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tv   Andalusia Lessons In Life  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2018 9:00am-9:57am +03

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time last year and that is driven by strong demand for its most expensive phone the i phone x. but it's not just hardware behind the company's success the tech giant is also seeing growth in its services business which includes the app store apple music and apple pay sixty percent of the company's sales are international in every region except japan reported double digit growth this is the fourth quarter in a row of double digit growth for apple pushing it into trillion dollar territory at a time when other tech stocks like facebook and twitter have struggled to good quarter so they sold good again fifty million phones and if the phone sales were a little soft why unit number the average price rose because the ten or the x. is a very high average selling price so apple continues to be the most profitable company in the world now apple may be the first trillion dollar company in the united states but others are hoping to follow suit including amazon and google zoner alphabet. jim anderson is the c.e.o.
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of social flow which advises social media companies he's also a commentator on social media and technology and he says these results are a reflection of the loyalty of awful users but also of the strength of the tech market. the tech sector surely has been performing phenomenally the growth in these tech companies had a few bumps lately with earnings releases the past couple of weeks but still you're talking about companies that are worth more than half a trillion dollars and now for apple to get to this one trillion dollar mark is certainly it's the best of the best all of these tech companies are being rewarded for stellar growth and sometimes they're punished when we saw what happened to facebook you know facebook had a record earnings a couple of weeks ago when it was punished pretty badly because the growth was not quite what was expected you look at apple's numbers and the growth was there and so clearly the market loves when the tech companies continue to grow they know they know how to turn that growth into profit you think about it you and i can reasonably say wow that's a lot of money for a phone i'm not sure i want to spend it i'm not sure our opinions matter so much
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that consumers clearly have voted with their wallets and their pocket books and they're buying those phones and apple ever since steve jobs came back you know when after he had been booted out of the company really honed in and made its products have a very sleek sense of design and have a whole lot of consumer appeal and that clearly hasn't changed people still want to own i phones and other apple devices and we see the results so i had an al-jazeera thousands take to the streets in bangladesh calling for justice following the death of two college students. and all the way to the top a driver for a former argentine minister is the key to uncovering a corruption scandal. from the waves of the soon. to the contours of the least.
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welcome back as we look at the weather across southern and eastern parts of china and also taiwan you can see a circulation that is junk dari which was a tropical storm the top of the pression it on stage was a typhoon it is now beginning to weaken but shanghai can be a very wet day during friday before the system moves inland and weakens quite considerably further certainty showers around eastern parts of china some heavy rain still across northern parts of vietnam and through into lives so we've had flooding here i think that situation could get worse before it gets better and really no change for me i'm arsenic coastal areas seeing some very heavy rain moving into southeastern parts of asia the philippines are looking quite wet at the moment always from north to south but once you get to borneo weather conditions are looking pretty good and absence of rain over borneo i haven't been able to report that very often find across much of java. book and then through them in a plane and sumatra weather conditions are looking pretty good but once you get up into thailand and certainly for bangkok look at those going to be quite wet at
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times there's a lot of very wet weather across northeastern parts of south asia india the eastern states of india also for bangladesh and india nepal further west looks brighter in delhi with highs here of thirty four. the weather sponsored by cateye race. and the vanguard of one hundred seventy s. struggle with the new zealand crown. a maori leader. and q.'s diff terrorism. filmed over seven years. his quest for justice becomes a blueprint for national reconciliation. witness an innocent warrior on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour emerson among god has been declared the winner of zimbabwe's presidential election with just over fifty percent of the vote it's the first time since independence robert mugabe has not been on the ballot. a saudi that coalition in yemen has denied carrying out an airstrike in hard data that killed at least twenty six people who think rebels say fifty five people died meanwhile the u.n. special envoy for yemen is convening a new round of talks in the latest bid to end the three year old civil war. tech giant apple has become the first company to hit a valuation of one trillion dollars on the u.s. stock markets the market was reached when apple's share price tipped over two hundred and seven dollars. the white house says it's ramping up efforts to stop
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foreign interference in the twenty eight hundred mid-term elections in an unsettled appearance of the white house press briefing room senior intelligence and law and order officials insisted they are better prepared to deal with anyone trying to influence voters or attack election software on official reports for the sixty's the new one is the big piece of intelligence gathering and law enforcement in the u.s. in an sheffield appearance they arrived in the white house press briefing room to insist they were better prepared to combat foreign interference in the upcoming u.s. midterm elections the president has specifically directed us to make the. matter of the election meddling securing our election process a top priority just days ago facebook revealed it had removed fake profiles and pages from its platform and instagram which it also warns the head of the f.b.i. says this shows greater partnership we're sharing with them actionable intelligence
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in a way that wasn't happening before we understand better what they need they're sharing information back with us based on what they find this white house is particularly sensitive to reports of foreign interference given the ongoing investigation into alleged russian collusion with the trunk campaign before the twenty sixteen presidential election and the growing number of intelligence assessments that say when it comes to interference the russians are at it again donald trump says he raised the issue during his summit with ladder near putin in finland he just said it's not russian but there is concern that this time around it might not just be the russians our democracy itself is in the crosshairs free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and it has become clear that they are the target of our adversaries all of those on the platform say they are not seeing the same level of attacks on the twenty eighteen alexion that they witnessed two years ago but that election is still three months away alan fischer al-jazeera at the white
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house. more than five hundred fathers are holding a hunger strike in an immigration detention center in the u.s. state of texas demanding to be freed the carnes family residential center currently houses hundreds of newly reunited migrant families according to races and advocacy and legal services group the fathers of striking to urge the government to expedite their cases u.s. president donald trump was forced to end his zero tolerance family separation policy last month amid public outcry in the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement organization has reiterated its stance on hunger strikes saying in general ice fully respects the rights of all people to voice their opinion without interference ice does not retaliate in any way against hunger strikers ice explains the negative health effects of not eating to our detainees for their health and safety ice closely monitors the food and water
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intake of those detainees identified as being on a hunger strike and jennifer falken is communications director at the races organization and she says the striking fathers are in limbo leaving them desperate . i think that it's absolutely devastating that these fathers feel like this is their only. way to have their voices heard at this point some of them have been detained of or over three months while seeking asylum and we know that's a violation of international and domestic law. i think it's absolutely devastating that even the sons are participating in this strike in their own way by not participating in school activities throughout the day they have asked us to share their stories and the and definitely advocated on their behalf and shared some of those clips with the public and definitely got their story out to media to select people understand that while there were families reunify and release there are
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still families in family detention here in the united states and there are also families who have not be better united yet in the u.s. . hundreds of iranians angry at the state of the economy have protested in at least five cities iran's official news agency says the demonstrations were illegal and they've been broken up by police iran's currency the reaal i said record lows this week is concern builds about the reimposition of u.s. sanctions which start next tuesday reports. what we're seeing these protests break out in the main cities about five or six different provinces the biggest demonstrations in the city of isfahan and ensure rise now protests in iran have become relatively normal with the economic struggle that the country's been seeing for the past several months so dozens of people protesting in their cities in the towers in the villages is not something that generally makes the news go on what we have seen in the last forty eight hours is dozens of protesters in
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a few pockets around the country turning into hundreds in main cities in multiple provinces and that's really what is interesting here we also saw or have heard unconfirmed reports of small demonstrations yesterday and the day before in the capital but what is interesting is that about an hour outside of the capital in carriage there were a few dozen people to try to set fire to a mosque there were demonstrations there but the police who ordered that attempt to burn down a mosque what we're seeing is the number of protesters are swelling people who came out protesting economic conditions those slogans are now turning into more political chants and government protesters are also coming out not just people protesting the economy and what we're also seeing now is a government effort to try and quell that as soon as possible there is a very large police presence out on the street not just in the capital to han but in several places around the country and that's likely a response to the call by several anti-government media organizations based outside
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the country that have called for another round of protests to take place later today. the bangladeshi government has closed universities and high schools as anger grows at the deaths of two students thousands of young people blocked the streets across the capital dhaka for the fifth day witnesses say the students died after being hit by speeding bus on sunday time the child three has more from dakar on the fifth day of protests by the students all across the country especially in the capital city dhaka intersection like this right i'm standing it's totally shut off there is a great loss all across the city and in other parts of the country as well now we have never seen this unprecedented number of students even their guardians industry supporting them they want some sort of major reform in the road accidents and implementation of road transport laws by the government their demand is also the resignation of the shipping minister mr khan who is really ticked off the students
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there's also a general degree of frustration and mowing the student because that court on movement started by the university student was crushed by the government and the problem is was not met overall there is a general frustration among the public because there is no room space for demonstration or free expression the press is very much cocktail there's not much room for freedom of expression in the country we are facing election down the road probably in december or november so there is a big political climate here and people are frustrated part of that expression is shown in the street and the students don't sense to be moving out of the street anytime soon unless most of their demands are met. at least twelve people have been arrested in argentina in connection with a multi-million dollar corruption scandal the case centers around eight detailed notebooks kept by a driver who once worked for a powerful government minister. has more from want to say is.
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this the investigators believe is only the beginning with politicians and several leading business people arrested in a corruption scandal they say involves millions of dollars and threatens to reach the very top the investigation centers around this man. a former driver for the number two in the planning ministry in the governments of both nestor and christina kitchener the money that they get out and she has been summoned for questioning he died in two thousand and ten argentines still coming to terms with the news it seems everyone is involved here i don't know if the businessmen share the same responsibility f. the politicians maybe the politicians are more to blame but it is overwhelming we are already tired of all this anymore he said we need time to do an evaluation this is still very volatile it's difficult to know what still means. offices have been searched and vehicles seized all as they usually do have denied the charges or
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refused to comment the driver kept detailed accounts of the trips he made over many years delivering sacks of cash to the presidential residence and the private kitchen the home as well as to business leaders allegedly paying to seal big public works contracts. also implicated is the former planning and public investment minister who you are the veto confidant of nestor kitchener and already in custody on other corruption charges some say that this could be as big as the car wash scandal in neighboring brazil that sucked in business leaders and politicians from right across the political spectrum this scandal threatens to undermine the argentine population's faith and institutions which they already have little regard . to syria whether cyrus hot air from africa is bringing the heat wave to europe prompting health warnings forecasters say the all time temperature record in europe could be broken this weekend in spain and portugal the cunt record is forty eight
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degrees celsius it was set in athens in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven hall reports from one total in southern spain. by a bend in the river spain's hottest town. it's only mid-morning in the temperature in montoro is already above thirty celsius . ninety two year old olive farm appeared on moira sure that every year the summer months a getting hotter. if it carries on like this i think the earth could catch fire and the world would come to an end. this corner of spain is on heat wave alert but the local police chief is confident they can handle it no not a lot of there's no alarm here people are smart the old folks have passed down that know how from generation to generation like a secret recipe. this is one of those recipes. traditional
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gas batch of tomato olive oil vinegar and garlic. this is essential it has a lot of vitamins and when it's served fresh it revives your body the pharmacy thermometer marks a high of forty one degrees well shy of last year's spanish record of forty seven point three celsius. down the street the rodriguez sisters sell air conditioning the higher the heat the bigger the fan i mean i mean that we only have an equal in the past there was even a secret language with the fans depending on how woman lived have found she would send a message. next door basket weaver. blames plastic and the younger generations for the demise of old fashioned natural fibers that he uses for everything from window blinds to food hampers. you don't need
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a fridge put your food is somewhere just in here to keep them fresh just closed elite narrow streets white walls and cobbles all designed to keep as cool as possible the spanish formula for staying safe seems quite simple stay off the street stay inside and take a siesta just a little response by the fountain as evening temperatures dip. but the heat wave is set to continue col payne all al-jazeera spain. this is all just zero these are the top stories imus and i want god one has been declared winner of the zimbabwe's presidential election with just over fifty percent of the vote it's the first time since independence that robert mugabe has not been on the ballot in terms of section one hundred ten subsection three
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subsection f. sub subsection to do here by declare that the votes received by him and that what emerson now moves all over the party more than half the number of votes cast in the presidential election there for. all of the party is therefore julie declared elected president of the republic of zimbabwe with effect from the third of august twenty eighth. the saudi led coalition in yemen has denied carrying out an airstrike on hard data that killed at least twenty six people who three rebels say fifty five people died meanwhile the un special envoy for yemen is convening a new round of talks in the latest bid to end the three year old civil war. mali's presidential election will go to a runoff after no candidate secured a fifty percent of the vote the election commission announced provisional results
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with president evo kaito winning forty one percent his rival somalia sisi came second with seventeen percent millions of people cast their ballots and sunday but the vote was marred by violence in thousands of polling stations and some election convoys were targeted by gunmen the. health ministry of democratic republic of congo says it's identified the strain of a ball in the country's latest outbreak medics say it's the zaire strain which has been successfully treated by a vaccine in the past and international teams in the town of beni in north kivu where the outbreak was detected on wednesday twenty people are confirmed to have died from the disease and four others are ill tech giant apple has become the first company to hit a valuation of one trillion dollars on the u.s. stock markets that's a million a million dollars or one followed by twelve zeroes the mark was reached when apple's share price tipped over two hundred and seven dollars those are the headlines next on al-jazeera it's inside story by phone.
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uncertainty and zimbabwe there have been protests and violence after a tightly contested presidential election the military is on the streets and a tense situation the about to get worse so what chance is there for a peaceful resolution to this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm richelle carey it was an election that marked
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a milestone and zimbabwe's history the first in which longtime leader robert mugabe did not take part but days after that vote there have been protests and a violent crackdown rulings they know p.f. won the majority of seats in parliament but the opposition says the vote was unfair or transparent and the u.n. e.u. and the commonwealth have all urged calm responding to the violence president emerson agogo offered thoughts and prayers for the families affected and use twitter to call for an end dependent investigation into wednesday's post election violence which killed at least three people he says he's been talking to his opposition rival nelson chamisa to defuse the situation but zimbabwe's home minister says the government will keep the military on the streets for the time being. under the command of the police. forces. remain deployed. across the country to maintain law and order the government of zimbabwe. loses food responsibility. for the. destruction
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of property. is the commonwealth election observers are asking zimbabwe's looked royal commission to release the full results they also denounce what they call an excessive use of force by security forces. we cut to gary could be known as the excessive use of force against civilians and wish to engage all parties to exercise restraint zimbabwe electoral commission to exploit votes the announcements of. results. that the least creates opportunities for speculation about possible manipulation of the results before we bring in our guests let's take a look at the timeline of how we got here last november following mass protests and military intervention president robert mugabe stepped down after thirty seven years in power the same month it was replaced by emerson minh agogo who had previously
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served as vice president and in god promised to bring change she called general elections and and biden international observers to monitor them twenty three candidates were on the presidential ballot but the main contenders are men agogo and the opposition m.d.c. nelson chamisa. let's bring in our guests now and harare a bow mendonsa he's a director of the trust joining us from london joseph a journalist and former columnist at the new african magazine also in the zimbabwe capital ernest when saying the harare media center welcome to all of you appreciate your time very much if i want to start with you the election commission as we said has already announced some of the results they announced one hundred forty seats for zeno p.f. in parliament and fifty eight for the m.d.c. alliance yet both sides are claiming victory what are they basing that on.
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because of the continued just the nature of the backdrop to the election. we wanted to go back to the coup in the field in the november. twenty seven two if you remember one of the reason is the military gaev. for. undertaking the coup was that was the fear that zanu p.f. would lose elections in twenty eighty with a bit of insight it's clear that to the extent that the party was on a pier became very militarized in the form first and foremost of the appointment of former general to gauge as the political. and the subsequent process in which some one hundred twenty sitting m.p.'s lost their primaries it was clear that the new people is putting in place and move through type structure across the
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country and this explains in many respects the kind of result which a merging almost against the grain in the rural areas the biggest and most significant machinery that constitutes the riggin missionary in zanu p.f. has always been into mediation and clearly the appropriation will have been intimidated sufficiently to bring about a result which is quite different from what it when expected ok let me bring us against a situation which you know go ahead i'm sorry which it appeared that that the that the opposition was now able to infiltrate or operate in the in the in areas in which they had not been able to do so in the previous elections. there's a lot of first submission order to make ok joseph i want to ask the same question to you both sides are are claiming victory and of course if we haven't actually
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gotten to the official results for the president yet but both sides are claiming victory what are they basing that on. i think it's interesting because i'm hearing from our the colleague in harare the parliamentary election results shows a clear victory falls on a p.f. in parliamentary terms i think my concern really something which is consistent with what the commonwealth observers of say and that is that probably the that is sufficient reason to ask why the continued late for the release of the presidential elections but then if we have basically using common sense to indicate that and to confirm that is one of the if substantially one the majority of for the parliamentary seats it is very likely that the results of the presidential elections would show victor except it has been accepted that i think the presidential elections would be slightly might move closer but quickly i think michael's on those these that after really the day of fourteen. no one party really necessarily raises the kind of course san's which are being raised at the moment
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campaigns are generally by live free and fair political parties jaws candidates of their choices and went around campaigning i'm just wondering whether or not it's done a p.f. did not necessarily get the opposition off shoot and then they call organised themselves quite a need to do when they called elections focused where their voices are really which is mainly risen by probably the m.d.c. a played on the numbers that they go to and indeed they got many many many people trying out of their own is but forgetting that actually literally numbers it's not necessarily the outcome of an election when it comes to the real ballot but what ballot papers and ballot boxes and they are is a lot to get issues and we're going to circle back to those first i want to pose the same question though to ernest and earn a second tell you're having a bit of a technical issue hearing so i hope you can you can hear the question but the question is both sides are are claiming victory what are they basing that on do they have any legitimate basis to make those claims. yeah he never committed to the
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collection i think he the m.d.c. alliance is saying a day of one in the airport without court and i think they are coins end mainly about would be represented on election day here that the there could be ten body that could be taking place with respect to there is out of the presidential election which she. come to know so any time the sun is a say in years one is actually saying years won the popular vote that's what the say the the there's been given the evidence in form of maybe. images or for the eleven forms i did they are saying that from what the elected from the people on the ground they have won the popular vote that's what they are saying and the they are always saw alleging that the.
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you looking at the situation in the country this was for them to we. if not for. for an environment that doesn't want to meet free and fair elections and that that's the that's basically i think what is coming from them ok and. all along the rule was that. the pres their results of the president would be announced with within five days and obviously the commission has already come out and announce the parliamentary seats but they haven't announced to who won the big when is a fact that there is that five day wait that five day period concern you or does it just mean it gives them more time to accurately counted votes you know it betrays it betrays the whole chicken or it only looks the process. but normally
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when the results are announced. they're announced all three bella's the presidential current constituency their parliamentary and consolations significantly this time around there's been no mention of the presidential at all so it is it is justifiably. a lot of suspicion and the speech and that the figures are being cooked especially given that on the first day of the election we know from reliable sources that the results were known already that night and that should be so as well it will hit. until the next morning that announcement or there was a kind of a so go slow on the announcement of election results all together. and for the sick to claim that the reason for the delay has to do with the this is
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a consultations with the president because these are absolute nonsense in my view we know the procedure we've known elections since independence whenever there's a delay such as we have had and in the world which we had in two thousand and eight it shows that there is something going on in the background so if so just a minute i want to bring an end to this and to me claire says that his sources told him that else and she said within the lead that that's based on his what he spent all we don't have any reporting to that but just are you concerned that these results the release of the results is being staggered. i am concerned that the release of the results may or may be used and are being used as a basis for making their legations slightly much more slowly but i also must say that i think nelson chamisa say that i think on the polling day not only that he won the elections but that he was only prepared to accept the results that favor him i think that was slightly worrying of the time but beyond that to be between
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then and today there hasn't really been a marked evidence except this particular issue of speculation as presented now but as a save much earlier if there is also of the parliamentary elections are to go by i think there's evidence of some fish and reason to believe that actually ran like it would be very difficult to suggest that necessarily one of the of could have won up to seventy percent in parliamentary terms and then go ahead and lose the presidents which is still possible into it but one thing though is this we forget that the climate being suggested zanu p.f. yes was actually on the damn thing up to november last year and that we're actually hardy huge amount of goodwill across the country being seen as the guy who got rid of mugabe and created a new space and they've been bombed like generally very very consolatory to the extent that actually they're presenting about now that they're willing to be able to talk to the position so i think it's very possible that maybe even people who might might have voted. m.d.c.
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probably eight or so months ago to simply simply say that look actually let's go with this man with the star cheer him on with who is it likely to guarantee our security and stability whether or not we necessarily support it is a different thing but other moment i think unfortunately we're talking slightly much more speculation i think they want to slug much more into the position to present their evidence so look so i want to go back to that so yes you said that nelson chamisa had gone into the saying that he won't accept anything other than winning does that is that undermine institutions and undermine trust and insta. to sions i think part of the problem is that. we're only and this election is going to be very critical after the election after november last year we had robert mugabe mugabe who was very poor allies if you go on the one side. and on the leg the late morgan trying right now both guys are north there but at the same time when mugabe was solidly bought by zanu p.f.
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under this this state institutions trying gray was seen to be bucked and propped by external forces particularly the european union and the waste now where we are at the moment zimbabwe is a basically just trying to find a way of coming in between so really this peaceful. course of action i should of course illusion if you like is this electoral process and that's why it's extremely important that whatever happens over the next two days that we have results which hopefully is accepted book by both sides what's interesting though is on a p.f. issued a press statement to give a press conference might a short while ago in which they were not really calling for calm but actually showing and extending a hand of friendship to the opposition i think extremely one of the chamisa and women and i don't really talk but actually their conversation has led to my one probably over the next critical perhaps twenty four hours talking a lot about transparency so earnest let me ask you this when robert mugabe stepped
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down after relatively no violence just a lot of public pressure a lot of protests were you encouraged about what could happen in the next election . yeah although as the the formal for president mugabe to some people i wish i didn't i'm all batty when i look dated this guy look. at the the situation is a situation of continuing to do as basically design of the of system that was to convene us all to meet he did indian a spy or more so when one considers that he the military was there to descend over elections that have been disputed before you look at in two thousand and eight they merely dad why did they send the the at one point doug really nice didn't they actually declared that they would not accept a lead on the salute anyone with doubting the liberation or going to danielle so they waited to send out indie when they took over from mugabe i don't see it was
9:37 am
does she need to continue with the at a very old desisted and d. to me to did and in the style of if anything to me it was a very dangerous president away zimbabweans now we have the yeasty over cool we didn't damage. so not much your hope wendy well well well when i look at the time i think i always have to go back to the issue of who that is out we are what he doesn't as you put idly pointed out today why not do you announce today that there is always going to cut into why why not why it took us big to this in audio of two thousand and eight when the i was with late whenever those are delayed the feeling is that the there is a cooking that is taking place either maybe to create it i don't see not you all moved to run away from iran or you know you or whatever there's no such bishan in the room all of it and this is being caused by the fact that the we are taking long
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we have there is out why not you yet again is ours then the people who see what is on the ground let me bring back into this conversation then it goes on leading up to this what do you see as maybe what was lacking in election laws in the election process leading up to this to could have prevented some of this i think this three things were first of all i think the previous speaker not not the note and it's. someone was speculating wildly speculating that you could have a situation there but there could be a correlation between what was perceived as the. parliamentary results and the possibility differ that no go would be the winner let me remind you that includes southern aid done appear for two thirds majority in parliament but mugabe lost two to tango it is traditional way the new m.p.'s won comfortably but when god as a presidential candidate lost in many constituencies sometimes that's five to one
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so that's a first the element on i want to point out and indications by those doing bring apparel counting indicates clearly that mr is way ahead the second thing i want to make the point or to make is that i think we have been naive to expect that. there would be a free fair and credible election under military giunta. one of the reasons for the cooling november was the fear that son of p.f. would lose the election twenty eight dollars it was naive to expect that the military would allow. a free fair and free fair and credible election let alone. allow the opposition to win so let me bring the third is that of course it appears to me that we have a situation in which if it is true that the new p.f.s. rigged election that they have rigged themselves into a hole. because you have this amazing and incredible result in which they're having
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more than two thirds majority completely incredible in the face of the reality that we have been watching our selves at home since november last year and in which clearly in my view they were they should have been a correlation between the massive turnout for cross the country in some eighty rallies. on the one hand and the possible outcome in which they should have been a landslide for for the opposition in general and for some reason particular so i mean the contrast between the turnout for four. and that for sure mr. was incredible. evil on the hand and the element and therefore it points it points to the points very clearly to my view manipulated election ok i think the delay makes it a little difficult i didn't want to cut you off but i did want to bring joseph into this and again these are laser these are accusations and allegations from about
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whether this was wrigley don't know that yeah we need to make that clear but joseph i do want to bring up the point that he said that he felt that he feels that it was naive to think that after everything that elections had been in zimbabwe that something would be different this time do do you agree that an action that is a fair point including on there was a vision i made by charlie about seal i come back to it it's not necessarily new that. political party i mean it's not necessarily new that part of the argument we're having is real about the president rather than parliamentary elections and i think want to as a somebody who's followed him but we unfollowed off going to lections very closely or we would be doing is that what is basically the evidence that parliamentary elections have been rigged number one number two nobody really complained with a coup if you like of november last year interest welcomed it including the opposition so same comment upon them to basically present it but for the moment
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really i think we shouldn't forget but maybe mr mugabe who was very central to these. who decided to and also mr chinese whether or not they did it in caution in in concert or not is a different issue maybe it couldn't have been a factor because the robert mugabe the man decided to box and he said this time if he did so how do we know about maybe it that did not necessarily impact on the outcome of this and this entire process now in terms of what happened of him last year i'm not necessarily sure whether it was simply because you could say that zanu p.f. is stage managed this process not the fact that mugabe is as as only. quite clearly shows that well this was much more bach and then a matter of his internals on a p.f. i dispute nothing to do with the election but at the same time yes a number of people both inside and also the position of the of who generally believe that actually they needed to go beyond got on they needed to be able to have if raised above and if i may say so even the majority of the if you like white
9:43 am
population that we're party to this process bomb like wellcome the process then i'm leaving for this election we're coming in. ok arnest we're going to actually have the last word on this there has been. criticism from the e.u. . saying from the election observers saying that actually take them back there's been a lot of good things they said that this is a very good process so far but there's still some serious concerns that remain do you think that those types of outside criticisms all make any kind of difference. yeah our old us yes the e.u. is the c.b.s. convent in fact if you look at today he will report and conveyed to egypt that is the african union and to the south into the african development community the point you'll find out that today are similarities in terms of content being as they are
9:44 am
content being a is about t what t v it is said to as the soft intimidation and the soft intimidation actually stems from history we have the ad d. a skill all through violent elections and design of the of in a way would be yes as this did from c. that's what he is being alleged and he there will be just a david there prisons close to the polling station who do remind you of what happened in two thousand and eight that's one of the issues raised by the grammy you also have the issue of the media that they broadcast out their national broadcast as above really doesn't go back and was given a badge dogs m.t.f. and this was noted by both e.u. and today a your observations is a also by india i did. together with ira i saw that concerns you raised by these guys in ekiti very difficult for anyone to conceive of it's the end of
9:45 am
election in this country you have a little of intimidation then you talk about of it's a fee if you talk about in the media you have to move buys you know when you don't have media yet you have read deal then you use the best the media to reach out if they go to the right of you lately and the zandi of was holding one tonight and then you know you need us but of and then you don't want intimidation the point of being reminded of the past to say if you want it this way what happened in the past is going to revisit you so what kind of fear made it very difficult to get a free and fair elections in this country ok and i said that will be the that will be the. my apologies that will be that will be the final word and we'll have to follow this for the next few days to see what else happens and i'm sure we'll call on you again gentlemen thank you all for joining me we appreciate it. joseph and ernest would say and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time if you go to our website al-jazeera dot com for the discussion go to our facebook
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young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. on al-jazeera. roberson doha the top stories on al-jazeera emerson has been declared the winner of zimbabwe's presidential election with just over fifty percent of the vote it's the first time since independence of robert mugabe has not been on the ballot in terms of section one hundred ten subsection three sets up sixteen if subsection to do here by declare that the votes received by a man that got him
9:49 am
a sin now moves all over the party more than half the number of votes cast in the presidential election therefore. all of the party is therefore julie declared elected president of the republic of zimbabwe with effect from the third of august twenty eighth. the opposition says it will challenge the election results in court how tarsa has more from her already. zani of supporters are happy about the result the opposition supporters are disappointed people are now watching and the way to the opposition the most analysts say the most logical thing to do is to approach the courts they say that they have evidence. to see and know what this evidence is and will be enough to overturn this result the other option is going on to the streets but how many zimbabweans are brave enough or have the appetite to go up against the soldiers who are here. throughout the day.
9:50 am
on the street they've been out of. in the city most people stayed away most businesses have been closed people wait to see how the opposition. when you speak to. most people will tell you it's ultimately a. country. they want jobs created they want. nearly two decades reopened. has a huge challenge ahead of him he knows people in urban areas especially didn't vote for him they want the opposition he has a divided country so he can move on what. could reassure them is if they. appear together in public. maybe that.
9:51 am
this country is moving towards peace. and the millions of youth that are unemployed who are the majority of voters who turned up to vote because finally. mali's presidential election will go to a. candidate secured fifty percent of the vote election commission announced provincial results with president. winning forty one percent. with seventeen percent millions of people. but the vote was marred by violence and polling stations and some election convoys were targeted. the saudi led coalition in yemen has denied carrying out an airstrike in hyundai that killed at least twenty six people who think rebels say fifty five people died meanwhile the un special envoy for yemen is convening a new round of talks in the latest bid to end the three year old civil war. the
9:52 am
health ministry of democratic republic of congo says it's identified the strain of a ball in the country's latest outbreak medics say it's the czar years strain which has been successfully treated by a vaccine in the past and international team is in the town of beni in northern kebo with a outbreak was detected on white and state twenty people are confirmed to have died from the disease and four others are ill take giant apple has become the first company to hit a valuation of one trillion dollars in the u.s. stock markets that's a million million dollars all one followed by twelve zeroes the market has reached one apple's share price tipped over two hundred seven dollars hot air from africa is bringing a heat wave to europe prompting health warnings about soeharto desert dust and high temperatures forecasters say the all time temperature record in europe could be broken this weekend in spain and portugal those are the headlines the news continues here in al-jazeera after what this an innocent warrior bothaina.
9:53 am
welcome to the ship. to the city it's not
9:54 am
a clam is the claim this to me. everybody will be listening watching. but and then take it from me and then lead to another as he said i take on to where an attack on a body. so if we win it going down this hope for us. if i lose a child my get locked up on not racial violence even gay lucky up i'm still a free mate free sots though i'll continue to be there. so suzanne of the queen starts all stand. just me. so you have this place tell me why did the. camera. and immolate felicity bailey before the court welcome to the show. this get into it you would charge that between one november two thousand and six and fifteen october two thousand and seven had or planned just
9:55 am
a page in an organized criminal group the serious violent offenses that the crowd alleges to be the objectives of the group of one or more of the following one murder our son my very fire optional eleven kidnapping family why e.g. how do you plead guilty or not guilty over oh but you were not guilty. what i thought. we were awoken here to think or to slip to an elder boys just sign with a reason to with. please come out with your hands up in the ear and just keep on repeating itself and i just realized this just for us and yes you know your soul. on the way to. i mean you're so we're not.
9:56 am
mean made me remember him to me they keep yelling put your hands i mean he was a he was. in show. so i don't want him to show you them or anything. outside of the couple. a million i think that mike. kind of lost a bit but it's like tiny and had a cry and held my daughter close to me and all i was saying to me was you got to see parade mommy saying to me mom let me go to guy and i probably feared that if i were if we didn't do what they told us who knows what the consequence would be and didn't want to be me by myself but when i. say we skies took you down the right down to the shaving because you keep crying for me to come back for being might not
9:57 am
separate us and. so just yes ended up sitting on the ground so i couldn't stop crying and then that guy. here i always knew. i mean when you finished you just wanted to know we were going to both. because they were going to put the dogs out of you. and it was you know on us and me and. everyone for tell me. when they go do.


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