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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes in cambodia the ruling party claims victory in an election critics are calling a sham. the teenager who became a symbol of palestinian resistance is freed from an israeli prison. as voters in zimbabwe prepared to go to the polls a voice from the past makes a surprise indorsement and. it's one of the worst wildfires ever to hit northern california and it's devastating everything in its path and it's showing no signs of
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letting up anytime soon and gabriel's i know in california that story coming up. the opposition in cambodia is calling for protests after the ruling party claimed victory in sunday's election which has been widely described as a sham by human rights groups the prime minister who's been in office for more than thirty years is accused of voter intimidation last year he dissolved the main opposition party whose leader is in jail awaiting trial for treason to a known panel my colleague our correspondent wayne hey wayne what's your reading of the international reaction to all this. well this has been going on for a long time this path towards what we saw unfold on sunday night with a huge victory for the cambodian people's party so many in the international
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observer community the n.g.o.s community reacting with no surprise whatsoever they were expecting this result perhaps the module of victory that the c.p.p. all constructed a cold according to them was larger than what many people expected but we have heard from a couple of governments in the west from the australian minister of foreign affairs julie bishop from her office saying they have serious concerns with the election and it has made those concerns known to the cambodian government the australian government has come under a lot of criticism over the past few months for inaction seemingly public in action against the cambodian government the office of the press secretary although the white house in the united states also issue issuing a statement saying that the elections on sunday with neither free nor fair and the u.s. will consider additional steps to respond to what has happened in cambodia referring to perhaps even tighter visa restrictions we mentioned in the past few days those
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sanctions that may be passed as well in the coming weeks by the u.s. senate they would still have to go on to president donald trump but if they do go all the way that could see sanctions placed directly on the cambodian prime minister and other members of his in his amused calls for opposition protests on the street i mean how likely is that. it's difficult to see that happening any time soon to be honest peter i mean most of the leadership of the cambodian national rescue party this is the party that was prevented from taking part in the election it was dissolved last year most of the lead is in exile they left the country fearing a wrist its president has been in jail since late last year were awaiting trial on treason charges and it's very difficult for anyone to take to the streets and this atmosphere with those protests will be met with probably
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a violent response from the police from the military very much act on behalf they work for the prime minister who in saying so i think most people will be pretty scared without some strong direction without some strong encouragement from leadership on the ground here to take that sort of action we are expecting to hear more from a couple of those exiled c.n.r. the leaders in a few hours they are holding a media conference in the indonesian capital jakarta the former president of that party himself who lives in self-imposed exile in france sam rainsy issued a statement on twitter following the election he said that it was a senseless victory and referred to cambodia as a totalitarian regime that it's been on a totalitarian totalitarian drift over the past twelve months so certainly some strong words and we'll wait to see whether they can encourage people on the ground to start to take some more action ok when thank you. a teenage palestinian
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activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison she seventeen year old i had to me she's urging people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation of palestinian lands under simmons has the story from nabil salah in the occupied west bank. free of dread jail ordeal much the same as hundreds experienced by young palestinians every year but the case of a had to mimi is profoundly different with her mother now a man who shared jail time with her she was greeted by her father i had to mimi is already being portrayed by palestinians as an icon of resistance to the occupation who don't i love. she spoke on a range of political issues including gaza and the rights of children in israeli jails to get education and sit exams as she managed to do after the pressure of the oath or says later she told out zero she was deprived of some rights in jail enter
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a geisha and was really hard i was subject to sever violations they entered a gaither used scene words to me there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male interrogators questioning me also as a minor they didn't even charge a family member to be there which was my rights people are describing you as an icon do you intend to take up politics perhaps and. maybe with time when i'm able i might think about the coming couple of this and at some point. the prison sentence was for this head slapping israeli soldiers outside her home filmed by her mother never mind the video went viral then it was arrested a short time later her mother was also detained a father who spent most of his life as an activist with several prison terms says he's both proud and sad i had lost that side of her. can't live normally i feel. guilty because we can't and it's
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become the do it and that is what. her father is probably right when he talks about his daughter's life changing for good at the heart of it all is social media the battle over imagery and symbolism and so this is the face the palestinians and the israeli security forces expect to represent more defiance to the occupation . maybe a start and not an end to her actions andrew simmons al-jazeera. in the occupied west bank. well to me means release was discussed at a meeting of the israeli cabinet the agriculture minister called her a terrorist. i think israel acts to mercifully with these types of terrorists and others israel should treat harshly those who hit its soldiers we can't have a situation where there is no deterrence deterrence leads to that reality we see
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now you can change that we must change the. world to me means detention put the spotlight on the number of minors being held inside israeli prisons the country's military juvenile court was established in two thousand and nine and human rights groups say the system uses the legal process to hide rights abuses as of the end of may two hundred ninety one palestinian minors were in israeli jails as security detainees and prisoners that includes three palestinian minors held under what's called administrative detention which means there detained without charge or trial another six miners are held for being in is real illegally israel says the courts allow a great deal of parental involvement but rights groups say that's not the case they also say a vast majority of cases never even go to trial ending instead in a plea bargain. a boat load of aid for garza has been intercepted by the israeli navy and is being escorted to the port city of ashdod it was one of two boats
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trying to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt it set off from palermo in italy a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens the second boat is expected to arrive in the same area within days charles stratford is in ashdod. the israeli ministry released a statement saying that the navy had intercepted this vessel because it was trying to violate what it describes as the illegal blockade on gaza he said that the navy had been monitoring and indeed the interception of this vessel was carried out according to international law it was around about the same time that the organization responsible for this flotilla put out a statement calling on the governments of the various people on board to act immediately now the organization the international freedom flotilla coalition says that it was fully aware that there was a very strong chomps that israel was going to do this that israel was going to stop
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this flotilla from reaching but he said it was important that it was done anyway as a means of trying to highlight the suffering of the gazans on the international stage and i have just come from gaza today and trying to describe the conditions for the two million people living there is very very difficult fifty percent of the population living in under the poverty line around fifty percent unemployed not enough fuel to power for example sewerage plants rule sewerage flowing into the sea when you speak to the people of gaza you understand how desperate they have become they feel completely isolated. ignored by the international community let down by the palestinian leadership in ramallah. and when you see the protests that we've seen for the last eighteen weeks along the gaza border fence that the. that shows
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you just how desperate these people are one hundred fifty more than one hundred fifty people killed in those protests so as i say the aim of the this flotilla according to the organization that is put it together is to highlight some of those terrible issues for the almost two million people living in gaza today. well this is not the first time activists have tried to break israel's blockade of gaza more than thirty votes have made the journey across the mediterranean over the past ten years and step back and. the so-called freedom flotilla sailed from italy just over a week ago a host of international activists on board all with one aim to reach gaza symbolically breaking israel's navy blockade and bringing with them thousands of dollars worth of much needed medical supplies and. what happened today is that the flotilla was fifty nautical miles from gaza's waters in the israeli navy came and asked them to return they refused and insisted to continue the navy then seize the
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boat the activists on board were hoping to reach gaza after sunset and if they had they would have received a huge welcome but as expected they haven't been allowed to get anywhere close they've been intercepted by the israeli navy and taken to the israeli port of ashdod thirty one boats have been used by international activists to try to break this israeli naval blockade over the last ten years the only time they managed was back when they started in two thousand and eight since then every single one has been intercepted by the israeli navy its passengers detained and deported the most controversial attempt was in twenty ten israeli forces stormed the mavi marmara and opened fire killing ten and wounding many more israeli troops say the passengers attacked and the controversy and protests which followed calls turkey to withdraw its ambassador from tel aviv and expelled israelis from ankara it was six years before diplomatic ties were restored and israel agreed to pay compensation to the families of the dead subsequent patellas of escaped attack but not interception and
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despite most activists knowing that the israeli navy will never allow their boats to reach gaza they say they will continue to try in order to raise awareness of israel siege stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. so the media say gunman who shot dead the head of intelligence security for aden airport in yemen. was killed by masked gunman no group claimed responsibility for the attack there has been a recent rise in attacks on government officials including high ranking security commanders and intelligence offices. meanwhile the saudi led coalition in yemen says it's destroyed launch sites being used by hoofy rebels in the western province of sada these images related released by saudi arabia's government run. t.v. said to show the coalition strike on one of the missile sites. two children and the great grandmother are among eight p. pulled it off to wildfires in northern california and says he eight thousand people
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remain under evacuation orders in and around the city of reading own saturday president trump declared a state of emergency in parts of california devastated by the fire gave her legs on the joins us live now from keswick in california gave just give us a sense of what's going on there right now. yeah people are really starting to look at the ashes that remain after this terrible fire just ripped through this county we're just a little bit outside of the main city here and let me just give you an idea of how bad this fire was these are scenes that we're seeing all over this area this at one time just two days ago was a home for a family and you can see just how intense this fire was here and that's what choir are really saying here they're saying that it was such an intense fire number one and it was really whipped around by by high winds and very hot temperatures the
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temperatures have been up to forty two degrees celsius year and this is the end result when that fire whipped through here they were saying that it was almost like a tornado fire they came through here and incredible scenes a lot of firefighters and of course fire is going to burn cars so what you're seeing here is just incredible destruction over on this hill over here again several more homes were over there i'll tell you peter what we're also seeing is you can't even see this sun because there's still such thick smoke hanging over this region of northern california that it's just basically kaput doric or gray throughout the entire day there's not only this fire here there are seventeen fires burning in the state of california another big one in central california has shut. down yosemite national park that's one of the most biggest national parks in the united states and host four million visitors
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a year firefighters are saying this is an absolutely unprecedented fire season here just this fire has claimed six lives including two firemen another fireman lost his life down in the fire in yosemite but as one firefighter told me today said listen because it's a miracle that only six people died at this fire i will say this is only five percent contained this fire they still have mandatory evacuations going on this is a fire that could be going on for several more days as people dig out come back and what they were remaining here is the remains of lives homes cars boats all turned to ashes here gabriel thank you. lots more still to come here on the news including the new york times says its publisher had a private meeting at the white house with donald trump and the two are offering very different accounts of what was said. the polls have closed in mali where the president's bid to win another term hangs in the balance.
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as it's time for the welshman thomas off to winning his first tour de france. zimbabwe's opposition leader nelson chamisa has been reported to the police for holding him unlawful press conference on the eve of elections when campaigning isn't allowed early it should be so received an endorsement from an unlikely source the former president robert mugabe who said he was the only viable candidates on the senate p.f. leader and current president imus among gaga has accused the pair of striking a deal from harare his her. it's the second time robert mugabe has spoken to reporters since he was forced from office last november his reappearance hours before monday's general election was a surprise so was what he said he says he won't be voting for the real exotic vs
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the party he laid for so long or endorse his successor. g m do you see the. grandeur through arbors. the. true remembrance of him or remind. rocked he's. the leader of the main opposition nelson chamisa says he welcomes every vote he can get it is not my duty as a candidate to going to choose what are we going to this election to choose what it is going to be we are going to be just so if someone says they are likely to have a favorable disposition in my favor where mine to deny that extra vote that will
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make the fundamental win that we want women. the ninety four year old says being forced from office by the army was unconstitutional it is one of the last race in printer in africa. to support the sales that has influence in the ruling party and what he says could influence how some people vote. and the opposition alliance have pulled in relatively large crowds at campaign rallies some analysts say monday's election could be a tight race was a major weakness might be the fact that he may have some people supporters who may still be sympathetic to robert mugabe and therefore may not vote for him and may decide for the opposition also some news on the other hand as a primary challenge of having had to have a quick fire campaign a divided opposition but also not so much of a campaign in the rural areas of. president managua says he's confident he's going to win and that the election will be free and fair international observers who've
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been invited for the first time in sixteen years have said a credible poll could help in international isolation after dick is a political and economic instability. well in the last hour i spoke with blessings he's a journalist at the voice of america's news service i asked him what the mcgovern's endorsement had come as a surprise. of course to the rulings that would be a party it might be a surprise. the last campaign rallies the opposition leader advocate knows and has been hinting that president obama got b. was going to endorse the him so i can say for those who are following this did not come as a surprise even yesterday when you. he did say that he had the baking or former president robert mugabe this this whole thing seems to have taken on a certain surreal element instead of campaigning on the issues you've got mr gore
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saying mr was close to robert mugabe than i was so therefore vote for me because one of them was less close to the center of government over all those years when robert mugabe was in power. it is very surprised again also curious the time that our president mugabe decided to come out in seemingly. mr. everyone is trying to take advantage of that mr. may be thinking that there are some people within the ruling party was to back president robert mugabe and mr we understand that tempted to we did that in those mended by sending in these areas like former foreign affairs minister or tums thembi and others but he did not i mean you got this big thing and now he's i'm bashing both mr mugabe. for seeking to take the nation back.
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and is this indorsement from robert mugabe crucial because every opinion poll in the past twenty four hours has been saying the two main candidates are pretty much neck and neck. it is indeed. crucial one looking at the. seventy. a boy to live in india to one time. the people were saying they actually trusted mr mugabe and he is this somebody especially in the rural areas so this might be. something that is crucial to advocate because the election is is that is to go a dead heat the last one here mr forty percent and mr. seven percent in there was a leg he would that there was going to be. if it happens if no one reaches fifty
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one votes to win outright there will be a runoff on the eighth of september we've got these reports saying that the government for some reason has decided to do away with the soldiers and the security looking after all in circling robert mugabe's harare mention what's the logic behind that because there are still clearly people inside the country who dislike him with a passion and if the election gets to the stage of people demonstrating on the streets perhaps because they don't like the result he might become an obvious target that's very true so many analysts are saying it's a way of getting big i talked to to use our nephew the former labor minister. now in exile many think he's in nairobi kenya he did say that this was a way of telling mr guppy that they are not it be that he in those the the opposition leader. fighters of a tank the northern mali and city of kid doll firing several mortars including one
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near a polling station it comes as millions of people cast their vote in an election has been dominated by security concerns the threat from al qaeda and other groups has been escalating president ibrahim buck archita is hoping to secure a second term but faces a challenge from the sixty eight year old somalia sisi mohammed well has the latest now from bamako. voting has been going on smoothly throughout the day sunday here in the modern capital bamako and that's contrary to the expectations of some observers who just a few weeks ago have been talking about the impossibility of organizing this election and should they want and that in view of the tremendous security challenges and logistical problems during the last several weeks some groups elated to al-qaeda in the islamic magreb threatened several times to disrupt this vote and also just that asportation of ballot boxes and voter cards to somebody more areas where a big challenge for the government here so today the government can bourse that
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some success has been registered some incidents have been reported in the north in some areas around timbuktu the ballot boxes were confiscated by unknown groups a few cases of that happened and also some shelling on you and french base in agony hawk in the north but we don't know about a casualties if there are any casualties in these is students apart from this throughout other regions of the country no reports of major incidents happening today. well molly's army is supported by more than fifteen thousand u.n. peacekeepers and french military officers despite this groups of ambushed military bases in convoys in the cities and go back to the streets back to twenty twelve when mali and army officers overthrew the government leading to separatists declaring an independent state in the north in twenty thirteen. french troops recaptured territory under rebel control to prevent
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a march in the capital bamako two years later al qaeda linked fighters attacked a hotel in the city killing twenty two people there's also fighting in central mali's mopti region that's killed at least three hundred people still to come here on al-jazeera facing expulsion will report on the uncertain future of millions of undocumented people in state in northeast india. more than a few small steps for mankind after sixty years why it's no longer all about being the quickest to the moon and back. and in sports news lewis hamilton extends his formula one championship lead with a dominant performance in the hungaroring going free. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello there it's been very wet for some of us in the northern parts of
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vietnam recently that rain is set to continue as we head through the next few days and it looks heavy all the way from the northern parts of vietnam down to the coast of maine mall here there's been some flooding so plenty more wet weather across this region as we head through the next few days to the north of all of that it's actually mostly fine and dry force in shanghai the temperatures will be easing as well as we head into tuesday so a maximum this time of thirty four degrees a bit further towards the south we've got a few showers but some sunshine through parts of the philippines and borneo with that wetter weather across many parts of thailand there's also plenty of heavy showers down into parts of malaysia and into the northern parts of so much of the so some of the wet weather does look very heavy but to the south there's more in the way of dry weather and that extends all the way across java and into bali as well so i think for many of us here it should stay dry throughout the day as we head across towards india there's been flooding here particularly in order pradesh and of us thanks to this area of cloud here is generating plenty of what weather
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across this region will be more of it as we head through monday and tuesday two you can also see there's plenty of weather that's being pushed across nepal and into bangladesh as well towards the west is generally draw at the moment with just one or two showers perhaps in mumbai there with sponsored by the time he's. an insider's perspective just six months ago we were at the brink of a war of the real donald trump i think he makes comments that he probably shouldn't make from the former campaign national security director donald is in a class all by himself and for the thirty years i've known donald he creates his own reality maybe he could say today with j.p. there has been no evidence that shows collusion if that's not collusion if that's not working with russian what is on al-jazeera. running six. and so across the globe.
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al-jazeera has correspondents live in the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news. welcome back this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm peter dhabi your headlines cambodia's ruling party has claimed victory in the election which has been widely described as a sham by human rights groups the prime minister puts then who's been in office for more than thirty years is accused of voter intimidation the main opposition cambodian national rescue party was dissolved last year. a teenage palestinian
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activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison seventeen year old i had to mimi has become a symbol of palestinian resistance is urging people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation. zimbabwe's i state president has denounced his former party and the military ahead of elections on monday robert mugabe said he'd vote for the country's opposition candidate rather than endorse those who have illegally taken power. now back to the states the publisher of the new york times says the u.s. president on trump has misrepresented a private meeting they had two weeks ago earlier on sunday mr trump tweeted that he had a very good and interesting meeting at the white house with a.g. sulzberger that's the publisher of the new york times where they spent much time talking about the vast amounts of fake news being put out by the media and how that fake news has morphed into quotes enemy of the people sat. a short time
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later the times published a response saying the meeting was supposed to be off the record trump's tweet had made public and the times' publisher missed salzberg says he accepted the invitation mainly to raise his concerns about trump's deeply troubling anti press rhetoric and asked him not to attack wider journalism if he was happy with coverage of his presidency daniel lippman is a reporter for politico dot com he explained earlier why donald trump continuously attacks the media. the reason that trump is maligning the media and trying to discredit us is that he is not happy with the way he has covered and with the constant scandals in terms of the muller investigation michael cohen russia the white house palace intrigue with you have people in his own white house fighting against each other in the media using people like me and you to fettle
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their scores he does not want his supporters and other republicans and independents to buy into that and in many ways that's worked if you talk to most trump supporters they can't even read the new york times or c.n.n. they just believe it's fake even though the people who are in our shoes we're just trying to do our job of you know i don't care how my reporting affects democrats or republicans i just want to good fair and accurate story and a lot of americans it's going to take a long time to change their mind on trusting the media again because of trump's rhetoric and also the which is the baited abetted by fox news which you know is not very loyal to a lot of other media outlets sometimes if we assume for a second that fake news doesn't really exist of course there are instances you and
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i could talk about them you know where reporters get it wrong but they correct themselves in print on twitter etc but how does donald trump kind of get himself out from underneath this losing of the fake news media that you know from our vantage point where we are right now doesn't really exist but also how does the media gets itself out from underneath the weight of this given that for example you know put three four days ago apparently he spent the dummy on board air force one because maloney a trump had the t.v. tuned in to c.n.n. and he's so you know full of i don't want to see that it's fox news or nothing at all. i think you know the media has to pay attention to what is happening in the midwest in the south of the country and really respond to the concerns they have about globalization and trade in the media was caught flatfooted a couple of years ago when trump was elected because we didn't see that this you
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know tide was was coming this wave was was you know rolling to help electrum and in terms of trump's own behavior i don't think it's going to change as long as he gets critical coverage he is still going to blast the media because he sees that as a way to almost inject himself into the story more and you know we're not going to win the meter not going to shape our coverage one way or another we're not going to go to and to trying to neg to pro trump to try to mollify him we're just doing our jobs and we have you know all of us have our own you know readership or viewership base that we answer to and so that's that's our higher loyalty and. this whole fake news term the real fake news is produced from russian bots and in from macedonia and eastern europe. not from the newsrooms of top american outlets
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so that's just that term should be changed in how we view things. pakistan's political parties have accelerated their efforts to form alliances after the election despite controversy surrounding the results imran khan's party says it is all set to form a governing coalition but there are major challenges ahead facing the incoming government as a solid bench of eight reports now from islamabad. mohammad many things in my own hands campaign for the so-called new pakistan has succeeded in driving out the political old guard similar to his traditional taxi which is now competing with online services such as zuber i mean he's been driving for fifteen years and makes less than two hundred dollars a month like thousands of pakistanis who are living just above the so-called poverty line he struggles to provide food education and health care for his three children. he voted for iran can and has high expectations for those who want needs
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to provide us jobs housing for the poor and free education this should be his priority he has promised change in nine days if he fails to bring change then his fate will be worse than the previous two there was in surgery imran khan's pakistan tehreek e insaf party said to form a coalition government has promised to fight corruption and impose austerity measures instead of lavish government spending whether it's the jobs whether it's the housing it whether it's the set up and self guard or whatever we've said about foreign policy we nor what we're doing we nor how to do it and shallow you will see that we will deliver exactly what we have committed to delivering. major challenges of a pakistani government including trying to boost the devalued currency and pakistan's joined a list of countries which is not doing enough to stop terrorist financing besides security of torm and foreign policy issues the government expected to seek more than ten billion dollars to balance its budget. whether it's from the international
5:37 am
monetary fund or pakistan's allies such as china or saudi arabia the norms likely to come with conditions. which will probably affect just about everyone to make this cup of tea a kilo of sugar used to cost thirty cents now it costs sixty cents a liter of milk used to cost about seventy cents that is gone over a dollar a manhunt the biggest challenge in the economy and to make sure that everyday items don't cost as much but young people who support the cricketer turned politician have faith their leader will prevail. for education and hospitals he will remove the divide between the rich and poor we should give him enough time to fulfill his pledges. in run funds but he says it's ready to deliver on raised expectations even for those who did not vote for him by his son from a job either here or islamic. tens of thousands of people living in the
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northeastern indian state of who fail to prove they are citizens could soon face expulsion seven million undocumented people live there they have until sunday to prove their legal residency government leaders are trying to calm fears among people who think their names won't feature on the updated registry when it's published on monday his poll to judge him. forty five year old mana water a big boom is battling cancer and the national registry of citizens she has appeared at an n.r.c. foreigners tribunals six times to prove she's an indian citizen. seven million of the thirty two million people who live in a some state had until sunday to do the same and. i'm extremely upset my health is getting worse and if i don't get justice my children will be treated as citizens of india if my name doesn't appear in the n.r.c. list then their names will not appear either critics of the citizens' registry say
5:39 am
a movement by the awesome means to protect their culture has turned into zino phobia prime minister narendra modi promised his hindu nationalist party would take action against undocumented muslims who fled to india during the bangladeshi liberation war against pakistan in one thousand nine hundred one the book that biblically package to foreigners tribunals has been done to fight many such people whose name will not be appearing in on r.c. this exercise has left so many genuine indian citizens in trouble. after being questioned by the n.r.c. tribunals nearly a thousand people were deemed to be foreigners and sent to detention camps supporters of the registry say their campaign doesn't discriminate between bengalis muslims or hindus it is very simple those who have entered up to seventy one and most in as far as i'm a god your name will be updated on us but we also have india on the move in muslim down definitely only
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a dairy and i didn't nic india's interior minister has ordered security to be tightened before the release of the updated registry on monday russian nothing says there is no reason for anyone to panic and he has ruled out further detentions the government of the tea growing an oil rich awesome state denies accusations its targeting poor and an educated muslims it is they are more than fifty seven percent was doing is in some way almost the living below the poverty don these people are illiterate and no education system exists in their villages. despite the government's reassurances many who think they won't be listed on the n.r.c. fear detention and expulsion but they may have nowhere to go the federal government says undocumented immigrants can apply for indian citizenship but hasn't released details. on al-jazeera efforts underway to rescue hundreds of climbers stranded on a mountain on n.b.c.
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is lombok island they're stuck there in the wake of sunday's magnitude six point four earthquake the death toll has now risen to fourteen with dozens more injured the government searching everyone to stay calm step vasant has that story from jakarta. it was seven am on the island of lombok monday earthquake struck and many ran outside immediately dozens of out of were injured by falling good grief when their homes started to collapse some couldn't escape in time. to rest on the neighboring island of bali ran out of the hotel but no earthquake damage is reported there longbox also popular tourist destination and nearly eight hundred visitors were climbing mount three johnny all managed to leave the slopes of the volcano safely but a malaysian tourist was killed when a guest house at the foot of the volcano collapse i mean no one knew that she was in the kitchen when the quake happened she was packing all of his stuff to return to malaysia. the quake or several landslides and the volcano has been closed to
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visitors in the news as one of the world's most active earthquake zones and water and five thousand quakes are recorded every year after this morning's strong tremor more than one hundred aftershocks were felt causing even more panic on both lombok and bali it's the peak of the tourist season and many hotels are full the government is urging everyone to stay calm steadfast and al-jazeera. now the iraqi prime minister has suspended the electricity minister after weeks of protests against power outages poor public services and unemployment. demonstrations continued on sunday in a number of southern cities a curfew is in place and internet access has been cut off in some areas human rights watch has accused iraqi special forces of using lethal force against the protesters. bulldozers and construction crews
5:43 am
a busy on the border between iraq and syria the iraqi government started to seal off the front here to try and stop cross border attacks by eisel fighters however the project has a long way to go before all six hundred kilometers is secure. has that story from baghdad. what was once an open border crossing between friendly neighbors is now walled off iraq sealing the border with syria for national security reasons it's already completed a twenty kilometer stretch. iraqi helicopters patrol from the air the iraqi army stands god on the ground. we have implemented a strategic project just like any other country in the world to protect our borders frankly speaking this is the best approach in terms of implementing security and we're going to protect ourselves from infiltrators smugglers and terrorist. the threat from isis has been dealt with after the iraqi army recaptured seize territory and declared victory last year however so-called eisel sleeper cells have
5:44 am
taken advantage of the open border and infiltrated from syria securing the border has been welcomed by government leaders in damascus. the syrian side wants to secure the border area also so they can prevent cross border infiltration and so far both countries have had success in capturing fighters but iraq's priority is to secure the border because of the absence of a completely secure syrian border the construction project began in june concrete walls fences and sand barriers surveillance towers to be installed in the coming months if it's successful iraq will close the rest of the border with syria some six hundred kilometers however it still has to deal with what it calls sleeper cells that are inside iraq in some of the main cities and in the countryside. baghdad. three russian opposition leaders have been arrested at
5:45 am
a rally protesting over the government's plan to increase the state pension age the demonstration in central moscow has been authorized by city authorities and attracted thousands of people the government's plans to raise the pension age for men from sixty to sixty five and from fifty five to sixty three for women sparked widespread discontent spoke cross the political spectrum. now the organization that put men on the moon has turned sixty years old we're talking of course about nasa nasa has celebrated its triumphs and suffered its tragedies too in the race to space our washington correspondent she has returned see looks at what the future might hold for the u.s. space agency. when president eisenhower signed the bill creating nasa there were fears in washington that the u.s. was being left behind by the soviet union space exploration has always been a matter of geopolitical prestige for the us will be here well we are behind and
5:46 am
will be behind for some time in manned flight but we do not intend to stay behind but national politics have been key too and one reason why i came here at long term time for nasa has been impossible for example george w. bush directed nasa to return to the moon only to have president obama scrap of those plans and direct massa to land on asteroids with a long term goal now donald trump has ordered nasa back to the moon this time we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint we will establish a foundation for an eventual mission to mars just look at our political leaders keep moving the goalposts around changing destinations from asteroids and war. i mean these are long term horizon goals are going to take decades to achieve a lot of. how like one goal the plan is for us astronauts to be back on the moon by the mid twenty twenty s. but timeframes keep being pushed back and it should be noted that the u.s.
5:47 am
count even ferry astronauts to the international space station that alone the moon nasa has been reliant on russian spacecraft since the space shuttle was discontinued president obama pushed private public partnerships with boeing and space x. to create u.s. space craft but they're well behind schedule that may mean no u.s. presence at all on the i assess for a time and liftoff of the space shuttle just u.s. priorities shift for human space travel but that represents just one of four areas of activity for nasa the other aeronautics sons and space technology here innovation continues with unmanned space travel satellites and space telescopes nasa isn't just studying outer space but the earth to the president and when donald trump named climate change denier jim brandon stein as mass administrator there were fears that earth sciences would suffer but remarkably up to six weeks in the job brighton stein converted i don't deny the consensus. that the climate is changing and i thoroughly believe and know that the climate is changing i also know
5:48 am
that we human beings are contributing to it in a major way this year congress passed the highest budget for nasa since two thousand and nine rejecting the trumpet ministrations attempts at cuts so even as uncertainty and delay characterize nasa as human missions into space for the moment at least the agency's urgent investigations into the state of our own planet are secure she. will staying with things up there sarah kratos is a space shuttle a stand astrophysicist a little early and she joins us to explain the changing approach to space exploration. i think whatever we do and have the space exploration will be iconic i think the way we're exploring space is changing it used to be as you talked about about two countries a cold war showing we can do a big thing well that's changing now private industry coming in you know you can think of the moon landings as being the columbus moment and we're now entering into this mayflower moment where private industry would do a lot of the heavy lifting particularly in low earth orbit but for as long as we've
5:49 am
been looking at the stars not she exploring space nasa has been the public face of space exploration that role will change over the coming decades with international cooperation and private cooperation but i think it be a someday if nasa wasn't associated with space and long may it continue one of the important things to remember is when you're up in space and one of the greatest things nasa tosses these images looking back at the earth from space and you realize we're just on this one planet you can think the earth is a spaceship you know there are no borders that you can see in space and whereas on earth we've had difficulty collaborating certainly nasa russia and america have difficulty collaboration getting along in some areas when it comes to space the house being collaboration and you know at the moment the only way american astronauts can get to space is on the russian soyuz rocket so it has collaboration space has been something which has been so significant about the space race and as we continue forward in space that is something which will hopefully help humans on smiles still to come here on al-jazeera sports news
5:50 am
a bad day at the office for this finnish rally driver crushing outs in ortiz's home event.
5:51 am
i mean this is different whether someone's going cold someone is. getting it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can just by story and find out. time for sports his peter. thank you very much great britain's get on thomas has
5:52 am
been crowned tour de france champion while alexander christophe of norway put in a super final sprint on the seans elisei to win sunday's final stage but the day was all about thomas the champagne bottle had already been opened to celebrate his ride into paris thomas who has now won his first grand tour becomes the first welshman to win the tour de france and the third brit of the bradley wiggins and chris froome who finished third this year tom demand was second british and team sky riders have now won six of the last seven two is. accused once commences on sleazy and now all the while flags all the supports just like. the one that soho life how i was sad but it's just part of mantle and i believe i could be everyone on my day but to do it day after day and for three weeks which is the first i'm a tried and yeah it's just insane and it's just been an amazing year and the confidence and riding the crest of the wave and the city going joyous lewis hamilton has made it back to back formula one victories after winning in hungary
5:53 am
the brits has extended his championship lead to twenty four points of the dominating throughout the race pole then there were reports. this eighty's wasn't expected to do well and hungry but after getting lucky in qualifying lewis hamilton didn't look back on a track that is difficult to pass on and with down terry bought s acting as a road block ferrari could only hope that the silver arrows would suffer reliability issues. instead it was vis a losing position after a problem with his front left tire during his pit stop on lap thirty nine a mercedes one two head been looking on the counts that was bought as struggling for growth will use the advantage of d.r.s. to get past the front with five laps remaining the german surviving the contect to finish second with brighton and third i was leeward quite lucky that he didn't take us out so. yeah could have had a punch as well and then it could have been
5:54 am
a disaster far from ideal are they we had a pretty good bit that i can do from about it like that but with the pines and for the next for that long a lack of downforce from his broken front wing process crashed again this time heading down your counter there was no such drama for lewis hamilton who finished seventeen seconds ahead of the ferrari's for a sixth when in hungary. a tough race for us tough weekend for us we came to the point so really we came in knowing that the prize would be real quick this weekend but to come out with a point i would different takes a photograph so we deserved the harder this kind of hamilton goes into the summer shutdown with a twenty four point advantage over a vigil in the championship standings he's also well aware that the upcoming race is inspiring monza a much more suited to his car pool planned with al-jazeera. has one really fun and but it wasn't such a good day for his team mate far from leading to the way we. finished
5:55 am
driver be rolling his car just a kilometer from the end of stage twenty ten to claim he is second in the world really charitable of the season after not taking any risks on sunday to finish thirty two seconds ahead of madoff's berg hearing noise remains the overall champ attributed to smite finishing down the night. after being soundly beaten in the test series so africa has bounced back to win the first one day international. against sri lanka in dambulla on sunday south africa were asked to bowl first off to sri lanka won the toss. about a did the damage up front and finished with four wickets stoneburner to brace shamcey also claiming another false relinking wickets the hosts were never able to really get going and were all after one hundred ninety three in under thirty five overs in reply south africa's captain five two placea and clinton the cop both scored forty seven the match was still in the balance with the proteas at one hundred twenty nine for four but j.p.
5:56 am
duminy club fifty three not out from just thirty two balls to see the tourists win by five wickets with nineteen overs to speak. unheralded georgian tennis player nicholas really has won his first a.t.p. tour title and what's more he did it as a qualifier at the german open in hamburg on sunday the world number eighty one was up against three time champion leonardo meyer of argentina the first it went the way of the twenty six year old georgian six four but meyer who was heavily favored to win the title bounced back superbly in the second set winning a six loves to force a deciding set it would be really who rose to the occasion taking the thirty seven five and with it the honor of becoming the first georgian to win an a.t.p. tour title. what can i say this final is it was a really close match was a unbelievable carry over
5:57 am
a third so. i think i could have played today my best about the result close to the british monitors to or about to i heard very small chances to second most when i used it and finally just down the road at hamburg green eagle goal of course richard mcavoy was also making history he's won his first european to a title after seventeen year long wait the thirty nine year old was playing in his two hundred eighty fourth tournament and needed a thirty eight to claim the emotional when the englishman how these new simple twenty foot putt for the one shot when. he seemed very absent incredible yeah right alongside. seventeen years as a pro i think this is my seventeenth season on an off challenge her mind and. i've stated. that for the sport will have another update for you again later. but say it's i'm done say soon but by. land. twelve boys and their football coach go missing
5:58 am
deep in a cave in northern timer with rising floodwaters rescuers are running out of time on one one east begin side story of time and extraordinary came on al-jazeera august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to armed attacks even though they too the victims of the violence the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limpid sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the sixth the book against al-jazeera will cover the developments from town wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers organist
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on al-jazeera. full of struggles a little quarrels i don't know very well then went through my mind what time this is yeah and what does she do and what the. full of pleasure maybe just a question i get our bonfield an intimate look at life in cuba today was on top of the course argument passing on me when i have long ago i am hanging my cuba on al-jazeera. and under put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with the. untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the lure.
6:00 am
cambodia's ruling party claims a landslide victory in a general election that lacked any serious challenges. hello i'm don jordan lawyer from doha also coming up freedom to last a palestinian teenager jailed for slapping and kicking on his right the soldier says a legal rights were violated i'm against him i mean there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male interrogators questioning and also as a minor they didn't every family member to be there.


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