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tv   The State Of Lebanon  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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part of the reason this is happening because no outcry from the american public right. and it's not a particularly big issue is not high on many surprises can you explain that for international rights so with respect to national security and or the trumping ministrations stands they come at it from a position of being very strong on national security keeping a. facility like one town will be open is a symbol of that is this a level of significance and rebuking the obama administration agenda of trying to close it and keeping it open and trying to fill as many people with as possible whether they are charged with an actual crime or not of course you know the obama administration ran into a lot of red tape with respect to closing it because there were not many u.s. prisons or any people that wanted them to be transferred to the united states remind people what happened to president obama there's a clip that we've got and then you see me twenty thirteen and you see me twenty sixteen have a look. the idea that we would still maintain forever.
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a group of individuals who have not been tried that is contrary to who we are it is contrary it was in these discuss true that i have not been able to close the door. because of the congressional destructions the place of admission of failure of right right that right so people are being detained there's no trial people who create who knows where they're going to get out how do you fix that. well there are a number of different ways of course the chief area that you can look at is simply voting if you don't like the people who are in power you can vote to change congressional elections senate as well as the president and with respect to you know the kind of the bureaucracy that exists in washington. you have to try the force not force but encourage the next administration that comes in to put people who are passionate about those issues because it's not always about the
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presence of the president can always be the figurehead who has the vision but it's the people in the executive branch to carry out that policy and that's the most important part and you know what i think is very critical we the people are partly to blame because our members of congress wouldn't let obama do what he wanted and we would try to transfer our some of these folks to american presidents the communities got all upset so it's not you know i think as a country we have to you know get our act together and i think it would be wonderful if this would be an issue in the next election that people would talk about and say put me in there and i'm going to fix this problem so more americans are not going to get killed the reason though it will ever become a primary reason is because if you look at the politics of it if you are if you are for closing guantanamo bay that can put you in the camp of being a terrorist sympathizer that it's just as easy as that oh for sure which is just the way the american politics political messaging works i don't i think that they
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really i want to bring up this viewer comment actually not of your comment this is someone who tweeted back to you party's them and one of your organization's tweets queen n.t.o. says well those are terrorists and they should be locked up for life but we got a viewer comment from someone who spoke on that lawyer says the biggest challenge is that we successfully convince most of the u.s. and the world to the eight hundred we're all terrorists when most were sold for bounty and trying to. educate now which no administration has actually done is near impossible and before you answer that i just wanted to share this viewer comment someone was watching the show live and said this in a former detainee he says in fact we haven't escaped yet i was moved from guantanamo to another one and worse he was held from two thousand and two to two thousand and sixteen and is now in serbia but produce i know you wanted to comment on that earlier this week. there's a let's work back there i mean in terms of you know they're out here as service
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that we are. asked a question to herself but actually does she know about the alarm to change here or expect us at least a dozen times the government south. you know spokespeople for our people. has she ever had real exposure has she been able to hear the other side of the story fully sense or know the answer is no to those questions in terms of breaking down the population right now of this forty man thirty want never been charged with a crime. they are being held for her alleged conduct an eighteen year seventeen years ago capture the only evidence the government has ever had to show to justify their detention it's. it's only the amount of evidence they need to prove is a breach of contract case and negligence case we're talking about incarceration and white prison and the standard evidence the government has been hell to so has been
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held to one of the lowest that exists in a lot of. five of the men who remain has been cleared for transfer by the government itself but it's important to understand what that means that means that every government agency government agency not defense lawyers for the sake of these detentions has gotten together looked at the government's information about these people and determined their continued detention is not necessary for u.s. national security is how does it basically you are taking the trumpet ministration to court over this. how confident do you fill the junkies who will say you have a case. i don't constitute our legal position which is that indefinite detention starts at particular. suspect's house here it is entirely up to me and i was
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slow and it's pretty good i so if you are very confident. i think it remains to be seen you know i don't know i just will decide we thought when we brought our first question. or. actually i'm right after nine eleven that we can't we and we wired right i think the court starts yes i agree also larry the public needs to hear it is there is pressure that people can exert on their members of congress that matters and i think it is it's hard it was trying to trace this everywhere of your quest to change and. it's crucial to remember the public pressure so. i'm going to leave it there thank you public pressure still not his many co what's going on online will endure this week from lauren who says above all guantanamo's existence cannot become an accepted fact and he one who believes in
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fair trial rights needs to keep themselves informed as to what's happening we can't turn a blind eye to rush and larry and. it's it's really good to have you on this program i feel that. this so much more to be said about guantanamo and it will in history when we look back at this time people will be questioning what happened and what potentially went wrong but for now we're going to wrap up the show thank you very much for being part of the stream media reshape the time today stis question can continue online so go to act eight a stream on twitter you can follow at twitter thread right that me can i will see you online thanks so much. capturing
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and rising on the streets of. way election was stolen at least three people have died. down lord carlile this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. to the. political links at the white house and poses. sanctions against turkish government officials. for new cases of a burglar emerge in the democratic republic of congo just days after an outbreak was declared over plus. the music making waves in the u.s. for all the wrong reasons questions over how much it's actually promoting violence in chicago.
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and some way three people have been killed in post-election violence in the capital harare soldiers have opened fire on opposition supporters protesting over the slow release of election results the posse of president has won two thirds of the seats in parliament but the result of the presidential vote is not yet known reports from harare. opposition supporters say they vote was stolen they are demanding transparency from the electoral commission official results show the readings on the paper has won a majority in parliament these people are convinced the results. they got yesterday the police moved in to disperse them but when that failed the army took over those who tried to resist but don't. the. president has warned the opposition against causing trouble. there is forthwith to remove its violence of from the streets so.
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you know i ask you. this instead. government is simply reminding them of their duties as the responsible. citizens the main opposition alliance say the army used unnecessary force three people had been killed. and this or that may be dealt with five plays. of the old soldiers are trained to kill during war we have three of them after one what this means are we in war are civilians the enemy of the state. the e.u. election observer mission says presidential election results should be released as soon as possible to avoid more violence but the longer it lasts to count the
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more. lack of credibility trumps up something single before therefore it's needed that it must be a trace abilities of the road down to the police station level. but opposition supporters say if they can is it now such an isa doesn't when they want to accept it the result center is over they opposition supporters have been trying to get in but the police have been pushing them back so they've been burning tires a poet is they insist that their candidate the main opposition leader nelson chamisa has won this election there they are over there they are refusing to leave in protest. by law presidential results have to be announced by saturday most of our brains are anxious about what could happen if the lisa doesn't accept defeat. al jazeera. about boys have affairs minister says the government will keep the military deployed following the votes. the commander of the police. forces. remain deployed to.
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across the country to maintain law and order the government of zimbabwe. ensues full responsibility. for the. destruction of property. and loss of life on the m.d.c. . turkey has condemned the us decision to impose sanctions on two of its senior ministers as the latest effort by the trumpet ministration to get ankara to release an american pastor andrew bronson was detained in two thousand and sixteen the kings of helping the group the turkish government says was behind a failed coup attempt has the latest from washington d.c. . angry words have been exchanged between the u.s. a turkey over possible sanctions now the u.s. has decided to act at the president's direction the department of treasury is sanctioning turkey's minister of justice and minister of interior both of whom played
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a leading roles in the arrest and detention of pastor brunson the two ministers targeted a senior figures in the turkish government still a man so i loue is the interior minister abdul hamad girl is the justice minister the u.s. says they are involved in organizations responsible for the continued detention of this man american pastor andrew bronson the taxi he's a spy who was involved in the field twenty sixteen coup in turkey the americans insist he is simply a christian pastor who's been targeted because he met many people from different communities while in the country the u.s. sanctions says that any property or share in property the two men may have in the united states is no blocked and it says that any u.s. citizen business or entity should no longer carry or any transactions with the government ministers from talking president donald trump has tweeted his support for the pastor well vice president mike pence has repeatedly called for his release the president to one and the turkish government i have
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a message on behalf of the president of the united states of america. release pastor andrew bronson now or be prepared to face the consequences. pastor bronson was recently released from prison is here but remains under house arrest. has yet been set for his trial. i'll just you know the way. a former egyptian minister says he's being detained by police in islay and fears he'll be deported. massoud says on twitter that he's being detained based on a request from egypt he was the minister of parliamentary affairs under former president morsi is government is unknown opposition figure has been living in exile in europe since the july two thousand and thirteen military coup the us is planning to impose even higher tariffs on chinese imports upping the ante from ten percent.


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