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you've just got back from brussels how are you going to balance that relationship between russia and the west i mean his new prime minister told challenges iraq. official election results soon to be delivered in pakistan and indications are that iran karna could rule without a coalition. the robin welcome to al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up sixty five years old the final journey home north korea gives up the remains of u.s. soldiers killed during the korean war. also new suspicion about the death and destruction in greece authorities believe the wildfires around athens were deliberately lit. and has china's vaccine sketch ange think government attitude the
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scandals effect on social media. could have you with us imran khan is inching closer to the leadership of pakistan but he may not need the help to form a government the party he set up as emerged as the single largest vote winner from wednesday's general election and in the coming hour or so we are expecting the official final count to be announced but cannes main opponents already allege he benefited from massive vote rigging live to islamabad in a moment but first a somber binge of it from lahore. supporters of pakistan tehreek e insaf party celebrated their victory even before results were announced initial vote tally gave him a decisive leaves. honey i'm getting a borehole imran khan has promised a lot of the people. the huge number of votes that people gave him is because he
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can do what imus failed to do he should deliver his promise to do a lot for the masses should deliver now otherwise his situation will be worse than that of reef and the dari. his supporters voted for change and after twenty two years in politics it finally worked for their leader. i'm thankful to god for the twenty two year struggle today god has given me the opportunity that i have dreamt of a dream for pakistan accountability will start with me then my ministers and then we will work our way down. but the vote count has been controversial pakistan muslim league which won a majority in twenty thirteen says their mandate was stolen from them there's also been criticism from those be religious correlation and others but the election commission denies there was any foul play and how many years ago. the complaints
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that we received are procedural in nature and there is no complaint of misconduct in the elections so we are satisfied that the execution of the elections this free and fair. one and pledges of change and people in pakistan even those who did not vote for him want him to deliver by improving living conditions healing the economy and fighting corruption. whichever government comes it should do good for us we want water gas and electricity obviously other problems as well they should solve our problems in punjab province plans to form a coalition government but has promised to fight tooth and nail to save their provincial influence the challenge for the cricketer turned politician is to create an inclusive government and then keep it running for five years so far all major political parties. have reservations about that as they've called for an all parties conference in the federal capital islamabad it is going to be a number. game to form
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a government and imran khan does not have those numbers alone the big question is who will he form an alliance to me. the whole. of the very latest from islamabad the capital with the senior correspondent two pakistanis outside the election commission and of course if these official results. are transpire to be signed and he does finishing line he'll have done it with the help of the reservation women see even minority seats as well. yes very interesting point that you've raised dad because the direct election fraud has had two hundred seventy feet for parliament and seventy feet and parliament rejected for all sixty four women then for my nordic gait and of course the women feed. according to the proportion of. what they should not be emraan definitely looking bodied looking it's no longer a question of
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a wide range the really become the prime minister. by the open nation. of the need of the project on which. that day would be really good on the opposition vented that they want the assembly proceedings so summary of all the main thing will become quite clear that the religious right. and their dog the political. parties gone friends and by had they may announce something to vegetation that had died from the lake and got major noise most complete hundred fourteen feet. where they run tallied like need to go one hundred twenty by the time it gets completely outdoors that some of the delayed because of the fall flung regions of baluchistan. from where they're still getting
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good report we really have a clear idea what enron definitely in a very strong religion could become the next prime minister of pakistan going well of course he has huge issues to actually tackled the economy the environment security education health one wonders where he's even going to start and who's going to help him within his own party whether they have the experience to actually tackle those huge issues that the country want to dressing. absolutely did not going to be a needed guard by any stretch of the imagination and you know very serious if you base the jalan gate. on a wide gate the noise jalen gave the north do. the ideas been elected by a wide majority of pakistanis they relate really now. warning no
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prime minister he had already said that the first hundred days will be crucially dougherty drawn up a plan for dad. to wait and be ready to go great. country it. will come back to you of course tomorrow when that announcement is made from the building behind me barbara yacoob use the election commission secretary will be giving the official announcement very soon thanks a lot. let's head to our other top story in the israeli settler is dead and two others injured after being stabbed in the occupied west bank the attack happened in adam south of ramallah a palestinian teenager was killed after entering the settlement and carrying out the attack now an internal israeli military report is also expected to find there are no grounds for further investigation into the killings of palestinian protesters by army snipers and israeli newspaper reports that the army will not transfer to any soldiers to the military police over their conduct along the border
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fence that's joined andris simmons who's in west jerusalem forces begin with that is an astonishing statement being made by the defense minister in respect to the incident at the settlement of adam. yes sir victor lieberman defense minister not she referring to an increased security operation in the area in the wake of this attack actually sending out a tweet saying this word for word the right response to terror is to expand the settlement construction and now what he went on to announce was the was going to actively start the planning process for four hundred new homes in this illegal settlement of adam which is south of ramallah now it was attacked by a seventeen year old palestinian youth and he was shot dead by
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one of his victims the third of the settlers he attacked he's now seriously he's now in hospital with injuries but another israeli settler has serious injuries he is vive and a third israeli settler died from his injuries so there is tension in the occupied west bank but not on the level of gaza where the situation gets more tense by the hour on this day friday with friday prayers taking place soon and the demonstrations that hamas has called for mass demonstrations it's called for in gaza itself in response to the seemingly escalated events last week the this week sort of shall i say on wednesday when three have asked fighters was shot dead by israeli forces in
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response to an incident in which an israeli soldier was injured and of course underlip has touched upon this israeli newspaper report about the army not referring some of its soldiers and he further down you might say the line regarding the deaths of palestinian protesters just pardon me describing it as operational mishaps what does this mean. well that term is for really exonerates it would seem according to her it's newspaper it would exonerate the soldiers many of them snipers who shot dead a total of one hundred fifty three palestinian protesters since march in this investigation which is reported on by herit so i hasten to add we still don't have a response from the military to this report we put it to them and they are saying they will get back to us at the basically this investigation has gone through all
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of the complaints made and it is being taken it's taking place with the brigadier general in charge of that investigation but there are other inquiries taking place as well there has to be said this isn't the last word of the affair it will go up another rank in the stages of the military there could be further investigations further down the line so it's not it has to be said it is not the end of the case but it is an indication it would seem that there is a view that these soldiers were baying orders and they did not step out of line of course palestinians would view this differently and indeed other other observers feel differently about it so this is not helping the overall atmosphere in which as i said earlier how mass calling for mass demonstrations and of course the build up is already underway and the climate's certainly isn't ripe for agreements right now
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although there could be the hope is that the negotiations for a cease fire to continue cease fire. hope is that they will be successful but as i say the signals right now are quite dark indeed will work continue to mulder events with you through the day thanks andrea. now the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war are on their way home on the sixty fifth anniversary of the armistice which ended the fighting a u.s. military plane was allowed to land in north korea on friday morning the gesture follows conjunctions promise to donald trump now it's estimated the remains of five thousand three hundred war dead are still to be handed over. is a research fellow at the university he says this is a defining moment for north korea u.s. relations. if you look back the history of the united states you know
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normalizing relations with the former adversaries it usually begone with the return of discovery in return all the war remains of the american soldiers like the u.s. that's now on the malaysians process so this is a good gesture they will be welcomed by the united states but i know it's crazy jane you mean you need the intention to fulfill the agreement of the singapore something meeting and for north korea this is a this is a good signal that united states is committed to normalizing its up to put money relationship in north korea if that the new collision will be moving in the right direction the next item will be declaring the all fishel and the korean war since the one nine hundred fifty s. the when he was a state suspended by the army's history agreement north korea has been very aggressively demanding this to the united states but united states does not want to
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move to fast with this first e-file you know this has agreed to declare that korea war is also the over that name may weaken its military presence in south korea and china wants to be on board in declaring the official end of the korean war so and so if the united states does not want to allow china to influence tween crees on the korean peninsula so for all these reasons the united states remains his tent but north korea really wants to move ahead with this idea. well still ahead here on al-jazeera one human rights advocates all say nicaragua has become a country in an undeclared state of siege. and conflicting accounts on when cracks were spotted in the dam the collapsed in laos should evacuations have been ordered have a story on the other side of the break. how
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i was most of the rain this time the year should be and these in the philippines in southeast asia there are so showers developing to the south not much of a boy. or indeed over bali in java although the swell has been pretty strong around body in particular but coming from the sky if you're in sumatra singapore column b. you may well get a shower there in the full cost sea area to expect them otherwise it's a rare events they do come back to borneo but they don't really show themselves up in java so if you in jakarta enjoy the humid heat and the sunshine and australia of course middle of winter you expect a bit of snow for the high ground every time you see clouds it was probably going to be disappointingly cold while forecast was you'd be surprised seventeen in adelaide and in melbourne next front is is developing in the bite is on its way through behind it is especially cold on the perth is enjoying sixteen sunny's reasons twenty three in alice springs dropping
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a little bit down to thirteen of course the unexpected change i don't think so it's getting colder again but that's where more or less it should be tasmania gets the worse the rain i suspect in new zealand fifteen degrees in christchurch on the high side the third effect may be there is cloud coming in from the west because the breeze comes in that direction. twelve boys in their football coach go missing deep in a cave in northern timer with rising floodwaters rescuers are running out of time and one of the nice big inside story of time and extraordinary keep on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every you.
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welcome back you're watching are just their arms a whole rob a reminder of our top stories pakistani cricketer turned politician and run card is inching closer to victory in wednesday's general election his opponents say the vote was rigged to favor him and are threatening education if issue results are expected very soon an internal israeli military report is expected to find no grounds for further investigation is the recent killings of palestinian protesters by army snipers but israeli newspaper says the military is blaming operational mishaps for the deaths of anyone who was not an intended target. the north korea has handed over the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war fulfilling one of the promises kim jong un made to donald trump at the
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summit in june a u.s. military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to bring them to a base in the south. members of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are in damascus to meet with the government of president bashar assad is the first time the two sides of held talks the s.d.f. controls much of the northeast of syria driving out i saw with u.s. support. say they want autonomous area and are not seeking independence turkey a nato ally of washington has long opposed u.s. support for the kurds and pursuit of is a force in istanbul and watching events of course an interesting meeting between those kurdish fighters and damascus which is certainly going to make ankara sit up and take note. yes you have these are actually very interesting times for all the players who are playing on serious chess boards especially considering the latest social media rows between leaders of united
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states iran and finally turkish officials yesterday about about passive bronson's house imprisonment so this to this actually this meeting came at a very interesting time you know of turkey and you not to the states have been cooperating a security situation in men which they have been a joint patrolling since june fourth but what i have learned from my sources in that this is not the first time that the idea of the syrian. the syrian kurdish group has been sitting on a table with the syrian regime according to my sources in on curragh since it is since the situation in member begin in last june for at this is the sixth time that they have been coming together of course we know that russia is supporting an
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independent kurdish enclave in northern syria but also we have been is seeing a situation in often after it was under control of the russians but turkey and russia corporators and p.y. idea was totally out of the game after this engagement between russia and turkey and a similar thing occurred in membership since june for an engagement between united states and turkish military forces also turkish officials haven't stated this offer surely yet but in that at town of. turkey establishments just base right across the u.s. military base this hasn't been officially announced yet this is what we learned as al-jazeera from sources in so i can tell that p. y. d. is kind of feeling out of the game also. so the united states who have been promoting pew id as a counter counter eisel element in the region has been disturbed by the
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iranian influence in among the members as well so this is something like the united states is also trying to discipline people id and p. y. d. is trying to find other partners for itself in the region but i have to remind that the mask is the syrian regime is not eligible to is not free to decide by itself there is russian influence there is iranian influence and no one has given up on each other yet but as a journalist following the region i must remind that all the players are trying to gain time but within a short period of time baby probably by the end of summer we will be seeing how new mitch corp is successful or not and then the united states probably will be picking its partner for northern syria basically in the kurdish enclave see what happens in the coming days and thank you. celebrations of update in yemen as to who the rebels
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. international airport in the united arab emirates. with the rebel savings through a drone to target the airport or thursday a morality leader's denied any attorney manages tweeted that being what they call an incident involving a supply vehicle but flights in operations were unaffected the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have led a military coalition supporting the yemeni government's war against the who the rebels for the past three years. the greek government says satellite images show some of the wildfires which have killed at least eighty people was started deliberately rescuers say a large number of victims were found close to clear so others were saved by jumping into the sea. also the death toll from the collapse of a dam in los continues to rise questions are being raised over whether evacuations should have happened sooner the total killed in laos has risen to twenty seven with
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more than one hundred people still missing floods triggered by the collapse have reached neighboring combo deal but water levels along the border all receding from louis from. province in. those that hasn't been anything much clearer coming from the south korean company that's one of four partners in involved in the subpoena and tsunami noid construction dam construction project now they say they discovered that was from the fractures in the dam on sunday and the day if they notified authorities on sunday when they started evacuating people around the area of the dam in laos on sunday it's of a day before the dam burst. however there is some sort of discrepancy as to the timeline of. this occurrence the other korean company involved one of the four companies involved in the construction of this dam said that the subsidence of
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about eleven centimeters in the center of the dime was noticed was first notice on friday so that's about two days earlier than what the south korean company s.k. engineering and construction has reported so there's some sort of discrepancy in the timeline there leading to questions as to whether this really was an accident that could have been averted could the people have been evacuated much earlier we still have the number of people missing is still at over one hundred. tried as they that seen the scandal has stirred a lively debate on social media in spite of strict censorship the country's second largest maker of rabies that scenes were stoned to have violated regulations while producing a quarter of a million doses for children now the government's own quickly into action even before the story was reported on state controlled media so social media influencing the government's decision making are china correspondent andrew brown has more china's social media users were unusually energized this week it's one of the few
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ways people here can let off steam the hash tag chung chung vaccine case was viewed more than four hundred and seventy million times chunk chunk is the name of the company that sold fake vaccines that were administered to more than two hundred and fifty thousand children. food is involved in a project that tracks censorship on china's social media he's based across the border in semi autonomous hong kong where laws governing freedom of speech are more relaxed in the vaccine scandal fu says the government is monitoring rather than listening in one way then. mourning the public at the same kind of different. media as well as the propaganda machine you tried to we add the rakli to different comments in the in the public eye also
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on social media the vaccine scandal was being discussed on social media days before state controlled media were allowed to report on it that only began to happen after china's premier league could chung issued a statement just before midnight last sunday just five days earlier the premier had spoken out after another health issue had stirred debate on social media. it was prompted by a new film based on the true story about a cancer survivor who illegally imports drugs from india to help other sufferers who can't afford them. it's not clear if the premier saw the film but he called on the government to do more to help cancer patients. the two cases have struck a chord with the public. i believe what we say online play a big role in what the government does what people say on internet as powerful. we're worried what we say will be censored him and some of the posts that have
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already been deleted and we don't know why if you want to access this are the posts deleted by chinese census are captured by food and his team they try to work out the various ways users try to disguise their descent it's an endless cyberspace game of cat and mouse adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. nicaragua's association of human rights says at least four hundred forty eight people have been killed in anti-government protests over the past three months it's accusing security forces of detaining opponents of president daniel taking into understanding torture centers from managua you see in human reports. it's been one hundred days since the began burying their loved ones killed in a conflict too reminiscent of the country's civil war in the one nine hundred seventy s. this week at least three more people were killed in the northern city of reportedly by pro-government paramilitary forces while in managua
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a brazilian medical student sympathetic to student protesters was gunned down by unidentified assailants. for at a news conference nicaragua's association of human rights said it had tallied ninety seven killings in the last two weeks alone and four hundred and forty eight deaths since april eighteenth. was seen operations outside of the framework of law by armed groups paramilitary fogs who are carrying out detentions torture terrible selective assassinations as well as writing homes destroying private and public property motivated by political party and ideological fanaticism human rights leaders tell us that it was against the robber has become a part of the. state at stake given the interim everywhere you can see it on the horizon for example it's only at this hour but it stopped traffic but instead the field was just there are rushing to get a look like it's. a small group of students nevertheless came out to mark the
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anniversary of the civil uprising. that we say to the governments that we aren't afraid they say they want peace but they are killing us the president daniel ortega blames the killings on alleged terrorists who want him out his wife and vice president. went further in a row. broadcast this one a little read. they are drug addicts and alcoholics linked to all sorts of delinquency the nicaraguan people know that some have taken their own lives so they can blame the government and rights organizations refute the claims and accuse the government of setting up clandestine detention and torture centers when we are seeing monstrous repression with all the perverse methods that the state can resort to jeer in war time even though the country isn't at war and it's using them against its own people president insists that the country is getting back to normal
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but the rising number of deaths and disappearances of opponents tell a different story you see in human al-jazeera managua. these are all top news stories pakistani cricketer turned politician in one call this engine closer to victory after wednesday's general election correspondent well hi there says unofficial counts now suggest he may not need a coalition his opponents say the vote was rigged in favor of him the official results are expected shortly. according to the reports that we have been receiving in our ward that he will easily be able to form the next government provided be open later and they kept it all the bugger no wide lead by treasury i've already hinted that he would be really good on the open if inventive
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and i've got to be both party regards called rarely better than locked in like in. the pit in parliament a big question mark go far on died down because the religious right party line is going that they want this nolen ward they're going to go for the education. north korea has handed over the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed during the korean war fulfilling one of the promises kim jong un made to doll trump at their summit in june the u.s. military plane was allowed into north korea on friday morning to bring them to a base in south korea it's believed the remains of five thousand three hundred u.s. soldiers are still in north korea friday marks the sixty fifth anniversary of the armistice that ended the war. one israeli settler is dead and two others injured after being stabbed in the occupied west bank the attack happened in adam's southwest of ramallah a palestinian suspect was killed in response the israeli
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defense minister says four hundred more settler homes will be built in the area. as the death toll from the down that collapsed in last continues to rise questions are being raised over whether evacuations could have happened sooner the total killed in laos has risen to twenty seven with more than one hundred people still missing while floods triggered by the dams collapse have reached neighboring cambodia and officials now say water levels along the border are receding. and philippine president to go to turkey has signed a new law to give the muslim community on the island of mindanao its own regional government armed groups have been fighting for autonomy there for more than forty years the conflict has killed more than one hundred thousand people those are the headlines martin dennis will be here with the al-jazeera news hour in half an hour to stay with us when i want east is next.
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twelve young boys and their football coach enter a cave in northern thailand and disappear. with water levels rising how will rescuers find them and bring them out alive. i'm steve chair on this episode of what i want to east the inside story of one of the most extraordinary rescues of all time. saturday afternoon june twenty third twelve boys and they saw her courage heading to the rugged mountains of northern thailand for a trek. they posted photos before writing to the tom no one cave a place they have visited before. they are expected to return home to the nearby
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village later that day. a dozen members of a youthful form team and their code.


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