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he's already talking victory confident words from zimbabwe's opposition leader as he costs his balance. and sami say this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up four million people stripped of citizenship in the northern indian state why do they go now. a funeral procession one of the few signs of life in a new god one city where people live in fear of pro-government forces. and the fire
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hydrant is all that's left standing town in california flattened by flames. the man who's got robert mugabe's backing is making confident noises barely three hours into voting in zimbabwe's election opposition m.d.c. alliance candidate nelson chamisa cast his ballot a short time ago and it's the first election since the more gobby era and the former president's thrown his support behind forty year old chimney's a well the man who succeeded mugabe in the vendor emerson and god was promising to revive the economy which he said believes the people will vote for change. big reception for the. people who spoke to the people speaking and it's clear that the voters are one for one for freedom and one for democracy and one renewed. one with do you.
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really. well joining us now from zimbabwe's capital harare has a house the vote timing out looking like. well they've been a few issues like people going to the wrong polling stations but on the whole things have been going well and we seeing in some areas lines are getting longer and longer here are some of the voters mainly young people if you speak to almost everyone all people in the line they say things like their biggest concern is the state of the economy they want to improve they want to improve this area is called as one of the oldest townships and that's where some of the people live as a block of apartments sometimes there's no running water there's no electricity a lot of people in this area don't work so what they do is they sell vegetables on the streets second hand clothes anything they can really to try and make ends meet but it's not enough so they're hoping we have a wins this election really focuses on the economy that maybe one day investors will come back to the country or the factories and businesses that have been closed
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for nearly two decades reopen and that employment is created. this is the first election without being in position supporters feel emboldened to come out and vote. there's definitely a sense of excitement people who've been talking to have been saying things like they feel like there's a lot more freedom now in the country they can express themselves more a bit more in social media talking about who they want to vote for the opposition supporters and harare is traditionally an opposition stronghold and some people here are supporters and they are gunning for the main opposition leader but that city could be a very very tight race according to some analysts they say that the fact that for example robert mugabe has said he's not going to vote for. the. supporters may listen to what he says and also not vote for zanu p.f. which could mean it could be quite an interesting challenging race for president.
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but he is still confident he's going to win this election only time will tell but i can tell you right now this is the first in a long long time we things feel very. difference now we're not talking about people being beaten up and people being killed so much is now about how free and fair the process is and can the opposition leader nelson chamisa win enough votes to unseat zanu p.f. which has been in power since one thousand nine hundred. or a new stuff there how. the battle for syria's taken a significant turn in recent months now new peace talks are due to begin in the next few hours they've been brokered by russia turkey and iran the talks are happening in the russian city of sochi instead of kazakstan capital i stand where most previous meetings were held representatives from both syria's government and opposition as well as the u.n. special envoy for syria are expected to attend and speak to her
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now inside she said the battlefield situation looks a bit a little bit different this time around how is that expected to impact talks. well certainly the government delegation comes in here in a position and threatened just because of the territorial gains made over the past twelve months and also recently for example by retaking control of the border with jordan and the one with israel now days it is going to be a day of bilateral meetings behind closed doors to funding mr a has a radio arrived we know that the government delegation has arrived staying in a different hotel than the one where the opposition is stay which is normally the case what do we expect out of this meeting is very difficult you said this point but i do know that russia is keen to put forward for example a humanitarian filed with the with the idea that the message through to bring out is that the war is nearly over even though there is still
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a battle for looming and certainly the situation in the north east that whole area under control of the kurds is not yet settled turkey has a lot of concerns about that but the message coming out of here is let's talk about the constitution something that has been extremely difficult whether it was during the stand up platform or indeed the un led talks that would happen which happened in geneva and vienna but has haven't resume since january two thousand and seventeen now what they're also going to talk about is what to do with the refugees russia is very keen to start doing resettlement of one point seven million refugees who are mainly in lebanon two key jordan and in europe they were envoy russian envoys who had gone to do those countries last week to discuss that on the
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ground so certainly we might find some advancement on those files what we can expect when whoever you are asked to at this point will tell you just let's wait and see what will happen especially today during those bilateral meetings ahead of tomorrow's planned there a station. in the crowd why international human rights groups are accusing pro-government parliament trigg forces of kidnapping and murdering people with impunity nearly four hundred and fifty people have been killed since anti-government protests began in april rights groups say the government is inciting fear places demanding new elections a latin america editor lucy newman has this report. i must say you have the nicaraguan city that put up the fiercest resistance during three months of anti-government protests looks almost empty. the only large group on this normally
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overcrowded street is part of the latest funeral procession it's been nine days since thirty one year old buy out of the had again was buried a baker with two small children and a third one on the way who was taken from his home during what the government called the clean up campaign in the west all three men with beauty shirts olive green pants and black masks kicked down the door they grabbed him and said you're coming with us his wife cried out he hasn't done anything he hasn't done anything. this is the only family member who did speak to us on condition of anonymity the grass in this empty lot has just been cut but it's here that the highly decomposed body of by yet of the heart again was found hidden among the tall brush three days after he disappeared the body was taken to the morgue in the capital where the coroner confirmed that he had been killed shortly after he had been taken from his
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home. we got the call that they had a party where you have characteristics. when we went. the doctor said he had here and here. heavily armed paramilitary operatives continue to comb the streets of the neighborhood relatives of scores of civilians allegedly killed by pro-government forces say they've been threatened with reprisals as they speak out many have left the country hundreds of activists who manned trenches wanted to oust populus president daniel ortega have gone underground alex had none this is one of them. the lists have been distributed to the paramilitaries we change safe houses every night but it's only temporary they don't understand is that the more they try to intimidate us the more people they kill disappear or imprison the angrier and more determined we become. perhaps but
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there's also a great deal of fear in the interim merican commission of human rights warns that a third phase of repression is now under way with selective arrests disappearances and the criminalize ation of those who oppose a president whom they see as a dictator you see in human al-jazeera masaya al-jazeera. for those allegations from the human rights commission to nicaragua's minister for national policy. how did you justify the presence of irregular forces operating with the police the way the looting was stopped was when the citizenry came out on the organized citizenry is also been very important and helping to lift up the barricades community policing is an important part of the policing percept community policing in trucks in vehicles without plates you have violence on both sides there's no doubt about that in a democratic state you can't have people going around on to with high caliber
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weapons masked in vehicles that i don't have to meet operating with the police there's they're operating as terrorists they're operating as agents of the coup and that has to be counteracted so for the police to protect the police have to have a presence in the national territory and they need to establish that with the support of the citizenry when all is said and done in this case by case analysis comes out we're going to find that there were demonstrators who were killed there were police who have been killed their son in east since who have been killed there are people who were caught in the crossfire of these battles who've been killed and that's probably not and considerable group there are journalists who have been killed also and the only way we're going to know this is through that case by case
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analysis. millions of people in india have been told they have to prove they're citizens of the country of a names were removed from the national registry it happened in the northern state of ahsan which has a population of thirty two million official say people that will have a chance to appeal face deportation poll chata jan has more. forty five year old munawar of the groom is battling cancer and the national registry of citizens she has appeared at the foreigners tribunals six times to prove she's an indian citizen. seven million of the thirty two million people who live in some state had until sunday to do the same and. i'm extremely upset my health is getting worse and if i don't get justice my children will be treated as citizens of india if my name doesn't appear in the n.r.c. list then their names will not appear either. critics of the national registry of
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citizens or n.r.c. say movement by the awesome means to protect their culture has turned into xena phobia. prime minister nouri modi promised his hindu nationalist party would take action against undocumented muslims who fled to india during the bangladeshi liberation war against pakistan in one thousand nine hundred one. to foreigners tribunals has been done to fight many such people whose name will not be appearing in our seat this exercise has left so many genuine indian citizens in trouble. after being questioned by the n.r.c. tribunals nearly a thousand people were deemed to be foreigners and sent to detention camps supporters of the registry say their campaign doesn't discriminate between bengalis muslims or hindus it's very simple those who have ended up to seventy one and most to me as far as i'm a got their name with me and be operated on i see but beyond having done the moves
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in muslim down definitely only a dairy and i didn't nic india's interior minister has ordered security to be tightened before the release of the updated threads tree on monday rush nothing says there's no reason for anyone to panic and he has ruled out further detentions the government of the tea growing an oil rich awesome state denies accusations it's targeting poor and an educated muslims it is. they are more than fifty seven percent dms and some they are mostly living below the poverty don these people are illiterate and no education system exists in their villages. despite reassurances from the government many who are not listed on the n.r.c. fear they may have no where to go the federal government says undocumented immigrants can apply for indian citizenship but hasn't released details. on al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera.
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maki. in can you failed us strong words from cambodia's opposition after an election that's being called a sham. plus what's next for palestinian activist i have to mimi after she was freed from an israeli jail. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hello and welcome to international weather forecast as we take a look at europe's weather you still have plenty of showers across eastern areas that can thunderstorms here further towards the west is looking more unsettled certainly for the u.k. but we're still getting warm air pushing up from the south so expect temperatures rise continually during the course of the week indeed by the weekend madrid is like
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you see temperatures of forty degrees celsius but certainly cooler breezier further north during the course of monday with the u.k. seeing showers and temperatures there only in the low to mid to twenty's central parts of europe gerri not looking too bad vienna plenty of sunshine but again those eastern areas seen some pretty heavy showers but for the most part the mediterranean is looking fine indeed on the other side the mediterranean weather conditions are also drawing fine plenty of sunshine temperatures really much as you'd expect this time of year heading into central africa here we've got some big showers showing up across a child for instance and some quite a long way towards the west as well for the showers and likely cheer in the course of choose state lagos nigeria scene the old downpour as we head into southern parts of africa where the conditions for the most part are looking dry and finally could see want to two showers for cape town and quite a brisk breeze blowing in the course of the day but the eastern cape dry and fine with highs of twenty three in turban. the weather sponsored by cattle race.
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which is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food in two thousand and eight al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could cross deep lines of division jewish history to be sure to be a little bit cool to be a little bit casual the people that love history. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera. come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines zimbabwe's opposition presidential candidate nelson chamisa says he's certain
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a victory in the election it's the first poll since the mccarthy era and the current leader anderson i'm just voted he is promising to revive the economy. the latest round of syria peace talks brokered by russia turkey and iran is taking place in the russian city of sochi representatives from the syrian government and opposition as well as the u.n. special envoy are expected to attend. four million people have been left off a new registry of citizens in the northern indian state of us here bangladesh prime minister had promised to act on documented muslims who came to the country during the nine hundred seventy one war between banging bash and stand. mali's president abraham cater has congratulated voters on a successful election day despite some violence in the north millions of people cast their ballots on sunday results are due in about a week kate is hoping to win
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a second term his main rival is sixty eight year old. been critical of caters record of the opposition in cambodia says the international community has failed the people there calling for the results of the general election to be rejected. to leave the lot of. the ruling party claimed victory in sunday's vote which has been widely described as a sham by human rights groups prime minister hun sen is accused of voter intimidation he's been in office for thirty three years last year he dissolve the main opposition party whose leader is in jail awaiting trial for treason. to the. market. in cambodia. history in words to be a celebration of the. right to choose.
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unfortunately that choice. before paul was over there was also. announced by the. national election. before he rejected the national community such as the us as the e.u. do you. think institution. has the latest now from lumpen. the overriding sentiment from critics of the government in cambodia independent observers to all of this country is that cambodia must now be regarded as a one party all thora tarion state and when you look at the results of sunday's election it's difficult to argue against that given that the cambodian people's party of prime minister hun sen won almost all the seats in the national assembly only two
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other small opposition parties won seats and neither of those parties can be considered a real threat to the rule of the c.p.p. or the prime minister who has been running this country for thirty three years we've seen some strongly worded statements from the cambodian national rescue party that is the party that was dissolved late last year banned from taking part in sunday's election the vice president of that party mousavi saying that it is the death of democracy in this country the result must be rejected democracy has been replaced by outright dictatorship and she went on to say that she believes the cambodian people have been let down by the international community the leadership of that party have been very busy particularly over the over the last six months or so lobbying foreign governments to take action against the government in phnom penh and so far we really haven't seen any tough action taken there are some things in the works like tougher sanctions from the united states possibly tariffs imposed on
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goods exported from cambodia to the likes of the european union but they're all still in the works and clearly the leadership of that ban party will continue to try to apply the pressure on those foreign governments. now hundreds of hikers who were trapped on a mountain after an earthquake in indonesia have started to make their way down the magnitude six point four earthquake killed fourteen people and destroyed around a thousand homes on the tourist island of lombok family say they're afraid of aftershocks more than one hundred sixty people were taken to nearby hospitals in the danger lies on what's known as the pacific ring of fire which puts it at risk of earthquakes hundreds of people are still missing after the collapse of a dam in laos and they are presumed to be dead hydroelectric dam which was under construction collapsed last week killing at least twenty seven people it calls floods that swept away homes and even reached neighboring cambodia the saudi m r r
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t a military coalition in yemen says it has destroyed launch sites used by houthi rebels in the western province of cider these images released by saudi arabia's government run a little while here t.v. said to show the coalition strike on one of the missile sites saudi arabia has come under increasingly frequent missile attacks launched by the who thiis from northern yemen. teenage palestinian activist had to me me says she'll continue her fight against israeli occupation the seventeen year old is free after spending nearly eight months in jail for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier whose story has transformed her into an anti occupation poster child under simmons has the story from her village in obvious allah in the occupied west bank the free trade jail ordeal much the same as hundreds experienced by young palestinians every year but the case of how to mimi is profoundly different with her mother now
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a man who shared jail time with her she was greeted by her father i had to mimi is already being portrayed by palestinians as an icon of resistance to the occupation who now love the body she spoke on a range of political issues including gaza and the rights of children in israeli jails to get education in the city exams and she managed to do after the pressure of the oath or says later she told out zira she was deprived of some rights in jail to enter a geisha and was really hard i was subject to sever violations the interrogator used seen words to me there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male interrogators questioning me also as a minor they didn't even charge a family member to be there which was my rights people are describing us and i can do intend to take up politics perhaps or. maybe with time when i'm able i might
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think about the coming couple of this and at some point. the prison sentence was for this head slapping israeli soldiers outside her home filmed by her mother nerima the video went viral then it was arrested a short time later her mother was also detained. her father who spent most of his life as an activist with several prison terms says he's both proud and sad i had lost her childhood. teenager she can't live normally i feel i feel some type guilty because we can't in the coalition and it's become the do it and that is want to put it towards her father is probably right when he talks about his daughter's life changing for good at the heart of it all is social media the battle over imagery and symbolism and so this is the face the palestinians and the israeli security forces expect to represent more defiance to the occupation. that may be
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a start and not an end to her actions. andrew simmons al-jazeera now the seller in the occupied west bank. malaysia has condemned israel for intercepting an aid boat carrying medical supplies for gaza the boat was stopped in the school to to the israeli port city of ashdod on sunday there were twenty two people on board including a malaysian doctor and stephanie decker falls from gaza it's not the first time activists have tried to break israel's blockade of the territory. the so-called freedom flotilla sailed from italy just over a week ago a host of international activists on board all with one aim to reach gaza symbolically breaking israel's navy blockade and bringing with them thousands of dollars worth of much needed medical supplies and. what happened today is that the flotilla was fifty nautical miles from gaza's waters in the israeli navy came and
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asked them to return they refused and insisted to continue the navy then seize the boat the activists on board were hoping to reach gaza after sunset and if they had they would have received a huge welcome but as expected they haven't been allowed to get anywhere close they've been intercepted by the israeli navy and taken to the israeli port of ashdod thirty one boats have been used by international activists to try to break this israeli naval blockade over the last ten years the only time they managed was back when they started in two thousand and eight since then every single one has been intercepted by the israeli navy its passengers detained and deported the most controversial attempt was in twenty ten israeli forces stormed the mavi marmara and opened fire killing ten and wounding many more israeli troops say the passengers attacked and the controversy and protests which followed calls turkey to withdraw its ambassador from tel aviv and expelled israelis from ankara it was six years before diplomatic ties were restored and israel agreed to pay compensation to the
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families of the dead subsequent patellas of escaped attack but not interception and despite most activists knowing that the israeli navy will never allow their boats to reach gaza they say they will continue to try in order to raise awareness of israel seach stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. people have died as wildfires continue to sweep across the u.s. state of california more than thirty eight thousand people are still on the evacuation orders. reports. the entire community of keswick california has been turned to ash nothing remains a want slightly little town of about seven hundred people now resemble something like a far away planet from a science fiction movie the fire that roared through here was described as a tornado of flames there was nothing firefighters could do to stop it the way the front fire front was coming through it was going to do what it wanted to do we might be able to say one little spot here but the risk would have been real just
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announced to try and even be anywhere near there what remains are the remnants of people's lives there are small signs of life here like the burnt pages of this children's book it's silent there isn't a sound there's still a mandatory evacuation zone residents aren't being allowed back only the occasional emergency vehicle passes by ironically the only color remaining in town a red fire hydrant that was no match for the flames it's the middle of the day but the sun can barely be seen because it's so gray and dark here the sun can barely peek out through that thick layer of smoke and ash that covers the air not only here but in this entire region of california doctors say people that inhale the smoke now face health risks. by all accounts everyone here was able to flee just
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before the fire overtook them the residents are mostly low income the future of the historic town is now in doubt i don't know if they'll have the resources to rebuild i hope he goes to have insurance have the opportunity but those who don't it's. a low income area so much or a lot of people will be able to rebuild. if they decide to rebuild it will be a new town because the old one simply no longer exists gabriels and oh i'll just keswick california. let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now zimbabwe's opposition presidential candidate nelson chamisa says he's certain of victory in the election it's the first poll since former leader robert mugabe was forced from office last year has thrown his support behind chevy's leader. just
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voted as promised to revive the economy i'm just curious how much has more from her . when you speak to people they'll tell you they really don't know which way this election is going to go because they've been told that the polls or the polls are being put out so far have say that it's going to be a very very tight race the other things as well to consider the main opposition leader nelson chamisa he's young he's been shaking up the scene recently rebel mugabe said he's not going to vote for the rulings on the speculation that people who support him in the army and in the ruling party may also choose not to vote for zanu p.f. the latest round of syria peace talks brokered by russia turkey and iran is taking place in the russian city of sochi representatives from the syrian government and opposition as well as the u.n. special envoy are expected to attend. four million people have been left off
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a new registry of citizens in the northern indian state of our somme near bangladesh the prime minister promised to act on undocumented muslims who came to the country during the one nine hundred seventy one war between bangladesh and pakistan the state register says people won't be deported and will have the chance to appeal the opposition in cambodia is calling for the results of the general election to be rejected the ruling party claimed victory in sunday's vote which has been widely described as a sham by human rights groups hundreds of hikers who were trapped on a mountain after an earthquake in indonesia have started to make their way down the magnitude six point four earthquake killed fourteen people and destroyed around a thousand homes on the tourist island of lombok. as you have lines three one i wasn't worth even twenty one years based on false allegations that just made in the last couple of years there's been a number of high profile exonerations of the wrongfully convicted based on police
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and prosecutorial misconduct you can check me for gun check much well i don't really but i haven't been to do nothing if the prosecutor is going to seek convictions for the sake of seeking convictions prosecutors teachers exploring the dockside of american justice system with joe burden on al jazeera. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm richelle carey and the air says al jazeera english launched back in two thousand and six and built a huge library of insightful entertaining documentaries and here on rewind we are
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revisiting some of the best of them one of the most popular series over the last decade a street food.


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