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next week some of the voters have been here all afternoon cheering him on the ground based on the commissioner's goal of a vow to move forward deny his candidacy. it took him hours to clear up with a commission and now he has to wait for a few more weeks to know for sure if he'll be on the ballot paper in december katherine sawyer al jazeera kinshasa. nicaragua is present daniel ortega is taking unprecedented action to crush a nationwide uprising against him a new antiterrorism law targets students and demonstrators who take part in street protests latin america it is a lucy in human household from the capital. until a few weeks ago twenty year old lester was a familiar face on the streets of managua at massive antigovernment protests. as a student leader he took part in a short lived national dialogue with president daniel ortega mediated by the
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catholic church where today he's almost a fugitive implicated under a new anti-terrorism law and he says afraid for his life. i peer is under investigation for financing the supposed to takeover of the city of messiah which the lie to pose a system of injustice kidnapping killings and paramilitary groups on the streets does not make you a terrorist. please stand behind of the law and his wife are among the scores of activists arrested and charged under the new law. the un high commission for human rights calls this a mechanism to criminalize opposition to the government the antiterrorism law contemplates up to twenty years in prison and or confiscation of property for those found guilty the terms are vague and broad even those who have given food medicine or water to protest hers or who encourage street protests calling for
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a nation could be implicated. that includes her take his former comrade in arms. today a fierce opponent who preferred to speak to us via skype because she says she's received countless death threats apparently and. that's the reality we're living kidnapping assassinations persecution. ortega's a former deputy foreign minister who's also being linked to terrorism says it won't work as long as. we're. in this county. the lack of guarantees of due process is more worrisome than the law itself nicaraguan constitutional expert. the courts don't act in accordance with legal constitutional principles that govern a state of law but rather in accordance with the political interests of those who decide what happens in the karada that's daniel ortega and his wife and they don't
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hide it i mean you can see the outcome. but ortega is unapologetic accuses the u.n. of being an accomplice to terrorists the criticizing a law that could soon see nicaragua's prisons overflow you see in human al-jazeera . well still ahead on al-jazeera a former president facing the prospect of jail as a corruption scandal deepens in argentina. and why activists say donald trump's plans to roll back fuel efficiency standards will hurt consumers and the environment to stay with us. you know this already but it's still hot in the korean peninsula in new japan this but she no cloud in the sky little circulation is just gone through shanghai was
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the remains of junglee which did bring some rain to shanghai but thankfully not a huge amount now as i say the sun is at the temperatures in the forecast of thirty four and thirty six those soccer same sort of level strategery influence which means any one place you could out a couple degrees to that and get close to record once more so the heat wave effectively continues but there is rain coming through her car there and touching norden. time to get to sunday if you're lucky mark coming to north korea as well otherwise no real change there for the south in china the biggest rain fourth in reported in it do but you can see this green one of the prized maybe the south coast hong kong included is now the more reliably drier area i wouldn't think it was that reliable still plenty humidity in cloud but the showers are less frequent and then it shari's throughout the philippines southeast asia particularly thailand and i think me and quite possibly which he means going to be focusing in on the
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frequent showers science of that with the exception of the middle of sumatra the picture is probably a dry one and for many sunday that's mostly indonesia. a survivor of the genocide really there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but it didn't have the power to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. you know in the here is the old. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just trying to think about i could bury him. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to out of their arms the whole robin a reminder our top stories the united nations is calling for a cease fire in northern yemen and fears of a deadly cholera outbreak now this after an airstrike in data that killed at least twenty six people the. listeners denied carrying it out the strike hit a fishing pole water the fish market near the main hospital who the rebels say fifty five people died the world health organization is also warning that yemen may be on the brink of a new wave of cholera because of widespread malnutrition also zimbabwe's opposition leader has rejected what he calls unverified fake results of the presidential election else and should be condemned to the electoral electoral commission after the rulings are new p.s. and some other emerged as the winner calling for peace and unity. another potential
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candidate for the democratic republic of congo's presidential election in december is confronting problems as well exiled opposition leader. has been blocked from entering the country at the same be a border that comes a day after former rebel leaders submitted his bid to join the rights. turkey and the united states have agreed to resolve issues that are causing tension between the two countries foreign minister. and secretary of state mike pompei are met on the sidelines of the asean summit in singapore on wednesday the u.s. imposed sanctions on two turkish government ministers in a protest at the detention of a us pastor accused of terrorism and turkey says the sanctions are unacceptable. yup that we have said from the start that the other side's threatening language and sanctions will not get any result we repeated this today. might pump a a we
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discussed how to solve issues how to take steps together it was an extremely constructive meeting there may be tensions and differences of opinion between countries but turkey always wishes to solve problems through the polar sea and dialogue mutual understanding and agreements more than one hundred thirty thousand people have been ordered to shelters around shanghai typhoon and dari nears china has raised its typhoon alert level at least one hundred fifty flights have already been cancelled and outdoor activities suspended in july john dari calls power outages to thousands of homes in japan. and forecasters say the temperature record for europe could be broken this weekend in spain and portugal the current record of forty eight degrees celsius was set in the greek capital athens forty one years ago karl penhall reports from one torah in southern spain on how it's coping. by a bend in the river spain's hottest town.
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it's only mid-morning in the temperature in montoro is already above thirty celsius . ninety two year old olive farmer paid or more assured that every year the summer months a getting hotter or a hard war if it carries on like this i think the earth could catch fire and the world would come to an end. this corner of spain is on heat wave alert but the local police chief is confident they can handle it no not a lot of there's no alarm here people are smart the old folk have passed down that know how from generation to generation like a secret recipe. this is one of those recipes. traditional despatcher tomato olive oil vinegar and garlic. this is essential it has a lot of vitamins and when it's served fresh it revives your body. the pharmacy thermometer marks
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a high of forty one degrees well shy of last year's spanish record of forty seven point three celsius. down the street the rodriguez sisters sell air conditioning the higher the heat the bigger the fan i mean i mean that we only have an equal in the past there was even a secret language with the fans depending on how woman lived her fan she would send a message. next door basket weaver. blames plastic and the younger generations for the demise of old fashioned natural fibers that he uses for everything from window blinds to food hampers. you don't need a fridge put your food is somewhere in here to keep them fresh just closed elite narrow streets white walls and cobbles all designed to keep montoro as cool as possible the spanish formula for staying safe seems quite simple stay off the
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street stay inside and take a siesta just a little response by the fountain as evening temperatures dip but the heat wave is set to continue. on top of spain. well when even the temperature highs on climate change but the u.s. but in the u.s. putting me the trump administration is seeking to scrap environmental regulations and if it's will that this will be bad for both consumers and the planet row bridles possible from los angeles. the proposals would freeze fuel efficiency at the level mandated for twenty twenty discarding higher standards that would have gone into effect in two thousand and twenty five the standards were negotiated between the obama administration and the auto industry environmentalist say the move would cost consumers money harm public health and
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increase climate changing emissions rolling back or or freezing feeling hot i mean and and weakening pollution standards for cars will drive up oil consumption it will drive up climate pollution the real winner in that scenario is the oil industry because they'll be selling more product to consumers taking money out of their pockets and out of their communities and into the pockets of big oil as part of its reasoning the trumpet ministration said better fuel mileage would make driving cheaper so people would drive more resulting in more accidents logic that puzzled many transportation experts the white house spokesperson brushed aside reporters' questions about the emission rule changes were simply open enough for a comment period and won't make a final decision at the end of the. postals would directly target california which for decades has had the power to impose efficiency standards over and above the federal standard the new rules if approved would strip the state of that privilege
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many other states follow the california standard california governor jerry brown called the effort to weaken the emission standards quote a reckless scheme a betrayal and an assault on the health of americans everywhere california officials are promising an all out legal battle with the trouble administration over fuel efficiency standards a fight that could go all the way to the u.s. supreme court robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. japan's government has condemned one of the country's top medical universities for systematic discrimination against female students turkey a medical university is accused of deliberately slashing the entrance scores of female applicants for japanese newspaper says the school wanted to keep female the brits down because it believes they quit being doctors or just starting a family the school has launched an investigation and of course
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a high ranking buddhist monk has also been accused of sexually harassing nuns in china and is now being investigated by the government she share shong is a political advisor to the government and had of china's buddhist association and id five page document leaked by two former monks alleges he co worse the nuns she denies the allegations calling them distorted. please not over us and thirteen former government staff and business leaders in connection with a corruption scandal which implicates two former presidents and the chances of christine of kosher going to jail have increased a judge wants to remove her immunity from prosecution. has more from buenos aires. this the investigators believe is only the beginning with politicians and several leading business people arrested in a corruption scandal they say involves millions of dollars and threatens to reach the very top. investigation centers around this man. a former driver for the number
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two in the planning ministry in the governments of both nestor and christina kitchener the money that they get out she has been some of the questioning he died in two thousand and ten argentines is still coming to terms with the news it seems everyone is involved here i don't know if the businessmen share the same responsibility of the politicians maybe the politicians are more to blame but it is overwhelming we are already tired of all this. we need time to do an evaluation this is still very volatile it's still difficult to know what still means. officers have been searched and vehicles seized all as they usually do have denied the charges or refused to comment the driver kept detailed accounts of the trips he made over many years delivering sacks of cash to the presidential residence and the private kitchen the home as well as to business leaders allegedly paying to seal
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big public works contracts are. also implicated is the former planning and public investment minister who you are the vehicle confidant of nestor kitchener and already in custody on other corruption charges some say that this could be as big as the car wash scandal in neighboring brazil that sucked in business leaders and politicians from right across the political spectrum this scandal threatens to undermine the origin time population space and institutions which they already have little regard. whether cyrus. joined apple has become the first company on u.s. stock markets to hit a valuation of one trillion dollars that's a million billion dollars now the milestone was reached when apple share price tipped over two hundred seven dollars is the second company worldwide to hit the trillion dollar value petro china did it briefly eleven years ago on the shanghai exchange kristen salumi has more from new york. there was some concern. that apple
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a company known for its hardware had little room to grow given saturation of the cell phone market but its latest earnings report put that worry to ras apple posted earnings of fifty three point three billion dollars in the third quarter an increase of seventeen percent over the same time last year and that is driven by strong demand for its most expensive phone the i phone x. but it's not just hardware behind the company's success the tech giant is also seeing growth in its services business which includes the app store apple music and apple pay sixty percent of the company's sales are international in every region except japan reported double digit growth this is the fourth quarter in a row of double digit growth for apple pushing it into trillion dollar territory at a time when other tech stocks like facebook and twitter have struggled a lot of good quarter so they sold yet again fifty million phones and even though the phone sales were a little soft by unit number the average price rose because the axis is very high
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average selling price so apple continues to be the most profitable company in the world now apple may be the first trillion dollar company in the united states but others are hoping to follow suit including amazon and google zoner alphabet. and of course you never have to miss any of the news stories that we're covering here is local to a website of al-jazeera dot com. you know what you know is there was a whole rob and a reminder of all top stories police in afghanistan say at least thirty people are being killed and sixty more have been injured in an attack close to a. city in a province two suicide bombers talk could wash was during friday prayers it's unclear who was behind the attack. the united nations is calling for a cease fire in northern yemen amid fears of a deadly cholera outbreak this after an airstrike in the data killed at least
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twenty six people the saudi ever r.t. coalition has denied carrying it out of the rubble say fifty five people died the world health organization says yemen may be on the brink of a new wave of cholera because of widespread malnutrition mohammed has more from neighboring chad beauty that all specifically once. they cease fire to bug the population in her day off all that are now the yemeni infrastructure for water sanitation has largely been destroyed by the elf like something that's already caused an outbreak of cholera are the last in the world that's affected more than a million people now u.n. agencies are saying that the contract could be on the brink of another massive outbreak of the disease live under the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in that press conference said that there were seeing more and more people being brought to hospitals with cholera every day zimbabwe's
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opposition has rejected what it calls unverified fake results of the presidential election nelson chamisa then the electoral commission to the ruling zanu p.f. anderson with emerged as the winner but again calling for peace and unity another potential candidate for the democratic republic of congo's presidential election in december is confronting problems to exiled opposition leader. has been blocked from entering the country at the zambia border it comes a day after a former rebel leader submitted his bid to join the race. more than one hundred thirty thousand people have been ordered to shelters around shanghai time for engine dari news china has raised its time for an alert level at least one hundred fifty flights have already been counseled an outdoor activities suspended in july cools outages to thousands of homes in japan those were the headlines here and as of next it's inside story to stay with us.
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uncertainty and zimbabwe there have been protests and violence after a tightly contested presidential election the military is on the streets and a tense situation may be about to get worse so what chance is there for a peaceful resolution this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm richelle carey it was an election that marked
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a milestone and zimbabwe's history the first in which longtime leader robert mugabe did not take part but days after that vote there have been protests and a violent crackdown rulings they know p.f. won the majority of seats in parliament that the opposition says the vote was unfair or transparent at the u.n. e.u. and the commonwealth have all urged calm. responding to the violence president emerson agogo offered thoughts and prayers for the families affected and used twitter to call for an end dependent investigation into wednesday's post election violence which killed at least three people he says he's been talking to his opposition rival nelson chamisa to defuse the situation but zimbabwe's home minister says the government will keep the military on the streets for the time being. is to keep under the command of the police. forces. remain deployed. across the country to maintain law and order the government of zimbabwe. and this is food responsibility. for the. destruction
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of property. injury and lives for life on the m.d.c. islands the commonwealth election observers are asking zimbabwe's electoral commission to release the full results they also denounce what they call an excessive use of force by security forces we cut to gary can lead the nose the excessive use of force against civilians and wish to engage all parties to exercise restraint zimbabwe electoral commission to exploit votes the announcements of who results it said that the lease creates opportunities for sick speculation about possible money pollution of the reserves before we bring in our guests let's take a look at the timeline of how we got here last november following mass protests and military intervention president robert mugabe stepped down after thirty seven years in power the same month it was replaced by emerson minh agogo who had previously
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served as vice president and god promised to bring change to call general elections and and bided international observers to monitor them twenty three candidates were on the presidential ballot but the main contenders are minute and the opposition m.d.c. nelson chamisa. let's bring in our guests now and harare a bow mendonsa he's a director of the trust joining us from london joseph a journalist and former columnist at the new african magazine also in the zimbabwe capital ernest when saying a harare media center welcome to all of you appreciate your time very much if i want to start with you the election commission as we said has already announced some of the results they announced one hundred forty seats for zeno p.f. and parliament and fifty eight for the m.d.c. alliance yet both sides are claiming victory what are they basing that on.
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because of the contentious nature of the backdrop to the election. we wanted to go back to the coup on the fifteenth of november. twenty seven two if you remember one of the reasons the military gave for. an addict in the coup was that was the fear that zanu p.f. would lose elections in twenty two with a bit of insight it's clear that to the extent that the party was on the pier became very motorized in the form first and foremost of the appointment of a former general to get the political will. and the subsequent process in which some one hundred twenty years to do m.p.'s lost their primaries it was clear that zanu p.f. was putting in place a move through to the structure across the country and this explains in many
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respects the kind of result which i merging almost against the grain in the rural areas the biggest and most significant machinery that constitutes the riggin mission of zanu p.f. has always been into mutation. and clearly the republish and will have been intimidated sufficiently to bring about a result which is quite different from what everyone expected ok let me bring you guys against a situation which now go ahead i'm sorry which it appeared that that the that the opposition was now able to infiltrate or operate in the in the in areas in which they had not been able to do so in the previous elections. select the first submission order to make ok joseph i want to ask this same question to you both sides are are claiming victory and of course if we haven't actually gotten to
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the official results for the president yet but both sides are claiming victory what are they basing that on. oh i think it's interesting because i'm hearing from our the colleague in harare the parliamentary election results shows a clear victory falls on a p.f. in parliamentary terms i think they can son really something which is consistent with what the commonwealth observers of say and that is that probably the that is sufficient reason to ask why the continued late for the release of the presidential elections but then if we have basically using common sense to indicate that and to confirm that zanu p.f. substantially worn the majority of for the parliamentary seats it is very likely that the results of the presidential elections would show victor except it has been accepted that i think the presidential elections would be slightly might move closer but quickly i think michael's on those these that after really the day of fourteen. no one party really necessarily raises the kind of course stands which
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are being raised at the moment come pains are generally by life free and fair political parties jaws' candidates of their choices and went around campaigning i'm just wondering whether or not it's done a p.f. did not necessarily get the opposition off shoot and then they can organise themselves quite in a to do when they called the elections focused where their voices are really which is mainly risen by probably the m.d.c. a played on the numbers that they go to and indeed they got many many many people trying out of their ollie's but forgetting that actually literally numbers it's not necessarily the outcome of an election when it comes to the real ballot but what ballot papers and ballot boxes ok or is a lot to get issues and we're going to circle back to those first i want to pose the same question though to ernest center in a second tell you're having a bit of a technical issue hearing so i hope you can you can hear the question but the question is both sides are are claiming victory what are they basing that on do they have any legitimate basis to make those claims. yeah he never collected to the
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collection i think he the m.d.c. alliance is saying a day of one in the airport without point and i think they are coins end mainly about would be represented on election day here that the there could be temporary that could be taking place with respect to there is out of the presidential election which the. country did know so any time the sun is saying years one is actually saying years one popular vote that's what the say the the there's been given the evidence in the form of maybe. images or who is eleven forms i did they are saying that from what. from the people on the ground there they have won the popular vote that's what they are saying indeed there are always saw alleging that the.
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you looking at the situation in the country this was for them to we. if not before. where an environment that doesn't want to meet free and fair elections and that that's the that's basically i think what is coming from them ok and. all along the rule was that. the present day results of the president would be announced with within five days and obviously the commission has already come out and announce the parliamentary seats but they haven't announced to who won the big when is a fact that there is that five day wait that five day period concern you or does it just mean it gives them more time to accurately counted votes you know it betrays it betrays the whole chicken or it only looks the process. but normally
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when the results are announced. they're nouns all three ballots the presidential candidates the constituency the parliamentary and there are consolation significantly this time around there's been no mention of the presidential at all so to the day that justifiably call a lot of suspicion in the speech and that the figures are being cooked especially given that on the first day of the of the election we know from reliable sources that the results were known already that night and the show me so as well it well well well ahead. until the next morning that announcement or there was a kind of a single flaw on the announcement of election results or together. and for the vic to claim that the reason for the delay has to do with the this is
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a consultations with other presidential candidates as absolute nonsense in my view we know the procedure we've known elections since independence whenever the delay such as we have had and what we had now into the need it shows that they something going on in the background so it's even just a matter i want to bring justice an end to this and to be clear what evo says that his sources told him that else and jamison was in the lead that that's based on his what he's been told we don't have any reporting to that but just of are you concerned at these results the release of the results is being stagger. i am concerned that the release of that his cells may may be used and are being used as a basis for making their legations slightly much more slowly but i also must say that i think nelson chamisa say that i think on the polling day not only that he won the elections but that he was only prepared to accept the results that favor him i think that was slightly worrying of the time but beyond that to be between
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then and today there hasn't really been in a marked evidence except this pick less of a speculation as presented now but as a save much earlier if there is of the parliamentary elections are to go by i think there's evidence of some vision reason to believe that actually ran light it would be very difficult to suggest that necessarily zanu p.f. could have won up to seventy percent in parliamentary terms and then go ahead and lose the presidents we just impossible into it but one thing though is this we forget that the climate being suggested zanu p.f. yes was actually on the downswing up to november last year and that were actually hardy huge amount of goodwill across the country being seen as the guy who got rid of mugabe and created a new space and they've been bombed like generally very very consolatory to the extent that actually they're presenting about now that they're willing to be able to talk to the position so i think it's.


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