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the tipoff was clearly wrong no drugs were found in this container of water heading for it to. us. as well as you know i mean that is seen when i think i mean. this all. the cartel spend huge sums bribing the port authorities to keep the drugs flowing. it's a beautiful. little of the of the subways of the. city in this this is all should be middle. of the cinema living their lives in oblivion
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a balance between her job and her family life. yes but by my mind that there's some. there's a yes we look at them they're better but at the sale now. i mean there are several but i mean mad it is just the left i mean it. was said here there was a comic see on this it doesn't cost us we don't know they always that are hot or not. is it's me that apple did it we ended up on fiancee. this is how can the mass have been that of the the me are not. appropriate. does this is still on. those number that you're not in the community for me you know what i see how.
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that a fair thing to tell mondale's and on and the cerebellar. or. does that tell us on the on a south facing a going away that when they don't ease up on you know you see their nose anywhere without all the. highly the same with and bad in a guy but then they also under and out it all go you know within yourself is still see what's coming. in really important. in the. core but of course. we're going about it will get a. little getting to go into place. this year the. into use of the market the for the other ones and by sort of this is the best of the six you know the forms. of the new. but all of that it isto says you know
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show me what is good for souls but i'm. going to learn completed going and live here is. complete going to really go poorly those who say it is so but this one this one don't get it and say oh poor men don't join up but if you want to see . the. back of the port and this has been received the call has been waiting for. so for now he can't return to work. i was told it was a loan last year for you know most of the sea and the. fear all or. even most of it what will you just go by. the will. of a noble the worth of a job so i. get to her she took. i'll
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tell you where. to shoot us i want you to hold that. letter to the serious or below the oil. that i am a last stand why it will make us a little bit of all this is a sea. of oil it is a loneliness this is a little. mysterious i can wear an. environmentalist less. than their american idol. three months after the
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killing of a son authorities have finally made some arrests. but she doubts the people being held by police are the ones must remind of the killing. and therefore focus of the death. and they will have a. whole aura of a war. or the oval office our whole all castable or all all of our health care. law school. and i will i'm all. for an hour or so of will all fall out. there to. come out of a coma. come under fire all along to let me how many.
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to mock us alone. one look into me. is simple tools to me is. the mentoring on the different. things a is going to school the need the support of. good. to good for the best. and that's where. kids will get us help in alaska. so i make my last name honest i mean. doesn't that all a lie ok let's also say that. they want to spend and singing.
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and i suspect it's on the schools on iraq and here in the sometimes less cautious country as hang for. less than two kilometers away. another queue of cocaine is almost ready. to to move . no one thing off when all five to six feet. that is if you're within the. foot on the
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home when this. guy lindelof a meal when you see. him a poor local from the other this with you on the mobile phone you know is he to still be on the. lot of the samantha. you feed them. i know you know. well you know
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a little thing. like that i honestly don't know what i. get i want to haul. people up there will. go home and tim will. then will clean. things and suddenly go away with. you know i love him it. will be because of. the. cold case he. we have won them along with. seizures by authorities are estimated to accounts to less than ten percent of cocaine now but if so the ruin its main ally the united states will have to redouble efforts if they want to keep fighting
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a war that for many is already lost. in the office who among the old feel. when they offer log on to all. federal gun will it will be both fall on the end of the aisle. a little or anything. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture and i'm i really am also dorothy's are involved because they received it back so while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me malady my mother was strangled with the cable and brutally come with a cold because as you describe who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow will be n.d. al-jazeera.
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and that satisfy. the weather sponsored by cateye always welcome back time to take a look at weather conditions across the americas if some heavy showers been reported in columbia the northern areas generally looking pretty showering that's continuing can you say it was largely dry and fine but this frontal system affecting parts of power acquired down through far south of brazil and into your required and in fact the rain from this system is likely to intensify as we head through into wednesday but as areas still not protected will now with temperatures just thirteen degrees should be fine there in santiago in chile maximum of nineteen heading up into the caribbean i think the main feature across the region as
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a whole is the heavy rain across parts of panama and costa rica and certainly gets a bit heavy as we head on through into wednesday stands for the north so for the islands are a few showers around but for much of the time it should be dry and fine a few have a shower is likely around southern parts of mexico city on the pacific side heading up into north america and here we've got a lot of heavy rain across the eastern seaboard he said. down through the mid atlantic region not as hot as it has been there for dallas highs of thirty six but shows the way down towards miami we want to cross desert southwest a one or two showers around the pacific northwest looking fine lovely day in seattle in washington state with highs of twenty nine. the weather sponsored by cattle waste. i really felt liberated as a journalist love to get into the truth a little i would love for this job to. al-jazeera
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. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news live from doha that is coming up in the next sixty minutes israel says it's intercepted a syrian military jet over the golan heights but serious says the plane was targeted and in so nasa space. dozens of people are feared dead hundreds are reported missing in laos after a dam collapses. at least sixty people are killed in wildfires near the greek capital as the government declares a state of emergency. working through stigma the new laws in senegal aimed at getting more people with disabilities into work. and joining with the day's sport
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is exactly two years to go until the twenty twenty one pick games in tokyo the construction delays in the current heat ways of creating headaches for organizers. but first israel says it shot down a syrian jet that it claims infiltrated it says space but the government in damascus says the sukhoi fighter jet was actually flying in syria and space live now to our correspondent stephanie decker she's there in israeli occupied golan heights and from way you are stephanie how is this incident how does this incident look. well we were a little further north from our position now close to can at that hour when we did actually hear the sirens and then a short time after that about twenty minutes or so we saw a fire in an open field we headed there are other journalists as well we couldn't
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really see any any debris or anything it was just a burning field a couple of israeli soldiers did arrive after all swith maps they said that they were actually looking they were all seeing us about what we'd seen and they were looking for the plane it wasn't there they said perhaps it could have that fire could have had something to do with the fallout but again this is not confirmed but it shows it was very soon after this incident and then just driving here a very close to where the fighting is now in that last opposition held pocket that group affiliated with eisel is holding the fighting is right near to the border here we've witnessed syrian jets in the sky we've witnessed russian jets in the sky there's also a burning field very close to where we are we stopped to ask and we were told category he had nothing to do with this which of course we're skeptical journalists but but that's the case they get no wreckage and as you mentioned there's some back and forth about what happened to the plane now we're trying to get it confirmed from the israeli army that perhaps it may have folded inside syrian territory there has been some word from
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a spokes person but we're trying to get that independently verified and as you mentioned the syrian government saying that it was targeted inside syrian airspace however the israelis are saying they monitored the jet the jet came two kilometers inside israeli airspace and then it intercepted shot it down with two patriot missiles the fate of the pilots as of yet unknown and periodic clee we're now getting used to the fact that israel does intervene in the syrian war militarily. absolutely what israel mostly does and israel's main concern is iran so israel will never really independently confirm what it does in syria but we do know that it has carried out multiple air strikes on military bases on weapon shipments basically to stop any form of what weapon shit shipment coming through syria into the hands of hezbollah and into lebanon this is their main concern they've made it very clear that this is what they will do this is the issue they're having with the russians at the moment to push iranian forces in iranian backed militias away from this
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border the foreign minister russian foreign minister and the russian chief of staff were here yesterday talking to the prime minister they were offering to keep iranian forces one hundred kilometers away from this border the israelis are happy with that they want them fully out and of course bring it back to the jet martín when you do have jets that fly into israeli airspace very very strong they have strong responses they don't they don't mess around when it comes to that even yesterday for the first time it has a defense system here called david slade and we were here as well when that happened two missiles went off to intercept surface to surface missiles in the army in the end realize that those surface to surface missiles landed around one kilometer inside syrian territory but it shows just how close this conflict is becoming and just how complicated it is so if the deca live in the israeli occupied golan heights thank you. now hundreds of people are missing in lour after a hydro electric dam collapsed state media is reporting that it was under
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construction in the southeast of the country several people have been killed a moment a thousand families of lost their homes the region has been affected by severe floods over the past week live now to waylay our correspondent who's monitoring events from neighboring bangkok in thailand and the way it seems is terrible monsoon conditions of provided the final test of this construction which is has now broken down as well as we've just said endangered so many people. yes what we're hearing from the lao government is that this occurred it's eight in the evening on monday and here we are some twenty four hours on and getting accurate information accurate figures details out of laos is still proving very difficult one of the reasons for that of course is that this is a one party communist a very secretive government so getting information out of laos at the best of times can be difficult we are hearing that this is not the actual concrete dam that has
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collapsed in this facility that was still under construction as you mentioned but it was what they call. or a settled dam which is basically a wall that is built to contain the water in the reservoir behind the dam that has collapsed there are also reports coming out that there was a warning issued just a few hours before this incident happened the warning saying that the water levels because of the rain that you mentioned in the reservoir were getting dangerously high and that one of the walls these auxiliary dams was in danger of collapsing and seems that is exactly what has happened but that warning didn't come soon enough or wasn't passed on to the people directly in the path of the water we know that some people did manage to evacuate but still it seems according to the lao government that hundreds are still missing all right thanks for that wayne hale our correspondent who's been monitoring this tragic situation from neighboring bangkok
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where this is a dam which collapsed with as i said it was under instruction it was due to actually begin operating data this year five years after construction began that's all part of the government's plan to become the largest energy exporter in this rapidly developing region which it is touting as the battery of asia the landlocked communist countries already operating thirty nine hydro electric plants in the mico river region more than fifty are in planning or are under construction with that number set to almost double in. coming is that rush to develop has been blamed for a number of sim recently is devastating from and nearby villages environmentalist have also warned of irreparable damage being done to downstream areas we can talk now to maureen harris who's also in bangkok she's the southeast asia program director at the advocacy group international rivers interesting to hear that there was
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a warning given i think it was in the letter form hours before the disaster actually happened so clearly the authorities couldn't act quickly enough to prevent this loss of life yes it seems. we were able to obtain a copy of the less so which purports to be from the from the project company which seems to be issuing a warning. to departments of the company who are located in the provinces and and this disaster is imminent and to warn local populations and encourage them to evacuate the area and move to higher ground but it seems that it seems that this warning letter was issued yesterday as we know the downgrade happened last night so it seems that there wasn't enough time given for people to move away from the area or to. also help their family members and other members of their communities to
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find as many people continue to be missing in and thousands of others and lost houses and property and i mean what lessons do you think the laotian government should learn from this given that hydroelectric power and the dams that help provide that are a major plank of its policy for economic development what sort of lessons should be learned in order to prevent this kind of disaster again. that's right and there's that is under the law government policy there's rapid hydropower construction happening across the country and because laos you know laos is a developing country and lacks the capacity to build these projects directly so the dams are the majority almost all the dams that they don't buy by private companies and contractors and this results in a very sort of ad hoc and uncoordinated approach to dam planning that we're seeing so i think this this dam break shows several things that shows that there are there are major risks from dams that have
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a built in and down designs that maybe i'm able to cope with extreme weather events and conditions such as very heavy rains that we've seen in the last few days so that and they saw it and so i think just to clarify what you're suggesting is that perhaps the actual construction of the design and construction of this edifice wasn't suitable for the kinds of weather conditions that are experience more more regularly in this region. well it's hard to say i don't know the details of this dam specifically that it was still under construction but it does indicate that there are issues with damp standards and dam safety. that ten chile i mean we do know about the legal and regulatory frameworks in laos vironment so in social risk management including safety management that there are relatively good standards on paper but there's often challenges with implementation and that includes a lack of capacity on the on the part of government agencies at times to adequately
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monitor ensure that standards of being complied with and combined with the sort of rapid escalation of dam construction in many many different companies coming in and it certainly raises significant questions about whether standards are adequate and whether the standards that they're. properly complied with and implemented and i think given that. there are real risks to the country i mean we know that laos is likely to experience more of these sorts of weather events in the future due to climate change sort of these issues need to be properly considered in dam planning and perhaps also that this policy or prioritizing hydropower development should be reassessed you're going to believe your muse and the increasing and we're already of energy alternative lorien harris of international rivers thank you very much indeed. exactly. now wildfires have killed at least sixty people near the
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greek capital athens strong winds are whipping up the flames that have destroyed many homes and disrupted transport the government's now declared a state of emergency charlet bellis has the latest. panic is greeks look for the neighbors with flames closing in a series of wildfires around death and broke out on monday the first in a forest make a coastal town an hour's drive west of the capital. fire crews try to limit the destruction well evacuating residents but it was out of their control. the fire sprayed by monday night there were three wildfires the worst now east of athens in the seaside towns of. several people have been killed and two fire crews started to search and marty kemah flooded by darkness charred cars and people who had tried to escape the fires here the death toll doubled. survivors and marty describe running to the coast with flames chasing
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them into the water more than seven hundred people were saved by the sea eleven military and coast guard vessels along with dozens of private boats came to the rescue. what can i say it's over we are alive and that is what's important that they either got a lot of the wood in the fire with lightning fast we didn't realize what had happened. you couldn't it was the first time i've seen something like this but we made it we were like a bee colony and to see everybody standing next to each other greek prime minister alexis tsipras cut short a trip to bosnia arriving late on monday to the firefighters headquarters in athens you know visually. it's a difficult moment for the region it's a difficult night for greece at the moment more than six hundred men and women from the fire brigade and three hundred vehicles have been mobilized in three large fronts his meeting with agency heads is not enough and he knows that greece needs international help you know what to make. due to the large expanse the intensity
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and the dangers the fires pose the country has submitted a request through the european civil protection mechanism for international ground and air assistance for greece and picked tourist season the fires are destructive to its fragile economy roads and a major highway a closed this is the ninety four motorway leading into athens with drivers risking their lives to get past the encroaching fires one hundred kilometer an hour winds fanned the flames and disperse the smoke blanketed the capital causing flight delays. wildfires are common and grace the worst was in two thousand and seven more than eighty people were killed when the fires burned for days across the country. this year a dry winter has created tinderbox conditions now greeks must try to minimize the damage. we're going to come on the news hour including
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the mayor is in the u.k. ahead of there is a series of meetings to talk about the blockade against his country. pakistan to choose a new government is campaigning ends a day ahead of the general election. coming up in sport with joe stage sixteen of the tour de france is full tilt after police accidentally pepper spray the peloton . the emir of qatar is in the u.k. where he is seeking international support in the face of the continuing blockade he's been missing the prime minister to resign at downing street and all the while u.k. newspaper has reported that a sting agency had been seeking actors to protest against his visit while the independent published an e-mail containing errors from extra people
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that's the name of the agency saying that a client with a large group of people to fill space outside downing street during the visit of the president yet the president of qatar this is an anti cassar event it went on he will not have to do or say anything they just want to fill space you will be finished at twelve thirty where the person agency said it was. company for this event which it has since withdrawn the p.r. company has refused to reveal who its client was. hashim. is our correspondent who's been with. fanny during his trip to london and behind you his horse guards parade hashim say the emir has had his meeting with theresa may the british prime minister and now moved on presumably heading towards the ministry of defense. indeed
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he's holding now meetings with the. with the british defense been a minister and senior military officers expecting him to arrive here at this particular which is the horse cause parade this is where the emir is going to present the colors of the squadron which is a unit of british and qatari pilots who are going to protect the skies above qatar in two thousand and twenty two when the gulf nation will host the football world cup and this looks very serious maurya however this is quite symbolic and quite important for the qatari government because it wants to send this message that what its neighbors insist on and taining the blockade qatar has been able to reach out and rally international support with key political and military heavyweights to
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be able to move forward for them this ceremony is about the u.k. with its military might and that is coming together to protect the skies of qatar during the world event in two thousand and twenty two and hashim just a little bit earlier we mentioned this casting agency touting for actors to come out and imposes being anti cattery protest is clearly it didn't work because they haven't been any of these sorts of people on the streets as the emir has made its progress around town have there. it seems this has been a major embarrassment for the organizers we've been trying throughout the darling street or hear the minutes of the fans to see whether we might encounter any protest zero the no one show to protest and particularly after
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the barrage of force about the. casting agency that has been reaching out to show up and pose as. protesting against. human wise issues in qatar and they have to say that over the last few months in different parts of the world in france in the u.k. we've seen similar scenarios that turned into fiascos where agencies were asked to hire people front runners crowds and present them as either people or voicing concern of panting of their frustration at what they consider to be the rights violations by the qatari government but are ultimately most of these cases turned to be fiascos all right hashem thank you. their host cards parade in central london and just another development new housing facilities for u.s. military personnel serving in the middle east have been opened at the region's main american air base here in doha the one point eight billion dollars upgrade
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represents what cattles foreign ministry calls a milestone in the u.s. cattle relationship more than ten thousand military service personnel serving in dade air base down this week to resurrect his letter in middle eastern history at the university of reading and she's joining us now from there from reading just south of of london and dina thank you very much indeed for talking to us and the whole objective of the four blockading countries is to isolate cattle but it seems singularly not to be working. yes i mean i think to some extent they says a reflection of the success of the diplomatic standoff against qatar in that qatar has sought and successfully been able to guyana in china to international sources of support such as that from the u.k. with whom of course they have
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a well established strategic and military partnership the at the base that you just mentioned but also a financial relationship of some significance. you know according to one statistic. more of the capital of london than her majesty the queen so there are significant cuts of investment in the u.k. that is going to be a part of these diplomatic negotiate.


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