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tv   Luis Silva Being Panfilo  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2018 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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suspected opponents after four hundred and fifty people have died in more than three months of government rest and land on their the next target they say in human reports from just outside the capital. squatters settlements like this one are sprouting up over much of. a ride with his family just last week when he heard that this prime property on the outskirts of managua was pretty for the taking. but. we've been told it belongs to the government of the commander during or. at least one part of what he says is faults it's private property owners say that they were thrown out by the squatters when they showed up with their land title. we have reported this to the police the public prosecutor the mayor but nothing so far. camera one of the squatters told me they're being rewarded by the government
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for their loyalty to president. on the settlement has been named. also a way to pressure and punish those who are viewed as adversaries such as the cohen group one of nicaragua's largest at least three of their properties in northwest have been invaded but not by poor squatters. these are heavily armed masked ropes of thirty forty or fifty people who are organized with clearly just to go preparation. security rings on the outlying roads to control anyone who approaches . the police he says refused to intervene the invasions came after executive manager had publicly stated that nicaragua needed democratic reforms the largest business council accuses the government of organizing lang grabs to keep the private sector in line. some landowners are setting up flimsy walls to try to keep invaders out signs like this one reading. private property are turning up
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everywhere opposition leaders point out that no one has invaded the property so far of people known to be allies of the government so far at least thirty major agricultural properties have been occupied many owned by foreigners it may help keep these homeless people happy but it's adding yet another layer of political and economic instability to a country that can ill afford it. the refugees hoping to claim asylum in france will have a lot less time to make their case it's been cut from eleven to six months as the government tries to speed up the deportation of those who refused to have a child from paris. the number of refugees in the suburbs of paris may be as high as four hundred thousand according to a parliamentary report. dorothy's are struggling to cope the conditions in the parks and streets are becoming intolerable in the middle. raids by riot police have
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cleared the large tented camps where many of them found temporary refuge but the tough new laws just passed by the national assembly will cut the time period during which they can claim asylum the claim is rejected that only have fifteen days to lodge an appeal and the time they can be kept in detention waiting for deportation has been doubled to ninety days now via a sale voted against the bill she believes fran should take in more refugees and be less scared in flood but once people have left their home there it's a whole deal and we cannot just send them back i believe we have to look at the situation differently you can't just say we don't want that and it's a way of closing your eyes that is meaningless it's a way to deny reality their original here. charity workers have described the situation as explosive the refugees are being forced to share the streets with drug addicts and dealers in crack cocaine public bars are being closed and fights are
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breaking out to find supplies of water it's been estimated a total of five hundred refugees are arriving in paris every week the government say the new reforms are meant to make a much more efficient system for asylum seekers through to actually try and sift out those who are genuine refugees and those who are economic migrants. we found william and his wife begging for food they have a four year old child their skate violence in ivory coast but never applied for asylum here they now face deportation the police are constantly moving them on what were for whatever orders zeph to follow them you must understand them attribute an arche figure would start sleep on the streets everywhere sometimes i don't know where to sleep i sit on the bench i chip my little wife by my side i hope i pray and we keep. the deputies of the national assembly will not have heard of william he has
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a master of arts and philosophy. but it's no life for him on the streets and he's already lost. there are tens of thousands more like him . our. country. and the fan favorite center of attention the. whole.
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now fifty years ago a top cartoonist put has imprint on the fight for racial equality in the u.s. a lot santa fe school teacher child shows to introduce a blackout that has popular peanuts newspaper strip so he did a modern cartoonist carrie johnson looks at the legacy of franklin. my name is carrie johnson i'm a professional caricaturists and cartoonists as a kid and really didn't have a lot of people of color to look up to the characters i'm a caricature illustrators or cartoonist when i see franklin in the newspapers i will ask well that's good to see a person of color in the charlie brown series someone asked me. do you think frankly having franklin and newspapers really helped the black community or the way people look at african-american cartoonists you know maybe i can only say that because there's so few of us out here doing doing this if char scholtz never took
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the risk to put franklin in his strip who knows would have made that that happen because what the about peanuts it was already popular he didn't need it frankly but he i think the lady was in the lead of i remember reading about it three years ago and he said well i don't want to be in there for pretty however he took a chance and it worked out ok it's. time to waste frankly wasn't stereotyped you know get it crazily do what is here but he still was pretty straightforward charlie brown and then when the holidays and come around you'll see franklin with the with the by peppermint patty the blue sea lions and they were just iraqis they want to missed you and most of your pride and joy that. it is time for sports now here's tatyana thank you very much liz form a world number one andy murray took another huge a step in his comeback from hip surgery after making it to the second round of the
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city open in washington on wednesday the scot beat fellow brit kyle edmund in two and a half hours to progress in the tournament seven six one six six four was the score mark continues his comeback this being a first tournament since playing out of wimbledon due to an ongoing injury. german youngster like than desirable faces fifteenth seeded brother mischa's of are over in the second round the twenty one year old. with a six two six one when. you on a country of great britain built on a hostage fest after victory over twenty three time grand slam champion three in a williams a day earlier by advancing to the quarterfinals of the silicon valley classic in fan jose a day after inflicting the was defeat of three in his career the british number one eased her way through with a six one six four victory over american sofia came in. they nodded when a cio is set to return to the event this from ac milan after just one season in
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a swap deal which sees gonzalo higuaín move the other way according to reports it claims feature at the club has been in doubt ever since he they signed christiana rinaldo last month the italian champions were in praise the as an action on wednesday taking on a major league soccer all star team in atlanta and rafa vallely giving them the lead after twenty one minutes the m.l.s. five struck back minutes later three joseph martinez in the end it went down to penalties materia the sheer converting to give him a a five three when. now life on the unite to a positive start for all small they've won a second successive game in pre-season beating premier league rivals chelsea but it was the blues the took the lead early on and turn your average guy getting the ball also piled on the pressure in the second half finally equalizing in injury time for alexander lack of that they want to on penalties six five alex away be scoring the
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winner with asimov's boss saying afterwards that he's happy with the squad ahead of the new things are. very happy with the. creator we. go minos released in june with. a minute to think. we are speaking inside we are ok. india finished off england's last wicket stand quickly on the morning of the first test in birmingham england managed to add jobs two runs to the overnight title and were dismissed for two hundred eighty seven india have just started that ending. in the fifty overs version of the sport south africa have taken a two no lead in their five match series against sri lanka on wednesday the host won the toss them batted but it looked like the decision had backfired in just the
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second over fastball a loon taking two way kids in consecutive deliveries open anita shandy quite low one of the stossel with the particular contributing sixty nine before losing his wicket and why our captain angela math is top scored for the hosts with an unbeaten seventy nine as they posted two hundred forty four for eight in the fifty overs clinton de kock and hashim amla put on a ninety one run opening partnership for the south africans in their chase of the target skipper five due to see then falling one short of his half century as the tourists closed in on the victory south africa getting the winning runs with seven over suspects securing a victory by four wickets. tiger woods says he can get back to winning ways as he heads into the w t c invitational and which haiti is off later on his one the event eight times and goes into it after coming tight sick at the open and having risen from outside the top one thousand in the rankings to fiftieth in the last twelve
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months i went from just hoping to build play the tour. to now that i feel like i can play the tour and i certainly can win again i've had an opportunity to twin a couple times this year. had a great chance of the year and even though you know we go ahead i had a great shot so my game's got better and good enough for that i feel like i can win again you know our guarantor dustin johnson is a bit more familiar with winning than woods at the moment the world number one goes into the w g c invitational having just won the canadian open. we have still continued to play pretty well for the last you know year and a half but felt like a really feel like the golf swing started no be more consistent started to hit the shots that i want to more consistently software like the games in a good spot i just need to. you know i've got to continue to work on the part of the woman but you know there's always areas where you can improve. thank you very
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much tatiana and that does it for this new. will be here with another. one for you and thank you. a controversial approach i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't advocate for gringo i should you know i sure do many times as one having read my book yet how
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many women might never get a good lesson maybe his sand goes head to head we've done bees and moria. the been crazy back on al-jazeera. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on network of channels for the line is if i'm allowed to do it but i'm not allowed to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we look at the world of. al-jazeera at this time on al-jazeera. people of argentina have been marginalized and brought to divert a culture for generations. using twenty first century tools one mother
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farge to reconnect to their heritage and share their culture with the next generation. viewfinder latin america discovers new filmmaking talent from around the globe. message for my daughter. zimbabwe's painful wait for a president three killed after soldiers opened fire observers denounce excessive force and call for a speedy result. along the raman you're watching out of there alive my headquarters here in doha are also coming up road safety anger the protests bringing schooling to
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a standstill across bangladesh also cutting off the supply that helps keep guards are alive israel stops fuel trucks entering the strip and worrying days ahead in spain fire sweeps through a national park as temperatures pretty towards fifty degree celsius. welcome to the program the election that was supposed to signal a new era for zimbabwe has descended into violence delays and recriminations three days have passed since the vote and still no announcement of who will be president on wednesday soldiers opened fire on crowds protesting to zanu p.f. was declared winner of the parliamentary vote commonwealth election observers are urging zimbabwe's electoral commission to release the full result and they've denounced the shootings. we categorically deny the excessive use of force
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against civilians and wish to edge all parties to exercise restraint zimbabwe electoral commission to it's the announcement of. results if it at least creates opportunities for six speculation about possible money pollution of the results. electoral commission is urging patience it is important to note that rancid traces they have been made by the citizen or would they want to lead them that choice should be respected by or the commission therefore it is or isn't barbarians to be respectful of the traces that they've been made by their fellow citizens well joining me now from harare is malcolm webb our correspondent following the scenario as the story unfolds and of course it has quite obviously malcolm it's not just the eyes of zimbabwe and on the election commission the international audience is all we're also watching.
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that's right a lot of international attention on this election the observers from european union commonwealth and the u.s. many other international organizations and the african union as well there's a lot of foreign business interest here and if if the international community somehow signed off on this election then a lot of big companies that want to get back in here start doing business again but for that and international finance of course as well but for that to go ahead it depends on having a reasonable semblance of credibility and really not you know not much violence for that to go ahead but let me just tell you a little bit about what happened where we're standing yesterday it's normally very busy here today it's normally a busy market but yesterday when the protests began soldiers came here and ordered traders to go away. the eye witnesses here say that tear gas was fired just down here and that one lady was shot dead by soldiers just at the end of the square here
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and another shopkeeper died when she caught a stray bullet down there so there may be among the three people that were reported killed when the soldiers used life fire here in the city yesterday the rest of the traders left in a hurry you can see the remains of their stalls here some goods left behind some lettuces left here on the floor and a lot of the formal business is the shops today also shut up almost all of them in town are closed and for a lot of the small scale traders who work here in the center of hari each day they earn the money with which they'll buy their meal in the evening so given that most of the city looks like this today then for a lot of those traders in harare it's going to be a very tough day indeed indeed i suppose really the public at large will be looking towards their respective leaders for guidance the incumbent president is saying that he is talking to the opposition but yet there's no word from the opposition at the moment. no word yet but short while ago president and the synagogue where the
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ruling party leader. one presidential candidate tweeted that he said he's communicating with nelson chamisa the opposition leader an opposition official told us that some senior officers officials in communications with president and we don't know exactly what they were saying but we can be pretty sure the opposition will be trying to put their point that they say this election has been rigged they say nelson chamisa has won the presidential vote and as we're waiting for those results to be announced they say that it's been rigged and they're expecting president and god to be wrongly announced now the electoral commission and the ruling zanu p.f. party tonight that this is going on but there are sort of three possible outcomes among others of these talks one is if the ruling party doesn't budge and they stick with with the electoral commission sticks with saying that it is a ruling party victory which is expected to be the announcement by many people here that goes ahead then we can expect an angry reaction from opposition supporters who
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won't believe that probably won't accept that we see more protests here on the streets of the capital and if the army have as little appetite for protest as they did yesterday then maybe we will see more violence as well another possibility is as happened here in two thousand and nine following a disputed election result the opposition widely seen to be the winners of the election but the ruling party refused to leave office and so a government of national unity was formed we've both parties in it president robert mugabe at the time remained president but the opposition had many seats in the cabinet and a lot of zimbabweans say things improved for the tenure of that government having both the opposition and the ruling party represented in the third possible outcome although few people here are expecting it is an opposition victory but that's what the opposition say would be the real and true outcome of this election but we'll have to wait and see and we'll come back to you when that situation develops for the moment malcolm thank you. so as you saw with malcolm the street so much quieter
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than they were on wednesday when three people were. also reports on the day of protests that took a sudden deadly turn. opposition supporters say they vote they are demanding transparency from the electoral commission official results show the readings on a pay particular has won a majority in parliament these people are convinced the results already. got yet right the police moved in to disperse them but when that failed the army took over those who tried to resist but dealt. with the. president innocent and gaga has warned the opposition against causing trouble. and its leadership has forthwith to remove its violent supporters from the streets so peace returns to iraq and. you know asking them to trick business that is their government is simply reminding them of their duties as the
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responsible will it go blair was and is citizens the main opposition alliance say the army used unnecessary force three people have been killed. and this or that may be dealt with five a place. crying. out for give up trying to kill during war. we have three of them after one what this means are we in war are civilians the enemy of the state. the e.u. election observer mission says presidential election results should be released as soon as possible to avoid more violence but the longer it lasts to count the more. lack of credibility trumps are something to see real before therefore it's needed that it must be a trace abilities of the road down to the police station level. but opposition
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supporters say if they can is it now such an isa doesn't when they want to accept it the result center is over they opposition supporters i've been trying to get in but the police have been pushing them back so they've been burning tires and poet is they insist that their candidate the main opposition leader nelson chamisa has won this election there they are over there they are refusing to leave in protest. by law or presidential results have to be announced by saturday most of our brains are anxious about what could happen if the lisa doesn't accept defeat. al jazeera had. such a south asian our universities and high schools across bangladesh have been ordered to close for a second day after protests over the deaths of two students on the road thousands of young people have been blocking streets of the capital dhaka since sunday after witnesses reporters beating a bus hitting and killing the pair now the protests have spread to other cities calling for the rest of the driver and better road safety measures time for chantry
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has more from dhaka. the fifth day of protests by the students all across the country especially in the capital city of dhaka intersection like this right i'm standing it's totally shut off there is a great loss all across the city and in other parts of the country as well we have never seen this unprecedented number of students even their guardians industry supporting them they want some sort of major reform in the road accidents and implementation of road transport laws by the government their demand is also the resignation of the shipping minister mr khan who is really ticked off the students there's also a general degree of frustration among the students because that court on movement started by the university student was crushed by the government and the problem is was not met overall there is a general frustration among the public because there is no room space for demonstration are free expression and the press is very much cocktail there's not
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much room for freedom of expression in the country we are facing election down the road probably in december or november so there is a big political climate here and people are frustrated part of that expression is shown in the street and the students don't sense to be moving out of the street anytime soon unless most of their demands are met. and you squeeze is getting old life and call so with this trial announcing it's blocking fuel and gas supplies into the gaza strip defense minister i think told lieberman says fuel trucks won't be allowed through the karim a solemn crossing in response to incendiary comments being floated across the pool to palestinians in gaza already such a frequent power cuts and rely on fuel to power generators seventy deca is the latest from gaza. this is part of wider political pressure that israel is trying to impose on how math israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman saying it once the leadership here to stop the insanity balloons and the kites and also quoting the
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friday protest the bigger picture here is that there is still. very fragile ceasefire a fragile tense situation between israel and hamas another interesting development we have a senior hamas leadership that are not based here in gaza coming to gaza today from cairo they've been in cairo discussing with egyptian intelligence and others this cease fire deal also potentially discussing palestinian reconciliation it is important why it is important because any of those things need to be done to move forward here and improve the situation for the people it is unclear what is going to be achieved on the table we know certainly when it comes to palestinian reconciliation there is no trust between how mass in fact certainly more urgently the ceasefire needs to hold there been intensive efforts by the u.n. .


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