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far in his latest mission he constructed much needed to generate the drones and fire board viewfinder latin america driving change on al-jazeera. hours away from official election results in pakistan imran khan's party leads but deals will still have to be made. along the whole romany watching al-jazeera life while headquarters here in doha are also coming up beginning of the final journey home north korea gives up the remains of u.s. soldiers killed during the korean war. also causing chaos across the border thousands now ordered from their homes in cambodia after the collapse of a dam in laos. and not so many lights anymore facebook suffers the biggest ever
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loss in u.s. stock history. welcome to the program twenty six years after he lifted cricket's world cup trophy as pakistan's captain in one car is inching closer to the leadership of the country the party set up that has emerged as the single largest winner from wednesday's general election we're expecting this fine result shortly hopefully the next few hours but he'll still need coalition partners to form a government that khan's main opponents benefited from massive rigging we're going to islamabad in a moment but first to some binge of it has more from lahore. supporters of pakistan tehreek e insaf party celebrated their victory even before results were announced initial vote tallies gave him a decisive leaves. i'm getting
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a borehole khan has promised a lot of the people the huge number of votes the people gave him is because he can do what i must fail to do he should deliver his promises and i should do a lot for the masses who should deliver now otherwise his situation will be worse than that of our sharif and zaatari. supporters voted for change and after twenty two years in politics it finally worked for their leader. i'm thankful to god for the twenty two year struggle today god has given me the opportunity that i have dreamt of a dream for pakistan accountability will start with me then my ministers and then we will work our way down but the vote count has been pointed virtual pakistan muslim league which won a majority in twenty thirty and says their mandate was stolen from them there's also been criticism from put to be a religious correlation and others but the election commission denies there was any
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foul play or how many years ago i hear the complaints that we received procedural in the nature and there's no complaint of misconduct in the elections so we are satisfied that the execution of the elections this free and fair. imran khan's one pledges of change and people in pakistan even those who did not vote for him want him to deliver by improving living conditions healing the economy and fighting corruption. whichever government comes it should do good for us we want water gas and electricity. other problems as well they should solve our problems in punjab province plans to form a coalition government but even then he has promised to fight tooth and nail to save their provincial influence the challenge for the cricketer turned politician is to create an inclusive government and then keep it running for five years so far all major political parties apart from the p.t. i have reservations about the results have called for an all parties conference in
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the federal capital islamabad it is going to be a numbers game to form a government and imran khan does not have those numbers alone the big question is who will he form an alliance with osama bin. senior correspondent to pakistan who's in the capital kabul all eyes fixed on those official results and they're going to be announced from where you are. absolutely positively ridden. before friday prayers that we are expecting however the election commission had the results for eighty percent of the election. in iran. surely hundred ten feet although it is anticipated that the real get over one hundred twenty five feet by the time the final results are announced but to wait and see however.
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a day in negotiations that party the negotiation with at least five of the party they've also got a number of seats. to be independent and independent candidates. candidates normally range toward the party that gets the maximum war dead that's been the trend dad's all emraan it's really all of them all gone for days but as you rightfully know i mean this is budgets on and on everything is announced or face really and the operators are not kept everything nothing is final of course and one consideration imraan khan has to have thinking about coalition partners kemal is the type of coalition partners pakistan is very diverse country we have very forward thinking people but we also have religious right wing we also have the autocrats. it when you look at the independent groups he may have to make
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a coalition with will two of the smaller parties that have won a round about a lesson seat he could be looking at possibly two coalition partners what does he have to consider in the bigger picture of what's going on in pakistan at the moment . well we don't know what imran khan is thinking right now i think there will be concentrating on making sure all that they've got the right number of reported all of the right number of walls however it is something important to understand there and progress on the signals coming out from the all police in at this moment are make. no why why why should he be the leader of the bugs on muslim league now was he's already in big eight days he's quite happy to trigger on the open they can bend we also have to understand that the people's party has done much better than they did in the last election and they have a new young leader who has also won from his home constituency in larkana stole it
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will be up to the door democratic parties to understand to work together to come to some sort of an arrangement so that progress on democracy and nor did a god what the right wing is now trading. they're doing good they did the late going to be considered null and wide a large number of them for going dad men dead had to be rich but very legit by day they're barely able to get the budget done people's party on board and muslim league now are gone bald and they're now your d.h. and that would be a daily double broadhead and make it even more and. then they went before a pretty girl by the country and we will get a clear direction out the way through the state of affairs going for a while get on the electric bike and don't bury it indeed for the election commission to announce those results and announcement from the party leaders later thanks kemal. our other top story any gesture from north korea amid the push to
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keep nuclear talks with the us moving forward it's handed over the reigns of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war now a u.s. military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to pick up the remains and bring them to a base in south korea kim jong un had promised to return the bodies during his meeting with donald trump in june it's believed the remains of five thousand three hundred u.s. soldiers are still in north korea more than sixty years after the fighting stopped friday marks the sixty fifth anniversary of the armistice that ended the war gabriel is under has more from washington d.c. . the handover of these remains of these u.s. service members was one of the clear actions that was in the singapore communique from june when u.s. president donald trump met the north korean leader kim jong un over there in singapore and this was all part of it the handover of these remains it's unclear
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why it took so long after the singha sports summit for this to happen but we do know that secretary of state my phone pale was over north korea recently and it's probably safe to assume that this is very high up on his list of pressuring the north korea's koreans to make this happen now over the years there's been a handover of repatriation of some other american soldiers that were lost during that war but it's believed that there are still five thousand three hundred u.s. service members that are unaccounted for from the war and it's believed that the north koreans pav about one hundred to one hundred fifty or so remains still ready to hand over to the americans at some point now what happens next there will be a formal and likely somber ceremony that will be next week honoring the fallen soldiers from this war so long ago. one israeli settler is dead and two
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others injured after being stabbed in the occupied west bank now the attack happened in are them south west of ramallah a palestinian suspect was killed after entering the settlement and carrying out the attack. and it internal israeli military report is expected to find no grounds for further investigation into the recent killings of palestinian protesters by army snipers israeli media is reporting the army will not refer any soldiers to the military police over their conduct reports say the military is blaming operational mishaps for the deaths of anyone who was not an intended target our correspondent andrew simmons joins me now from west jerusalem operational mishaps andrew what does that actually mean and obviously what repercussions could there have been if any. well firstly this is a report in horowitz newspaper no other publications have gone with this it is said
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that it's expected according to the newspaper for this internal inquiry to rule that as you say there were no open fire orders is really the term used for this and that it leads on for the conclusion that suggested by this report that these are total of one hundred fifty three palestinian deaths were not intentional the weren't individual targets made by israeli army snipers in the this instance it covers a period from march thirtieth until july the fall the fourteenth right the way across the gaza strip border with israel and there is what has to be said that this report isn't necessarily the end of the affair because it's being conducted by
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a brigadier general it will then be moved up another notch in the army command and it's possible for any more senior officer to rule that the could be individual investigations are against individuals so by no means is this a done deal this is a report that isn't confirmed by the army i hasten to add we have put in for a comment where blessing to hear back from them on this right now in deed of course as we head towards friday perhaps we also focusing on the gaza border but of course let's talk about a stabbing incident happened in the occupied west bank late on thursday what more details you have about bot. yes up was an attack by a seventeen year old palestinian man he entered the illegal. settlement of adam in the occupied west bank and there was a tussle he brought out a knife and killed one israeli settler there were two others injured one seriously
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the more lightly injured one is reported to have opened fire and killed this palestinian attacker that isn't confirmed but it certainly raised tensions in that area it's the first stabbing attack for a number of months now back in march was the last one and of course this all adds to a really tense feeling right across the occupied west bank and indeed gaza right now where you have that report which is not a good timing for it really in the run up to friday prayers which is always the trigger point for protests in gaza much concern about just what will happen in the roll out of events in the wake of three how mass fighters being killed by israeli army back and wednesday and another flare up in the violence more concern about what implications this has for peace moves right across the board
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a very very dark picture it seems a not a lot of light right now in this conflict or keep an eye on this and to continue to monitor events on friday with you and rick thanks a lot. still ahead here on al-jazeera why human rights advocates are saying nicaragua has become a country in an undeclared state of siege. and the suspicions growing about what may have started those deadly wildfires in greece. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts now we're still looking at exceptional weather conditions across parts of europe in western areas extreme heat coming up across france temperatures of at least thirty six for paris some places northern france across the low countries western parts of germany getting well
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above the same goes the u.k. we could see something close to record temperatures certainly in the high thirty's during the course of friday across the south but also some really severe storms across the u.k. and through into northern parts of france as we head on through into the weekend across the low countries to follow behind but still very unsettled but of a draw arizona across more senseless and berlin down through to vienna and rome otherwise eastern areas again a lot of heavy showers here with the big storms mixed in so get across so the side of the mediterranean is all looking fine should be a decent day in cairo the breeze coming off the mediterranean so temperatures just thirty six degrees celsius central parts of africa some pretty big storms a long way north chutneys air money for picking up a few storms during the course of the next few days by michael looking at highs of twenty eight degrees probably dry southern portions of africa largely dry and fine but we could see some rain affecting cape town at times.
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every armed attack. creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one tone. is sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice evict and coming soon on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera has the whole robin a reminder of our top news stories pakistani cricketer turned politician and run card is inching closer to victory in wednesday's elections but he will need allies to form a new government is supposed to say the vote was rigged to favor him this fishel election results are expected shortly also an internal israeli military port is expected to find no grounds for further investigation into the recent killings of palestinian protesters by army snipers an israeli newspaper says the military is blaming operational mishaps for the deaths of anyone who was not an intended target . and north korea has handed over the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war fulfilling one of the promises kim jong un named to donald trump at that summit in june the u.s. military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to bring them to a base in the south. let's get more on this with ball in seoul he's
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a research fellow at the institute for north korean studies in your. university good to have you with us this is a move that probably will help continue to build trust between north korea and the u.s. that's important at this time. but definitely it is very important for the u.s. and north korea to build trust first this is the one of the four agreements stipulated in the joint statement signed by mr king's own of north korea and mr donald trump of the united state in singapore so in meeting a pro so. you just have to show the world that they are genuine in fulfilling the agreement and progress has been made indeed i mean this is a deliverable issue that you might say it's low on the agenda it's the fact that it works for both sides but the issue and what they're working towards is the discussion over denuclearize station there the steps towards that are much
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smaller and more careful right but you're absolutely correct that they have to do something that is dorval first and if you look back at the history of the united states you know normalizing relations with our former adversaries it usually began with the return discovery in return of the war remains of the american soldiers like the u.s. where normalization you know process so obviously is a good gesture they will be welcomed by the united states and our north korea is genuine in its intention to fulfill the agreement of the singapore something meeting and for north korea this is the this is a good signal the united states is committed to normalizing its a diplomatic relations with north korea if that denuclearization will be moving in the right direction where does this sort of leave the next sort of potential
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talking point as well which is sort of the formal end of the korean war because will not weaken the u.s. position in terms of negotiation and its presence in the region. right the next item will be declaring the all fishel and the korean war since nine hundred fifty three when he was first suspended by the armistice the greenland north korea has been very aggressively demanding this to the united states but you know the state does not want to move to fast with this first if you know this is agrees to declare that korea war is off surely over that and they may weaken its military presence in south korea and security cooperation with south korea and it will weaken the argument if the united states will find necessary to return to military options if north korea is not going to faithfully fulfill the process of being
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a collision and china wants to be on board in declaring the artificial end of the korean war so the saudis the united states does not want to allow china to influence tween crees on the korean peninsula so for all these reasons the united states remains has turned by north korea really wants to move ahead with this idea indeed lots of moving parts still in the story of the korean peninsula for the moment thanks so much for joining us from seoul the greek authorities say there are serious indications that deadly wildfires was started deliberately more than eighty people are confirmed dead after flames through beach resorts in the athens barca has the latest from the tea. officials looking into the causes of the fires now believe that there are serious indications of arson this is prime minister alexis tsipras says early suspicion given the speed of the fires that sprang up both east and west of athens also because they appear to have been
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started simle taney asli we know that earlier in the week officials have been using an unmanned drone to fly over the entire area looking for anything suspicious well the layout of the town of monte is also being blamed for making the situation here much much worse many of these houses sprang up in the one nine hundred seventy s. eighty's and ninety's with no consideration for escape routes particularly down to the beach with a still lot of debris here people returning to slowly clean up their own private properties but take a look at this this is what they've got to contend with a telegraph pole completely burnt to a cinder at the bottom resting on the top of a burnt out car very treacherous the people passing here well the search for the missing continues there's no official figures yet but we've spoken to local officials superficially believe that the figure is in triple digits there's also a search going on out at sea and new information of more bodies that have been
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found at the top of a cliff here of course they are trying to flee to the sea but never made it. flood water from those clumps of a. blow to the evacuation of about twenty five thousand people for the homes and they bring come here the total killed in laos has now risen to twenty seven with one hundred thirty people still missing rescue workers are trying to move many people to safety while aid workers and volunteers are distributing emergency supplies louis has the latest. thing province in cambodia. there's there hasn't been anything much player coming from the south korean company that's one of four partners in involved in the sippin saddam noid construction dam construction project now they say they've discovered that that was from the fractures in dam on sunday and then the day if they notified authorities on sunday when they started evacuating people around the area of the dam in laos on sunday
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it's of a day before the dam burst. however there is some sort of discrepancy as to the timeline of. this occurrence the other korean company involved one of the four companies involved in the construction of this dam said that the subsidence of about eleven centimeters in the center of the dime was noticed was first notice on friday so that's about two days earlier than what the other south korean company s.k. engineering and construction has reported so there's some sort of discrepancy in the timeline there leading to questions as to whether this really was an accident that could have been averted could the people have been evacuated much earlier we still have the number of people missing is still at over one hundred philippine president has signed a new law to give the muslim community on the island of mindanao its own regional government groups in the region who have been fighting for autonomy for more than forty years the conflict killed more than
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a hundred thousand people it's hoped the new law will hold bring an end to the funny thing. and ugandan president yoweri was seventy looks as if he'll be able to run for a sixth term thanks to a court ruling candidates need to be under the age of seventy five to run seventy is seventy three years old but would have been blocked from entering the next election due to be held in twenty twenty one now a new bill has been signed scrapping the age limit. the current here is association of human rights says at least four hundred forty eight people have been killed in anti-government protests over the past three months it's accusing security forces of detaining opponents of president daniel ortega into torture centers to see in human reports from the capital. it's been one hundred days since the began burying their loved ones killed in a conflict too reminiscent of the country's civil war in the one nine hundred seventy s. this week at least three more people were killed in the northern city of reportedly
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by pro-government paramilitary forces while in managua a brazilian medical student sympathetic to student protesters was gunned down by unidentified assailants. at a news conference nicaragua's association of human rights said it had tallied ninety seven killings in the last two weeks alone and four hundred and forty eight deaths since april eighteenth. was seen operations outside of the framework of law by groups paramilitary and fog who are carrying out detentions torture terrible selective assassinations as well as writing homes destroying private and public property motivated by political party and ideological fanaticism. human rights leaders tell us that in these one hundred days in the rubble has become a part of the. state at sea given the chance of everywhere you can see on the horizon for example it's only at this hour but it's home to the traffic but instead i feel
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i can see where i must seem to get out if i can start. a small group of students nevertheless came out to mark the anniversary of the civil uprising. and we say to the government that we aren't afraid they say they want peace but they are killing us. president daniel ortega blames the killings on alleged terrorists who want him out his wife and vice. as an interest went further in a radio broadcast this one a little read. there are drug addicts and alcoholics linked to all sorts of delinquency the negro one people know that some have taken their own lives so they can blame the government. and rights organizations refute the claims and accuse the government of setting up clandestine detention and torture centers. we are seeing monstrous repression with all the perverse methods that the state can resort to
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jeer in war time even though the country isn't at war and it's using them against its own people president ortega insists that the country is getting back to normal but the rising number of deaths and disappearances of opponents tell a different story. you see in human al-jazeera managua. facebook has made history but zuckerberg won't be celebrating the stock lost one hundred percent of its value and is trading in new york why one hundred twenty billion dollars in market value the biggest single day loss for any publicly traded stock kristen salumi reports from new york. for facebook which has experienced exponential growth since its initial public offering in two thousand and twelve it was an uncharacteristic plunge in market value after an uncharacteristically bad quarterly report on thursday share prices tumbled sure profits were up thirty one percent over last year but for the first time since two thousand and fifteen they fell
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short of expectations to some extent this correction was expected i think the smart money had expected this. and then your price for perfection there's no margin of error a series of scandals seem to be catching up to the social media company founder mark zuckerberg was called to account by congress over rush's use of the platform to try to influence the two thousand and sixteen election we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry and the harvesting of user data through the political consulting firm cambridge analytical the company says increases in security spending are likely to continue eating into profits and tougher user protection laws in europe have already cost the company some three million users but there are some structural issues right now and they need to really work that out it's going to take some time but at the end at the end of the
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day at the very end of the day facebook is a good company facebook remains one of the most valuable publicly traded companies heading into the two thousand and eighteen midterm elections when its new security protocols will be put to the test mark zuckerberg is attempting to reassure investors saying that this time he's confident the social media company will get it right christine salumi al-jazeera new york. your child is there i'm still writing a reminder of our top stories because on the cricket a turned politician and run card is inching closer to victory from wednesday's. general election but he will need allies to form a government his opponent says the vote was rigged to favor him the official results are expected shortly as more from the capital islamabad. ready in negotiation that. really did leave why did they want to go guard
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a number of the. independent candidates the independent candidates normally. why did they get the maximum war there had been the trend there go in iran is really all the more gone for a day north korea is handed over the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war fulfilling one of the promises kim jong un made to donald trump at their summit in june the u.s. military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to bring them to a base in south korea it's believed that the remains of five thousand three hundred u.s. soldiers are still in north korea more than sixty years after the fighting stopped friday marks the sixty fifth anniversary of the armistice that ended the war one israeli settler is dead and two others injured after being stabbed in the occupied west bank the attack happened in are them southwest of ramallah a palestinian suspect was killed after entering the settlement and carrying out the attack in response the israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman says four hundred more
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subtle homes will be built in the area. an internal israeli military report is expected to find no grounds for further investigation into the killings of palestinian protesters by army snipers and israeli newspaper reports the army will not true for any soldiers to the military police over their conduct it says the military is blaming operational mishaps for the deaths of anyone who was not an intended target. ugandan president looks like he'll be able to run for a sixth term thanks to a court ruling candidates need to be under the age of seventy five to run the seventy seventy three but would have been blocked from entering the next election to be held in twenty twenty one of those with a new. story to stay with us. for the first time since he was forced from power by the army the people of zimbabwe will see the next president but
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a struggling economy and frustration among many young voters. it's still hard to follow this election. cutting off the supply of middle east oil saudi arabia temporarily suspend shipments through the straits after two of its tankers are attacked right. off the coast of yemen will that further fuel regional tensions and lead to high oil prices this is inside story. welcome to the program i'm peter dubey petrol prices could soon be on the way up because of the war in yemen and sanctions being we imposed on iran saudi arabia has ordered its oil tanker.


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