what they represent whatever you like that you just do something that we adults are i condemn any racism ok ok general statement you are going down the road as though i would condemn the oh ok we got another one since you're in a mood of condemnation benjamin netanyahu you say you don't speak for the government in fifteen he said during the election campaign the right wing government is in danger arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls surely that was an example of unashamed naked racism towards a fifth of the population from the prime minister of the country i would not use this i would not do that but you have to understand something else. in democracy right in democracy you do everything you can do in order to win the elections. and i mean ratio if you're
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a starting to what i'm asking you do agree it's racist it's wrong but not racist we're going to take a break it's going to continue in part two we're going to be talking about the iran deal and israel's position on iran and nuclear weapons we'll be hearing from our very patient audience here in the oxford union to join us after the break. whenever i see something that has happened in the news my first reaction is to please god don't let this person have been someone that we released on parole gate keepers of the parole system you're asking us for a second chance rape was important to me on the other side of france and now i get it all the. time to prison exploring the dark side of the american justice system with joe berlinger on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm tony back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera palestinian factions have agreed to return to calm with israel after a day of violence along the border between gaza and israel and hamas spokesperson says egypt and the un mediated for palestinians in an israeli soldier were killed on friday. syrian rebels who surrendered in the southwest begun arriving in opposition held areas of the country's north more than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have reached a time of my brooke in hama province the fighters and their families were given safe passage in a surrender deal with the government syrian army forces of sins and towns in the province of can a try the deal is seen as a major victory for president bashar assad whose forces have retaken much of the solve. is in the rebel held area of hama province where those buses from canadian
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have arrived. well some of. the evacuation courses carrying people displaced from connector have arrived in hama province fifty five coaches containing more than three thousand people this is the first group from connecticut and will be followed by many others the total numbers will be more than thirteen thousand going from south to north this displacement followed a wave of offensives by the syrian and russian military as it takes place after negotiations between opposition groups and the government which resulted in the opposition surrendering heavy weapons and allowing people to leave from south and north syria this will take place today tomorrow and the day after there will be more people coming here coming from south to north there will need to be a lot of resources and a concerted effort to accommodate such numbers of people they will initially be taken to already prepared shelters in northern syria. church in nicaragua that was
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besieged by the army in the capital managua has reopened student protesters were taking refuge inside the catholic church last week when gunmen loyal to the president began shooting at them an intense heat wave in sweden coupled with a record drought are helping fuel the worst wildfires in decades government leaders have appealed for health from other countries to fight dozens of blazes firefighters say the risk of more fires is extremely high emergency imports of animal food are being ordered to prevent farm animals from starvation those are the headlines on our just head to head continues next to stay with us. thank. you thank you but i have to al-jazeera english i'm joined this week by danny aiello on former israeli deputy
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foreign minister founder of the group the truth about israel at danny you have lobbied extensively against the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal the g. c.p.o. a you think it's a bad deal and like prime minister netanyahu you welcomed president trump's decision to pull the united states out of that deal to violate it said to be clear you don't agree that the deal with all its faults is working and is putting off the realisation of the iranian nuclear vision by ten to fifteen years you know if you look for the last two and a half years since the deal was signed in vienna you see the aggression of iran not only has multiplied by two by ten times iran since signing the deal has become much more aggressive has not stopped testing ballistic missiles and you do ballistic missiles only to put a warhead which is nuclear nothing else and the deal itself is not actually neutralizing the capability of iran it just supposedly suspends it and so people who say about people who say the iran deal is neutralized
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a major threat to the world they're wrong absolutely former head of shin bet israeli intelligence already gillum you're right baby maybe then we're just what i said earlier about with all its faults it's working it's putting off realisation of the iranian nuclear option you know. israel's military general it's a model you know that the head of israel's military in the former head of it spies service don't let me guess what. the head of his really billet eery you still there working with everybody because we have pluralism of ideas ok the sub's now is sort of like what you said the substance is that there is a sunset clause where they can now in seven and a half years become a nuclear country the substance is that there is no verification which is robust and many sites are precluded the bad as they are declared military has or the i.a.e.a. the u.n. body tasked with investigating nuclear programs around the world says quote iran is subject to the world's most robust nuclear verification regime under the huge a c.p.a. which is a significant gain as of today the i.a.e.a. can confirm that the nuclear related commitments are being implemented by iran that
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was him in may so who should we trust the head of the i.a.e.a. or you trust the facts trust the facts and straight logic common logic i believe that they are not lying they do not find anything but why are they finding anything because they have twenty four days in advance to let them know they are coming and there are many many areas which are designed military areas where they have no entry to now we know that you run his lie and his cheated time and again as they remember but wait a minute as that is a signatory to n.p.t. nonproliferation treaty they have broken all the rules all international commitment i don't understand if it's common sense as you say why is it that the head of israel's military the former head of shin bet the former head of mossad your spy agency the former head of israeli military intelligence the former head of israel's atomic energy commission the chair of israel space agency as your country's top military defense intelligence nuclear experts are saying the deal's
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a good deal it protects israel it protects the region protects the world well why should we dig in all of them and trust you benjamin netanyahu and donald trump they did not say it's a good deal he said it's the situation we bit better than before and i say it's not better than before it made to put iran on hold but we are not certain and yet the world's known. next button open letters the top nuclear scientists in the world the e.u. the un the they all say it's working i know international diplomacy there's nothing which is more hypocritical than cynic there is some interest where in the in between i can tell you that until thirty eight most people here said germany nazi germany is not a threat ok were they all wrong yes they were all wrong isn't the probably all the wrong aren't funny yes they are it's funny you talk about predictions in one thousand nine hundred ninety two your prime minister said iran was three years away from building the nukes that was twenty six years ago in one thousand nine hundred five he said iran was three to five years away from building nukes in two thousand and nine he said there were one to two years away from building nukes the boy who
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cried wolf had a better record with wolves the netanyahu has with iran's nuclear program why do you think you have any credibility the israelis when you come and talk about iran's nuclear cause you've been wrong for twenty six years we're not wrong some things have happened in between there were some who prevented iran to rush for it and there were some there were some every to do years not to know you should have warning and suddenly something happened to make is war well just inaccurate well ok we'll tell you i can tell you more in the iranians themselves say that the international community is sabotaging their program so good things have happened so ok let me ask you this question sabotaging their program how many nuclear weapons does iran have as of today right now i hope ok how many does israel have no idea no idea you were in the government they don't tell you that stuff no idea who they tell i'm telling you i. never discussed it but it's irrelevant between you never discussed israel's nuclear weapons you can say that hand on heart you've never
3:38 pm
discussed israel's nuclear you're expecting us to believe that the deputy foreign minister of israel never discussed israel's nuclear deterrent seriously don't know so i let the turkey tell you it's not all slogans and soundbites medhi tell you so i did not discuss israel nuclear weapons i did discuss israel nuclear policy there is a big difference ok ok ok so now we've got past that semantic evasion oh no you have to how many nuclear weapons does israel have because experts say it's anywhere between eighty and four hundred so what so what yes so what has israel ever throw you recognize the hypocrisy of israel having a secret illicit nuclear weapons program that it won't open up its doors to and won't talk about and then lecturing everyone else in the region and this will be not you know why thank you thank you so let's start with illegal informal you know israel has never been a member
3:39 pm
a signatory of the n.p.t. so we're not breaking any rules iran was iraq was to larry you're a is and they all try to now we want to recognize those there can only play no second look at our israel is the only country in the world who has been right threatened to just erase them there is only one jewish state in the world less than one third of one percent of the entire middle east there are twenty two arab countries fifty seven what do you want from us and they're all trying to get up on us it's all on you're just minding your own business this kind of norway in the middle east with nuclear weapons has israel ever threatened to erase and attack any kind. i think you'll find plenty of pretty genocidal statements from israeli leaders over to me here and said in response to me well you know that we could while you were iran has every day threatening to you because when i ask about israel you got it for saying. said he would burn the entire country of israel ok assad harm us you know what even members of one israeli knesset it's very clear
3:40 pm
a country dani haski can we've gone off on a lovely diversion which you are the master of how many nuclear weapons does israel have i don't know by the way another day version which i have to see i have to comprehend i want to diversions let me ask you if an iranian guest came on my show and i asked about iran's nuclear he said i don't know and i want to talk about it would you be ok would you be outraged of course and you sit here as a former minister of the israeli government saying oh i don't know what about nuclear wars because there are there was like sixteen united nations security. council resolutions against iran and there is against israel and there are going to israel i know about about your nuclear program yes there is u.n. resolution four eight seven let me read it to you the u.n. security council in one thousand eighty one says calls upon israel urgently to place its nuclear facilities under the safeguards of the i.a.e.a. why haven't you done that. because thank you it was. because
3:41 pm
we want to live and survive this is the only reason i could leave and survive but you are defying the u.n. security council resolution on your lead nuclear survive that's it ok. when danny talks about the threat from iran do you recognize that language how big a threat in your view is iran to israel today iran is not an existential threat to israel but it is a strategic three. now let's compare the records of these two countries iran has never attacked a neighbor israel has repeatedly attacked its neighbors iran signed the nonproliferation treaty israel has refused to sign iran submits to inspection but they by the international nuclear energy agency israel refuses to certainly iran has no nuclear weapons israel has between seventy five and four hundred nuclear
3:42 pm
weapons so israel poses an existential threat to iran now. for the. reason you want to make for the last forty years israel has conducted a systematic campaign of this information about iran why the lies why the double standards why the poc recy professors like can you say this in a straight face i cannot believe it if you look at the details israel right has been in existential threat ever since ever since its reestablishment and it was reestablished in one thousand formulated as a historian. in. israel. only out of self defense is defending itself and israel has never ever threatened another country israel has attacked its neighbors not in self-defense one example the first
3:43 pm
one is the who is war one hundred fifty six it wasn't a war self-defense it was a colonial spirit see to attack lebanon nineteen eighty two was most emphatically not a war self defense it was an invasion israeli invasion of lebanon paul let me ask you this question your not a member of the israeli government has never been a member of these are never can ask you for a straight answer how many nuclear weapons as israel i don't know if you ask him spell your name again do you think from what you know what i tell you what i'm listening to the conversation with all due respect we cannot rely israel cannot rely on europe and the western world to defend its own policies israel had huge disagreements in its own government whether to take out the iraqi nuclear core nine hundred eighty two and he took it out and it was condemned the time many still have the same dispute in late one nine hundred ninety eight when they took up the syrian nuclear core and it was condemned by europe and guess what later the condemnation
3:44 pm
fizzled away ok we are in the same position as we were then as we are with iraq you think israel should have nuclear weapons do you support israel very weapon it can possibly defensive weapon like the iron dome is i should have one hundred i am david. thank you these are if you don't know this but as if you think israel should do well in civil weapon israel should absolutely have nuclear weapons iran as a as an offensive weapon should not have a nuclear weapon is ok let's go down again with you very patiently there's a difference between offensive iran and defense of israel when it comes to nuclear weapons in the middle east. but what what i think we're getting to is that israel is saying that it is above the law and it does this time and again it says that it has a right to attack countries which it did when it came to iraq when it's come to syria when it came to lebanon and it's come to the palestinians and it's also saying that it has no reason it has no right to be subjected to the law just as you're above the law and you yourself said we didn't sign the n.p.t.
3:45 pm
let me ask you a question if iran tomorrow withdraws from the n.p.t. will you stop talking about iran because they're in your book they can do what you do right now in the logic of your position is they want nuclear capabilities for offensive measures if israel and again i'm not at liberty to say anything but about this subject but if israel has it or not it's completely israel before and so while defense and the palace usually is different if they would say i know every want to get a nuclear weapon either way different by the way i hope i hope is not suicidal because if you run with a nuclear weapon throwing it on israel you and i will die at the same time you know ok well let's go to the audience we've been waiting very patiently here in the us for union with a general in the front row i'd like to ask you about israel's denying access to health care for people in gaza last year according to world health organization fifty four people died. because they had not got to treatment they need to in the west bank and and sometimes beyond forty six of those cancer many of them women
3:46 pm
eleven thousand medical appointments were missed last year after israel refused to allow people to get treatment is a not inconsiderable. if there had been true absolutely unconscionable but it's clearly not true israel is actually piping into the to the gaza everything which could help. all the other hospitals and clinics by the way we should the hamas is using them as a base to launch you know that since we left since we left gaza eleven thousand eight hundred bombs were launched on israel i asked a question about forty four cancer patients world health organization that's all made up according to. you know what i don't even know you know about i can tell you there was a policy right there was a policy to help anyone in need and we have proven it why don't you go to hamas and ask them why don't they stop their terror and then gaza would be open to the world when we left in two thousand and five we invested there you know millions of dollars they burnt everything why why ok let's go to the judgment in the militia
3:47 pm
thank you the great march of return protests were a stand simply organized in support of the notion of a right of return mike my question is as to what extent does the propagation of the notion of palestinian rights of return by the international community to perpetuate and prolong rather than create a solution to the israeli palestinian conflict right of return is euphemism there is no right and no return because you are talking now about fifth and fourth generation of displaced people and according to international law they should have been naturalized by the countries who received them there were twenty million refugees in europe checks german polish you don't hear about this problem there were eight hundred ninety thousand jewish refugees from arab countries you don't hear about them the problem is again and i do not blame the switch to the palestinian people i feel for them it's successive palestinian leadership ok let me
3:48 pm
to you since you since you mention to intimidate indiana no rights no return on the international law is that christian will put us all there is a right of return but using his same logic again then we wouldn't be talking about as he put it the real stablish men of the jewish state if we're talking about the reestablishment of a jewish state then it would have been that jews also didn't have that right as well so you can thank you guys thank you just like we absolutely have a right of return and that isn't trying to restart our lives are going to believe this is our land and we'll reestablish this is the land of israel two thousand years she's saying what about five generations if you can about twenty generations let's go does lady in the front. i'm a palestinian journalist from gaza and. israel has time and again said in the israeli army actually claimed to be measured and surgical in the way that they gauge with the palestinian protesters and whoever's present near the gaza fence and
3:49 pm
and then now i hear and it's very concerning to me that the killing of my friend actually and colleague tasha in gaza was because he was there with an intent to harm the israeli army has always cleared itself of and you're wrong doing isn't it time for in an independent investigation what is israel afraid of how is it surgical to kill journalists in press vests and paramedics and white coats and children and peaceful protesters and then not have independent investigators or allow them to investigate well israel has nothing to do with both thing i. israel has nothing to hide and by the way i really appreciate the fact that you came from gaza out here which is. why you would wish more gazans would be able to come out and want to get into your blood you know you need a different you could know you're in tomorrow no no no you're patronize ing the you
3:50 pm
know if you do need a different leadership in gaza that's what you need with with a different leadership in gaza more if you could come out is it time for an end of the independent investigation if you've got nothing to hide no because no country no democratic country is willing to infringe upon its sovereignty showed me when england the united states france or any other country democratic country allowed in the ground and none of those countries knowingly illegally away i know that it will be out of the way for the first directly let's go back to the back there on the window yes you were even. high how do you justify oh do you support palestinians being forcibly removed from their homes and thrown out to make way for israeli setlist. perfectly. i do not approve approve palestinians being forced out of their homes as i do not approve jews being forced out of their homes and the israeli government did both i can tell you that. but again there is
3:51 pm
a rule of law and sometimes if you build things elect illegally the government comes and tells you well it's illegal they do it to jews and they do it too full stop they don't demolish dozens of houses in one go is collective punishment for any jewish israelis and you know it well they are just doing stuff that's for they would do it had they built it illegally and they have done it but they also destroy houses the families of quote unquote terrorists are destroyed by israel and yet when an israeli terrorist kills a palestinian his how his family's home is never destroyed it's funny that it's not about now it's a matter of deterrence jews do not use don't always terrence know you know go is a terrorist you know you have one well there's no id you say there's no israeli tears no jewish terrorists there are but not as a culture a lot of palestinians a collapse no clue absolutely ok i'm going i'm going i'm just going to do one of which i mean are there is no no wait a minute i want to say a culture of terror apparently this is the problem here we're dealing with people in the middle east that have been far more honest all around and there are many who
3:52 pm
really is a racist last story one that has a lot of the time is you know your own telling really. clear ok thank you that's why thank you thank you thank you of course i want to respond because if you send your kids to schools where they are taught to kill jews when you have summer schools with palestinian kids go with straps you know like a make believe suicide bombs this is a culture of terror and had you been looking for this and when you and we all are in all of this i'm just going to just to make the point as you love you love i was saying what about this what about that let me do it for once one of us. you're sitting in the same cold wet on top of their houses watching dogs are being bombarded is almost a culture of hate of no ok lady lady you are waiting currently according to israeli human rights group it said i am approximately three hundred fifteen palestinian children are being held in israeli prisons while being arrested and held in
3:53 pm
detention these children have no access to lawyers cannot have a family member present while being question and often are coerced into signing documents in hebrew language that they do not understand how do you justify continuing the imprisonment of children. everyone. i. first of all i don't agree people who are over sixteen are not children and when they become with decker's and bombs they are not innocent their children understand i'm going to tell you why there are you know that you know what when the ira was attacking you in london they were under fourteen ok so your argument is prison and you expect me to sit here and defend the british government's treatment of irish i mean maybe not i'm just saying it is a killer we're going to take a right but ok here there is a killer killer is a killer she let me talk about every little detail of the response of the killer is one of those children are killers but ok let's go back to the audience the lady here in the black shirt for the microscope to am very confused about something like some clarity if israel is an apartheid state how come there there are christians
3:54 pm
which i really appreciate being a christian serving in the idea in better when also drew i'm not talking about jews i'm talking about the druze ok how does that work the two people who made the claim about apartheid and i'm with one of you like to respond to the ladies question about how to be apartheid if there are christians and arabs and bedouin serving in the idea the question is whether the system is apartheid and it is an apartheid state and the fact that we are sitting here and while we're sitting here danny has greater privileges in that country than i do makes it apartheid so i don't know if you're going to go about the idea of going about it with this gentleman there with a jacket yes the question is very simple do you think the days where everything israel does and everything it says by both the muslim community many other people are coming to an end where in fact there's going to be great to support for israel this we're seeing even though in the united nations thank you thank you well i would say that certainly we see shifting grounds i would say most of the arab
3:55 pm
countries to certainly all the great muslim countries see israel is the solution to the problems and not the problem they see the palestinians as the problem gentleman in the beard has been waiting for a disaster word. thank you maybe my question to done is isn't it true that the two state solution is dead because of israeli illegal settlements in the west bank in its apartheid walls because is there always blames the other side it doesn't take any responsibility so should we just forget about the two state solution and think about an alternative a one state solution thank you i for one do not think so i do not think so i think . there can still be a truly is and i think i hope so i think what killed the two state solutions is again is the arab refusals for any compromise for them it's all or nothing and secondly when the roadmap to peace came i was one who was privileged to be a part of writing it it talked about two states for two peoples i do not see the palestinians who talk about two peoples they're talking about two states what does it mean to arab states the problem is again i'm telling you all the success you
3:56 pm
want two states for two peoples who are the two peoples jewish people and published so they shouldn't be any palestinians and israelis of course not not of course they are literally just said you are not to be lower about the jewish israeli who is it for danny israel is for its citizens mostly are jews because it's a jewish state you're the one who said you wanted two states for two peoples i was just clarify the florist palestinians and israelis told me oh you know you switched to really no no if you use and doesn't mean that non jews cannot live there can i ask a final question just one last question about you who famously was asked what would you have done if you'd been born a palestinian and he said to the reporter i probably would have joined a palestinian militant group to fight against israel for my freedom that's what barak said a moment of honesty from israel's most decorated soldier i just wonder sometimes do enough israelis put themselves in the shoes of palestinians living in gaza and try and understand why it is that they're protesting or they're frustrated or they're violent or is it all just do you really just say how much how much how much how
3:57 pm
much and not try and think about what their goal is short answer is yes i can definitely do that and you know what i would do. i would do my best to get rid of hamas leaders and to. go on the up on that hamas mode danny we're going to have to leave it there right to show our thanks to our audience here in the oxford union thanks to our panel here in the oxford union and thanks to danny arlen for joining us head to head will be back next week. t. iraq.
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the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is sending out china's complex pieces of things which results from those information recently in setting up the church cardinal joseph zahn talks challenges iraq. and that is crack. in. the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello there we've got plenty of white weather across south america at the moment but not all of it is rain now you can see this area of tat is stretching a cross bolivia that has given a some rain but also a fair amount of snow some of that snow has fallen into the past but over the mountains is where we've seen the worst of it and some motorists have even been forced to abandon their vehicles because we've had so much snow now i think that's going to be a little bit more as we head through saturday and even if that clears away on sunday it's not going to be warm across this region
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i'm fully back to this is the news hour life from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. after a day of violent protest in gaza a cease fire appears to be holding between israel and hamas. the destruction of derive a ghost town that remains after rebel fighters were bussed away from their former syrian stronghold also this hour patrolling the streets to militias using violence to suppress santai government protests in nicaragua and thousands of square kilometers burned as wildfires take hold in sweden.
4:01 pm
i am. thank you for joining us what's being called a restoration of calm seems to be holding so far between israel and hamas in gaza it follows the killing of an israeli soldier along the border and israeli as strikes that killed four palestinians at least one hundred twenty gazans were wounded in the seventeen successive week of friday protests israel had warned protesters of retaliation if they continued to set crops on fire by sending burning balloons and kites over the fence several hamas position. were attacked in and around gaza city how odd is the balloons are a peaceful form of protest at the brook a day of gaza it says the truth brokered by egypt and the u.n. started at midnight local time let's get the latest on al-jazeera is chance stratford in gaza for us jobs there is calm now but still the constant risk of an
4:02 pm
escalation. that's right it's still very tense here in gaza are off to this escalation yesterday and of course it's not forget what happened last week which was the described as the largest exchange of fire the greatest amount of violence between hamas and israel since the two thousand and fourteen war certainly today this what's being described by some as a ceasefire seems to be holding there was an instant an incident the smalling we hear from the israeli army that if i don't have my specific enough to what it described as having seen palestinian suspects trying to cross the border those so-called suspects returned to gaza and there were no reports of casualties. i think it's safe to say that there was expectation to be more of a retaliation from.


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