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trying to understand. from the north and we can start. to see her. after a day of violent protests in gaza a cease fire appears to be holding between israel and hamas. watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead rebels and their families in the south west of syria heads north after striking a so rended deal with the asaad government the worst drought in more than seventy years in sweden is brains for spreading wildfires starving livestock and a near record heat wave plus. trump paving and russia baiting that's really the
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extent of the democratic party in general. and alternative to trump and the democrats the u.s. grain audi's offering a choice. a truce along the israel gaza border appears to be holding so far following the seventeenth week of protests on friday four palestinians were killed in israeli tank and. following the death of one israeli soldier at least one hundred twenty gazans were wounded on friday israel had warned retaliation if protesters continue to set crops on fire by sending burning balloons and chis over the fence several hamas positions were attacked in iran gaza city hamas argues the balloons are a peaceful form of protest it says a truce brokered by egypt and the un started at midnight local time. has more from
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gaza. an effort to restore calm haze seems to be holding however the swarming saturday the israeli army announced it and is ready to tank a targeted a hamas position on the in the northern area of the gaza strip after what it describes infiltrate is trying to cross into israel no reports of casualties there meanwhile the protest to say that they will continue to launch their balloons and kites carrying these incendiary devices that israel says is destroyed so much private land and and crops across the border how mass have announced that next week's protests on friday will be under the banner of our martin children a reference to the hundreds of children that have been killed in this conflict all eyes on israel now as to whether it will lift what it described last week as a temporary ban on oil gas and cooking oil so vital for gaza coming into the strip israel last week said that this was
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a temporary ban until sunday so we are expecting to hear news on that relatively soon to as i say meanwhile these efforts at trying to restore calm across the gaza strip seem to be holding and his al jazeera stephanie decker with more on what life is like for palestinians living under these really gaza. away from the politics and away from the military escalation between hamas and israel it really is about the almost two million people who are blockaded inside gaza life looks like it continues as normal it does continue as normal but everyone you speak to here will tell you the same thing that life has become increasingly more difficult for many people will tell you that what they're enduring here is not a life regression we can't live a maximum of three dollars a day isn't enough we ask him if he can make ends meet. i can't afford anything to work as a tailor in israel before the blockade i made around the thousand three hundred
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dollars a month of the moment i can't even make three hundred dollars a month exchanging money i work two shifts a day morning and night my that's the meaning of humanity is missing in gaza most people are educated but can't find work people are frustrated and to pressed people are willing to die those who are married cannot feed their children patients can't get medication and there is no electricity this is really painful and sad now this is the second ceasefire between israel and hamas in the space of a week the pattern of escalation ceasefire escalation ceasefire will continue unless there is a long term plan that will improve the lives of the people here in gaza even the israeli military and the intelligence have been warning the politicians in israel that the blockade is not sustainable and this is what's happening behind the scenes there are talks about a plan that would ease the blockade it is complicated it hasn't happened yet but certainly people here will tell you that they cannot continue living like that.
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robbie sable is a professor of international law at the hebrew university of jerusalem and a former legal advisor to the israeli ministry of foreign affairs he told me earlier it thinks a long lasting truce is only in the hands of hamas but the key is an. economic or two to one use bombs or. israel violence against israel will be met by armed forces don't you know considering it if there is no violence that we know you spoil him for service will and will be happy to be open trade it's a business interest to have trade going on it is israel's interest to see a prosperous gaza society the choice is that gaza hamas authorities so if we see if we see these incident very balloons and kites being launch awards this well if that continues are you saying that will swill see more disproportionate use of force by israel or do not produce proportional but if they continue to send incendiary
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devices and explosive devices is no will react without force the palestinians protesting been protesting their living conditions in gaza and they have been doing so with these incendiary kites and balloons one hundred forty of them killed since the end of march. and it would seem that and unless the humanitarian situation improves in gaza these protests are going to continue so is israel willing to make a gesture to to improve the humanitarian situation in gaza and therefore end the protests. morgen gesture we're willing to open to have. the border open for goods coming into gaza we're very happy to do it by the way egypt controls the other book or other side of the border is one has no control over to mention the fact we will talk about is or closing its border if they have a border with egypt it's up to egypt to open it to the same reason egypt is afraid of the hamas muslim brotherhood trying to cause i'm versity to them the ball is really in the quarter from us they can choose if they want to try and use violence
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both in sinai against egypt or against us will be met by armed force if they want try and build the society right build factories and schools and so on is will be more than happy to hope yet you say that but at the same time israel has all but shut the only commercial border saying left with the gaza strip you mention of course the guy at the border with egypt but israel has this week in recent days anyway all but shut the apple care and crossing which is vital for the people of gaza so how can you talk about israel wanting to improve the humanitarian situation in gaza when it takes such actions i agree with you completely this is from us decision if they want to spile and they can say ok we want to trade the same time. now to syria where rebels who surrendered in the south west of began arriving in opposition held areas of the country's north more than fifty buses have reached the town of the broken hammer province the fighters and their families were given safe passage in
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a surrender deal with the government's adam. he said. well some of them have a lot of little clue what the evacuation course is carrying people displaced from connector have arrived in hama province fifty five coaches containing more than three thousand people this is the first group from connecticut and will be followed by many others the total numbers will be more than thirteen thousand going from south to north this displacement followed a wave of offensives by the syrian and russian military as it takes place after negotiations between opposition groups and the government which resulted in the opposition surrendering heavy weapons and allowing people to leave from so the north syria this will take place today tomorrow and the day after there will be more people coming here coming from south to north there will need to be a lot of resources and a concerted effort to accommodate such numbers of people they will initially be taken to already prepared shelters in northern syria. a church in nicaragua that
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was besieged by the army in the capital managua has reopened student protesters were taking refuge there last week when gunmen loyal to the president began shooting at them rights groups have criticized president down in ortega's violent crackdown on anti-government protests almost three hundred people have died in three months of demonstrations meanwhile gunmen are now growing this free so the city of messiah west of managua after suppressing protests there and many are living in fear as mariana sanchez reports. thirty year old nun this had disappeared for three days but on friday his family found his dead body at the coroner's office in the capital money his father. this is cuts to his arms show signs of abuse. he was tortured he was beaten here in the head in the back and was shot in the chest and leg he didn't have weapons or mortars and
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. his family says he wasn't involved in the protests but he was taken away by security forces. they took him away outside the house but since those an attack going on we couldn't go out. since security and pro-government forces launched a so-called clean up operation in tuesday to lift barricades a caravan of heavily armed and masked gunman have taken control of driving around in vehicles without license plates many businesses and homes here are still closed but the road blocks have been lifted there are still some tensions here in the neighborhood of mourning as a paramilitary continues to patrol the streets i was thinking of food vendor one of she's out selling stew for the first time in more than two months she's still afraid to give the elephant best to the fire because of the situation we can't talk we can't say anything but we are ok because we are back to work. police say the
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cleanup operation was ordered by president but he looked and his wife vice president. says the government confronted protesters to bring back stability after weeks of turmoil. it has been our duty once again to defend peace for everyone it's been a painful battle because we've confronted an armed conspiracy. violent protest to me that i will have left nearly three hundred people given. us a bastion of rebel resistance since the sundanese to revolution thirty nine years ago and also during these months of protests on choose these confrontations at least two people were killed but the crackdown is not yet over. by the. morning. the arrival of the head of the international monetary fund in argentina
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has provoked small anti-government protests people christina god will insist on austerity measures and government cuts as a condition for a fifty billion dollar bailout the argentinean government says the loan will provide a safety net and avoid a repeat of previous financial crisis still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s. president's former lawyer reveals secret recordings involving conversations about money to a former playboy playmate plus making connections china looks to africa and responds to a trade disputes with the u.s. . hello there but some of us in asia the weather is looking pretty dangerous at the moment for you look at the satellite picture we can see there's plenty of cloud across the southern parts of our map and also into the east as well and we are
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seeing some distinctive swirls now within that area of cloud so we've got one storm here this is our tropical storm called pill there's another one here that's a tropical depression and a third area that we're watching at the moment is actually the remains of another storm seem to be reforming so loss of heavy rains across this region where we've already got waterlogged grounds so this could well give us a problem with flooding over the next few days there the storm that was near lose all much heading away towards the northeast but i'm pill is more of a concern because that's edging its way towards shanghai probably the winds won't be too much of a problem but it's certainly going to give us a very heavy downpours as we head through sunday and then into monday as well on monday will be clearing away towards the north easing as it does say but still giving some very heavy downpours as it works its way over land now out towards the west plenty of cloud in our shot at the moment certainly has been very wet for many of us across india and nepal nepal has been reporting some flooding more wet
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weather still to come and you can see a little circulation that's developing here so when hans rains are expected. markel portrait of the little japanese balloon in the aftermath of the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami the. seventy years later how has the community of me uncle been able to move on and rebuild their lives. japan aftermath of a catastrophe on al-jazeera. you're
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watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories a truce along the border between israel and gaza is to be holding four palestinians were killed by israel on friday and an israeli soldier died of gunshot injuries following friday's demonstrations the seventeen successive friday of protests syrian rebels who surrendered in the southwest began arriving in opposition how the areas in the north more than three thousand have reached hama province the fighters and their families were given safe passage under a deal with the government and a church in nicaragua that was besieged by the army in the capital managua has reopened student protesters were taking refuge said last week when gunmen loyal to president daniel ortega began shooting up at. night took his first steps and spoke his first words in a u.s. detention facility one year old johann boy so was court appearance shocked the
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world has finally been reunited with his sadly he was separated from his father upon arrival by a u.s. border patrol and his father was immediately deported yohan was granted a voluntary departure order that allowed the government to fly him to one jurist after spending five months under u.s. custody. one service. they told me what we are going to do is take away your child to separate you from your child i asked them why are you going to do that the child is still young but they told me because you cannot be in the united states you cannot go further with the child you cannot enter the us with her. he had his birthday over there he will not turn one year old again that has passed and i missed it when he learned to walk that's not going to happen again either i missed that because of them they should not have done that he is a baby he can't defend himself he's not an adult to say he does not want that so if he wants anything. i guess present all trampers just tweeted out that secret
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recordings made by a former lawyer about hush money for an alleged affair could be legal. he was talking about the new york times report that says the f.b.i. seized a recording during a raid on michael cohen's office he's being investigated for tax drawn and breaking election campaign nala strumpets and i paint former playboy model can mcdougal white house correspondent kimberly hawke it has more ok this recording seems to reveal the president discussing with his personal attorney michael cohen the payment of money in the form of a check fully one hundred fifty thousand dollars this is problematic for the president given that he has denied he ever had an affair with karen mcdougal the playboy model the white house saying this was fake news and the president never had such a relationship the recording seems to contradict that statement of course the president at the time of this alleged affair also married with an infant son certainly
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problematic on a personal level so this really brings up the question of what the president knew and when he knew it it's also a concern given the fact that there is a separate investigation that is ongoing in all of this and that is the one being conducted by robert muller the special counsel well these two investigations are separate the one into michael cohen trumps personal attorney and the one into whether or not there was russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election and whether campaign colluded with russia with this information is shared it could be problematic for the president given the fact that if michael cohen in order to save himself from the charges he is currently facing he could decide to cooperate with the special counsel and that could certainly be risky for donald trump. as the night is safe threatens more tatar sun imports china's president is pushing a message of free trade cheating paying is about to begin its first official tour
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of west africa among the top systemic china is the largest foreign investor nicholas hock reports the capital dot com. until two years ago she was a rice farmer in henan province in northern china now he's making the final touches for the you know gratian city girl's first wrestling stadium. is due to be open on saturday by china's president xi jinping who's making his first visit to west africa and no detail is being spared for his arrival everything has to be perfect for tiger you'll learn a former restaurant owner from sichuan who is now mason. thank you we've been working here for years we're proud of what we've done and we want people in china to know what we've built here it's more than just a stadium with one point six billion dollars in investment the chinese government says it's senegal's largest foreign investor and with it has come an influx of chinese migrants who've made to carve their home this is where they live
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chinatown is right on the capital's main avenue most migrants come from china's poor provinces after working in construction some set up shop selling chinese goods descending lease customers. i have been living here fifteen years my system my aunts my brother in law all own a shop around the corner senegal is my country too. although there are no government migration statistics as to its range from two hundred fifty thousand to two million chinese living in africa for not all welcome dozens of chinese vendors have been killed in the past five years no arrests have been made. so many chinese riot grinstein seem to make this place their home there's a. t. chinese sense and not just here in senegal but throughout africa and so china's government is now on a charm offensive trying to win over hearts and minds in countries it's investing
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in. this is one of forty newly opened confucius institutes in africa here the chinese state offers classes in the martial art type cheat and making green tea as well as mandarin language lessons for adults and children. oh. i want to see the great wall of china eat their food and speak their language because my mom says it will be useful one day she didn't bring is due to sign additional agreements with senegal's president mikey sol including the first chinese garment factories in west africa promising thousands of new jobs for both senegalese workers and chinese migrants alike. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. riot police in the philippines have responded to protests outside the u.s. embassy and chinese consulate the demonstrators are demanding president rodrigo tatay do more to assert filipino sovereignty and reduce the influence of foreign powers they say the government has done little to counter chinese maneuvers in this
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he says south china sea and that the u.s. still maintains a military presence in the country. and shoppers in iran are feeling the pinch the value of the iranian ryall has halved in less than a year and the economy is further threatened by the imposition of u.s. sanctions and loss of oil customers after donald trump pulled out of the nuclear deal while some blame the americans as usual others say their own leaders should have known better sandra zavvi has a report from tehran the price of one of america's best known exports is pretty much the same wherever you go but in iran the falling value of the local currency the real means what someone here might have paid for a smartphone last year has doubled a thousand dollars in iran now costs twice as much electronics is just one sector feeling the effects of american foreign policy iranian say from food to clothes to rent sanctions have made everything more expensive. this. i see
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the purchasing power of people has been reduced a lot inflation is going up rapidly instability of the dollar price has caused tensions in the markets and it causes problems for everybody i think we need a change in our economic administration this change could help our economy. the iranian president's chief of staff said last week a reshuffle was in the works to bring new faces into the federal cabinet to deal with economic issues but experts say years of economic uncertainty have created such a negative business atmosphere that no one seems to know how to turn things around . a common saying in iran is that the price of the rio always gets worse never better it's value has dropped so much in recent months that many exchange companies have stopped selling foreign bank notes just to get a sense of how bad things have gotten many iranians will hear the dollar rate to what it was in one nine hundred seventy nine when one dollar cost seventy riaz now that price is nearly eighty thousand in the decade since the islamic revolution
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iranian men and women age thirty or under have become the largest segment of the population many say they want to leave iran for a better future abroad and don't cha cha. i'm concerned about whether i can afford rent and food in this expensive city as a student i shouldn't have these worries i should have enough money to focus on my studies that is empty and i'm very worried about what to do i think the cause of these problems is mismanagement it is said it's because of sanctions but i think that's just one part of the problem. while u.s. president donald trump is blamed for many of iran's problems iranians say their leaders should have seen them coming government leaders said the signing of the twenty fifty nuclear deal was the light at the end of the tunnel but for many iranians that light turned out to be a train. to her on. an intense heat wave in sweden coupled with a record drought to helping fuel the worst. government leaders have appealed for
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help from other countries to fight dozens of places large areas of force have been torched and small warnings issued. say the risk of more extremely high emergency imports of grain at being offered to seed stopping farm animals rearing and. the government is ready to take all necessary decisions on supply all needed the resources our duties to support all agencies so that they have what they need to get the fires under control and therefore the government is following the servant closely every minute every day to make sure the agency. have the resources they need. now earlier we spoke to irene christensen from the swedish civil contingencies agency which is trying to fight the wildfires and she said that with the current weather conditions they can only hope to contain the fires from spreading well the situation is very serious the rescue services do not see that the biggest failures will be able to be extinguished in the near future due to do
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weather in the coming week and at the moment the focus is on delaying and requesting and train to well delay and disbanding of the fires and the damage to the weather but who will by the middle of next week the weather will be more difficult for fight there for fighting the fire. according to a source i learned so. this morning there are four to six. in the terrain and last night there were four fires not under control and we have help from. italy and france they have supported us with airplanes. and we have both swedish helicopters and helicopters from norway and germany helping in these fires. from the air and we also have a fighters on the ground trying to. control these fires we are now doing our best
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making sure that they will not spread and we have the local fire departments that are struggling with this and have been doing this for quite some time. tidal waves of classic end of rio washing up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationists say they found a ready they've already removed rather sixty tons of rubbish from a beach near the capital santa domingo soldiers are being scrambled to help because there's so much to clean up. and the green party in the united states is hoping to capitalize on voter frustration with both donald trump and the democrats in washington candidates for the mid-term elections in november and making their case at the party's annual conference christianson only has our records. she is the woman democrats love to hate many believe jill stein cost hillary clinton the election in two thousand and sixteen arguing the green party candidate diverted
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crucial votes in swing states that nearly went for now president donald trump recent revelations have only fueled her critics we know from the moller investigation that the russians not only took out ads on behalf of donald trump but also on behalf of you are you worried about russian intervention in the elections one facebook ad with the kind of you know among i think it was three thousand ads if i'm not mistaken that were attributed to this russian internet agency those ads cost one hundred thousand dollars compared to know donald trump got six billion dollars worth of free air time from corporate t.v. why because he was quote damn good for their bottom line according to the c.e.o. of c.b.s. for example so you know if you're looking for intervention in the election or interference how about the interference of big corporate media that had billions of
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dollars in free airtime to throw around for candidates that benefited their bottom line but then there is this photo of her sitting next to russian president vladimir putin and former trump national security advisor michael flynn at a moscow dinner in two thousand and fifteen i was in russia to talk about a peace offensive in the middle east to talk about nuclear weapons and to talk about climate change and ending fossil fuel use this was not selling out to the russians i did not receive funding i wasn't paid by russia they didn't even pay my way. and as greens put forward a slate of candidates running for congress in the mid-term elections she dismisses concerns that their progressive platform. divided opposition to the party of trump as democrats work to retake control of the house of representatives people are not buying into trump paving and russia baiting that's really the extent of the
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democratic party generate now at least its its establishment its leadership people are ready for something different and the better alternative stein says is green kristen salumi al jazeera salt lake city utah. hello again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera a truce along the border between israel and gaza appears to be holding four palestinians were killed on friday by israeli airstrikes and tank fire and an israeli soldier died of gunshot injuries following border protests for the seventeenth successive week syrian rebels who surrendered in the south west have begun arriving in opposition held areas of the country's north more than three thousand people every chamakh province the fighters and their families were given safe passage after deal with the government. a church in nicaragua that was
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besieged by the army in the capital managua has be opened student protesters were taking refuge there last week when gunmen loyal to president done in or take began shooting at them the arrival of the head of the international monetary fund in argentina has provoked more government protests people fear christina god will insist on austerity measures and government cuts as a condition for a fifty billion dollar bailout anjan tinian government leaders say the loan will provide a safety net and avoid a repeat of previous financial crises. riot police in the philippines responded to protests outside the u.s. embassy and chinese consulate the demonstrators are demanding president rodrigo to ted to do more to assert filipino food sovereignty and reduce the influence of foreign powers they say the government has done little to counter chinese maneuvers in the disputed south china sea and the u.s. still maintains
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a military presence in the country. an intense heat wave in sweden coupled with a record drought are helping fuel the worst wildfires for decades government leaders have appealed for help from other countries to fight dozens of blazes large areas of force have been tortured in small warnings issued firefighters say the risk of more fires is extremely high emergency imports of grain being ordered to feed starving farm animals and tidal waves of plastic and debris a washing up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationists say they have already remove sixty tons of rubbish from a beach near the capital santa domingo soldiers are being scramble to help because it's so much to clean up. those are the headlines rewind is next on al-jazeera. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is sending out china's catholics the pieces of things out there on those informations he's sending them to church
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cardinal joseph then talks town jazeera. richelle carey and welcome again to rewind back in two thousand and six we first launched al-jazeera english our mission was to seek out documentaries that other channels simply were not doing their own rewind were revisiting some of the best of them to find out how the story has moved on in the years sense today.


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