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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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on al-jazeera. fifteen dead in afghanistan after gunmen stormed a government building in jalalabad taking dozens of hostages. a low i'm maryam namazie and london yo with al-jazeera also coming up iran's skeptical of a president trump's offer of talks with officials saying they don't trust the u.s. as zimbabweans wait for the results of monday's elections both the main presidential rivals say they are confident of victory. and hundreds of hikers are rescued from an indonesian mountain hit by an earthquake but thousands have been left homeless.
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but we begin in eastern afghanistan where an attack on a government building has killed at least fifteen people and injured fourteen others two gunmen set off explosives and stormed the department office for refugees in the city of jalalabad which has seen many deadly attacks security forces fought for six hours to end the siege this after a bus hit a roadside bomb killing eleven passengers shallop ballasts reports from kabul. jalalabad one of afghanistan's biggest cities and a new zone as the department of refugee of foods for a conference on how to help displaced afghans they were targeted. explosions hit the compounds exterior lowing to government to get possible. we're going to have.
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pulled off the market of i was sitting in my medical store when a gunman entered the refugee department right after that they started shooting and one of them blew himself up at the gate i saw two injured people come out of the building for several hours sporadic gunfire was heard across the neighborhood smoke billowing from the building as afghan special forces hunted the remaining gunman the building is next door to the city's main hospital ten people were treated to with critical injuries. it's also just one hundred meters from a midwife training center that was attacked in the same way on saturday three staff members were killed and sixty seven trapped inside for hours. in the last three months there have been thirty attacks against civilians in this province that have killed one hundred sixty people and wounded nearly five hundred attacks in afghanistan extend to every border one at daybreak in western farah province killed eleven passengers of a bus and wounded dozens drove over a roadside bomb on the main highway towards kabul. you know. i was taking
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one of my relatives daughters to the treatment of me our bus was hit by a roadside bomb or highway i don't know what happened to the girl all wishes now the government is blaming the taliban for the bus bombing but in the province the taliban has denied any involvement leaving isolate as the primary suspects the area is a stronghold for both groups they're becoming more active with more complex attacks and increasingly it's civilians who are being killed or injured shall about us is there are a couple. i still says it carried out a bomb attack in the southern philippines which has killed at least eleven people soldiers and four civilians are among the dead after a van exploded at a military checkpoint in a town city and bustle and province the area is just south of mindanao island where there's been decades of conflict between government forces and armed fighters and
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dugan has more from the philippine capital manila. it happened early choose the morning when a van coming from the hinterlands of bustle and drove and stopped at a checkpoint near an army detachment in bus eleven upon inspection according to the philippine army that's when the single passenger that to needed the bomb if left several members of the living forces of the military dead and their dependents according to the military the impact was felt as far as fifty meters this is actually one of the rare times when an attack has happened in basilan over the last few years there has been relative peace there since the former leader of the abu sayyaf group is the lone happy lone was forcibly pushed out of the sea land and he moved to morrow week to launch a war there against the philippine military however the philippine military now says this attack has been launched and led by another leader of the abu sayyaf group his name is fuji in that my it remains to be seen how this will change the
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security landscape in basilan in other surrounding islands but according to the military they said the pursuit of food and other members of the abu sayyaf will be relentless. iranian politicians have reacted with skepticism of the u.s. president donald trump offered to meet with the iranian president without preconditions trump made the remark at a white house news conference on monday but iran's deputy speaker of parliament says it's not the right time and to go shake hands with a humiliating while the interior minister says the u.s. cannot be trusted it comes off to the trouble ministration withdrew from the landmark nuclear accord with iran in may saying it was too generous when he also vowed to ramp up sanctions the first of which come into effect next week. well the
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u.s. secretary of state has already walked back some of china's comments my post says he's on board with meeting iran's president but he also listed several requirements before i could go ahead president wants to meet with folks to solve problems if the iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people reduce their malign behavior can agree that it's ha'p'orth while to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them. some iranians into iran were also cautious about trump's off. the bat it was i don't believe trump saying he wants to negotiate with iran without any preconditions i don't have any problem with negotiating with world powers but it's quite suspicious maybe if he came to this decision we should do it possible that listen. if they are true to their word that they want to negotiate with us without any preconditions then at least they should stay in the nuclear
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deal or let us benefit from european trip but the reality is this man is a liar and we cannot trust his word but i'm a mom or dad didn't we all believe that trump is the enemy of iran and its people but maybe now trump wants to give the uranium people a chance and god willing this will help us get past our disastrous situation. let's now speak to same bus driver who's into iran for us saying despite the fact that president trump's remarks about iran certainly attracted a great deal of attention yesterday we certainly shouldn't expect a meeting between these two countries any time soon. that's absolutely correct it's really difficult to see how that would be possible the trust deficit between to herat in washington right now is enormous and the chorus of of reaction from junior middle and senior iranian officials and leaders of government today
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really has all made the same point iranian leaders do not trust donald trump he's the man that pulled the united states out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal did so using very hostile rhetoric towards iran is about to implement unilateral say sanctions against iran again starting august sixth and iranians say over and over again he's proven those actions of proving that he cannot be trusted and so they don't really take anything he says very seriously here in iran and when it comes down to pulling out of the nuclear deal number of iranian leaders have said how can we sit down with someone for talks for a deal to renegotiate a deal that was already done that we have been holding true to and that everyone in the else in the world agrees is a good deal so you know iranian leaders aren't going to be rushing to try to have a summit with the united states anytime soon and that north korea model that trump is trying to implement playing bad cop then good cop then bringing iran to the
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table it's not going to work here for a number of reasons iran is one of the world's largest oil producing nations it still makes a lot of money and iran is also a regional powerhouse militarily it's had several successes including iraq and syria and as such it doesn't really need any sort of regional actor or any sort of regional help and so there's not a lot of benefit to the iranian government currently for whom this policy is devolution this deals devolution has become incredibly toxic the rouhani government's become incredibly unpopular and talks with the united states anymore. talk's the idea of it is already very unpopular among iranian civilians so that the government really doesn't have anything to gain from this and any time the trump administration sort of throws this kind of curveball at iran what iran's government tends to do president hassan rouhani turns to his european partners and says to them we're holding up our end of the deal now it's to return to stand up against
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economic threats and the threat of sanctions by the united states it's your turn to resist this white house administration and to continue to deal with us to do business with us and help us try to realize some kind of economic benefit from this nuclear deal and that's exactly what president rouhani did today in a meeting with the british ambassador to teheran he reiterated the point that iran doesn't intend on causing any sort of disruption of oil shipping lanes in the gulf but iran also doesn't intend on halting its sale and export of iranian oil its biggest source of revenue and he also said that it was time for european leaders to stick with iran on this policy and give them some clear indication of what's going to happen next now the ambassador rob macare has has been in this office a short time and he said he is glad to be in iran at this time at a very essential time he is
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a former oil executive which will no doubt not be lost on the iranians as well as the americans and he said that he would do everything in his power as a bastard or to do what he could to help iran through this and so a very clear message to iran that we are still with you the deal is not over stick with it and we will stick with you and a clear message to the united states that you do not have global support for pulling out of this nuclear deal that was working and re imposing sanctions thank you very much. u.s. satellites have reportedly detected renewed activity at want to north korea's main ballistic missile production sites u.s. intelligence officials told the washington post the country appeared to be building new intercontinental ballistic missiles at the sun and dong facility it's the same site where the first missile capable of reaching the u.s. was produced the news comes despite a celebrated thora relations between washington and pyongyang a drama administration is not commenting on the reports though meanwhile talks
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between the militaries of north and south korea have ended with no agreement and two sides met in the truce village of panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone to discuss disarming the border and withdrawing troops from the area despite the lack of agreement top delegates from both sides said the discussions were meaningful. was involved when civil society groups is seeking a court order that would force the electoral commission to publish results from all polling stations results have been trickling in after monday's historic vote the first since rebel a gobby was ousted and the opposition has accused the commission of deliberately delaying them there's intense interest in how the race is panning out with queues forming outside polling stations as are counted by the current president amisom and i am the opposition leader nelson chamisa say they are confident of victory but many people feel the vote could be compromised we'll all be over it seriously.
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our board is all for. interference with the. gods it is being split it by if it were voted. so for instance is m.t.v. to your right. to the info might be announcing it is outs are more tasks as the latest now from harare. some parliamentary results have been announced and so far the readings on a party is leading in some areas it's by a huge margin people have been told that the presidential results will only be announced with all the polling stations have come in the more than ten thousand polling stations across the country so it could take time maybe even a couple of days before we have a final result for the presidential election the presidential vote the main opposition party is saying that they are convinced that they have won some already celebrated outside the party headquarters in harare they insist they can said
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nelson chamisa has won the presidential election they say they want accept any result that says otherwise the opposition is threatening to go to court if they don't win this election some are even threatening to protest they also say they have their own set of results which shows they say that they have won and they say that happy with the results military commission they could release them if they do that they could break the law and they have been warned by that a commission not to do it and if they do they'll be arrested. still ahead for you on the program the first trial of robert melissa russia investigation gets underway with tronics campaign manager for man a fort in the dark. and australia sent hundreds of firefighters to help california deal with blazes reading throughout the state.
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hello and welcome back so look at weather across indochina china and taiwan is really across parts of indochina where things are looking pretty wet at the moment some heavy rain still coming in here particularly me and marcos all areas are seeing a lot of rain at the moment that's likely to continue slightly better in conditions across los fear now i'm still a few heavy downpours around meanwhile for eastern parts of china we have showers for hong kong in fuzhou and you can also see the circulation that is tropical storm dari which is heading towards shanghai in the following few days now as you move across into south asia we've got some very heavy rain across northeastern areas of this region really and we also have wanted to have the rainfall reports down in the parts of carolina trivandrum for instance but it is these eastern areas where it's been particularly wet and is likely to stay that way sunny for delhi we've got some slightly dry conditions moving in the circulations affecting areas slightly further towards the eastern side be wet in katmandu kolkata still seeing some heavy showers
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but crunchy looking at large she try and find the still that rain coming down through the western ghats here in the arabian peninsula weather conditions little bit on the breezy side but it certainly fine and dry here in qatar where the high of forty three in doha. in the deprived villages of northern argentina there's one man with a solution to every problem. for engineers search proclaimed inventor fernando distrusting ninety forty seven ford truck no job and just a small village too far in his latest mission he constructed much needed surgery the drugs in five board viewfinder latin america driving change on i've just.
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come back a quick reminder of the top stories now at least fifteen people have died in afghanistan after gunman says off explosions and stormed a government building in the city of jalalabad iranian politicians say the u.s. cannot be trusted off to donald trump offered to meet the president without preconditions. and civil society groups in zimbabwe is seeking a court order that would all stay electoral commission to publish results from all polling stations off to monday's vote. also developments in syria the army along with its allies has reportedly taken full control of the are moved by some in southwestern syria after driving out myself elsewhere in the country forces loyal to the president have continued on the province of idlib activists have
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reported shelling on just assure south of ellipse city and in neighboring hama province they say the nearby town of bug i first alms is the only significant territory still held by rebel fighters. meanwhile the u.n. special envoy to syria says he wants agreement. from iran russia and turkey on the formation of a body for drafting a new constitution to found a mysterious says he hopes to finalize the plan in september make the comments is the latest round of peace talks wrapped up in the russian city of sochi all parties vowed to work towards the resettlement of syrian refugees as well as a pilot project for prisoner swaps between the government and the opposition senators in the united states economy grilling officials on how they've treated migrant children who've been detained and separated from their parents has been a major outcry says the trump administration ordered young children including
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infants to be held in detention facilities after crossing the mexico border in may but some older children were being put in similar places long before this new policy came into force castro joins us live now from washington what have we heard from the year ng so far i merriam right now the senators are really grilling these representatives from five u.s. government agencies who all had a role in these family separations the care of the children's and the attempted reunification of the some twenty seven hundred children who were removed from their parents at the border currently those senators have been expressing their concerns saying that the separation of family was a profound the trail of american values and pointedly asking each of these government representatives what went wrong in turn the telling responses from many of these spokespeople from their agencies has been pointing to each other saying
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this was not their responsibility or this was a border patrol issue or this was immigration customs and enforcement so we're really the senators here both republican and democrats are trying to hold these figures to account and figure out a solution going forward which is the. and of all mary more than four hundred children have had their parents supported without them those in detention centers are children shelters or foster homes spread around the united states and currently there exists no legal mechanism of reuniting these children with their parents so now the government aided by advocacy groups in latin america are going about the very difficult challenge of trying to locate these parents after their deportations and then establish some sort of legal mechanism of bringing their children back to them marian wright thank you castro in washington. well in all the developments the
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u.s. president's former campaign manager paul man a fourth has arrived in court in virginia always being tried buying forward in tax evasion charges came about due to the investigation into alleged collusion between russia and the trunk campaign during the twenty sixteen election but he call hany looks at what's to be expected this is not how the world is used to seeing paul man of fort looking somewhat haggard as he was booked into jail to await trial for decades men of war it was a well known lobbyist in washington who traveled among the ultra rich shopping at the most expensive stores on the planet only million dollar homes across the country in brooklyn the hamptons virginia and trump tower in manhattan. when f.b.i. agents searched his homes they took inventory of these luxury items thousand dollar suits a twenty one thousand dollars watch and now according to documents filed by the special counsel's office they plan to use this as evidence in his trial arguing in
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order to pay for them he used secret overseas bank accounts and filed false tax returns the government also says that it will call five yet to be named people to testify and granted immunity in court to force them to talk a somewhat unusual move you could draw that conclusion saying that their evidence without the immunity was so weak and fragile they needed to have something more so they had to give immunity that otherwise. without it wouldn't provide it with there would not be enough evidence on their own to convict because remember the standard in a criminal case is proof beyond a reasonable doubt this will be the first time the special counsel present evidence in a courtroom in a case related to a trim confidant which means many will be watching for information not just about what metaphor might have done but his former boss as well peggy called al-jazeera washington. australia are sending one hundred eighty firefighters to the united
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states to help tackle the wildfires in northern california at least six people have died and seven remain unaccounted for the fires have destroyed more than eight hundred homes and displaced thousands of families there is no reports from writing one of the city's west affected west some residents are now returning home. an entire neighborhood turned to ash and debris people no longer coming and going nobody checking their mailbox kids no longer playing in the front yard for the first time since a deadly fire ripped through syria the people of the city of reading gathered for a community meeting the question they all were asking what next eighty two year old joseph. evacuated his house last week and hasn't been home since my home is still standing i'm in a motel i'm safe and that's what counts in shasta county where reading is
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located the fire destroyed over five hundred homes and wiped out entire communities it's still not contained the county going to come back oh yeah eventually mother nature. grow people will adjust but it's a hard when this blaze ripped through this neighborhood this home was spared but their neighbors not so much the fire totally. this house all that's left are the charred remains. but this is not a story about buildings that are lost it's about human suffering the people that once lived here and now have nothing else like for this woman ruth angel her home where she lived with her family for fifteen years burned down when you lose see that your house is gone it's like ok my life my my my
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kids they are they grew you know grew up there the only thing keeping her going hugs of support from strangers we had so many people come to our. try to support us and love us and we love them back and no appreciation you can give people that say hey we got trucks we. can get people up and we'll help you whatever you need to do in a city chart where lingering smoke from fires still blocks the sunset but not the hope of people to one day rebuild gabriels oddo al-jazeera redding california hundreds of hikers trapped on a mountain in indonesia have been rescued following sunday's earthquake the traumas caused landslides on mount are in johnny which blocked all escape routes the magnitude six point four quake killed at least sixteen people and left thousands homeless from step reports. the rescue operation
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wraps up for the last remaining hikers strapped on mount when johnny what in one thousand tourists from twenty six different countries have managed to come down the volcano since the powerful earthquake struck on sunday when indonesian men died the remaining hikers are now safe. the guides and porters were amazing they really helped us to find a safe spot huge blocks were falling it was really scary and there was a lot of dust. at the foot of the mountain evidence that there was little safe around here during the earthquake a group of hikers was staying and does home stay on malaysian woman died the house owner look for gas passports only to find a broken mobile phone and some clothes. the woman who died had just taken a shower and was still in a phone on the bid probably sending a message to a family because she wanted to go home that morning been this very strong earthquake happened this mountain is more than just
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a tourist destination many people call this place home more than five thousand of them are now homeless the government has promised funds to rebuild more than a thousand homes never before have they felt an earthquake this powerful at the foot of mount johnny and aftershocks are still happening that's why even though the homes are not that much most people here have decided to spend the night in tents the earthquake happened during the peak of the tourist season but for the time being one of indonesia's main attractions to country second largest active folk will be close to hikers. step class and al-jazeera at the foot of mountain johnny in. chief of malaysia's civil aviation authority has resigned a day after a report found lapses by at traffic controllers during the disappearance of flight m h three seventy the independent report released on monday said the controllers failed to initiate emergency procedures the boeing triple seven disappeared in two
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thousand and fourteen while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing with two hundred thirty nine people on board despite extensive seas such as investigators say the plane might have deliberately been taken off course. our court in israel has jailed an israeli palestinian poet for terrorism over a poem and comments she made during a wave of palestinian street attacks there in tatura posted a video of palestinian youths throwing stones and firebombs at israeli soldiers with audio of herself weeding out her poem titled resist my people resist on facebook and you tube in october two thousand and fifteen prosecutors said the video encouraged violence and has been jailed for five months she says her video was a call for nonviolent resistance. at work i think when i was expecting to go to prison and unfortunately i was seen via it's not a surprise because this is an israeli court and in the israeli court when the defendant is palestinian there is no justice especially in
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a political case and my case was political from the start until now it was embarrassment for venezuela's ruling socialist party when the lights went out during its national congress meeting their legates were raising their hands to reelect the president nicolas maduro as party leader when they were plunged into darkness the duo later blamed it on sabotage pointing out that the power didn't affect the rest of the hotel outages have become increasingly common here in the country's economic crisis. well now police in the u.s. state of texas are questioning a woman and two men off to a small shark was whisked away from an aquarium in a pram c.c.t.v. footage from the san antonio aquarium shows a man taking the shark out of the interactive touch tank wrapped in a blanket he then puts the shark in a bucket there it goes which he places in the bottom of the pram
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a forty centimeter long gray horn shark was recovered unharmed after two days. the individual word that we recovered the shark obviously had some knowledge on how to deal with these types of animals we said that from the very beginning but otherwise why why take it. when we got into the garage and into the house it looked like almost a mock up of here he had a lot of different arena animals in the home. very much knew what he was doing that kept every animal alive. a quick look at the top stories this hour an attack on a government building in eastern afghanistan has killed at least fifteen people and injured fourteen others to gunman set off explosions and stormed the department office for refugees in the city of jalalabad security forces fought for six hours to end the siege. i still is claiming to have carried out
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a bomb attack in the southern philippines killing at least eleven people soldiers and four civilians are among the dead after a van exploded at a military checkpoint in lima town city and bustle on province. iranian politicians have reacted with skepticism of the u.s. president all trouble for to meet with president has done ronnie around the deputy speaker of parliament says negotiations would be humiliating while the interior minister says the u.s. cannot be trusted the u.s. secretary of state my own bio is also clarified that would be preconditions to any meeting when i meet. the president wants to meet with folks to solve problems if the iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people reduce their malign behavior can agree that it's worthwhile to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them. u.s. satellites have reportedly detected renewed activity at one of north korea's main
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ballistic missile production sites intelligence officials told the washington post the country appeared to be building new intercontinental ballistic missiles at the sun on dong facility that's where the first missile capable of reaching the u.s. was initially produced. zimbabwean civil society groups is seeking a court order to force the electoral commission to publish results from all polling stations result have been trickling in after monday's historic vote both the current president and this in the one god what am the opposition to nelson chamisa both say they're confident of victory. i have more news for you in twenty five minutes time do join me then the finder is next.
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