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facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice eviction on al-jazeera. from a rebel leader jumping alabama returns to the democratic republic of congo to participate in presidential elections. i'm sam you say dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up and bob weighs rulings out of piaf party wins a majority in parliament. the date for afghanistan's presidential election has been announced the vote being held on april the twentieth of next year plus. i'm saying
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in the south of tehran where iran's water crisis is making it more difficult to beat the summer heat. congolese opposition leader and former warlords jumpier has landed back home his supporters are rallying in the capital kinshasa bamber was convicted of war crimes and served ten years in prison in the hague but he was released on appeal in may he now wants to run in long delayed elections scheduled for december. katherine sawyer joins us now live from concert so how popular is the at this point. a sunny let me just stop by saying that. arrived about that he also minutes ago he was still inside that called police and they want to call him directly from here to the final destination without making. it to address the supporters even up
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knowledge them but he but he organized this party official that are not having any of that they say there is no way after ten years of bed bath and cognac live and not. only at all the people who have come to welcome him home these are people who never expected to see him any time soon and as he then i feel very much of a lot of people i think that he. was a cold we will mend some to the politics of the country they say that right now the present the. will also can galvanize the opposition to rally behind one candidate he had a lot of experience he was a form of vice president in two thousand and six he was the run of the runner up to president joseph kabila in that election
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a lot of people say that he was vocal stolen time and also a lot of people here in the r p i you talk to will say that this whole hi fi fi international criminal court trial was politicized getting a lot of sympathy from that so. many people here are saying that he is the change that the country needs he can help the opposition move forward but of course. people kind of put an end in the ruling party other than the opposition as well quite uncomfortable with his presence here is a few obstacles to him run. in elections though what does bamber himself or his team say about how they plan to get around those obstacles. but yes there are some of the call there is a possibility that he might be a struck off that he might be barred from running for president he wants to prevent his paperwork that is the load that an individual had to be in the country i
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yet to contest for any electoral commission he's been away for ten years also the fact that you have a pending case an international criminal court that's very that could work against him as well back we're being told that he had his lawyers down by when that happened they will be arguing that away from the country was because of that and that is that he could not avoid of course those reasons that i've given you here. the electoral commission the legitimacy to be able to invalidate his candidate feet but he also has a right to go to quite a lot of what people are mostly concerned about if he support them how do they take any that measure to buy him from running for an election talking to some of them say that they were not elected anybody that can carry them back from the people and running for the cadence of the country. all right katherine sawyer there thanks so
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much. zimbabwe's ruling party has won a majority of seats in parliament after monday's vote according to the electoral commission it says. took a hundred and nine of the two hundred ten seats in the national assembly the results show forty one seats for the opposition movement for democratic change while results for fifty eight seats are yet to be declared the commission says it will start to announce numbers from the presidential election in about ninety minutes. both sides should be sure of victory heading into the poll which observers say was too close to call president emerson and urged his supporters to be patient and wait for the results his main rival the m.d.c. as nelson chamisa said the commission was delaying announcing the outcome to prepare zimbabwe and for fake results. from.
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the rulings on a party has won a majority in parliament and it's partly because of the rural vote people who live in the rural areas are the majority in zimbabwe and they identify with on a plate politics. gave them and gave them food represents the poor black majority they don't identify with opposition politics also remember that the opposition vote has been divided for example when. a few months ago and nelson chamisa became the leader of the m.d.c. alliance some people in the party won happy that he took over in protest they left form their own party and that divided the vote opposition supporters who support nelson chamisa maybe in urban areas are not happy that angry if threatening to protest some of the leaders are saying that they have their own state a result of the training to release them which by a point of all we know is illegal and the police have warned them not to do so and what we see also late today is lots of election observer missions giving statements
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on how the elections went with the elections to say they are free and fair or what they say there were some irregularities. the afghan army is taking control of the eastern city of jalalabad after a series of attacks that have killed dozens of people the government made the decision to withdraw the responsibility from the police officer an attack on a government refugee office on choose day fifteen people were killed in the last three months one hundred sixty civilians have been killed in the province i saw automaton attacks. the afghan army says more than one hundred fifty isaw fighters surrendered on tuesday after a heavy gun battle between eisel in the taliban in the northern. province the government says more than one hundred fifty eisel fighters were killed and one hundred wounded. afghanistan will hold presidential elections on april the twentieth next year the announcement from the country's election body comes as afghans prepare for parliamentary elections in less than three months shall about
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us reports from kabul. hundreds of women recalled the names of the countryman compiling an electronic list of who decide afghanistan's next. nine million people have registered to vote a quarter of the population but here that means nine million men yelling treats and this is the. name of that person and their father name and phone there it is very day then business. next to. this hospitalized with seven hundred people working for two hundred dollars a month out of an old un compound on the outskirts of kabul the registration forms are being flown or trucked here and a military a schools the nation's election chief wants afghans to feel they can trust the process despite logistical and security challenges. unfortunately they're in secure areas in afghanistan so we can't register people there those areas that are under the control of the government and that we have access to people should go
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there for registration the government assisted in putting our registration centers there there's been a lot of criticism from watchdogs observers about the registration process that they may be fake or duplicate registrations are you concerned about that. of course there is some complaints about the registration when it's not possible to do biometric registration and if it's a manual system like ours it's natural there may be some a duplicate registrations. name is in charge of ten thousand observers on election day and says registrations need to be chicks more thorough and vote is assigned to specific polling stations there is a willingness among the people although they are not the economists about this but when i would election that is neither the need for the action of whether. afghans died in the hundreds this year for a chance to make their lives the worst was in april in kabul with fifty seven people were killed and more than one hundred wounded in a suicide bombing at
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a voter registration seem to. afghanistan is working its way towards credible elections one keystroke at a time. from power outages to bombings patiently they push on charged with holding an election that cannot be disputed challenge ballasts out jazeera couple of syrian government forces have regained control of all the land along the border with the israeli occupied golan heights i salute fighters gave up their last pocket of territory in the area following a six week military campaign and according to russian media program ian forces withdrew to eighty five kilometers from israeli held territory israel had asked for moscow's support to help keep back troops yemen's who three rebels say they'll stop attacks in the red sea for two weeks to support peace efforts there comes after attacks on two vessels last week and one of the world's most important trade routes it's about a month of straight hoofy say they were targeting warships belonging to the saudi
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erotic coalition the saudis say one of their oil tankers was damaged the u.n. special envoy to yemen has been shuttling between the warring parties he wants to avoid an assault by the coalition on the port city of her data which is on the red sea aid groups are worried the fighting could make a humanitarian crisis even worse they're warning of a second cholera epidemic and that more than eight million people are on the verge of starvation one hundred out of reports from djibouti just across from yemen. this is the impact of more than three years of war the city of sardar stronghold for both the fighters was once known as yemen's bread basket market is now destroyed people are desperate and on the brink of all farming. roads and bridges have not been spared either limiting the supply of vital supplies of food and fuel to a population already so. monetization is at an all time high at
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a teen check that now serves as a temporary health center acutely children upset high protein peanut based food. reading out of a get the vin are scared to death every hour we see a plane i'm not exaggerating at all revision for peace peace and safety. but the prospect of peace in yemen remains of a more distant relentless efforts by the u.n. to broker a peace a failed on one side other who think rebels trying hard to keep control of huge swathes of the control on the other pro-government militias back by the sooty u.a.e. coalition. in recent days they have intensified their outcomes to wrestle control of the vital part of the data from both the fight is the city has been heavily militarized forcing half of its population to flee controlling the day that is important to both sides it's the main and two point four much needed aid and most
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imports into yemen this is with from australia more than anything else the yemeni people now desperately need peace with peace and stability we can start to get people back on their feet start to rebuild their livelihoods their fears any escalation in the fighting could cause a shock tunnel the white told put causing poverty bus station in what is already the world's last humanitarian crisis some twenty two million people in the i'm in need many of the war displaced have no way of surviving without food hundreds on their fears to over all break of diseases strikes have destroyed yemen's water and sanitation facilities something that's already call from outbreak of cholera the u.n. now say the complete one asked like a wave form of a break of the fatal disease how many other wild aziza djibouti. well still to come
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on al-jazeera the south african government says it will move forward to plans to take over farmland without compensation. a new factor has been added to the gun control debate in the us three d. printed firearms. hello there we're still seeing some heavy downpours over many parts of southeastern asia the satellite picture is showing plenty of showers there all across the philippines then down through borneo and eventually down through parts of k.l. and singapore as well i think here there will be more breaks developing in the cloud as we head through the day on thursday but those showers out towards the east of i'm up very heavy and if anything it looks like they'll be concentrating around parts of the philippines there as we head through friday so for the south friday is
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looking a little bit drier now over towards australia and here we've seen some pretty stormy weather down in the southwest the winds have been gusting over one hundred ten kilometers per hour at times and this system is gradually edging its way eastward so behind it will be a good deal calm a force in perth there as we head through thursday seventeen degrees oh maximum but that system will be making its way across parts of south australia still strong winds in with this that maybe the old thunderstorm as well and if you catch a thunderstorm watch out for the very gusty winds and maybe some hail as well that will sweep its way eastwards as we head through friday and i think does say it's tracking down the temperatures say for adelaide all maximum will just be fourteen degrees and then we'll see the temperatures drop in melbourne as well and here we'll see the rain begin to start and the winds pick up to sydney will still be dry and warm. istanbul is known for its history and food today
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a new generation is shaking things up for root is my everything five thousand six hundred years it's all different so this is all these cultures i'm now on top of each other. we're here to see how the. culture and cuisine forward. on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines down congolese former rebel leader . back home but was convicted of war crimes. he was released in april.
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may rather he now wants to run in long delayed elections scheduled for december zimbabwe's rulings on a p.f. party has won a majority of seats in parliament after monday's vote commission says it was party gained a hundred and nine seats against forty one for the opposition movement for democratic change fifty eight seats are yet to be declared. the date for afghanistan's presidential elections has been announced the vote will be held on april twentieth next year the presidential vote will take place six months after the parliamentary and local elections which are scheduled for october. now dozens of people were injured when a passenger plane crashed and caught fire in northern mexico shortly after takeoff all one hundred three passengers survived the crash the brazilian bilton briar jet belong to the national carrier. aeromexico it was flying from durango to mexico city state governor says the plane was hit by
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a gust of wind as it left the runway there you look at this because you know it was a strong explosion which hit the plane we don't know if it was a lightning bolt or a mechanical problem we had just taken off the plane fell. john home and has more from mexico city now it really was the great escape for those on board the plane in mexico that crashed just past the taken off when you see the pictures of the plane crash we flames coming out of it really is incredible that no one died on impact the plane was heading from durango a city in the north of the country to the capital mexico city and there are around one hundred people on board now some of those after the crash were reportedly able to walk to the nearest motorway to ask for help. then turned up and took people to nearby hospitals some of them suffering from burns others from injuries now there's going to be really starting to be investigations about exactly what happened what
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we do know so far is that the plane was trying to take of quite bad weather but coupled with that is a sensation in mexico of relief over something that could have been a lot worse for us judge has blocked a company from releasing the blueprints of three d. printed guns nine u.s. states have filed a lawsuit against the trumpet ministration after it reached a settlement with texas based defense distributed to publish the printing files online but president trump appeared to oppose this tweet on tuesday rob reynolds of forte's this is the computer generated weapon that's causing the uproar a crude single shot plastic pistol the united states of america will be the biggest exporter of terror. if we fail to stop the gun specifications for the gun were developed by cody wilson
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a self-styled anarchist as long as you have the right to keep and bear arms you have the right to make them in june the trump administration abruptly gave up on a years long legal battle to prevent him from putting the gun plans on line wilson's diagrams allow a variety of firearms models to be made by anyone including convicted criminals mentally disturbed people or children this means that more people who are dangerous will have guns and they will hurt more people with them in three d. printer technology machines extrude minuscule layers of plastic or resin that gradually build up three dimensional objects using computer patterns we asked professional three d. printer peterman adi to make one for us. consumer printers are available for as low as three hundred dollars so anybody that has three hundred dollars can essentially print one the designs have already appeared online and have been downloaded thousands of times three d. printed guns have no serial numbers so they're untraceable they don't require
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permits or background checks so anybody can have one and because they're plastic they can go through any metal detector law enforcement officials are opposed and president donald trump questioned the action of his own administration tweeting that the idea of three d. printed guns quote doesn't seem to make much sense but the guns may be less dangerous to the public then to the person wielding them in tests by the government firearms oversight agency three d. printed guns often exploded when fired they are not as strong or precisely machined as metal guns it could explode on you you could lose a finger you could use a hand. it could catch fire there is so many things that can go wrong which is why printing it is one thing using it is an entirely separate thing democratic lawmakers are calling on trump to overturn his administration's decision and are introducing legislation to ban the weapons but in a last minute decision
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a federal judge granted a temporary injunction blocking wilson from distributing his blueprints online the ruling came after nine states and the district of columbia brought the matter to court the legal fight will continue robert oulds al jazeera los angeles now south africa's president says the ruling african national congress will push ahead with plans for land expropriation from white farmers without compensation several ramaphosa says the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution with the support of the left wing economic freedom find his. of the issue of land ownership is one of the most contentious in south africa with some pointing to neighboring zimbabwe's economic collapse after land reforms there the intention of this proposed amendment is to promote redress advance economic development increase our cultural production
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and food security it will also transform the unjust spatial realities in urban areas to accelerate agrarian reform the air and sea has further directed government to urgently initiate farmer support programs in depressed areas before the first rains this year this should include supporting farmers with two tractors fertilizers c extension services finance and access to key infrastructure or rafa tega is a political analyst at the muffin way institute for strategic reflection joins us live from johannesburg good to have you with us talking about ownership is the a.n.c. itself trying to own the narrative of land reform struggle is that what's going on here. well you know what has happened is that since the
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adoption of the parliamentary motion to explore bridge learnt without compensation we have seen fierce public debates in south africa about these parliament has undertaken consultation with the broader public in south africa in the consultations are still underway saw the the message that seems to be coming out through the consultation there are different views and different takes by various people in south africa of various communities and there are some who actually have a good agency led government could pursue this policy goal of land reform without necessarily having to go the constitutional amendment route saw one would say that there was some element of nonces sitting in on these however the opposition party the first has been very critical on this and actually i q's in the a.n.c. to some extent and i kissing some members of the n.c. to be big shaking on this thing trying to neutralize the parliamentary result
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bhushan to explain amend to explain it lend without compensation i think that has created this environment where the a.n.c. now find it very necessary to be firm to come out just as they did last night that they are going to amend the constitution they're trying to take the debate away from the five and they're trying to say that they are in charge of police and there will actually defend that kind of a policy the controversy however is dart consultations are underway one expects some kind of restrained i expected to restraint so that they can hear what the people are saying compile a parliamentary report on this issue for the. position as the guardians do you think that the a.n.c. will be successful when they come under some criticism for not waiting for the parliamentary consultation process to end. well there will be criticize for
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that. they may not be taking discussions. because if you take it seriously you will wait before you take that position there will be criticised and i wouldn't be surprised if some of the opposition parties and some of the organizations within the country would be willing to test this cause it is not amendment do court it is likely to be one of the most fiercely contested amendment in the post up at the dispensation thank you very much now iran has a chronic shortage of water it's estimated there's some form of drought in ninety seven percent of the country some blame the weather others think it's us conspiracy and the veyron mental experts blame government mismanagement reports from to her on every day a small group of iranian farmers meet up at the edge of their town once where the fields of despond lush with crops now barren land by
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a dry can now they beg for government help. out of the citizens too we are indians who live in this part of the country we just want to be hurt people are really tired the can't make ends meet they go to bed hungry most of the last and during fighting between police and protesting farmers in march acute water shortages are worsening problems such as inflation and unemployment. and there are warning signs of rising anger. more conflicts are expected to break out an empty stomach doesn't have any religion people are going to have to fight for every single drop of water especially in dry regions like this that are hit hard by drought and climate change environmental experts say weather is a small part of the problem they blame years of government mismanagement for the manmade water crisis since the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine the government's rush to develop industries meant skipping environmental impact
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assessments before building dams and piping water around the country one solution has been to try using less water for things like these but most of iran's water is used on farms where old ways of watering crops means waste on an industrial scale environmental experts also say the government needs to take the problem more seriously. first we need to revise some laws and adopt the procedure for the stable development and management of water resources so we can better preserve water and control usage so we can be hopeful to have better conditions in the next one or two decades even by summer standards these river beds in the north of the capital are drier than usual that's being felt downstream where they feed ancient underground springs. from up here you can really get a sense of the impact of the country's water shortage on public facilities in just twenty years a single generation what was once a sizable body of water has been reduced to little more than
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a wading pool. people who live here say they had to plug part of the pool to collect enough water for kids to play and escape the summer heat. some of them are old enough to remember when the pool was full. i remember my childhood i mean my friends used to bike here and swim now it's fifty square metres back then it was about five thousand it was deep and considered dangerous for swimming. for now it's enough for these kids to cool off and have some fun and concern perhaps that when they have children of their own the little water they have left probably won't be here same bus ravi old jazeera. environmentalists are marking world overshoot day to remind people to consume less of a natural resources as species where using our natural resources about one point seven times faster than our ecosystem can reproduce them well this is caused by
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overfishing over harvesting forests and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than can be absorbed. you can get much more on that story and all the others if you had to go to our website the address there for you is al jazeera dot com you can see you are front page there with our lead story this to ation with the election results in zimbabwe. let's take you through some of those stories now supporters of congolese opposition leader former warlord jumpier clambers celebrating his return home number was convicted of war crimes and served ten years in prison in the hague but he was released on appeal in may he now wants to run in long delayed elections scheduled for december zimbabwe's ruling zammit piaf is one of the majority of seats in parliament after monday's vote the electoral commission says emerson and goes party
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gained one hundred nine seats that's against forty one for the opposition movement for democratic change fifty eight seats are yet to be declared how tasa has more from harare. right she doesn't right now have state of the afghan army is taking control of the eastern city of jalalabad after a series of attacks that have killed dozens of people the government made the decision to withdraw the responsibility from the police after an attack on a government refugee office on tuesday fifteen people were killed in the last three months one hundred sixty civilians have been killed in the province while i saw all taliban attacks the afghan army says more than one hundred fifty eisel fighters surrendered on tuesday it was after a heavy gun battle between iceland the taliban in the northern province the government says more than one hundred fifty eisel fighters were killed and one hundred wounded. the date for afghanistan's presidential election says b then outs
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the vote will be held on april the twentieth next year the presidential vote will take place six months after the parliamentary and local elections scheduled for october yemen's houthi rebels say they'll stop attacks in the red sea for two weeks to support peace efforts that's after saudi arabia suspended moving all oil through the red sea last week saying two of its oil tankers were hit i tacked by the who thieves the u.n. special envoy to yemen has been shuttling between the warring parties the u.n. wants to avoid an assault by the saudi a morality led coalition on the port city of hard data which lies on the red sea those are your headlines it's al jazeera a.j. it's next. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channel the line is
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here i am allowed to do it but i'm about to get fresh perspectives and new insights . to challenge and change the way we move. i'll just here a world of this time on algis in. istanbul the jewel of four different and pires centuries of power and politics have shaped a distinct identity evident in the people and their food to date a new generation of turks is shaking things up the youth are tapping into their creativity to give their cultural heritage a modern form.


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