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tv   Peru The New Cocaine Kingdom  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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i work two shifts a day morning and night man that is the meaning of humanity is missing in gaza most people educate the confines work people have to straight i'm depressed people are willing to die those who are married cannot feed their children patients can't get medication and there's no electricity this is really painful and sad. palestinians here have little power to influence the political decisions made either in gaza or israel no one wants another war but as one woman alist us what do we need to do to be able to live like everyone else stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. june was in west jerusalem with more on the israeli government's response israeli officials we've been speaking with are not calling it a ceasefire they are saying in fact that calm has been restored on israel's border with gaza they are saying that activities are returned to normal but they are not calling it a ceasefire now hamas also wasn't going to cease fire when they were talking about this cease fire for all intents and purposes that's what it is but it is
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a very shaky truce at this point now we did hear about one incident that happened several hours ago in gaza the israeli army released a statement saying that a number of suspects infiltrated israel from the northern gaza strip the suspects then returned to the gaza strip in response an i.d.f. tank targeted a hamas military post but beyond that we've heard of no other incidents throughout the day as of now still calm but there is a lot of unease because people here very much aware that any little thing could could spark something and it could be a wider conflagration really at any time hala duggan d. is a fellow at brookings institution's a center for middle east policy and he says both sides are nowhere near making steps towards any peace process. we used to talk about a failed peace process. for five years ago now there is no peace process whatsoever there is no international community or
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a mechanism that can intervene and attempt to find a political resolution and a pathway out of this this crisis that simply doesn't exist and you also have a vacuum on the palestinian side the palestinian authority in government in ramallah is. pretty much completely disengaged from the situation in gaza they are bystanders for the most part but also i think complicit in the crisis the humanitarian crisis that exists there because of the sanctions imposed by mahmoud abbas for boats loaded with aid are now under way to gaza from the italian port of palermo the freedom for the tiller coalition campaign says its goal is to peacefully end the israeli blockade of the palestinian territory it's expected to take just over a week to reach israeli waters they'll then hand over one boat to gaza fisherman
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fifty tons of medical aid is being dispatched by france to the government controlled area of eastern syria this would mark the first time a western country has supplied material to government controlled areas of syria with russian help the supplies will be carried by a russian plane government forces we took the eastern go to the region from rebels in april after the seas last several years about five hundred thousand people live there but very little aids made it in since april. syrian rebels who gave up their fight in the south west have begun a riving in opposition held areas in the north of the country more than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have so far reached the town of la broke in hama province the fighters and their families were given safe passage in a surrender deal with the government syrian armed forces have now entered the city of connecticut it's a big victory for president bashar al assad whose troops have retaken much of the south a group of rescues migrants from the mediterranean plans to file
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a manslaughter complaint against libya's coast guard they say a woman and a child died after they and another woman or left stranded on their boat deliberately damaged catch a low place all day on has more. than. a desperate rush to save lives it's the moment to rescue well first the stranded migrants from the mediterranean a forty year old woman from cameroon are still alive but for another woman and a toddler it's too late but if the difficulties we've experienced to save just one single life have been unbelievable aid group productive open arms found the migrants and say the deaths were no accident it's accusing libya's coast guard of manslaughter the rescue team says libya's coast guard intercepted about one hundred sixty europe of bound migrants the two women and a toddler apparently refused to board the vessel as a result the rescuers allege the libyan coast guard abandoned the migrants and
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slashed their inflatable boat with a knife emotion. we have denounced at the court of power madame york or the captain of the three ideas for negligence and for reckless homicide and we're going to do the same with the captain of the libyan patrol which is a member of the libyan coast guard for negligence and for homicide on saturday the rescue boat arrived in the spanish island of new york with the now hospitalized my woman and the two lifeless bodies. they say politics came before she minutes hereon assistance the rescue group says it was denied proper help which made their four day journey across the mediterranean longer than needed. both italy and monitor refused to let us disembark the copses on the ground they only wanted to take charge of the medical evaluation but they did not accept the bodies. the libyan coast guard denies the accusations it says it rescued one hundred sixty five migrants in that same area last week without leaving anyone on board but the rescue
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team insists this case has broader political implications this brings out it's unthinkable for a country of the european union for my country to finance a libyan coast guard which we can testify leaves people alive in the middle of the sea and is responsible for homicide a desperate journey with a tragic end that's claimed the lives of so many migrants now call for political action when humanitarian help alone is not enough katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. supporters and opponents of nicaragua's president have been back on the streets of the capital as weeks of political unrest show few signs of ending anti-government demonstrators are demanding daniel ortega steps down and calls fresh elections it'll take accuses them of plotting a coup with support from the catholic church and the u.s. those living in an opposition stronghold say they fear police and paramilitary groups are an essential as reports from the neighborhood of more nimble east of the
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capital. thirty year old man this had disappeared for three days but on friday his family found his dead body at the coroner's office in the capital money he's father a man this is cuts to his arms show signs of abuse. he was tortured he was beaten here in the head in the back and was shot in the chest and leg he didn't have weapons or mortars and. his family says he wasn't involved in the protests but he was taken away by security forces. they took him away outside the house but since those an attack going on we couldn't go out. since security and pro-government forces launched a so-called cleanup operation in messiah on tuesday to lift barricades a caravan of heavily armed and masked gunmen have taken control of moneyball driving around in vehicles without license plates many businesses and homes here
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are still closed but the road blocks have been lifted there are still some tensions here in the neighborhood of money as a paramilitary continue to patrol the streets here i was thinking about the food vendor one of says she's out selling stew for the first time in more than two months she's still afraid to get the elephant best look at it that way because of the situation we can't talk we can't say anything but we are ok because we are back to work. police say the clean up operation was ordered by president aquino degas and his wife vice president. says the government confronted protesters to bring back stability after weeks of turmoil. it has been our duty once again to defend peace for everyone it's been a painful battle because we've confronted an armed conspiracy. violent protest to
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me that i will have left nearly three hundred people dead. a bastion of rebel resistance since the sandinista revolution thirty nine years ago and also during these months of protests on tuesday's confrontations at least two people were killed but the crackdown is not yet over. and innocent just. philippines president rodrigo territory is expected to sign a new law soon which could end of forty year war for independence it would give the muslim minority in the island of mindanao their own regional government mindanao is home to the model islamic liberation front the conflict there has cost more than one hundred thousand lives develop island organ reports from their base and caught a bottle. who was born blind says playing the palin dad is an escape from the violence of daily life. he fled the village of
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my mess up and now plagued by fighting between armed groups is my e-mail is one of the millions of moral muslims who remain hopeful they will be able to return to their birth place. more islamic liberation front commander gothics added appeals that may happen soon for him to the rebel who's been fighting philippine government forces for more than thirty years says he's finally ready to lay down his weapons. with the chance to live in peace in our own bangsamoro homeland most of the filipinos never saw us as one of them and in their eyes we are enemies our parents didn't have a choice we didn't have a choice but to fight back these fighters say they fear a repeat of atrocities committed against their people. except that this is more than just a job that we talk it is a struggle it may take
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a lifetime but we are ready for. the m.i.l.f. is the largest armed group in southeast asia that has been fighting for greater autonomy for more than forty years at least one hundred thousand filipinos died in the rebellion and millions lost their homes after many rounds of peace talks with previous administrations both sides finally reached an agreement that congress in manila has approved a lasting peace is finally a possibility. the bangsamoro basic law will establish a more substantially a thon that was territory for the predominantly muslim moro people they will have their own government their own parliament and a justice system incorporating islamic law the regional government will get seventy five percent of the territories revenue and five percent of the annual revenue of the philippines however government leaders in manila will retain control over the
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territories police and armed forces and rebel forces will gradually be decommissioned to reduce the risk of further rebellions implementation of the peace agreement is the most critical part disbanding and compensating more than thirty thousand fighters is expected to be complicated in the region rife with on. previous peace agreements with other rebel groups here have failed resulting in the for mission of splinter groups and even more violence the previous failures are cause for the m.i.l.f. fighters to be weary a referendum on the new laws jus to be held before the end of the year. many here are cautiously optimistic that peace is finally arrived. in al-jazeera could have had the city southern philippines. still had an al-jazeera a new twist in the tale of don't trump his lawyer and the playboy model. and i'm
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glad marcos coalition partner to shift to the right has regional elections looming in a key state. and i again we've had some severe weather i have a pulse of north america recently and the system responsible is still with us is this one here and is still giving us some heavy downpours watch out for some very gusty winds or some very large hail as well so that system still swirling away as we head through the day on sunday towards the west is generally a fair amount dry ahead but it's pretty hot for some of us dallas up at forty two degrees a real hot day for us even seattle there will be thirty degrees here that should be a good deal of sunshine as well a bit further towards the south we've got some clouds just drifting its way through parts of cuba and the bahamas so a few showers have been spotted to be more of them as we head through sunday but
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really spreading down through posa jamaica and into his band you know live as well there's more persistent rain through parts of panama and into costa rica care and head the rain does it very very heavy as we head through the next day i will say but for the towards the south we've seen quite a bit of snow i have a possibility of a clearing away though for us on sunday and then eight degrees will be chilly maximum here elsewhere is not that warm for someone who's already hit thirteen will be on maximum wall cloud around times for some of us as well that stretching through parts of power why and down towards the end is always is also cool in santiago to.
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the border. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour funerals have been held for hamas fighters killed by israeli airstrikes in gaza on friday an israeli soldier also died june fighting along the israel gaza fans a truce appears to be holding after being brokered by egypt and the united nations france is sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled area of
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eastern in syria russia has agreed to use one of its planes to make the delivery government forces free to a peace and go to from rebels in april after the season in the region for several years. protesters have returned to the streets of nicaragua's capital managua as months of political unrest picks up new momentum and government demonstrators are demanding president daniel ortega steps down and holds fresh elections. wildfires are raging across the baltics and the northern nordic region a part of the world better known for its cold weather latvia's had to evacuate a village as it struggles to stop a huge peat fire months of drug have forced it to declare a national emergency it's the worst drought in sweden for seventy four years and it needs help to prevent a bigger disaster that in baba has more. firefighters in sweden say their battle for control is far from over remarkably nobody's been injured by the dozens of
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wildfires. the government's appeals for help from other countries it's really france and norway have responded by sending water bombing helicopters and planes as well as emergency personnel reeling in albania that fact i don't dislike government is ready to take all necessary decisions and supply all needed resources our duties to support all agencies so that they have what they need to get the fires under control and therefore the government is following this event closely every minute every day. and usually high temperatures across the whole nordic region up to thirty three celsius coupled with virtually no rain for several weeks have made the vegetation here highly flammable finland and norway have also had wildfires in the last week but it's sweden that suffer the most. this dairy farmer says the grass is normally much longer right now and that's a real problem we don't use this much and normally. i think we have
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we used to feed about three or four a day. and now it's five or six as the thing else alive. in some areas homeowners have been moved to safety thousands of swedes have been warned to stay indoors with the windows shut to avoid breathing in smoke the situation is very serious and the rescue services do not see that their biggest fires will be able to be extinguished in the near future due today weather and that can mean wheat and at the moment. the focus is delaying and testing and trying to well delay. spending not defy swedish authorities say that as of thursday an area equivalent to twenty thousand football pitches had burned that's ten times the size you'd expect in a normal year and some fires are still spreading the al-jazeera wildfires are raging across the baltics and parts of northern europe better known for in cold weather we'll have more on that story later on meanwhile donald trump has accused
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his former lawyer of potentially acting illegally after it emerged michael cohen secretly recorded the us president discussing payments to a former playboy model that according was seized during an f.b.i. raid on corey's office earlier this year trump reportedly discusses paying money to carry mcdougal who claims she and trump i don't affair which lasted for ten months shihab rattansi has more from washington d.c. prosecutors in new york are investigating whether about payment to karen mcdougal who claims to have an affair with donald trump violated campaign finance regulations and was paid by american media inc the publisher of the national enquirer with the expressed purpose of getting the rights of that story to prevent her from telling anyone else about it it was during the presidential campaign if it's found that the publishing company and michael cohen and donald trump were working together in order to help his presidential campaign that could be seen as
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a campaign contribution and that would be illegal companies are not allowed to collude with political campaigns in an election cycle in any way any individual contribution is capped at around five thousand dollars and that could be very serious for donald trump however the trump lawyers say this is all overblown michael cohen was acting in a personal capacity for donald trump and have nothing to do with the presidential campaign. cuba is going to approve a new constitution that will recognize private property something the communist states long rejected is a remnant of capitalism politicians hope that the forms will help stimulate the economy and encourage foreign investors but president meanwhile the us can now says the island's political system will remain the same. campaigning has begun in pakistan for wednesday's general election bilawal bhutto zardari the head of the pakistan people's party has been holding
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a rally in the southern city of karachi he's the son of former leader benazir bhutto who was killed in two thousand and seven but the vote is widely seen as a two way race between the parties of former cricket star imran khan and now the jailed former prime minister nawaz sharif whose brother is also a candidate more than three hundred seventy one thousand soldiers have been deployed to guard polling stations. imran khan is promising to stamp out corruption if he wins the election the leader of the in soft has addressed a rally in islamabad which is seen as a stronghold for his party he told the crowds he would hold ministers accountable for any wrongdoing yes. we can form a government in pakistan where a minister will be afraid of corruption but our national council will catch a prime minister and ministers as it happens in europe and run cons corruption messages ahead with voters in the city of lahore from there some
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a bunch of it reports. behind me is the metro the much talked about proof of performance of the pakistan within the law of the pan which was in power in the previous assembly that is the development that many political parties in their respective areas are talking about writing this thing that this is what they have achieved in kenya and that's why people vote for them the biggest question is after her up and down hard thanks to him run khan is woken up the masses and sent a top corrupt man to jail. ringgold corruption account don't just start at one individual. this is the quintessential drink in the city of lahore home to about twenty million people people in the months come out and drink this drink and like that question of whether to have it with or without ice people in lahore are divided. whether to vote for nobody sharif which is who is the leader of the pakistan muslim league is currently behind bars or the war for iran fun promising
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change. my vote is for iran khan because it's time for a new generation to take charge. to my voters only from the wilds sharif because he's done a tremendous job including the china pakistan corridor which no one else could bring to pakistan activists and human rights have raised concerns about the curbs on media and the rise of the right wing from the first time many religious bodies that used to be on the fringe of the political spectrum are now involved in the political process people are expecting that this is going to be one of the most actively participated elections in pakistan history. india scrapping taxes on sanitary pads and what's being hailed as a significant boost for girls' education they've previously been taxed at twelve percent sparking protests when the tax was imposed last year it is no cost became a problem for girls and women especially in poor and rural areas they've now been
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officially listed as an essential item. a battle for votes is on in the german state of bavaria which could have an effect on the markets coalition one of our partners the party has moved further to the right in an attempt to stop people voting for the anti immigration a.f.d. party when it came reports. on a warm summer evening for many bavarians the beer garden is a must certainly that's true. and tonight accompanying the salads and schnitzels there's also political chatter because the local m.p. has dropped in to hear people's concerns as this is election year the christian social union is taking no chances this is not really knock me out we're here to speak for the voters so we're going to persuade them that ours is the right way as a genuine people's party we can govern varia that we can keep our society pulling
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together not apart and so our economy prospers and sharing it. but that's the problem for his party. traditionally this parliament has been a stronghold for the c.s.u. in election after election since world war two it seemed to have a stranglehold both on parliament and politics here and yet if the opinion polls are accurate that grip may be slipping where once the c.s. you could count on winning almost half the votes now that's fallen below forty percent the nearest rivals are the center left green party with the social democrats a few points back in third place and the far right anti immigrant a.f.d. close behind some people blame this man for the c.s. use present predicament horst zero of federal interior minister and long time party leader his plan for tougher border controls and an accelerated program of deporting failed asylum seekers pleases the far right but it's also galvanized the left and
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center left in opposition and some analysts. say some of his ideas seem to be a serious threat to civil liberties it is a very slippery slope in that sense that you gradually have a degree of of the rule of law and of human rights because if you look for instance at the. media coverage of migrants and especially more right wing media you see that you have they don't see migrants as humans anymore they see them as an issue such thoughts seem quite distant and sunny guess who from the c.s.u. insists instead it's based on humanitarian pragmatic policies but as october's election draws nearer perhaps that pragmatism may well be tested dominant cane al-jazeera in bavaria now if you don't like heights look at wayne because in france a tightrope walker has headed up paris is more and reach the sucker celica.
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made the attempt with no assistance on a rope thirty five meters above the ground hong kong started walking tightropes when she was eight years old she's been preparing for this attempt for a year. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories funerals have been held for hamas fighters killed by israeli airstrikes in gaza on friday an israeli soldier also lost his life during fighting along the israel gaza fence a truce brokered by egypt and the united nations appears to be holding for now a homage i'm jim has more from west jerusalem. israeli officials we've been speaking with are not calling it a ceasefire they are saying in fact that calm has been restored on israel's border with gaza they are saying that activities are returned to normal but they are not
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calling it a cease fire now hamas also wasn't going to cease fire when they were talking about this cease fire for all intents and purposes that's what it is but it is a very shaky truce at this point france is sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled area of eastern huta in syria russia has agreed to facilitate the delivery of government forces retook the eastern go to region from rebels in april after seizing it for several years protesters have returned to the streets of nicaragua's capital managua as months of political unrest pick up from moment momentum and government demonstrators are demanding president daniel ortega steps down and calls fresh elections donald trump has accused his former lawyer of potentially acting illegally offers emoji secretly recorded the us president discussing payments to a former playboy model the recording was seized during an f.b.i. raid on michael cohen's office earlier this year and the recording trump reportedly discusses paying money to counter the macdougall who claims they had
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a ten month affair campaigning has begun in pakistan for one stays the general election but a wall built was all dotty the head of the pakistan people's party held a rally in the southern city of karachi he's the son of former leader benazir bhutto who was killed in two thousand and seven but the vote is widely seen as a two way race between the parties of former cricket start him on khan and now jailed former prime minister nawaz sharif whose brother is now a candidate and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost by for that. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is selling out china's complex but on the pieces of things if you look out the windows information. cardinal joseph then talks challenges era.
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hello i'm sam is a than this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week stronger growth prospects for sub-saharan africa but a big trade challenge is looming. also this week airplanes and e-commerce and. cars the world's second biggest aviation tradeshow gets underway. plus the world's first habitable three d. printed houses technology causing a stir in the construction industry. all this week the international monetary fund upgraded its growth outlook for sub-saharan africa in two thousand and nineteen citing a recovery in nigeria africa's most populous country is recovering from its worst
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contraction in a quarter of a century that's thanks to rising prices for commodities like oil and there's a positive contagion effect in an update to its world economic outlook report the i.m.f. said the sub-saharan region as a whole hour is expected to grow three point eight percent in two thousand and nineteen that's up nor point one percent compared with april's forecast but there was also a warning about the impact of tit for tat terrorists. united states has initiated trade actions affecting a broad group of countries and faces retaliation retaliatory threats from china the european union its nafta partners and japan among others are modeling suggests that if current trade policy threats are realized and business confidence falls as a result global output could be about point five percent below current projections
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by twenty two and president xi jinping of china is in africa this week passed through senegal and rwanda before heading to south africa and the bric summit in johannesburg africa plays a key role and she's belton road plan china's africa's largest trading partner if chinese made products are hit with u.s. tariffs there could be a knock on effect africa's share of global exports is low making up just two point four percent of total global exports two thirds of sub-saharan imports are finished products product shipped out to the rest of the world are dominated by war materials africa's current internal trade is low to where my next guest is the group c. o. of echo bank which has a presence in over thirty african countries joining me now from london is i am a good to have you with us sir so first of all how would the global trade war impact the continent. i think every war is not good but
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from an africa point of view we have very focused on how we can ensure that we continue to participate in global trade board the in bands to our continent and their band from our continent and we're very focused on what we can do to make sure that we continue to trade but how can you compare it to trade as a new level if giants like the u.s. the e.u. china are all coming down on each other with terrorists that's closed down international trade. i'm sure there were find a way to walk it out what will lab rat out focus on the what we can do to ensure we continue to improve the lot of people especially trade in among us in the african continent the in traffic and trade is very law we're very four course on a sure thing that because of the dish wish and of resources we're back up i believe
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it is across the continent who want to focus on being able to trade among their forest and it's only when we can improve that are related to trade among ourselves and i'm sure you know within the continent we are signing there in traffic a trade continent that free trade area to make sure that continent we can continue to serve as a single market i think that is this single biggest opportunity in front of us that we need to realize for give us a few more details about the potential of into africa trade to overcome the problem of reliance on exporting commodities in particular. if you think about this so if you look at this south africa and the south than africa south africa is the most developed technology created in the continent therefore it should be impossible for us to export sarong material from his side and africa to get produce in south africa if you look at their less of the west african country and is the
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african continent not african countries than of expertise if we ensure that the market is as million move for everybody to parts bed to ensure that the industries can be looked a look at there in the countries saw from our point of view we now see an opportunity to have a billion.


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