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tv   Thailands Miracle Cave Rescue  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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israeli settlers have been injured two are in critical condition. the u.s. government looks unlikely to reunite thousands of children with parents they were separated from the us mexico border most under five is are already back with their parents following an earlier court deadline more than two thousand five hundred over the age of five must also be reunited on thursday greek authorities say there are serious indications that a deadly wildfire was started by arson at least eighty three people have died in the blazes which devastated beach resorts near the capital athens those are the headlines that set from a one on one ace continues. china is keen to win friends and influence any oil rich middle east this is part of the wrong turn blind of china the security its resources for the future of sub sub so hard region as a whole dallas expect to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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twelve young boys and their football coach enter a cave in northern thailand and disappear. with water levels rising how will rescuers find them and bring them out alive. i'm steve chair on this episode of what i want to east the inside story of one of the most extraordinary rescues of all time. saturday afternoon june twenty third twelve boys and they saw her courage heading to the rugged mountains of northern thailand for a trick. they posted photos before writing to the tom no one cave a place they have visited before. they are expected to return home to the nearby
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village later that day. a dozen members of a youth football team and their coach a missing after they entered a cave in northern thailand investigators believe the teenage boys and their coach crawled into the cave and they never came out search and rescue crews are on the same trying to locate the boy it's believed detains been trapped by a flooded strain in the cave entrance. within twenty four hours of the boy's going missing a search operation is underway. the boy's bikes and backpacks of found in the. entrance to the cave which becomes ground zero in the search. distraught family members gather.
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have long. had a long haul. to. weigh . the sixteen kilometer long limestone can system with deep recesses and narrow passage ways most of the year it's relatively dry but when the monk soon comes quickly fills with water and when that happens the cave is impossible to weigh into or to leave. the
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night of the boys are reported missing the time navies of the seals diving team join the search. working around the clock in peach darkness they wade swim been diving through the black waters. at the same time agencies and volunteers begin the meme of tomsk of pumping water from the cave and surrounding area. the right they could survive. six days to do more time now then they could. be a point in time where they. the entrance to. the
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day free the sutures escalated into a major military operation. hundreds of searchers scaled the milton for alternative entry points into the cave. one. the who is the boys and the coach have made it to a location clear of the rising water. of the been told that they are on the money if i made it up. by that is how. my boss on it of law i got out of i'm out of all i love it that i'm going to take
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on me and the last minute. all the relatives can do is pray. for days this still no sign that the boys are alive. the time navy seals are unable to navigate the lebron of tide passages filled with murky flood water. time authorities cool. international help. says about five forty five in the morning and mine director of operations my number two guy the squadron called and said sure you're tracking the the there's a soccer team stuck in a cave in thailand be ready because we're being notified that we might head out
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landed about one of the clocke in the morning on the twenty eighth june and then key leadership push straight to the cave site. to british cave divers have also been cool lean by the time as rick stanton joined the length and a conceded the best in the world and in the first to dive deep into the cave they briefed the americans on the daunting task ahead they were saying the currents right now are not manageable you know we've been battling to move forward the rains are still following the flows are getting higher the visibility zero the water's cold. on sunday july first. a break in the rain and the risk you dive team to set up a base inside one of the cave chambers. the british dive his food deeper into the cave. below the surface they swim against
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strong currents for one point five kilometers. and then the moment it seems like a miracle. almost ten days since they first into the cave. we have been going to what. we are happy here. initially it's a huge sigh of relief ok the the boys were able to find a high enough ground they've survived this long you know with some of the higher flood levels in the cave but then it was it was scary because we realized how far back they were in. the locating the boys the british divers stanton
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call in reinforcements from home. member of the british research council diving rig diving team so. that's how we got called in and when you hear that it's twelve children and the young coach there in this situation what you first thought about the options or the boy ability of getting the match the first thought is just not going to go out and then the kids would recover as before with live people on. it so about panic in the water. you can tell a kid whatever you want but in an actual situation where you go a kid in the war the more likely going to panic so first we thought it's not possible to actually dive them out. jason mellon sims first dive into the cave confirms his fears. so it's a bit of. course on the way out of sometimes it's you can only just feel the line
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sometimes you can see if a foot in front of you're over times it's just nothing it's all by braille and you're trying to remember all these lined traps. so it's quite a mentally exhausting experience to go back. to study all. right the unfolding drama is now a major international story hundreds of journalists are here in a makeshift muddy village at the food of the number known melds and. thai people have also flocked to the site from all over the country to do whatever they can to help. a twenty four hour tent city in the middle of this remote location is feeding and supporting thousands of people involved in the operation and. almost everything is being freely supplied. the operation has shifted from search to risk you're.
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a party of time navy seals including a medic reaches the stranded boys bringing food water heat blankets and medical supplies are. surprisingly they only have minor injuries. waiting above ground the boys mothers are overjoyed as they watch the video of this sons. the. things that. i am. i going. to new i always think about what. you
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want to see if you do i don't want to take. up a. lot diving up there and seeing all these kids how old they would take they seemed you know in good spirits. whether it was a quiet desolate place. they've know as. they go to the toilet. the smell is quite bought. while the nation and the world celebrate the boy's survival rescue as grapple with the enormous challenge of hell to get them else the search for alternative entry points to the caves is proof utah. we've had hundreds if not thousands of the time military that we're linked in with and they're not finding any other access points along the side and we found all the
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cave in experts that we could and they all confirmed now that there's one way in and out of this cave and that's at the front entrance of it there is no other option. the mission could not be more dangerous the boys in the coach are a kilometer below the surface and two point four kilometers inside the notoriously treacherous cave. the option of leaving the boys where they are until after the monsoon season has been canvassed but abandoned. homes are in action draining more the out of the cave but heavy rains a full cost which could quickly submerge the entire system. it we're fighting mother nature trying to get this much water out but. it was really the understanding that the flow of water coming in and the lowering of the oxygen
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levels in chamber nine that that's that's what kind of forced us to a decision of hey we've got to do something now. dr craig challen is a recently retired perth vet his friend harry is dr richard harris and the need to test from adelaide they have dived together all over the world where already they mean contact with the british i've followed the. i waiting up to this. broadly familiar with what was going on in the car. and yet to be honest not looking good at all. on friday july sixth as harrison challen a ride at the rescue site there is a tragedy. news breaks that a former time navy seal involved in the operation has died. at the. petty officer. had left the navy but signed up to join the search is
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a volunteer. who had been delivering canisters along the route being used by the divers in the cave in a cruel twist he lost consciousness after running out of a himself on the return dive. got me. out. and. got that hoping that maybe not in the name of what would. be a bank with a man. that. walked out of lebanon. but on. me. you know there was obviously a very sobering moment at the same time we realized ok this doesn't change anything we still have twelve kids and a coach in there we still have to to go forward and do this.
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in the aftermath of the tragedy the mood of the rescue changes. the short lived elation after the boys were discovered has been replaced by a sense of crisis in grim determination. everyone else was starting to see the same exact logic trail that was very quickly becoming to. the point that the dive option was the only option the tice eales taller so you know it's approved so we're going to go and we're going to do this. this preparations for the risky move into their final stage everyone's morale is boosted when letters written by the boys to their families and brought out by british divers are released. and that i love you if i can get out please take me to crispy park.
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it a bit but don't worry don't forget my birthday. i am happy the seal team is taking care of us the grave. what did you think of the why those kids and comported themselves strong really strong you know composure. we told them about the plan the details of the plan that would have to how we don't have to dive them out and none of them were whimpering our crying or anything they just accepted what we were going to do real mental strength from them and which is really surprising considering consider in their ages how was it decided who goes out first who goes out what batch and when did the coach come out so that was up through. the boys on the coach on the tar and i.v. we told them what was going to happen and said you choose your best men and.
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it's there sunday the eighth of july the twelve boys in the coach have been trapped for fifteen days the conditions are getting worse as the monsoon closes even there's a growing sense that it's now or never. that anybody can be there and i. don't hear. exam forty. five but even. at twenty three. and. a half. as i made in. my own right. the toy authorities ordered anyone not involved in the rescue operation to leave the area. as night falls the fleet of ambulances arrive this thirteen of them one for each of the boys in their coach
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. the task of bringing the boys else will be the responsibility of a team of thirteen foreign divers and five time navy seals. it will take them three hours to make their way through the narrow dark passages to reach the boys. so this is where the boys are here in china but on so there's a there's a hill here craig challenge will play a key role along the route of the risk you get it is the unique skills of his friend. dr harris that will be critical to the success of the mission you know how you taping the boys. yeah so i did have some sort. of calm because the worst thing that could happen would be one of those guys panicking and if you put
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me in a full face mask with no previous experience and drag me out of a car if it's better three hour trip then all would be terrified and probably panicking as well. yet they were calmed down a bit. here yes i was out basically given a notice of the. year. there wasn't very much activity there. the risk you operation is an incredible feat of planning and coordination. so we kind of divided the cave up to make it easier nine areas right and there was of a hundred fifty people you know from chamber then from the cave all working as one big team with many different responsibilities. my role was one of the local recovery divers so i would take a kid from chamber nine and bring him the whole way out. so with the dive in which
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submerge with the kid. on it depending on how the line led with him on the right side or the left on the side of a hole in the back or hold in the chest i have a face here depending if they to hit the roof or not or if we could see what was going on we would pull them out a little bit further. swing through the show me the first reason to move his ability could see a major in front of me so odd enough to hold on to the line by the last day it was no visibility so it's much more. mentally exhausting than i had to have the law really close to me because if you did in. his head against the rocks was if i had my head quite close the amount i extended my head above him. my head was bashed in the rocks first so we could view it the visibility was that body couldn't see the rock until he actually hit it. there were certain areas that involve floating them through certain areas the involved diving them swimming them if we have to rescuers
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per child you know ensuring that just at all times if there were two there was one always holding on to the child you feel in control. in terms of to get myself out of comfort of not losing control of the line i was confident of again the kid out i wasn't one hundred percent confident of game out of life because if we bashed him against a rock too hard in the dishwasher mask and flooded his mask he was a goner so that's why we have to be very slow and careful about not. banging them against rocks.
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that body back down but need muscle pops out in my body time that i know for the back of my hand. one time. my sig did seize on. the news that the first four of the boys have big risk you didn't go to safety is met with mixed emotions is the anxious families watch and like to learn who has been saved the some there is a lation for others more anxious waiting. to. see them come up in the light. down a little different path will keep you made but he'll. am weird trying not to get our souls sorry a false sense of comfort and that it could all still go horribly wrong and in fact you know it in some ways that it be worse for everyone involved if we'd had some good outcomes and then started to. list than twenty four hours
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later the seemingly miraculous fate is repeated. after a second risk you expedition but team of eighteen divers another four boys have brought safely down to the cave. second day when we had another four for four we pulled everybody aside and said this does not change a thing we are not going to lower our vigilance we're not going to lower our attention to detail. we're just turning the last hour so that the ninth and tenth always. have been brought out and the news is coming through now is that the eleventh boy in the cave with to be shipping him through the narrow car doors the eleventh boy soon emerges and this news the coach is also free. is not full only one boy remains inside the cave three time maybe seals and the astroid in dr richard harris with him they will stay until the very end.
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when the news is filtering out on officially at this stage that all thirteen members of the same out of the time that these rescue mission has been an unrivaled success that this is a miracle rescue. the eighteen day vigil is over. for the tire thirties who led this mission it is a dream result. in. that bag.
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and words cannot describe how happy we were. here honestly was not a result. we thought we would get. is one of the most difficult and dangerous and risky things i don't know in terms of my own personal safety but in terms of the people i was responsible for never did anything as risky as that and i don't think i ever will again. it was the only option we took at. in a world full of bad news how good is this this is awesome i were so incredibly overjoyed that not only is it a good news trick but at the end of the day we got the kids back together the parents and that's what matters in my mind. in the deprived villages of northern argentina there's one man with
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a solution to every problem. for engineers self-proclaimed inventor ferdinando and he's crusty ninety four to seven ford truck no challenge is to small or village too far in his latest mission he constructed much needed for generator the drums and fire board viewfinder latin america driving change and i just see it are. full of struggles a little quarrels although not very well then went through it all and went on this is yet in one piece you see dylan with. full of pleasure. just a question i get a hour bonfield an intimate look at life in cuba today us on the toilet cause i'm going to pass an army when i hear the sort of long haul i may hang my cuba on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. allowing rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes in pakistan the tally isn't official but iran caught claims victory. an escalation or maybe not yemen's who feeds say they hit the abu dhabi airport with a drone the amorality say it didn't happen. the u.s. uses a conference promoting religious freedom to threaten turkey. and a day after washington and the e.u. call a truce in their trade war france's president.


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