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tv   Warriors From The North  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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if you have been here some indian. denise is going to be soon in the home interest you never miss a few days so here was this one will notice. just from below sequence of insincerity. in the not. busy i'm in big deal since there was. this a little at the need to sleep but i was in this a moment and i saw the data. in a somewhat of this. part of the feeling this little is still. back in the works and dress is still waiting the news about getting his old job back. he laughed when murders between rival gangs had intensified. but you're the only i. believe it to push up his wish one of them for the.
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most of us to demand that your image and that of the. good mandeville yes you're going to have visitors here. yes that is it is it is yet to be done but i'm sure to use your. budget of my pocket. which. will. be able to. pull itself. out of the business suggesting that this is something i didn't say yes to this and this is. a little.
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the board has turned into a battleground with rival gangs disputing this final exit route for drugs. since april two thousand and fifteen more than thirty workers have been killed here . may not need those who would have gotten rid of foot on anything else i left almost a guy just can't believe it was prime minister of a city and a host and it went on the marquis i think i. look good he made us a good deal to give these to billy make up we'll leave it in the solace that he and the yells at the receipt see look at my city and i back every day heels pulling went back of an economy that's really a that old us that they'll pull of good guy yo. all the levels of the police oh this is low level there is a way to look it's just a little door. to see if anybody here isn't one. of those and
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it's too easy to slip the areas of which obviously jail you go but. in seem to me i would ask how was. it a. one man waco justice was a technical local raider at eight pm terminal and the port. at least the plentiful camera. they made a cable. medical's got an. entirely that. you annoyed pins have ok can me what he said in place asda is they took out. in the portable near adelstein yes it sounded. i'm in the
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piece here. though by your system i'd already see cos i see the money for stan lee who me but. you may be who gave him a bad a kill macias islam or disguise he made. it up a place where let's see a bill that monument one the one yes while they're out there you see it values but what it would be so bad to go yes on the seat belt be a devil may be called the safe one yes we don't backseat this idiot but if he. gets here don't give up and get out. is that by having me call the place. has him but it ain't all. work in schools in the pokey only it's a little lower middle class and me. going for the money going for you or me or better me. because now the
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reminiscences they're worth to one of them you hope will be will be those mia's never be forgotten business or napoleon is going to be. the homeo x. that i knew about. being for dumbass coarseness maybe but it would seem is that i was courting plenty that it worked what not the distance when they believe that to you. for and this it's no secret why her son was murdered. isn't always a noble divorce a single person used to. give orders against a very old woman because your tribal belt doesn't melt in a story that nobody will force go to bob and mr bush to fall back. on.
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i didn't mean to offend another facility in this little. two different cities. someone told me most of these things are. going to. let. the authorities are struggling in the face of this war to control the port. for the past decade the us has financed this taskforce of customs agents and on to the drug police. but these people who are michael holmes will burst on the little boy he's enough for not only a swipe at me feel it is this woman this was which i doubt if you need. one of those yellow out of all the most of. the big wedding deals mean he looks at the most on the mother quoting the last of the knots.
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no one knows he didn't mean what he's innocent how most part of being shown is that one of us incompetence or another there were no such good things still my lesson of what must be on a simple system except in the universe where. better to meet them instead of a needle in space when on the on the nail it is even. on the. same message within the. toilet as much. and if you can move. how other people around the roll in one thousand go to any in those then these i see them or at least the dolls in the. mills so see into the needles. or you really go saying you've got people that are saying what is. it this is. me on this up in a separate person other nails. those.
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smugglers in the port regularly open the containers with cheers. they then place the drugs in sight and replace the security seals with as if the container has never been touched. you know go. up with us you know the. evils. of this now but it is. despite the efforts made by authorities it is estimated that over three hundred tons of cocaine get through every year. a key to the organization success is that each link in the chain of production on
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transport is split up. this cocaine chemist works not far from the port. we. arcilla politicos in the lower level more and that who i love for the. one for us at the middle earth will bring that in if you move they will move newsagent a lot of the dollar will go to load up on the most informal thing in this is in the last in the us and when the. us is in full fist the most of the no in the fellow who made the move would follow but all the ones who pull the political will
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it will. they meet will conceal his will math. because it kills a lot. and muscles influential. in the said little z. if we got. it this illicit you disapprove. of the way and one thing. because the. global holy law says. that the other would be to. say that even muslim or if mahmoud old enough to pull. them over coffee mug with him a little. more goofy. to
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little with a fuss is like a. little ugly the whole. muzzle of the bus not just mr martin. going to go to the employment. business most of us have little isabel got picked up with a supply of a little. us. sisters it's a really both of us do a little bit of it if you can all of the. city of the other the clothes of the one this was the dilemma of the archer does of his idea was that it was a little of that so what was about the others just oversold a. little bit. of his own was able to live with us remember he.
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always still even though of the edge of the sort of all that of the of the of the of the will oh of the a. local do not simply love who lost a lot to the thing really kewl. but of course one of those this is the scene. they get out because if you didn't go. well with a little both of those by the muddy up. with let alone a more. peaceful middle east will be in the local in the form.
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of this by the. king if you throw the football of the field. people the pikeville of feeling. good to live by the mighty of the well all of you in good. ways you are a good lover if the model of your life is going to follow you. love the right school. horror film one little. two of them are good legal. you on the go of it will see only. the automobile the local guy you know you use the one so you'll. rue disputes that you can claim that it now produces more cocaine than colombia. but whatever the truth sonia maybe not the prosecutor has to work under difficult conditions her unit is severely under financed. is sort of that could be that they
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don't process ogust over what they're actually going ok let me tell you this if you don't so i don't. in the lord you know the no no i'm going to get a watery of this. somewhere something and be who i believe you don't know so that wouldn't go quite good moment to moment there that is. if theory frisium. see anything you're going with. the way i said it when i started it is still a little too. if you're interested that i think a lot of the middle they left over would be able to give it about fifty belittles which in the mean if they had to feel if anything. had been viewed as a bit of socials. but it's. more the idea that they're for really stupid or less than i would be with a better. always to base their unison to be indebted to them and it don't.
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buy chicago not really a must have but with cho but above their lows go almost savings at them being so i'm going to begin you don't medina's fighting the billionaire drug cartels with an organization that this not even have its own permanent office is so adamant about of their. s.u.v.s that elect come out and say that is the democrat what about what you get to simply go because he did them ok we'll believe he said them a. they were not one dollar of the most open dialogue. on those it said but it was some of their most wanted as a force because noise nobody supposed to but without a thought of the day when that. is the most of the year they get on this sort of a nice to see. them so when sort of any says the most in the men's. make you someone who under. want to wait could it be gone by use.
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of the port and they're still hopes his contacts will help him get his job back. occasionally hard work or some smuggling rings are caught but the rewards far outweigh the risks us peru continues to supply the world market. to the child of a loyal slug let's go to the euclid almost all of the. others will do a little closer to home to. boost sales look at each other i'm going to go global did some of those explosives just a little below there's a little isabel just so the little gentle gentle the little. goes a little bit it decided it's a good example to your business that the sun is going by the pool is a little. bit doesn't it all.
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but do you know. yeah. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having that faith linked to on the tax even though they too of victims. the band's the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the sixth the bogost al-jazeera will cover the developments from town wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system the laid the foundation of today's global powers august on al-jazeera. on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at
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risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster of threatening people's lives on land and at sea. al-jazeera wild expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human error. on senegal sinking villages. you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin in doha these are all top news stories saudi arabia says it will temporarily stop oil shipments through the. strait after attacks on two tankers carrying crude oil here to say they attacked a warship belonging to the saudi ever altie coalition not a commercial ship ball because it is an oil and gas industry expert he says it
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could have a significant global impact. it's already had about a dollar per barrel price effect where prop prices are up in after hours trading today the this kind of shipping halt will clearly affect supplies in terms of delay they move about five million barrels a day through that straight from the western side of saudi arabia and that will be delayed some of the crude can move to the other side of the of the country and and be shipped out of the persian gulf but this clearly is going to have some effect on global supply five people being killed in a suicide attack on a national security full say in the afghan capital the taliban has claimed responsibility for the blast in kabul. district the dead include full members of the security forces and one civilian and a police investigation is under way. there are celebrations in pakistan as early
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election results put a retired cricket star imran khan's party ahead in the polls but the tightly contested general election has been overshadowed by a suicide bomb in the blog just stunned province which killed dozens. at least six members of a japanese culture responsible for a deadly subway attack in the one nine hundred ninety s. have been executed thirteen people were killed and nearly six thousand people were injured after the group released poisonous sarin gas on the subway in march one thousand nine hundred ninety five the cult's founder was executed earlier this month. at least twenty six people have been killed and one hundred thirty one are missing after a dam in laos collapsed on monday the district government says around three thousand people are still stranded in the floods thousands more have been forced from their homes and pro-government media in syria are reporting at least two hundred fifteen people have died in i saw a side bomb attacks they happened in the southern city of swear on the border with
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jordan syrian troops are trying to clear an i still held area close to the israeli occupied golan heights those are the headlines and back with more news in half an hour stay with us here on al-jazeera. with around three hundred tons smuggled every year. the u.n. claims peru is the world's top cocaine producer. this has broad levels of corruption and violence rarely seen in the country before. drugs prosecutors sonia maybe now faces are going to seeking to launder billions of dollars. today she is leading an operation in the city of the north of lima.
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but only in english i can tell them. that. she's aiming to seize hundreds of market stalls another property which years of investigation suggest a road by a local cartel. if this. doesn't move if the we go for. months and i guess over the summer you're going to. have somebody who is that if. you can really and what the little book it was a bit on the let me put up put it would you know it will nearly eleven in. more than two hundred police officers are involved and the operation is one of the biggest this year. with so much at stake authorities must work quick things might turn violent any time if you think. you know damn sure people who are fully up to see me that i could come up against
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a force that knocks most of the flight on me yesterday just community and they have to focus on the good of almost like going to the beginning going from one place to see the other with here. liberals are supposed to listen to them in the average in their field in the secret history of things when you the question is this issue of who study in this ng you seem to need you all is good at least to show by you success you mean. it has taken medina eight years to prove these market stalls are involved in laundering money for traffickers. now she's heading to another property which she claims is a front for drugs money. or to be able to live forever but i think the most you're
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not going to go but i know many have gone their separate ways and it has been he unveiled to me i'm going to be and that i was a minister of all that zero zero at the bus to a level below to look up. for something. on the ground for doing more really didn't mean my billionaire lingo that's no good no to anything still. what it is for never fit into this elite. you know piece good. member for example since. i've been in for. telling the incentives more than half the men that. come with them to get uniform i think what i'm going to get under a lot of the home group who knows if i left the political system or the hands.
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of these leaves in the good ways it is that is why since conveniently. please go with the both sisters in the home i mean the sentiment. here things are not going as expected as so often the accused claim innocence and or preventing the seizure. that ends the film and they say what i mean you know that all the many that they do with it are you know. you know. what they feel must have been then they don't are going to mean that i hear and i mean but i would have it with had them i mean what.
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accompanied by a local police medina arrives in another property you. know it feels. this time a restaurant just outside the city of the six hundred kilometers north of police. officers here if you did you know you're going to get it or you or you know i don't like the idea that you could. have gotten these what do you really care less about the real story is some of this glad they're spending it on fulfillment and they're really they're all on the plane with this thing given us if we upset the lead author i'm not going to let me see some of the bin though when they're going to me on that but if anyone ever learned that. after a long day preceded by months of preparation. not all the properties targeted have been ceased. the obstacles are huge. the billions of dollars are thought to be laundered every year and medina can only trace a tiny percentage. of. the human that they will get we're
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going to say. no i was standing here is here they lowered the walls. italy must have thought of the idea of going to london already and they still meant the muslim in those. days nor did the locals feel it wasn't what they wanted. for four decades supported by the us who has concentrated on eradicating the growth of the coca plant. it has done little to stop the supply of coca paste the main ingredient of cocaine. through the. movies i lived through and. police were looking to. follow you.
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in a little flugel. in the overly and. over a bit of an. hour and are more. like the face of your. single. yes as a young man floated off a little boy enough alone to single simple. in the us and i thought. often the one thing that all men began to do. when they were thought.
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for the deal was an off. most of the little. thing that also is a little into the single universe. else what are your thoughts in fortune for all of us hope for sinful reading what. they say and i tell you what i was stunned enough today in orlando today. of religion the police you're going to. be. you know full blown the moon often look at the full blown open the good that will come down. until one of them one of them political affairs a little home about ok affable i'm cool a little and. i need to follow up with i'm
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a simple field. office and we will be in the will. book on local playlists a little so little inclusive but a lot of them are. faced by a seemingly unending supply of cocaine. the authorities are intensifying their efforts to control its export is in your face this is what is the only the in what i let out of the almost i say when i mean are these young. but then what i'll be mad he
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said my space you're not a. going to. say. what the single sale same goes if this had o.c. it did. the same but it's not it doesn't all. have opened again solomin days which they will not explore of us here on of. the losses of bush also sokal may seem like the. more. the billion or more young people b.m.i. before. i will not drop a will and that's why most. on the list i mean. if this one but i seem to say we are getting this what was pretty on the minutes in
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our levee system by your bill for this is the but if you know this it will be a song full of calvary will they get that kind of seal. more of it all from. must say this they are all going to seem to indicate how one nice. people but it seemed as long as they might they. never will the what i call mess he said my love a man goes to sink i have almost i will stay on them enough and then they all this week own up as you go say you could be in the me moment as you want to follow come by and all. this but i suspect and that's all there is commit in this i got all on the little meanest. well what would you see. the love of the.
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early in my eyes it gets you stay in a mind you see still fatter by it was. just me and the sky is so far is already a place might be a simpler mess and that is five and there are better or eleven if i use it on this that i thought if i don't play this case are credible. one dollar for the money by the city employees here they will soon be most i'm just out of state of course i'm. sick i'm cold i'll go put in a single porter see. i mean they're. in the process. of. the tipoff was clearly wrong no drugs were found in this container of water heading for its. owner.
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as well as you know i mean that is seen when i think i mean. this all. the cartel spend huge sums bribing the port authorities to keep the drugs flowing. it's a beautiful. little of the of the symbolism you. can see in this this is all should be middle. of the cinema living their lives in the beginnings of illegal bull zero. zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero zero zero little.
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this is. something. you know little most of the other you know so little well. you know that it was a love on the one side. after more than a decade. as a drugs prosecutor. sonia maybe now has found a balance between her job and her family life. yes but by my mind as some. say yes we look at them they're better but at the sale now. i mean there are several but i mean mad it is just the left i
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mean it. was said here there was a comic see on this it doesn't cost us we don't know they always that are hot or not. is me the apple good or do we handle them in. this is how can the mass have been that of the the me are not. appropriate. does this is still on. those numbers that you're not in the community for me you know policy here. that the fair thing to tell mondale's and on and the cerebellum. or. does that tell us on the on a south facing a going away that when they don't ease up on it and see their nose anywhere without
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all the. highly the same with and bad in a guy but then they also under and out it all go you know be yourself is to see what's coming. in really important. in the. core but of course. we're going to get out of. the hearing you're going to believe. this you're the. end user of the market the for the other wasn't buzzwords this is the cost of the city you know the phones. you know but then you. don't know that it isto says you know show me what is good for souls but i'm. going to learn completed going and then leave here is. complete going to political poorly
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those who say it is so but this one disgruntled who get it and say oh poor men don't join up and seal a seat. back at the port and this has been received the call he's been waiting for. so for now he can't return to work. i was told it was a loan last year for you know most of the c. and that. they're all or. most of what the us. as a noble though as the lazy and so i gave. it to others she took a huge warm. i'll tell you where. the ship was i wanted to know that. they were. serious or below the
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oil. that i am a last stand why it will make her a little bit of all this it was a sea. of the oil it is a loneliness this is a little. mysterious i can go out and. especially. when there were a couple. three months after the killing the sun authorities have finally made some arrests. but she doubts the people being held by police are the ones must remind of the killing. and
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therefore focus of the death. and they will have a. whole aura of a war. or a off of our whole or castle and all or all all of our hearts are. lost all. and i will all. of us for an hour or so will call for help. then let him. come out of a coma. come on to feel almost entirely how many. to me most and lot. of whole lot. to me is. the mental among the different.
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things in school that many of us who are. going to. say good for the best. understand. us where. kids will get us help in alaska. and so i make dinner last night bonus. doesn't that all while ok let's also say that. they want to spend and singing. and i suspect a song a school song our ten year in the sun by his last boss is going to hang for. less than two kilometers away. another queue of cocaine is almost ready.
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move the move forward and. no one of the off when all five to six feet. that is if you're within the. foot on the home when the fun. guy lindelof a meal when you see. him a poor local communities with
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a few on the mobile phone will be on the. lot of the samantha so both is there not. your feet pulling on them. and no. one thought of. one of your little thing. like that i'd buy off if you don't. get i want to haul. up.
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the hill and tim will. then we'll clean. it seems that he's having a go if. you all love him it. will be google who. will google the phone. call google if you will you feel. you feel when they're moving along when the. seizures by authorities are estimated to accounts to less than ten percent of cocaine now but if so the ruin it's may now like the united states will have to redouble efforts if they want to keep fighting a war that for many is already lost. in the office who among the old feel. and they will from oregon be all. from all going up will be going to fall over on
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the end of the aisle. although the only thing. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture and i'm here and also torah jews are involved because they received it but while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me malady my mother was strangled with the cable and brutally covered with coal was if you describe who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow will be n.d.'s on al-jazeera. and i guess it's mostly dry and hot for us across the middle east at the moment there is the risk of just seeing one or two showers in the northern parts of iran there and perhaps
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a bit further north as you head up towards georgia as well but elsewhere it does look drawing and it looks pretty warm as the temperature they bagged makes it up to a very hot forty three degrees but i hope weather then flows down through kuwait where we're also getting forty three and then works down the gulf towards us here doha a forty five will be our maximum temperature up to the south of us there's a little bit more in the way of cloud it could just give us one or two showers around the coast in the cloud then begins to thicken up in the southwestern parts of saudi as we head through into friday down towards the southern parts of africa for many of us it's fine unsettled at the moment we are seeing more in the way of cloud in the northeastern parts of madagascar that's they can off to give us quite a few outbreaks of rain but they should gradually begin to ease during the day and then further west is just looking draw it falling and it looks like kate tab will get to around nineteen degrees the temperatures in cape town they will ease as we head through into friday more cloud and rain will roll their way across us and a wind will pick up as well so our maximum this time just sixteen for the central belt of africa plenty of showers here they're pushing quite
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a long way north at the moment for for some of us in asia is also looking rather wait. al jazeera. where ever you. were away when this idea popped into your pocket when they're on line it's
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undoubtedly chief call of poverty inequality in our society today or if you joined the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for a change join the conversation announces iraq. cricketer turned politician in run car leads to race in pakistan as votes are counted in the general election. logs a whole robin you watching i was there a life my headquarters here in doha also coming up an incident outside the u.s.
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embassy in beijing smoke seen rising near the entry gate. also israel carries out air strikes into gaza in response to rocket attacks from hamas at least three palestinians are killed plus. i don't think it's sensible for elections to be described is predictable accusations of fraud in the run up to next week's zimbabwe elections. welcome to the program hours after polling ended in pakistan's general election the country is still waiting for the official results. the votes all still being counted across all constituencies. but that hasn't stopped celebrations among supporters of cricketer turned politician imran khan's party which has been leading in the projected preliminary tally his opponent shahbaz
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sharif from the ruling p. and l. and is alleging blatant election rigging charge the electoral commission has rejected the sama binged it has more from the hole. they came to cause their ballots against the law and. believes her vote is her strength. newer than i thought it so our country can prosper i'm paralyzed but i came to because i love pakistan. to stop people from exercising that power a suicide attack happened outside a polling station the bomber was stopped as he tried to enter the busy area more than thirty people were killed. is an attempt to disrupt the political process but people will not be affected by this. and for the most part they were not millions came out to vote even for those convicted of corruption and serving jail time. my vote is for nowhere come what me forget the
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criticism are hardest with. rights activists a breeze concerns about people manipulation in these elections and international monitors say not enough observers were there to bureaucratic delays and we have just a hundred and twenty observers make of you on the ground there working in teams over there in islamabad. in the game and. not in the workplace because of security reasons. as the votes were being counted supporters of iran fun came out to celebrate for them the result was pre-determined . this is the first time we've had the chance to defeat the two parties who've been in control taking turns of power. in an early morning news conference the muslim league said the election was rigged they claimed their party was targeted that voting was deliberately slowed down and results were manipulated. it's not about
3:52 pm
government or opposition it's about the future just going tree it's about the many to the people it's about you know darned well being most hated. it's a larger issue not just the pm and then but all major political parties apart from him. every tick tick the preliminary results on thursday they will decide what to do next amitabh it out of the lahore let's bring in our senior correspondent of pakistan come on hyder who's live for us in islamabad of course as early indications suggest the party is doing very well official results on friday kemal but perhaps it's a sign that the public there are tired of the established parties of the past. at. the ward for change because. these political parties have had
3:53 pm
a stranglehold on people's party and the muslim league now watch taking their guns . from the military to the civilian administration deterred administration and again georgian government will be taking over it and it's. something which is good for at the moment mentioning imran khan leading his party had been a very good. job and to get there would be independent and smaller. for much simpler than majority government even and up on job and of course. independent. government in islamabad more or less although as you mentioned the election the election commission of pakistan had already mentioned that it will be formally
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announced. even before the election. indeed award for change. their plans and of course political instability in a country where. deep amongst the political parties. whoever does come into power whether it be with an outright majority or any of the other parties who may sit on the opposition benches they still have to deal with huge issues including a massive national debt huge security problems and frayed regional relations on either side of both the eastern and western border. a good point if you remember and don't know why should he forward disqualified as prime minister by the supreme court there was no foreign minister and the foreign.
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relations with other countries. the new government of course really have to judge foreign policy john challenges but also the economy as you mentioned a record as far as progress on is concerned over ninety billion dollars right imran khan has said that. people across pakistan will be hoping that hundreds of billions of dollars. in foreign banks in the united arab emirates can be brought back to pakistan and that it can be injected into the economy but it is going to be a huge challenge for the new government to deliver on its promise number one and to come to grips with the. challenge that the country faces on the economic front on water shortages issue energy. and so many other challenges and you read it of
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course we'll get more clarity on what the opposition will be of course is when the results come in and we know who will form the new government in pakistan for the moment thank you. that's been an incident outside the u.s. embassy in beijing that video from the scene shows smoke rising. tape. let's go straight over to brown who's. on the phone from beijing and tell us what's going on adrian in terms of what you can see in way you all. well i'm pretty close to the u.s. embassy which is east in beijing and what we're seeing in you know what you can see as well at the moment we're still getting conflicting reports but let me tell you about what it is that we know for sure state newspapers state media cover posted that a woman covered itself in gasoline and attempted to to step fire. that was it an
3:57 pm
eleven am local time and then we got reports two hours later of an explosion outside the u.s. embassy so it's possible that we're talking about two incidents now if they are two and then that of course it raises the question of whether this be you know a serious security not outside the u.s. embassy a short time ago the police here in beijing issued a statement saying that at around one o'clock a twenty six year old man from from inner mongolia detonated what they say was a device that looked like fireworks exploded and injured his hand they say he's not in any danger and the police are taken into hospital and they say there were no other injuries but what the police haven't spoken about is this woman who was with the report to be trying to set fire to self we have of course in the palace who else seen self-immolation in china generally involving people who are in support of
3:58 pm
the feature that self-immolation take place not just in the tibet marian of china but also taking place here in the capital beijing including tiananmen square the u.s. embassy you know normally of course with the one of the most secure embassies in beijing and probably more so now in light of the increased trade friction between china and the united states now china's foreign minister calls trade puts great school by. security to china provides for foreign diplomats and actually stressed that point just a few months ago i had a media conference here in beijing so just to recap the police have confirmed that they have taken a twenty six year old man to hospital who attempted to detonate what they say was a device that looked like fireworks they say there were no other injuries and we have this other as yet unconfirmed report confirmed by reportedly state media of
3:59 pm
a woman who attempted to set fire to herself outside the embassy we have influenced you well spoken to someone inside the u.s. embassy employees she has told us that she heard a very loud explosion and the elder sister of vacuity to safe areas of the embassy this is all supervised by the u.s. very well for them we'll leave it that thanks for the update adrian. now israeli forces say they've talked hit hamas military positions in the gaza strip killing at least three palestinians an army spokesman says its troops came under fire near the border with gaza and in response to shell several hamas posts on it comes just days after hamas leaders agreed to a cease fire with israel to prevent hostilities from escalating let's get the very latest now by joining charles stratford who's live for us in gaza so a fluid situation overnight charles bring us up to speed on the events of what
4:00 pm
happened and whether a cease fire really is still in place. yes the worrying turn of events last night started around seven pm local time and according to the israeli military house used a group of around twenty children as cover for a sniper for a sniper attack against fools is the israeli military saying that these children approached the feints the israeli military went down to investigate israeli soldiers and a sniper opened fire one israeli soldier was injured in that attack and the israeli military responded with attacking various hamas positions ssri members of hamas seize military wing the kasam brigades killed in those attacks israel also saying that around nine or nine projectiles were launched from gaza last night as well.


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