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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 214  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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ground forces warring with east coast madi arrived and why carry more attacking to point people defending their lens or to take a pounding. at least twenty five of your people were killed and executed and no one was punished for the crime. in eighteen sixty six the crown used scorched earth tactics destroying. and taking your food stores to make life there simply impossible. there was summary execution of prisoners and the killing of noncombatants. at least twelve percent of the population died as a direct or indirect result of the crumbs come back.
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to the way of to oil. to the to. the descendants the hop of the funnel the crown makes the following long overdue apology. the crown unreservedly apologizes for not having on its obligations to to boy under tito de t o y tongue. and profoundly were a great sets failure to appropriately acknowledge and respect to man them or to hockey or to boy for many generations. the crown apologizes for its unjust and excess of behavior. and the burden carried by generations of to. suffer greatly and to carry the pain of.
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the crown as deeply sorry for its failure to make amends for the way it has treated . despite the honorable conduct of your leaders. in the view of space and time. and we still use this in. the days before. is is. the to which means. so the past is always in front of you because it has happened you are a witness to it you are a participant over it. yet the future. is is yet to come the past is always something that is in mind in.
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and. not. talking. my. so you come here. playing around. are going to be with you. it's. had to be made all good all go along.
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with thought it went to to not. do good. at all only he is a. good
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oh good clothes good to see the old bowling ball oh i'm. going to. o.e. the fun on that. may. go for good quote it won't. go. further. than you thought on that. line and they have. to take their. own. road. yeah i did. i think they're finally the key and they are.
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so it is i got no i can't see you know seeing the poem here. oh i hear it. today means a lot to our foreigner to have you here the last seven years have been challenging but we're looking at today as a way of communicating which is the most important part to express to you the feelings and the memory that we've had you know for this last for the last seven years and then also to listen to your response to those feelings. more data here about the our my what is the story that is the question i say sorry
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about six times a day to my wife and i still leave my socks line about. in my monoidal to my not as easy just to say sorry to my heart you know not how do you actually do that so that the people can leave and move forward. you came down to the house in a spy on the ng and you listen to the conversations their private will be in you put them out there of the whole world to look at and judge and judge is tearing us . see these people we love him you quote so much future that all of us my father my mother or there are five hundred million and we started strong but you've really challenged us over the years. you know seven years it's been a long. and
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we don't know mr bush with the euro. affect me. too but you know the day if i think about emotion it it's. you know i had him repeat think dear the anxiety of you know one dreamy tummy was. the fear that we were going to get shot. when you're confronted by a whole you strangers in uniform with guns. pointed. but also child. and i don't know really you have children. for a child to be separated from his mother in that state. the humiliation . of being like me seeded our night we're. the humiliation. of what she knew was her being. handled in
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a way in public. also to find out that we have been spied upon you know for me the shame and the humiliation and knowing. that possibly some of mine in tommy's most intimate moments had been listened to had been watched had been maybe even laughter belt. on that note i wonder what is going to be done with all the information. and the night before the part of the apology would be be you to destroy it because i don't want myself why can't tommy's codes to be eva and you'll go as far as any more we are all innocent. i have a high profile place in the body nice you don't need to come within inches and you could have come in just under two. dead eighteen and you said you could have just
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come and knock on my door tommy we blah blah blah you see to beguile could i take him to the state in our little tin of ethically for your sheep but because there's some of this out there we go you will be. taught how to find. him up. and offer. i'm here to make a sincere apology for the way we have truly. been going about what we did and i don't expect you to say oh thanks oh move on now that's not how it works and this is very much where some stand i met process i just want to repeat that undertaking to you is
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a sincere apology or just for many people i read. so far given. the respect you showed us. well you brought a sword you. shall. we should be techno is. sort of. going to give it up dark for. the earth. on.
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and on and on and on and. i'm really really on it. played a part to not in been present to see this happen this is much good seventies is much bigger than one hundred in seventy years to wait for the six because we could see a so much work to do in the future to catch up in creating what they've always for him to balance to be too quick nation and how. it was will be a policeman. they always will be a time need to deal with just be a to what. we call a trial and bring all the dead to give them when we all quit we're day fifteen we are at the. end because we got a big future hit
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a bus. as heal abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. for the so-called comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the trauma lives on. witness follows the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering resolve for an official apology for this appalling chapter in history. the apology on al-jazeera.
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welcome back time to look at weather conditions across the americas we still have heavy rain hail along the eastern seaboard showers extending all way down through to the florida panhandle behind our systems the warm air we've got thirty six there in dallas and across the west we also at the risk of some showers there across parts of colorado and then to the desert southwest cooler conditions for washington state their highs of twenty in seattle and then heading on through into suffer a recovery in temperatures there generally should be a woman in los angeles highs of twenty nine into central america we have some heavy showers through panama costa rica nikki ryker further north are scattered showers around i'm a sicko wanted to these are quite heavy particular on the pacific side as for the islands of the caribbean are generally fine picture terms is in the low thirty's the bulk of the chariot to pretty across western parts of cuba and through into the bahamas into south america heavy showers there for colombia and across that region
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generally coming further towards the south the middle showers extending through parts of peru and into bolivia powers could see the odd downpour and we still got some heavy rain affecting southern parts of brazil through into paraguayans so expect to see some rain in asuncion telling to clear as we head through saturday certainly looking woman and when is aries here expected to reach fifteen. the first batch of u.s. sanctions against iran go into effect on august sixth. as iranians brace for the impact will be into iraq. covering the story from their perspective looking at what sanctions mean for iran's economy and its people a special coverage on al-jazeera. the middle east's most religiously diverse country you still have the guy who just communities you don't have one vision for the future you have ninety nine divided along sectarian lines the confessional
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system in lebanon has destroyed the only real more and heavily influenced by regional allegiances and i would have one prevailing over the other you have civil war so it's always this balance that's a he kept following its first parliamentary elections and nine years people in power investigates the state of lebanon on al-jazeera. i'm. not you know. some i mean i like. this is al jazeera. hello i'm old matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes official results show emerson has won zimbabwe's presidential
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election but opposition parties cry foul. in full. control of the party it's been four. days didn't the republic of zimbabwe we think for the third of august twenty eight. saudi air strikes killed dozens in the yemeni city of holiday to the u.n. and iran says it's inviting the warring sides for talks in geneva. angry protests in iranian cities at the state of the economy ahead of reimposed the u.s. sanctions. and the trillion dollar apple the technology from one from possible beginnings to become the world's most valuable company. emerson my god what has been declared the winner of zimbabwe's presidential
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election but the opposition m.d.c. alliance says it rejects the result and it will challenge it in the courts the day since monday's ballot to be marred by protests and violence that have left at least six people dead men in god what became president after the removal of robert mugabe he's the leader of the ruling zanu p.f. party and he won six out of the ten electoral province. he's taking just over fifty percent of the vote that's enough to win the presidency without the need for a runoff ballot his rival nelson chamisa is president of the movement for democratic change alliance he won forty four percent when god was won the popular vote in zimbabwe's rural areas but shimizu has been more popular in the cities and the urban areas of reports from harare. after days of tension the winner of zimbabwe's presidential election is finally declared there for him a. party is there for julie declared elected president of the
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republic of zimbabwe with effect from the third of august twenty eighth to. opposition supporters are not happy some try to announce their own results saying they have evidence the election was rigged. election officials deny the allegations of fraud so to do supporters of the ruling party it's unfortunate that raising these claims because there are procedures that . that if you claim that you have been rigged you can oppose the courts the streets of our area car by tens after violence on wednesday when soldiers dispersed opposition supporters who say the vote was stolen some shops and businesses will close of the day as people waited to see what would happen next the police have
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taken away opposition supporters who had been staying at the party's headquarters they say they want to question each person to see if they have committed any crimes if i was a police. it was absolutely there was nothing. if it is the day vision people should be focusing on the release of the results now rather than on this minor issue which is the one which the army and police are still patrolling the streets of harare and guiding important it's you since western diplomats election observers and human rights workers say the military used a necessary force to disperse protesters who had been accusing election officials of voting the police had cordoned off the area outside the opposition party headquarters in harare for a while people weren't allowed to go inside or outside the building that's changed now the doors have been opened but opposition supporters say should not happened in the first place. international observers say if political leaders happy with the
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result they should take their grievances to the courts and not resort to violence. but in goa has tweeted and held a new beginning for zimbabwe he said thank you zimbabwe i am humbled to be elected president of the second republic of zimbabwe he added though we may have been divided the polls we are united in our dreams this is a new beginning let us join hands in peace unity and love and together build a new zimbabwe for all the lawyers in the c.p.i. is a lawyer and a researcher at the africa public policy research institute he is joining us now on skype from london thank you very much indeed for giving us your time sir is this a new beginning for zimbabwe or is it just going to be more of the same from the zanu p.f. . actually was formerly mall of. the consolidation of what started last year in november when. the power transfer when.
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some among the arab world was. put as the president or the interim president to finish. following his resignation which was made worse by the army and the people of zimbabwe so it is a new beginning for zimbabwe's century because what it does it consolidate yes and consolidate what you started last year he hit the ground running from november last year he indeed just new freedoms is. taken by when you don't tell me which has been very popular which is actually coming out of g.m. being voted present those and by what today so essentially is a new beginning for zimbabwe and it's we we are you late in given what you've just said nevertheless the vote itself was fairly close he only got fifty point eight percent which i think just tipped him over the edge to avoid a runoff and nelson chamisa got forty four percent now what can president and our
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do in order to try to assure people that he is going to address the problems of all zimbabweans and not just the people who supported the zanu p.f. . president i want to go over this. backdrop of problems that editor from mugabe you know the economy problems the legal issues with regards to international norms relationships with countries that will actually put sanctions on us so none of them which in november last year to today has been timed to make those relations normal so for him to get a fifty point eight percent it actually suggests that he's been hard at work because the sun appears or zimbabwe at sensually had gone down the wrong way and the wrong way we everybody expected. a lot of expected that opposition would this win is if people the opposition but surprisingly what he managed to do in six
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months actually got him the vote which is amazing given another five years then i will be looking at you know a top of difference in bob with the breadbasket of them or without it gone it's simply going to come back. through forgive me for interrupting you but i want to i want to bring up the point that we have seen some very violent scenes in the run up to to this election and during polling as well particularly the crackdown by the military and the police services how is that violence going to impact on the efforts to try to reintegrate zimbabwe into the the the global society if you like i know it's had its have its to try to reintroduce itself to the to the commonwealth for example and how is this going to go down in washington this is not been painting a very good picture of zimbabwe has it yet let us be clear with this violence came from because remember the opposition. to look to what it is it happened in two thousand and eight when in two thousand and thirteen they proceed to announce
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election results before the institution of zack does that if you notice the tweets that the opposition leader sent out before the elections were even finished started to set the tone to what transpired yesterday so the actual violence and the death of those three people yesterday essentially came to groups on the doorstep of the opposition we have an opposition political party that is in my queue and it's of course the politics it plays victim every time we go for the elections and the responsibility of what transpired has that they should be looked at in the context of the police coming to come in to restore order failing to restore order because the use that we were dealing with had been drugged up most of the day that being given our call small q what it was small ok i want to stop you there because at the moment we don't yet have any evidence that that is the case which is not to say that it's not true but we don't have any evidence to uphold what you are saying i
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want to ask you nevertheless about the crackdown that the military carried out on the protesters because the order for example to use live ammunition on crowds came from some way or do you think it came from somewhere around the president or do you think it came from within the military itself and if so just let me add one final thing if it came from the military is there a suggestion that the military is acting separately from the president. hour in certain terms that the president had nothing to do or the vice president nothing to do with the live ammunition shouldn't that took place yesterday what probably happens is that the contradictions that have been taken place since emerson and that what took you can remember the boss the one being that time did us a nation that happened in the way of what a month ago these are some of the contradictions because remember emerson takes over a government that is still full of them got his supporters so
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a lot of things that are happening within the government that is contradicting some of his efforts and that's happening in the police that's happening in the army so my understanding off it is that that those contradictions i can manifest yesterday wolf if you look at the footage of some of the footage that we saw yesterday is one army person or trying to stop the guy from shooting live ammunition because not live ammunition was meant to be short in the it to literally scale those units do you know to submission the intention was not to kill probably two out of arrest and detain but those contradictions showed up am i someone is not. new to these attempts to destabilize i mean it's not something that is that is started happening yesterday we have people like jonathan morris the sitting in exile what they've been doing trying to make sure that first essentially the actually the elections don't happen let me let me say forgive me for interrupting you i want to
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bring it back to the actual election itself and the fact that nelson chamisa did manage to get forty percent forty four percent of the vote and other independents did manage to garner votes as well i'm interested in your opinion about how the president can move forward and in one respect perhaps at least on the surface distance himself from the military after what has happened in the run up to the elections and the violence that has has gone on a run. that and how much of a hindrance that will be as he attempts to move forward and try to persuade a significant proportion of zimbabwe's population that he is the right man for the job and who don't believe that he should be in that office well if you noticed this morning he sent out a tweets that pretty much. told the world the statesman that he is first and foremost he said look he regrets the lives that are lost so those three people
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didn't need to die and secondly they'll be a full investigation of what transpired how did.


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