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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2018 10:00am-10:33am +03

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zimbabwe's rulings and p.f. party when some majority in parliament. i'm sami say this is al jazeera live from coming out south africa's president says he'll go ahead with land reforms and white farmers why would be compensated. a lucky escape all one hundred three people on board a mexican airliner survived as the plane crashes just after takeoff plus. i'm saying in the south of tehran where iran's water crisis is making it more difficult to beat the summer heat.
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we begin with the breaking news from zimbabwe where the ruling party has won a majority of seats in parliament after monday's vote that's according to the electoral commission it says no p.f. has taken one hundred nine of the two hundred and ten seats in the national assembly the results show forty one seats for the opposition movement for democratic change while results for fifty eight seats are yet to be declared no results have been announced so far for the presidential election. both sides had been sure of victory heading into the poll service said it was too close to call though president emerson among the supporters to be patient and wait for the results meanwhile his main rival the m.d.c. is nelson chamisa said the commission was delaying announcing the outcome to prepare zimbabwe's for fake results.
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south africa's president says the ruling african national congress will push ahead with plans for the expropriation of land from white farmers without compensation cyril ramaphosa says the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution with the support of the left wing economic freedom fighters the issue of land ownership is one of the most contentious in south africa with some pointing to neighboring zimbabwe's economic collapse after land reform there. the intention of this proposed amendment is to promote redress advance economic development increase our cultural production and food security it will also transform their unjust spatial realities in urban areas to accelerate agrarian reform the sea
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has further directed government to urgently initiate farmer support programs in depressed areas before the first rains this year this should include supporting farmers with two. fertilizers c extension services finance and access to key infrastructure. amman schroeder is founder and principal of jail markets africa he says this is a political ploy ahead of next is elections. this year is a significant move and certainly the political context is general elections that are that are scheduled to be held in twenty nineteen the economy has underperformed and not met popular expectations since several months from a post was appointed president in february twenty eight hundred succeeding jacob zuma and so this expropriation without compensation is certainly a political ploy to ensure that the ruling african national congress has sufficient
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electoral support going into those crucial elections next year the political pressure and the support within the ruling alliance the ruling african national congress and its support of parties has really escalated over the recent weeks and months to ensure or to press forward with the expropriation without compensation of not only government owned land now only private own land but the white owned land in south africa and you heard the statements by president ramaphosa these are identical statements that the government of zimbabwe enacted to ensure that they won their political base over that very difficult and challenging outcome economic conditions that that country faced and so while the elections are still more than six months away the pressure is on the ramp the post administration and the and the economic african national congress to ensure that fees policy pronouncements are
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enacted sooner rather than later. all right let's bring you back to our top story now where the electoral commission in zimbabwe is saying the ruling party has won a majority of seats in the palmer let's go straight over the heart of what she is in the capital harare for so how are all kind of reaction has there been to the electoral commission's announcement. was early p.f. supporters are very happy the opposition is not happy zanu p.f. have the majority if not you the two thirds majority but the way things are looking is looking at they going to get their two thirds majority in parliament why is that happening is because of the rural vote people in rural areas are the majority they have traditionally voters on this one nine hundred eighty when white minority rule ended partly because of loyalty to the party they see no other option other than. the opposition are still claiming they have won this election there has been vote rigging will likely be some kind of press conference they have threatened to
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release their own set of results which they which they say show that they can do that the main opposition the nelson chamisa has won some even threatening to protest they've been warned by the police that you are not allowed by law to release your own results and they aren't allowed to go to the streets i mean. what about the presidential elections we know the official results are not in for them there but any indication how they may be shaping up at this point. while at the moment the election officials have said that they're going to wait until they get all the results in from the more than ten thousand polling stations across the country and that could take time some places are remote so it could be not today could be in a couple of days they have to be released within five days so they do still have time the question now is are those results going to be very different from the parliamentary from what we've seen from parliamentary here has taken the climate of
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these by a landslide will that be the same in the presidential everyone's waiting to see but right now the opposition us in the. the sting they're the ones that won this election and they still claiming that there was a massive amount of urging. the opposition supporters were not happy at the election results and so far has there been any official word from the opposition on whether they're going to contest this we heard earlier noises about fake results coming in what is their official position. one social media the main opposition leader nelson chamisa tweeted early this morning about by the am local time he's confident he's certain of victory and he's told his supporters to start celebrating that's what he said yesterday there was a press conference and some of his officials in the party say the threatening to go to courts to try to force the electrical mission to publish all the results outside of all of the polling stations they say this has to be done or polling stations are right now it's a lot of talk like i said i speak will be some kind of press conference today when
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they will state the position but obvious is the borders are shocked some of them unhappy some of the my angry question now is if it is officially announce that they have lost this election are they going to concede defeat. thanks so much. breaking news now for afghanistan's presidential elections has been announced the vote will be held on april the twentieth next year the presidential vote will take place six months after the parliamentary and local elections which is scheduled for october. and yemen's philthy rebels say they'll stop attacks in the red sea for two weeks to support peace efforts comes after tax on two vessels last week one of the world's most important trade routes the strait. targeting warships belonging to the saudi amorality coalition or the saudis said one of its oil tankers was damaged the
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u.n. special envoy to yemen has been shuttling between the warring parties it wants to avoid an assault by the coalition on the port city. data which lies on the red sea a group so worried the fighting could worsen what's already a humanitarian crisis warning of a second cholera epidemic that more than eight million people are on the verge of starvation. dozens of people were injured when a passenger plane crashed and caught fire in northern mexico shortly after takeoff all one hundred three passengers survived the crash though the brazilian built embraer jet belong to the national carrier aero mexico it was flying from durango to mexico city state governor says the plane was hit by a gust of wind as it left the runway you can put it was really it was a strong explosion which hit the plane we don't know if it was a lightning bolt or a mechanical problem we had just taken off the plane fell john heilemann has more from mexico city it really was the great escape for those on board the plane that
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crashed just off the it had taken off when you see the pictures of the plane crash we flames coming out of it really is incredible that no one died on impact the plane was headed from the ground go sit in the north because three to the capital mexico city and there are around one hundred people on board now some of those after the crash were reportedly able to walk to the nearest motorway it was for help. then turned up and took people to nearby hospitals some of them suffering from burns others from other injuries now there's going to be really starting to be investigations about exactly what happened what we do know so far is that the plane was trying to take of quite bad weather but coupled with that is a sensation in minutes of relief over something that could have been a lot worse. social media giant facebook says it's discovered a coordinated campaign to influence the u.s.
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mid-term elections it's removed thirty two accounts and pages that it believes are fake aimed at creating divisions before november's vote almost three hundred thousand people follow the suspended pages alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . the phone to facebook mark zuckerberg went to capitol hill in april to admit his company hadn't done enough to stop foreign groups trying to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry now as part of its continuing investigation into election interference it discovered it's happening again and so it is suspended thirty two pages on the platform and instagram which it also they are going to be a hair trigger alert for you know for the foreseeable future so any instances that crop up like this they're likely to take to take action and then be public about
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that action the company uses artificial intelligence and human investigators to flag up automated accounts. you know only deal with the voice of social issues aimed at finding conflict and upset. one page called resisters created an event a counter protest to unite the right rally a white nationalist gathering in washington d.c. in august it was found to be a fake group and the page was disabled and the event deleted it says it can't definitively tie this is spending accounts to russia but suggests it was possibly involved american intelligence agencies have been warning for months russia's efforts to undermine american democracy are active under threat to november's elections at a cyber security summit in new york the homeland security secretary said the country is facing what she called a hurricane of threats let me ask you again take this opportunity to issue a warning. as i have in other forums in speeches to any foreign power that would
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consider meddling in our networks or in the affairs of our democracy the united states will no longer tolerate or accept your interference you will be exposed and you will pay a high price facebook has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to stop outside interference in the twenty six thousand election it's determined that won't happen again and it says it continues to work with the f.b.i. to identify threats and remove them from its platforms. al-jazeera washington. will still ahead of al-jazeera form a wall all jumpier bama is returning to the democratic republic of congo to participate in the presidential election part of why people still call breathe easily even though the fire is out near us city.
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there's been a two way split in europe for quite a while now with the warm and wet sides in the east giving disappointing bit of a mini the heat wave further west which is to grow really been interrupted by this cold front for that's all about to change although there is some showers potential in switzerland and germany so near the alps from the cold front the temps behind it recovering quite obviously thirty amp hours twenty five in london thirty nine in madrid now we've got slightly lower figures but of course we've got rain or hail in thunderstorms around much of eastern europe remain here bugg area greece recent recipients and they will be again the first strip that away the temperatures still the same sort of level but you watch what's happening down in madrid thirty nine is to forecast here and that's for wednesday thursday up to forty of us madrid go down to the southwest you could be up to forty five or more we expect wouldn't be
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surprised to see records broken in southern portugal or southwestern spain over this coming week now the military must or refer reflected because the weather is as you might expect middle to high twenty's to low thirty's many places thirty eight hundred karo on a very warm twenty nine in robot. istanbul is known for its history and today a new generation is shaking things up for rule is my everything five thousand six hundred years it's all different so this is all these cultures i'm now on top of each other. we're here to see how the. culture and has moved forward. a jeep on and she said.
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i'll come back here watching out zero time to recap our headlines now zimbabwe's ruling party has won a majority of seats in parliament true votes after monday's elections the electoral commission says emerson and god was party game one hundred nine seats against forty one for the opposition movement for democratic change fifty eight seats are yet to be declared. south africa's president is pushing ahead with plans for the expropriation of land from white farmers without compensation cyril ramaphosa says the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution with the support of the left wing economic freedom fighters. all one hundred three people on board
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a passenger plane that crashed and caught fire in northern mexico have survived the state governor says the plane was hit by a gust of wind shortly after takeoff forcing it to make an emergency landing. congolese opposition leader and former warlords jump is returning home he was convicted of war crimes and served ten years in prison in the hague butt. he was released on the pier limaye now he wants to run in long delayed elections scheduled for december catherine sawyer reports from the capital can shasta was was john pierre bemba's supporters all free to welcome the whole it's been ten long years they say and now it's time for him to take back his rightful place in the country's political scene. we are very happy many people say to the hague for all of us i have confidence in him because he's. bambery ties to the democratic
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republic of congo intense political times president joseph kabila has delayed a crucial election for two years kristen certainty and protesting which dozens have been killed by security forces many congolese say they feel oppressed corruption is high and the government is increasingly isolated by the international community members supporters believe that only he can change the bad tight surely. you don't know congolese need. ten years in prison for nothing and he is still in the acts of the people. was supported by his rebel group tanned opposition party many analysts believes that still presents a formidable challenge to the ruling party they were fans of ring was. moment for the liberation of the congo political party headquarters if the board does meet you believe it is a change of action move them back and solve them in the coming days really to
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a little document so that after all commission congolese law states that any kind it has to be in the country for at least one year to contest an election the fact that bemba has been away for ten years and still has a pending witness tampering case that the international criminal court could walk against his eligibility themba told out to sarah that he hopes it does not come to that are you surprised that the government in place. say that. you shouldn't be surprised i think that. those people in the. measure lity. the government not the right people able to talk about it. it's still unclear if president kabila plans to run for a third term despite being barred by the constitution so many congolese are anxious to see who the ruling party's nomination will be and whether hopefuls like bemba will be allowed to contest the december election catherine so al-jazeera kinshasa
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more than one hundred sixty illegal migrants have been deported from libya as part of a voluntary program this was initiated by the un to ease overcrowding in detention centers the deportation comes a day after libya's coast guard rescued five hundred seventy nine migrants heading to europe at least one thousand five hundred migrants have died in the mediterranean sea this year. afghanistan will hold presidential elections on april twentieth next year the announcement from the country's election body comes as afghans countdown to parliamentary elections in less than three months all afghans had to register for a chance to vote the process is fraught with difficulties shall about us reports from kabul. hundreds of women recall the names of their countrymen compiling an electronic list of who decide afghanistan's new. nine million people have
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registered to vote a quarter of the population but here that means nine million manually treece and this is. the name of that person and their father name and phone there it is very day then business. next. with seven hundred people working for two hundred dollars a month out of an old un compound on the outskirts of kabul the registration forms are being flown or trucked here on to military a schools the nation's election chief wants afghans to feel they can trust the process despite logistical and security challenges. unfortunately they're in secure areas in afghanistan so we can't register people there in those areas that are under the control of the government and that we have access to people should go there for registration the government assisted in putting our registration centers there there's been a lot of criticism from watchdogs observers about the registration process that
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they may be fake or duplicate registrations are you concerned about that. of course there is some complaints about the registration when it's not possible to do biometric registration and if it's a manual system like ours it's natural there may be some a duplicate registrations name is in charge of ten thousand observers on election day and says registrations need to be chicks more thorough and vote is assigned to specific polling stations there is a willingness among the people. although they are not many comments about what's happened but without an election that is neither. well made their life better. afghans died in the hundreds this year for a chance to make their lives based on the worst was in april in kabul with fifty seven people were killed and more than one hundred wounded in a suicide bombing at a voter registration seem to. understand that afghanistan is in a fight and the insurgents keep trying to sabotage and make problems for us which
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we have faced attacks and threats and they have been bloody. afghanistan is working its way towards critical elections one keystroke at a time. from power outages to bombings patiently they push on charged with holding an election that cannot be disputed shall not balance out zero . the whole manifolds money laundering trial has revealed that a business partner rather than manifold himself was responsible for tax evasion and bank fraud a former campaign chief for president trump denies all charges in his opening remarks manifolds lawyer said his business partner richard gates was one who had his hand in the cookie jar charges were brought by special counsel robert mallos investigating a legit collusion between russia and trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign shavar times he has more from the courts in the u.s. state of virginia. the prosecution.
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with tens of millions of dollars. in work in ukraine which he put into show corp in cyprus. and the. money. says his. wanted to set up shell corporation. and anyway he. thought it was all the responsibility of. his company and he was the one who was embezzling money from. trying. and still over this case is the question what does this have to do with the rush or investigation and there is that suspicion even explained by the judge himself but really this is about trying to put the squeeze on. more than a dozen major fires continue to blaze across the u.s.
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state of california one of the worst hit areas close to the city of reading. ports . the city of reading in the state of california remains envelop by a thick layer of smoke and ash that is blocking everything including the sun it's been like this for the past five days making homes is heating advice from health officials who say any time people are outside should wear masks i've lived here for twenty five years and. i've seen a lot of fires a lot of fires but it's pretty bad this time we've had like ash and embers. still it's been a week. in quality indexes any number of two hundred is considered days. unhealthy
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in reading it's registered as high as two hundred seventy three in recent days local hospitals are busy with people suffering from breathing problems particularly the people most vulnerable some people have something called c o p d which is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease typically it comes from smoking for a long time what happens to them though because of their breathing in these fine particles and it's getting in the lung and fortune causes inflammation in their airways and their little muscles and their lungs constrict and so it makes it very difficult for them to bring you it's not only the smoke in the air that's causing problems it's also what's happening here on the ground when the fire came through here it completely incinerated all of the natural vegetation there's not one single tree that's still alive not even one leaf is still here it's causing the temperatures to be even hotter warmer drier and causing more health problems. the
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ash blankets the ground that was once fertile land for plants in a city where the flames are gone but the health hazards are not people still can't breathe easy. till the smoke has lifted. ready for new. iran has a chronic shortage of water it's estimated some form of drought in ninety seven percent of the country and some blame the weather others think it's a us conspiracy environmental experts blame government mismanagement reports from to head off. every day a small group of iranian farmers meet up at the edge of their town once where the fields of the spawn lush with crops now barren land. by a dry canal they beg for government help. out of the citizens too we are a means to live in this part of the country we just want to be hurt people are really
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time called make ends meet they go to bed hungry most of the last and during fighting between police and protesting farmers in march acute water shortages are worsening problems such as inflation and unemployment and there are warning signs of rising anger. more conflicts are expected to break out an empty stomach doesn't have any religion people are going to have to fight for every single drop of water especially in dry regions like this that are hit hard by drought and climate change environmental experts say weather is a small part of the problem they blame years of government mismanagement for the manmade water crisis since the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine the government's rush to develop industries meant skipping environmental impact assessments before building dams and piping water around the country one solution has been to try using less water for things like these but most of iran's water is used on farms where old ways of watering crops means waste on an industrial scale
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environmental experts also say the government needs to take the problem more seriously. first we need to revise some laws and adopt the procedure for the stable development and management of water resources so we can better preserve water and control usage so we can be hopeful to have better conditions in the next one or two decades even by summer standards these river beds in the north of the capital tehran are drier than usual that's being felt downstream where they feed underground springs. from up here you can really get a sense of the impact of the country's water shortage on public facilities in just twenty years a single generation what was once a sizable body of water has been reduced to little more than a waiting for. people who live here say they had to plug part of the pool to collect enough water for kids to play and escape the summer heat. some of them are
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old enough to remember when the pool was full. i remember my childhood i mean my friends used to bike here and swim now it's fifty square metres back then it was about five thousand it was deep and considered dangerous for swimming. for now it's enough for these kids to cool off and have some fun and concern perhaps that when they have children of their own the little water they have left probably won't be here same bus robbie all jazeera ron. and time to take you through some of the headlines here now just here and now zimbabwe's rulings piaf party has won a majority of seats in parliament after monday's vote the electoral commission says emerson and was party gain the hundred nine seats against forty one for the opposition movement for democratic change fifty eight seats are yet to be declared
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the date for afghanistan's presidential elections has been announced the vote will be held on a for the twentieth next year the presidential vote will take place six months after the parliamentary and local elections scheduled for october. yemenis houthi rebels say they'll stop attacks in the red sea for two weeks to support peace efforts that's after saudi arabia suspended moving through the red sea last week saying two of its tankers were attacked by the who thiis u.n. special envoy to yemen has been shuttling between the warring parties the u.n. wants to avoid an assault by the saudi a morality led coalition on the port city of data which lies on the red sea or one hundred three people on board a passenger plane that crashed and caught fire in northern mexico have survived emergency services say dozens of people needed hospital treatment but mostly from minor injuries. appreciate your little thought of the control observation from the
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control tower indicates the aircraft upon taking off was suddenly affected by a gust of wind that caused it to descend hit the ground with a left wing and lose both engines on that wing the aircraft overshot the runway and moved over the terrain and stopped approximately three hundred meters from the runway in a horizontal position that allowed the activation of the escape slides at a time leave accusation of the passengers before the aircraft caught fire. south africa's president is pushing ahead with plans for the expropriation of land from white farmers without compensation cyril ramaphosa says the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution as the headlines the news continues after inside story. when people need to be head. start he's been there a few jomo sold his life it's not the only life. and the story needs to be told we do stories that have an impact on society i testify in the court of law to make
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sure that the bad guys at the back al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. reaching out to tehran donald trump says he's ready to meet iran's president any time and with no preconditions so what's behind this sudden offer and how will trump and gauge iran when he's trying to build a regional alliance against this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. us for.


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