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this is sort of consultations with the because the digital is absolute nonsense and all of you we know the procedure we've known elections since independence whenever there's a delay such as we have had and in the world which we had in two thousand and eight it shows that there is something going on in the background so if so just a minute i want to bring joseph into this and to be clear what evo says that his sources told him that nelson chamisa was in the lead that that's based on his what he's been told we don't have any reporting to that but joseph are you concerned that these results the release of the results is being stagger. i am concerned that the release of that his cells may may be used and are being used as a basis for making their legations slightly much more slowly but i also must say that i think nelson to me says sayed i think on the polling day not only that he won the elections but that he was only prepared to accept the results that favor him i think that was slightly worrying of the time but beyond that to be between
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then and today there hasn't really been a marked evidence except this particular issue of speculation as presented now but as a save much earlier if there is also of the parliamentary elections are to go by i think there's evidence of some fish and reason to believe that actually run like it would be very difficult to suggest that necessarily one of the of could have won up to seventy percent in parliamentary terms and then guy had to lose the president which is still possible into it but one thing though is this we forget that the climate being suggested zanu p.f. yes was acting on the damn thing up to november last year and that we're actually hardy huge amount of goodwill across the country being seen as the guy who got rid of mugabe and created a new space and they've been bombed like generally very very consolatory to the extent that actually they're presenting about now that they're willing to be able to talk to the position so i think it's very possible that maybe even people who might might have voted. m.d.c.
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probably eight or so months ago to simply simply say that look actually let's go with this man with the star cheer him on with who is it likely to guarantee our security and stability whether or not we necessarily support it is a different thing but other moment i think unfortunately we're talking slightly much more speculation i think they want to slug much more into the position to present their evidence so look so i want to go back to that so yes you said that nelson chamisa had gone into the saying that he won't accept anything other than winning does that is that undermine institutions and undermine trust and insta. to sions i think part of the problem is that. we're only and this election is going to be very critical after the election after november last year we had robert mugabe mugabe who was very poor allies if you go on the one side. and on the leg the late morgan trying right now both guys are north there but at the same time when mugabe was solidly bought by zanu p.f.
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under this this state institutions trying gray was seen to be bucked and propped by external forces particularly the european union and the waste now where we had the moment zimbabwe is a basically just trying to find a way of coming in between so really this peaceful. course of action i should of course illusion if you like is this electoral process and that's why it's extremely important that whatever happens over the next two days that we have results which hopefully is accepted book by both sides what's interesting though is on a p.f. issued a press statement to give a press conference might a short while ago in which they were not really calling for calm but actually showing and extending a hand of friendship to the opposition i think extremely one of the chamisa and. don't really talk but actually their conversation has led to my one public over the next critical perhaps twenty four hour talking a lot about transparency so earnest let me ask you this when robert mugabe stepped
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down after relatively no violence just a lot of public pressure a lot of protests were you encouraged about what could happen in the next election . i always does the the follow for president mugabe to some people i wish i didn't i'm all bad he when i look did this godly look d.-e. a-d. the situation is a situation of continuing to do was basically design of the of system that was to convene us all to meet he did indian a spy or more so when one considers that he the military was said to descend over elections that have been disputed before you look at in two thousand and eight they merely dad why did they send the the at one point doug really nice didn't they actually declared that they would not accept a lead on the salute anyone with doubting the liberation or going to danielle and so they waited to send out indie when they took over from mugabe i don't see it was
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does she need to continue with the at a very old desisted and he to me didn't in the style of leave anything to me it was a very dangerous president away zimbabweans now we have the yeasty over cool we didn't i mean he's. so not too much your hope wendy went well when i look at the time i think i always have to go back to the issue of who that is out we are what he doesn't as you put idly pointed out that while nor do you announce today that there is always going to cut into why why not why it took us big to this in audio of two thousand and eight when those with late whenever those are delayed the feeling is that the there is a booking that is taking place either maybe to create an o.c. not you or move it to run away from iran with an audio or whatever there's no such vision in tomorrow if and this is being caused by the fact that the we are taking long we have there is out why not you yet again is ours then the people who see
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what is on the ground let me bring back into this conversation then it goes on leading up to this what do you see as maybe what was lacking in election laws in the election process leading up to this that could have prevented some of this i think this three things were first of all i think the previous speaker not noticed. someone was speculating wildly speculating that you could have a situation there but the could be a correlation between what has perceived as the. parliamentary results and the possibility therefore that would be the winner let me remind you that in two thousand and eight done appear for two thirds majority in parliament but mugabe lost to two trying it is a way that new m.p.'s won comfortably but when garbage as a presidential candidate lost in many constituencies sometimes to five to one so
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that's a first and went on to point out and the in indications by those doing doing apparel counting indicate clearly that share mr is way ahead the second thing i wanted to make the point order to make is that i think we have been naive to expect that. there would be a free fair and credible election under military giunta. one of the reasons for the cool in november was the fear that zanu p.f. would lose the election twenty thousand. it was naive to expect that the military would allow. a free fair and free fair and credible election let alone. allow the opposition to win so let me bring the third is that of course it appears to me that we have a situation in which if it is true that is the nuclear physics rigged election that they have rigged themselves into a hole. because you have this amazing and incredible result in which they're having
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more than two thirds majority completely incredible in the face of the reality that we have been watching ourselves at home since november last year and in which clearly in my view there should have been a correlation between the massive turnout for cross the country in some eighty rallies. on the one hand and the possible outcome in which they should have been a landslide for for the opposition in general and for some reason particular so i mean the contrast between the turnout for four. and that for sure mr. was incredible. evil on the hand and the element and therefore it points it points to the points very clearly to my view manipulated election ok i think the delay makes it a little difficult i didn't want to cut you off but i did want to bring joseph into this and again these are laser these are accusations and allegations from about
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whether this was wrigley don't know that yeah we need to make that clear but joseph i do want to bring up the point that he said that he felt that he feels that it was naive to think that after everything that elections had been in zimbabwe that something would be different this time do do you agree that an action that is a fair point including on there was a vision i made by charlie about seal i come back to it it's not necessarily new that. political party i mean it's not necessarily new that part of the argument we're having is really about the presidency rather than parliamentary elections and i think i want to ask somebody who's followed them but we unfollowed off going to lections very closely or we would be doing is that what are basically the evidence that parliamentary elections have been rigged number one number two nobody really complained with the coup if you like of november last year interest will come to including the opposition so same comment upon them to basically present it but for
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the moment really i think we shouldn't forget but maybe mr mugabe who was very central to these. who decided to and also mr chairman is whether or not they did it in caution in in course out or not is a different issue maybe it couldn't have been a factor because the robert mugabe the man decided to box and he said this time if he did so how do we know about maybe it if that did not necessarily impact on the outcome of this and this entire process now in terms of what happened to him last year i'm not necessarily sure whether it was simply because you could say that zanu p.f. stage managed this process not the fact that mugabe is as as only. quite clearly shows that well this was much more bought and then a matter of his internals on a p.f. i dispute nothing to do with the election but at the same time yes a number of people both inside and also the position of the of who generally believe that actually they needed to go beyond got on they needed to be able to
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have if raised above and if i may say so given the majority of the if you like white population that we're party to this process bomb like wellcome the process then i'm leaving for this election we're coming in. ok artists are going to actually have the last word on this there has been. criticism from the e.u. . saying from the election observers saying that actually take them back there's been a lot of good things they said that this is a very good process so far but there's still some serious concerns that remain do you think that those types of outside criticisms all make any kind of difference. yeah i will now. yes the e.u. is the c.b.s. convent in fact if you look at today he will report and conveyed to egypt that is the african union and to the south into the african development community the point you'll find out that today are similarities in terms of content being as they are
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content being raised about the white t. the it is said to as the soft intimidation and the soft intimidation actually stems from history we have the ad d. a skid row for violent elections and design of the of in a way would get out of this state from sea that's what he is being alleged and he there will be just a david there prisons close to the polling station who do remind you of what happened in two thousand and eight that's one of the issues raised by the grammy you also have the issue of the media that they broadcast out their national broadcast as a bubble really doesn't go back and was given a badge dogs m.t.f. and this was noted by both e.u. and today a your observations is a also by india i did. together with ira i saw that concerns you raised by these guys in ekiti very difficult for anyone to conceive of if the end of election
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in this country you have a little of intimidation then you talk about of it will see if you talk about in the media you have to move by as you know when you talk of media yet you have read deal then you use the best the media to reach out as they go to the right of you lately andy zandi of was holding one tonight. does better with then you don't want the intimidation the point of being reminded of the past to say if you want it this way what happened in the past is going to revisit you so what kind of fear made it very difficult to get a free and fair elections in this country ok ernest and that will be the that will be the. my apologies that will be that will be the final word and we'll have to follow this for the next few days to see what else happens and i'm sure we'll call on you again gentlemen thank you all for joining me we appreciate it. joseph and ernest would say and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time if you go to our website al-jazeera dot com for the discussion go to our facebook
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page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me richelle carey in the entire team i for now. istanbul
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is known for its history and food today a new generation is shaking things up for root is why everything five thousand see something it's all different so this is all these cultures i'm now on
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top of each of the. here to see how the a taking culture and. i'll just say. a lot of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the united nations is calling for a cease fire and northern yemen amid fears of a deadly cholera outbreak this after an airstrike in her day that killed at least twenty six people the saudi erotic coalition has denied carrying out the attack the strike has a fishing port and a fish market near the main hospital rebels say fifty five people died the home of the door has more from neighboring djibouti. both sides denying these thoughts hoch
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. targeted a busy market just outside the albert hall the hospital the biggest hospital in the day and one in which hundreds of thousands of people depend on is only one of just one hundred medical facilities. in the u.n. humanitarian coordinator lisa grundy held a press conference moments ago in which she described the shocking saying the loss of lives could not be justified and also warned that there needs to be a ceasefire because if it doesn't happen the humanitarian situation is going to get even worse than it is that all specifically wants at least a three day cease fire to vaccinate the population in what they all call it now the yemeni infrastructure for water and sanitation has largely been destroyed by the
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ass like something that's already caused an outbreak of cholera are the last in the world that's affected more than a million people now the u.n. agencies us say that the contract could be on the brink of another massive outbreak of the disease liz get on that the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in that press conference said that they were seeing more and more people being brought to hospitals with cholera every day and that they need to stop the. conflict stop the conflict because really there is an important court way i have been to passant of going into yemen to help more than twenty two million people who have nothing to survive on and they say any disruption to these provision of aid is going to be a major catastrophe for the yemenis. place in afghanistan so it means thirty three that i think killed and sixty others injured in an attack close to the share mosque
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and out of the city and. province two suicide bombers targeted worshipers during friday prayers it's unclear who was behind the attack. zimbabwe's opposition leader has rejected what he calls on verified fake results of the presidential election else and condemned the electoral commission after the ruling zanu p.f. semisonic god emerged as the winner and i'm god is now calling for peace and unity . another potential candidate for the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is facing problems exiled opposition leader morris khatami has been blocked from entering the country at the zambia border it comes a day after a former rebel leader bemba submitted his bid to join december's presidential race . now japan's government has condemned a top medical university for systematic discrimination against female students tokyo's medical university is accused of deliberately slashing the entrance cause
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of female applicants a japanese newspaper says the school wants to keep female numbers down because it believes that they left the profession after starting a family the school has launched an investigation. entrance exams that unfairly discriminate against women absolutely unacceptable i am waiting to hear a report from two q. medical university upon taking the necessary measures more than one hundred thirty thousand people have been ordered to move to shelters around shanghai as typhoon jong daryn is china has raised its toxin alert level at least one hundred fifty flights have already been cancelled and outdoor activities suspended in july caused power outages to thousands of homes in japan well those are the headlines on the al-jazeera i'll have more headlines for you in just under thirty minutes coming up next though is a bone hunter thank you very much for watching. more
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than twenty years after the bosnian war one man is thirteen for the bones of his piece of all the vilest solo floor. not all the third army and all the real truth bones are all that families have to lay their loved ones to rest. and also do talk a little bit since it is his knife mission and maybe he will go it until the end of his wife.
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flow. school full of. old school that's what.
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every day since two thousand and two ram is new catch has been scouring the forest for the remains of victims of genocide although they themselves have disappeared their memory lives on and they haunt the minds of their friends and families. he roams these words with the sole purpose of finding human bones which can be identified and finally two arrests. the breakup of yugoslavia began in one nine hundred ninety one when the republics of slovenia and kuwait declared independence six bitter wars followed by the republic of bosnia-herzegovina paid a high price for independence memories that obviously they're not magic there or
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that washington can figure out i'm a free market out of more of the mess but i'm not a member of the program got it without. the bosnian war started in the spring of one nine hundred ninety two and lasted for three and a half months. in the summer of one nine hundred ninety five one of the worst atrocities in europe since the second world war was committed here. bosnian serb forces under the command of general rats common law ditch occupied sort of beneath on the eleventh of july in one nine hundred ninety five in the following days twenty five thousand women and children were forcibly removed from the town. and eight thousand men and boys were systematically killed.
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thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks. for joining us nina child to true pointed from seventy on the tenth of july one thousand nine hundred ninety five the next day was the last that his mother hieron saw him alive. those really are don is the root of the couch or the. fire goes wrong on. both books all are on just as well in the usual mix because for many years incidents of an immense boss. the news good looking years are not good. but i go in medium so. they would be. memories that still haunts survivors. but on is the law so large that they got all these denoted in. long as opposed to through the.
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machine to haze us your nose in on the at that time were any the other the reply which your nona said nyet that on our orders arnie that same law that nikken me and our need to hear the news about them after the war the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia prosecuted those responsible for the atrocities committed in srebrenica bosnian serb civilian and military leaders were tried for genocide rape and the mass execution of bosnian muslims the tribunals handed down over one hundred sixty indictments for crimes against humanity the bosnian serb forces were aware when they embarked on this genocidal venture the heart of the cause would continue to plague the bosnian
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muslims zippier schoenberger states under quickly. condemns in appropriate terms the deep and lasting injury inflicted and caused the massacre at srebrenica by its proper name genocide. the remains of seven thousand civilians were found after the war in mass graves and scattered through the woods surroundings every need. a thousand more have yet to be found. a native of these quiet hamlets but his new catch survived the genocide his father and two brothers did not of his own will and unpaid has devoted sixteen years to unearthing and providing the authorities with thousands of bones for d.n.a. analysis. and. he.
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has the. knowledge of. the world where. lives near common each go barito in the days leading up to the genocide people fleeing celebrity refuge in the woods around this village after the bosnian serb army attack elderly women and children fled to the un base and put a charge but the army pursued.


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