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official election results too soon in pakistan imran khan's party leads but it's heading into a coalition government. all right when you watch officer life my headquarters here in doha are also coming up beginning of the final journey home north korea gives up the remains of u.s. soldiers killed during the korean war. new suspicion about the death and destruction in greece all forties now believe the wildfires around things were deliberately lit. and causing chaos across the border thousands now water from their homes in cambodia after the collapse of a dam in laos. welcome
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to the program imran khan is inching closer to the leadership of pakistan but he's going to need help to form a government the party set up the wrekin soft has emerged as the largest single vote winner for wednesday's general election in the next hour or two we're expecting the official final count to be announced by the election commission but khan's main opponents allege she benefited from massive vote rigging we're going live to islamabad in a moment but first a somber binge of it has the latest from lahore. supporters of pakistan tehreek e insaf party celebrated their victory even before results were announced initial vote tally gave in the party a decisive leads on honey i'm getting a borehole khan has promised a lot of the people the huge number of votes the people gave him is because he can do what i must fail to do you should deliver his promises why should do
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a lot for the masses should deliver now otherwise his situation will be worse than that of our sharif and the dari. his supporters voted for change and after twenty two years in politics it finally worked for their leader. i'm thankful to god for the twenty two year struggle today god has given me the opportunity that i have dreamt of a dream for pakistan accountability will start with me then my ministers and then we will work our way down. but the vote count has been pointed virtual pakistan muslim league which won a majority in twenty thirteen says their mandate was stolen from them there's also been criticism from the law but to be a religious correlation and others but the election commission denies there was any foul play and how many years ago i hear the complaints that we received procedural in nature and there is no complaint of misconduct in the elections so we are
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satisfied that the execution of the elections is free and fair. in on hands one on pledges of change and people in pakistan even those who did not vote for him want him to deliver by improving living conditions healing the economy and fighting corruption will be a useful model of how you get a commodity with whichever government comes it should do good for us we want water gas and electricity and obviously there are other problems as well and should solve our problems in punjab province on plans to form a coalition government but c.n.n. has promised to fight tooth and nail to save their provincial influence the challenge for the cricketer turned politician is to create an inclusive government and then keep it running for five years so far all major political parties about from the p.t.a. i have reservations about that is also called for an all parties conference in the federal capital islamabad it is going to be a numbers game to form a government and imran khan does not have those numbers alone the big question is
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who will he form an alliance with some of the job and other there are a lot well i just called one o'clock in the afternoon in pakistan while hyder our senior correspondent in pakistan is standing by i'm sure one hundred eighty million and more pakistanis have got their eyes focused on that building behind you and they're waiting for official results come i'll. absolutely go out all that gear then you drop them in the local media some of them up guards have a stakeout it's really raining really for either day out there but important to know all that emraan now had according to the reports that we have been receiving and now ward says he will easily be able to form the negs government so why did the all police can they kept their god so it's called the bugger son looks league now wide led by step by trade has already hinted degre would be railing on the opposition benches and of course the peepers bar-b.
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regard to its board rarely better than last election will also be hoping to pick. in parliament a big question mark still far on died down because the religious right party the line they say that they warned this nolen ward they're going to go for the agitation they would be trying to take the out the mainstream barbie right then my dad started a brown is going to be been a very strong when there's been. a government that. probably two thirds majority that i did i did not like them but majority end up on jobs they're already a negotiation and read like minded bar-b. like they progress down mostly you they've got a few seats that drudgery. and government once upon a dime always be independent through force like me are going to drain the word red mary that's been the history of the progress on the part they started very well the
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thing about iran is definitely has headed for week three however we are waiting for godot fish in the lake fingered dollars from the lakes interregional buggiest on days that were. ordered at eight pm the we're still waiting for bed the day that announced that they were in. there for madrid and they can be interesting indeed an interesting development to be does actually get a simple majority and is allowed to form a government however there was always a question mark in the lead up to the selection that many punters many analysts suggested that it might be a coalition government if the case not still an option at the moment we don't know because the official results if he does have to look towards coalition partners not only will he have to try and find the right policies to work with him but he may also have to compromise on some of his policies and that will be a much a larger question and perhaps a area that his opponents will target if that ends up being the case.
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well emraan are you a sports man from what green knowing he'd already filmed there a big no. accountability red brick to him there would be no political richter my rate then you also have to respect them and they go to the people if the people's party has been a leader during its big. legal a good someone like why go now to the big responsibility fairly big. we seem to have lost kemal or got general sense though of course of what's happening in islamabad and of course we will go back to pakistan once we get an idea of when that official announcement will be made as to who won the general election with what number of seats in the national assembly now and you gesture from north korea the push to keep nuclear talks with the us moving on its
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handed over the reigns of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war a u.s. military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to pick up the remains and bring them to a base in south korea kim jong un had promised to return the bodies during his meeting with donald trump in june it's believed that the remains of five thousand three hundred u.s. soldiers all still in north korea more than sixty years after the fighting stopped friday marks the sixty fifth anniversary of the armistice that ended the conflict. is a research fellow in university he says this is a defining moment for north korea u.s. relations. if you look back the history of the united states you know normalizing relations with the former adversaries it usually begone with the return of discovery in return all the war remains of american soldiers like the u.s. that phenomenology sions process so this is
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a good gesture they will be welcomed by the united states but i know it's crazy and you mean you need the intention to fulfill the agreement of the singapore something meeting and for north korea this is a this is a good signal that united states is committed to normalizing its up to put money relationship in north korea if that the new collision will be moving in the right direction the next item will be declaring the all fishel and the korean war since the one nine hundred fifty s. the when he was a state suspended by the army to so grim and north korea has been very aggressively demanding this to the united states but united states does not want to move to fast with face first if you know this is agrees to declare that korea war is also the over at that and they may weaken its military presence in south korea and china
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wants to be on board in declaring the official end of the korean war so and so if the united states does not want to allow china to influence tween crees on the korean peninsula so for all these reasons the united states remains his tent but north korea really wants to move ahead with this idea. well one israeli settler is dead and two others injured after being stabbed in the occupied west bank now the attack happened in are them southwest of ramallah a palestinian the suspect was killed after entering the settlement and carrying out the attack let's get the very latest on all of this now with andrew symonds our correspondent in west jerusalem and of course the response to andrew has been quite swift and from the foreign minister. earlier surveyed believe a man who's actually he's now in charge of the defense ministry in fact that he's basically saying quite categorically that his response is the right response to
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terror that's what he's saying he's saying that he will immediately prepare plans and push forward plans for the building of four hundred new homes in the occupied west bank in the same settlement the same internationally illegal settlement in which this attack took place now what happened was this it was a seventeen year old young palestinian man who. got into the settlement and confronted some settlers stabbing one man to death another man was seriously injured and a third person who was likely injured opened fire he said to save his own life he told investigators later and so we have two dead here and we have a situation a big security situation in this settlement called adams settlement which is south of ramallah in the occupied west bank
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a big security situation there with more reinforcements of israeli soldiers going in to the occupied west bank as a result all this happening on friday when prayers across the country of the palestinian communities will be a tense affair because of the actions in gaza so. of course of course and we've also got a major israeli newspaper also quoting military sources about a report on those that have died along the guards or israel border and how their deaths will be treated regarding investigations or not in the future. that's right yes in the run up to friday prayers with hamas warning it could have venge the deaths of three of its fighters on wednesday in the attack by israeli soldiers in response to an incident in which an israeli soldier was shot earlier
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that this is basically a tense situation and now we have how it's newspaper saying it understands expects the inquiry into the deaths of a hundred and fifty three palestinians in the demonstrations in gaza since march to clear any doubt about whether or not these shootings were either unintentional or all wrong in any way no one violated open fire orders is the understanding of the newspaper on this inquiry and there was no questioning of any doubt about whether there was a targeting of demonstrations that was not the case it said that there were operational mishaps that's the terminology however important to note here that this could not be the final word this would this report its internal report which is
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carried out by a brigadier general will be passed up the chain of command and that could be a review but then nevertheless this is a definite it would seem according to how it's this leak it it does seem that. investigation has concluded that there will be no passing on any information to the military police for follow up action so in conclusion friday an important day always on the calendar of events in israel and the palestinians have been called by gaza to rise and demonstrate against what they say is israeli aggression israel is standing firm. no one wants the conflict of gaza to to really inflame again no one in really responsible positions it has to be said however accidents happen history the history of conflict in the middle east is littered with accidents that have happened the past which lead to
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much more serious things so by no means is the atmosphere right now carm in any way whatsoever but will continue to monitor things with the under threat thank you now the russian delegation is a visiting beirut to discuss plans to repatriate syrian refugees but almost a million syrians registered as living in lebanon but many say they don't want to return home because there's nothing left for them cynical to report from the bekaa valley in eastern lebanon. the kremlin says it has a plan to repatriate refugees to lebanon a delegation headed by alexander levant to have president vladimir putin special envoy on syria presented its proposals to government leaders in beirut a few details were divulged at least publicly but russia is asking the international community to play a role we all understand that to see them go to the capable of doing much of financial assistance because of age and. if you will be professional
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you must contribute to this. conference. lebanese leaders have said they welcome russia's efforts to ensure the return of refugees so has jordan both countries host hundreds of thousands of refugees and have complained about the burden on that host nation said russia promised and he returned these will be voluntary but refugees want the u.n. to oversee the operation and provide international security guarantees. the united nations says it still does not have the details of russia's repatriation plan and while it says it is ready to engage in discussions the international organization continues to insist syria is still not safe and that any plan must be in line with international standards. for the broken family just like many refugees here say they can't return they list many obstacles from fear to the lack of jobs man i miss
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you have nothing to return to our house has been looted and enjoyed there are no one is there to help us but you are sure most of them is gone we are afraid of the regime if we go back my husband will be forcibly conscripted. who will work to feed my kids. for many the war is not over russia and syria see it differently even though there is no negotiated settlement to the conflict. i think going back returning to their country should be dying and link building and building is a scene of the news you need to address the root causes of the conflict i think this is a must it's not the first time russia has asked the international community to help rebuild syria but those countries have linked we construction money to a political transition that involves the u.s. it's not clear if their position has changed with the changes underway in syria senator levin are. well still ahead here on al-jazeera a vote for change the barbarians pin their hopes on next week's election to steer
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their economy from isolation and why human rights advocates say nicaragua has become a country in the declared state of siege those stories on the other side of the break. from the clear blue sky of the doha mooning. to the fresh fruits and grease in the city. hello most of europe at least in middle bit of europe is still suffering a heatwave and there's still plenty of showers in the east but there's a bit of a change taking place in the northwest that cold front is going to make some actual progress although the forecast temperature for london is thirty one and somewhere nice thing and probably thirty five similar to a good part of france and of course spain temperature will drop by the thirty's exist about as far east as poland and then attempt a joke little bit larger because the amount of cloud in the sky and the shaddock
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imagine all the way down to the south of greece as i'm sure you're aware so this is looks like then by the middle of this afternoon if i run you over night you'll notice that color from a streak of green runs slowly through the british isles the green ahead these thunderstorms the temperature forecast for london and for paris has dropped so saturday and first time for a very long time i have to say the thirty's still there further east germany and down towards italy still heat wave territory and not much relief in sight an immediate future throughout the mediterranean apart from a few showers developing you know of a greece maybe sicily if you're lucky it's typically going to be hot sunshine going on shore breeze is still thirty seven into mr and thirty six in car. the weather sponsored by cattle race. where were you when the hot engine or when they're on line. chief call. up again inequality in our society
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today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for a change join the conversation announces iraq. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so whole robin a reminder of our top stories pakistani cricketer turned politician imran khan is inching closer to victory in wednesday's general election but he will need allies to form a government his opponents say the vote was rigged to favor him under threatening agitation the official results are expected very soon. an internal israeli military
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report is a fact to find no grounds for further investigation into the recent killings of pakistani protesters by army snipers and israeli newspaper says the military is blaming operational mishaps for the death of anyone who was not an intended target . and north korea has handed over the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war fulfilling one of the promises kim jong un made to donald trump at that summit in june a u.s. military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to bring them to a base in the cells. say there are serious indications that some of the deadly wildfires was started deliberately more than eighty people are confirmed dead after flames swept through beach resorts near athens barca has the latest from. officials looking into the causes of the fires now believe that there are serious indications of arson this is prime minister alexis tsipras says
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early suspicion given the speed of the fires that sprout up both east and west of athens also because they appear to have been started simle taney asli we know that earlier on in the week officials have been using an unmanned drone to fly over the entire area looking for anything suspicious well the layout of the town of monte is also being blamed for making the situation here much much worse many of these houses sprang up in the one nine hundred seventy s. eighty's and ninety's with no consideration for escape routes particularly down to the beach where the still a lot of debris here people returning to slowly clean up their own private properties but take a look at this this is what they've got to contend with a telegraph pole completely burnt to a cinder at the bottom resting on the top of a burnt out car very treacherous the people passing here well the search for the missing continues there's no official figures yet but we've spoken to local officials superficially believe the figure is in triple digits there's also
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a search going on out at sea a new information of more bodies that have been found at the top of a cliff here of course they are trying to flee to the sea but they haven't made it . nicaragua's association of human rights as at least four hundred forty eight people are being killed in an anti government protests over the past three months it's accusing security forces of detaining opponents of president daniel taken in clandestine torture centers you see in human reports from managua. it's been one hundred days since the began burying their loved ones killed in a conflict too reminiscent of the country's civil war in the one nine hundred seventy s. this week at least three more people were killed in the northern city of reportedly by pro-government paramilitary forces while in managua a brazilian medical student sympathetic to student protesters was gunned down by unidentified assailants. at a news conference nicaragua's association of human rights said it had tallied
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ninety seven killings in the last two weeks alone and four hundred and forty eight deaths since april. what. was seen operations outside of the framework of law by groups paramilitary dogs who are carrying out detentions torture terrible selective assassinations as well as writing homes destroying private and public property motivated by political party and ideological fanaticism human rights leaders tell us that in these one hundred days of the robber has become a part of the. state and see if you can answer everywhere you can see on the horizon for example it's only at this hour but it stopped traffic but instead if you want to see where i listen to get a reply get. a small group of students nevertheless came out to mark the anniversary of the civil uprising ok we say to the government that we aren't afraid they say they want peace but they are killing us. president daniel ortega blames
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the killings on alleged terrorists who want him out his wife and vice president. went further in a radio broadcast. asked chris well now they will read. their drug addict and alcoholic link to all sorts of illegal and see the negro one people know that some have taken their own lives so they can blame the government center rights organizations refute the claims and accuse the government of setting up clandestine detention and torture centers. we are seeing monstrous repression with all the perverse methods that the state can resort to during wartime even though the country isn't at war and it's using them against its own people president insists that the country is getting back to normal but the rising number of deaths and disappearances of opponents tell a different story you see in human al-jazeera. the united arab
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emirates is denying claims why who three rebels they attacked the abu dhabi international airport with a drone the international airport is the u.a.e. second largest and about twenty minutes from the city center it serves as the base for more than one hundred the airport tweeted that there had been an incident involving a supply vehicle but said it had not affected flights or operations on wednesday the who these said that they'd attacked a saudi arabian naval vessel but the saudis say they had actually hit an oil tanker for the last three years the united arab emirates and saudi arabia have been leading a military coalition supporting yemen's government in its war against who thiis ugandan president yoweri museveni looks like he'll be able to run for a sixth term thanks to a court ruling candidates currently need to be under the age of seventy five to run but the seventy is seventy three and that would have blocked him from entering the next election due to be held in twenty twenty one now a new bill has been signed scrapping the limit.
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the zimbabwe is heading to the polls on monday to elect its new president for the first time in nearly forty years robert mugabe's name won't be on the ballot but his legacy of an economy in ruins continues to overshadow the campaigning voters hope the results will help and years of economic isolation as malcolm webb reports from the capital harare. dropped out of school when his parents died he's sixteen here a few jobs in zimbabwe so he ends about eight dollars a day selling tomatoes and all that was the reason why i came here is to look for money so i get in a living and working for someone i get little money and i send most to my going my . informal traders only appeared here on the streets of the capital harare is the economy clapped into the rule of former president robert mugabe the cultural
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exports plummeted after his government seized white owned farms nearly twenty years ago mines and factories closed as investors pulled out foreign banks stopped lending the government blamed the economic sanctions it's now there's a chronic shortage of cash in circulation these people are queuing to withdraw money they're allowed twenty dollars each. flour made from imported wheat is hard to get for this bakery because of the lack of foreign currency to buy it. the aging avon's compu replaced so they're continuously repaired. yeah we just bring that you know good for dates in there maybe things will improve in this we are getting a little things from south africa legally feed me so the new weeds my me yes i've got all meteorites was there. and there's the presidential election campaigns draw to a close head of monday's poll voters want. to hear more solutions the politicians have
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to offer. opposition leader no actually least as well as things to really build the economy rolling down a afghanis but in the same kinds of promises that they support this was exactly the kind of lesage there was but the foreign investment and international finance to resume that was that the election. here and being. a position of unready complained of serious irregularities and the campaign has been largely peaceful compared to the past we should you continue with the same spirit get a credible election using those debate everybody but once you're interested in the regional players you're interested that do they provide some bit of a comfort for capital to come to zimbabwe. even if capital starts to flow back into the banks and big business in the years before street traders like mission x. feel that different. people here the election will provide
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a chance for things to turn around. malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. you want your knowledge is there i'm still rather these are all top news stories pakistani cricketer turned politician imran khan is inching closer to victory in wednesday's general election our correspondent mile high the says unofficial cal snell suggests that he may not need a coalition his opponents say the vote was rigged in favor of him the official results are expected shortly. emraan now had regarding the better board that we have been repeating in our ward that he will be really be able to form the neg government provided be aboe you can make. it all the buggers can mostly lead now wide lead by trade and already had dared the idea would be really good on the open
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if in theory and i've got to be both barbie regards good god rarely better than large relate then. hold the pig in parliament buy it big question mark go far on bad because the religious right party line they say that they want this war degree or go but i get data and. north korea's hundred were the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war fulfilling one of the promises kim jong un made to double trump at the summit in june the us military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to bring them to a base in south korea it's believed the remains of five thousand three hundred u.s. soldiers are still in north korea more than sixty years after the fighting stops friday marks the sixty fifth anniversary of the armistice that ended the conflict one israeli settler is dead and two others injured after being stabbed in the occupied west bank the attack happened in south west of ramallah a palestinian
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suspect was killed in response the israeli defense minister says four hundred more subtle homes will be built in the area and greek officials say there are all serious indications of arson in some of the wildfires that broke out on monday night the conclusion was reached based on satellite images and police inspections the number of people killed has risen to more than eighty while many are saved or worse saved by jumping into the sea rescuers say a large number of victims were found close to the cliffs and had failed to reach the water those are the headlines about with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's the stream to stay with us. when diplomacy fields and. terrorists we've proven the barriers are built division to sixty's instead of being an obstacle. it became another obstacle. in
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a four part series. the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on. walls of shame. ok and joining the string. today we discussed a new proposal to house migrants and refugees attempting to cross the mediterranean sea into europe and then later we'll welcome back past guests the one b.n. one eritrean to explore what renewed relations between the countries means for their people but fast have a look at this story from out as. he reports from the hallway of some of the latest news about pakistan.


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