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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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why did by the of horses left to go back because they're out of year working only under the instructions of the select case. i think i think you're referring to to the physical presence of the army in the fact that the the military is pretty much the seeing the electoral process but what about the political landscape what about the fact that religious parties that have the two had been banned have suddenly being allowed to take part what sort of impact did they for instance likely to have on the political landscape well the traditional religious parties are jim others love me the party or mr four of oslo vermont and there are other our livers which are which out associated allegedly with some you know bearing parties they're all taking part as well as their you know participation are the laws allowed but i don't think they're there said traditionally these parties have no been able to
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secure more than five percent of their representation in the national assembly so i see no growth no increase in the political strength of these traditional blurred religious parties or you know from any in any part of the country and in their overall presence in the national assembly or barbara starr i don't see the people are in any mood to bring any of the early just hardcore radical factor to the national assembly of barbara starr. thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk his spirit out is here. in just a little while we'll have the weather with richard also coming up on this out here in the south working three statement the new laws being considered in senegal which aim to get more people with disabilities into work. and in sports will hear from and then pick swimmer ryan lochte after his suspension from the sport for
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a day. i . mean the weather sponsored by. well unfortunately it seems that much of europe at the moment is on fire are the literally or metaphorically starting with the literal sense the problems we have increased at the moment with athens imagery shows a few thunderstorms build a particular course towards turkey so the moment i think i can't really put a. little context on the greece wildfires of the five of us has been very drawing on very hot and it's going to stay dry it's going to stay hot water will say is that the winds that we've got there when you see the pictures you see the famous flames being found by the strong winds those winds are self generated by the fires
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intense areas of low pressure which can be ten times greater than the actual general winds across the region so let's leave the literal fars of behind for a moment the heat a move to the temperatures because across europe we still have temperatures above where the should be thirty degrees berlin and across western parts warm air pushing up from the science towards the u.k. look at potential record breaking weather over the next week or so and then as you move up into scandinavia northern areas still looking streaming hot across parts of finland archangel on the edge of the arctic there temperature coming up awesome it's thirty five degrees celsius. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one told. the sweeping association of islam with violence leaves european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very
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communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victory coming soon on al-jazeera. are fighting. young men join us she babin the battle for somalia. live to london there you see downing street the emir of qatar being welcomed by the british prime minister to resign may as he arrives for his meeting and we're going to stay with this here in london and we're going to stay with this here at al-jazeera so that we can follow exactly what goes on because the emir is been on a two day visit so far yesterday we saw him going to
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a technology lab at one of the top universities and now we know he's going to be talking politics with the british prime minister will there just outside number ten is our correspondent hashim i hope he's there for us and hashim what do we expect them to be discussing first and foremost. basically this is going to be an opportunity to talk about the boosting economic military cooperation with the united kingdom the emir of qatar is going to have a meeting with the prime minister now and then have lunch and then go to the ministry of defense where they will talk about of fortunate is like the joint squadron which is going to protect the skies above qatar during the two thousand and twenty two football world cup which is going to be hosted by. qatar is quite an interesting moment for qatar which has been under located this is almost all
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fourteen months from now and this is an opportunity for the emir of qatar and for the qatari government to send a message to the to its neighbors and to the international community that it's breaking the blockade reaching key particularly america is the french and the british with the aim to turn that chapter and move forward martine over the last few months has been beefing up its military capabilities signing multi billion dollar arms deal with different countries which fronts with the u.k. and also with the united states of america with the u.k. for example they have the chased twenty four unified to tie for combat class and part of that deal we're going to see qatari pilots being trained by the. by the british. military officers and then they will form this joint squadron which is
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going to be ready to start the. operation into a thousand in two thousand and twenty two so there are different aspects of this visit you cannot recall about the same time also military cooperation indeed the emphasis coming from cattle particularly during this period of blockade has been very much about making establishing links on the military front haven't they and reaching out beyond its immediate neighbors and finding friends and allies further afield. definitely because if you look at this is the start of the quizes forefoot for almost fourteen months ago the strategy that was followed by this is the united arab emirates behind in egypt is basically to say that by imposing a blockade in qatar that could be the only way to push the qataris to cave in now the book eighteen countries have been accusing qatar of funding extremism
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a position strongly dismissed by qatar and they're saying that is absolutely going to be no way out of this crisis lescott on the set list of thirteen demands which include shutting down the answers your t.v. network. downgrading ties with iran and closing that to dismiss your base those demands bored with jacked up by qatar saying that the infringe of the national sovereignty of the of the state of qatar so instead what we're seeing is a series of visits by the emir of qatar to different countries has been the e.u. has visited france germany says of america recently has been in france and now in the united kingdom to send a strong message that while we've been still under the small period we have strong allies who back us now the message is that the qataris have that receiving over the past few months from different key allies particularly about because the french and the british is that. they they will have the support of those countries and that they are willing to move forward into in terms of expanding the military and the
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economic cooperation that's something that the qataris would definitely looking forward to get from those allies at this particular moment when they're located in countries insist the blockade would have to continue all right thank you. is a man at downing street and we'll go back to him of course as soon as the meeting between the emir and prime minister may is over but in the meantime in the u.k. newspaper has been reporting that a casting agency advertise for actors to play the role. and t. cattery protests is now is in the independent and it published an e-mail containing errors from this agency it's called extra people which said that a client was seeking and i quote a large group of people to fill space outside downing street during the visit of the president yes the president of cata it went on this is an anti catarrh event
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you will not have to do or say anything they just want to phil's face you'll be finished at twelve thirty well the casting agency said it was contacted by a p.r. company for this event from which it has since withdrawn from the p.r. company has refused to reveal who its client was and speak now to rami cooley who's an adjunct professor of journalism at the american university of beirut he's joining us from there and rami it's amazing isn't it how some people presumably one if not more of the blockading cult countries are prepared to go to such extraordinary lengths to try to whip up sentiment. well it tells us several things it tells us the desperation of the islam saudis and others who do this kind of thing it tells us their lack of commitment really to the truth in the situation and their embracing of of make believe worlds but it also tells us a lot about how things work in london and in the western world where media fact and
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propaganda on social media and just a photo on twitter or something is worth more than anything else the tragedy is that everybody who's been involved in this kind of media propaganda which includes some lies some exaggerations all kinds of terrible things that truthful journalists like everybody loses when they do this the degradation that's been done to the image artists of the bahrain in the junction media isn't particular has been striking and i should add unfortunately some of the local press and couple occasionally have even gotten into the sack with some of their newspaper stories the the the broadcast media haven't done it but that certainly it has happened in some other cases so everybody loses from this really the everybody should wake up and be more mature i'm. running a political lobbying is a well established trade isn't it on both sides of the atlantic aid in the u.k.
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and in the united states it raises vaal sums of money doesn't it and this is being put to good use by all parties involved in this blockade of kassa. well there's a difference between legitimate lobbying and fantasy propaganda and make believe worlds in the media based on hired actors not based on real human political sentiments that's that's the dividing line so everybody the cutter is a moderate is everybody has hired lobbyists in the united states has taken out some advertisements legitimate advertisements but this kind of thing goes well beyond the realm of the legitimate and the factual into the realm of the desperate and the frenzied and the fantasy and the fantasy world and of course people in london and new york and washington and arab capitals beirut is one of them and places in the gulf they're happy to make a lot of money doing this kind of stuff and this is
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a tragedy because it tells us a lot about the commercialization and the degradation of the integrity of what had long been honorable news media or new professions like for instance public relations or advertising have now been brought into this game of of lies and exaggeration so everybody loses from this but the the i'm an artist have been particularly active in this field and therefore the ones who should be the most embarrassed and rami we're talking on a day when as we've just seen the emir is visiting london he's having talks with the prime minister there to resume a and the day after the un's highest court the i.c.j. made a preliminary ruling which favored argument how does it stand more than a year after their four blockading nations took this action against is kassa isolated or how is cata place in terms of the international community.
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it's clear that the basic aims of the blockade have not worked the political campaign against qatar has not worked it's been mostly based on lies and exaggerations supporting terrorism and stuff like that cut that played it very well low key they a cut of quickly reoriented its trade and travel arrangements and therefore only had a brief pickup in terms of its imports and exports and is growing again i would a very healthy pace it had to drawdown this reserves a little bit but it's in fine shape and and the new strategic relationships that qatar has now with places like iran turkey india other european countries it is china and others this is for. a stronger than any minor temporary damage that was done to it by the blockade and politically most people in the world clearly have spoken out against the blockade saying it really was excessive it wasn't really necessary if there was
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a genuine disagreement which there was on some issues it could have been worked out in house and peacefully through the g.c.c. mechanisms the g.c.c. is dead now the credibility of many media in the blockading countries is dead now and the political ambitions of many of these countries and washington has also taken a big hit so everybody has suffered a little bit. but the aim of the blockade clearly has not worked and qatar will come out of this and foreign share rami her life from beirut thank you very much. it's not an either or go where president daniel ortega has rejected demands to step down saying it would only lead to more instability in an interview with the us network president ortega blamed paramilitary groups for the deaths of three hundred people since anti-government protests began in april but he denied allegations that he funded the groups instead he blamed opposition m.p.'s and drug cartels
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prosecutors in chile say they are investigating more than one hundred fifty members of the catholic church for sexual abuse they have been complaints for more than two hundred sixty people most of whom were children when the alleged abuse happened earlier this year pope francis publicly apologized for what he called a culture of abuse and cover up in chile as catholic church the international monetary fund the i.m.f. is warning inflation in venezuela could top a million percent by the end of the year electricity unions are holding an indefinite strike in protest against low wages and pull working conditions they've joined nurses have been staging industrial action for almost a month now attending only emergency cases venezuela's economy has been steadily collapsing it is oil prices fell in twenty fourteen paul dobson is a journalist who's base in venezuela he says these latest strikes have been another
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wake up call for president during his government. is a sectors which would generally be supporting the government. and their fact that they are now taking to the streets is a massive wake up call i think to the government and we can see this in the case of the nurses the nurses have been on strike for nearly four weeks now and two days ago the government announced they were considerable investment plan for the public health care system of around two hundred seventy three million euros so i think the fact that their general support base is now starting to militarize a little bit and take to the streets in terms of strikes would definitely draw that the government's attention to some of the problems of maintenance investment corruption but also wages and conditions of these workers there's a number of issues for example corruption is one of the major qualms in venezuela one of the major complaints both in the public and private sectors and the government is at the moment carrying out a very extensive probe into corruption of all political cover colors and this is
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something which has been received very well by by their support base but the economic situation is as worse as bad as it was a few years ago if not a little bit worse and the time has come for the workers to to let's say call on the government to address the situation and take slightly harsher measures or sternum measures to address the economic collapse which the country is currently going through now hundreds of people with disabilities and political leaders are meeting in london for the first ever global disability conference often people with disabilities struggle to fulfill their education and to find a job and that applies to senegal as well in west africa where now the government is considering new laws to encourage companies to create suitable job opportunities in an effort to root out social stigma nicholas huck reports now from the capital dhaka. it's in the water that crystal of gold means fields the most efficient.
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