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tv   Driving Change  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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today president trump declared a state of emergency parts of california devastated by the fire. fighters have attacked the northern mali and city of kid out firing several mortars including one near a polling station the presidential election that's been dominated by security concerns and the threat from al qaeda has been escalating. three russian opposition leaders have been arrested at a rally protesting the government's plan to raise the state pension age the demonstration in moscow had been authorized by city officials the government's plans to raise the pension age from mentees to sixty five then to sixty three for women a spot widespread discontent. well those were the headlines that is continuous here on al-jazeera after if you find a lot of america that subject. you to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al jazeera viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe. your story from under you are for the most amount for
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a while i'm not sure you can hear it from a grammy go. to kings or any of that but some of. your experience are put. in simply geared to marking me down you know i mean all born in europe and any noise and going and going to rot in the young are being lost. and also if they only believe them or love most of the new united that's in there that we're here and i said listen. if we analyze all soft on angels. even when i think he's looking all sorts of the same. thing he said you. know something i'm not going on in here but i'm. normally been called. in and hearing you got me in our community. superman i mean
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you know. what if. they need to give him a phone i think. i would. like for they really. he was one of the. you know much of. one of the. so. but i might know what it. is. but the.
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only thing you know so if you're going to. do your headquarters role. you know mental. you. want to get though i never. seen a total one the window unit where oil. you know i. think you know that and. that's about it but actually. if a media. body and didn't want to. sell it to them in a case here. but i get. them into policy i.
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don't get in a million in here. good i want you. know in. my nobody nobody you know that i mean. you know podium what they need a food they need. i'll go canoeing they need only learned but i hope you. got another woman. in order to maintain. they pre-marital i said. you know.
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it's a good omen. you know that nothing. had been going to be seen the whole meet up and i got of them in. order to put on the albany so you may point out what you can say you want i mean when i'm home and. going you know and i have got so you know seen a movie only one point in what you call seen in more chinese people see no point need you need to one of the i had a quote in those days. when i didn't mean. to . win the. bus and.
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what did you want to. show. let. me give my how i look but i. learned sr how last.
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year that you got in the. love of your life you're going to gain enough money how much. do you know. i did not mean but if you are not absolute i mean you want to see you do. anything. you know they said if that's what you really meant you know you're not here saying you're. on my you'll be here in your mind not only will my. you want to. mentor you. when they see more in a lucky guy but i think i don't know. if they know any moment. i'm going to be a see you don't say it's always a little. so you can get a video going to anyone tell you guys this is why i know how to you.
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begin you're so right on. in this again. we're. going. to do a lot like that in the here. so i know you'll be there. to go on but it is just a moment when some of the. you know not what. he thought of the modern and keep cool. little. company in they give. the. signal that we have enough meat monkey.
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they want to impose on someone. people who will provide articles i. want us. all a micro. to period. in the my nana he they are more like thought of going to get. it i got a. little for. it . but i know. the miracle i want out of what i.
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see well my thought on going to come you know any thought. or no beer. will not also turn you. these young men it is a losing you don't know me don't know you don't know really easily by now you see only seen leader was easy my new season somebody says yeah like i said that is the only one yeah yeah yeah going to the likud me and my you don't believe me when i say you don't know he is the man you see he. i don't get it was out of the window but i look forward to people. when the only books about money on the net that i look. like only delmonico that i know that he said and. he looked at them and i mean look i said one of the they said a little bit but he said i think i'm.
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going to tell you don't know something then i let them know looking at the label but also in the morning well you've omitted. one of the interview in. a little. we see in the but arguably you know you know i receive that when we talk about one of us you know i said i'm going for the no fear and lay there he you want i thought. if. you know the. minute here that might be you. had gotten our last hope that i had. won but i don't want to be got. you you know walking on the working middle. class last thing on ok i can also no
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problem sign you know on the land is a knock on miss. teen in the thing out of here and i'm going to pull cmos. for one. a lot of it cools off for a minute and yes i don't. know mentally i'm up there when i call me. you know what i'm going to lay down in yeah. and want to be in don't fall on. him which i don't know is in my eyes and he says he did. it for me and because i simply am not there i asked. him to live and that's. when i thought who that is and we don't know all. the answers given kind of already you. know my man. is. not
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a good you know it or in it i'm not going to go. then i think. dean in it he has a few seen by citizens united. in some not so you know if you look out for one hundred over the long term while you're going to find a c.n.n. hero even you know when. you don't talk about your son he knows most of the many democrats i mean you know you don't date on the order. of the roof you know who. i want to be made a little my brothers you are going to live to see what i am our. you know no. i don't. know ripon deal that i go more.
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you know. our whole focus and i knew a lot on this. big that the and i hand him over you know oh michael in this day i'll. get a late middle son all for korea. over from ballpark you. know my. home for you mind going to get laid up all men are from c.n.n. meaning i mean your rank you i will be doing it. but it's your a little bunted local realtor i'm going to france i mean for that i had a. six you. know for a. loss of our house. and several
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you and i think. that i sold. up a side of the you know both of you know what i'm going to lead if you give you any got to tell. the owner of my heart but also you know gary on the whole in their lineage been in this little one on. one thing that on side you'll see on a soap opera but on the not well known for the. people that live. you. know if you do if he did you know in the form. he there you remember him in the end. it's.
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very. big they're going to. kill the president in three months. if we will buy them to put him in there. and let it be for three. young men. a sick got a lot of. free. i want i want my have you seen this. in. the cia. i kid i want to go for mother be there get to know him for a couple of us. that
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are called even though he's a monkey you weren't going to come on my stuff michael said. is your little boy. complaining. oh you're going on me well that is for one thing you really want to get out of it and. then i don't understand why because you always look at who is it. that. when they hear that. it's not me. nobody you know but i want you to tell them that under the law about going on a plane and going to. see. it on you off the
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sequel you know one of the many little slow growth will not be what you are. joining there on part of where this month when i will run there are a lot of humorless and a half there or there are defeated up there i went out on which you know nothing else on the anybody and you know if you want but i need one on me he wasn't on the hood of planes and i think the trees i know he. got he got a dish in the way it was to him be the. one you know seeing i knew it then i know but only you could have made it look a lot more than i think i got so he. has a gun because you know kids idea. recently they go to say you. when you think of arguing with. leno you know from the mean time in the east
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and in the mental scene scene you'll see nothing like he had done by. you on this. one only thought from the ninety minute god i'm old no one and i've been i've been sun down there are you going on the. market out there the more later the medical. you're. the one who has to. deal. with. all that. we're learning here then i think i've been increasingly you know if you see anything in his here in that scene you know thinking of course it means you cannot be in a good thing or they are being yourself. all of them thank you for your good
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looking here and your. it'll be understandable and say to you. in a decade the concept of the other end already printed out with you if you're going to. put it. in the well you got out but if you are gone lynn you got there you are. you know what i mean in the living. room we were led out. safe. to talk of time. c c. he went. oh my the import of my thing i'm done. now i tell you. about him you know you don't want to come from us he says he. wants to look for my.
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friends on the other. oh yeah oh yeah. that's fine you're still going to hear what i thought i was but then yeah. you know i thought i. saw you so you also know. if you go there you go say i said montana you know why you fell out on me i said. i had. a lot of people you know. that all over the we're all gonna you know. know. that we're going to. you know that's the reason. why you guys not been going to believe that the president you want what. i want you to do you know what. and there you have it even though i mean they're. fake which i don't know possibly
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on the person who was doing when it's a thirty. minute. so they say they may not say no he. means we'll. throw it all. out and he played it he can and. so do you. want. to run a lot of. women . yes and they will the police if. they if but only.
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if you're getting into. a movie you know what. well i have it on a pedestal and i think you know if you get them out there. but don't look at them while they learn. some more you put a few song going to see me until i'm in then this alert is given by a. look at them and i'm on record out of my butt and i'm out of mind all the people which are my forty one which are. real people
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you got to sit in the bronx and. you're not and i meant it but i like you but i think when he does you know but all to myself me to my fussy you will see what i mean. if i think of. anything. but in the. modern also lamenting the mike you know i see no i don't know if you feel like it things will be. a lot of pain in my name them in the knee deep in mind in. my heart he got in trouble. he had to stop in the high economic you know new york city and i said but in the lead up to the on the money.
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the micro-chip people of argentina have been marginalized and abroad over a culture for generations. using twenty first century tools one mother farge to reconnect to their heritage and share their culture with the next generation. viewfinder latin america discovers new filmmaking talent from around the globe. message for my daughter on al-jazeera. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to all the attacks even though they too a victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limp explodes a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods
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across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions to to get back in place on the sixty bogost al-jazeera will cover the developments from time wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system the laid the foundation of today's global powers organist on al-jazeera an insider's perspective just six months ago we were at the brink of a war of the real donald trump i think he makes comments that he probably shouldn't make from the former trump campaign national security director tom was in a class all by himself and for the thirty years i've known donald he creates his own reality maybe his son goes head to head with j.d. coolidge there has been no evidence that shows collusion if that's not collusion if that's not working with russian what is known al-jazeera. and this is different not whether someone is going for some of these very rents but it's better we think it's how you approach a vigil and that's it is
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a said we're doing to qantas and inject the story and die out. cambodia's ruling party claims a landslide victory in a general election that lacked any serious challenges. in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up freedom to last a palestinian teenager jailed for stopping and kicking an israeli soldier says the legal rights were violated. it's mine if there were no female soldiers there and i have the right to that i had two male interrogators questioning postal as a minor they didn't every family member to be there which was my rights zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe endorses the opposition candidate at of monday's presidential election. flaming tornadoes spot.


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