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walls of shame on al-jazeera. yemen's toothy rebels say they've attacked abu dhabi airports a united arab emirates official deny the claim. alone citizen this is and is there at live from london also coming up cricket arrow turned politician imran khan declares victory in pakistan's general elections as rival parties complain of slayton vote rigging syrian government forces raise their flag over a key south western province as they move close to the front here with the israeli occupied golan heights and facebook stock takes a nosedive wiping out one hundred twenty billion dollars in market value.
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yemen's sooty rebels say they've attacked abu dhabi airport with a drone an official from the united arab emirates has denied that claim the airport tweeted earlier that there had been an incident involving a supply vehicle but said it had not affected flights or operations it's not clear if the tweet was referring to the same incident over the last three years the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have been leading a military camp coalition which is supporting yemen's government in its war against the who thinks the rebels have launched a number of missiles into saudi arabia and its capital riyadh in recent months tensions between saudi arabia who things have been rising since thursday when the kingdom accused the rebels of stopping its oil shipments through the strait and attacking two of its tankers the hoof is insists they attacked a saudi warship the closure could lead to substantial supply delays and high
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a shipping cost. pushing up an idjit prices world wind the bahamonde strait is located between yemen on the arabian peninsula and djibouti and rich in the horn of africa the saudi amorality coalition at war in yemen says it's trying to protect shipping routes in the gulf of aden and red sea which are used to bring middle eastern oil and goods from asia through the serious canal to europe the spokesman for the un secretary general stefan to jeric says the latest events highlight the need for a dialogue to end the crisis in yemen where all these events to raise underscore the need to put an end to this conflict and to find a political solution as if we still needed to be reminded after all these years after all the suffering of the yemeni people. this conflict is and has been has had a regional implications when. commercial navigation is starting to get
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impacted the movement of goods from global trade to start to get impacted. all these the continuance of this conflict has many many implications the most important one being the suffering of civilians in yemen. is a military analyst the retired jordanian at force general he says sustained pressure from the who this is threatening the saudi amorality coalition. it's a war of attrition now we have a stage of war of attrition and who see action against these two tank and the. drone which. as the who thinks i just said and we need the video from that plane hitting that target. and. to get the truth out of it because the would be. denying that they have any problem concerning drawn
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the who theists using this strategy. the defense of the good and strategist sort of which is iran adopted in the gulf area and that. telling the world that would not stop if if you raise more sanctions on asif if you do any according to the nuclear deal also also they saying to the world we're not wired we stopped the flow of oil. and that it is not alternative ville these two. c. or the alternative is that about seven thousand mile trip takes two to three weeks to reach these trade thing between asia africa europe and the whole world so i think it will be. yemen needs a political solution not their military solution and it's very difficult very
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difficult and it's a very complicated issue with the any solution on it. got all iranian support. and support in drones. which is very important that's could. be ordered by imagine if this was the nuclear facility like a facility on dubey or hitting the water over. hitting the communications center or hitting very vital targets so it's really. the. threat nobody could ignore that it's a big threat i could see and it's a bigger threat what they're doing with the. it's another third so they having the capability with this strategy defense of the. strategy using as the metric war to get their objective and they did that with the two tank of
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soda. a former pakistani cricketer turned politician imran khan has declared victory in the general elections from promising to build a new pakistan around half of the votes of big counted but the official result is not likely to be confirmed until friday speaking from his home as i'm about come promise to create jobs for the poor and tackle corruption but the results of the vote have been challenged by his rival parties. shareef of the pakistan muslim league now was accusing him of rigging the vote or. log of the odds i want to thank god the today we were successful and we got the mandate i now want to outline my vision for pakistan we're going to uplift poor people we're going to uplift the labor and laborers who are weak who are dying of hunger our population
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is either extremely rich or extremely poor if god wills we will fulfill all our promises a solid binge of aid has more from the city of law. imran khan's pakistan tehreek e insaf is leading the polls according to iran khan this is a chance that he has been given after twenty two years of struggle in this first speech since this interim result has been announced since these partial results have been coming in he says that he wants a better relationship with his neighbors including of understanding india and also wants to work with the united states has also announced a complete reform agenda for pakistan saying that sectors from education to health to fighting crime needs to be reformed and he has a capable team which is going to do it in this first speech from his friendly capital he also said that he is open to all of the vote rigging allegations that have been leveled against him by various political parties and he will not hesitate to open an investigation into any irregularities. but opposition parties are still
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under deliberation they are they are trying to figure out what to do because the pakistan muslim league the incumbent party which lost the majority this election has said that they reject this preliminary result they said that their votes have been tampered with they say that their mandate has been stolen from them they have been holding. meetings within the party and they're saying that they will also reach out to other political opponents to try and form some sort of a convergence of views about how these elections were held how these votes were counted and what is the way forward. is a pakistani t.v. and completive analyst he says a man can has responded to those figuring allegations and refreshing way. well this is a very tricky situation because the same thing happened in the last elections when emraan said there was a lot of rigging and his ballot boxes weren't opened not today the opposition is
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saying exactly the same but here i think we got a breath of fresh air and he said in his speech that he's willing to see whatever a geisha is and whatever you know mismanagement has been taking place he's willing to basically investigate it but the hero the situation is not that p.t.i. has won the situation is the fragility of the matter age which might take place between p m l n and the pox on people's party that is where the real crux lies. syrian government forces are inching closer to the front a with the israeli occupied golan heights as they continue their offensive on the south west regime forces could be seen raising the government flag over the village of al how medea it's three kilometers north of connection city which is the main board a point with the occupied golan heights stephanie teka has the latest from the occupied golan heights. we've been witnessing the most intensive fighting that we've seen
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and we've been here for the last four or five days government forces backed by russia on this last pocket of opposition held territory which is controlled by a group affiliated with ice and what has been significant today is that we've actually seen and you can probably see behind me outgoing rocket fire now we've seen syrian government forces for the first time on the ground through the lens of our camera moving in vehicles and launching a ground attack against the eisel affiliated group so basically it is an intensive campaign they want to take this back it's the last pocket in southwest syria there's also been spillover across the fence because as you can see the fighting is so close and in the distance you can now see airstrikes it has been such an intensive campaign and the government with its russian ally very keen to take it back a russian delegation has arrived in beirut to discuss plans to repatriate syrian
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refugees there almost a million registered as living in lebanon but many of the refugees say they don't want to return home because there's nothing left for them they know how to reports from the back of ali and eastern lebanon. the kremlin says it has a plan to repatriate refugees to lebanon on a delegation headed by alexander love vantive president vladimir putin special envoy on syria presented its proposals to government leaders in beirut a few details were divulged at least publicly but russia is asking the international community to play a role with all of the stuff that the syrian go. during much of financial assistance because of the reach. if you will be professional you must contribute to this. lebanese leaders have said they welcome russia's efforts to ensure the return of refugees so has jordan both countries host
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hundreds of thousands of refugees and have complained about the burden on that host nation said russia promised and he returned these will be voluntary but refugees want the u.n. to oversee the operation and provide international security guarantees. the united nations says it still does not have the details of russia's repatriation plan and while it says it is ready to engage in discussions the international organization continues to insist syria is still not safe and that any plan must be in line with international standards. the birth family just like many refugees here say they can't return the list many obstacles from fear to the lack of jobs man yes you have nothing to return to our house has been looted and he's enjoyed it i don't want is there to help us but you are. we are afraid of the regime of legal that my husband will be forcibly conscripted. who will work to feed my kids. for many
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the war is not over russia and syria see it differently even though there is no negotiated settlement to the conflict. i think going back returning to their country should. diary and link building and building is the scene of the news you need to address the root causes of the conflict i think this is. it's not the first time russia has asked the international community to help rebuild syria but those countries have linked reconstruction money to a political transition that involves the u.s. it's not clear if that position has changed with the changes underway in syria. lebanon. still to come this half hour they took their first. sorry. for the high. and hundreds of migrant families separated at the us mexico border remain in legal limbo countdown for their reunification.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast now we're still looking at exceptional weather conditions across parts of europe and western areas here stream heat coming up across france temperatures of at least thirty six for paris some places northern france across the low countries western parts of germany getting well above the same goes the u.k. we could see something close to record temperatures certainly in the high thirty's during the course of friday across the south but also some really severe storms across the u.k. and through into northern parts of france as we head on through into the weekend across the low countries to cool air falling behind but still very unsettled but of a draw arizona across more senseless and berlin down through to vienna and rome
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otherwise eastern areas again a lots of heavy showers here with a big storms mixed in so you get across to the side of the mediterranean it's all looking fine should be a decent thing karo the breeze coming off the mediterranean so temperatures just thirty six degrees celsius central parts of africa some pretty big storms a long way north chutney share money well picking up a few storms during the course of the next few days looking at highs of twenty eight degrees probably dry southern portions of africa largely dry and fine but we could see some rain affecting cape town at times. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture most notorious jews are involved because they received while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry malady my mother would struggle with the curable and
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brutally covered with coal it was a huge surprise who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow will be and the al-jazeera. welcome back reminder of the top stories here and i'll just push the rebels in yemen say they've attacked airports in the united arab emirates with a drone a u.a.e. fishel has denied that claim and says the airport is operating as normal former cricketer imran khan has declared victory in pakistan's elections with around half of the votes counted official results are expected within twenty four hours and syrian government forces have raised their flag over the village of the hama there
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just three kilometers from the israeli occupied golan heights. greek authorities say there are serious indications that a deadly wildfire was started by arson at least eighty three people have died in the blazes where spread to beach resorts near the capital athens these aerial shots of the devastation caused by the fires and anger is growing amongst the residents nay far from. recovery teams are going from house to house in search of missing people. no official figures been released to the local authorities say at least one hundred unaccounted for. all along greece's charred coastline entire neighborhoods are gone is the village of marty was popular with retirees and young families escaping the capital. where most of
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her. pets dogs cats dark chickens. out of it was put up in the yard and you could not escape when the fire there was the very real possibility of finding people that may have died go to russia but i personally i believe that the very most of the missing guarding the three. police and search and rescue teams event to this property the woman who lived here is listed as missing she's also known to have had mobility problems to this is incredibly arduous task for these teams the house is empty no trace of the woman or two other people who live here the search must continue. there were two people died there are a couple harris's left in the town of marty his whole life when the fire swept through here he sealed himself inside his house surrounding homes were destroyed his is unscathed several of his neighbors were killed it was like. see or
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fire a wave or fire approach and actually show it was burning everything that goes on the second floor or third floor. on buildings my house usually ground floor show it just passed over the head with passed over my house i felt like i'm set around it and protected from the buildings. many of the settlements along this coast sprang up in the nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's houses were built without official permission fire safety was scarcely considered when people try to flee the fire they found escape routes to the sea blocked by locked gates or only accessible down narrow channels. this is where many of the fires started high in the hills above the seaside resorts that fringe the aegean sea a few kilometers away from here several days after the inferno ripped through this area the ground still smolders in places it still haunts underfoot the fear is now
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that when rain does come it will lead to mudslides. storm clouds gather over after. the promise of a break in the weather to extinguish any remaining fires and cool the scorched earth. but. one israeli and one palestinian have died in a knife attack in the occupied west bank the israeli army says it shot dead the palestinian who carried out the attack in the illegal settlement of adam to the north of ramallah to other israeli settlers have been injured the u.s. government is racing to meet a thursday deadline to reunite families as children with their parents after they were separated at the us mexico border more than a thousand families have been reunited but many others still remain a part. has more from helen in texas. close to a thousand families separated by the u.s.
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government have yet to experience these happy moments of reunion and it's uncertain when or if they ever will hundreds of children whose parents were already ported remain in government custody their forced abandonment the casualty of a trump administration's rush to implement its hard line border policies that. i was afraid if they deported my father i would never see him again i would be left here alone sixteen year old franklin dia says he's lucky that didn't happen he and his father left us in may to seek asylum in the united states. we turned ourselves in to immigration because we thought they would help us we never thought it could go so bad the two were immediately separated the father sent to face criminal charges the son delivered to a children's shelter. when they didn't suffer from the food or anything but i suffered from not seeing my dad. i told him not to worry about it because if he did
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he would go crazy and i would go crazy after forty days of separation father and son were finally reunited behind the gates of this texas detention center a judge said july twenty sixth as the deadline for the u.s. government jury unite the thousands of children who were taken from their parents at the border citing the practice of separating families as illegal charities are offering recently reunified families a warm meal and a night's rest for a child that would turn around and look at me and say today i'm not going to cry or tonight among them at a cry because tonight i will mob i cried every single day since the whole month his mom was not with me with the knowledge that many children remain without their parents franklin says he and his father feel fortunate they boarded a bus that will take them deeper into the united states knowing that for now they
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have their freedom and each other. castro al-jazeera macallan texas. thousands of people are being evacuated in cambodia after the deadly laos down collapse caused reverse to floods twenty seven people are concerned and more than one hundred still missing flaunts louis has more from the combo capital non-fan homes villages swept away farms rice paddy fields under water the torrents of water that can skated into areas around the collapsed. dam are slowly receding. rescue workers are racing to reach those villages cut off by the floods in areas excessive only by boat or helicopter many are stranded on the roofs of their homes waiting for help to arrive. the most damage is in sanaa
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and the situation code is that they are displaced people who don't have shelter and we continue to search for the gate and missing people at the moment many roads are badly damaged by flooding or landslides hampering aid and rescue work more than three thousand people have been moved to safety many staying in temporary shelters like this one survivor say they barely had time to escape the fast rising water. i feel safe here but i worry for my husband and son who are still in the village but then we've lost all their positions motorbikes furniture animals cows and pigs the floodwaters have now float downstream into neighboring cambodia five thousand people in providence have moved to safety since tuesday the cambodian government has also issued a flood alert for crotty province which is south of still trying province the concern is floodwaters could continue to flow south and affect more areas we are in
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the middle of the monsoon season which brings heavy rains and tropical storms it's not known why the newly built dam collapsed the south korean company in charge of construction said a small part of the dam was washed away following unusually heavy rain florence louis al-jazeera phnom penh the leaders of the brics bloc of emerging economies are calling for an open and inclusive trading system it comes in the wake of a number of protection as terrorists introduced by u.s. president how much also has more from the annual rick summit being held in johannesburg. leaders from five of the world's leading emerging markets say they are united when it comes to trade they say protectionism which is being pushed by u.s. president donald trump should be rejected here. what is constant is the flare up of geopolitical conflicts and the escalation of protectionism and. they directly
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affect emerging markets and developing countries. we must work together with the united nations the g twenty and the world trade organization to safeguard the rules based multilateral trading system liberalise and facilitate trade and investment and reject protectionism outright. it's the first time presidents from the brics trade bloc are meeting says donald trump threatened to impose tariffs or chinese imports economists say the trade could also hurt smaller countries some theer transplants will stifle global economic growth leaders at the bric summit say increasing global trade encourages economies of all countries to grow but emerging economies could be damaged if the u.s. imposes tariffs on certain goods but it's still a strain posed tariffs have given brazil russia india china and south africa more reason to increase trade cooperation between them it's also force china the world say could not just economy after the united states to look for other markets to buy
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and sell its products china has been the most important trading partner with the us so as us to china on but now with those ask alluding trade tension we can be certain bad in the next few years to trade between those two countries will be heard for watt along with a very volatile exchange rate market exchange market. for china to extend or to strengthen other relations are europe and africa would be as top choices because of the sheer shock sheer size of those markets. brics leaders in south africa have suggested and never need to be held world players discuss the differences and perhaps prevent a global trade but that to happen all parties have to agree to come to the table and try to find a balance between promoting national interests and those of the global community. al-jazeera janice. facebook's stocks have taken
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a nosedive wiping out one hundred twenty billion dollars in market value the plunge comes after the social media giants earnings fell short of expectations facebook insists it's because of the high costs of protecting safety and the slowdown and advertising markets because so salumi has more from new york. for facebook which has experienced exponential growth since its initial public offering in two thousand and twelve it was an uncharacteristic plunge in market value after an uncharacteristically bad quarterly report on thursday share prices tumbled sure profits were up thirty one percent over last year but for the first time since two thousand and fifteen they fell short of expectations a series of scandals seem to be catching up to the social media company founder mark zuckerberg was called to account by congress over rush's use of the platform to try to influence the two thousand and sixteen election we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was
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a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry and the harvesting of user data through the political consulting firm cambridge analytical the company says increases in security spending are likely to continue eating into profits and tougher user protection laws in europe have already cost the company some three million users still facebook remains one of the five most valuable publicly traded companies the platform's new security measures will be put to the test in the two thousand and eighteen midterms but mark zuckerberg has told investors he's confident facebook will get it right christine salumi al-jazeera new york a massive sandstorm has swept across northwest china this video shows the moment a massive wall of sound and gulf goal led city was using a visibility to just one hundred nato's it's in the gobi desert which is subject to extreme weather conditions and don't forget much more content out our
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website just visit it any time click on al-jazeera dot com for plenty more news and video. let's keep in mind in our top stories here on al-jazeera the rebels in yemen say they've attacked abu dhabi at ports in the united arab emirates with a drone a u.a.e. official has denied that claim the airport tweeted earlier that there had been an incident involving a supply vehicle but said it had not affected flights or operations it's not clear if the tweet was referring to the same incident the spokesman for the u.n. secretary general stefan jarry cast stress the need for dialogue to help end the crisis in yemen where all these events to raise underscore the need to put an end to this conflict and to find a political solution as if we still needed to be reminded after all these years
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after all the suffering of the yemeni people. this conflict is and has been has had a regional implications when. commercial navigation is starting to get impacted the movement of goods from global trade to start to get impacted. all these the continuance of this conflict has many many implications the most important one being the suffering of civilians in yemen former cricketer imran khan has declared victory in pakistan's elections around half of the votes have been counted but the official result is not likely to be confirmed until friday the poll has been mobbed by allegations of fraud and meddling syrian government forces have raised their flag on the front here with the israeli occupied golan heights russian forces could be seen making the gesture on the village of al how medea the village
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is three kilometers north of connection city which is the main border point with the occupied golan heights. one palestinian has died after a knife attack in the occupied west bank the israeli army says it shot dead the palestinian who carried out the attack at the illegal settlement of adam to the north of ramallah three other israeli settlers have been injured two are in critical condition greek authorities say there are serious indications as to a deadly wildfire was started by arson at least eighty three people have died in the blaze which devastated beach resorts near the capital athens those are your headlines stay with us the streams coming next.
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ok and your industry live on al-jazeera and right now a new chance today we discussed a new proposal to help rescue migrants and refugees attempting to cross the mediterranean sea into europe i really could be lavin later well welcome back passed gas the one if you know piano one eritrean to explore what renewed relations between the countries means for their people but first have a look at this story from al-jazeera. he reports from lahore where some of the news about pakistan's general election. millions came out to vote even for those convicted of corruption and serving jail time. my vote is for noel said he for me forget the criticism our heart is with. the rights activists of greece concerns about people of manipulation in this election.


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